Meko wakes up, the next morning, to her dad yelling at her to hurry her ass up or she would be walking to school. Looking at the clock to see what time it is, she sees that it read 7:15. Sighing, she gets up, quickly takes a shower and gets dressed, wincing as her bra and clothes brush against the tender cuts from where her father had cut her the night before. Walking out of her room, she walks down the hall and out the door getting in her dad's truck. Sighing once again, she shuts the door and buckles up as he pulls out of the driveway and takes her to school.

Once there, Meko gets out and shuts the door, heading up the stairs and into the building. Walking into the school, Meko walks around to kill some time before class starts, and ends up walking down the hall where Derek and Jesse were talking. Turning around, she tries to hurry away before they notice her, but Derek looks up, sees her and calls her over to them. Swallowing her fear, she walks back down the hall and over to them. As she gets closer a smile crosses Derek's face, "did you hear the good news?" Seeing the look of confusion on her face, he takes it as a no and tells her, "You have to move in with Jesse after school." Meko looks over at Jesse, and sees that he was more than mad about it.

Looking from Jesse, Meko looks at Derek again, "I thought it was good news?"

"It is. It means I don't have to see you anymore and that my little sister is going to someone I know and trust." Meko smiles a little at her brother's words, knowing it was going to be hell living with Jesse and she was worried about what was to come. Her thoughts are soon interrupted as the bell rings. Sighing, she heads to class her mind on what was to come after school instead of on the class that lay ahead.

Her morning classes pass in a haze and she doesn't retain anything that any of the teachers say. Lunch rolls around and she goes to sit at a table by herself. Halfway through eating, she looks up as a popular girl and her friends sit down with her. Putting her food down, she looks at the girls wondering what they wanted. In the middle of her wondering what they could possibly want one of the girls pipes up and says, "so we hear that you and Jesse are bonded."

Hearing her, Meko chokes on her bite of hamburger and looks at her, "where did you hear that?"

"Oh...from a few people. It's going around the school like wildfire. I mean honestly who would of thought that the star quarter back would chose the loser of the school, of all people, to bond with. I just don't understand why he chose you," the girl says going on and on.

"It wasn't his choice. He was forced to do it," Meko says, trying to make things better for Jesse. She then realizes that he had told her the day before to not tell anyone. Gulping, she looks at them hoping they hadn't heard her.

The girls look at her in shock, "so it's true then?" Yep. They had heard her. Damnit. Before she can stop them, they get up and walk over to the table where Jesse and his friends were to ask him about it.

Jesse looks up as the group of girls walks over to the table him and his friends were at, wondering why they were coming to talk to them when any other day they thought themselves to be better than them. The leader of the group looks at him and smiles, "congratulations on being bonded to loser."

Nicole sitting beside him notices him tense and turns to him, "you said you weren't bonded to her! So which is it, Jesse? Are you bonded to her or not?"

Looking from Nicole to his friends, seeing that they were all waiting for an answer. Along with the rest of the cafeteria, that he now noticed had grown quiet at Nicole’s outburst. Glaring at Meko, Jesse sighs and mumbles, "Yeah. I'm bonded to her." Laughing, his friends get up and he looks at them confused, "where are you guys going?"

They look at him, "we don't hang out with losers. You are bonded to the biggest loser in the school, therefore you are a loser at well." They walk away.

Meko flinches as Jesse glares at her, knowing that when she moved in with him after school all hell was going to break loose. Seeing his friends walk away from him and leave him alone, she gets up and makes her way over to him. Looking down at the table, she quietly asks, "can I sit with you?"

Looking up at her, Jesse laughs, "you want to sit with me? You tell everyone one you and I are bonded after I tell you not to. My friends want nothing to do with me now because of you. Yet you want to know if you can sit with me?" Meko starts to nod, "I don't fucking think so. Do you not get that I hate you along with everyone else in this school?! I don't want you!"

Meko lays her ears against her head, as Jesse yells at her and tells her he hates her. "I'm sorry," she whispers, her voice breaking as a tears start to roll down her cheeks. Turning away, she walks over to the trash can, dumps her food, and walks out of the cafeteria.

The rest of the school day goes by slowly and Meko is happy to finally go home. That is until she walks into the house and her dad tells her to get packing her stuff, because Jesse would be coming by after football practice to get her. Sighing, she goes into her room and begins to pack.

A few hours pass, and Jesse comes to get her. As she packs her stuff into his truck, he talks to her dad and brother. Once she finishes, she walks back into the house and sits on the couch while she waits for them to finish talking.

They quickly finish talking, and Jesse gets up looking at Meko with hate in his eyes, "let's go so you can ruin my life some more." He walks out the door, and Meko follows him. She opens the passenger door and gets in. Buckling up, she looks at her house in the mirror as they drive away.

Once they get to Jesse's house, he gets out and walks inside leaving her to get all of her things. After she has moved everything inside, he takes Meko down the hall to her room, making it clear that she was to sleep in here and not with him unless he told her she could, which was more than likely not going to happen.

Saying that she understood, Meko watches Jesse as he walks out of the room and heads back into the living room and begins to unpack her stuff. Not wanting to bother him any more than what she already had that day, she skips dinner, even when she grows hungry, and goes to bed, once she is finished unpacking.

Her alarm wakes her up at 6 am the next morning. Getting up she quickly gets ready for school and heads to the kitchen to make breakfast, for her and Jesse. Making pancakes, bacon, sausage, and toast, she gets a little disappointed when he doesn't even take a glance at the food and instead grabs a bowl of cereal. Sighing she throws the food away, not eating, and cleans up. Once done she turns to Jesse and silently gulps as she softly asks, "can I ride with you to school?"

Ignoring her as much as he can, Jesse answers, "whatever," and continues eating. He hadn't looked at her or really even answered her question. Taking it as he would let her go with him, Meko heads into the living room and waits for him to finish so they could head to school. After waiting for around a half hour, Jesse walks in and they head to another day of school.

This day goes by like any other day, except for Jesse being ranked as low as Meko on the totem pole of popularity after her spilling the beans of the two of them being mated. And due to this, Jesse hears groups of people saying how they can't believe he chose her over Nicole and that he was dumb for even doing it in the first place.

Having heard everyone's comments all day, Jesse had made the decision to teach Meko a lesson. When they get home, he pulls her roughly out of his car and into the house, where he shuts the door, and half pulls, half drags her down the hall to the room she was staying in. Once there, he throws her onto the bed and shuts the door locking it behind them.

Bouncing a little as she hits the bed, she doesn't notice him lock the door and looks at him as he walks towards her. She makes the mistake of looking into his eyes, where she can clearly read that he was way beyond mad with her. Feeling a little scared, as he crawls onto the bed and pins her down, she softly asks, what he is going to do to her. The fear in her making her voice shake.

Jesse smirks, more to himself then to her, as he hears the fear in her voice, "I'm going to show you what happens when you disobey me." With this, he smacks her. Smacking her hard enough to cause her vision to blur.

Yelping, Meko tries to shake off the blurriness from her eyes, and tenses as she feels Jesse all but rip her clothes off of her slim frame. Waiting for a hit or blow to hit her body she closes her eyes, only to open them a second later to see and feel Jesse's bare skin against hers, confirming her worse fear. He wasn't going to just beat her into submission; he was going to rape her as well.

Pinning her down and getting between her legs as he gets ready to take her for his second time, he looks down at her and laughs to himself as he sees the fear in her eyes. "You will learn to obey me, bitch, one way or another," and with that he slams himself into her with one hard thrust, burring himself balls deep.

Crying out in pain and in shock, as Jesse buries himself deep within her with one thrust, Meko finds herself reaching up and wrapping her arms around him to grab onto his shoulders. As she attempts to do so, Jesse smacks her across the face, getting a yelp from her. "Maybe I better lay some ground rules down for you. So you know your true place."

Meko looks up at him, and puts her arms at her side, as he speaks to her wondering what on earth these rules could be, and just how much hell she would be going through.

Knowing he had her full attention, Jesse takes the time to tell her the rules that she was to follow, "You are my slave; therefore I own you and may do with you as I please. You will not talk to me unless I speak to you first, you are not to look at me or anyone I am with, you are to obey me and do as I say no matter how extreme it may be. You are not allowed to watch TV of any kind, unless I ask you to so you may learn something from it, you are to sit, sleep and eat on the floor. This is for home and school and if you disobey any of my rules you will be punished just like so, if not worse. Do you understand?"

Meko feels tears rush to her eyes as he basically tells her that she is a pet to him and nothing more. Not wanting to anger him more she immediately shakes her head yes, she understood.

No sooner then she tells him she understands, he starts to move. Going hard and fast caring more about his pleasure then hers, and not caring if he hurts her or not. As he continues to go harder and faster, the sound of their skin smacking together, getting louder, with every thrust of his hips, Jesse grabs her arms and pins them above her head loving the feeling of knowing she is completely defenseless and weak against him.

Meko lets her mind wander as Jesse fucks her hard, his anger, from having to have her as his mate, and his passion of hating her fueling his body with energy to keep him going for a while. She is brought back to reality, as she feels him pin her arms above her head causing her to be defenseless beneath him, more defenseless then what she already was, since his shear weight alone could hold her down.

Seeing her jump a little, Jesse smirks and goes harder, causing the bed to hit against the wall with every thrust and causing Meko to wince as he bottoms out in her pussy. Deciding he wanted to cause her more pain, he takes his nails and runs them down her stomach watching her facing as his nails dig into her cuts from the night before, he laughs as she cries out.

Feeling his nails begin to descend down her chest and towards her stomach, Meko tenses knowing he was going to dig them into the wounds her father had put on her the night before. Trying to prepare herself for the pain, Meko closes her eyes and tries to pretend she is somewhere else, only to find out the pain is worse than she could ever imagine as she cries out and hears Jesse laugh above her.

Quickly getting bored with her, Jesse decides to finish up. Pulling out of her, he rolls her over onto her stomach and takes her from behind, burring himself balls deep with one hard thrust, again. He had rolled her over in order to pretend she was someone else so he could make himself cum. He settles on pretending she is his ex and does her hard, knowing he is close.

Meko looks up at him as he pulls out of her, thinking that maybe he was done, only to have him flip her over and take her hard from behind. Gripping the sheets as he once again does her hard, she tenses as she hears him moan, then feels him cum inside her.

He laughs as he feels her tense while he cums, "better hope you don't get pregnant bitch, cause I will kill it." And with that he pulls out of her and begins to get dressed. As he finishes he turns and looks at her, "you better have fresh sheets on my bed, have a shower done, and be ready for me when I get back." After telling her what to do, he grabs his wallet and heads out the door, letting it slam shut behind him.

As he leaves, Meko slowly gets up and begins to tear the sheets off of his bed, as she does so she can feel his cum begin to run down her leg. Not wanting to get any on the floor, she decides to take a quick shower first. When she is done she finishes changing the sheets on the bed and lies down on the rug on the floor at the foot of his bed, waiting for him to come back.

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