He saw that she was exhausted, but he was not done with her. There were more people that had shown up, wanting to use his slut's fuckholes, and he wanted to have her fucked and abused to the fullest extent of what was possible. However, she looked and smelled a mess and her cunt and asshole were stretched out from being used so much. He needed to clean her up and have her squeeze her muscles to tighten her holes up so they could be stuffed again.

She was sobbing, her master had told her that he was disgusted with her and she didn't know what to do. She would do anything for him and so she crawled before him and started to kiss his feet, her tears streaming out as she begged him to forgive her between sobs. She groveled and begged for him to give her another chance. She lifted her face to see if he would allow her to suck his cock, but he glared at her and grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to her feet.

He led her into the house and up the stairs. He called one of the men and one of the women to come up to the bathroom and help him. He wanted pictures, he wanted video and he wanted to have a hand or two nearby to help, if necessary. When they reached the bathroom, he finally spoke to her, "If you want to ever get into my good graces again, you will start to clench the muscles of your cunt and ass. More people have been invited to use your pathetic whore body, and I will become very angry if you do not please them."

She nodded in agreement, relief washing over her as she realized that it wasn't too late. She still had a chance to get back in his good graces, and she was willing to do whatever he wanted her to do in order to make it happen. She glanced over into the mirror and couldn't believe the sight that she beheld. She didn't even look like herself! Her long, dark flowing locks of hair were tangled and matted. Even though she had been hosed down, she still had globs of sticky cum all through her hair as well as covering her face. She still had makeup on, but it wasn't where it should have been. Her mascara was in streaks down her cheeks, eye shadow pressed into deep, dark circles around her eyes, giving her the effect of looking like she had two black eyes. Her lipstick was smeared obscenely around her mouth. There was not a single part of her body that did not hurt, and tears began to roll down her cheeks again as she saw how pathetic she looked. But she started tightly flexing her pelvic muscles to tighten herself up as her master had told her to.

He knew she looked pathetic, but she also looked sexy as hell to him. She looked like a cheap whore, and that was just how he wanted her to look on this outing. But, he knew that she needed to be cleaned up before her next round. He gathered up what he would need to make her presentable. He was going to give her an enema, douche her pussy and bathe her smelly, used body. "Stand in the tub, you fucking whore!". She obeyed him and he went towards her, roughly pushing her legs apart and pushed the douche nozzle up her cunt, squeezing all of the contents inside of her. The fluid gushed out along with cum that was still in her.

She watched as the man and the woman filmed her being intimately washed. Her master told her to turn around and put her hands up against the wall. She flet him push the enema up her abused asshole, feeling the liquid fill her bowels. She continued to tighten her muscles, and when her master removed the enema from her ass, she held the liquid in her ass for a couple of minutes before she finally relaxed her anus and everything spat out, making a disgusting sound, which caused laughter to erupt from the two filming. She felt her face flush with shame, and was glad that her face was turned away from them.

"Stay here, you stupid bitch" he said to her. "I need to get some towels." He didn't need to get actually get any towels, but the couple that he had invited upstairs were particularly fond of bathroom humiliation, and he wanted to give them some time to play with his slave. He stayed in the dark hallway, filming things. Sure enough, as soon as he had cleared the bathroom doorway, they had rushed in and grabbed his slut by the arms, dragging her out of the tub and shoving her to the floor.

She was shocked when the blonde woman and the man rushed up to her and pounce as soon as her master left the room. She blonde quickly grabbed her arms and handcuffed her hands behind her back. "Okay, you nasty cunt. Now we're going to give you some fun!" The woman's voice was cruel, and she knew that whatever happened next, it would not be fun. The man had pulled his dick from his pants and was standing in front of the toilet, looking like he was ready to urinate. The blond lifted the toilet lid and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her head to the side, and pushing it down so it was pressed against the cold porcelain, just a few inches above the line of the water. She looked up just in time to see the man's wicked grin as he released a stream of piss directly at her face. She tried to turn away, but the woman was holding her head tight. Piss started filling her nostrils and she gasped and choked as the hot liquid burned her nasal passages. When he had emptied his bladder into her face, she took a deep breath of air, which was good, because the woman immediately dunked her head into the toilet, holding her there as she thrashed around, struggling for air.

He watched, wishing he could get a better camera angle. He moved closer, watching his slut fought to not drown. After ten seconds, his fuck toy's head was pulled up, just long enough for her to spit out the water and take a short breath before her head was forced back into the toilet. It excited him, as everything on this adventure had. He watched as her head was dunked in the piss water of the toilet, over and over again.

She thought she was going to die. Each time the blonde pushed her head down, it seemed that she held it down longer. She was sputtering the piss water out of her nose and mouth every time her head was yanked up. She was relieved when her head was released, but once again, her relief was short lived. The man knelt down and took over, holding her head back to the side to allow the blonde to move to straddle over the toilet bowl, squatting right over her face. She released her bladder, laughing the whole time.

He moved closer to see his slave's face being being pissed on again, just to have her face forced into the dirty toilet water. The man held her face down firmly, not allowing her to struggle. Her body was twitching wildly, fighting to not die by being drowned in a toilet. In the meantime, the woman had turned on the hot water bathtub faucet, steam started filling the room as the scalding water began to fill the tub. He moved into the room, letting the woman know that she needed to add cold water as well, he needed his fuck meat to have the strength to keep being used, and so she needed to just be washed right now. The woman nodded her agreement and turned on the cold water, allowing the bath to be drawn properly, so his slave could be washed clean.

She was pulled to her feet and the handcuffs were removed. Her nose and throat burned and she was still shaking with fear. She was pushed into the tub, and even though the blond had turned on the cold faucet, the water was still too hot. She didn't get a chance to adjust to the temperature; she was shoved down, the woman holding her under the water as she thrashed around. She was already water logged and she had no choice but to take in a lung full of water, feeling her lungs burning, hoping that her master would return before she died from drowning.

He decided it was time to step in. He asked the couple to leave him with the whore, and he knelt, pulling his slave up from the water. She gasped desperately, spitting water out of her mouth and nose, coughing and wheezing as her lungs dispelled the water she had been forced to take in. He had a sadistic urge to wash her body with a scrub brush, scratching her skin raw. However, he could see that her body was already roughed up, bruises beginning and scratches and welts covering her. He opted to sponge her clean, soaping up her skin as he washed all the piss, cum and grime that coated her body. He shampooed her hair, but it was so tangled and knotted that he couldn't get it to smooth out. She looked pale and weak, but this night wasn't through and asked the woman watching to get an energy drink for his slut to drink, giving her the stamina to continue. He pulled her out of the water and began to towel her skin dry. He went back to her hair and it seemed like it was impossible to get in untangled. When the woman returned with the energy drink, he handed it to his whore and asked the woman for her advice on how to remedy the hair problem.

She was relieved to get something to drink that would give her a little jolt of energy to continue with whatever her master had planned for her. The cool refreshing liquid felt good going down her abused throat. It sort of made her stomach cramp, after all, she'd only been fed cum and piss all night. But, the slight rush was a much needed boost. Even through the torment, she continued to work to tighten her pelvic muscles. She toweled herself dry and stood obediently as her master decided what he would do to her next. She felt disgusting. Part of it was from how she had been forced into a toilet, taking in mouthfuls of piss water, and part of it was because such degrading activities had turned her on. The whole evening had been so hot for her, she couldn't believe how aroused she had been by being used and abused in the ways that she'd been. She'd been treated lower than a whore, and she secretly had loved every minute of it.
He was conflicted. The blonde had told him that there was no way that the meathole's hair would be untangled, they would have to cut it off. He loved his slave's long, flowing locks of brown hair and he hated the idea of all of that luxurious hair being chopped off. However, he knew that it was true. He knew that it would grow back, but he hoped that enough her hair would remain for him to pull and drag her around by. He told the blonde that she could cut his whore's hair, as long as she would try to keep it as long as possible. When she also asked if she could apply makeup to the slut, he agreed to that as well. He wanted to get his sex property back down to the party as soon as he could. He knew there were plenty of people who wanted to use her body and wanted to give them that.

She couldn't hear the conversation between the blonde and her master. But, when it was finished, she saw the blonde with a comb in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other hand. She was terrified as to what might happen. "Sit down on the toilet, and hold still while I fix you up, you stupid cunt." She closed her eyes and obeyed. She felt as the woman started to roughly comb her hair, and listened to the scissors begin to snip, as she felt her hair being hacked off. She dared to glance down and saw that over eight inches of her hair was dropping to the floor. The blonde wasn't even trying to make even cuts, just combing until she reached a knot and then cutting off the rest. Her hair was long enough that she could feel her hair still long enough to brush her shoulders, but tears started streaming down her face as she knew that her beautiful hair was now falling to the floor. After only a few minutes, the blonde stepped back, having finished "fixing" her hair. She smiled an evil grin at her and pulled her to her feet so she could look in the mirror to see how she now looked. She started crying harder. It was longer in some places than others, there was nothing even about it, it looked like a child had cut their own hair. Her tears brought even more enjoyment and laughter from the blonde, as well as the man who was still there filming. She could see her master as well, standing by and watch one of her beautiful features destroyed.

He kind of liked the look. He didn't know how long it would take for it to grow back, but he was a patient man. After tonight, he would confine her back to his basement, where he would be the only one abusing her body, and she still had plenty of hair for his to wrap his fists in as he fucked her face, or dragged her around. With the new haircut, she looked pretty pathetic, and her reaction when she saw how she looked was priceless. She cried and her shoulders slumped with despair. He knew that the makeup that would be applied to her would be heavy and dark and perfect for another round of abuse and fucking. He left her to go down and check on the guests, letting them know that the object for their sexual amusement would be down soon. He was glad that the computer tech had assembled most of the evening's footage and was playing it on the big screen TV. A wooden bench had been placed in the center of the room, and he knew that's where his slut would be tied up so that her body could be used. He loved the notion of her being forced to watch how she had been used and degraded... and how much she had enjoyed it. He stayed there for a few minutes to watch things play out on the TV. He got to see new angles that he hadn't seen before, and he was glad that so many people had taken footage. It gave him the ability to see every little thing that had transpired, and there would be hours and hours of video of the various ways his slave had been treated like an animal and a piece of meat. When he took her home, he would have her watch it over and over again as he had her tied up, watching her get turned on more and more, but refusing to allow her to cum.
She sat quietly still as her makeup was applied for her. Foundation was smeared across her face, far heavier than she would apply herself. Powder and blush followed, again applied with a very heavy hand. She saw the color of eye shadow, before it was bushed over her eyelids. It was dark blue and she felt it being applied under her eyes as well as on them. Then the coats of mascara started. When she was doing her own makeup, she usually used about three coats of mascara, but now she had felt at least six coats applied to her eyes. A bright red lipstick was crudely smeared across her lips, and then as a final touch, the blonde woman took the lipstick and wrote SLUT across her forehead. The man pulled at her and grabbed her by the hands, holding them tight as he went down the stairs, dragging her down them. He went into the big room where everyone was waiting and shoved her into the middle of the room, amidst cheers from the people who had been waiting to use her.

He nodded to the men who had been ready to tie her to the bench. He watched her forced to her hands and knees, the bench being shoved under her stomach, her legs being spread and tied to the legs of the bench, arms tied to the other ones. She was bound tightly with ropes, her cunt and ass on display, just begging to be fucked. Her tits hung over the other side of the bench, and another man moved forward to attach metal clips to her nipples, the jagged teeth digging into her, eliciting screams of pain. The man tugged on the chain connecting the clamps, making sure they were attached tightly. He watched his slave closely. He already saw the juices running out of her pussy, indicating that despite the pain, she was sexually aroused by the treatment. Her head hung down, though and that simply would not do. He strode over to her and grabbed her by her hacked hair and pulled her head up. "Listen, you fucking, revolting cunt. You will keep your head up. My friends here have compiled a wonderful video of how you've behaved like such a dirty whore tonight, and I want you to watch it as the newcomers use your nasty little body. Oh, and by the way... it's also posted online, everyone here sending links to all of their friends to pass the video to as many people as possible. Men and woman all over the world will be seeing what a revolting slut you are."

She looked at the big screen TV. It was enormous and her depraved behavior was being shown from all angles, showing everyone how her body had been abused, and how much she had screamed in ecstasy while being used in every disgusting way imaginable. Shame washed over her. The man who had clamped her nipples had lit a large candle and put it under where the chain fell. He placed the chain directly into the flame, the heat quickly rising up the metal chain, moving to the metal clips that were digging into her tender nipples. She tried to squirm, but it just made it hurt worse. Someone behind her started flogging her back with a cat o' nine tails, whipping her hard. Another whip started hitting her thighs and ass, sometimes hitting the welts that were already on her, causing them to swell even more. Others hit patches of skin that didn't yet have welts, causing them to form. She heard a male voice say, "OK, I want to fuck this slut. From the video, she's obviously a cock craving whore and I'm going to give her my fuck tool." She felt him move between her legs and shoved his hard cock into her pussy with one single thrust. He grabbed her hips and began to pound away, fast and hard. It caused the chain clamping her nipples to sway back and forth as her tits bounced from the furious fucking she was getting. On the screen, the footage of her taking two cocks in her ass was being displayed. She was embarrassed to watch her being used so obscenely, but what was even more embarrassing was to see how much the video showed how much she had enjoyed it. It wasn't long before the man fucking her flooded her pussy with his cum. As soon as he moved away, someone else took his place between her legs, fucking her pussy as the previous man had. Her nipples were burning and the man finally removed the chain from the candle's flame. He took the candle and quickly moved to pour the melted wax over her back and ass. He focused on getting it on the raised, red welts, and she screamed at the top of her lungs, begging for it to stop. She struggled at her bonds, trying to break free, but it just caused the rope to dig into her skin.

The man who was fucking her cunt spread her asscheeks so the man with the candle could pour the hot wax down the crack of her ass. She tried to distract herself from the pain by watching what was on the TV screen, but that just caused her shame to deepen as she watched herself being fucked by dozens of strangers. The man fucking her shot his load into her cunt and moved away and was immediately replaced by another man, this one stroking his cock into her pussy for three strokes before pulling out and pressing his cock against her asshole. He slowly pushed into her ass until his length was buried inside of her. He began to fuck her ass and one of the men who had cum in her pussy stepped in front of her, presenting his cock for her to suck clean. As soon as he moved, another man knelt on one knee and grabbed her head, forcing his raging hard on into her mouth. He buried his cock down her throat, and put his one leg onto the bench so he could push deeper into her throat. He shook her head side to side trying to force his balls into her mouth. He assaulted her mouth and throat while the other man assaulted her ass.

He was amused by the new crop of men wanting to fuck his slut. He had even lost count of how many men his whore had fucked and how many women had her eat their pussies. But, he knew there was plenty of video and he would have her count how many, and then punish her for her nasty, slutty behavior. The man who had burned her with the hot wax was back at her tits again. He removed the set of clamps, and began to flick and pinch her nipples. She moaned in pain which was a bonus for the guy fucking her face. As the man continued with his tit fascination, he produced two more sets of clamps. He grabbed a hold of one of her nipples, pulling and stretching it. He took one set of the clamps and attached both of them to one of her distended nipples, and did the same with the other one. As another torment, he attached a heavy padlock to the bottom of each chain. With each thrust from either end, it dragged her tits down to the point where he thought her nipples would end up sizably larger by the end of this torment.

She was in agony, but she knew that no one cared, that everyone there liked seeing her pain and abuse. The man fucking her face was pounding it hard. She was gagging and drooling all over his balls, but he kept on going, grabbing her head and shaking it from side to side as he plunged his cock deeper into her throat. He pulled his cock from her mouth to slap her face with his spit covered cock before slamming it back down her throat. She was being hammered at both ends and her pussy may have been oozing cum, but it was also flooded with her own juices as her arousal at being used increased. The man in her mouth pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over her face. He was immediately replaced by another man who wanted to have his dick sucked. She felt her ass filled with cum as the man fucking her unloaded deep into her bowels. He was also immediately replaced by someone wanting to fuck her asshole. After another load of jizz hit her face, and another load filled her ass, she was roughly untied and dragged over to a nearby couch. She was laid down on her back so that er head hung over the edge. Another man straddled her face and pushed his cock down her throat, wrapping his hands around her neck to choke her as he did so. She gagged some more, the saliva now sliding down her face towards her eyes. Her legs were shoved apart and up and another man knelt between them to push his cock up her ass. She felt that she was in a bit of a haze. She got another face full of cum, and then another. More men fucked her cunt, fucked her asshole and had her lick their cocks clean.

He watched her take all of it. Of course it was being filmed, but he wanted the action to be rougher. He had plenty of footage of her being fucked, but he wanted to have her get a bit more abuse before the night was over with. "Why don't you get that slut to stand up and take a good whipping? She needs to be punished for being such a dirty whore." The crowd egged it on, agreeing that the nasty cunt should get more abuse. One of the women had offered to fuck him, and he needed it. He'd stayed away from fucking his slave because he had dedicated this party to having her gangbanged, abused and humiliated to higher levels than she knew were possible. He decided to take the woman with him out to the garage, so that his little whore could see him as he enjoyed fucking another woman in front of her.

She was dragged out to the garage where a rope was slung over one of the rafters, and her hands were pulled up above her hands, the rope winding around her wrists as she was hoisted up, so that her toes barely reached the ground. She still had the weighted clips on her nipples and every move she made caused pain to shoot through them. She saw that she was encircled by at least ten men, all of them holding belts, paddles or whips in their hands. They moved upon her and she felt the first sting of a belt hit her back. Several more lashes followed, from the various instruments of pain that the men wielded. With each stroke that hit her, the pain in her tits increased, and when one of the blows struck her straight across her nipples, she felt the room spin and saw spots. She swayed and thought that she was going to pass out. The men must have seen that she was going to faint, because they stopped for a minute to allow her to regain some focus. As things stopped spinning, she blinked her eyes and couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her beloved master was nearby, lying on his back while a beautiful woman with huge tits rocked back and forth on his cock. More tears fell from her eyes as she watched him moan in pleasure as he fucked the woman.

The tears must have been a sign to the men that she was alert enough for her whipping to continue. For at least ten minutes, the men took turns using their belts and whips on her, sweat coating her skin as she tried not to scream, but couldn't control it. But it seemed that the louder she screamed, the more it turned on her abusers. One man spoke up and said, "Hey guys, do you mind if I have a crack at the bitch. I want to paddle this skank's ass so she can't sit for a week!" The men backed off and without warning she felt the weight of a wooden paddle hit her ass with such force that it would have knocked her over if she hadn't been tied to the beam. His second strike was just as hard and her voice was croaking out, "Please stop. Please. I don't think I can take anymore, please let me go... I'll fuck you in any way you want, as much as you want... just please let me go!" Sobs wracked her body as her pleas were ignored and another hard whack hit her across both of her ass cheeks. She realized that she had pissed herself, and it didn't go unnoticed by the men. They laughed and called her more disgusting names. The next whack shook her so hard that the weighted nipple clamps could no longer stay in place and jerked off, and she had to look down to make sure that her nipples didn't come off in the process. The man paddled her ass five or six more times before he decided that she had enough.

Even though he was enjoyed the lovely woman riding his cock, he was keeping an eye on his slave. When she nearly passed out, he went to get up, but when he saw her start to rouse back, he returned to his fucking, loudly moaning his pleasure so that his slave could hear how much he was enjoying himself. The men surrounding his fuck toy were all sadistic, almost loving the abuse more than the fucking. By the time that the man had finished paddling her ass into a blistered mess, the group grabbed one of her legs, pulling it up and throwing the rope over the beam to keep her leg spread up high. At this angle, it allowed them to fuck both her ass and her pussy at once, while pulling her hair, slapping her face and squeezing her battered tits and ass. Most of them spat in her face, telling her what a dirty whore she was. After everyone had a turn at fucking her, they undid the ropes and she fell to the ground. The circled her and finished jacking off over the top of her, their cum landing all over her body, a lot on her face, but covering her tits, stomach and cunt as well. Without a word, the men went back into the house, leaving her a mess on the ground, barely able to move, moaning and crying in pain. When she glanced in his direction, he groaned loudly and pumped his cum into the woman riding him, shouting, "Oh yes, your pussy feels so good, I'm going to cum so hard!" The woman moaned in pleasure too, grinding her pussy onto him as she came with him. She dismounted him and walked back into the house, passing by his slut and spitting on her, calling her a dirty piece of filth before she went in the door.

He stood and walked over to the quivering piece of meat that had begun the evening as the most beautiful woman he'd ever known. He could still see her beauty, but he could also see the disgusting fuck pig that she was at the moment. "Stay here," he told her and went to retrieve one of the cameras as well as his cell phone. He came back to take a bunch of pictures of her looking the way that she did. She was covered in cum, sweat and spit, makeup streamed down her face, and even the lipstick SLUT that was on her forehead was smeared. Her hacked off hair just added to the look of sexual depravity that he wanted from her. She struggled to get up, but fell back down, utterly and completely exhausted. He left her there, writhing in pain and returned to the house to say goodbye to the guests, who had graciously cleaned the house up. When he bid the last of them farewell, he went back to the garage to see that his slave had regained enough strength to push herself up to her hands and knees. "Well, whore... you sure put on quite the show tonight. Because it's not all over with, I will tell you that you made me proud." He saw her face light up at that comment. "Yes," he continued, "I wanted to see how good of a slave you were. If you would do anything and everything you were told to do. Honestly, I wasn't disappointed at all in your performance. You may go and clean up and sleep in one of the beds upstairs. Tomorrow we will return home and you will return to the basement, but for tonight, wash up and enjoy the feeling of cool sheets and a comfortable mattress." She smiled a weak smile, but he could see the joy in her eyes at having pleased him. Slowly, she got to her feet and wobbled into the house.

She hurt in every inch of her body, inside and out. As she climbed the stairs, the small part of her that remembered her life before becoming his sexual property was shattered as she heard him say, "I will be up in just a moment. I'm going to upload these pictures to the website, and then I'm going to get on your Facebook page and change your profile picture to the most obscene pic of your face covered in jizz." She now knew that she could never return to her former life. Everyone that she knew would see that pic, of slut written across her forehead, covered in cum and spit, makeup smeared with sweat and tears. She only hoped that he would continue to enjoy using her as his fuck toy for as long as possible.
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