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NOTICE; CHAPTER 1 INCLUDES NO SEX BUT DOES CONTAIN SOME RATHER DARK THEMES. If you are sensitive reader, you should not really be on here but anyway. I advise you gloss over Chapter 1 as it is only there for character and plot development to create more realism and effect for the story. It includes Drugs, Violence and some freaky mental images but if you are not bothered by this sort of thing I highly recommend reading it for plot purposes.


Chapter 1; Cold Awakening.

My eyes slowly began to part open to the fuzzy blackness of the living room; a light somewhere in the background faintly illuminated objects in the room. I dragged my hands down the length of my face as I tried to bring myself to full consciousness. I shook my head quickly before rubbing the dried and crusted sleep away from my eyes. I stumbled and groaned as I got up, my muscles ached and I was sore. To make matters worse I had spouted and erection while sleeping, which pushed up hard against my jeans, desperate and gasping for release. I clumsily stumbled towards the only conceivable light source in the room; I was enchanted to it like a moth to a flame.

As I approached the source of light, I had to squint my eyes as the beam of light stabbed its way into view. From inside the open archway I could see a silhouetted figure seated within the room. I thought I was dreaming, but as my eyes began to adjust to the fierce piercing, light I soon began to make out the familiar outline of Natalie. I gave my eyes one final quick rub before I trotted into the bright kitchen, the light bouncing of the laminate floor back into my face. I pulled up one of the typical wooden dining chairs and slumped down in the seat, resting my elbows on the table followed by my head in my hands. My head was pounding and the room was spinning. I muttered a ramble of words to Natalie but my speech was slurred and awkward. It was as though I was drunk, yet, I could still feel my body and the increasing pain that darted from one part of my body to the next.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Natalie’s voice rasped out in a long and spiteful hiss that echoed around the room before charging directly into my ears, thundering against my sensitive eardrums. I cringed as she spoke; it was like a snake hissing right into my ear. I clutched my head and cringed as the shivers ran down my spine but did nothing to improve my tiredness. I began to vaguely, make out the stagnated words of Natalie.

“Can you hear me Steven?..”

The voice was cold and withdrawn, not the tone of a pleasant mother who worked hard to provide for her daughter. I feebly tried to mutter a response but it was far to muffled and slurred to make sense of. The serpent voice continued to rasp and rattle out into the cold dead air of the kitchen, its tone like a predatory hunter seeking out its prey.

“I have drugged you Steven,… I know of everything you did”

Panic began to spiral all throughout my mind and an overwhelming feeling of fear and panic shook at the core of my body and pounded on my senses. It willed my body to move and run but I could not move. I felt withdrawn, trapped outside of my body, a spectator of the scene in front of me. I unwillingly tensed and cringed as my head erupted in fresh squeezing pains. The onslaught of Natalie’s voice continued to probe at my ears becoming louder and louder, increasingly getting more aggressive to the point of pure fiery hatred igniting the room in flames around us. Counters combusted into roaring fire and cupboards singed all around, turning to black charcoal within mere seconds. My brow began to drip down cold beads of sweat that cascaded towards the black charcoal floor before hissing wildly as a cloud of steam floated upwards in a misty smoke like form.

I was panicking wildly, this could not be real. I tried to focus on reality and what was been said. I managed to squeeze my eyes shut and mutter in quick breathes that it could not be real and I was going crazy. Gradually the room began to take its normal form again, the counters were once more clean and untouched like they always were but the serpent voice remained; the voice of an evil and cruel devil; a devil that toyed with its prey and feasted upon fear and misery. Through my hazy vision, I began to finally look up at Natalie who was sitting across of me. At the sight of her, my gut twisted and turned as a fresh wave of fear crashed against my mind. Glistening elegantly in the bright kitchen light was the familiar reflective gleam of a razor sharp kitchen knife. 5 Inches in length and razor thin, a meat knife capable of cutting through tough animal bone. I gulped through my dry and cracked throat as I stared at the knife in Natalie’s hand.

She sat there opposite me with a blank expression on her face, taking her time with speaking, allowing me to take in the fear and realism of the situation, as much as I could anyway. Whatever she had drugged me with, It was causing severe paranoia and hallucinations. She spoke again, her tongue darting out, long, thin, and twisted as she spoke in her serpent voice.

“You violated my daughter… You touched her… Molested her… Abused her…”

“..No..” I managed to spit out through my gritted teeth, the pain was reaching unbearable limits and I felt extremely cold. My body shivered all over and I felt that I would soon pass out if not die from exhaustion and pain.

“No?... Oh but you did Steven. I trusted you. You slept with her. Lied to me. You’re sick, vile and twisted.”

Her words spiralled around my head, whispering coldly and constantly; Sick, Vile, Twisted, Sick, Vile, Twisted. I willed the serpent’s voice to cease and to fall down dead but it would not relinquish its icy grip on my mind. I forced myself to think of little Issy. Issy, a sweet and warm innocent angel, I loved her… No matter what Natalie said, I loved her.

I forced myself to repeat that line in my head, so much so that I began unknowingly to speak it aloud, hard and determined. My eyes were closed one more, as I pictured the sweet child in front of me. Smiling happily at me as she stood there in the garden in front of the perfect ivy coated house. Her violet dress fluttered gently in the warm soothing summer breeze, her soft and silky brown hair let down brushed against her shoulders and fluttered elegantly like her hair. Her brown eyes sparkled like diamonds as her face lit up in gentle laughter. The thought soothed me and eased the spiking pain but the serpent voice had other ideas.

“Oh.. you ‘love’ her do you?... What would you know of love you sick paedophile!?”

That was it. Enough was enough and this stopped here. I turned my head up slowly, fighting the pain with all my heart and mind. I opened my eyes and gazed straight at the beast before me. I looked into the depth of her eyes. I witnessed the burning love and passion hidden behind the mask of evil but she in turn.. Saw my fierce determination of love through my eyes, which were bloodshot red. I spoke in a cold voice that shattered the serpent’s oncoming echo.

“I… love... her.”

The room began to spin uncontrollably, the kitchen surroundings blurred out of existence, and all that remained was the rotating table and chairs with me and Natalie sitting opposite each other, Hostility entrapping us in this vicious circle. Her grip on the knife tightened as she raised it up into the air. I sat there motionless my gaze never averted as pain spiked wildly at my head. The knife came crashing downwards and impacted deeply, the impact cracked an opening caesium of blackness which swallowed us both hole and I was there. Motionless, surrounded by the darkness but I could feel my body still there in existence. The pain had ceased and I felt myself letting go of my body. I floated away into the abyss, no emotions… no feelings…nothing and then, I was gone.

Chapter 2; Revelations

My eyes suddenly flashed wide open to reveal a dimly lit bedroom. I was laying there in a large king size bed with a small beam of light cracking its way through the tiny parting in the curtains opposite me. I stared around blankly, trying to recall my surroundings but my memory was blurred and confused. I was unable to recall any of the events of last night after putting Issy to bed. I sat up slowly and realised I was completely naked. My dick was hanging flaccid as I sat up in the bed. I was shocked and I instantly when bright red in embarrassment as I realised I was naked in Natalie’s bed. However, I could not remember for the life of me how I got in this bed.

I looked around the room for something to cover up with but alas found nothing that would be suitable or ideal in my situation. I thought about using the bed covers but they were too heavy and thick for me to drag around outside the door and down the wooden stairs. I started to panic and franticly dashed around the room searching for my clothes or anything I could wear. I could feel slight chills as the cool air of the room brushed against my skin as I glided through the air. A horizontal wooden pane door caught my eye at one side of the room; its knob was brass and shiny which immediately lured me to it. I jumped over the bed and grabbed the knob before tearing the door open to reveal a tidy walk in wardrobe. There on the lower shelve surrounded by an army of boots, was a neatly folded pile of clothes, clothes that belonged to me.

I gulped, knowing that Natalie must have seen me naked and the fear and embarrassment made me shudder. I grabbed my clothes and quickly began to dress before anyone came in and saw me like this, especially Issy. Shit I thought, what is she knows. At that moment, a thought entered my mind, a distant memory that was blurry and unrecognisable, I pondered on the thought for a while, pausing while putting my jeans on but soon dismissed it and regained my focus on getting dressed.

Once dressed I approached the bedroom door gingerly, cracking it open slightly, wincing as the frame creaked and groaned lightly in the silence of the house. I cautiously stepped out into the slightly warmer landing, listening for the faintest of sound. I could hear a slight sizzle in the distance, and a sweet delectable aroma wafted its way upwards towards my nose. Bacon, it was defiantly bacon, I could smell its sweet aroma and hear its gentle sizzle as it fried and bubbled in a frying pan on a stove. My stomach growled with ferocity and instinctively drove my legs to move me closer to the food.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Natalie at the stove, her back to me cooking away at the bacon. However, another thought had crossed into my mind. Again it was blurred and unrecognisable yet it plagued my mind. There were flashes of light, spinning rooms with blurred motion. The whole idea of trying to remember it made me feel queasy so I plunked myself down on the dinning chair and waited for breakfast from Natalie. Continual thoughts of déjà vu stabbed at my mind and blurry memories kept breaking to the surface desperate to be recalled by me, but it was hopeless. Natalie turned around and nodded to me as she plated up bacon and eggs on a plate and placed them in front of me.

She asked how I was feeling and I said a little weird but well. I wanted to avoid the conversation of how I ended up naked in her bed for as long as possible but I knew it was inevitable. I glanced at my food on the table and noticed there were no knives or forks so I quickly chirped up and asked for a knife and fork.

She nodded, seeming distant from me, not as friendly or outgoing as she used to be on previous occasions. As she got up and fumbled in a draw for some knives and forks, I noticed a deep gash in the wooden dining table. I ran my finger down the gash and felt the deep crevice, which seemed to send chills down my spine. Natalie had turned back around and watched me carefully, as though she was examining my movements and gauging my reactions, what for I have no idea but… for something.

She then moved towards me with the knife and fork. The sunlight through the open window caught the knife, it gleamed sharply into my eye, and I had to squint quickly as the light blinded me. It was then that the memories of the previous night crashed through my head, like an open floodgate. I remembered everything, the drugs, Natalie’s cold serpent like voice and the hallucinations I experienced. I got up quickly and pushed the chair away as I backed away from Natalie’s approach. She breathes in deeply as she placed the knife and fork down on the table and took her own seat in front of her own meal.

“You… You drugged me… Y-You… The knife”

I stammered uncontrollably in the recent revelation and I began to fear for my life. I stood there in shock, backed against the wall staring at Natalie who just sat there in her chair watching me with deep blue eyes, seemingly never to blink, just like a snake.

“Sit down Steven”

She commanded me sharply. Her voice serious and hollow but thankfully, normal. She took her knife and fork and began to tuck into her meal as though this was a normal occurrence and that she drugged her babysitters all the time, hell for all I know she could do! I slowly and cautiously approached the seat and moved it back to the table before perching myself on the edge of it, ready to bolt for the back door at any given moment.

“I know what you’ve done with my daughter Steven. I had to make sure she was safe, I hope you understand”

She spoke in a calm voice, her tone had softened and become more apologetic but I still glared at her in shock horror, trying to anticipate her next move.

“Why… the drugs? What did you give me!?”

I demanded. Outraged that she thought I would just forget this and move on. A part of me did understand her of course, I had violated her daughter but not out of paedophilic lust but rather love.

“A type of mushroom, we use it in one of the restaurants I own. When cooked it’s harmless and tastes rather nice in my opinion. However, if raw, it is like a magic mushroom. A halogen drug that causes paranoia and fear”

She explained calmly as she continued to cut her bacon and mix it with her egg. I sat there and tried to take this all in and piece together the pieces of the puzzle.
“You love Issy. I realise that now… you thought against the drug and won. Not many people can do that you know. So… Here are my terms Steven. You can fuck my daughter but you have to give me something in return.” My jaw dropped open in disbelief and I sat there like a goldfish, just blinking in shock, all fear had escaped my body but my cheeks began to burn a bright red and my penis was stirring from within my jeans. I gulped deeply before spluttering out,

“You… what? Wh-What do you want?... W-W-Why?”

I began to ramble out questions towards Natalie but she looked down and raised her hand to pause me.

“After you passed out,… I put you in bed and spoke to Issy. She feels same as you. You’re the world to her Steven. So… I guess I can’t stop you two, but what I want. I want satisfaction Steven. Issy’s father… it feels so long ago now but I crave to be pleased,… Sexually. I’m lonely too.”

My dick was now standing to full attention as I took in all this information and pondered on it in my mind, weighing the possibilities and outcomes. The offer was more than fair, I got to fuck two beautiful women all I wanted which was a dream come true for any teenage boy but for one of them to be possibly my true love, it was the deal of the century. Natalie had resumed her gaze at me; her eyes sparkled slightly in hope and a little desperation as she awaited my answer. I took a deep breath and calmed myself as I replied;

“Ok… I’ll do it”.

Chapter 3; A deals a deal.

We finished our breakfast in silence, occasionally glancing up at each other, catching each other’s gaze, which made us smile awkwardly, unsure whether we should continue this proposition or not. I had no intentions of quitting; the thoughts of last night still remained slightly blurred and were quickly leaving my head again so I guess I found it simple to just gloss over these memories and focus on the present and future. As she moved the dishes away to the side, she took me by the hand and began to lead me out of the kitchen, into the hallway, and up the stairs. My heart began to beat faster and faster in anticipation as we approached the walnut door of the master bedroom.

The curtains were still drawn which cast a dim light in the room so Natalie strode over elegantly to the curtains and pulled them open partly to allow light into the room but trying to be careful not to let any nosy neighbours opposite see in. She pulled me over to the bed eagerly and pulled my close against her body. I awkwardly began to fumble my hands across her chest, grasping at her breasts through the fluffy wool of her black dressing gown. She chuckled lightly as she took hold of my hands and lowered them away from her. She released me and pushed me back gently before standing up to unstrap her dressing gown.

She flung her robe wide open to reveal her body in perfect form, Magnificent 36C breasts with ripe erect nipples poking out teasingly at me and a clean-shaven pussy that glistened with moisture and emitted a sweet and delectable aroma. I stood back in awe at this model like body that stood before me. She was no match for the cute petite body of Issy but damn she was close. She pulled out her bobble that held her smooth blonde hair in a neat ponytail at the back of her head and swiftly swished her hair sending a gentle breeze through the air that cascaded against my face making me smile and lick my lips. Her blue sapphire eye dazzled at me as she leant in towards me to embrace me in a soft and tender kiss on the lips. It was a little strange making out with a woman who was 30. In addition, she was only slightly smaller than I was, but soon I began to adjust and became more adventurous.

We began to kiss more rigorously and I began to extend my arm to her breast, I gripped it and weighed it gently in my hand, feeling its smooth skin with my fingers. I pinched her hard erect nipples gently, which caused her to groan in between her pushing kisses. I continued to pinch and pull on her breasts and in response, she began throwing her head back in pleasure, letting her groans escape into the bedroom air, blissfully ignorant to perhaps alerting Issy. I released my hold on her breasts and slowly lowered my face down to swirl my wet tongue around her breast, swapping from left to right as I licked up and down and side to side. I took each nipple in my mouth and sucked for a few minutes like a breast-feeding baby before swapping over to the other. Natalie began to moan louder and louder as I continued my torturous sucking. Her legs began to wobble as she verged on an amazing orgasm. She began to fall backwards onto the bed and I had to use all my strength to lower her gently so I would not drop her and lose my latch on her warm breast.

I began to pull and twist her other nipple while I sucked on the other, which sent her into a catatonic orgasm her juices gushed out of her pussy and drenched the bed sheets with sweet nectar. The aroma escaped into the air immediately and fuelled my hunger. Her chest was rising up and down franticly; I could hear her inhaling deeply after letting aloud moans of pure pleasure. Natalie laid there completely spent but I was not done with her yet, After all, A deal is a deal.

I ran my hand down her the middle of her breasts and across her flat toned stomach tickling the edge of the pubic region teasingly before I inhaled the sweet taste and aroma of her pulsating pussy. I darted my tongue out into the depths of her pulsating muscle and began to lap and lick like a thirsty dog at the juices that still continued to trickle out gently. Her body arched as she lifted herself up off the bed as I made contact with my tongue. She let out a loud piercing scream of overwhelming pleasure but I was to pre-occupied to notice. I probed deeper with my tongue, pushing as far as I could into her gaping hole. I ran my tongue in circles all around her pussy, lapping at the smothered walls, cleaning them of their juices hungrily. I began to tongue fuck her, which sent her into overdrive of whimpers and pleas to stop. She tried to clamp her legs shut but I forced her to keep them open while I tortured her with pleasure.

She was in pure lust and her body was in spasms all over, she was seeing black around her eyes and struggled to breathe but never wanted this feeling to stop ever. I eased off on my tongue fucking and instead focused on flicking my tongue lightly across her erect clit, which was protruding gorgeously at the top of her drenched slit. Natalie let out another ear-deafening scream as I flicked and flicked on her clit. Her body rocked and shook violently before a final arch, another gushing flow of sweet juice sent her into the abyss, where she blacked out. I lapped up the final few drops of her completely spent pussy and chuckled to myself at the sight before me.

“That’s for drugging me you bitch”

All fear was gone and I was free to be confident and dominant without fear of been caught. I leant in and planted a soft kiss on Natalie forehead as she laid there, her mouth open and chest rising up and down heavily as she gasped for air in her sleep. I made sure she was not going to choke before I left her in the room and closed the door. I headed towards the bathroom so that I could freshen up before tending to the needs of my little angel who surprisingly had not burst into the room wondering what all the screaming was about, or perhaps she already knew.

Chapter 4; Some things will never be clean.

I let the water run from the showerhead in the bath so that it would be nice and warm for when I got in. I stripped myself down exposing my rock hard cock that was twitching every now again. Pre-cum was coating the plump head. I gently ran my fingers down the length of my cock from tip to base. I was on the edge of a humongous orgasm after the tongue fucking I had given to Natalie so the touch sent shivers through my body and I could feel my pelvis instantly tensing, desperate for release. I quickly checked the water temperature, climbed into the bathtub, and stepped straight under the warm pouring water. I sighed and relaxed as the water splashed against my back and trickled down, soothing my muscles before falling to the basin below and washing away down the plughole. I began to fondle my dick in my hand, wrapping my hand around the base and pumping it slowly and gently trying to ride out the waves of pleasure that consumed my body at this moment.

Movement from behind in the bathroom caused me to turn and look up suddenly, I could vaguely make out the small frame of a person through the soggy shower curtain that parted our view except for the faint outline of a body. The intruder was desperately trying to sneak up on me but I was not going to let this little minx get the jump on me this time. She approached the curtain and extended her hand towards the curtain about to pull it back and jump out at me but just as she reached her hand to wrap around the far end of the curtain I grabbed her and screamed ‘Boo’. She instantly tried to leap back as she yelped loudly in shock and surprise. She fell backwards onto the tile floor of the bathroom and I leant against the shower wall laughing uncontrollably as I watched her flay around on the floor stark naked.

She started laughing too, a little reluctantly at first but soon overcame her shock and joined in laughing heartily. I clambered out of the bathtub leaving the water running. The water droplets on my skin trickled down and glimmered in the bathroom light before splashing carelessly onto the cool tile floor below. I knelt down and began to clamber on top of the sweet 11-year-old Issy pushing her on her back gently before parting her lips with my tongue. We embraced in a magnificent and passionate kiss with our tongues swirling and probing at each other’s mouths. The water that dripped off my body and onto hers made her squeal in shock every time the warm heat brushed her skin. She laughed pleasantly as she broke the kiss with me and laid there smiling at me with a devilish grin that I had gotten to know all to well.

I stroked her soft hair with my wet fingers and slowly turned my body so that my face was facing away towards her pussy in a 69 position. Issy instantly reached up with her little hand and took a firm grasp of my rigid cock. She engulfed the head of it in her warm and succulent mouth and began sucking and pumping it rigorously. I gasped and knew I would barely last a minute under my current state. I began to thrust my hips slowly forcing inch by inch of my cock deeper into her tiny mouth that was sucking intensively on my swollen cock.

I began to pant quickly as I strained to hold back an explosion of cum but once Issy peeled back my foreskin and swirled her tongue around my head and glands inside the warm soft mouth, my eyes widened and I grunted as an explosion of cum shot out in long sticky and salty ropes into the little girls mouth. She coughed and gagged but tried desperately to keep the contents in her mouth. A few drops dribbled out the side of her mouth but she quickly lapped them up before they had a chance to escape. She continued to engulf her mouth around my cock and move it deeper into her mouth, fucking it with her tender lips and frantic tongue. The poor thing could only get four inches in but the feeling was incredible and had me seeing stars the whole time.

My cock began to deflate soon after Issy lapped up the last bits of cum around her lips. I was knackered and found it difficult to get up. Instead, I laid myself down on top of Issy and positioned myself so that I was not hurting her but she was unable to get up at the same time. I began to stroke my index finger up and down the tight and small slit between her legs. Probing deep enough only to the first joint of my finger. Issy cooed and moaned gently as rocked her hips back against my finger, seemingly in time with my movements. I rubbed gently on her clit in quick light motions, which sent her wild. She tried to buck her hips but my weight kept her motionless.

Instead, she tried to move her arms to rub her wet pussy and gain some relief but I was also blocking her access. She was under my control and power now. She pouted and moaned but I continued to rub very slowly causing her to take a long time to build up to an orgasm. I inserted another finger and began to pump them in and out of her young, smooth and tender pussy simultaneously. Issy was thrashing her arms about franticly while moaning loudly in short sharp gasps. I picked up speed and began to thrust in deeper and faster making sure I roughly rubbed at her clit constantly. Poor little Issy couldn’t take anymore and she let out a wild scream like her mother had as she climaxed, her juices pooled out of her pussy and squirted past my fingers and out onto the cool tile floor that lay beneath us.

We both laid there for a few minutes catching out breath quickly before I rolled off from Issy. I managed to pull myself up using the bath as support and turn off the water flow. I collapsed back down on the floor out of breath and sat upright against the bathtub breathing heavily. Poor Issy was still on the floor gasping for breath and stroking her saturated pussy gently as her body erupted into tiny spasms. I looked up at the doorway and standing there, still naked was Natalie. She had her hand buried in her pussy, three fingers thrusting in and out slowly as she watched us on the floor. She removed her fingers and licked them clean seductively whilst looking at me.

I smiled at her and forced myself to my feet shaking slightly as I regained my balance. I went over to Issy and helped her up, she held onto me for support, wrapping her arm around my waist as we walked towards Natalie. Natalie moved off back towards the bedroom as we followed in close pursuit. We all laid there on the bed, ready to continue our adventurous games. Natalie moved her little daughter on her back and clambered over her on all fours on top. She lowered her face down and began to suck and nibble gently on Issy’s budding breasts that were very small and barely visible. Her nipples however protruded proudly and stood erect against her almost flat chest that was breathing in and out quickly.

My cock sprang back into life as I watched Natalie devour her own 11-year-old daughters developing breasts I began to move up behind Natalie. Meanwhile Issy was trying to reach and finger her mother’s pussy but her small size meant she could not reached so she settled for fondling and tugging on her mother’s breasts. Both the females cooed and purred as they felt each other’s bodies for the first time, both new to this lesbian experience, I paused and watched in awe, impressed by their acceptance of each other.

The sight was very erotic and I felt a wave of frustration wash over me as I craved another release. I moved behind Natalie and knelt up so that my cock was aiming straight at Natalie’s ass. She moaned during her sucking and reached back to finger herself while she sucked. I decided I was going to try to penetrate her sweet ass that stuck out in front of me, begging to be filled and fucked raw. I spread my pre-cum along the shaft of my cock and quickly spat on Natalie’s ass, using the saliva as lube.

I pushed the head of my member against the puckered star entrance of Natalie’s ass and began to slowly push inwards watching as her ass gaped wider and wider as it accepted the thickness of my erect cock. Natalie moaned loudly as I pushed against her and she began to aid me by pushing back with her ass, filling her up quicker. Within half a minute I bottomed out against her ass, the feeling was incredible! It was so tight and I could feel her squeezing my cock tightly almost to the point of it hurting me but the near pain just intensified the notion.

I started my onslaught and withdrew three quarters of my cock from her ass, feeling the passage close up as I moved out before slamming back in roughly and hard, causing a loud slap to ring out as my pubic area banged against her frail ass. Natalie shot her head up and howled in a mixture of pain and lust as I began to thrust in her ass, burying my cock as deep as I could get it. Issy had taken advantage of her mother’s lust to turn her own body around so that her face was directly under her mother’s dripping pussy and she could see my rigid cock pulsating and throbbing as it pounded into her mother’s ass, increasing in speed with each thrust.

Issy gazed up in wonder before her childish curiosity convinced her to act on instinct. She leaned up and began to run her tongue from the edge of Natalie’s ass, brushing against my impaling cock, all the way down the crack up to her mother’s wet slit where Issy then targeted her mother’s clit. She began to suck on it as I had done to hers and occasionally gave a gentle bite of it and tugged it gently with her teeth. She lapped up the juices that flowed in large volumes. Natalie was in so much pleasure it was causing her pain and she began screaming constantly, so much that she actually had to bury her head to muffle her screams.

Issy and I continued are massacre of her mother’s body and I felt my balls begin to tense ready to release yet another fresh load of cum for a deserving female. I had lost count of how many orgasms Natalie had but it must have been a lot because she no longer had the energy to scream. She focused on pleasure and breathing. Issy as well must have drunk gallons of her mother’s sweet juice and she too has been victim to multiple orgasms while sucking her mother and fingering herself. I felt the final tense up and I released my cum into the bowels of Natalie and collapsed on top of her back, out of breath and energy.

Issy only just managed to climb out from under her mother before she gave way and fell forwards on the bed, her arms buckling from the lack of energy left in her body. All three of us were tired and drifted off into a pleasant sleep, our dreams erotic and pleasant, reliving the sexual experiences that had just taken place a few moments ago.

Chapter 5; Every story has an end.

We all awoke later that evening around 4pm. We all took a shower together where we scrubbed each other as down. Removing juice and cum from all parts of our bodies. Issy and I enjoyed a quick fuck against the shower wall as her mother soaped us both down and scrubbed us clean but we decided that it began to hurt too much to continue any sexual acts today. We dried off and dressed ourselves for dinner.

Issy and I were in the lounge, lying on the couch watching TV while Natalie was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Issy was resting her head in my lap as I sat upright and she was lying on the couch. All of a sudden, there was a loud crash at the front door as it was torn off its hinges and came crashing to the floor. In came a dozen or so police officers who were armed in combat gear and carried H&K sub machine guns. They burst into the lounge and Issy immediately started screaming. They ran over to me and I could only sit there wide eyed terror as one of the officers grabbed me and threw me against the floor, cuffing my arms behind my back.

Natalie heard the commotion and came to see what was going on when another officer grabbed her and pinned her against the wall. She immediately started screaming and struggling against the combat armoured officer, which caused the officer to send a sharp jab into her hip from the butt of his rifle. She was winded and fell against the wall, been held there by the strong officer who then cuffed her violently and dragged her towards the door behind me who was already been dragged outside into a crowd of police vehicles and neighbours who had gathered.

Issy was still screaming but once she saw her mother and I had been taken, she began pounding her small fists against the officers and screaming for them to let us go. One of the officers picked her up and carried her outside trying to keep her away from him as she kept repeatedly hitting him in the helmet while crying.

Two weeks had passed and Natalie and I were both still in custody facing the last day of our trial. The charges were statutory rape, incest and sexual abuse of a minor. However all of us had declined any knowledge to such proceedings, including poor little Issy who refused to have tests done and constantly lied and denied anything to doctors, police and even the court via video link. The only evidence they were able to provide was an eyewitness who lived opposite Natalie’s home who had seen the acts through the gap in the curtains with a telescope.

Due to insufficient evidence, the charges were dropped and both of us cleared. Natalie continued to sue the police for the physiological and physical damage done to them and the house and eventually settled on a 100 grand settlement due to it involving physiological welfare of a child. Everyone knew however that what we had done was true, but it was never proven. My parents disowned me and refused to ever speak to me again but I did not care. I had a new family anyway.

We sold the house and used the money from claim to buy a house and restaurant in Spain where we all moved to a few months later.

Years passed and when Issy turned 16 she became pregnant with my child, I was 21 and worked in the restaurant with Natalie so income was not a problem. We continued our threesome relationship until the baby was born. It was a boy; we named him Colin Summers after Issy’s father. We continued as a happy family for many years, and to this day, still do.

Just because a story has to end, does not mean it has to have a sad ending.

The End.


Thank-you for reading the babysitter series, I hope you enjoyed this final part and I hope to write more soon. So… From me have a great big Cuddle. Let us retain freedom of speech and imagination where our thoughts cannot harm a single being. Until the end, Let us live our dream.



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2014-04-12 04:26:46
To the last comment, pedophilia really is sexual molestation of a child. The reality of that is you end up with a child that is scarred mentally and often times physically for life!!! See that's the problem with these stories, some evil sick fuck thinks they are a justification for abusive criminal acts. That ignorant ass should be drawn and quartered, he is going to molest a child if he hasn't done so already. Put a bullet in your head you sick fucker before you hurt a child and leave them scarred for life!!!!!!!

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2014-01-04 08:37:08
You are quite the talented writer. Unlike most, you do not fall into the countless number of cliches I've seen in the past. You took an original spin on the babysitter stories and it was wonderful. I wish that the people who say pedophilia is wrong could see what it's really like. This girl was not messed up, they loved eachother, and isnt that what pedophilia really is? Child loving. Thank you for writing this, and hopefully it will open peoples' eyes to the truth about pedophilia.

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2014-01-04 06:51:29
unfortunately ( to my way of thinking ) the last 4 chapters spoiled the whole story, was good and very enjoyable until you changed the plot.

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2013-10-06 23:38:19
i read ur all series man ,it was really amazing what was the next title of your story man?????......

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2013-08-08 05:49:01
Wow that was the best series ever damm u are one good writer

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