She thought that she fell asleep, but she was abruptly awakened when a couple of kicks hit her midsection, rolling her over. The kicks continued until she was quite a ways away from the mud pit. It was the women who were administering the kicks, then men didn't seem to be anywhere in sight. She was abruptly pulled to her feet and given another cold shower with the hose. This time they didn't flush out her ass or pussy, and she was grateful for that, but her gratitude was short lived. She was pulled over to a well lit porch where she was ordered by one of the women to get on her hands and knees. She did so and her long hair was grabbed and bunched up like they were going to put it in a ponytail. One of them produced a nylon rope and she and one of the other women started wrapping the rope around her hair, twisting the rope and tying a knot before twisting the rope more, going around and around the length of her hair, tying the occasional knot before wrapping it again. When they were finished, they pulled on either ends of the rope, pulling her hair along with it. Her head was pulled as far back as it would go without snapping her neck. The remainder of the rope was pulled between her legs, each women pulling it tight and then wrapping it around her thighs, the rope digging into her skin, and locking her head back. The women moved to kneel on either side of her, and each grabbed a tit, wrapping the rope around the base of her breasts five or six times. They finally knotted the two ends together, and moved back to admire their handiwork.

He was also admiring the women's handiwork. They had done a wonderful job at the bondage, his slut's breasts were turning purple and they had secured her so tightly, she couldn't have moved, even if she had wanted to. Her head was lewdly pulled back, which was going to be a good thing, because he knew what the women had planned, and he was glad that her head and face would be highly visible to the cameras and video recording devices. He was recording as well, but was hiding in the shadows, he didn't want his slave to see him. He was also receiving a much appreciated blow job from one of the women at the party. He'd been so turned on by filming his little whore's gaping asshole that he had been too hard to continue, and when one of the guests had offered to give him head, he'd gratefully accepted. He came in the woman's mouth just in time, because he needed his hands steady to record the look on his slut's face when she realized that a couple of the women had gone out back and were bringing up the home owner's three dogs. There was a black lab, and two rottweilers. He had planned on this happening, he had asked the owner if it would be ok, and the man agreed, as long as he got to see the footage of his dogs fucking his friend's fuck toy. When he had informed some of the party guests of his intentions, several of the women asked if they could be in charge of setting it up, and he agreed.

Her neck hurt so bad, and so did her head, from her hair being pulled so hard. She had lost feeling in her tits and her legs were also going numb from the tight bonds the women had tied. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the women approach with the dogs, the animals walking briskly towards her, sniffing as they got closer. She had been through so much tonight, she couldn't take this! She tried to look around to find her master, but couldn't see him anywhere. Surely, he would come and save her if he knew what these sadistic women were planning on doing to her. She just couldn't allow herself to be fucked by a dog, let alone three of them! She had taken every cock in every one of her holes and had endured eating every and eating every asshole that was presented to her, but this was too much. How could her master allow her to be treated like an animal? How could he let these women bring dogs by her. She had to let him know what was going on! "Help, master, please help me!" She shrieked out hysterically. Not only did he not appear, but her cried were met with several hard slaps across her face. The blonde woman who had been tormenting her all night spat in her face as she shouted at her, "Shut up, you stupid slut! You're getting to show everyone what a genuine bitch you are! You're going to take on these dogs, and you're going to cum while doing it! If I don't hear you screaming about how you love to be fucked by a dog's cock, We will drag you back into the house and tie you up to the table again, and this time... we won't be nearly as nice!" The other girls laughed in agreement. She saw them bring the black lab by her face. One of the other women spoke and said, "Open your mouth, bitch! Pant and whine and let that dog stick it's tongue in your mouth. You can consider it foreplay!" This comment brought even more laughter from the crowd, but she did as she was told, and began to pant and the dog sniffed her before licking her face, his rough tongue occasionally snaking inside of her mouth. The dog was led away behind her and she could feel the dog's cold nose between her legs, sniffing at her pussy. His nose was cold and wet as it pushed inside of her, and she wanted to squirm away, but she couldn't. The dog then moved and put his paws on her shoulders, and she felt his stiff prick poking between her legs. After several hard thrusts, it found it's target and pushed inside of her cunt. When the last man had complained that her pussy was too stretched out, she didn't know what to think, but she didn't feel stretched out at all now. The dog's thick cock filled her pussy. She was so dry for the first few strokes, that she thought her pussy would tear open, but, despite her insistence that she didn't want to be fucked by a dog, her pussy quickly became wet, allowing the dog to hump into her faster. She wanted to hang her head in shame, but the rope held securely, keeping her head pulled back so far that she could see the lab's head above her, his drool landing on her face as his claws dug deeper into her shoulders. The women had now been joined by most of the men and the whole crowd was laughing at her humiliation.

She heard the voice that she now recognized as belonging to the devilish blonde woman. "Start screaming you fucking bitch! I fucking mean it!" She knew that the woman was serious and so she gave into the sensations that were building in her pussy, spreading throughout the rest of her body. "Mmmm... yes, oh yes, I love being fucked by a dog, it feels so good!" She heard the woman scream at her to be louder, and so she was, "FUCK YES, FUCK ME, POUND MY PUSSY WITH THAT DOG COCK! I LOVE BEING FUCKED LIKE A BITCH IN HEAT BY A BIG FUCKING DOG! YES! UUUUGGGGH....yes, yes... oh yes, I'm such a dirty bitch, such a nasty fucking whore... I love having everyone watch me being used like a fucking, slutty animal!" She was moaning loudly, and when she felt her pussy being stretched out further as the dog's knot pushed it's way inside of her, it pushed her over the edge. "OH YES!!!... I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming, I'm cumming from being fucked by a dog... I'm such a dirty bitch, uuuugggghhhh....." Her orgasm was intense, and it kept on going for what seemed like several minutes. She started to come down from the powerful orgasm when she felt the dog unload it's cum inside of her, shooting powerfully deep inside of her cunt. It pushed her over the edge again, and she had another orgasm, announcing it to all of the people watching, "Fuck, I'm cumming again! I'm fucking cumming again! Oh yes, I love this, this feels so fucking good!" She found that she meant everything she was shouting out, she thought that her shouts would be to prevent angering the crowd at first, but she felt more humiliation wash over her as she realized that she really was enjoying having her pussy pounded by a big dog cock. When the dog was finished, he tried to move off of her, but the knot had not gone down yet, and so he dug his paws into her shoulders, his claws scratching her skin until he could finally unmount her. His cock pulled out, making a loud popping sound. She was prepared for the cum to gush out and one of the women was waiting, and put a beer pitcher under her pussy, letting the cum drip out of her pussy and into the pitcher. The woman even shoved a couple of fingers inside of her to scoop out as much cum as she could. The woman came around to stand in front of her, pushing the cum covered fingers into her mouth, forcing her to suck them clean. Although she had enjoyed being fucked by the dog, she was repulsed at the idea of tasting dog cum, but had no choice.

He was surprised that his little bitch enjoyed being fucked by the dog as much as she did. He thought about it for a minute and decided he shouldn't really be that surprised. At every turn, she was turned on by all of the pain, humiliation and hardcore fucking that he was giving to her. She was proving to be an amazing sex slave, and he knew that he would be watching this footage over and over again, and watching her reactions as he watched it with her, humiliating her by taunting how much she had enjoyed being a fuck animal. He watched as another woman brought one of the rottweilers forward. His slut didn't have to be ordered as to what to do this time. She opened her mouth and tried to move her head to nuzzle against the dog, welcoming it's tongue into her mouth. He thought he heard her whimper with excitement when the dog was led behind her, but he wasn't sure. It wasn't sure what to do at first, but it didn't take long before he could smell the sex scent coming from his between his slut's legs and he pushed his nose into her cunt, lapping at it, which brought screams of pleasure from his dirty bitch and shrieks of laughter from the crowd. He saw the rottweiler's prick growing out from it's sheath and the dog quickly mounted the fuck toy. The rottweiler had wrapped his legs around his slaves chest, the paws digging into the now purple flesh of her tightly bound tits. He heard his slave let out a whimper of pain, but as the dog's prick began to stab between her legs, he could see her moving her twat around, trying to help the dog find the hole. The dog finally succeeded and pushed his cock in, causing a guttural moan of pleasure to escape from his fuck toy's mouth.

She thought she had lost all feeling in her breasts, but the dog's paws digging into them caused newly found pain to shoot through them. The pain left her mind, though when the dog began to pump his cock inside of her, panting hard as he furiously pounded away at her pussy. He was drooling on her face as the first dog had, but she didn't care, she didn't need the women to remind her to shout out about how she loved being used as a genuine bitch for dogs to fuck, and she screaming so loudly that if there were neighbors nearby, they'd probably call the police. She opened her mouth to catch the dog's drool, she felt like such a nasty, dirty whore that she didn't care anymore. She grunted and bucked like a wild animal and announced to the crowd that the doggy's bitch was going to cum again. When her orgasm hit, she heard herself make sounds that reminded her of an animal howling. The dog growled at the sound, but didn't stop his furious pace of fucking her. When she felt the knot push inside of her, she was expecting it this time, and started shaking, making more guttural animal noises, her eyes lolling into the back of her head and drool leaking out of her own mouth. This caused an eruption of laughter from the crowd and a burst of sarcastic applause, but she barely heard their voices over the intense pleasure that was coursing through her body. She could vaguely hear them call her an assortment of names, mocking her for how much she was enjoying the rottweiler's cock. She found her voice enough to shout, "OH yes!! Fill me with your dog cum! Fill my bitch cunt with that hot dog cum... I want it so fucking bad... uuuuuggggghhhh.... I am going to fucking cum again!! Cum with me, dog... oh yes, cum with me and fill me with dog spunk, because I'm creaming all over your huge dog dick!" When she felt the spurts of cum splash inside the walls of her pussy, she shook again with another powerful orgasm. The dog's claws were digging at her skin as he fumbled to try to dismount her. His huge knot wouldn't go down and he tried to crawl away, dragging her body with him. Her bonds held her tight and she felt like she was going to be ripped in half. Finally, someone stepped up to help the dog off of her, . placing the beer pitcher under her to catch the dog cum, shoving three fingers inside of this time to scoop out the rottweiler's cum. When the woman put the cum coated fingers in front of her face, she opened her mouth to suck them clean, but the woman said, "No, you bitch slut... you've shown everyone what a fuck animal you are,so lap up the cum like any other dog would." She did as she was told, loudly slurping at the sticky dog cum that coated the woman's fingers. She was so ashamed of her behavior, and she was mortified of what her master would think when he saw what she had done, and how much she had clearly enjoyed it.

There was one dog left, and she wasn't sure she could take much more. Her body was quivering and shaking, and every inch of her ached and throbbed, yet her mind was numb with the intense pleasure that she had been experiencing. They didn't bring the dog up to her face this time, but allowed the other rottweiler to sniff between her legs. He licked at her sloppy cunt a few times and she twitched in genuine anticipation. She waited for the dog to mount her, but the woman who held the dog's leash had a different plan. The woman led the dog around to the front of her and with one of the men's help, lifted the dog up so that it's big, thick, pink prick was right in front of her mouth. "Come on, suck it you slutty bitch." She was scared to death of taking the dog cock into her mouth, but her hesitation was met by a massive paddle hitting her ass. She opened her mouth and started sucking on the dog's cock. The crowd was clearly enjoying watching her obscenely sucking off a dog. After a minute, the dog was pulled away from her mouth, and he growled at the people who had pulled him away from the fuck hole he was using. They led him behind her and he went to mount her, but because he was already so aroused from her sucking, he pushed at the first available opening, which was her tender asshole. She screamed, but it didn't matter, the dog had buried his thick cock inside of her ass and wobbled a little before he started into a steady rhythm of fucking her ass. His jowls were right above her face, and he was drooling more than the other two dogs, so much that she struggled to breathe. She knew that the dog's knot would be coming soon, and she didn't know if her ass could handle the intrusion. With a growl and a grunt, the rottweiler pushed hard into her and the knot stretched her asshole as it pressed inside of her. She thought that she screamed, but she couldn't tell. She knew she was being used in the most degrading of ways and that it was not a private show in front of her master, it was a bestiality act in front of a crowd of strangers, leering at her and mocking how she was being used. Even though she knew that she had fucked everyone that was watching, it was still humiliating to be obscenely fucked by an animal while they all watched and recorded every moment of the action. The dog filled her ass with cum, and this dog was able to dismount her pretty quickly. As before, the woman with the pitcher of dog cum was waiting to catch all the jizz that oozed out of her stretched open fuck hole. She was dizzy and although she had loved the pleasure of being a dog's bitch, she was glad that she was done with them.

He decided it was finally time to show himself to his slave. He walked into the light and watched her face as she saw him. He didn't want her to know how much her display of animal behavior had turned him on, maybe he would tell her later, but for right now he wanted to intensify her humiliation as much as possible. He when he approached her so that he stood directly in front of her. He gazed down on her with a disgusted look on his face, and using a stern tone, he said, "You make me sick! I leave you alone for a little while and what do you do? You act like a rutting hog, humping and cumming on anything and everything that gets near your revolting fuck holes! I knew you were dirty and trashy, but I didn't know that you were such a nasty fucking slut. I should rename you "FUCK PIG" You act like such a disgusting animal!" He walked around her and spit in her face, watching as the tears fell from her eyes, being humiliated so severely. "I can't believe that you just fucked three dogs! And you begged for it, I heard you... Fuck, the whole world could hear you cum like some fucking porn star! You.... loved... it. It's un-fucking-believable that you could be such a dirty whore. That you would take a dog's prick in every single one of your holes, and not just take it, but beg for it and cum harder than you did with any man or woman!" He circled her, and the crowd joined him in ridiculing the poor pathetic piece of fuck meat in front of him. "Do you realize that there are at least a dozen videos shot of you being a dirty, dog fucking slut? By tomorrow, they will be posted all over the internet and the whole world will see what a nasty animal you are!" He spit on her again and turned away, wanting her to think he was disgusted with her behavior. He was so turned on, though. He hoped that she couldn't see his raging erection through his pants.

The woman who held the pitcher of dog cum approached him and asked him what he thought they should do with it. "Cut the ropes off of her, while I decide, if you don't mind." The woman shrugged and handed him the pitcher that earlier held beer and was now half full of dog jizz. One of the women produced a knife and started cutting the ropes away from his slaves body, freeing her in one way, but removing the one thing that was keeping her from collapsing. Once she was untied, he watched her body sink to the ground in exhaustion. He wondered for a moment if he should empty the contents of the pitcher over her head and leave her there to nap for a while, she'd been worked over hard. But, his dominant ownership of her body made him think twice. His wanted to teach his slut to have better endurance than what she'd shown. She'd been fucked every which way and then some, and had been abused pretty rough in every respect as well, but... he hadn't restricted her orgasms, and he knew that she'd had many, many of them. He'd rewarded her at every step of the way, granting her as much pleasure from the experiences as she wanted, and if he wanted more from her, then it was her duty to give it to him So, he reconsidered what to do with the pitcher of dog spunk and decided that his bitch wasn't quite done for the night.

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