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Nathan ran out of the school and let his mind go blank. When he came back to reality he was panting from exhaustion. He allowed himself to cry. They were the deep racking sobs of someone who was inconsolable.
Eventually, he got himself under control and looked around. He was in the park near his house in the wooded area. There was no one around as it was already starting to get dark. Nearby were some public toilets. Nathan decided he would go inside and clean himself up. He didn’t want anybody to know what had happened. He just wanted to forget.
The toilet was disgusting. The urinals were chipped and leaked all over the floor. The liquid had mixed in with the mud from people’s shoes to create a slime. Nathan walked carefully so he didn’t slip and dirty his school clothes. He grabbed some tissue and wet it before pulling down his trousers. He went to remove his briefs before realising they weren’t there. The thought of how he’d lost them made him sob. He looked at his face in the mirror. His skin was blotchy and his eyes were red and puffy.
He moved the wet tissue to his sore bum and dabbed at the welted cheeks. Shaky hands raised the tissue back into his vision. Luckily there hardly any blood. The only blood present was dark and dried. He moved the tissue back round to his wrecked arsehole. He could feel moistness around his fingers. He quickly pulled the tissue away to reveal bright red blood.
Looks like you are gonna be a bleeder, Nathan. You dirty little slut.
He remember Mr Sampson say that with glee. Nathan was afraid he would have to go to hospital and that Mr Sampson would kill him as he threatened. Nathan took off his trousers and threw them over a cubicle door to keep them clean. Then he hoisted himself up onto the shelf between the taps and the mirror and cleaned out his hole until the bleeding stopped.
Twisting his head, he looked at the stretched and swollen pucker. It was bright red, but no blood leaked from it. Curiosity took over and Nathan touched the small swollen bud. A little thrill of electricity ran through his body and his cock stiffened.
‘What is happening to me?’ He wondered.
Unable to stop himself, he ran his index finger along the little slit and let out a sigh of pleasure.
‘What do we have here then?’
Nathan whipped his head round and slipped off his perch. He fell towards the sink and the tap implanted itself painfully up his arse. He whelped, feeling the cold metal invade his hole. He tried to move off but his legs were either side of the basin dangling and he couldn’t get any purchase. Nathan pushed himself up with his hands and got to the tip off the tap’s spout before falling back down again. He did this several times.
‘Please help me,’ he said, paying attention to the people watching him.
They were two men. One was tall and skinny, probably about twenty years old. He wore a military puffer with a wifebeater underneath and dirty light blue jeans. He was covered in various piercings including two nipple piercings you could see through his vest. The other guy was older, in his forties and not quite as tall. His body was thick, but not fat. He wore similar dirty blue jeans and a white t-shirt, ripped on one side revealing a plump brown nipple. They also had a dog, the breed of which Nathan didn’t know. It was waist high on the men and facially looked like a Dane with the thickness of body that a pitbull had. The dog constantly had its teeth bared.
‘Looks like we’ve found ourselves a faggot bitch, son,’ the older man said.
Nathan knew the look on their eyes. He had seen it on Mr Sampson’s face.
‘No, please. I just want to go home.’
‘Well, off you go then boy,’ said the younger man. ‘No one is stopping you.’
Nathan pulled himself up again, but every time he just ended up impaling himself on the tap again. The men were laughing at him whilst rubbing their crotches. Both of them would have been attractive blonde men except for their unkempt look and evil smirks. Nathan couldn’t believe the misfortune he was suffering. He prayed silently, not that he believed in God.
‘That bitch sure knows how to fuck himself,’ the son said.
‘Sure does son, shall we help him out?’
The son shrugged and both men came toward Nathan.
‘Let’s clean out that little pussy first,’ the older man said.
They reached behind Nathan and turned on the cold water full blast. It was winter and the liquid gushed out just about freezing. Nathan grunted as the ice cold water spewed out of his tender boy hole.
‘It’s too cold,’ he cried.
‘Give him some heat, Dad’
Next thing Nathan knew the water began to get warm. The mass of water still hurt but the water was reasonable. Then it got hotter and hotter until it scalded his rectum and steam flew out of his butt along with the water. This time he screamed and yanked himself all the way off ending up face down on the floor.
‘See, all he needed was a bit of encouragement, son.’
Nathan managed to get up onto his knees. He felt hands on his shoulders holding him down. The two men moved in front of him with their flies unzipped. Two uncut pythons faced him. They were easily as long and fat as Mr Sampson’s. The younger man had a big ring piercing through his cock head and little studs that ran along the underside of his cock. He didn’t have pubes, they were all shaved off. The older man’s dick had no modifications and his dick stood out amongst a mound of dark blonde pubes. Other than that both dicks looked identical. Large, veiny and uncut.


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