Hey Guys and Girls, this is a completely true story that only just happened a few months ago. My name is Lachie im 15 and this is the story of me fucking my cousin claudia. please leave your feedback thanks.

It all started around a year or less ago when my aunt and uncle decided to visit with their 15-year-old daughter, Claudia. Now my cousin has down right the hottest body out. She has great perfectly round tits that aren’t huge but not small, her slender body is smooth and delicious and I could only imagine at that point what her pussy looked like. She was tanned and brunette with long silky smooth hair that fell just below her tits and magical greenish eyes.

After it started to get dark, Claudia decided to sleep over for the night. We went upstairs into the guest room, which has a Queen bed, and we lay on the end of the bed watching a comedy movie. During the ads we would talk and laugh and push each other as we laughed, I deliberately aimed for her breasts when I did. When the movie finished we decided we were too tired to go back to the down stairs bedroom so we decided to both sleep in the queen bed. We put some PJ’s on since we were both in jeans and went to go to bed. Since she didn’t plan on sleeping she had to borrow a pair of my old PJ’s, the PJ top she wore didn’t quite cover her whole tummy so it sat just above her belly button allowing me to see just a peep of her sexy body.

When I woke early in the morning I was facing outwards and she faced my back with her arm wrapped around me, feeling my chest. I was completely taken by surprised by this, I just pretended to be asleep and to wait and see what would happen. She used her hand to feel around my chest them moved around to me ass. I was rock hard at this point. I flipped around facing her still pretending to be asleep, but she moved her hand quickly away when I did. My pants looked like a tent thanks to my hard cock, which I stuck out to her hoping she would find it with her hand, but she didn’t do anymore after I moved.

I spent the next few weeks thinking of that night and wondered if she would go further. After a while she slipped my mind but then I got a friend request on facebook from her, I accepted and we started to chat. At first it was normal but we got a bit bored so I said “how about we ask each other question about….well anything” she said sure and ask if I could go first. I wanted to start of with sexual questions so I asked some stuff about her dating life and how many guys she’s kissed and she asked me the same, I had pretty much had no resent relationships or anything only when I was young so like any teen I made up some bull shit.

It got to her turn again and she asked “if I wasn’t your cousin would you get with me” I said “yes” straight away and she replied with “would you get with me now even tho I am your cousin” again I said “yes” right away. I was so we were having this convo that my legs were shaking, I asked the same question and she replied with a “hmmmm umm yes”. The conversation kept getting more intense like I was asking when she last fingered herself ect. After awhile she said goodnight and we both logged off and went to bed, I was still really hard so I jerked off to the thought of her that night.

I didn’t see her till just under a year from when she slept over, her family were visiting again a few days after Christmas. They invited our family to Claudia’s soccer grand final, which we accepted. Claudia ended up winning her game, for celebration they invited us all to there place so our parents could catch up and have a few drinks.

Me and Claudia were watching a horror movie when my parents walked in and told me they were leaving and asked if I wanted to stay the night and they would pick me up in the morning. I was really excited by this news and I played it cool and said “umm sure whatever” but really I was yelling out in my mind saying “FUCK YES I WOULD”. The movie finished at 12:30 and by this time we were tired as hell from a long day. We set up a mattress next to her bed with some sheets and pillows. Her parents were already asleep at 11 so I was sure in my mind that we wouldn’t be disturbed. Once we were in our beds we just started talking when I asked if she wanted to play truth or dare. She agreed to play.

The first few truths and dares were fairly common, but I worked up the balls to ask

“I dare you to let me place a hand on your breast”

She replied with a laugh then said, “We are cousins silly”.

“Its not like we’re brother or sister” I said

“Hmmm well ok only for a few seconds tho” she replied

A few seconds is all I needed. I reached over and place left hand on her left breast, we both laughed a little when I had settled my hand down. After I few seconds I started to rub my thumb on her nipple, she didn’t react so I kept going. I moved over to her other breast and rubbed that as well.

“Ohhh fuck that feels good”

She kept moaning so I thought I would press on. I slid my fingers down to her pussy, and at the same time I looked up at her for her approval. Her eyes were closed and she was bitting her lower lip, I took that as an invitation and started to rub her pussy through her PJ’s

She quivered and said “oh oh god that is good, fucken hell cuz that’s good”

We both laughed and I saw her undoing her top and bra and I finally got to see the tits I forever dreamt of. God they were almost exactly how I pictured them in my mind, so beautifully round and delicious. I moved my lips up to her nipples and started to suck and nibble her tits while I slipped my hand under her pants to her wet pussy. She moaned softly being careful not to wake her parents. She moved her hand to my hard dick and rubbed it through my pants before she slipped her hand in pulling down my pants.

This continued for what I thought was a lifetime, I wanted to fuck her so bad but of course that would have to wait. She pulled my head of her tits and our lips met for the first time, I slid my tongue into her mouth, while still feeling and rubbing both her tits and wet pussy. She pulled away and said

“Lay on your back”

I did as she asked and quickly move onto my back. She removed my pants and looked at my hard cock and smiled, now I wasn’t massive nore was I tiny I was around 7 inches after all I was only 15. She started to explore my cock and nicly trimmed hair and my balls, she got excited and started to lick and wank my cock. It was feeling so good already

“Oh fuck oh yesss,” I said

“You like the way I jerk your cock off” she said

“Oh god I love it oh yesssss” I said quietly being careful not to be too loud that her parents would wake. She then opened her mouth and out my cock inside her wet hole. I gasped as she did, I had never had my dick sucked or fucked so the feeling of her warm wet mouth was heaven on my cock to me. So sucked and sucked for 10 minuted until it was time to fuck.

I pulled her off my cock and laid her on her back, I slowly pushed my cock into her tight pussy but also looking at her face to see her reaction. She rolled her eyes into the back of her head and let out a soft moan of pleasure.

“mmmmmmmm fuck me cuz fuck me till you cum”

I didn’t need telling twice, I ploughed my cock straight in hole and her eyes shot open, she fell back moaning. I played with her tits and suck and nibbled on them while I fucked her ever so sweat hole, her warm tight hole that I forever so wished i could fuck and now here I was FUCKING MY COUSIN while her parents were down the hall sleeping.

Claudia wrapped her legs and arms around my back and ass, she gripped my ass tight and pushed me deeper and deeper, she was about to cum and I knew it. I drove harder and harder into her and soon she was there. She let a fairly loud moan, I was sure her parents heard that but no one came in so we continued

I was close to cuming now and she knew it, she pushed my off her and grabbed my dick and jerked and sucked.

“cumm in my mouth, god I want your cum so bad”

and with that I tipped my head back and shot my hot sticky cum straight into her mouth with a load moan. I looked down at her as she swallowed my cum.

“wow that tasted different to what I was expecting” she said with a smile on her face

We both laughed and fell back onto our beds and we both said “good night”

I could only just lay there and think “HOLY FUCK, DID I JUST FUCK MY COUSIN”.

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