I think having a mirror on the ceiling is so sexy...
As I'm looking up above
I can't help staring at the mirror,
My eyes are glued to them moving ass cheeks...
...wish this would never end...
As I look at my love
Nothing but passion
Consumes me,
Love to watch him
Fuck me...
Love me...
Stroking me
With that V.I.P....
...Very important penis...
Love watching this!
Especially when I can see
His ass just a moving
Just a banging
Hard inside my pussy,
Faster and faster
He goes
And of course he knows
I can't get enough,
Watching in the mirror above
My love
Just be working it
Putting it
On only me,
So damn good it is
...wish this would never end...
Could definitely spend
Right here staring
In the mirror
Up above
At us making love...

By Tara
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