Hello readers I know you have been waiting a long time for me to post the third installment but I have been very busy and have not found much time to write. But here is a little taste of what is to come in Virus Surge part 3
Chapter 3
Containment Breach the Escape
March 27, 2016 5:19 pm

“Warning to all research teams and military personnel, according to reports from the mainland there is a high probability that we may encounter a hurricane in the next two to five hours. All personnel who are rotating back to the mainland are to leave for the docks immediately. All transport services are to be shut down in one hour, after that the facility shall undergo emergency lock down procedures. That is all.” After the announcement everything went quiet before the halls filled with soldiers and many researches carrying bags.

Nearly two hundred people had packed up and quickly made their way to the docks.

Leola had been in one of the many training areas when the announcement went off. After listening to it she decided to leave and get something to eat. As she wandered the halls she would run into nurses and soldiers who had decided to stay. “So this place is located on an island huh? Obviously it was to make sure nothing could escape to populated areas.” She muttered while entering the cafeteria.

After a quick meal Leola went back to her quarters while wondering how large the island was and where it was located. Since Dr. Grantt had some errands to run she assumed that the island wasn’t too far from the mainland. “Perhaps it might take a hour or two to get there.” She said with a quick nod then entered her room. When she walked in the lights were off and there was a rather pleasant smell filling the room. “Doctor, are you in here?” she called softly while making her way to the bed.

“Doctor yes, but not Dr. Grantt. I am Dr. Merkin” The voice was soon given a face as the lights came back on. “Do not be worried Leola, I mean you no harm. I am a close friend of Dr. Grantt; I merely wanted to meet the daughter of Lilith.” Jake said as he looked Leola over and smiled while closing his eyes for a moment.

At first Leola was startled by the male voice but when the lights came back on she nearly rushed then man, hearing he was a friend and that he knew of Lilith she figure she could at least hear what the guy wanted before kicking his ass out of her quarter. “You knew my mother?” she asked softly before looking him and tilting her head slightly. To be honest she thought the guy could use a shave and some time away from this place due to his pale skin and scruffy beard.

“Yes I knew her, I was fortunate enough to catch her eye and be her lover for a short time. But I won’t get into that. I’m here only as a friend and to see how much you look like her.” Jake said then sighed a bit. “Your face and figure are the same but your hair is a different colour, so are your eyes.” He paused for a moment the cleared his throat. “When she… died I wasn’t allowed access to any of the testing rooms or much of anything besides the lab I’m not stationed in. But thanks to the hurricane I am now able to see you and wish you well. I have read the reports on your abilities and what you have been through so far.” He looked into her eyes for several moments then started coughing.

Confused what this was about she listened intently as Jake spoke and was feeling some remorse coming from his words and something else didn’t quite feel right to her. When his coughing fit started she understood that he was not just ragged but he was seriously ill. Before she could say anything he held up his hand and took a few deep breaths.

“I’m alright, just a little cough from my cold.” He said as he tucked a bloodied cloth into his pocket. “Now then I am glad to have met you Leola. I hope that you will be more then just a weapon to the military, and know that your mother would have loved to meet you.” With that he nodded slightly then stumbled out of the room.

About a half hour later Dr. Grantt entered the room with bags in her hands. She quickly moved over to the bed and placed then on the floor. She saw Leola looking out into the dark night sky. “Hello sweetie, I hope I haven’t kept you waiting.” She said as she walked up to Leola and kissed her neck.

“Karen, can I ask you something?” Leola said as she turned around and looked at Dr. Grantt with a saddened expression.

“Of course, Leola what’s wrong? Did something happen today?” Dr. Grantt asked as she looked into Leola’s eyes and touched her cheek.

“I met a Dr. Merkin today. He said a few things about… Lilith about my mother and I want to know something very important about him. Karen is he dying?”

“Oh dear, so he was finally able to see you. I had begun to think he would never get the chance.” Dr. Grantt sighed as she moved back and sat on the bed. “Yes he is dying. A few months after you were born he was exposed to a toxin that slowly eats away the lungs and other major organs. It was an accident of course one of the lab technicians dropped a container and he forced everyone out of the room. But before he could get out the room sealed and he came into contact with the gas. After an hour the room sanitized the gas and Jake Merkin was moved into isolated treatment. He was clear to continue his duties about two years ago. However the damage to his body was so extensive that we could do nothing but slow down the toxin in his system.”

Leola dropped her head and sank down to the floor. “He must be in so much pain. He lost my mother and now his body is being eaten away. That’s just horrible for anyone to go through.”

Dr. Grantt nodded her agreement then moved to sit beside Leola. “Yes it is, but now that he has met you he can die with the hope of you living and being more then he had hoped.”

“How long does he have until his heart shuts down?”

Dr. Grantt took a deep breath then pulled Leola into a hug. “He has a little over a week left. He had planned to leave the island before today but now I think he will stay and continue his research until his time runs out.”

“Can I see him again? Just so I can comfort him for the next few days?” Leola asked softly as she laid her head on Dr. Grantt’s shoulder.

“I’m afraid not, he performs his research in the lower levels and only the military officers and some doctors have the clearance to go down there.”

After sitting in silence for over an hour Dr. Grantt finally decide to try and cheer Leola up. “Hey would you care to see what I brought back from my day running errands?”

“Sure, I am curious as to what you did all day.” Leola answered as she and Dr. Grantt stood up and moved over to the bed.

“Well I bought a few toys that might help you sate your sex drive, along with some other items to bring a little excitement into our sessions.” Dr. Grantt said with a smile as she opened the bag closet to her. She pulled out a nine inch vibrator, two vibrating bullets and one tube of lubricant. The other bag had one pair of wrists restraints and ball gag, as well as position aid ramp and a small paddle for spankings. The last item was a nine inch strap on. “So what do you think?”

Before Leola could answer all the lights and electronic devices in the room shut off. “What’s going on? Is this a result from the storm?” she asked to no one in particular. Due to her mutating cells Leola was able to see in the dark rather well. She looked around the room to check if anything was still functioning. She felt Dr. Grantt’s arms wrap around her from behind and smiled slightly. “Did you program everything in my room to shut off around this time?” she asked softly.

“Maybe I did, what are you going to do about it?” Karen said before lightly kissing Leola’s neck and licking her ear. Her hands soon found their way to Leola’s breasts; she fondled the firm globes and teased the hardening nipples through the light clothing of Leola’s shirt. “You know it really isn’t fair that you get to have such lovely breasts. Feeling up these beauties makes me rather jealous.” She muttered softly.

Leola turned around then quickly fondled one of Karen’s breasts. “Why are you jealous? Yours are just as lovely, the perfect size for a woman with your size and figure.” She said seductively.

Just as they were about to kiss the containment alarms sounded in the facility, shortly followed by a warning announcement. ‘Containment breach in level 12. All security personnel are to followed code yellow 827 protocol and lock down all research labs. If standard capture methods become inadequate to capture escaped subject deadly force is authorized. Repeat all security personal code yellow 827 lockdown in progress.’

“Well it seems one of the pets has escaped their cage, shall we go and assist the good soldiers in capturing it?” Leola said as she turned to the Doctor.

“No. Stay here and do not leave this room no matter what you hear. And I mean it Leola; this alert isn’t something that needs you. Please stay here and wait for me to return.” Karen said as she rushed out the door only to come back a second later. “Lock the door and hide.” She said then took off down the hall.

Not long after Leola lock the door and took refuge by her bed where she kept a container of liquid meant to give her shifting powers more prowess. Something the good doctor had come up with after the events of three months ago. She sat in silence, trying to listen to any noise that might indicate that Karen was ok and that she could help the soldiers and research staff who actually thought of her as a friend and comrade. The silence continued for another hour or so, but was then shattered as screams of terror and gunfire sounded throughout the halls. Soldiers were ordering reinforcements with heavy weapons and gas rounds to neutralize the threat.

As terrifying as all that was, the thing that made Leola feel like a scared child hiding under the bed was the sound of its voice. It was not human; it was nothing she could have imagined in all her life or through the flashes of Lilith’s memories that plagued her dreams. This thing outside her room was nothing short of a monstrosity hungry for blood and seeking suitable mate.

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