A cheating wife gets a pleasant surprise
It was a Tuesday morning and I'd forgotten some documents I needed; I'd left them at home. I would have to go home to collect them.

As I pulled into my street I saw a strange car parked at the top of my driveway but thought nothing of it at that point. I drove into the garage, went into the house and then heard strange noises coming from upstairs. My wife Kathy was home, which was unusual as she usually golfed Tuesday mornings. I quietly and slowly climbed the stairs and it became evident that something was happening in our bedroom.

The door was open and I could see her on the bed, legs apart, being pounded by some stranger. He looked pretty fit and was really giving it to her. I was not mad; I was soooo turned on that my cock was bursting ! She was talking dirty to him, telling him to fuck her harder, fill her, how she loved his big cock and wanted his cum inside her. Then she had an orgasm, clinging onto him and wrapping her legs around him as she yelled how great she felt, how she loved his cock and cum. He had large balls and was shaven. The sight and especially the sound of them pounding against Kathy was so erotic, incredibly so. I wanted to go and lick and squeeze them, but I held back, just !

Man, I was so hard and ready to shoot. While I watched he started to grunt and pound her faster. He was cumming and I just hoped that he didn't have a condom on. I wanted his sperm inside her. Loads of it. He made a hell of a noise as he came, and Kathy started to cum again yelling 'oh yes, it's so hot, so much, keep cumming honey, fill me, make me pregnant, don't stop, I'm cumming too'. She locked herself around him as she came and I guessed from what she said he had shot a big load into her hot pussy.

I crept away and went to the downstairs toilet where I shot the biggest load I'd done in years.

That night, I couldn't wait to fuck Kathy. She wouldn't let me lick her out, and as I entered her, I swore I could feel 'bits' inside her pussy. I was so turned on at the thought of the other guy's cock having been in there earlier that I lasted only a couple of minutes before I added to whatever she'd still got inside.

For the next week I was incredibly horny as I recalled the sight of Kathy being filled with this guy's cock and cum.

The next Tuesday I went home again in the morning. Sure enough, there was the car parked at the top of the driveway. I drove in, crept up the stairs, and there they were. Him pounding away, and her loving it. I went in. They stopped, stunned, shocked, and he pulled out of her. His glistening cock was a good 8 inches, a bit bigger than me, and fatter.

'Don't worry I said. I want you to carry on. Please fuck her, and Kathy, enjoy it'. I stripped off to reveal my state of excitement and he got back on top of Kathy and began to fuck her again. I knelt down beside Kathy and she stroked my cock. Pretty soon he started to cum. As he shot his spurts of hot cum up her soaking pussy, Kathy started to cum too. I was ready to cum also, but wanted to wait. As he pulled out of her, I grabbed his arm and went down on his softening cock to lick off their juices. It tasted so good, the mixture of his and her juices, not something I'd ever done before. Then I went to her pussy where his cum was running out and down to the sheets. He must have put loads into her because there was lots of it. I licked it and this sent Kathy into another orgasm as she rubbed her clit and I licked cum off her pussy. As she finished, I slid in to what was a very loose and slippery pussy. It only took me about 10 thrusts before I added my sperm to his in one of the greatest orgasms I’d ever had.

As I slid out, he introduced himself as Jack, with a sheepish grin. Kathy just lay there looking at me, totally confused. I went down on her again, tasting a cocktail of love juices. Jack was now getting hard again, and Kathy was working him, now with a smile on her face. As he grew to full hardness, he entered her again. I lay down beside and stroked his balls as he fucked her. She was wanking me to hardness as Jack brought her to another screaming orgasm. Then I felt his balls tighten as he said he was about to cum. To our surprise he pulled out, then stroked his shiny cock to shoot a stream of cum over Kathy and another shot seconds later that landed on my chest. I wiped it off and tasted it, as Kathy was doing with hers. I entered Kathy and fucked her again. This time I lasted about 10 minutes before sending more cum into her soaked pussy.

The ‘session’ was concluded with beers for Jack and I, and a glass of wine for Kathy. After Jack left, it was question time about how she’d scored him and what happens in the future. Turned out she’d met him at a supermarket and it was just a FB arrangement that had been going on for 5 weeks.

I told her that I had no problems with that and that I was keen to make it a threesome sometimes, but it was her choice, and that I should be free to find a FB for myself.

After that, we had several more ‘parties’ before things progressed to bigger things, which I will tell in my next story.

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2013-06-11 03:21:10 should have put gay in the category retard.

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2012-02-12 09:42:59
UA1LQP Very amusing thoughts, well told, everything is in its place:D

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2012-01-23 22:43:30
don't worry about the punctuation, just keep writing

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2012-01-23 22:27:08
You could have me that it was GAY.

I grabbed his arm and went down on his softening cock

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2012-01-23 20:39:38
agree with the previous post...i thought it was gonna be something to do with him logging on to his wife's facebook!

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