He walked outside with the crowd. A couple of tripods had already been set up in preparation for the outdoor activities. He was glad, because he wanted to join in on this part of things. His little piece of fuck meat was about to get a giant golden shower, and he wanted to be there to release his own stream of piss at her. He knew that every person there was going to piss on her, some more than once. Some of the men had been stroking their cocks watching the action in the kitchen and would hit her with streams of cum before their streams of urine. The fact that her limbs were numb and the light was blinding her just added to the sexiness of her reaction when the first waves of piss hit her.

She felt the warm liquid hit her face, and in shock she opened her mouth to protest, which was a mistake because that became the immediate target for the men to aim at. She choked on the mouthful of piss, trying to spit it out, but swallowing as much as she spit out. She closed her eyes, but heard her master order her to open them back up. By now her eyes had adjusted to the light, and she saw the men that surrounded her as she laid on the grass. Most of the men were aiming at her face, but some were aiming as her pussy, which as she glanced down, she could see was gaping open. She looked back up just as two men simultaneously jerked off above her, the thick gobs of white goo landing in her eyes, dribbling down the side of her face. Her arms were so numb that she couldn't raise them to shield her face, which she knew that her master wouldn't have allowed anyway. More cum hit her face, as well as more urine. When the wave of piss finally subsided, two men knelt on either side of her, one of them pushing his dick at the base of her nostril, cumming up her nose, causing her to choke and gag, her head shaking from side to side as she tried to clear her breathing tube. It meant that the other man's cum ended up landing in her hair, which was probably not his original target, for he slapped her across the face so hard that her ears started ringing, "Stupid fucking cunt." He spit in her face and turned to go, but changed his mind, grabbing her by the hair and pushing his softening cock into her mouth, pissing down her throat, pinching her nose so she was forced to swallow every drop. The cum in her nose burned as the man pinched her nose closed, and she knew that she was going to throw up. She was afraid of angering the man again, so she waited until he had moved to turn her head, throwing up the cum and piss that had filled her belly. She didn't move fast enough and a lot of it landed in her hair, which drew more laughter and name calling from the crowd.

He thought that he might have to step in when he saw the man's anger, but after the guy emptied his bladder down his slave's throat, he seemed content to walk away and go back to watching. When she threw up, he didn't make a move to help her, he knew that she'd feel better after throwing up. She seemed dizzy and tried to sit up, but one of the women shoved her head back to the ground and stood over her face, taking her turn to piss on his slave. The other women took their turns as well, some of them sitting on her tits, stomach or cunt to use his slave as toilet, but most of them wanted to use her face. Some standing tall above her so that their urine splashed against his slut's skin, others squatting to aim directly over her mouth. By the time that the women were finished, he knew that many of the men would want another shot at fucking her. He knew that she'd need to be cleaned up, but he didn't need to worry, some of the women had already gotten out a garden hose, hitting her with the full force of the ice cold water. They sprayed her from head to toe, nearly drowning her by nailing her directly in the mouth and nose with the powerful spray. The hosed her down, even going so far as to shove the hose up her cunt, flushing out loads of cum, and then giving her a homemade enema by kicking her over to her stomach and pushing the hose up her ass, quickly filling her bowels with the icy water, causing his fuck meat to scream.

The water was freezing at it felt like needles hitting her sore and abused skin. She finally got enough strength in her arms to push the water away from her face, so that she could catch a breath. No sooner had she found the strength to move that her insides were filled with the cold water, the pressure hitting her womb with incredible force, nearly doubling her over in pain. Just as quickly as the water had filled her, the hose was removed and she was roughly kicked in the side, knocking her over onto her stomach. When she felt the women spread her ass cheeks, she knew what was coming and tried to wriggle away, but hands held her firmly down as the shockingly cold water began to fill her up completely. She knew that as soon as the hose was removed, she would be unable to control herself, and she would spray the water and cum from her ass. Her stomach was becoming bloated, pushing her up off of the ground, making her appear pregnant, but that quickly changed as soon as the hose was removed. Water didn't just leak out of her ass, it sprayed out, drawing disgusting comments from those watching. Her bowels emptied quickly and she was left alone for a few brief moments. She had felt clean after being sprayed off, but that quickly changed the grass around her was quickly becoming mud. She pushed herself up on her elbows, but a foot pushed on the back of her head, smashing her face into the muddy ground. She felt her legs being spread and a cock pressed against her, pushing inside of her freshly cleaned out pussy. However, he must have not liked the sensation. "This slut's cunt is so stretched out, it's not even worth using anymore! It's like a sloppy old whore's twat, fucking useless!" He pulled out of her pussy and rammed his cock into her ass with one hard thrust. He grabbed handfuls of her ass, fucking her hard and fast. Her ass was sore, but she knew it didn't matter to them. She tried to get up on her knees, but she slipped in the mud and fell. She felt him shoot his cum into her ass and then move away from her.

He saw his well fucked slave was sinking into the mud. He had grabbed one of the handheld video cameras and was filming close ups of everything that had been happening. He was a little disheartened to hear that her cunt had been too stretched out to use anymore, at least for tonight... a little time back in the basement and she'd tighten it back up, but for the time being he was fine with the knowledge that her ass and mouth were still available for people to use. Another man had knelt between her legs, pulling her to her knees and pushing his dick into her ass. He filmed as the guy grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her hair up so that his friend could kneel in front of her, pushing his cock into her mouth. The two men pounded her from either end, no real rhythm going on, just two random men using his slave's holes. He zoomed in on her face as it was being fucked, saliva drooling out of her mouth, coating the man's balls that were slapping hard against her chin. She glanced over at him and saw him filming her, and he thought that she smiled a little at him, but he couldn't really tell, her mouth being stuffed full of cock. He moved around her, watching her ass being fucked as hard and rough as someone would fuck a pussy. Her asshole seemed to be stretching out from all of the fucking, the previous man's cum acting as lubrication so that this man could easily ream into her ass. She was covered in mud, and smelled like the disgusting men's room that they had been in earlier. Each of the men let out a grunt as they came in her respective fuck holes. He zoomed in close to her backside, capturing the images of cum oozing out of her asshole, that was quickly being stretched out. Several more men took their turns at her, unloading cum into her or onto her.

She had taken a so many cocks in her ass and in her mouth that she had lost count. She felt herself being dragged to a dry area of grass. A man was laying down and she was ordered to lower her ass onto the man's hard cock. She did as she was told, and because she had so much cum in her ass that had been fucked so many times, she took it without too much effort. The man pulled her back toward him as another man knelt between her legs. She figured that she was in for another double fucking, which she was fine with. She actually liked both of her holes being filled with cock. However, these men had no intention of using her pussy. The second man pressed his cock against her asshole, pushing it open so that she was taking both cocks up her ass. Even with all of the cum lubricant, it hurt like hell and she let loose a scream. She felt the stinging slap of a hand across her face and she stifled any further noise. It didn't take long before both cocks were plowing into her ass. Her legs were pushed up against her head to allow the men to fuck her harder as well as allowing the people with video cameras to get better footage of her taking a double anal fucking. She couldn't help it. She loved it. Before long she started moaning, feeling another orgasm building inside of her. The man on the top saw that she was getting ready to cum so he decided to intensify it for her and pushed several fingers into her sopping wet cunt. It pushed her over the edge and she started moaning and screaming about how much she loved being a nasty slut, that she loved being used and fucked.

He was loving how wanton and wild his whore was being. When the two men in her ass finally finished and filled her ass with more cum, he asked them to flip her over on her stomach before they moved to her mouth to have her suck their cocks clean. He asked another couple of guys to assist him with something. He asked them to hold the sluts ass open, that he wanted footage of her asshole gaping, and cum oozing out of it. The men happily obliged and pulled his slut's ass cheeks roughly apart, using their fingers to stick into the fuck slave's asshole, pulling it open for the camera. He watched, getting so turned on as he shot footage of a part of his little whore's body that he'd never seen before. He got as close as he could, so he could video of the inside of her ass. Her asshole twitched, trying to close, but the men kept poking and prodding at the hole, pulling it further open, the loads of cum dripping out. Her ass was beet red, welts all over it and it was covered in globs of cum, and he could not believe how turned he was to see her asshole gaping, as he zoomed in as much as possible to see into her ass as deeply as the camera would allow.

She was not surprised when the men that had been fucking her ass presented their cock in front of her face, demanding that she suck them clean. However, she was surprised when she heard her master ask for her asshole to be spread open. She felt exposed in a way that was so humiliating that she started crying softly. Her aching tits and nipples were throbbing and when she had finished sucking the cocks cleaned, one of the men knelt on all fours in front of her, demanding that she eat his ass out. She did as she was told, but she was so distracted by how her asshole was being violated, stretched out for the camera. She felt her asshole being pulled open wider, fingers stretching it apart, her master filming close ups of her now gaping hole. She felt the cum oozing out of it and hardly noticed when the man in front of her moved away and was replaced by another man, pressing his ass onto her face. The filming went on for several minutes, but it seemed like hours to her. She was finally released, and she collapsed onto the cool grass, and closed her eyes.

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