In this third chapter about the seductions of Adam, he meets Megan's girlfriend Brooke. Believing that Adam and Megan were both still virgins, Brooke decided to be the first to take Adam to bed.
Adam - Seduced by Megan's Girlfriend

In this third chapter about the seductions of Adam, he meets Megan's girlfriend Brooke. Believing that Adam and Megan were both still virgins, Brooke decided to be the first to take Adam to bed.

It was the middle of summer. Megan and I had both turned 20. We had decided to take a couple of classes to get a jump on our sophomore year at college. Though we had known each other for about a year, we had not had sex. Megan was more determined now than ever to wait until she was married. I loved Megan and was willing to wait.

I had made up a lot of excuses to keep from going back to Megan's house. Her little sister Abby, now 12, had seduced me. I fucked her on my own bed. Though she tried to get me to fuck her a couple of times after that, I resisted, not wanting to ruin things with Megan.

But then her mother seduced. She at least had a head on her shoulders and left it alone after that weekend. I found just staying away from Megan's house altogether kept me out of harm's way. I doubt that I could have resisted Megan's mother Alice if she wanted me again.

So I spent my time at school, and having summer school gave us both the excuse to be away from Megan's home and family, away from temptation. Thank goodness Megan didn't know about what I had done to her family.

"I'm tired of studying, Adam," Megan announced. "I want to have a party."

"Fine by me," I replied. "When? Where? With whom?"

"This weekend," she said. "My dorm room. The wing supervisor will be gone all weekend. We can invite a few friends, keep it cozy but fun."

"Alcohol?" I asked.

"We won't supply it but if someone brings their own, I won't object." That seemed reasonable to me, especially since we wouldn't be driving drunk."

"I'll invite Judy and Brooke," she stated. "You can invite…"

"Wait," I interrupted. "Let me pick the guys. You picked the girls."

"I want to invite Chet and…"

"No, not Chet," Megan said. "He is always hitting on me. I can't stand him."

"Fine then I'm inviting Rod and Steve," I blurted out, "and that's that." I crossed my arms and waited for Megan to argue but she didn't. I knew that Steve had a major crush on Megan and she knew it. He had asked me several times about dating her but I wouldn't let him.

On her side, she had invited a couple of nice girls. Judy was 21, a junior this next year. Very tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, well built. The model type but she played volleyball.

Brooke on the other hand was only 5 feet tall. She was very overweight but she was one of Megan's old-time friends from grade school. Brooke was 20 too. She had short curly hair, sort of a sad looking face with big lips. The few times I had been around Brooke she seemed obsessed with sex. She was always making off-colored remarks, her comments often containing sexual innuendos. Though I would never tell Megan, Brooke has come on to me a couple of times. In each case she had been drinking so I never gave it much thought.

Once Brooke said to me, "I could give you the fuck of a lifetime Adam, if you let me. I've spent the last two years practicing my Kegel exercises and I want to try them out on you."

"Maybe one day," I replied, trying not to hurt her feelings. "But right now I'm with Megan."

"Yeah, I know about her abstinence pledge," Brooke said. "Think about it."

That was a couple of months ago, about the time I fucked Megan's mother.

Friday night rolled around and we all met in Megan's dorm room. During the summer she didn't have a roommate so we had a little bit more room. We pulled out a card table, borrowed some folding chairs and started playing games.

The games started out innocent enough, a card game, then some adult party game which was a real loser. Finally Brooke spoke up and said, "Why not play that old kids game, Truth or Dare?"

We all looked at each other silently for a moment and then agreed, why not.

Rod said, "I'll be back in a minute." His dorm room was one floor up but he must have run both ways. Within a minute he was back with a bottle of Jack Daniel's and one shot glass. "Everybody has to take one shot before we start playing." We all did and boy did it burn going down.

"I'll start," Brooke said. "Rod, truth or dare?"

"Truth," he said.

Brooke continued, "If you could sleep with any girl here, who would it be?"

"Wow, right to the jugular Brooke," I chastised her.

"It's OK," Rod said. "I would sleep with you Brooke," he said with a smile. Then turning to Judy he added, "but I would fuck Judy."

"Ohhhh," the sound went up as we all laughed.

"Your loss asshole," Brooke spat out.

I jumped in to keep things from getting out of hand. "Steve, truth or dare?"

"I'll take the dare," he quickly decided.

Knowing how much Steve wanted Megan I decided to give him a little gift. "I dare you to kiss Megan full on the mouth, for 30 seconds."

"No," Megan said. "Don't I have a say in this?"

Everyone chimed "NO."

Steve stood up, walked over to where Megan was seated, and gave her the best kiss he could. I was sitting right next to Megan so I saw her reaction. She was stiff and hesitant at first, but as the seconds ticked away I saw her being to melt, to begin to kiss him back. I saw how her lips pulled at his, sucking the breath out of him. I wondered if it was all an act or if she did it to get back at me.

When it was over she whispered, "I'll get even."

Steve then said, "My turn. Megan, truth or dare."

"Truth," Megan said flatly.

"Where was the first time you ever had sex?" Steve asked.

"You wasted your turn," I said.

"She has to answer truthfully," Steve said.

"I'm a virgin Steve," Megan stated proudly. "Unlike some of the other people at this table."

"OK, this is getting too serious. It's time for another drink," Rod said as he had each of us take another shot. I really think they were half shots as he barely put any whiskey in the glass.

Rod took his turn. "Brooke, truth or dare?"

I think Brooke was afraid of what Rod would make her do so she chose, "Truth."

"Hmmm, well then I'm giving it right back at you," Rod said. If you could fuck anyone here, man or woman, who would it be?"

"That's any easy one," Brooke replied. "Megan knows I've had the hots for her boyfriend, Adam. I'd fuck him in a heartbeat. But Megan would never let me. So there."

Judy spoke up and said, "Adam, truth or dare?"

"I'll take the dare," I replied. "I'm not a wimp."

Just then Megan stood up and took Judy aside, the two of them whispering. "OK, but you owe me," Judy said as the two of them sat back down. Judy gave her dare, "Adam, you have to make out with Brooke."

"I can do that," I broke in standing up. I didn't want to embarrass Brooke at all by acting disgusted.

"Wait, that's not all," Judy continued. "You have to make out with Brooke on the bed, dry humping her until you cum."

"What?" I shouted. "That's not fair."

Everyone jumped down my neck telling me I had to. I first looked at Megan. She just tipped her head sideways. I looked at Brooke. She shrugged her shoulders and stood up. I stood up too and took a quick swig from the whiskey bottle. I watched Brooke as she got onto the bed. She had on a black pair of nylon type pants. It looked like pretty thin material. Fortunately I had on my blue jeans which was thick. I didn't really want to be feeling her all that much. I would just pretend I was masturbating and get it over quick. I planned on closing my eyes and pretend I was kissing Megan, or even Alice.

"How are we going to tell when he cums," Rod asked?

"Good point," Judy said. "Adam has to take off his jeans so that when he cums we'll be able to tell."

"Shit you guys," I yelled. "Enough is enough." But they wouldn't budge so I removed my jeans revealing my dark blue underpants.

I climbed up onto the bed. Brooke spread her legs as I knealed between them. I looked down at her groin and wondered what her pussy would look like without the pants. Then I laid myself down onto her. She was fat and her padding felt nice. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. She was the first to move her hips, reminding me that this wasn't over until I came. I began rocking my hips forward and backward. It wasn't too many seconds before I felt my shaft taking shape, stiffening up. Even an ugly girl can make you cum.

We continued to kiss and I realized that Brooke wasn't a half bad kisser. I slid my hands under her arms and shoulders. That gave me a bit more leverage as I continued to grind my now hard prick up against her pussy. The head of my dick stuck out over the top of my underpants and the more I rubbed up against her the more my underpants slid down until I was bare back against her thin pants. God she felt good right then.

Brooke was beginning to push back against me, rocking her own hips upwards as I pushed down. I could feel the underside of my dick as it slid up and down her slit and I wondered what it would be like to actually fuck her, to be sliding my rod in and out of that fat cunt of hers. We kept kissing, turning out heads first one way and then the other.

As my pretend fucking became more powerful, more excited, I realized I didn't want it to end just yet. It was actually feeling pretty damn good, even if I did have an audience. I kept fucking her, doing everything I could to keep from cumming. Brooke suddenly broke our kiss and groaned out loud, "Oh God, I'm cumming."

The others cheered as I kept rubbing myself down onto Brooke. She was clearly climaxing but I wasn't quite there. I decided to try something crazy. I reached down with both hands under her legs and pulled them both into the air. Placing her legs on my shoulder like Megan's mother had taught me, I began fucking Brooke for all I was worth. Within a minute I was shooting my cum all over Brooke's pants, to the cheers of all the spectators. I let Brooke's legs down and relaxed on top of her, my head next to hers. She whispered into my ear, "The real thing would be so much more enjoyable, I promise."

I lifted my head and looked her straight in the eyes. She was serious, and I was considering it. But Megan would never allow that and I couldn't hurt Megan. My mind quickly went to Abby and Alice. I was such a hypocrite.

"I need another drink," I said as I put my jeans back on.

The game went on but nothing happened more exciting than what Brooke and I just did. Someone tried to get Steve and Judy to actually fuck but Judy wouldn't do it. Before too long Rod and Judy left together. Steve finally left and it was just Megan, Brooke and I. We talked for another hour before Brooke left. None of us had far to go as we were all staying in the dorm in our own rooms. I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. Megan said goodbye pushing me out the door so I headed for my room.

When I got there I discovered I had lost my key. With the wing superintendent out I couldn't get in. I was going to just go sleep with Steve when my door opened. The lights were out so I didn't realize at first who was standing there, not until she reached out and pulled me into my room. It was Brooke. She must have taken my room key.

She swung the door shut, the room going totally dark. Pushing me up against the door she kissed me hard on the lips. I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't kiss her back but I didn't push her away either.

"Brooke, we can't," I began to argue. "I'm with Megan and you are her best friend."

"Can you honestly tell me you didn't feel something between us tonight?" she asked.

I was silent as the night's events raced back through my head. She took my silence as acceptance and pulled my shirt up over my head. "Stop it," I complained again to no avail as she undid my buckle and jeans. "Brooke we can't, please. I won't cheat on Megan. I won't."

But as much as I pleaded with her, she didn't stop undressing me and I didn't keep her from doing it. I knew we shouldn't be doing this but every moment that passed I wanted it more. As she pulled down my pants I kicked off my shoes and removed the rest of my clothes myself. Brooke walked me to my bed and laid down on her back.

"Fuck me Adam," she commanded. "Fuck me for real."

"Oh God I want you so bad," I blurted out as I knelt between her legs for the second time tonight. But this time we had nothing between us, nothing to stop me from entering her. My shaft was hard and ready. I rubbed it up and down her slit, realizing she was ready too, wet and slick. I pressed my dick into her warm pussy and discovered she was still a virgin.

"It's my first time too Adam," she confessed, thinking I was a virgin as well. "I'm ready, just do it."

I pushed in, breaking her hymen. Brooke gasped. But she was so warm, so wet, so ready for me. I began fucking her, not too fast though. I didn't want this to end too soon. Her padding from all those pounds made it rather nice. I just let all my weight fall on her as I rocked my hips just like I had done earlier tonight but this time in and out of her love canal.

"Roll over," Brooke instructed after we had fucked for a couple of minutes. "Get on your back."

I did as she mounted me again. But this time there was no stroking in and out. She just sat on top of me with my prick deep in her cunt. Then I felt it, the squeezing and release. Her pussy was wrapped around my shaft and she was gripping me hard with her muscles and then relaxing, over and over. I had never felt anything like it from Abby or Alice. It was so different, so wonderful. I felt my climax approaching, brought on by this girls cunt muscles alone.

"Brooke, you're going to make me cum," I announced.

"That's the idea, baby," she replied without stopping her squeezing.

It wasn't a minute more and I was shooting my cum at this girl for the second time tonight but this time she kept it all inside. "That's the way. Give momma all your cum."

Whatever she was saying I had to obey. I couldn't have stopped cumming for Brooke right then if my life depended on it. But something different was happening. After I had given every drop I could, she continued the squeezing and relaxing and I didn't go limp.

"Oh Brooke, I'm still hard," I told her.

"I told you this would be the fuck of a lifetime," she bragged as she began to rock her hips forwards and backwards, fucking me again. I rocked my hips in rhythm with her. It felt so damn wonderful.

"I want you to take me from behind," she stated as she suddenly climbed off of me.

I moved out of the way so that she could get on her hands and knees on the bed. From behind her I guided my dick back into her wet pussy. Brooke was simply fat. But I took a hold of each side of her hips, grabbing on I began pounding into her. I didn't take it soft either. She had plenty of meat so I rammed mine into her as hard as I could.

"Oh fuck Adam that feels so good," she exclaimed. "Don't stop baby, don't stop. Fuck me harder."

I didn't see how I could go much harder but I tried. I took each hand and gripped onto a load of fat. Then as I pulled her back into me I thrust my prick as deep into her pussy as I could, time and time again until I heard her scream, "Oh shit I'm cumming so hard."

This was the most incredible fuck of my life. As she screamed into the pillow I pushed one last time and held myself deep inside of Brooke, shooting my cum over and over into her former virginal tunnel.

I never thought once that I would ever be fucking Brooke, let alone that I would be enjoying it so much. Then for the briefest of moments I couldn't imagine myself fucking anyone else. For that short period of time, Brooke was all I ever could want, all I ever would want.

I pulled out and fell onto the bed. Brooke laid down next to me, kissing me once passionately and then rolling over onto her back. We were both out of breath.

It seemed like an eternity before either of us spoke, but finally I did. "Brooke."

But she interrupted me. "Listen Adam, I know you are with Megan. But I also know she will be a virgin for a long time yet. I just want you to know that I am here for you whenever you want, you know, to take care of you when you need, when you want it, like tonight."

"Wow," was all I could get out.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" she asked.

"When people look at you Brooke, most can't get past your, uh, size," I stammered. "How little they know. I think that's the best fuck I have, I mean, I will ever have. I'm glad you found my room key." She laughed.

The End (until Megan's tutoring session)

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