Please note the tags that indicate what is contained in this story. It's a dark fantasy of a young woman who is willing to perform just about any sexual act in order to please her master.
An Adventurous Outing

Chapter 1

She had lost track of time. The basement room where she lived was dark, and she had no idea when it was day or night, or how long she had been there. She hadn't seen him in a long time. Occasionally she would wake to food and water being left there for her. She passed the time by doing exercises to keep her body fit for the day he would come back and use her body again. The welts had all healed and her skin looked almost as smooth as it had when she came here to be his slave. He had left her some basic toiletries, so that she could wash up a little and brush her hair. It had taken her forever to free the long locks of the knots that had been there. The longer time progressed, the longer she worried that she had done something to displease her master. Her stomach turned at the thought that he no longer wanted her.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. It was nearly killing him to leave her alone. He wanted her to heal completely, though. He had big plans for their next outing, and he knew that if he went into her, he wouldn't be able to control his insatiable lust and he would fuck her holes repeatedly, and she would end up wearing his marks all over her body. He watched the videos of their earlier sessions together and would masturbate repeatedly, but it would do no good. He visited a couple of former lovers, but they didn't fully satisfy him. It had been three weeks since he had visited his beautiful slave, and the wait was killing him. He had given her time to heal, but that time he had also put to use to arrange what he had planned for her.

He had been monitoring online sites and emailing with an assortment of men and women who were interested in using and abusing his slave for a weekend. He had selected a big city that was about an eight hour drive from his place. He had contacted an old friend of his who had a house there, who would be out of town and would allow his old friend use of the place for the night. It was in a quiet area that would be perfect for the event. His friend had let him know that the bar would be stocked and to just clean up the place when he was done. Once the locations was secured, he set out to sort through the emails of those who were genuine and those who didn't know how to conduct themselves in this kind of activity. It took a lot of discretion, as well as some restraint, not to mention a dark side that could carry out things to the extreme that he desired for his little slave. He would begin by sending some of the milder pics of his slut in action to see the responses, her being tied up, her taking it in the ass, and taking a load of cum on her face. If they were interested in something more extreme, he would send some pictures of her in clamps that pulled her nipples as far as the chain would allow them, pictures of her reddened ass after he had paddled her, and things of that like. After that, he asked the people that he was corresponding with what they wanted to see. Many wanted to see videos of the slut. A lot of them had questions about how extreme she would take it, about how far he would let them go with his slave. When he knew he had serious candidates, he'd send them the video of the night he invited his friends over to all of them take a go at her. They had done a lot to her that night. They'd all fucked all of her holes many times, had bound her tits and tortured them severely, had slapped her everywhere they could, pulled her hair, choked her, spit on her, called her every disgusting name in the book, and ended the night by pissing all over her. The enthusiasm of the responses that he got let him know that it would be an incredible night for him and for his fuck toy. He made arrangements and emailed all of them with the location and the date.

A couple of days before the event he knew he had to get her ready for the trip. He'd have to take her shopping for clothes, he'd destroyed all of her other clothes, she didn't need them with him, but on the road, she'd need something to wear, as well as stopping for gas and supplies for the road. He knew that even though it was an eight hour car ride, they'd be making a bunch of stops along the way. He had given up hope that he'd wait until the event to fuck her. He was going to do a lot of fucking her along the trip, but he'd restrain his dark desires until the others were present.

She was laying on the bed, but not sleeping when she finally saw him walk into her room in the basement. She was so happy to see him, but she could not tell if he was happy with her or angry with her. He was naked and hard, so she thought it was a good sign. He walked over to the bed and she sat up so that when he approached her, she had her mouth open and ready to take his cock. Without a word, he pushed it deep into her waiting mouth, quickly moving with long, hard thrusts. She gagged, but clasped her hands tightly behind her back to avoid the reflex to push back. Her saliva was quickly spilling out of her mouth, coating his balls as they slapped against her chin. She wanted to look up at him, but dared not. She expected him to wrap his hands in her hair and pull it tight as he got closer to orgasm, but he didn't touch her. Shortly thereafter, he shot his load in her mouth, and she happily swallowed every drop, continuing to suck on his cock after he had cum.

"Get on your hands and knees, you fucking animal." He yelled at her so loudly that she nearly jumped out of her skin. He was disciplined and it took all of it not to take a whip to her smooth ass. He pushed his cock into the entrance of her pussy, and held still. "Ride my cock, slut. Fuck against it like the bitch in heat that you are." He was pleased that she immediately started grinding against his dick, bucking wildly. He felt hot how and wet that she was. Her pussy juices started gushing as she rode him harder and wilder. He could see her quivering and knew that she wanted to cum, but there was no way he was going to allow her to do that. He pulled his cock from her pussy and pushed the head of it against her rectum. She was still tight, but he thought that by after the weekend, it would be a different story. "Move your ass, whore. Ride my cock, and I should not have to remind you that you are not allowed to speak, just grunt and by no means are you allowed to cum."

She moved slower, allowing her ass to grow accustomed to his cock, but a quick slap to her ass, and she was moving faster. She moved her ass against him, taking it deep into her bowels. She grunted as she kept pushing back, riding him and grinding against him. After several minutes, she felt him shoot a warm load of cum deep inside of her ass.

"Stand at attention, slut," he ordered. "Listen up, and listen good. We are going on a trip. You don't need to know where, you just need to do as you are told. There will be others there that will give you orders. Obey them as you would obey me. Now, come with me, we've got to get ready to go." He took her upstairs and had her shower, shaving her legs and her pussy completely, giving her one of his shirts and a pair of sweat pants. They drowned her, but they would be adequate until he bought her new clothes for the occasion. He supplied her with her makeup bag and added, "You know how I like you to do your make up, and your hair."

She took the bag and began to apply her makeup, making sure that she put on dark lipstick and heavy eye makeup. She flipped her long dark curly hair over and dried it, making it as full as possible. When she was finished, she found him waiting at the door for her, and she followed him out to the car. They drove the short distance to the trashy lingerie store. When he opened her car door for her, she followed him inside. She looked around the store to see all kinds of kinky outfits and sex toys. She noticed him talking to the guy at the register, and he motioned her over. She saw that there was an assortment of nipple clamps on the counter. She was shocked when he told her to take her top off, but knew that if she didn't immediately comply, he'd punish her. She pulled the shirt off over her head, lowering her eyes in shame. Her perky C's were at attention and she stood still as he put the first pair of clamps on her. She heard him talking to the clerk, asking his opinion. He tugged at the chain and then pulled them off, replacing them with another pair. He went through about five or six pairs before he decided on the ones that he wanted. She heard him ask the clerk if she could wear them as they kept shopping. The guy gave a nasty sounding laugh and said that he didn't mind at all. She followed him down the aisle as he grabbed a few outfits here and there. He handed them to her and motioned her towards the dressing room. "Don't bother closing the door," he told her. The tops that he had picked out for her were either mesh or see through and the skirts were all shorter than anything she'd ever worn before. She pulled the sweat pants off and began trying on the clothes. He made her walk out and turn around, and then bend over and touch the ground, ensuring that her ass and pussy would show. The guy at the counter came back and watched with him, offering his opinions. She was so embarrassed at the way the guy was leering at her. He suggested to her master that she needed some very high heels to make the outfits work. That it would make the skirts ride up a little so more of her sex would show when she would bend over. Her master agreed and asked the clerk if he would bring out some pairs of shoes to try on her. Her master had already settled on a black sheer top and a short, tight black leather skirt. She still had the nipple clamps on, and as she waited for the clerk to return, her master selected a dog collar to complete her outfit, fastening it around her neck. When the clerk came back, he had several boxes of shoes in his arms, and he motioned for her to sit on a bench as he knelt in front of her to try some shoes on her. She wanted to cry, the guy could clearly see her pussy exposed and the juices that were moistening her sex. He smiled and put the first pair on, suggesting that she walk down the aisle, and back. Her master added that she should bend over at the end of the aisle and touch the ground. She obeyed, but it was humiliating to model her nearly naked body in front of this strange man. Six pairs of shoes later and her master finally picked the ones he wanted. She followed the men to the counter and the cashier rang up the purchases, giving her master the total.

"How much of a discount would you give me if this slut here sucked your cock?" he asked the clerk. He knew that the guy wouldn't resist the offer, he'd had a hard on for his slave since the moment he saw her tits, and he thought that this would be a good start for the trip. He planned on having her pay for as much of the trip as possible with her body. He was going to trade her body for gas, for food and for anything else that was needed. "Well," the clerk responded, "I'd be happy to give you a fifty percent discount for a good blowjob, as long as she swallows." "How much of a discount if I watch the counter while you take her in the back and fuck her?" The clerk laughed as if he couldn't believe it, thinking that it was all just a game. "I'm serious. Take this slut in your back room, I can see it from here. Bend her over that desk and fuck her good and hard. Then would you let her walk out of here in that get up?" "Absolutely," said the clerk and nearly ran him over as he came around the side of the counter.

She was shocked by what her master just said. She was still trying to process that she just been whored out for some clothes. The clerk had grabbed her hand and was quickly dragging her to the back of the store. Before she knew it, she had been pushed onto a desk, with the clerk rubbing her cunt, spreading her pussy lips. Seconds later, she felt him push his cock inside of her. She turned her head to the side and she could see her master watching her. He was laughing as he watched her being fucked. The clerk was tall and thin, and his cock was the same, a long, thin prick that stabbed inside of her. She felt no pleasure at the man's clumsy fucking, he was inept and it only took a couple of minutes before she heard him grunt and felt him cum inside of her. His dick slid out of her and he had done his pants up, walking back to the front of the store without giving her another thought. She was mortified! She was too stunned to know what she should do, but before she could make any kind of decision, she heard her master's voice, "You are such a disgusting slut! Get on your hands and knees and crawl up here!" She did what he ordered, crawling slowly across the dirty floor, feeling the the clerk's slimy jizz running out of her snatch and down her legs. When she reached her master, he leaned down and as he was attaching a leash to her dog collar, hissed into her ear, "You just wait until later, you will pay for being such a dirty slut." With that, he stood up and began to walk out, pulling the chain until she felt it tugging at the collar attached to her neck. She obediently followed, crawling outside, hoping that no one was around to see her being treated like a dog, but there was a couple just exiting their car to go into the shop. The woman gave her a disgusting look at the man sneered at her before they whispered to one another as they entered. She could feel her skin turn bright red with embarrassment, but had no time to dwell on it. Her master had opened her car door and pulled her leash up hard, dragging her to her feet. He hiked her skirt up over her hips, exposing her completely below the waist. "I will not let you ruin the new clothes I picked out for you by letting you get spunk all over them." he explained to her, and he reached in the car and handed her a towel. "Sit on this until I find you somewhere you can clean yourself up. It's going to be a long car ride, slut and you had better learn fast how to clean up that disgusting cunt of yours, understand?" She nodded and whispered, "Yes, sir."

Chapter 2

As he started the car, he felt his cock twitching. Watching her shame as she paid for her outfit by spreading her legs was such a turn on for him. He loved humiliating his slave, and this trip was going to be filled with many opportunities to do just that. He drove to a car wash and pulled into one of the bays, with a truck on one side and a sports car on the other side. "Get out and wash your smelly cunt and then do a good job cleaning my car." He reached over and undid the leash, opening the car door and motioning her to get out. "Sir?" she asked quietly, and he thought about slapping her for her speaking without permission, but he knew what she was going to ask, and he wanted to see her face when he gave her the answer. "What do you want, fuck face?" "I need a couple of dollars to activate the water and soap." He smiled big when he told her to go and ask someone for it. It was the middle of the day, he didn't think either guy would think about fucking her, but they would sure get an eyeful of her clamped tits and exposed pussy and ass.
She thought she'd die from embarrassment, and she kind of hoped that she would before she had to do what she was about to do. She desperately wanted to pull her skirt down to cover herself, but she knew her master was watching her very closely. She peeked around the one side and saw a man in a shirt and tie washing his BMW, trying not to get water on his clothes. She swallowed the lump in her throat and addressed the man; "Excuse me..." the man looked up and did a double take. He shook his head, laughed and went back to spraying his car. She swallowed the lump in her throat and tried going to the bay on the other side. She could only see the truck, not the owner. It was a big truck, with big tires. She was trying to get the man's attention without letting him see her so exposed. She yelled, but she couldn't be heard over the spray of water. She tried to wave her arms, but still could not get the man's attention. She knew that she'd actually have to approach the man. She took a deep breath and walked into the bay, approaching the man who seemed lost as he sprayed mud off of his tires. As she got closer, he finally looked up and took notice of her. His jaw dropped as he saw the sight that was in front of him. She knew that he was staring at her exposed pussy and clamped tits that were clearly visible through her top. "Excuse me, sir," she said, "I wonder if you could help me. I need to wash the car in the bay next to this one and I don't have any money to get the water and soap running. Could you spare a couple of dollars, please?" She couldn't bring herself to look at the man, she wasn't sure whether she would see lust or contempt or a combination of both in his eyes.
"Well, well, well! What do we have here?" The man stopped to turn off the water and give her his full attention. "It's not every day that you get an obscenely naked woman asking you for a favor. Need a couple of dollars, you say? I may have a few bucks in my front pocket. Reach in there and you can have it." "Thank you, sir," she said. She walked up to him and tried to stick her fingers in his right front pocket, but his jeans were so tight, it wasn't easy. She took a step closer and she felt his hands wrap around her arms bringing her closer to him. One of his hands then flew to her exposed pussy, where he gruffly pushed her lips apart, shoving one of his fat fingers inside of her. She was quickly fumbling with his pocket, trying to get the wadded up bills out of his pocket as quickly as possible. She had them in hand when she heard the man grunt in disgust and shove her to the ground. "You're some kind of disgusting whore! You have a sloppy cunt, slimy with jizz. Why are you asking me for money? You should have some left from the last trick you turned. I was going to fuck you myself, but I don't want my dick to fall off from all of the diseases a common whore like you is probably carrying. Get out of here, skank!" He turned the water back on and aimed it directly at her pussy, turning it on, full force. She scrambled away as fast as she could, grateful that at least she had the money to wash her master's car. She washed his car as thoroughly as she could, and before too long, she had finished the task. Several cars had pulled into the car wash while she was working, but she didn't look up from what she was doing. She knew the kinds of looks that she would be getting, and she didn't want to lose focus on what she was doing by being reminded of her embarrassment and shame.
As she was finishing up, he exited the car and got one of several towels that he had stored in the trunk. He handed it to her, "Use this to dry off my car, and then when you've finished, use it to clean up your nasty, smelly cunt. Then we can be on our way." His cock was so hard, enjoying watching her awkwardness as she struggled to wash his car. Unlike her, he was closely watching the way people were watching her. He didn't even protest when he saw one of the men pull out his cell phone and take pictures of her. He knew what his beautiful slut was made for, and he didn't mind sharing. He contemplated inviting the guy to fuck her, but he was nervous about a woman that had been giving them the evil eye. He thought she might call the cops, so he needed to get his fuck toy out of there before that happened. When she finished, before he allowed her to get in the car, he inspected her pussy to make sure that she had cleaned it up. He pulled her skirt down, and motioned for her to sit down. He wanted to get on the road, but he needed to find a place away from the car wash for her to suck him off. He'd had a hard on since she'd been trying on clothes, and it was high time that she empty his balls for him. About a block away, he pulled over and leaned his seat back. "Suck my cock, slut."
She smiled at him, ready to please him. She undid his pants, freeing his cock. She moved her hair to one side and lowered her head, opening her mouth to take his cock. She swirled her tongue around the tip. She wanted to please him. She delicately licked his cock, moving her seductive lips around his shaft. But, she realized that wasn't what he wanted when she felt him push down on the back of her head, pushing his cock down her throat. She started gagging and her hands automatically went up to his lap to push back, but she felt his hand tighten in her hair, twisting it in his fist. "Put your hands behind your back, slut. You're not good enough to give me a blow job, you are just a wet hole for me to fuck, so hold your hands behind your back so I can finish using your mouth." He said through clenched teeth. She obeyed quickly, holding her hands behind her back as he pushed her head further down onto his cock. He started bucking against her face. She was trying not to gag, but it was impossible. His shaft was pummeling her throat, and with her hands behind her back, all she could do was drool and gag as he used her mouth to get off.
He loved the sound of her gagging. Her throat was wet and her saliva had covered his balls, soaking them. He pulled her hair tighter, bucking harder against her face. He'd been so aroused watching his pet slut being humiliated by the shop manager and the man at the car wash, which it didn’t take long for him to deposit his load of cum down her pulsating throat, listening to her gag and choke as she tried to swallow it. "God, you are a pathetic cocksucker. You've made a mess of things. Now lick up every drop of cum and saliva so my cock and balls aren't covered in your disgusting juices." He enjoyed watching her struggle to lift her head so she could clean him up. He became impatient with her and decided he'd just use her hair to clean up his crotch. He turned her head to the side and used her hair like a jizz rag, wiping up the cum and saliva she'd left on him. When he was satisfied that he was cleaned up enough, he pushed her back onto her seat, observing how her lipstick was smeared all over her face, and her hair was matted from the juices he wiped up, He put his dick away and zipped himself up, and got on the freeway.

Periodically, he would reach over and pull on the chain attached to the nipple clamps or shove his fingers roughly into her pussy, ensuring that she was wet. It was a few hours later that he noticed that they were in need of gas, he was pleased because he knew what was going to happen next. He pulled into a busy truck stop, pulling alongside the pumps. He turned to her and spoke sternly, "Go out there and do whatever you have to do to get us some gas money. I'd recommend trying the men's room, you whore."
She was mortified! She couldn't believe that she had to go out and offer men her body simply to get fuel for her master's car. She slowly got out of the car, her stomach churning as she pondered what she was going to say or do. She knew that if she returned to her master without having gotten money for gas, he would likely give her a serious whipping and then send her back out to do it again. She swallowed her pride and approached two men that were standing outside of the men's room. At first they didn't notice her, but as she drew closer, they looked at her and started leering. They were both wearing plaid flannel shirts. One of them had a big fat belly, and the other one had a big bushy beard. They stopped talking to look at her body, most of it on display for them. She cleared her throat and her voice came out just barely above a whisper, "Excuse me, but I'm kind of in a bit of a pickle. My car needs gas, but I don't have any money. Could one of you or both of you help me out, please?" They looked at each other and then looked at her. The fat one motioned her to approach him. "How about you suck my cock and I'll advance you some money for gas." She was horrified, realizing that her master was having her act like a prostitute to get gas money. She took a deep breath and agreed. He opened the door and motioned for her to walk into the bathroom. She did and was greeted with a disgusting smell of urine. She could see that one of the toilets had overflowed and there was about an inch of sewage covering the floor. She knew that she would have to kneel in that in order to suck this dirty, fat man's cock. She heard his unzip his pants, and before she could even turn around, the man had grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the ground, saying "Suck this, bitch," pushing his short, fat cock into her face. She opened her mouth and the man immediately pushed his cock in. It was dirty and it smelled almost as bad as the restroom, but she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking. He held onto her hair, ramming his cock quickly into her mouth. His cock tasted horrible, and her knees were wet from the grime on the floor. The fat man's stomach was preventing him from getting as much of his cock into her mouth as he'd like. He held onto her hair with both hands and fucked her face, his hairy balls slapping against her face as he pushed his stubby cock into her mouth. It wasn't even two minutes before the guy came in her mouth, it tasted gross, but she swallowed it all. He came with a loud groan and quickly stepped away from her, zipping his pants back up. She started to stand up, to get her money for giving the guy a blow job, but before she could say anything, he said, "You might not want to get up off of that floor, you fucking whore." He was laughing when he said, "You may need to perform a few more blowjobs to get your gas money. I forgot my wallet, but thanks for the head!" He was laughing so loud, that his friend poked his head into the bathroom to see what was so funny. She was trying not to cry as the fat man explained to his friend about how he'd just filled the sluts belly up with cum, but wasn't going to pay for it. The other man, looked at her with a mixture of pity and disgust. "Awww.... stupid whore doesn't even know to collect in advance. You really shouldn't take advantage of such a stupid cunt. Listen to me, slut. If you are to do this, you need to negotiate your price first, then take the cash, then you can go through with your sex act. Now, I'm going to give you a twenty, and then you're going to lay down on the floor here, and spread your dirty whore legs open so I can fuck you." She opened her mouth to say something, but she didn't know what to say. The old man handed her a twenty dollar bill and he stroked his beard as he watched her try to find a place she could get on the floor. She tried to find a spot where there was the least amount of sewage on the floor. She undid one of her nipple clamps and put the money in it, so she wouldn't lose it. She knelt down and tried to gingerly get down to her knees. "Come on, whore!" the old man shouted. "Pull your skirt up, slut. Spread your ass for me so I can get at your slimy cunt." She did as he told her to do, kneeling and bending over, reaching her hands back to pull her ass cheeks apart so that the old man could fuck her. That put her face closer to the ground, and the smell was making her want to vomit. The old man knelt down between her legs, shoving a couple of fingers inside of her pussy, laughing and commenting to his friend, "This slut gets off on this shit. Her cunny's soaking wet!" The fat man was not pleased. "Why did I just take a blowjob from this skank? I should have fucked her." He lifted his foot and put it against the side of her face, pushing her face down to the ground, so that her face was getting wet from the urine and sewage water covering the floor. She felt the old man's thin but very hard dick slide inside of her cunt. As he had remarked, her pussy was very wet and she felt the man's prick jam inside of her, quickly fucking her. The fat man still had his foot on her head, and she could hear him unzipping his cock. She was afraid he'd try to fuck her, and she couldn't let that happen, he'd already stolen the blowjob that she gave him. She was relieved when she heard that he was jacking off as he watched his friend fuck her. She felt the old man quicken his pace, knowing that he would be cumming soon. And just like that, the old man pumped into her his load of cum. She released her grip on her ass and went to push the man's foot off of her face so she could leave the awful bathroom and get back to her master. Just before she could get to her feet, the fat man grabbed her hair and pulled her so that he could jerk off onto her face, wiping his cock on her face as she regained her footing. She knew that she looked and smelled awful, but she was relieved that she had money for her master.
He stood outside, in close proximity to the bathroom. He wanted her to have to go and degrade herself, but he wanted to be near, just in case things got out of hand. He watched the two men leave, listening to them laugh and talk about the nasty little whore that they'd just enjoyed. A minute later, he saw her emerge from the bathroom, looking like an awful mess. He watched her walk towards his car, and he intercepted her before she got there. "So, you dirty little cunt, give me the money you got." He watched her un-clamp the bill that she'd placed in her nipple clamp. He accepted the twenty from her and decided that he needed to punish her for coming back with so little. "This is it? I send you to earn your keep and to get money for gas, and I watched two men go in there with you, I can see the cum dribbling down your leg, and the spunk on your face, so I know that you let them use your body. Why is this all there is?" He emphasized his point by reaching out and slapping her hard across the face. The smell coming from her was awful. She was covered in sludge from the bathroom floor, and there was no way that he'd be able to have anyone else fuck her when she was such a mess. He grabbed her by the arm and twisted it behind her back, pushing her towards the car. "Bend over the hood and spread your ass so I can clean up your filthy cunt." He was pleased that she obeyed so quickly. He grabbed the squeegee used for washing windows and used it on her backside, roughly pushing it between her legs, moving it around to clean up the cum and grime. When he was finished, he grabbed her by the hair and told her to turn around. He re-wet the squeegee and used it to scrub down her face and the front of her body. He used it as best as he could on her hair. He pulled up her net shirt and slapped her tits around for a few minutes, before pulling the chain that held the one clamp on her nipple. He pulled it as hard as he could, extending her swollen nipple to their limits. He wondered if the clamp would come off, or if he could pull it further. He did, and liked the view of her distended nipple, as well as her pitiful cries from the pain that it induced in her. He pinched the other nipple hard, twisting it and pulling on it. He saw tears streaming down her face, and as usual, he loved her humiliation. He wanted more of it. "So, you fucking cunt, did you enjoy being used that way? Don't lie to me, I know you're such a nasty, disgusting whore, you probably loved being used like that. I should leave you here. A filthy slut like you deserves to spend her days on the floor of a filthy bathroom, servicing anyone who walks through the door." He saw her tears increase and as he watched her embarrassment, it turned him on immensely. He grabbed her by the arm and led her back towards the men's room. When they got inside he told her to get on her knees and to begin to suck his cock. He wrapped his hands around her neck, choking her as he rammed his cock into her face hole. He continued to tell her what a fucking slut she was, reminding her over and over again of her place. He was approaching orgasm, but wasn't ready to finish. He pulled his cock from her mouth, slapping her face with it, the saliva from his dick transferring to her face. The stalls had no doors, and he went to one and sat down, his cock fully erect. "Pull your skirt up. Spread your ass cheeks and lower your asshole onto my cock. I don't want to use your dirty cunt after that disgusting man just did, so I'm going to fuck your ass good and hard."
She was beyond mortified by what had been taking place. She was getting to the point that she no longer cared. Her trust in her master was making her realize that her body was his to use, and his to dole out to others, and she should just go with it and find more enjoyment in it. She positioned her asshole above his cock, and lowered herself onto him. She reached out to the sides of the stall for balance as she lifted herself up and lowered back down on his hard, thick cock. She knew that she wasn't moving fast enough for him when he grabbed her by her tits and used them as handles to pull her up and then pull her down hard as he fucked her ass. She was actually enjoying this, and she started to moan. She thought that he might punish her for it, but he encouraged her, telling her to cum and cum loudly, shouting out that she was a nasty whore who loved being fucked, especially fucked in the ass. Without hesitation, she started shrieking, "Oh yes! Yes! Fuck my asshole! I'm such a dirty whore! I love being used, being fucked... oh yeah, ram that cock into my ass, fuck yeah, I love it, oh yeah... love being fucked, love it, love it, love it... love taking cock, such a nasty slut!" She started to cum, and her body bucked against him, her cries becoming unintelligible as she came hard, wave after wave crashing over her body. She thought about everything she'd done today, and decided that she really did love this, she loved being his cum slut, and it intensified her pleasure. She realized that he had grabbed a hold of her hips and was ramming her ass harder. She moaned loudly as she felt him shoot his hot cum up her ass. It took a minute for her to realize that all of her cries had brought several men into the dirty bathroom, to see what all the noise was about. She looked at the men and proudly said, "Hey there. I need some money for gas. I'll be willing to do just about anything to get enough money to fill my car with fuel."
He was proud of her taking the initiative. His orgasm was so powerful, fucking her ass in the sleazy bathroom. He shoved her off of his cock, watching her land in the muck on the floor. He went over and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up, ordering her to lick his dick clean. The other men started stroking their cocks, wetting their lips for the fucking they were going to get. After she had sucked all the jizz from his cock, he finished by wiping his dick off with her hair and then let her go to fall back into the grime of the floor. He stepped away, and told the men that he'd be collecting for the disgusting little whore that was laying there. "Ten bucks." He told the men. "For ten bucks you can use any of her holes, and then for good measure, all of you can piss on her before you leave." He quickly found his hand stuffed with four ten dollar bills. The first man quickly grabbed her by her hair and shoved his hard cock into her mouth. He was moving fast, and he could hear his slave gagging from how far down her throat the man was going. He thought that he should be recording this to show her later, so he took out his cell phone to record what was happening to her. The man in her mouth didn't take long before he pulled his cock out and shot several long streams of cum across her face. There was a black man that had been circling around to her backside. The man gave her a swift kick between her legs, telling her to get on her hands and knees like the filthy animal she was.
She couldn't believe that her master was standing there recording her as one man just came all over her face and another had just kicked her. However, she knew that if her master didn't want this, he wouldn't be letting it happen. She did as she was told and got on all fours. She couldn't see the black man's cock, but she felt it when it pushed inside of her pussy. It was huge, and it was stretching her cunt as it started fucking her. Another man had grabbed her hair and shoved another dick in her mouth to suck. It smelled so bad, she couldn't stand it. The cock behind her was nearly ripping her in half, and the dick in her mouth was going to make her throw up. She felt her pussy flooded with cum, the man withdrawing his cock from her now gaping fuck hole. He slapped his cock against her ass a few times, leaving cum residue on her ass. He moved away and the next man pushed his cock inside of her cunt, but was disappointed in how stretched out she'd become, so he pulled out and pushed the head of his cock against her asshole, grabbing a hold of her hips to ram inside of her ass. The man in front of her pulled her hair tightly pulling her face against his crotch, her nose rubbing against his stinky pubic hair. The smell was too much for her, and she felt the vomit rise in her throat. She struggled to keep it down, but as the man shot his cum down her throat, she could no longer contain it and as the smelly man withdrew from her mouth, she threw up on the floor. She thought that the men might feel sorry for her, but instead they just laughed. One of the men kicked her arms out from under her so she landed face first into her vomit that had mixed up with the sewage. She tried to push herself up, but another one of the men put his foot on her back, pushing her back into the muck. The man in her ass had just pulled out and she felt the cum landing across her ass. She heard the men the whole time, laughing at her, calling her the worst names they could think of, and she just went along with it, letting herself be used by them. One of them said, "Roll the skank over, " and she felt the foot that was on her back move and push against her, kicking her to be on her back. It felt so gross, to be laying on a disgusting bathroom floor, laying in a puddle of piss, cum, vomit and who knows what else that was on that floor. She looked up and saw the four men with their cocks out, knowing what was about to come. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her master, recording it with his cell phone. Before she knew it, the first stream of piss hit her right in the face. She hadn't wanted to taste any of it, but as the other streams started hitting her, she could feel it running up her nose and forcing her to open her mouth, taking in so much urine that she had no choice but to swallow the vile liquid, trying not to vomit again. The streams of piss seemed to go on for so long, but finally they were done, tucking their cocks away, and to add insult to injury, she felt each of them spit on her as they walked out. She looked to her master for guidance, but he was pulling out his own cock, coming over to unleash his own stream of urine on her. She managed to get to her knees just as he unleashed his own stream of urine on her, starting at her cunt, then all over her tits before hitting her in the face and taking a step close to her, she opened her mouth and he shoved his cock in her mouth, releasing the last of it directly down her throat.

Chapter 3

He stepped back and looked at his slut, who had started out the day looking so perfect and beautiful, but was now a complete train wreck. What little makeup she had on was smeared all over her face, her hair was wet and matted with cum and piss and grime. She was covered in disgusting slime and she smelled as bad as the bathroom itself. He pulled his phone back out and took several pictures of her. He knew that there was a hose out back by the air and trash cans. "Crawl and your hands and knees like the filthy animal you are. Go over to that patch of grass by where the rest of the trash is located." He slapped her ass hard to emphasize his order. He went and got the car, pulling it around to park by where she had now reached, Since he'd planned ahead, he had soap, shampoo and towels in the car to allow her to clean herself up. He got out of the car and saw that she was waiting for him on all fours. He got the leash from the car and attached it to her dog collar, "Before we clean you up, sniff around the grass until you find a good place to piss, you fucking bitch. I want to see you do it just like any other four legged bitch does."

She did need to pee, but she felt so awkward doing it like this. She crawled on her hands and knees, sniffing the ground like he told her to. He held the leash, just like he was walking a dog. She crawled in a little circle and then squatted a little and emptied her bladder. She was facing away from him, but she could hear him laughing as he watched her. When she finished, he tugged on the leash, guiding her back to where he had told her to go. He removed her leash and went and grabbed a nearby water hose. He turned the water on her full force, hitting her straight in the face. She made gagging sounds and then began to turn her head from side to side, up and down, letting the cold water spray the mess from her. She used the soap and the shampoo that he had given her and washed herself, making sure that she cleaned all the cum from her pussy and her ass, and washing the piss out of her hair. The water was freezing, and so her efforts were done quickly, to maximize her time and get cleaned as quickly as she could. She was trying to adjust the leather skirt, to wash it off as best as she could, and straighenting her mesh top, getting all the grime off of her clothes as much as possible. Within a few minutes, she had herself pretty well cleaned up, and knew that she had done it properly when he handed her a towel to dry herself off, and a brush to comb her hair out. She was beginning to understand what was ahead for her on this trip, and she knew that she would do a better job the next time that they stopped for gas.

He pulled her to her feet and helped her dry off. She looked like a drowned rat, so pitiful. He was already enjoying this trip more than he thought he would. As she stood in front of him, he inspected her. He decided to leave the nipple clamps off of her as he loaded her back into the car. With as long as he'd had them on, leaving them off for a while would just cause her nipples to ache and throb, which was exactly what he wanted. He handed her an extra large tee shirt, to cover her top, for at least a while. When she was seated, he gave her his cell phone, with the video loaded up of what had just happened in the bathroom. "Watch this, you nasty slut. Take a good look at what a pathetic whore you are. Relive all of those men using your body in disgusting ways, and don't try to tell me that you didn't LOVE EVERY FUCKING MINUTE OF IT!"

She watched the small screen, and right before her eyes, she began to see the events unfold. She knew what had happened, but it was different to see it like this. Through her humiliation, she was aroused to watch herself be fucked and used. Her master was right, she did love every minute of what had happened, and she knew that he was turned on by watching her be reduced to being pissed on and fucked on the dirty bathroom floor.

He started the car, trying to focus on the road, when he'd actually prefer to watch the same thing that she was watching. He was so turned on, and he knew that this was only the tip of the iceberg. He said nothing as he drove, stealing glances at his cum slut as she watched the video over and over again. They drove like that for a couple of hours, until he decided to stop and get gas again. He pulled into the truck stop, parking by one of the gas pumps. They didn't need gas, they had plenty, but he wanted to see her degraded again, so he decided to top off the tank, so he could use her as a whore again. "Okay, cunt, go and earn us some gas money. You will take whatever the offer is, even if it's a dollar. You can keep the shirt on for now, but when you come back, it had better be gone, so everyone here can see your tits."

She took a deep breath and left the car. She had learned from their first stop and knew that she needed to collect money in advance. She thought that this time, she'd ask for as much as she could, then she wouldn't have to be used as much. However, much to her own surprise, she found that she enjoyed being used. As she'd watched the video her master took, she had become so turned on to watch the depths of degradation and humiliation that she had sunk to. She knew that she was a slut and a whore, and she knew that this was what she was destined to be. Her master would use her, and would allow others to use her body as a cum receptacle and a collection of holes to be used. She walked across the parking lot and found several eighteen wheelers parked side by side. She smiled and approached the first door, knocking on the metal. The guy looked down at her and flipped her off, calling her a bitch and telling her to fuck off. She got the same response at the second truck. The third truck she approached had a tough looking woman at the wheel. She had very short hair, and almost looked like a man. Approaching her seemed strange, but there was no reason that a woman might not want to use her body, although it seemed like a lost cause. When she knocked at the door, the woman rolled down the window and asked her what she wanted. "Please, maam. I need some gas money, and I am desperate for it. I'd be willing to do just about anything if I can get twenty or thirty dollars." The woman smiled a rather nasty smile at her and told her to go around to the side and get in the truck. She did as the woman told her to do, wondering what the woman would have her do to earn the money. The woman was already unbuckling her belt and unzipping her levis, pulling them down to around her ankles. The woman turned to the side and said, "Eat my pussy" motioning to the dark mass of curly pubic hair between her legs. "I need you to pay me first, please." "Hmmph," was the reply. "I'll give you thirty dollars, but you have to eat my cunt, until I cum at least twice, sliding those pretty little fingers of yours inside of my twat. I'll want to get warmed up by slapping you around a little, you'll be my bitch and although your dirty little cunt is probably disgusting because you've taken a bunch of cocks inside of it, I'm going to use it and you'll like it so much that you'll be screaming my name as you cum and then you'll suck my fingers clean. Agreed, slut?" She smiled at the woman and nodded her head in agreement. The woman reached down and pulled a couple of crumpled up bills out of her pants pocket. As the woman handed her the money, she slid the money in her shoe, so she wouldn't lose it, and then removed her tee shirt and slid her skirt up above her waist. She briefly thought that since getting the leather skirt, she had worn it up around her waist more than down as it should be worn. She smiled at the woman, hoping that this would be kind of fun, but her smile was gone quickly as the woman's hand slapped her hard across the face. She let out a little scream before the second slap came. The woman grabbed her by the hair and pulled her closer, continuing to slap her face. She could feel her face turning red, and felt the tears falling from her eyes as she whimpered as the woman brought her face closer to hers. When they were face to face, the woman kissed her roughly, shoving her tongue inside of her mouth. The hand that had been slapping her face moved to her tits, twisting her nipple as the hand holding her hair tightened. She kissed the woman back, slightly moaning. She was so turned on already, and the woman's touch was exciting her, that she found herself arching her body towards the gruff woman. The woman laughed and rudely shoved her away. "You are a nasty little slut. You enjoy being a dyke like me, don't you?" She wasn't sure what to say, but the woman didn't give her much time for a response. The older woman had turned in her seat and faced her. "My name's Jan, and if we were at my place, I'd fuck you with my strap on until you couldn't walk, but since we're here, I want you to spread your legs." She did as she was told, and Jan started slapping her again, concentrating on her tits this time, her hand coming down hard against her tits that were already so sore and tender that every slap felt like needles jabbing into her skin. Jan's other hand had moved to her pussy, and she roughly shoved three fingers inside of her, working a fourth one in as well. Her pussy was wet, but it still hurt like crazy to have Jan stretching out her pussy, getting that fourth finger inside of her. Jan's hand pushed in harder, pushing past her knuckles, working to get her entire fist inside. The pain was awful and she let out a little scream. Jan laughed and just pushed harder, her other hand moving to wrap tightly around her throat. She tried to pull the woman's hand away from her neck, but Jan was clearly stronger than she was, and her efforts just caused the woman to squeeze her neck harder as she pushed her other hand further into her pussy. She felt Jan's fingers moving inside of her, pushing against the walls of her pussy, stretching it out to accommodate more of her hand. She could feel her face turning red as she fought for air against Jan's choking her. She started flailing about, but it just made Jan go at her harder, squeezing her neck and finally getting to the point where she had gotten her hand inside. Curling her fingers into a fist, she roughly moved the fist in and out, pushing in deeper, getting in up to her wrist, before pulling it almost out, just to shove it back in. Jan released her neck, but started to slap her face again, calling her a slut, a whore, a fucking bitch. "Cum on my fist you dirty little cunt, come on, come on." With every word, she received another slap to her face, feeling the woman's fist ramming into her pussy. "Come on, you fucking slut... you like cocks in here, so fucking cum.... I'm paying you, whore.. do as I say, fucking show me how nasty you are, cum on me." She didn't really need the coaxing, she was already nearing an orgasm, and as Jan slapped her and rammed her fist inside of her pussy, which she felt flood with her juices. Her moans turned into screams. "Yes, Jan... yes, yes, oh Jan, ram that fist inside of me, make me cum, I'm your little bitch, use my cunt, oh yes, Jan, Jan, Jan!" Jan relaxed her fingers as she felt the juices drench her fingers. "God, you're nasty." she said as she removed her fingers from the pussy she had just used. Jan held up her fingers and motioned for them to be licked clean.

She was surprised that she had enjoyed the lesbian fisting her. Her orgasm was pretty powerful and she gladly licked the juices from Jan's fingers, sucking on each finger, and licking her palm and hand. When Jan was satisfied that all of the juices were gone, she moved in the seat to expose her hairy pussy. She looked at the hairy pussy, seeing how different it was from her own. The black and gray hairs were long and covered the wet slit where she knew she would now need to lick. She lowered her head and with her hands, she gently spread the woman's pussy open, darting her tongue out to lick it from bottom to top. She swirled her tongue around Jan's clit, and lapped at the juices that were flowing from her pussy. Jan moaned, and so she lapped faster, pushing her tongue inside of the woman's cunt. She moved her tongue all around, tasting the woman's musky juices. She started to gently suck on the clit, sliding her finger into Jan's pussy. "Harder, slut! I don't want you to be gentle, I want you to eat me out and make me cum. Finger fuck me you little whore." She did as she was told, pushing another finger inside and then a third, moving them fast as she could, sucking on the woman's clit. Jan was moaning, bucking against her face. It wasn't too long before she felt the gush of juices. Jan grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her tight against her hips, rubbing her cunt against her face, smearing it with her juices. She kept moving her fingers and licking like crazy. She couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this. She was getting paid for it, and she was being used as a whore, but she was loving this, she loved eating this woman's pussy out. Zealously, she kept licking, burying her face into Jan's hairy pussy, furiously moving her fingers to please the woman further. She removed her fingers, and Jan pulled her hair hard to let her know that she didn't like it, but she released her hair and started to moan when she had spread Jan's pussy lips open and pushed her nose against her clit, and shoved her tongue as far as she could up the woman's cunt, and moving her lips and mouth to eat and suck the woman's pussy. Jan must have enjoyed it because she very quickly started moaning, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, you're good, oh fuck you little whore, that's it... keep going, oh yeah, baby... fuck, fuck, fuck...move that tongue you fucking slut, oh yeah!" And with that Jan gushed all over her face, but she kept lapping at the woman's cunt until she released her. Jan quickly pulled her pants up and turned to her, "You are a hot little piece of ass, worth every penny. Now get the fuck out of my truck you dirty slut." Jan turned away from her and leaned back in the seat, closing her eyes. With a heavy sigh, she picked up her tee shirt, not bothering to put in back on and walked back towards the car where he was waiting for her.

He'd been watching her the whole time through binoculars, and oh, how he wished he could have seen more than what was viewable through the window of the butch woman's truck. He wasn't sure about everything that had happened, but when he saw his slave licking off the woman's hand, he knew that his little slave had gotten fisted, and he sure wished he had been able to capture that on video. He was certain that he'd have more than one video of her taking a fist up her cunt before the weekend was over with, but he figured that he could never have too much video to watch of his slave being used and fucked. He was surprised at his little slut as well, he knew that the old lesbian had lots of experience with women eating her out, but watching her reactions, his whore must already be a grade A pussy eater. He couldn't see what she had been doing, but she must have been good at it. He smiled as she bravely walked across the parking lot without her shirt on. His cock was so hard from watching, that regardless of how much money she had gotten, they were leaving the gas station. He wanted to fuck her again, and he didn't want to do it here, so it was a matter of waiting until they reached the house, and they were still an hour away.

She walked back to the car, topless, pretending not to notice the looks, stares that she was getting. She just focused on returning to her master, and hoping that he was pleased with what she had come back with. She stopped at the car door, removing the money from her shoe, and waiting for permission to get in the car. He opened the door from the inside for her and she climbed in the car, handing him the money. She had hoped that he would express some form of approval, but he said nothing to her, just took the money and drove away. She realized that he hadn't even put gas in the car, but she was feeling pretty good from that last experience, so the thought left her mind quickly. She felt apprehensive. She could sense that wherever they were going, they were getting close, and she had no idea of exactly would happen. She trusted her master, and she knew that he wouldn't allow anyone to seriously harm her, and she was really getting to enjoy having her body used. Whether it was the nervous energy, or all of the day's activities, she found herself drowsy and laid her head back and was asleep in no time. She didn't know how long she slept for, but when the car stopped, she jolted wide awake. They were parked in a garage, and her master had gotten out of the car and was now opening her car door. He didn't need to tell her to follow him, she knew that she should. She followed him into the house.

"On your knees, bitch." he barked as soon as they got in the door. He long thick cock was rock hard, and he didn't want to waste any time using the handiest part of her to get off, which at this point, was her mouth. He pulled his dick from his pants, and like a good slut, she already had her mouth open. He grabbed her hair and shoved his dick deep down her throat, causing her to make a gagging sound. It didn't slow him down or stop him at all, he started aggressively fucking her face. He'd been hard for so long, that it only took a couple of minutes before he pulled from her mouth to ejaculate on her face. He zipped up his pants and said, "The bathroom is up the stairs, you smelly skank," he motioned towards the stairs. "Go up and take a shower and wash all of that filth from your body. When I come up to inspect you, every inch of you should be clean and fuckable." He watched her walk up the stairs, her head hung low. He utilized the time that she was in the shower to get all of his camera and video equipment from the trunk of the car and set them up in the main rooms, to capture as much footage as he could. He knew that others would be bringing their own cameras and camcorders, and there was already an agreement in place for everyone to share their footage, and it excited him to know that there would be lots to watch from tonight's encounters. After he had set everything up, including stocking the bar and refrigerator, he went upstairs to do his inspection.

Chapter 4

She was drying her long, brown hair with a towel and looked up meekly at him. She dropped the towel and turned to him for his inspection. She ached for his touch, and was saddened by his inspection that was more clinical than sexual. She wanted him inside of her, but she was not going to question his actions, it was her duty to obey his commands and do all that he ordered her to do. She hadn't seen him bring her hair and makeup bag in, but when he pushed it towards her, she knew what he wanted her to do. She picked up the bag and started applying her makeup, and curling her hair. While she did, she heard the doorbell ring a few times, as well as a couple of knocks on the door. She was just finishing up when she heard her master's voice, "Get down here, cum bucket!" She descended the stairs and entered the main room, where she was shocked to see more than a dozen people standing around, watching her walking in naked. She wanted to hang her head in sheer humiliation, but she knew that her master would not be happy about that.

He walked to her and grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her forward, addressing the crowd. "This pathetic piece of fuck meat will do anything you tell her to do, no matter how degrading it may be. She'll answer to whatever you call her, and I now present her to all of you, for your enjoyment." He practically threw her across the room by the hair, making sure that she fell to the ground. He saw several people approach her, and he grabbed his camera to capture the action.

She had hit the floor hard, and she went to try and get up, but was quickly pushed back down as a thin man nearly sat on her face, saying "Suck my balls, cunt." She opened her mouth and gently sucked the man's balls into her mouth. They were small, and had no hair, so it made it easy to suck on them. He faced her body, so that occasionally his asshole would press up against her nose. He knelt on her arms and went to work on her tits, grabbing a hold of her nipples and twisting them hard, pulling them up tightly until she screamed out in pain, her cries muffled by his balls in her mouth. He spit on her, between her tits and pushed his dick between them, holding her breasts together by the nipples. He started moving his cock, fucking her tits, occasionally stopping to spit on her, or to give her tits a few good slaps before grabbing hold of them to push them tightly around his cock. She felt hands spreading her legs, fingers spreading her pussy lips. She could hear the sounds of clicking cameras as she knew that her most intimate parts were being photographed. She felt a hand slap against her pussy, and she uttered a muffled cry against the man's balls. He was moving his cock swiftly, and she felt his balls begin to tighten, knowing that he was about to cum. He quickly moved off of her face, jacking his dick off with one hand, while his other hand slapped her across the face several times, "Keep that mouth open, you fucking cunt. I'm going to reward you with a mouthful of cum, but don't swallow it until you're told." With that, he held his cock right over her open mouth and squirted his cum. She did what she was told and held it in her mouth. He leered over her face and spat in her mouth, telling her she had his permission to swallow his gift to her. She did so, and he stepped away, laughing at her.

She felt someone kick her, hearing a voice say, "You fucking get on your hands and knees, like the bitch in heat that you are." She felt another kick in her side as she moved to get on her hands and knees. She found herself surrounded by two women and two men. The men knelt on either side of her ass, and she felt the sting of a hand across her ass, quickly followed by another slap. She went to let out a cry, but didn't have a chance. The two girls were on either side of her head, and one of them that had dark hair had grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, quickly looping nylon rope around one, then the other, securing them tightly behind her back. The blonde one had grabbed a thick, black permanent marker, and while one hand grabbed her by the hair and held her up, the other hand wrote something across her chest in the marker. She couldn't see what the blonde was writing, but she could feel it, she knew that SLUT had been written above her breasts. Both women released her, and her head dropped to the ground, hitting it with a thud, which incurred laughter from the crowd of people. The men were alternating slapping her backside, each trying to smack harder than the previous one, burning her ass with their hands, as they took turns administering her spanking. She didn't want to cry, but she couldn't help herself. Her eyes filled with tears and they started streaming down her face. She knew not to cry loudly, but she couldn't help but whimper quietly as her ass was being smacked. Her whimpers didn't go unnoticed. The dark haired girl pulled her back, by grabbing her hair, saying "Look, the skank is crying like a baby! Baby whore, is what she is. Well, baby whore, I'll give you something to cry about." The girl held her by the hair and slapped her across the face, several times, as hard as she could. The men slapping her ass started slapping harder, even though she has thought that they had been slapping as hard as humanly possible. The blonde woman had brought over a pair of nipple clamps and while the dark haired girl held her up by her hair, the blonde attached the clamps to her already sore nipples. The pain was nearly unbearable, and she cried out in pain, begging them to stop. "Please, stop! I'll do anything you want! Please stop!" Her cries brought dark laughter from those around her. Suddenly, someone was pushing a large ball gag into her mouth, fastening it tightly so her cries would no longer be heard. All the time, several people circled the activity, taking pictures and videos of her abuse. The dark haired woman laughed, "Ha! Now we don't have to listen to your pathetic blubbering!"

He was so turned on by watching the punishment his slave was taking. He didn't think twice about not stopping things when she cried out and begged for it to stop. He knew she could handle all of what was being done to her, and that pretty soon, she would be cumming hard from it!. He focused in close on her ass that was bright red from the two guys that had been slapping her until their hands were sore. He suggested to the guys that they spread her ass cheeks and start to probe at her asshole. They pounced on the suggestion, spreading her ass open, showing the camera and everyone her little asshole, taking turns poking at it. Each guy spat in the crack of her ass, using the saliva to push their fingers in her ass. It took a few minutes, but before long, each of them had a finger inside of her rectum, finger fucking her ass. He knew that shortly, each one of them would be fucking his slave’s ass, and it was exciting him a lot. He was right, and the one man moved between her legs, spitting on her ass crack, rubbing his cock in the saliva to lube it up before pressing it against her anus. He watched as the man slowly pushed inside of her ass, grabbing handfuls of her bright red assflesh in his hands as he began to push deeper.

She didn't have to control her cries or tears now. The huge ball gag stretched her mouth open larger than she thought possible, and no one cared if she was crying anymore or not. She tried to relax as the man started fucking her ass, but his fingers were digging into her abused ass, and that pain was overriding any other thought she might have had. His thick cock stretched her ass as he assaulted it, ramming it hard inside of her. He pounded it fast and hard, digging his fingers into her deeper. It wasn't long before he pulled his cock out of her ass, and released a spray of cum across her ass. She didn't have a chance to relax for even a moment. Her hands were untied and she was pulled up to a standing position. A voice she didn't recognize rang out, "You fucking whore! Get ready for a thorough whipping! Stand with your hands outstretched to your sides. Feet at shoulder length apart! Do not fucking move from that position, you disgusting cunt!" She couldn't see her master at first, but when the first belt came crashing down across her tits, she saw him move to the front of her, smiling smugly as he continued to video her abuse. A second belt hit her from the other side, this one crashing across her thighs, the edges of it hitting her pussy. She trembled as she did her best to hold still. Another belt hit her across the back of her thighs, and the other two belts administered their second whacks. Then more, and more. She could see the mascara streaming down her face as her tears fell, as she cried under the whippings she was receiving. She didn't even bother counting how many whacks she received. She struggled to stay in the position, but as the minutes past, she had a harder and harder time standing there without swaying, the dizzying pain nearly knocking her out. Her abusers saw this and the belts stopped whacking her.

He was so fucking hot as he watched her get whipped. He finally wanted to get in on the action a little more. He set his camera down and approached her from the back. He pushed his hard cock against her ass and loved how burning hot her skin was so arousing. He reached around and grabbed her tits, feeling her shudder in pain as he squeezed them hard, removing the clips, allowing the blood to start flowing again... but not for long, he squeezed harder, twisting the tender nipples in his fingers, whispering in her ear as he did so, "You're doing good, my dirty slut. You are loving this, aren't you? You love being abused and used, you disgusting piece of fuck meat. You're going to fuck everyone here, and they are going to use you like you've never been used before! Get ready to have all your holes fucked because it's time for you to show everyone here what a nasty whore you are! There's a man lying over there, now go and spread your ass and sit your ass on his cock."

She saw the man. He had a thick cock, and she was nervous about this, but she did as she was told. She straddled the man, facing the crowd, as she looked at the man's cock and balls that she would now be fucking. She lowered herself onto the man's cock, feeling it spread her rectum open as she adjusted herself on the long hard cock. She moved slowly, allowing herself to grow accustomed to it, but the man owning the cock inside of her ass had a different idea. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down hard, impaling her completely on his hard dick. She cried out in both shock and pain, but it didn't matter, the mad wrapped his arms around her legs and lifted her up, dropping her on his cock again. Her legs were spread wide open, and she was sure that everyone could see the juices running out of her pussy. Another man approached her and knelt between the man's legs. He pushed her back against the man beneath her and her hands reached back to support herself. The second man wasted no time in pushing his cock into her pussy. It was soaking wet, so the long, thick shaft had no problem shoving into her with one big thrust. Her pussy and ass were both full with the thick, hard cocks and they started fucking her in rhythm. She couldn't stop the wildly hot sensations running through her body. In less than one minute, orgasmic waves flooded over her. The men noticed and started fucking her harder. She came again, and then again. She couldn't believe how good it felt to be filled with cock, and as the intense pleasure began to wane, she felt the ball gag removed by someone, quickly being replaced by a short, stubby, flaccid cock into her mouth. She instantly began sucking on it, feeling it grow in her mouth. She didn't know how long her holes had been ravaged, but she felt hands jostling her around, and the man that had been fucking her ass pulled out of her, but another cock was put in its place, not as thick as the last one, but began immediately ramming up her asshole. The man whose cock she had been sucking was pulled out of her mouth, and she noticed that the man who'd been fucking her ass was now presenting his cock at her face, pushing it past her lips without hesitation. The man grabbed the back of her head and pushed the length of his cock into her mouth. She could hear the voices mocking her for sucking off a cock that had been in her ass, but at this point, she didn't care. She was lost in the pleasure, and it wasn't long before the cock was removed from her soaking wet cunt and another put in its place. Her hands were taken and wrapped around cocks, stroking them, knowing that they would be eventually fucking one or all of her holes. She couldn't keep track of all that was happening. All she could see was cocks everywhere, fucking her, using her body. Many hands slapped at her tits and her ass, and her hair was being pulled in a variety of directions.

He admired his slut's exuberance. She was riding cock after cock, sucking and stroking them, and loving her body being used. Those who weren't using her, were busy taking pictures and videos of the action. He counted at least ten guys that were circling here, each other them going at all of her fuck holes. He called out loudly, "Fuck that slut harder, look at that disgusting cunt, she fucking loves it! Give it to her harder." Others started calling out loudly as well. Hands were everywhere, slapping her tits and face, and sweat was dripping all over her. Her mascara was in streaks down her face and her lipstick was smeared all over. Even the permanent marker was smearing from all of the action. She looked like a well used whore, and that's exactly what he had wanted.

She heard a voice from behind her, the man who was currently fucking her ass. "Hold on, let’s fill this sluts cunt with two cocks!." He withdrew his cock from her ass and pushed it against the cock of man already fucking her soaking pussy. She felt her pussy stretch as the two men pushed together, both cocks pressing inside of her wet hole. They went slow at first, but quickly started fucking her faster, and she couldn't even think straight, the pleasure was so intense. She nearly bit down on the man's cock that was inside of her mouth, but he took advantage of her screaming in ecstasy to ram further down her throat. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her body, which caused the men to go at her even faster than she thought possible. She felt almost deflated when the man under her pulled out of her pussy and went back to fucking her ass. No one had cum in her, or on her, yet, and she knew she was due for a big giant load of cum on her face. She was actually looking forward to it... having all of that hot cum landing on her face and eating it all up. It gave her more energy and she started bucking wildly, riding the cocks and gripping the cocks in her hands faster, stroking them, wanting all of those loads of cum that she was building up in all of these men. She stated to cum again, and even the cock in her mouth couldn't muffle her screams of pleasure. She heard some voices, but she wasn't sure what was being said, but she felt the cocks pull out of her pussy, ass and mouth, and was dragged by her hair to the middle of the room.

He was so excited to see what was about to happen to his slave. He made sure to get a good position to record it. "Come on, my little fuck cunt, tilt your head back and open wide, but don't swallow until you're told!" He watched her do as she was told, and as if it was the signal to go, man after man started to jerk off over her, spraying loads of cum on her face. Some men dribbled it onto her, others shot across it, so it landed in long jets across her eyes or other parts of face, still others pressed the heads of their cocks against her cheeks, leaving a solid puddle of jizz where their dicks had been. The men were groaning in pleasure and the women were commenting about what a nasty slut they were watching. He was getting hard again as he recorded the gooey facial she was getting. He could hear her gurgling as her mouth filled with cum, as she tried not to swallow. When the last man had emptied onto her face, he moved in closer, zooming in on her face, and seeing that her mouth was so full of spunk that it was dribbling out the sides of her lips. Her hair was covered in it, and what was left of her makeup was smeared by all of the action. When the men had stepped away, a couple of the women moved in, and started to move the cum that was onto his slave's face, into her mouth. "You can swallow what you've got in your mouth now, slut, because by the time these girls are done, you'll have another mouthful to go!" Some of the people laughed at his comment, and he saw his slave struggle to swallow all the cum that was in her mouth. She made a little gagging sound, but got it down. The two women were now on either side of her, scraping the cum up with their fingers, before shoving them in her mouth, wiping them on her tongue. When his slave had another mouth to swallow, each of the women leaned forward and slowly released a mouthful of spit, letting it land in her mouth. "Swallow again, cunt," and he watched her gulp it down.

Chapter 5

She felt exhausted. She didn't really know how much time had transpired, but she knew that she had been fucked a lot of times. She couldn't remember how many men had used her mouth, pussy or ass to get off, and she had cum way too many times to count. She felt so weak, she just wanted to curl up and fall asleep. The women who were standing on either side of her had different plans for her. Each of the women held a big handful of her hair, and each of them started pulling, using her hair to play "tug of war". She squealed out in pain, and the women laughed, as they began walking out of the room, dragging her by her hair behind them. She couldn't see where she was being dragged, but she saw the leering looks of the men and women that followed her. Her ass was already so sore from the earlier abuse, but it was intensified as she was dragged along the carpet. She felt her hair being nearly ripped from her head as the women tugged hard to pull her up three steps and across a tile floor. They finally let go of her, and she realized that she was in the kitchen. They hoisted her up onto a dining table, and positioned her so that her ass was just barely on the edge of the table. The women laughed at her and gave her evil looks as the took her hands and pulled them above her head, to tie them to the legs of the table. They then proceeded to push her legs back, securely binding them to her arms. She knew that her pussy and ass were on vulgar display and that then men seemed to step into the background as four or five women encircled her.

He watched with delight as his slut was about to be put through the torments of those women. While some of the men were relaxed, drinking and chatting, waiting for their next turn at his little sex machine. Some, like himself, were going to film what was about to take place. One of the women had re-affixed his slaves nipples clamps, tightening them as she did so. She put a piece of rope through the chain that connected to the clamps, and pulled the rope up to wrap around one of the blades of the ceiling fan above them. She had tied it tight, and he knew that once they turned the fan on, it was going to cause some incredible sensations within his slut. He had gotten some interesting ideas from this trip, many that he would incorporate into his own personal sessions with his slave. One of the women wasted no time in straddling his little slut's face, saying, "Eat my cunt, cunt!" laughing at her comment as she began to grind against her. He watched in complete arousal as his slave's tongue snaked out, struggling to eat the woman out as she humped against her face. Another woman had taken a rather large cucumber and roughly shoved it into his slave's pussy, causing her to buck her hips wildly. This was met with amusement from the crowd, and he felt his cock reach full attention again as he filmed the action.

She had to admit that she loved being fucked by all of the men the way that she had been, but she was now scared of what the women were going to do to her. She was doing her best to eat the pussy of the woman riding her face, but she was struggling to breathe. The woman was grinding on her face so hard that her nose was nearly buried into the woman's asshole, and her mouth was moving and lapping at the woman's pussy. When she felt something ram inside of her own pussy, she wasn't even sure what it was, but it was big, and it was roughly being moved inside of her. She felt something being inserted inside of her ass as well, and when it started to hum, she recognized it as a vibrator. She felt stuffed full, and she felt the woman's juices began to flow over her face... she felt that the woman was beginning to cum, and then someone switched on the ceiling fan, then switched it off. After cumming, the woman climbed off of her face, and she could look down and see that her pussy was crudely stretched wide around a cucumber, and her nipples looked like they were going to be torn off of her body, they were pulled so tightly. Someone flipped one the ceiling fan again and it twisted the rope to the point where the clamps were ripped off, causing her to scream louder than she ever had before. Her nipples were aching and throbbing and she could not stop herself from crying and sobbing. Instead of gaining sympathy, it seemed to do the opposite. She watched as one of the sadistic women cut a lemon in half and came over and pushed each half of the lemon onto her breasts, squeezing the acidic juice all over her cracked and battered nipples. Another one of the women slammed the cucumber in and out of her pussy several times and then pulled it out, pushing it into her mouth, gagging her with it. It muffled her cries of pain as the lemon juice continued to sting. She was bucking her body in pain, which seemed to be what the crowd wanted. She watched the two women who had scraped the cum off of her face approach her, one of them removed the cucumber from her mouth, and straddled her face while the other took an empty beer bottle, and shoved it inside of her aching pussy, fucking her with it.

He moved around to the other side of the table. The woman on his slut's face had short blonde hair and a great body. He watched as she spread her ass cheeks and positioned herself over his slave's mouth, "Eat my ass, whore!" she ordered, and he filmed as that little tongue did as ordered and pushed up inside of the blonde's asshole, wiggling and pushing as deep as she could. The other woman was a redhead and was going wild with the beer bottle, ramming it into his slut's hole. He was a little nervous that it might break, causing serious damage to his property, but his concern was quickly eased when the woman removed the beer bottle and affixed a very large strap on dildo around her waist, and shoved it into his little fuck toy's pussy. She began to fuck her in a fast and steady rhythm. The blonde had decided she was ready to be eaten out and moved her twat to where her asshole had just been. His slave loudly slurped at the blonde's pussy, even going as far as to lift her head up off the table to bury her face deeper. The blonde moaned in appreciation and rewarded his slave by grabbing a hold of her tits, digging her nails in deep into the skin at the base and raked them up to the nipples, leaving deep red scratches. She threw her head back and lustfully moaned, turning on the woman with the strap on who leaned forward to suck on the blonde's nipples, showing a gentle stimulation that they weren't showing his slut. The two women responded to each other, kissing passionately while the moved in a rhythm, one riding his slave's face, the other filling her cunt.

She knew that her orgasm was being muffled by the woman's pussy that she was eating, but she had cum pretty powerfully as the strap on plowed her well used cunt. When she felt the women twitch on her face, followed by the juices that flooded her mouth, she was not surprised when another woman sat on her face. She was disappointed when the strap on was pulled from her pussy, especially when she felt a belt come down across her thighs, followed by another blow from the other side of her. The belts came down again, hitting her exposed pussy and ass, as well as crashing down on her thighs and stomach. She didn't know how long the whipping went on for, she instead concentrating on eating pussy as best as she could. She knew that she had eaten the pussy of every woman there at least once, and on a couple of occasions, she knew that the woman had been fucked by someone, she had to eat the cum as it squished out of some of the women who had straddled her face. She didn't know what had been stuffed up her twat, or up her ass, but she was sure that her master was taking pictures and video of it and would make her watch it later.

He was filming it, and he knew that others were as well. His fuck toy was turning out to be quite the attraction, and several people had asked him if they could call some friends to invite them over to take part in the action. He had no problem with that, He had brought her here to be used and fucked as much as possible, so he was happy to have more people to come and enjoy the humiliation of his little slut. He knew that the women would be rougher and meaner than the men, and he was right. They showed no mercy as they whipped, slapped and tortured his whores body. He was so aroused at the creativity of the women when it came to the abuse they had heaped upon her tits. He loved what they did with the ceiling fan, and then to top it off with the lemon juice was a degradation that he was amazed by. He knew that his slaves tits would be sore for weeks, and he wondered how long he'd allow her to heal before he did more abusing of the himself. One of the men was a computer programmer and was already collecting people's videos to edit them into one massive compilation of the varying angles of the earlier action. The guy had asked him if he planned to post the sluts gangbang onto a porn site, and he thought it was a good idea. After all, he had been doing everything he could to demean her into a dirty piece of fuck meat, and having her action posted online was a good way of later reminding her of how many men were watching her slutty behavior.

She was whimpering, but doing her best to keep going, eating each and every pussy that was placed over her face. Then she felt the unmistakable sensation of fingers entering her pussy. It didn't feel sexual, it was just in a stabbing motion, two fingers, then three, then four. The woman stretched her cunt until she could feel the woman's entire hand inside of her, making a fist and ramming deep into her. The woman twisted her hand and pulled it almost out completely before roughly shoving it back in. Each time she twisted her fist, she pulled it out and shoved it in deeper, pounding as deep as her pussy would allow. She heard someone call out, "Come and see, the dirty whore is getting her revolting cunt fisted! She's taking almost an entire arm up her dirty fuck hole!" There were murmurs from the crowd and she heard the now familiar names being hurled at her. She actually enjoyed being called all of the nasty, disgusting names. It turned her on to be reminded that her sole purpose in life was to now please her master and to do whatever he wished her to do. She knew that he wanted her to do everything she was told to do at this event, and so she tried to relax her pussy as the woman's fist continued to fuck her pussy. She felt that the woman was going to punch a hole through her, but she kept on eating pussy, enduring the cheers of the crown. The woman finally removed her fist, but it was soon replaced by another woman's hand, plowing her fist inside of her. This woman grabbed a hold of her clit and pinched it, cruelly pulling it up and twisting it as her fist continued to ram inside of her. She was crying, but no one knew because her face was a mess of cunt juices and cum. Suddenly, without warning, things suddenly stopped and she felt her bonds untied. Her arms and legs were practically numb, so when someone grabbed her by the hair and dragged her off the table, she couldn't get her legs beneath her. It didn't seem to matter as she was just dragged by the hair, out the back door and unceremoniously dropped onto the grass. She laid there in shock for a moment, the flood lights that had been turned on briefly blinded her as well, so she didn't see the crowd that followed her outside.

Chapter 6

He walked outside with the crowd. A couple of tripods had already been set up in preparation for the outdoor activities. He was glad, because he wanted to join in on this part of things. His little piece of fuck meat was about to get a giant golden shower, and he wanted to be there to release his own stream of piss at her. He knew that every person there was going to piss on her, some more than once. Some of the men had been stroking their cocks watching the action in the kitchen and would hit her with streams of cum before their streams of urine. The fact that her limbs were numb and the light was blinding her just added to the sexiness of her reaction when the first waves of piss hit her.

She felt the warm liquid hit her face, and in shock she opened her mouth to protest, which was a mistake because that became the immediate target for the men to aim at. She choked on the mouthful of piss, trying to spit it out, but swallowing as much as she spit out. She closed her eyes, but heard her master order her to open them back up. By now her eyes had adjusted to the light, and she saw the men that surrounded her as she laid on the grass. Most of the men were aiming at her face, but some were aiming as her pussy, which as she glanced down, she could see was gaping open. She looked back up just as two men simultaneously jerked off above her, the thick gobs of white goo landing in her eyes, dribbling down the side of her face. Her arms were so numb that she couldn't raise them to shield her face, which she knew that her master wouldn't have allowed anyway. More cum hit her face, as well as more urine. When the wave of piss finally subsided, two men knelt on either side of her, one of them pushing his dick at the base of her nostril, cumming up her nose, causing her to choke and gag, her head shaking from side to side as she tried to clear her breathing tube. It meant that the other man's cum ended up landing in her hair, which was probably not his original target, for he slapped her across the face so hard that her ears started ringing, "Stupid fucking cunt." He spit in her face and turned to go, but changed his mind, grabbing her by the hair and pushing his softening cock into her mouth, pissing down her throat, pinching her nose so she was forced to swallow every drop. The cum in her nose burned as the man pinched her nose closed, and she knew that she was going to throw up. She was afraid of angering the man again, so she waited until he had moved to turn her head, throwing up the cum and piss that had filled her belly. She didn't move fast enough and a lot of it landed in her hair, which drew more laughter and name calling from the crowd.

He thought that he might have to step in when he saw the man's anger, but after the guy emptied his bladder down his slave's throat, he seemed content to walk away and go back to watching. When she threw up, he didn't make a move to help her, he knew that she'd feel better after throwing up. She seemed dizzy and tried to sit up, but one of the women shoved her head back to the ground and stood over her face, taking her turn to piss on his slave. The other women took their turns as well, some of them sitting on her tits, stomach or cunt to use his slave as toilet, but most of them wanted to use her face. Some standing tall above her so that their urine splashed against his slut's skin, others squatting to aim directly over her mouth. By the time that the women were finished, he knew that many of the men would want another shot at fucking her. He knew that she'd need to be cleaned up, but he didn't need to worry, some of the women had already gotten out a garden hose, hitting her with the full force of the ice cold water. They sprayed her from head to toe, nearly drowning her by nailing her directly in the mouth and nose with the powerful spray. The hosed her down, even going so far as to shove the hose up her cunt, flushing out loads of cum, and then giving her a homemade enema by kicking her over to her stomach and pushing the hose up her ass, quickly filling her bowels with the icy water, causing his fuck meat to scream.

The water was freezing at it felt like needles hitting her sore and abused skin. She finally got enough strength in her arms to push the water away from her face, so that she could catch a breath. No sooner had she found the strength to move that her insides were filled with the cold water, the pressure hitting her womb with incredible force, nearly doubling her over in pain. Just as quickly as the water had filled her, the hose was removed and she was roughly kicked in the side, knocking her over onto her stomach. When she felt the women spread her ass cheeks, she knew what was coming and tried to wriggle away, but hands held her firmly down as the shockingly cold water began to fill her up completely. She knew that as soon as the hose was removed, she would be unable to control herself, and she would spray the water and cum from her ass. Her stomach was becoming bloated, pushing her up off of the ground, making her appear pregnant, but that quickly changed as soon as the hose was removed. Water didn't just leak out of her ass, it sprayed out, drawing disgusting comments from those watching. Her bowels emptied quickly and she was left alone for a few brief moments. She had felt clean after being sprayed off, but that quickly changed the grass around her was quickly becoming mud. She pushed herself up on her elbows, but a foot pushed on the back of her head, smashing her face into the muddy ground. She felt her legs being spread and a cock pressed against her, pushing inside of her freshly cleaned out pussy. However, he must have not liked the sensation. "This slut's cunt is so stretched out, it's not even worth using anymore! It's like a sloppy old whore's twat, fucking useless!" He pulled out of her pussy and rammed his cock into her ass with one hard thrust. He grabbed handfuls of her ass, fucking her hard and fast. Her ass was sore, but she knew it didn't matter to them. She tried to get up on her knees, but she slipped in the mud and fell. She felt him shoot his cum into her ass and then move away from her.

He saw his well fucked slave was sinking into the mud. He had grabbed one of the handheld video cameras and was filming close ups of everything that had been happening. He was a little disheartened to hear that her cunt had been too stretched out to use anymore, at least for tonight... a little time back in the basement and she'd tighten it back up, but for the time being he was fine with the knowledge that her ass and mouth were still available for people to use. Another man had knelt between her legs, pulling her to her knees and pushing his dick into her ass. He filmed as the guy grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her hair up so that his friend could kneel in front of her, pushing his cock into her mouth. The two men pounded her from either end, no real rhythm going on, just two random men using his slave's holes. He zoomed in on her face as it was being fucked, saliva drooling out of her mouth, coating the man's balls that were slapping hard against her chin. She glanced over at him and saw him filming her, and he thought that she smiled a little at him, but he couldn't really tell, her mouth being stuffed full of cock. He moved around her, watching her ass being fucked as hard and rough as someone would fuck a pussy. Her asshole seemed to be stretching out from all of the fucking, the previous man's cum acting as lubrication so that this man could easily ream into her ass. She was covered in mud, and smelled like the disgusting men's room that they had been in earlier. Each of the men let out a grunt as they came in her respective fuck holes. He zoomed in close to her backside, capturing the images of cum oozing out of her asshole, that was quickly being stretched out. Several more men took their turns at her, unloading cum into her or onto her.

She had taken a so many cocks in her ass and in her mouth that she had lost count. She felt herself being dragged to a dry area of grass. A man was laying down and she was ordered to lower her ass onto the man's hard cock. She did as she was told, and because she had so much cum in her ass that had been fucked so many times, she took it without too much effort. The man pulled her back toward him as another man knelt between her legs. She figured that she was in for another double fucking, which she was fine with. She actually liked both of her holes being filled with cock. However, these men had no intention of using her pussy. The second man pressed his cock against her asshole, pushing it open so that she was taking both cocks up her ass. Even with all of the cum lubricant, it hurt like hell and she let loose a scream. She felt the stinging slap of a hand across her face and she stifled any further noise. It didn't take long before both cocks were plowing into her ass. Her legs were pushed up against her head to allow the men to fuck her harder as well as allowing the people with video cameras to get better footage of her taking a double anal fucking. She couldn't help it. She loved it. Before long she started moaning, feeling another orgasm building inside of her. The man on the top saw that she was getting ready to cum so he decided to intensify it for her and pushed several fingers into her sopping wet cunt. It pushed her over the edge and she started moaning and screaming about how much she loved being a nasty slut that she loved being used and fucked.

He was loving how wanton and wild his whore was being. When the two men in her ass finally finished and filled her ass with more cum, he asked them to flip her over on her stomach before they moved to her mouth to have her suck their cocks clean. He asked another couple of guys to assist him with something. He asked them to hold the sluts ass open, that he wanted footage of her asshole gaping, and cum oozing out of it. The men happily obliged and pulled his slut's ass cheeks roughly apart, using their fingers to stick into the fuck slave's asshole, pulling it open for the camera. He watched, getting so turned on as he shot footage of a part of his little whore's body that he'd never seen before. He got as close as he could, so he could video of the inside of her ass. Her asshole twitched, trying to close, but the men kept poking and prodding at the hole, pulling it further open, the loads of cum dripping out. Her ass was beet red, welts all over it and it was covered in globs of cum, and he could not believe how turned he was to see her asshole gaping, as he zoomed in as much as possible to see into her ass as deeply as the camera would allow.

She was not surprised when the men that had been fucking her ass presented their cock in front of her face, demanding that she suck them clean. However, she was surprised when she heard her master ask for her asshole to be spread open. She felt exposed in a way that was so humiliating that she started crying softly. Her aching tits and nipples were throbbing and when she had finished sucking the cocks cleaned, one of the men knelt on all fours in front of her, demanding that she eat his ass out. She did as she was told, but she was so distracted by how her asshole was being violated, stretched out for the camera. She felt her asshole being pulled open wider, fingers stretching it apart, her master filming close ups of her now gaping hole. She felt the cum oozing out of it and hardly noticed when the man in front of her moved away and was replaced by another man, pressing his ass onto her face. The filming went on for several minutes, but it seemed like hours to her. She was finally released, and she collapsed onto the cool grass, and closed her eyes.

Chapter 7

She thought that she fell asleep, but she was abruptly awakened when a couple of kicks hit her midsection, rolling her over. The kicks continued until she was quite a ways away from the mud pit. It was the women who were administering the kicks, then men didn't seem to be anywhere in sight. She was abruptly pulled to her feet and given another cold shower with the hose. This time they didn't flush out her ass or pussy, and she was grateful for that, but her gratitude was short lived. She was pulled over to a well lit porch where she was ordered by one of the women to get on her hands and knees. She did so and her long hair was grabbed and bunched up like they were going to put it in a ponytail. One of them produced a nylon rope and she and one of the other women started wrapping the rope around her hair, twisting the rope and tying a knot before twisting the rope more, going around and around the length of her hair, tying the occasional knot before wrapping it again. When they were finished, they pulled on either ends of the rope, pulling her hair along with it. Her head was pulled as far back as it would go without snapping her neck. The remainder of the rope was pulled between her legs, each women pulling it tight and then wrapping it around her thighs, the rope digging into her skin, and locking her head back. The women moved to kneel on either side of her, and each grabbed a tit, wrapping the rope around the base of her breasts five or six times. They finally knotted the two ends together, and moved back to admire their handiwork.

He was also admiring the women's handiwork. They had done a wonderful job at the bondage, his slut's breasts were turning purple and they had secured her so tightly, she couldn't have moved, even if she had wanted to. Her head was lewdly pulled back, which was going to be a good thing, because he knew what the women had planned, and he was glad that her head and face would be highly visible to the cameras and video recording devices. He was recording as well, but was hiding in the shadows; he didn't want his slave to see him. He was also receiving a much appreciated blow job from one of the women at the party. He'd been so turned on by filming his little whore's gaping asshole that he had been too hard to continue, and when one of the guests had offered to give him head, he'd gratefully accepted. He came in the woman's mouth just in time, because he needed his hands steady to record the look on his slut's face when she realized that a couple of the women had gone out back and were bringing up the home owner's three dogs. There was a black lab, and two rottweilers. He had planned on this happening, he had asked the owner if it would be ok, and the man agreed, as long as he got to see the footage of his dogs fucking his friend's fuck toy. When he had informed some of the party guests of his intentions, several of the women asked if they could be in charge of setting it up, and he agreed.

Her neck hurt so bad, and so did her head, from her hair being pulled so hard. She had lost feeling in her tits and her legs were also going numb from the tight bonds the women had tied. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the women approach with the dogs, the animals walking briskly towards her, sniffing as they got closer. She had been through so much tonight, she couldn't take this! She tried to look around to find her master, but couldn't see him anywhere. Surely, he would come and save her if he knew what these sadistic women were planning on doing to her. She just couldn't allow herself to be fucked by a dog, let alone three of them! She had taken every cock in every one of her holes and had endured eating every and eating every asshole that was presented to her, but this was too much. How could her master allow her to be treated like an animal? How could he let these women bring dogs by her. She had to let him know what was going on! "Help, master, please help me!" She shrieked out hysterically. Not only did he not appear, but her cried were met with several hard slaps across her face. The blonde woman who had been tormenting her all night spat in her face as she shouted at her, "Shut up, you stupid slut! You're getting to show everyone what a genuine bitch you are! You're going to take on these dogs, and you're going to cum while doing it! If I don't hear you screaming about how you love to be fucked by a dog's cock. We will drag you back into the house and tie you up to the table again, and this time... we won't be nearly as nice!" The other girls laughed in agreement. She saw them bring the black lab by her face. One of the other women spoke and said, "Open your mouth, bitch! Pant and whine and let that dog stick it's tongue in your mouth. You can consider it foreplay!" This comment brought even more laughter from the crowd, but she did as she was told, and began to pant and the dog sniffed her before licking her face, his rough tongue occasionally snaking inside of her mouth. The dog was led away behind her and she could feel the dog's cold nose between her legs, sniffing at her pussy. His nose was cold and wet as it pushed inside of her, and she wanted to squirm away, but she couldn't. The dog then moved and put his paws on her shoulders, and she felt his stiff prick poking between her legs. After several hard thrusts, it found it's target and pushed inside of her cunt. When the last man had complained that her pussy was too stretched out, she didn't know what to think, but she didn't feel stretched out at all now. The dog's thick cock filled her pussy. She was so dry for the first few strokes, that she thought her pussy would tear open, but, despite her insistence that she didn't want to be fucked by a dog, her pussy quickly became wet, allowing the dog to hump into her faster. She wanted to hang her head in shame, but the rope held securely, keeping her head pulled back so far that she could see the lab's head above her, his drool landing on her face as his claws dug deeper into her shoulders. The women had now been joined by most of the men and the whole crowd was laughing at her humiliation.

She heard the voice that she now recognized as belonging to the devilish blonde woman. "Start screaming you fucking bitch! I fucking mean it!" She knew that the woman was serious and so she gave into the sensations that were building in her pussy, spreading throughout the rest of her body. "Mmmm... yes, oh yes, I love being fucked by a dog, it feels so good!" She heard the woman scream at her to be louder, and so she was, "FUCK YES, FUCK ME! POUND MY PUSSY WITH THAT DOG COCK! I LOVE BEING FUCKED LIKE A BITCH IN HEAT BY A BIG FUCKING DOG! YES! UUUUGGGGH....yes, yes... oh yes, I'm such a dirty bitch, such a nasty fucking whore... I love having everyone watch me being used like a fucking, slutty animal!" She was moaning loudly, and when she felt her pussy being stretched out further as the dog's knot pushed its way inside of her, it pushed her over the edge. "OH YES!!!... I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming, I'm cumming from being fucked by a dog... I'm such a dirty bitch, uuuugggghhhh....." Her orgasm was intense, and it kept on going for what seemed like several minutes. She started to come down from the powerful orgasm when she felt the dog unload it’s cum inside of her, shooting powerfully deep inside of her cunt. It pushed her over the edge again, and she had another orgasm, announcing it to all of the people watching, "Fuck, I'm cumming again! I'm fucking cumming again! Oh yes, I love this, this feels so fucking good!" She found that she meant everything she was shouting out! She thought that her shouts would be to prevent angering the crowd at first, but she felt more humiliation wash over her as she realized that she really was enjoying having her pussy pounded by a big dog cock. When the dog was finished, he tried to move off of her, but the knot had not gone down yet, and so he dug his paws into her shoulders, his claws scratching her skin until he could finally unmount her. His cock pulled out, making a loud popping sound. She was prepared for the cum to gush out and one of the women was waiting, and put a beer pitcher under her pussy, letting the cum drip out of her pussy and into the pitcher. The woman even shoved a couple of fingers inside of her to scoop out as much cum as she could. The woman came around to stand in front of her, pushing the cum covered fingers into her mouth, forcing her to suck them clean. Although she had enjoyed being fucked by the dog, she was repulsed at the idea of tasting dog cum, but had no choice.

He was surprised that his little bitch enjoyed being fucked by the dog as much as she did. He thought about it for a minute and decided he shouldn't really be that surprised. At every turn, she was turned on by all of the pain, humiliation and hardcore fucking that he was giving to her. She was proving to be an amazing sex slave, and he knew that he would be watching this footage over and over again, and watching her reactions as he watched it with her, humiliating her by taunting how much she had enjoyed being a fuck animal. He watched as another woman brought one of the rottweilers forward. His slut didn't have to be ordered as to what to do this time. She opened her mouth and tried to move her head to nuzzle against the dog, welcoming it's tongue into her mouth. He thought he heard her whimper with excitement when the dog was led behind her, but he wasn't sure. It wasn't sure what to do at first, but it didn't take long before he could smell the sex scent coming from his between his slut's legs and he pushed his nose into her cunt, lapping at it, which brought screams of pleasure from his dirty bitch and shrieks of laughter from the crowd. He saw the rottweiler's prick growing out from its sheath and the dog quickly mounted the fuck toy. The rottweiler had wrapped his legs around his slave’s chest, the paws digging into the now purple flesh of her tightly bound tits. He heard his slave let out a whimper of pain, but as the dog's prick began to stab between her legs, he could see her moving her twat around, trying to help the dog find the hole. The dog finally succeeded and pushed his cock in, causing a guttural moan of pleasure to escape from his fuck toy's mouth.

She thought she had lost all feeling in her breasts, but the dog's paws digging into them caused newly found pain to shoot through them. The pain left her mind, though when the dog began to pump his cock inside of her, panting hard as he furiously pounded away at her pussy. He was drooling on her face as the first dog had, but she didn't care, she didn't need the women to remind her to shout out about how she loved being used as a genuine bitch for dogs to fuck, and she screaming so loudly that if there were neighbors nearby, they'd probably call the police. She opened her mouth to catch the dog's drool, she felt like such a nasty, dirty whore that she didn't care anymore. She grunted and bucked like a wild animal and announced to the crowd that the doggy's bitch was going to cum again. When her orgasm hit, she heard herself make sounds that reminded her of an animal howling. The dog growled at the sound, but didn't stop his furious pace of fucking her. When she felt the knot push inside of her, she was expecting it this time, and started shaking, making more guttural animal noises, her eyes lolling into the back of her head and drool leaking out of her own mouth. This caused an eruption of laughter from the crowd and a burst of sarcastic applause, but she barely heard their voices over the intense pleasure that was coursing through her body. She could vaguely hear them call her an assortment of names, mocking her for how much she was enjoying the rottweiler's cock. She found her voice enough to shout, "OH yes!! Fill me with your dog cum! Fill my bitch cunt with that hot dog cum... I want it so fucking bad... uuuuuggggghhhh.... I am going to fucking cum again!! Cum with me, dog... oh yes, cum with me and fill me with dog spunk, because I'm creaming all over your huge dog dick!" When she felt the spurts of cum splash inside the walls of her pussy, she shook again with another powerful orgasm. The dog's claws were digging at her skin as he fumbled to try to dismount her. His huge knot wouldn't go down and he tried to crawl away, dragging her body with him. Her bonds held her tight and she felt like she was going to be ripped in half. Finally, someone stepped up to help the dog off of her, placing the beer pitcher under her to catch the dog cum, shoving three fingers inside of this time to scoop out the rottweiler's cum. When the woman put the cum coated fingers in front of her face, she opened her mouth to suck them clean, but the woman said, "No, you bitch slut... you've shown everyone what a fuck animal you are, so lap up the cum like any other dog would." She did as she was told, loudly slurping at the sticky dog cum that coated the woman's fingers. She was so ashamed of her behavior, and she was mortified of what her master would think when he saw what she had done, and how much she had clearly enjoyed it.

There was one dog left, and she wasn't sure she could take much more. Her body was quivering and shaking, and every inch of her ached and throbbed, yet her mind was numb with the intense pleasure that she had been experiencing. They didn't bring the dog up to her face this time, but allowed the other rottweiler to sniff between her legs. He licked at her sloppy cunt a few times and she twitched in genuine anticipation. She waited for the dog to mount her, but the woman who held the dog's leash had a different plan. The woman led the dog around to the front of her and with one of the men's help, lifted the dog up so that it's big, thick, pink prick was right in front of her mouth. "Come on, suck it you slutty bitch." She was scared to death of taking the dog cock into her mouth, but her hesitation was met by a massive paddle hitting her ass. She opened her mouth and started sucking on the dog's cock. The crowd was clearly enjoying watching her obscenely sucking off a dog. After a minute, the dog was pulled away from her mouth, and he growled at the people who had pulled him away from the fuck hole he was using. They led him behind her and he went to mount her, but because he was already so aroused from her sucking, he pushed at the first available opening, which was her tender asshole. She screamed, but it didn't matter, the dog had buried his thick cock inside of her ass and wobbled a little before he started into a steady rhythm of fucking her ass. His jowls were right above her face, and he was drooling more than the other two dogs, so much that she struggled to breathe. She knew that the dog's knot would be coming soon, and she didn't know if her ass could handle the intrusion. With a growl and a grunt, the rottweiler pushed hard into her and the knot stretched her asshole as it pressed inside of her. She thought that she screamed, but she couldn't tell. She knew she was being used in the most degrading of ways and that it was not a private show in front of her master, it was a bestiality act in front of a crowd of strangers, leering at her and mocking how she was being used. Even though she knew that she had fucked everyone that was watching, it was still humiliating to be obscenely fucked by an animal while they all watched and recorded every moment of the action. The dog filled her ass with cum, and this dog was able to dismount her pretty quickly. As before, the woman with the pitcher of dog cum was waiting to catch all the jizz that oozed out of her stretched open fuck hole. She was dizzy and although she had loved the pleasure of being a dog's bitch, she was glad that she was done with them.

He decided it was finally time to show himself to his slave. He walked into the light and watched her face as she saw him. He didn't want her to know how much her display of animal behavior had turned him on, maybe he would tell her later, but for right now he wanted to intensify her humiliation as much as possible. He when he approached her so that he stood directly in front of her. He gazed down on her with a disgusted look on his face, and using a stern tone, he said, "You make me sick! I leave you alone for a little while and what do you do? You act like a rutting hog, humping and cumming on anything and everything that gets near your revolting fuck holes! I knew you were dirty and trashy, but I didn't know that you were such a nasty fucking slut. I should rename you "FUCK PIG" You act like such a disgusting animal!" He walked around her and spit in her face, watching as the tears fell from her eyes, being humiliated so severely. "I can't believe that you just fucked three dogs! And you begged for it, I heard you... Fuck, the whole world could hear you cum like some fucking porn star! You.... loved... it. It's un-fucking-believable that you could be such a dirty whore. That you would take a dog's prick in every single one of your holes, and not just take it, but beg for it and cum harder than you did with any man or woman!" He circled her, and the crowd joined him in ridiculing the poor pathetic piece of fuck meat in front of him. "Do you realize that there are at least a dozen videos shot of you being a dirty, dog fucking slut? By tomorrow, they will be posted all over the internet and the whole world will see what a nasty animal you are!" He spit on her again and turned away, wanting her to think he was disgusted with her behavior. He was so turned on, though. He hoped that she couldn't see his raging erection through his pants.

The woman who held the pitcher of dog cum approached him and asked him what he thought they should do with it. "Cut the ropes off of her, while I decide, if you don't mind." The woman shrugged and handed him the pitcher that earlier held beer and was now half full of dog jizz. One of the women produced a knife and started cutting the ropes away from his slaves body, freeing her in one way, but removing the one thing that was keeping her from collapsing. Once she was untied, he watched her body sink to the ground in exhaustion. He wondered for a moment if he should empty the contents of the pitcher over her head and leave her there to nap for a while, she'd been worked over hard. But, his dominant ownership of her body made him think twice. His wanted to teach his slut to have better endurance than what she'd shown. She'd been fucked every which way and then some, and had been abused pretty rough in every respect as well, but... he hadn't restricted her orgasms, and he knew that she'd had many, many of them. He'd rewarded her at every step of the way, granting her as much pleasure from the experiences as she wanted, and if he wanted more from her, then it was her duty to give it to him So, he reconsidered what to do with the pitcher of dog spunk and decided that his bitch wasn't quite done for the night.

He walked around the group, asking everyone to spit into the pitcher. He turned towards his slut, and asked the two women if they would hold her up and hold her mouth open. "Since you enjoyed being a literal fucking bitch, loving to be fucked by animals, it's only right that you drink all of their cum! And let me tell you, you disgusting fuck pig... if you throw up, I will make you lick up every drop of it!"

When he started to pour the fluid down her throat, she immediately started to gag. The smell and the taste were vile, but she knew he was serious about making her lick it up if she couldn't keep it down and threw up. She swallowed and swallowed again, but it was filling her mouth faster than she could swallow. It started dribbling out of the sides of her mouth, but she kept on trying to get it all down her throat. Finally, the pitcher was empty and her master shook the last drops left over her hair and face. Her stomach lurched, but she overcame the feeling and kept the disgusting mixture down.

He motioned for the women to release her, and she immediately collapsed to the ground. Her body was shaking and quivering, but there was still more in store for her.

Chapter 8

He saw that she was exhausted, but he was not done with her. There were more people that had shown up, wanting to use his slut's fuckholes, and he wanted to have her fucked and abused to the fullest extent of what was possible. However, she looked and smelled a mess and her cunt and asshole were stretched out from being used so much. He needed to clean her up and have her squeeze her muscles to tighten her holes up so they could be stuffed again.

She was sobbing, her master had told her that he was disgusted with her and she didn't know what to do. She would do anything for him and so she crawled before him and started to kiss his feet, her tears streaming out as she begged him to forgive her between sobs. She groveled and begged for him to give her another chance. She lifted her face to see if he would allow her to suck his cock, but he glared at her and grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to her feet.

He led her into the house and up the stairs. He called one of the men and one of the women to come up to the bathroom and help him. He wanted pictures, he wanted video and he wanted to have a hand or two nearby to help, if necessary. When they reached the bathroom, he finally spoke to her, "If you want to ever get into my good graces again, you will start to clench the muscles of your cunt and ass. More people have been invited to use your pathetic whore body, and I will become very angry if you do not please them."

She nodded in agreement, relief washing over her as she realized that it wasn't too late. She still had a chance to get back in his good graces, and she was willing to do whatever he wanted her to do in order to make it happen. She glanced over into the mirror and couldn't believe the sight that she beheld. She didn't even look like herself! Her long, dark flowing locks of hair were tangled and matted. Even though she had been hosed down, she still had globs of sticky cum all through her hair as well as covering her face. She still had makeup on, but it wasn't where it should have been. Her mascara was in streaks down her cheeks, eye shadow pressed into deep, dark circles around her eyes, giving her the effect of looking like she had two black eyes. Her lipstick was smeared obscenely around her mouth. There was not a single part of her body that did not hurt, and tears began to roll down her cheeks again as she saw how pathetic she looked. But she started tightly flexing her pelvic muscles to tighten herself up as her master had told her to.

He knew she looked pathetic, but she also looked sexy as hell to him. She looked like a cheap whore, and that was just how he wanted her to look on this outing. But, he knew that she needed to be cleaned up before her next round. He gathered up what he would need to make her presentable. He was going to give her an enema, douche her pussy and bathe her smelly, used body. "Stand in the tub, you fucking whore!" She obeyed him and he went towards her, roughly pushing her legs apart and pushed the douche nozzle up her cunt, squeezing all of the contents inside of her. The fluid gushed out along with cum that was still in her.

She watched as the man and the woman filmed her being intimately washed. Her master told her to turn around and put her hands up against the wall. She felt him push the enema up her abused asshole, feeling the liquid fill her bowels. She continued to tighten her muscles, and when her master removed the enema from her ass, she held the liquid in her ass for a couple of minutes before she finally relaxed her anus and everything spat out, making a disgusting sound, which caused laughter to erupt from the two filming. She felt her face flush with shame, and was glad that her face was turned away from them.

"Stay here, you stupid bitch" he said to her. "I need to get some towels." He didn't need to get actually get any towels, but the couple that he had invited upstairs were particularly fond of bathroom humiliation, and he wanted to give them some time to play with his slave. He stayed in the dark hallway, filming things. Sure enough, as soon as he had cleared the bathroom doorway, they had rushed in and grabbed his slut by the arms, dragging her out of the tub and shoving her to the floor.

She was shocked when the blonde woman and the man rushed up to her and pounce as soon as her master left the room. She blonde quickly grabbed her arms and handcuffed her hands behind her back. "Okay, you nasty cunt. Now we're going to give you some fun!" The woman's voice was cruel, and she knew that whatever happened next, it would not be fun. The man had pulled his dick from his pants and was standing in front of the toilet, looking like he was ready to urinate. The blond lifted the toilet lid and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her head to the side, and pushing it down so it was pressed against the cold porcelain, just a few inches above the line of the water. She looked up just in time to see the man's wicked grin as he released a stream of piss directly at her face. She tried to turn away, but the woman was holding her head tight. Piss started filling her nostrils and she gasped and choked as the hot liquid burned her nasal passages. When he had emptied his bladder into her face, she took a deep breath of air, which was good, because the woman immediately dunked her head into the toilet, holding her there as she thrashed around, struggling for air.

He watched, wishing he could get a better camera angle. He moved closer, watching his slut fought to not drown. After ten seconds, his fuck toy's head was pulled up, just long enough for her to spit out the water and take a short breath before her head was forced back into the toilet. It excited him, as everything on this adventure had. He watched as her head was dunked in the piss water of the toilet, over and over again.

She thought she was going to die. Each time the blonde pushed her head down, it seemed that she held it down longer. She was sputtering the piss water out of her nose and mouth every time her head was yanked up. She was relieved when her head was released, but once again, her relief was short lived. The man knelt down and took over, holding her head back to the side to allow the blonde to move to straddle over the toilet bowl, squatting right over her face. She released her bladder, laughing the whole time.

He moved closer to see his slave's face being being pissed on again, just to have her face forced into the dirty toilet water. The man held her face down firmly, not allowing her to struggle. Her body was twitching wildly, fighting to not die by being drowned in a toilet. In the meantime, the woman had turned on the hot water bathtub faucet, steam started filling the room as the scalding water began to fill the tub. He moved into the room, letting the woman know that she needed to add cold water as well, he needed his fuck meat to have the strength to keep being used, and so she needed to just be washed right now. The woman nodded her agreement and turned on the cold water, allowing the bath to be drawn properly, so his slave could be washed clean.

She was pulled to her feet and the handcuffs were removed. Her nose and throat burned and she was still shaking with fear. She was pushed into the tub, and even though the blond had turned on the cold faucet, the water was still too hot. She didn't get a chance to adjust to the temperature; she was shoved down, the woman holding her under the water as she thrashed around. She was already water logged and she had no choice but to take in a lung full of water, feeling her lungs burning, hoping that her master would return before she died from drowning.

He decided it was time to step in. He asked the couple to leave him with the whore, and he knelt, pulling his slave up from the water. She gasped desperately, spitting water out of her mouth and nose, coughing and wheezing as her lungs dispelled the water she had been forced to take in. He had a sadistic urge to wash her body with a scrub brush, scratching her skin raw. However, he could see that her body was already roughed up, bruises beginning and scratches and welts covering her. He opted to sponge her clean, soaping up her skin as he washed all the piss, cum and grime that coated her body. He shampooed her hair, but it was so tangled and knotted that he couldn't get it to smooth out. She looked pale and weak, but this night wasn't through and asked the woman watching to get an energy drink for his slut to drink, giving her the stamina to continue. He pulled her out of the water and began to towel her skin dry. He went back to her hair and it seemed like it was impossible to get in untangled. When the woman returned with the energy drink, he handed it to his whore and asked the woman for her advice on how to remedy the hair problem.

She was relieved to get something to drink that would give her a little jolt of energy to continue with whatever her master had planned for her. The cool refreshing liquid felt good going down her abused throat. It sort of made her stomach cramp, after all, she'd only been fed cum and piss all night. But, the slight rush was a much needed boost. Even through the torment, she continued to work to tighten her pelvic muscles. She toweled herself dry and stood obediently as her master decided what he would do to her next. She felt disgusting. Part of it was from how she had been forced into a toilet, taking in mouthfuls of piss water, and part of it was because such degrading activities had turned her on. The whole evening had been so hot for her, she couldn't believe how aroused she had been by being used and abused in the ways that she'd been. She'd been treated lower than a whore, and she secretly had loved every minute of it.
He was conflicted. The blonde had told him that there was no way that the meathole's hair would be untangled, they would have to cut it off. He loved his slave's long, flowing locks of brown hair and he hated the idea of all of that luxurious hair being chopped off. However, he knew that it was true. He knew that it would grow back, but he hoped that enough her hair would remain for him to pull and drag her around by. He told the blonde that she could cut his whore's hair, as long as she would try to keep it as long as possible. When she also asked if she could apply makeup to the slut, he agreed to that as well. He wanted to get his sex property back down to the party as soon as he could. He knew there were plenty of people who wanted to use her body and wanted to give them that.

She couldn't hear the conversation between the blonde and her master. But, when it was finished, she saw the blonde with a comb in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other hand. She was terrified as to what might happen. "Sit down on the toilet, and hold still while I fix you up, you stupid cunt." She closed her eyes and obeyed. She felt as the woman started to roughly comb her hair, and listened to the scissors begin to snip, as she felt her hair being hacked off. She dared to glance down and saw that over eight inches of her hair was dropping to the floor. The blonde wasn't even trying to make even cuts, just combing until she reached a knot and then cutting off the rest. Her hair was long enough that she could feel her hair still long enough to brush her shoulders, but tears started streaming down her face as she knew that her beautiful hair was now falling to the floor. After only a few minutes, the blonde stepped back, having finished "fixing" her hair. She smiled an evil grin at her and pulled her to her feet so she could look in the mirror to see how she now looked. She started crying harder. It was longer in some places than others, there was nothing even about it, it looked like a child had cut their own hair. Her tears brought even more enjoyment and laughter from the blonde, as well as the man who was still there filming. She could see her master as well, standing by and watch one of her beautiful features destroyed.

He kind of liked the look. He didn't know how long it would take for it to grow back, but he was a patient man. After tonight, he would confine her back to his basement, where he would be the only one abusing her body, and she still had plenty of hair for his to wrap his fists in as he fucked her face, or dragged her around. With the new haircut, she looked pretty pathetic, and her reaction when she saw how she looked was priceless. She cried and her shoulders slumped with despair. He knew that the makeup that would be applied to her would be heavy and dark and perfect for another round of abuse and fucking. He left her to go down and check on the guests, letting them know that the object for their sexual amusement would be down soon. He was glad that the computer tech had assembled most of the evening's footage and was playing it on the big screen TV. A wooden bench had been placed in the center of the room, and he knew that's where his slut would be tied up so that her body could be used. He loved the notion of her being forced to watch how she had been used and degraded... and how much she had enjoyed it. He stayed there for a few minutes to watch things play out on the TV. He got to see new angles that he hadn't seen before, and he was glad that so many people had taken footage. It gave him the ability to see every little thing that had transpired, and there would be hours and hours of video of the various ways his slave had been treated like an animal and a piece of meat. When he took her home, he would have her watch it over and over again as he had her tied up, watching her get turned on more and more, but refusing to allow her to cum.
She sat quietly still as her makeup was applied for her. Foundation was smeared across her face, far heavier than she would apply herself. Powder and blush followed, again applied with a very heavy hand. She saw the color of eye shadow, before it was bushed over her eyelids. It was dark blue and she felt it being applied under her eyes as well as on them. Then the coats of mascara started. When she was doing her own makeup, she usually used about three coats of mascara, but now she had felt at least six coats applied to her eyes. A bright red lipstick was crudely smeared across her lips, and then as a final touch, the blonde woman took the lipstick and wrote SLUT across her forehead. The man pulled at her and grabbed her by the hands, holding them tight as he went down the stairs, dragging her down them. He went into the big room where everyone was waiting and shoved her into the middle of the room, amidst cheers from the people who had been waiting to use her.

He nodded to the men who had been ready to tie her to the bench. He watched her forced to her hands and knees, the bench being shoved under her stomach, her legs being spread and tied to the legs of the bench, arms tied to the other ones. She was bound tightly with ropes, her cunt and ass on display, just begging to be fucked. Her tits hung over the other side of the bench, and another man moved forward to attach metal clips to her nipples, the jagged teeth digging into her, eliciting screams of pain. The man tugged on the chain connecting the clamps, making sure they were attached tightly. He watched his slave closely. He already saw the juices running out of her pussy, indicating that despite the pain, she was sexually aroused by the treatment. Her head hung down, though and that simply would not do. He strode over to her and grabbed her by her hacked hair and pulled her head up. "Listen, you fucking, revolting cunt. You will keep your head up. My friends here have compiled a wonderful video of how you've behaved like such a dirty whore tonight, and I want you to watch it as the newcomers use your nasty little body. Oh, and by the way... it's also posted online, everyone here sending links to all of their friends to pass the video to as many people as possible. Men and woman all over the world will be seeing what a revolting slut you are."

She looked at the big screen TV. It was enormous and her depraved behavior was being shown from all angles, showing everyone how her body had been abused, and how much she had screamed in ecstasy while being used in every disgusting way imaginable. Shame washed over her. The man who had clamped her nipples had lit a large candle and put it under where the chain fell. He placed the chain directly into the flame, the heat quickly rising up the metal chain, moving to the metal clips that were digging into her tender nipples. She tried to squirm, but it just made it hurt worse. Someone behind her started flogging her back with a cat o' nine tails, whipping her hard. Another whip started hitting her thighs and ass, sometimes hitting the welts that were already on her, causing them to swell even more. Others hit patches of skin that didn't yet have welts, causing them to form. She heard a male voice say, "OK, I want to fuck this slut. From the video, she's obviously a cock craving whore and I'm going to give her my fuck tool." She felt him move between her legs and shoved his hard cock into her pussy with one single thrust. He grabbed her hips and began to pound away, fast and hard. It caused the chain clamping her nipples to sway back and forth as her tits bounced from the furious fucking she was getting. On the screen, the footage of her taking two cocks in her ass was being displayed. She was embarrassed to watch her being used so obscenely, but what was even more embarrassing was to see how much the video showed how much she had enjoyed it. It wasn't long before the man fucking her flooded her pussy with his cum. As soon as he moved away, someone else took his place between her legs, fucking her pussy as the previous man had. Her nipples were burning and the man finally removed the chain from the candle's flame. He took the candle and quickly moved to pour the melted wax over her back and ass. He focused on getting it on the raised, red welts, and she screamed at the top of her lungs, begging for it to stop. She struggled at her bonds, trying to break free, but it just caused the rope to dig into her skin.

The man who was fucking her cunt spread her asscheeks so the man with the candle could pour the hot wax down the crack of her ass. She tried to distract herself from the pain by watching what was on the TV screen, but that just caused her shame to deepen as she watched herself being fucked by dozens of strangers. The man fucking her shot his load into her cunt and moved away and was immediately replaced by another man, this one stroking his cock into her pussy for three strokes before pulling out and pressing his cock against her asshole. He slowly pushed into her ass until his length was buried inside of her. He began to fuck her ass and one of the men who had cum in her pussy stepped in front of her, presenting his cock for her to suck clean. As soon as he moved, another man knelt on one knee and grabbed her head, forcing his raging hard on into her mouth. He buried his cock down her throat, and put his one leg onto the bench so he could push deeper into her throat. He shook her head side to side trying to force his balls into her mouth. He assaulted her mouth and throat while the other man assaulted her ass.

He was amused by the new crop of men wanting to fuck his slut. He had even lost count of how many men his whore had fucked and how many women had her eat their pussies. But, he knew there was plenty of video and he would have her count how many, and then punish her for her nasty, slutty behavior. The man who had burned her with the hot wax was back at her tits again. He removed the set of clamps, and began to flick and pinch her nipples. She moaned in pain which was a bonus for the guy fucking her face. As the man continued with his tit fascination, he produced two more sets of clamps. He grabbed a hold of one of her nipples, pulling and stretching it. He took one set of the clamps and attached both of them to one of her distended nipples, and did the same with the other one. As another torment, he attached a heavy padlock to the bottom of each chain. With each thrust from either end, it dragged her tits down to the point where he thought her nipples would end up sizably larger by the end of this torment.

She was in agony, but she knew that no one cared, that everyone there liked seeing her pain and abuse. The man fucking her face was pounding it hard. She was gagging and drooling all over his balls, but he kept on going, grabbing her head and shaking it from side to side as he plunged his cock deeper into her throat. He pulled his cock from her mouth to slap her face with his spit covered cock before slamming it back down her throat. She was being hammered at both ends and her pussy may have been oozing cum, but it was also flooded with her own juices as her arousal at being used increased. The man in her mouth pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over her face. He was immediately replaced by another man who wanted to have his dick sucked. She felt her ass filled with cum as the man fucking her unloaded deep into her bowels. He was also immediately replaced by someone wanting to fuck her asshole. After another load of jizz hit her face, and another load filled her ass, she was roughly untied and dragged over to a nearby couch. She was laid down on her back so that her head hung over the edge. Another man straddled her face and pushed his cock down her throat, wrapping his hands around her neck to choke her as he did so. She gagged some more, the saliva now sliding down her face towards her eyes. Her legs were shoved apart and up and another man knelt between them to push his cock up her ass. She felt that she was in a bit of a haze. She got another face full of cum, and then another. More men fucked her cunt, fucked her asshole and had her lick their cocks clean.

He watched her take all of it. Of course it was being filmed, but he wanted the action to be rougher. He had plenty of footage of her being fucked, but he wanted to have her get a bit more abuse before the night was over with. "Why don't you get that slut to stand up and take a good whipping? She needs to be punished for being such a dirty whore." The crowd egged it on, agreeing that the nasty cunt should get more abuse. One of the women had offered to fuck him, and he needed it. He'd stayed away from fucking his slave because he had dedicated this party to having her gangbanged, abused and humiliated to higher levels than she knew were possible. He decided to take the woman with him out to the garage, so that his little whore could see him as he enjoyed fucking another woman in front of her.

She was dragged out to the garage where a rope was slung over one of the rafters, and her hands were pulled up above her hands, the rope winding around her wrists as she was hoisted up, so that her toes barely reached the ground. She still had the weighted clips on her nipples and every move she made caused pain to shoot through them. She saw that she was encircled by at least ten men, all of them holding belts, paddles or whips in their hands. They moved upon her and she felt the first sting of a belt hit her back. Several more lashes followed, from the various instruments of pain that the men wielded. With each stroke that hit her, the pain in her tits increased, and when one of the blows struck her straight across her nipples, she felt the room spin and saw spots. She swayed and thought that she was going to pass out. The men must have seen that she was going to faint, because they stopped for a minute to allow her to regain some focus. As things stopped spinning, she blinked her eyes and couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her beloved master was nearby, lying on his back while a beautiful woman with huge tits rocked back and forth on his cock. More tears fell from her eyes as she watched him moan in pleasure as he fucked the woman.

The tears must have been a sign to the men that she was alert enough for her whipping to continue. For at least ten minutes, the men took turns using their belts and whips on her, sweat coating her skin as she tried not to scream, but couldn't control it. But it seemed that the louder she screamed, the more it turned on her abusers. One man spoke up and said, "Hey guys, do you mind if I have a crack at the bitch. I want to paddle this skank's ass so she can't sit for a week!" The men backed off and without warning she felt the weight of a wooden paddle hit her ass with such force that it would have knocked her over if she hadn't been tied to the beam. His second strike was just as hard and her voice was croaking out, "Please stop. Please. I don't think I can take anymore, please let me go... I'll fuck you in any way you want, as much as you want... just please let me go!" Sobs wracked her body as her pleas were ignored and another hard whack hit her across both of her ass cheeks. She realized that she had pissed herself, and it didn't go unnoticed by the men. They laughed and called her more disgusting names. The next whack shook her so hard that the weighted nipple clamps could no longer stay in place and jerked off, and she had to look down to make sure that her nipples didn't come off in the process. The man paddled her ass five or six more times before he decided that she had enough.

Even though he was enjoyed the lovely woman riding his cock, he was keeping an eye on his slave. When she nearly passed out, he went to get up, but when he saw her start to rouse back, he returned to his fucking, loudly moaning his pleasure so that his slave could hear how much he was enjoying himself. The men surrounding his fuck toy were all sadistic, almost loving the abuse more than the fucking. By the time that the man had finished paddling her ass into a blistered mess, the group grabbed one of her legs, pulling it up and throwing the rope over the beam to keep her leg spread up high. At this angle, it allowed them to fuck both her ass and her pussy at once, while pulling her hair, slapping her face and squeezing her battered tits and ass. Most of them spat in her face, telling her what a dirty whore she was. After everyone had a turn at fucking her, they undid the ropes and she fell to the ground. The circled her and finished jacking off over the top of her, their cum landing all over her body, a lot on her face, but covering her tits, stomach and cunt as well. Without a word, the men went back into the house, leaving her a mess on the ground, barely able to move, moaning and crying in pain. When she glanced in his direction, he groaned loudly and pumped his cum into the woman riding him, shouting, "Oh yes, your pussy feels so good, I'm going to cum so hard!" The woman moaned in pleasure too, grinding her pussy onto him as she came with him. She dismounted him and walked back into the house, passing by his slut and spitting on her, calling her a dirty piece of filth before she went in the door.

He stood and walked over to the quivering piece of meat that had begun the evening as the most beautiful woman he'd ever known. He could still see her beauty, but he could also see the disgusting fuck pig that she was at the moment. "Stay here," he told her and went to retrieve one of the cameras as well as his cell phone. He came back to take a bunch of pictures of her looking the way that she did. She was covered in cum, sweat and spit, makeup streamed down her face, and even the lipstick SLUT that was on her forehead was smeared. Her hacked off hair just added to the look of sexual depravity that he wanted from her. She struggled to get up, but fell back down, utterly and completely exhausted. He left her there, writhing in pain and returned to the house to say goodbye to the guests, who had graciously cleaned the house up. When he bid the last of them farewell, he went back to the garage to see that his slave had regained enough strength to push herself up to her hands and knees. "Well, whore... you sure put on quite the show tonight. Because it's not all over with, I will tell you that you made me proud." He saw her face light up at that comment. "Yes," he continued, "I wanted to see how good of a slave you were. If you would do anything and everything you were told to do. Honestly, I wasn't disappointed at all in your performance. You may go and clean up and sleep in one of the beds upstairs. Tomorrow we will return home and you will return to the basement, but for tonight, wash up and enjoy the feeling of cool sheets and a comfortable mattress." She smiled a weak smile, but he could see the joy in her eyes at having pleased him. Slowly, she got to her feet and wobbled into the house.

She hurt in every inch of her body, inside and out. As she climbed the stairs, the small part of her that remembered her life before becoming his sexual property was shattered as she heard him say, "I will be up in just a moment. I'm going to upload these pictures to the website, and then I'm going to get on your Facebook page and change your profile picture to the most obscene pic of your face covered in jizz." She now knew that she could never return to her former life. Everyone that she knew would see that pic, of slut written across her forehead, covered in cum and spit, makeup smeared with sweat and tears. She only hoped that he would continue to enjoy using her as his fuck toy for as long as possible.

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