Adam and his girlfriend Megan were both freshmen in college. Megan introduced Adam to her little sister Abby, who proceeded to seduce him.
Adam - Seduced by Megan's Little Sister

Adam and his girlfriend Megan were both freshmen in college. Megan introduced Adam to her little sister Abby, who proceeded to seduce him.

"Now don't freak out Adam," Megan assured me, "but I'd like you to meet my family."

Megan was my girlfriend. We met in my American Literature class in college. We were both freshmen, both 19 years old. We had dated exclusively for several months now. Megan was 5 feet 9 inches tall, 130 pounds, long blonde hair, blue eyes, decent figure, pretty face, you know the type. She had c-cup breasts, which I hadn't seen yet, but she was a good kisser. We hadn't had sex yet. She wanted to wait until she was married, but if not then at least until she was absolutely sure she had Mr Right.

Actually we were both virgins. I grew up in a strict household and then right out of high school met Megan. That's why no sex. I was 6 feet tall, but only 160 pounds. I ran track and cross country in high school so kept the weight off. People called me a clean cut guy, nothing spectacular, but I had had a few lady friends say that I was good looking.

"Oooo, meet your family," I teased Megan. "What does that mean? Am I Mr Right?" I asked, halfway laughing, halfway hoping. Listen, I may have never had sex, but that didn't mean I never thought about it.

"Shut up," Megan shot back. "Next Saturday night, 6 PM for dinner. I'll draw you a map since you've never been to my house. I don't want you to get lost."

That next Saturday I drove my car on over to Megan's. I was clean shaven, dressed in a new pair of blue jeans and tennis shoes. I knocked on the door and Megan answered but she didn't greet me with a kiss, our normal ritual, which I thought a bit odd. It made me wonder if she hadn't really told her parents about us, that we were "going steady" as they used to call it.

Megan took me into the living room where she introduced me to her family. "Everyone, this is Adam. Adam, this is my Mom and Dad, Mr and Mrs Reynolds."

They both said hello and I shook hands with Mr Reynolds. He had a firm grip, as I did. I don't care for those fish handshakes. Mr Reynolds was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, a bit hefty, probably around 40. It made me wonder where Megan got her height.

Mrs Reynolds spoke up, "Please, just call me Alice." She put her hand out and I shook it too, also a nice firm grip, for a lady. She took her other hand and put it on the other side of my hand, pinning it between her two hands. "It's good to finally meet you," she added.

Like her husband Alice was at least 5 feet 8 inches herself, just slightly shorter than Megan. She looked more like what I would have expected Megan's sister to look. I swear she looked like she was in her late 20's or early 30's. I should have kept my thoughts to myself but I promptly stuck my foot in my mouth. "You look so young, like you could be Megan's older sister."

Alice smiled. "I was very young when I had Megan, much younger than she is now. I'm 34. I'll let you do the math. "

I was embarrassed, and glad when Megan spoke up, "And this is Abby, my little sister." The girl that just walked in was very young.

"I'm 11, almost 12," Abby informed me.

"She's grown several inches in as many months," Megan explained. "So she thinks she's an adult now."

Abby continued, "I like chocolate, butterflies, and Justin Bieber, among other things."

"Yea, boys, boys, boys," Megan added.

The girl in front of me was totally opposite from Megan. Abby was a brunette, though she had long straight hair just like Megan, perhaps a bit longer. She had brown eyes and had to be under 4 feet 9 or 10 inches if that. She didn't look over 80 pounds. She had on shorts so I took a quick look at her legs, well shaped for such a little girl. She was very pretty and when she smiled it made me smile. She must have already had braces because her teeth were perfect.

"Pleased to meet you," I said to Abby, putting out my hand. She took it and gave it a really high shake, twice, and then dropped it. Turning around she left the room. I realized that I was staring at her ass as she walked away so I quickly turned back to my girlfriend.

"Well, dinner is about ready if you guys would like to wash up," Alice said, shooing us out of the living room. She went on into the kitchen. Megan took me to the bathroom.

"Your family seems nice," I told Megan.

"Thanks," she replied. "Abby can be a pain."

"I'm sorry for that stuff about your mom's age," I said, feeling embarrassed again.

"Mom was only 14 when she got pregnant with me, 15 when I was born," Megan confessed. "That's why I don't want sex until I'm married. My biological dad has never been in the picture. Mom says he was in his 20's and when he found out she was pregnant, ran off. She's never seen him since. My dad is the guy you just met and always has been my dad as far as I'm concerned. That other guy, well you know the saying, just a sperm donor."

I was done washing up before Megan so she asked me to tell Abby that dinner was ready.

I walked down the hall and easily found her room. It was definitely a little girl's room, mostly a Disney theme. I stepped into her room and Abby looked up and smiled again. We didn't talk for a moment, just looked at each other. I was thinking that in a few years this little girl would be the hottest thing on campus.

"Dinner's ready," I told her.

"Oh, thanks," she said. "I'll be right there."

I started to walk away when Abby said, "You're not like her other boyfriends. You're different, in a better way."

I smiled as she continued, "I think we're going to be good friends."

"Me too," I added.

Dinner went fine, with all the expected questions about my likes, my dislikes, my future plans. I think they were trying to see if I was a worthy marriage candidate for their daughter. Somewhere along the way I mentioned about my bike, my Kawasaki. Abby suddenly became part of the conversation, asking me all about it.

"You have to give me a ride," Abby demanded. "You just have to."

"Well I normally don't bring it out until Spring time when the weather is a bit nicer," I told her. "But I'll be sure to give you a ride when I do."

"You do have helmets for your passengers don't you?" Alice asked.

"Yes Mom, I wear a helmet," Megan assured her mother.

We talked some more and finished our meal and dessert. After dinner a strange thing happened. Abby suddenly became like my best buddy. She was right next to me as I talked to Megan. She put one hand under my right upper arm and the other on my forearm, as if she was afraid I would run away.

Megan excused herself to use the bathroom. I turned to Abby and said, "I guess you really do want a ride. I'll be sure to give you a really long one. But if you keep holding on to me like this, people are going to talk." I smiled.

"Oh, sorry," Abby said as she let my arm go. "I was just, I mean, I well uh, sorry."

I laughed. "You are so gorgeous," I said without thinking. I didn't mean to say that out loud.

She smiled at me, "I still get that ride, right?"

"Yes, of course," I said. "I'll give you the ride of your life, and that's a promise," I swore to her. Abby was smiling again, turned and went to her room. As she turned to go in, she looked back at me with the sexiest look. I wanted to follow her but just then Megan came up. "I have to go now," I told her, taking a deep breath. "I'll see you at school Monday." I leaned in and gave her a kiss. Almost like an afterthought she turned to see if anyone saw us kiss. No one had. Then I left.

Before I realized it was Spring Break time at school. I had planned on helping my parents around the house for a week and then back to school, not much of a break. I was glad when Megan called me.

"Hey Adam, my parents will be gone for several days. Do you want to come visit?", Megan asked me.

"Sure. It will get me out of here for a day," I quickly answered. "All I'm doing here is cleaning up the yard and fixing things around the house. It wouldn't be so bad if they were here to help me but they both work all day and are too tired when they get home to do anything. So I'm doing it all."

"Bring your bike. Abby has been bugging me about that ride you promised her," she warned me.

This was Tuesday. I told my folks that I had somewhere to go the next day and that I wouldn't be pulling weeds on Wednesday. They seemed OK with it.

So that next morning I grabbed an extra helmet, hopped on my bike and headed to Megan's. I had to work my way through both ends of town and ended up taking about 45 minutes getting there. I lived on the north side, Megan on the south.

I had barely put the kickstand down before Abby was right there wanting her ride. "Give him a minute to relax first, Abby," Megan told her younger sister. Abby frowned but backed off.

Looking at Abby it seemed she had grown another inch since I first met her. She just appeared to be filling out a little bit.

It was only around 10 AM but already was turning into a beautiful clear day. The morning chill seemed to be fading. We chatted a bit but you could tell Abby was on edge, wanting her bike ride. The three of us were out of school for the week and Megan's parents gone somewhere for a few days. That's why they had Megan stay at the house, to watch over Abby.

After about a half hour I stood up and said, "Abby, what do say you and I go for a ride?"

She squealed as she jumped up. Running over to me she gave me a hug and then ran out to where the bike was.

"Please be careful with her," Megan cautioned. "She's just 11. Don't let her do anything stupid like stand up, or take her helmet off."

"I'll keep her safe," I promised.

I put the helmet on Abby's head and then stuffed her long hair inside her jacket. I told her to basically wrap her arms around my waist and hold on tight so she didn't have to worry about how to lean. We waved goodbye to Megan and then took off.

Abby had a tight hold, gripping the front of my jacket. I figured it was the best position for her size. Even though Megan had ridden in the same position las Fall when I had my bike out, having Abby holding me was a new and different feeling. She was so petite, so innocent. I know I shouldn't have, but I felt a stirring, an excitement that was more than just riding my bike with a girl strapped to my back. I had to shake my head a few times to try to knock some sense into it. Abby was only 11 years old, I reminded myself. OK, almost 12, for real now.

After about 15 minutes I had us up into the hills overlooking the city, near where the college was at. I parked the bike and told Abby she could take off her helmet for a few minutes while we rested. After pulling off her helmet she took one hand, slipped it under her hair and pulled it all out from her jacket. Shaking her head she flung her long hair back and forth a couple times. It was so sexy looking, so hot it took my breath away.

"We'll just have to stuff it all back in after a minute," I laughed.

"I know," she replied. She paused and then said, "I'll let you stuff it in." She smiled. After a noticeable moment of silence she said, "I like it hanging out. This is so great," she continued referring to the bike ride. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." She then reached up with her hand and tilting my head down, kissed me on the cheek.

"Wow, I'll have to give you more rides if I get a thank you like that each time." After a couple of minutes I helped Abby with her hair and helmet again. This time I paid more attention to how her hair smelled, how it felt to my touch, its softness.

A few minutes later we were on our way back to her place. Now I have one of those jackets where there is a slit within each pocket that allows access to the inside. Abby discovered it. As I was riding down the street, Abby began playing around on my stomach with her hands. She pulled my t-shirt out of my jeans in the front, although she was still holding on tight, and had her hands caressing my bare skin. Then slowly she started working her way down, first just under my belt, then lower. I just couldn't help it. I started to get hard, my dick reaching up to her hand.

Fortunately we come to a red light. I pulled her hand up and asked, "Are you trying to cause an accident?"

"Having trouble concentrating?" she joked.

"Yes," I replied as I took off when the light turned green. But she didn't let up. She grazed the head of my shaft with her fingernails a couple of times but didn't actually touch me with her fingers.

We were soon home though and Megan had left the garage open for me to just drive on in. As soon as we were stopped Abby was off the bike and had the garage door closing.

"Are you out of your mind Abby?" I asked with frustration. "You can't be doing that while we're riding. We could have an accident."

"So we can only do that when we're not riding the bike?" she asked.

"Yes, No, never. We can't ever be doing that." She had me flustered. "You're my girlfriend's sister, and you're only 11 years old."

"Shhhhh," she said with a smile, putting one finger to her lips. "I won't tell if you won't."

"Just knock it off," I told her as I walked into the house.

By now it was getting on towards lunch time. Megan had already made sandwiches for us. We chatted but of course nothing was said about Abby's roaming hands.

"I've got an idea," Megan announced. "I know it's the middle of the day, but let's go jump in the hot tub."

"I'd love to but no swimsuit," I explained.

"Who needs a suit?" Abby asked. I gave her a dirty look.

"You can wear my dad's suit," Megan suggested. "You're close to the same size." Realizing how far that was from the truth, we both busted out laughing. "You can cinch it up tight," she corrected.

Well in reality her dad was many sizes larger but I pulled the ties enough to keep the suit on, just like Megan said. The hot tub was medium size and had a number of different sprayers. Megan sat in the recliner section that had a water massaging tool that ran up and down your back. I sat facing her but the next section over. Abby sat the same direction as her sister facing me but on my right side.

Megan tipped her head back and closed her eyes. Abby turned on the jets. It mucked up the water so you couldn't see anything. That's when I felt her foot rubbing up and down the outside of my leg. Then I made my first big mistake. I tipped my knee outward allowing Abby access to the inside of my right leg. It just felt so nice and I thought, what harm could it do. Abby quickly took advantage, smiling at me as she worked her way up my thigh.

I looked over at Megan and she still had her eyes closed. Looking back at Abby I slid down in the water allowing my body to move forward, closer to Abby. She took advantage of that too, moving her foot up my leg until it rested on my groin. She then began to massage me. Well it didn't take but a few moments for nature to take its course. I got a hard on. Abby was grinning as she rubbed her foot up and down my shaft.

Just then Megan spoke, "Oh, I think I fell asleep." I quickly pulled back and Abby dropped her foot. Fortunately the bubbles kept the water so you couldn't see.

"Hey, you want a drink?" Megan asked.

"Sure," Abby spoke up.

"Not on your life," Megan told her. "A soda for you."

"Yeah, anything will do," I said. Megan got out of the hot tub and went back into the house to get a couple of drinks.

I turned to Abby and said, "Are you out of your frickin' mind?" as if I didn't have any part of it all. "Do you want Megan to see what you're doing?"

"You love it and you know it," Abby said. "Your fooling around with a little 11-year-old girl, you pervert," she added laughing.

"OK, I was but you've got to stop," I warned her. "You're going to get caught."

"Look me in the eye," she challenged me, "and tell me you don't want me."

I couldn't do it. Just then Megan came back so I pretended that she was the reason I didn't answer Abby. But I feared Abby was right.

Megan handed me my drink. As I was helping her back into the hot tub, Abby grabbed my drink and downed it. She instantly started coughing.

"You deserve that, you little brat," Megan told her.

When Abby could talk again she said, "My God what was that?"

"Don't swear," Megan told her. "That was a mixed drink that included things you shouldn't be drinking for another decade.

"Oh gee, I'm getting dizzy," Abby complained.

"I don't have any pity for you," Megan told her.

"Here, sit down next to me." I set her down, pinned between me and the side of the hot tub. "I don't want you drowning." Megan just shook her head and sipped her drink, leaning back onto her water massager.

"You OK?" I asked Abby. She had her eyes closed, her left hand over my right leg. Since the bubbles were still running she felt safe in moving that hand down onto my groin again. She began massaging me and was quickly rewarded with another hard on.

I know I should have pushed her hand away but I just couldn't, not at first anyway. But after about a minute I came to my senses and removed her hand. She tried it once more so I held her hand between her knees. That was a mistake. She took both her hands and moved my hand down between her upper legs. With her hands she moved mine up and down her crotch. The whole time I kept my eyes on Megan to make sure she didn't open her eyes.

Abby then took my middle finger and rubbed it hard up and down her pussy. Granted, she still had on her swimsuit but it felt wonderful just the same.

I did come to my senses though. I pulled my hand away and moved over next to Megan, giving her a kiss. "Did I ever tell you I think you are beautiful?"

"Once or twice," Megan replied smiling.

I stayed over by Megan just to keep away from Abby. She was dangerous. But after about 10 more minutes we all got out.

I had to get back into my same old underclothes, something I didn't care to do. So when Megan asked me to spend the night, on the sofa, I told her that I couldn't because I didn't have any clothes.

"Well can't you go get some?" she asked, speaking slowly as if I was a dunce. Of course I could but I didn't know if being there all night with Abby around was such a wise idea. "Just ride home, get what you need and come back. While you're gone we'll go to the store and get something for dinner."

"I'm not going to the store," Abby objected.

"Well you can't stay here alone while I'm gone," Megan told her.

"Can I ride the bike with you Adam?" she asked.

"Oh I don't know," I protested, 'it's such a long way, nearly an hour each way," I exaggerated. In decent traffic maybe 30 minutes tops. It just took me 45 that morning because I was trying to find a quick way to get there but wasn't too successful. Plus it was heavy traffic.

"Oh Adam, let her ride along," Megan pleaded. "She needs to get the newness out of her system so she'll stop bugging you about it."

"Fine," I consented. Abby gave me a hug.

I grabbed my gear, got Abby set to go and took off for home on my bike. It was still mid afternoon and I knew no one would be there. Actually that's what worried me.

As we rode along I tried to hurry, taking what shortcuts I could find. But before I was halfway home Abby had her one hand on me, rubbing me again. What made me mad about it was that I was pushing my hips upwards slightly, up against her hand pressure. She knew it and rubbed even harder.

When we got to my house I told her flatly, "No more Abby. Keep your hands to yourself." She didn't respond.

As we entered the house I told her, "I've got to take a shower first. Just make yourself at home, watch some TV or something."

I have a bathroom off my bedroom, just like the master bedroom does. I grabbed some fresh underclothes and went in to take my shower. After lathering up and then rinsing off I just let the water run over my head.

That's when I heard the shower curtain open. I turned and saw Abby climbing into the shower with me, completely nude.

It took me a moment to react, I was so mesmerized by her beauty. She really didn't have any breasts, oh two tiny little mounds with a dark areola and nipple. There was just the hint of dark hair around her pussy.

But react I finally did. "Fuck, fuck, oh shit, you can't be in here."

"Why not?" she pleaded, puffing out her lower lip. She looked so fucking sexy.

"Because you just can't," I demanded.

"Don't you think I'm pretty," she asked.

Oh God in Heaven how I wanted to touch her. "You are only 11 god damn years old, that's why."

"And your point is?" she shot back. Then she looked down at my groin. "Oh I see your point," she said.

I swung the curtain all the way open and stepped out onto the bathroom floor, grabbing a towel.

"You say one thing but your body says another," she said, nodding to my erection which was at full staff.

She let the shower soak her top to bottom for a moment and then shut it off. She then walked out of the bathroom backwards making that come-hither motion with her index finger. I just stood there and stared at her, drooling.

When Abby reached the bed she climbed up onto it, onto all fours so her ass was even with the edge of the bed. She swung her long brown hair so it covered her back and then turned and looked at me with her sexy eyes. Her ass was up in the air and I could see her pussy lips, almost hear them calling to me.

I couldn't take it any more. Still dripping wet I dropped the towel and walked up to her. "You are one fucking bitch, Abby," I told her. She just smiled at me and then turned her head forward like she knew what I was going to do.

I positioned my penis at her small little opening, wiggling just the head inside. Then without saying anything to her, I grabbed her waist on both sides. Pulling back hard and quick I pushed my raging hard on in as deep as I could go. I ripped through her hymen and halfway up her channel on the first thrust. Abby screamed in pain. But she deserved this the little siren. Pulling back I thrust in again. On the third time I drove all the way in. I rested just a moment before starting a hard fast rhythm, fucking this 11-year-old bitch I knew would one day just be another whore.

Oh my fucking God, I just remembered I was a virgin too. This little girl took my virginity just as I took hers. Her channel was so hot and tight. I wondered if that's how it would be with Megan. But the thought was fleeting because Abby was over her pain now and was starting to participate in our fucking. She was pushing back as I rammed myself into her.

This all happened over the course of a couple of minutes. I couldn't last, this being my first fuck ever. I shot my load, holding her tight against me as I pushed in as deep as I could.

After emptying myself I pulled out and climbed up onto the bed, collapsing onto my back, my legs hanging over the edge. Abby laid up next to me, her one arm and leg up on my body. We didn't speak but after a few minutes she moved herself so that she was fully on top of me. She kissed me, full on the mouth. Someone had taught this girl how to kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth as best I could. My tongue isn't all that long. Abby got the idea and did it to me, pushing hers into my mouth. The difference though was that her tongue was much longer than mine and the feeling was incredible.

The more we kissed the more our bodies rubbed up against each other. Soon my limp penis became a stiff rod. Abby worked her body around until she managed to push herself down onto my shaft. Once there we broke our kiss. Abby sat up almost instinctively. As she moved her body up and down my shaft I sat up and took her tiny little breasts into my mouth one at a time. I sucked and nipped at her nipples, listening to her moan with pleasure.

Gradually I felt myself building up towards another climax. I wanted to drive into her hard. So I stood up, she was very light. Flipping her over onto her back right at the edge of the bed, I was able to stand on the floor and fuck her missionary style.

The motion must have swung her necklace around so that it laid there around her neck right in front of me. She had a silver cross. I put my hands on her shoulders and began fucking this little angel as fast and as hard as I could, all the while staring into the cross resting on her neck.

"Oh Adam, Adam," she cried, "I'm, I'm, oh, oh." Just then she tried to push upwards towards me. I knew she was having an orgasm, maybe her first ever. The thought sent me over the edge and I pushed in one last time before climaxing myself. I emptied four or five hard shots of my cum into her before it started dying down.

Out of breath I just stood there staring at her. A moment later I fell backwards, pulling out of her and landing on my butt on the floor.

"Adam?" Abby was trying to get my attention.

"Yes," I said.

"Is it always that good?" she asked.

"I hope so," I laughed. "That was my first time."

"You were a virgin?" she asked.

"Was until you came along, you little seductress," I told her.

"You wanted me. I just obliged you," she explained.

"I can't argue with that," I agreed. "I did want you." I thought about what we just did, what we would tell Megan. Then the phone rang.

I looked at the caller ID. "It's your sister," I warned her as I answered it.

"Where are you guys?" Megan asked.

"We're just about to leave," I told her. I had the phone up near so Abby could her too.

"Well quit fucking around and get Abby and yourself home here." Megan then hung up.

"Guess we better quit fucking around and get you home." We both laughed.

We got dressed, I grabbed some clothes and we took off. Abby kept me hard all the way home but this time I let her, and didn't complain. When we pulled into her garage I cautioned Abby, "We need to be careful. Don't do anything that will look suspicious." I talked as if Abby and I were going to continue our affair but I knew we couldn't. It was a one-time event, incredible as it was.

The End (until the sleepover).

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Im not a hater, but i think any age below 12 is not moraly right.but hey, we all read it willingly. Nice build up. Bring the sister into the party.

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I love how people complain about her being only 11 and all.. you saw that when you first started reading the story and continued reading it.. so your no better than the writer.. i was 23 and a 11 year old kept flirting with me and she kissed me on the lips.. nothing more happened but don't go saying i brought it on.. she an 11 year old would have fucked me if i let it happen..

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This main one liked in this series not mutch into offers but can say they was written well and fun little storys to read.

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This main one liked in this series not mutch into offers but can say they was written well and fun little storys to read.

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