In this 5th chapter about the seductions of Adam, he helps Megan chaperone a slumber party for Abby. Before the night was over Adam was seduced by these little vixens.
Adam 5 - Seduced when Megan chaperones a slumber party for Abby

In this 5th chapter about the seductions of Adam, he helps Megan chaperone a slumber party for Abby. Before the night was over Adam was seduced by these little vixens.

"But Adam, you haven't been over to my house hardly at all since last Spring," Megan complained. "My family thinks you hate them."

"Don't be silly," I began to explain. "I've been busy. You know that. But a slumber party?"

"My parents aren't going to be there," she continued. "That's why they need me."

"How many little kids?" I asked, already resigned to the inevitable.

Megan smiled, knowing she had me, "Well just one confirmed so far. But that's why I need you, just in case there are more."

"Fine, I'll be there Friday evening for your dinner and party," I promised.

"Abby's party, not mine," she corrected.

Megan and I were Sophomores in college. We had dated for over a year. Megan had taken a vow to abstain from sex until she was married. I joined her in that vow. The problem though was that I had been seduced into breaking that vow. The first time was by her little sister Abby, which was why I worried about the upcoming slumber party. The second time was by Megan's mother Alice. The third time was by Megan's childhood friend Brooke. This last time was a few weeks ago by Megan's friend, and German tutor, Judy.

I promised myself before Friday that I would resist temptation from Abby, which I was sure would be coming, and stay pure for my Megan. She deserved no less. I was falling in love with her.

I arrived at Megan's around 6 PM. When she let me in, Abby hugged me, saying she missed me. Then she introduced me to her 12-year-old friend Rose. Oh my God, my heart stopped. Standing in front of me was the essence of beauty. He light red hair hung mostly straight with a slight wave to it, just below her chest. She had green eyes and a slight smudge to her nose. I couldn't tell if that was dirt or a light birth mark. I would try to find out later. Her teeth were slightly gapped like so many young kids, but it didn't detract from her smile. She had on a light shade of red lipstick that made me want to kiss her right then. But then I thought of Megan and my vow. I think Rose had on a training bra under her light tan blouse that masked out any sign of her nipples. This was going to be a tough night.

"This is Rose," Abby said. "Isn't she beautiful?"

"Absolutely I said," smiling first at Rose, then at Megan to reassure her of my devotion.

"Hi Adam," Rose said. "Nice to meet you." Stepping to one side Rose revealed another girl, much shorter than Rose. "This is my little sister Lacy. She's 9."

The facial makeup was similar to her older sister Rose, but there were so many differences too, just like with Megan and Abby. Lacy had a head of curls, a little-girl's smile, not the sexy look of Rose. She stuck her hand out to shake mine, just like Abby had done when we first met. I took her hand and we gave each other a firm handshake.

"Their parents wouldn't let Rose come over unless Lacy could come too," Megan pointed out. "I didn't want to stop either of them from coming tonight." My mind made a quick mental picture of the two girls cumming for me as I fucked them. Then I shook my head to dispel that dangerous thought.

"Come Adam, drop your bag in my parents' room and let's eat. The girls have made dinner. And no one else is coming tonight." Megan had no idea the double meanings she was giving. I did as Megan said. A minute later we were seated at the kitchen table. Lacy brought over freshly poured milk at the direction of Abby. It was a mixture of part chocolate and mostly white, making a dirty bland looking drink but tasted good.

The other two girls served us spaghetti before sitting down with their own plates. It was a great meal. We all seemed to be getting along fine, the girls talking about boys, and school, and more about boys. I was actually enjoying myself.

They wouldn't let Megan and I help with the cleanup after dinner. They did it all, even hand washing the dishes while Megan and I sat in the living room watching a little TV. But they started to get a little noisy. So much so that Megan asked me to go tell them to quiet down.

"You know you could just yell at them to keep it down," I suggested.

"I don't like to yell," Megan said. "Please?"

"OK, be back in a jiffy." I passed Lacy coming out of the kitchen as I walked in. Abby and Rose were giggling and splashing water at each other, getting it on the kitchen floor.

"Girls, girls," I chimed as I walked up to them. "Keep it down in here."

As I neared them I saw the front of Rose's blouse. I had been wrong about the training bra. The blouse had just hidden what was beneath. Her right breast was partially wet but her left was completely soaked. She had small breasts of course, but already a couple of inches out. Her left nipple showed through the wet material as if fully exposed to me. I couldn't help but stare and they both caught me.

"I told you she was beautiful, didn't I?" Abby stated her question.

That snapped me out of my trance. "Just keep it down. Megan is getting annoyed."

"We'll take care of that," Abby said as I walked out. I wondered what she meant by that? Maybe she just meant that they would keep the racket down.

For the next couple of hours or so the girls entertained themselves while Megan and I just relaxed watching TV, snuggling on the couch. It was nearly 9 PM when Rose and Abby brought out some hot chocolate. Abby was insistent on who drank which cup as she said she specifically added caramel to mine and Megan didn't like caramel.

"Megan, do you want to go to bed?" I asked her about 20 minutes later. She had actually fallen asleep in my arms.

"Oh, I guess so," she mumbled. "I can't hardly keep my eyes open. Oh the girls. Adam, could you take good care of them. I'm so sleepy, I've got to get to bed." I agreed and then helped Megan into her room. I helped her get her outer clothes off but then she just climbed into bed in her bra and panties. She was asleep in moments I turned out the light and left, closing her door behind me.

I returned to the living room, turned off the TV, and started gathering up our cups. Rose walked in and took them from me. She had changed her blouse since the water episode earlier that evening. I followed her into the kitchen, why I wasn't sure, just did. She dropped one of the napkins on the floor in front of the sink. When she stooped to pick it up I caught up with her. Now kneeling below me I had the perfect view down the front of her blouse. She didn't have on a bra and I could see the upper part of her breasts and nipples. I wanted to freeze time at that moment so I could get a better look but she stood up and smiled at me.

"I guess I better get back to the other girls," Rose said as she put the dishes in the sink.

"Stick around here and you might end up in a water fight with me," I laughed.

"Tempting," is all she said as she walked out.

I decided to read some. It was difficult because I kept seeing Rose and her wet left breast, then the view from above of both breasts. Before long I heard the girls giggling and decided to get control before they got too loud and woke up Megan.

Walking down to Abby's room I opened her door only to meet Lacy standing there in a pajama top and panties.

"Stop," she said holding her hand up like a police officer.

"I just wanted to come in to talk to you girls for a minute," I explained.

"This is a no pants zone," she warned. "You cannot enter here with pants on."

"What?" I asked.

"You heard me," she retorted, shutting the door in my face.

"Fine," I agreed. I took off my shoes and jeans so I just had on my t-shirt, underpants and socks. "Now can I come in?" I asked little Lacy, the door monitor.

She opened the door wide and seeing me in my skivvies let me in. She quickly closed the door behind me. Good thing too. What I saw stopped me cold. The other two girls only had their panties and night shirts on too. Abby was on the bed on her back. She had each wrist tied by rope to a corner of the headboard. Abby's headboard was a series of metal poles rising up from the floor to meet several cross bars, the top of which was a curve upward to the center and then curved back down.

Rose was straddling Abby's upper legs, bending forward. Abby had her top pushed up above her breasts and Rose was ticking her all over, underarms, chest, stomach, everywhere, both girls laughing hysterically.

Lacy brought me out of my staring. "Well what do you want?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, girls, girls," I chimed getting their attention. They stopped and looked at me, Abby not trying to cover up her bare chest. This was the first time I had seen her nude in nearly a year. She had grown some in the chest department, no longer the preteen flat-chested girl but a "tween" developing nicely.

The girls were staring at me. "Come to join the fun?" Abby asked.

"Uh, no. I just wanted to let you know that your sister Megan is asleep and you shouldn't wake her up. Please keep it down a bit, OK?"

"She won't be up until morning," Abby said. "I gave her a sleeping pill in her chocolate."

"You what? Why did you do that?" I asked.

"So we could have some fun," Abby explained. "She's not going to wake up so you might as well join us. Besides, you know you want to."

I looked at Abby, her young breasts. She was right, I did want to. But I couldn't. I knew where this might lead. Besides there was a little 9-year-old child here. I had to be careful. But I asked anyway, "What are you playing?"

"We're trying to see how long we can last being tickled," Abby said. "The ropes are to keep us from pushing off the tickler."

"Well, I'm not ticklish," I bragged. Rose immediately untied Abby, letting her sit up.

"Then prove it," Rose challenged me. "But you have to take your shirt off." I did.

I got up on the bed on my back and put my hands up over my head, each reaching outward to the respective corner of the bed. Rose got up on my chest and began tying up each wrist to the bed. When she leaned forward I could see up her shirt and stared at her beautiful young breasts. I wanted to reach up and touch them but my hands were being restrained. It was a smart move on her part.

Then Rose stood up and slowly pulled down her panties. My mouth opened wide as she revealed her young pussy to me. It had a thin covering of light red hair. It was then that I noticed my feet were tied to each corner of the end of the bed. I was so engrossed in what Rose was doing, what she was showing me that I hadn't even noticed that Abby was tying down each of my legs.

Rose wadded up her little panties and stuffed them into my mouth while Abby tied a scarf around my head holding the panties tight inside.

Standing up above me again, Rose took both hands and pulled her top up over her head, now completely nude. I looked at her gorgeous young chest, her developing breasts and nipples.

Abby leaned in next to my ear and said, "I say again she certainly is beautiful, don't you agree?" Rose was turning around as if auditioning for me. Abby continued, "Don't you just want to fuck that young piece of ass?"

I knew I did but I knew I couldn't. Not again. I couldn't cheat on Megan again. "Uh ah," I grunted, trying to say no with my mouth stuffed full with Rose's panties, the smell of young cunt filling my nostrils.

I tested my bonds only to conclude that the girls had made them extra tight and strong. I wasn't getting out of this.

Rose knelt between my legs and slowly pulled my underpants partway down my upper legs. They weren't going too far but it was enough to free my now hardening dick. Rose slipped it into her saliva-filled mouth and began giving me a blow job unlike any I had ever had. I hadn't had many in my life but this was by far the best. Maybe I was biased at the moment knowing it was a young 12-year-old girl giving it to me instead of some 20-year-old or older woman.

I was quickly hard, straight, and ready for whatever they had planned next. It didn't take long to find out.

Rose looked at Abby. "You promised I could go first," she stated. Abby just shook her head in agreement.

Rose moved forward, her knees on either side of my waist, her pussy just inches from my waiting shaft. I groaned one last time in hopes of stopping them, but I secretly hoped they didn't stop. I wanted Rose more than anything at that moment. And she did not disappoint.

Lining up the head of my dick with her opening she pushed it between her pussy lips. Her right had was still gripped around my lower shaft as she worked herself downward onto my pole. I saw her wince once and stop, neither moving me deeper nor pulling off of me. After what seemed an eternity she pushed herself further down onto me. The grip of her pussy walls was incredible, tight yet like velvety soft, if that was even possible. When she had me halfway into her she pulled herself up and almost off, just the head of my dick still inside. Then she lowered herself again down onto me, this time going farther down my shaft.

Rose repeated this process several times until she had me completely buried inside of her and then just held me there, not moving. I closed my eyes and tried to feel her, wrapped completely around my throbbing rod of steel. Blood was flowing, pounding, trying to move through my dick, gripped in this vice of hers. I wondered if she was doing the same, thinking about how it felt. Looking to my left I saw Lacy standing there staring at us, with her right hand in her panties.

I pushed my midsection upwards lifting Rose upward slightly into the air. This seemed to bring her out of her thoughts and back to the task at hand, fucking me. She began a steady rhythm of lifting upwards and then pushing back down, engulfing my shaft completely. This was the most unique fuck I had ever had. She must have continued this for 10 minutes straight when suddenly I climaxed. It came out of no where. I didn't have any warning. I had just been enjoying the incredible feeling of being fucked by Rose when, bam, I was squirting my cum up into her virgin body. I said virgin because I saw the blood leaking down my shaft.

That's when Rose changed. When I began filling her with my cum she began to fuck me in earnest, bouncing quickly up and down on my shaft. I think she was afraid I would go limp and she would not get to finish up on me. I didn't know if she had ever had an orgasm before but I thought that must be what she was driving for.

Rose leaned back and rocked her hips forwards and backwards causing my still hard prick to slide quickly in and out of her cunt. Faster and faster she rocked, her breathing in gasps, her moaning getting louder. Finally she put her hands back on the bed, leaning backwards but with me still inside, she let out a loud groan. She got that climax she wanted.

As Rose held herself there, Abby undid my gag. Rose sat back upright again and moved herself up my chest to my face. She lowered her pussy with my cum dripping out, down onto my mouth. "Suck me," she ordered.

I was more than willing to comply. I couldn't see a thing, so I just closed my eyes and began licking and sucking her hot hairy pussy. As I did I felt Abby sucking my sagging cock. I knew she wanted me hard again so she could fuck me too. The thought of her fucking me while Rose had her cunt in my face was enough to get me hard in short order.

As I continued to suck Rose I felt Abby pushing me into her tight little cunt. I didn't remember her being this tight but it felt wonderful and made me ever harder. That was probably why she was able to get me back inside of her after so many months. Oh God she felt good, tight, hot, a fuck as good as Rose's, even better, and I would tell her when I got the chance.

Rose was rocking her hips slightly forward and backwards, putting pressure down onto my tongue and lips. I sucked even harder. With Abby giving me a fantastic fuck and Rose the best pussy licking I had ever had, I didn't last near as long as I did with Rose. I shot my load deep up into Abby's love tunnel for the first time in nearly a year.

For that moment I couldn't understand why I had stopped fucking her. To hell with Megan and her vow of abstinence. I was going to fuck these two little girls as much and as often as I could. That's when I heard Abby speak, next to my ear.

"They're both beautiful, wouldn't you say?" Abby asked, as Rose lifted herself up off of me and the bed. Sitting in front of me, still impaled on my rod was little Lacy. It wasn't Abby at all that fucked me. It was Lacy. That's why she was so tight. It was Lacy that I had just filled with my cum, 9-year-old Lacy.

"Now give her a good pussy licking too while I fuck the hell out of you," Abby ordered. I did, and so did Abby.

When they finally released me I staggered out of their room with them making me promise I wouldn't tell anyone. How ironic.

I grabbed my pants off the hallway floor and went to Megan's room. Looking at her I decided to climb in bed with her. I knew she wouldn't have allowed it if she was awake but I did it anyway. She was sound asleep. I thought about what happened that night, thought about all three of them, but mostly about Rose. Yes, it was a birth mark. And yes, she was beautiful.

The End (until Megan woke up)

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yeah.... way 2 far was turn off didn't knew there age until middle i can take 16+ as turn on since im 19 but that just gave me turn off thinking of my lil sister.... think im going back to watching porn and not read it lolol :C

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