She felt exhausted. She didn't really know how much time had transpired, but she knew that she had been fucked a lot of times. She couldn't remember how many men had used her mouth, pussy or ass to get off, and she had cum way too many times to count. She felt so weak, she just wanted to curl up and fall asleep. The women who were standing on either side of her had different plans for her. Each of the women held a big handful of her hair, and each of them started pulling, using her hair to play "tug of war". She squealed out in pain, and the women laughed, as they began walking out of the room, dragging her by her hair behind them. She couldn't see where she was being dragged, but she saw the leering looks of the men and women that followed her. Her ass was already so sore from the earlier abuse, but it was intensified as she was dragged along the carpet. She felt her hair being nearly ripped from her head as the women tugged hard to pull her up three steps and across a tile floor. They finally let go of her, and she realized that she was in the kitchen. They hoisted her up onto a dining table, and positioned her so that her ass was just barely on the edge of the table. The women laughed at her and gave her evil looks as the took her hands and pulled them above her head, to tie them to the legs of the table. They then proceeded to push her legs back, securely binding them to her arms. She knew that her pussy and ass were on vulgar display and that then men seemed to step into the background as four or five women encircled her.

He watched with delight as his slut was about to be put through the torments of those women. While some of the men were relaxed, drinking and chatting, waiting for their next turn at his little sex machine. Some, like himself, were going to film what was about to take place. One of the women had re-affixed his slaves nipples clamps, tightening them as she did so. She put a piece of rope through the chain that connected to the clamps, and pulled the rope up to wrap around one of the blades of the ceiling fan above them. She had tied it tight, and he knew that once they turned the fan on, it was going to cause some incredible sensations within his slut. He had gotten some interesting ideas from this trip, many that he would incorporate into his own personal sessions with his slave. One of the women wasted no time in straddling his little slut's face, saying, "Eat my cunt, cunt!" laughing at her comment as she began to grind against her. He watched in complete arousal as his slave's tongue snaked out, struggling to eat the woman out as she humped against her face. Another woman had taken a rather large cucumber and roughly shoved it into his slave's pussy, causing her to buck her hips wildly. This was met with amusement from the crowd, and he felt his cock reach full attention again as he filmed the action.

She had to admit that she loved being fucked by all of the men the way that she had been, but she was now scared of what the women were going to do to her. She was doing her best to eat the pussy of the woman riding her face, but she was struggling to breathe. The woman was grinding on her face so hard that her nose was nearly buried into the woman's asshole, and her mouth was moving and lapping at the woman's pussy. When she felt something ram inside of her own pussy, she wasn't even sure what it was, but it was big, and it was roughly being moved inside of her. She felt something being inserted inside of her ass as well, and when it started to hum, she recognized it as a vibrator. She felt stuffed full, and she felt the woman's juices began to flow over her face... she felt that the woman was beginning to cum, and then someone switched on the ceiling fan, then switched it off. After cumming, the woman climbed off of her face, and she could look down and see that her pussy was crudely stretched wide around a cucumber, and her nipples looked like they were going to be torn off of her body, they were pulled so tightly. Someone flipped one the ceiling fan again and it twisted the rope to the point where the clamps were ripped off, causing her to scream louder than she ever had before. Her nipples were aching and throbbing and she could not stop herself from crying and sobbing. Instead of gaining sympathy, it seemed to do the opposite. She watched as one of the sadistic women cut a lemon in half and came over and pushed each half of the lemon onto her breasts, squeezing the acidic juice all over her cracked and battered nipples. Another one of the women slammed the cucumber in and out of her pussy several times and then pulled it out, pushing it into her mouth, gagging her with it. It muffled her cries of pain as the lemon juice continued to sting. She was bucking her body in pain, which seemed to be what the crowd wanted. She watched the two women who had scraped the cum off of her face approach her, one of them removed the cucumber from her mouth, and straddled her face while the other took an empty beer bottle, and shoved it inside of her aching pussy, fucking her with it.

He moved around to the other side of the table. The woman on his slut's face had short blonde hair and a great body. He watched as she spread her ass cheeks and positioned herself over his slave's mouth, "Eat my ass, whore!" she ordered, and he filmed as that little tongue did as ordered and pushed up inside of the blonde's asshole, wiggling and pushing as deep as she could. The other woman was a redhead and was going wild with the beer bottle, ramming it into his slut's hole. He was a little nervous that it might break, causing serious damage to his property, but his concern was quickly eased when the woman removed the beer bottle and affixed a very large strap on dildo around her waist, and shoved it into his little fuck toy's pussy. She began to fuck her in a fast and steady rhythm. The blonde had decided she was ready to be eaten out and moved her twat to where her asshole had just been. His slave loudly slurped at the blonde's pussy, even going as far as to lift her head up off the table to bury her face deeper. The blonde moaned in appreciation and rewarded his slave by grabbing a hold of her tits, digging her nails in deep into the skin at the base and raked them up to the nipples, leaving deep red scratches. She threw her head back and lustfully moaned, turning on the woman with the strap on who leaned forward to suck on the blonde's nipples, showing a gentle stimulation that they weren't showing his slut. The two women responded to each other, kissing passionately while the moved in a rhythm, one riding his slave's face, the other filling her cunt.

She knew that her orgasm was being muffled by the woman's pussy that she was eating, but she had cum pretty powerfully as the strap on plowed her well used cunt. When she felt the women twitch on her face, followed by the juices that flooded her mouth, she was not surprised when another woman sat on her face. She was disappointed when the strap on was pulled from her pussy, especially when she felt a belt come down across her thighs, followed by another blow from the other side of her. The belts came down again, hitting her exposed pussy and ass, as well as crashing down on her thighs and stomach. She didn't know how long the whipping went on for, she instead concentrating on eating pussy as best as she could. She knew that she had eaten the pussy of every woman there at least once, and on a couple of occasions, she knew that the woman had been fucked by someone, she had to eat the cum as it squished out of some of the women who had straddled her face. She didn't know what had been stuffed up her twat, or up her ass, but she was sure that her master was taking pictures and video of it and would make her watch it later.

He was filming it, and he knew that others were as well. His fuck toy was turning out to be quite the attraction, and several people had asked him if they could call some friends to invite them over to take part in the action. He had no problem with that, He had brought her here to be used and fucked as much as possible, so he was happy to have more people to come and enjoy the humiliation of his little slut. He knew that the women would be rougher and meaner than the men, and he was right. They showed no mercy as they whipped, slapped and tortured his whores body. He was so aroused at the creativity of the women when it came to the abuse they had heaped upon her tits. He loved what they did with the ceiling fan, and then to top it off with the lemon juice was a degradation that he was amazed by. He knew that his slaves tits would be sore for weeks, and he wondered how long he'd allow her to heal before he did more abusing of the himself. One of the men was a computer programmer and was already collecting people's videos to edit them into one massive compilation of the varying angles of the earlier action. The guy had asked him if he planned to post the sluts gangbang onto a porn site, and he thought it was a good idea. After all, he had been doing everything he could to demean her into a dirty piece of fuck meat, and having her action posted online was a good way of later reminding her of how many men were watching her slutty behavior.

She was whimpering, but doing her best to keep going, eating each and every pussy that was placed over her face. Then she felt the unmistakable sensation of fingers entering her pussy. It didn't feel sexual, it was just in a stabbing motion, two fingers, then three, then four. The woman stretched her cunt until she could feel the woman's entire hand inside of her, making a fist and ramming deep into her. The woman twisted her hand and pulled it almost out completely before roughly shoving it back in. Each time she twisted her fist, she pulled it out and shoved it in deeper, pounding as deep as her pussy would allow. She heard someone call out, "Come and see, the dirty whore is getting her revolting cunt fisted! She's taking almost an entire arm up her dirty fuck hole!" There were murmurs from the crowd and she heard the now familiar names being hurled at her. She actually enjoyed being called all of the nasty, disgusting names. It turned her on to be reminded that her sole purpose in life was to now please her master and to do whatever he wished her to do. She knew that he wanted her to do everything she was told to do at this event, and so she tried to relax her pussy as the woman's fist continued to fuck her pussy. She felt that the woman was going to punch a hole through her, but she kept on eating pussy, enduring the cheers of the crown. The woman finally removed her fist, but it was soon replaced by another woman's hand, plowing her fist inside of her. This woman grabbed a hold of her clit and pinched it, cruelly pulling it up and twisting it as her fist continued to ram inside of her. She was crying, but no one knew because her face was a mess of cunt juices and cum. Suddenly, without warning, things suddenly stopped and she felt her bonds untied. Her arms and legs were practically numb, so when someone grabbed her by the hair and dragged her off the table, she couldn't get her legs beneath her. It didn't seem to matter as she was just dragged by the hair, out the back door and unceremoniously dropped onto the grass. She laid there in shock for a moment, the flood lights that had been turned on briefly blinded her as well, so she didn't see the crowd that followed her outside.

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