So no one is confused, Meko is a cat demon or a neko, which means she looks human, but has cat ears and a tail, and her dad and brother are vampires. Also, unlike some stories Meko's description is throughout the story instead of all in one paragraph at the beginning. It’s something I wrote and thought I would share it on here. Let me know what you think.

Screaming, Meko runs through the house and hides behind the couch, as her and her dad play hide and seek. Her dad comes around the corner laughing, at her screaming, and starts to look for her. He knew she was behind the couch, due to the fact that at five, that was the only place she knew where to hide and the white tip of her tail was sticking out , but instead pretends to not know where she is and looks for her.

Looking out from her hiding spot, Meko sees her dad looking for her and giggles as he looks in the plant. Hearing her giggle, he turns around and looks at her as she darts back behind the couch. Going over to the couch he reaches back and grabs her, "Okay, Turkey, time to take a bath and get ready for bed," he tells her, as he carries her to the bathroom to give her a bath. It should have been her mother's job to give her a bath, but her mother and her twin brother had died in a car accident when she was two.

After her bath, Meko's father rocks her to sleep and carries her to her room. Putting her down on her bed, he covers her up and walks out heading to bed himself, knowing she would be up around seven or so.
A few hours pass, and Meko wakes up to the sounds of rain and thunder as she realizes it is storming outside. Being scared of storms, she gets out of bed and makes her way down the hall to her, nine year old, brother Derek's room. Opening the door, she walks in and over to the bed. Crawling on, she gets under the covers and moves closer to him. Snuggling against his chest, she closes her eyes and falls asleep.
Meko's life went on like this for years, but everything changed the day she turned fourteen and started high school.

Walking through the halls, Meko tries to find her way to her homeroom class. Getting lost, she goes to find Derek and asks him where it is. Come to find out, they are in the same room, so she just follows him, glad that her brother was there to help her out a little.

As they walk into their homeroom, Meko walks to the back of the room and takes her seat trying to blend in with the people around her. She went to a school for creatures like her, immortal and non-human. While there were a few cat demons at her school, but most of them were vampires, weres, angels, and so on. As the bell rings, Meko looks up and sees Jesse, the star quarterback walk in. With his dark hair, face with features only actors or gods had, and chiseled body he was every girls dream. That and he was a senior. Jesse walks over to her brother and his group of friends and takes his seat, talking to them.

Jesse's girlfriend, Nicole, catches Meko watching him as he walks in the goes to sit down. Getting mad, she bunches up her fist and punches Meko in the face and screams, "he is my boyfriend! Therefore, ugly cat things like you are not to look at him!"

At the sudden outburst, everyone looks over at Nicole as Meko slowly sits up in her seat. Looking at Derek for help, he and his friends start to laugh as they see that she has a black eye. Looking away, she looks at other students and they too start laughing. Hearing and seeing them laugh, Meko looks down at her paper and lays her, black with white tipped, ears against her head along with wrapping her, black and white, tail around her to comfort herself.

The rest of her day passes in a blur with the only other mishap had been trying to find a place to sit during lunch. Having no one she knew to sit with, besides her brother, Meko had found an empty end of a table and had sat down at it. Only to find out that at the other end was Jesse and some of his football pals, along with Nicole. Luckily for her though, they leave her alone.

Walking home, Meko walks up the drive and notices a black 2011 Mustang sitting in the driveway. Wondering who her father was fucking this time, she walks inside to find Derek and Jesse on the couch watching a porno and her dad nowhere to be found. Not wanting to have to deal with her brother or Jesse, she goes to her room and shuts the door.

A few hours pass, and she comes out of her room heading to the kitchen to find something to eat. Finding nothing, she goes into the living room and walks over to the couch getting in the way of the new porno the guys were watching. "What are we having to eat?" Meko asks, as the girl on the TV behind her moans with pleasure.

Derek looks up at her and glares, "who cares, just get out of the way." He leans to the side to see around her as Jesse looks at her, "get your ugly ass out of the way."

Flinching at Jesse's comment, Meko lays her ears against her head and walks out of the room, heading to the kitchen to see what she could make herself to eat.

Opening the fridge she finds left over pizza from the night before and heats up a couple pieces in the microwave before heading back to her room. On her way back, she passes the living room, and looks in at the TV to see what the guys’ porn was about. As she watches, the girl in the movie gets a cock drilled into her ass as another cock fucks her pussy hard and deep.

Not knowing she was there, Derek and Jesse start talking about the movie. "Dude, it would totally be fun to bang a chick like that," Derek says.

"Even if we had to share her and even if she wasn't hot. Then again we could always rape her," Jesse says back, as the girl moaning draws there attention back to the screen.

Feeling disgusted with them and their ways, Meko continues onto her room. Walking in, she shuts the door and sits down on her bed to eat while she watches a movie on her labtop.

A little over two hours pass, when she hears a knock on her door. Getting up, she walks over to it and opens it. As she opens it, Derek shoves the door open hard, the force causing Meko to fall back onto the floor, as her dad walks in. As he walks in, he grabs her up and throws her back onto the bed.

Crying out in shock, Meko looks up at him as he holds her down and Derek ties her up. He ties her spread eagle to the bed, her feet and hands tied to each post, with rope. He had made sure to tie it tight enough to where she couldn't get away.

After tying her up, Derek grabs one of her socks and shoves it into her mouth and then puts duct tape over it to keep her from spitting it out. While he is doing this, her dad is sitting on her legs while he pulls out a knife and begins to cut her shirt off of her, letting the knife slice her skin as well, every now and then. Once her shirt is off, he works on her bra, as her 34B sized tits come into view, he takes the knife and drags the edge of the blade across each one smiling as she winces in pain as it cuts into her flesh, leaving a bloody line on each of her tits.

Getting done with slicing her tits and stomach up a little bit with the knife, her dad cuts her shorts off her and smacks her when he sees her in a thong. "You're a slut, little girl." Wincing from her father hitting her, Meko shakes her head no, even though it had been a statement and not a question. Grabbing the thong, her dad pulls on it, letting it dig deep into her back before the material gives way and rips free of her 110, 5 foot 6 inch body. As her thong rips free, he throws it aside and looks down at her young naked body. Glancing over at Derek he nodds and says, "go get him." Wondering who him is, Meko watches Derek walk out of her room.
While he is gone, her dad walks up beside her and reaches out with his hands. Fearing he will hit her, Meko turns her head and closes her eyes, waiting for the blow. When nothing happens to her, she opens her eyes and looks up in time to feel and see her dad's hands grab her tits and squeeze them hard. Wincing, she tries to roll away from him, not liking the feel of his hands on her body. Getting angry with her he grips them harder and digs his fingers into the wounds he had cut into her tits, causing her to cry out in pain around the sock in her mouth.

Hearing Derek laugh, Meko looks up to see him and another one of his friends struggling to bring Jesse in. Seeing her, he fights harder against them, but ends up losing as they get him on the bed and over Meko. Looking up at him, she flinches as she sees the hate for her in his eyes and quickly looks away yelping, as someone pushes Jesse's hips down and causes his cock to slide into her pussy. Jesse instantly tenses as he is forced all the way into her. He had felt her hymen tear under his invading cock, and now felt the blood lubing it as he had taken her virginity against his will.

Seeing him tense, Derek looks at him, "oh fuck, dude, she wasn't a virgin was she?" Jesse glares at him, to piss to talk. "Fuck," Derek mumbles. It was vampire tradition that a male's mate was to be a virgin, and once her virginity was taken he was to seal the bond by biting into her neck and taking some of her blood. Jesse was a vampire. "Well, Jess, you should finish the bond. You are stuck with her anyways." Jesse flips him off, causing him to laugh.

Hearing Derek tell Jesse he was stuck with her, Meko looks up at him. Feeling her eyes on him Jesse looks down at her and sighs, "are you sure we can't just pretend this never happened? Because, I don't want to be stuck with a freak, let alone an ugly one." He looks at Derek and his dad as Meko flinches beneath him, hoping there was some way to get out of being stuck with Meko for all eternity.

Her dad shakes his head, "sorry, Jesse, but there is no way out of it."


"Finish the bond, Jesse," Meko's dad, Ryan, tells him as he grabs Derek and pulls him out of the room leaving Meko and Jesse to finish the bond.

"Might as well as make it worth it," Jesse mumbles, as he reaches over and turns the light off so he won't have to look at her. Settling himself between her legs, Jesse begins to move within her. Pulling out till just the tip of him is in her, and then slamming his cock home hard and deep not caring how she felt, or if she liked it or not. All he cared about was his pleasure and getting the bonding done. Continuing to plow his cock into her, he leans down and takes one of her nipples into his mouth, as his hand reaches up and cups it, squeezing it.

Feeling his hand cup her tit and lick her nipple, Meko groans softly around her gag, knowing he was probably pretending she was Nicole, due to the fact that he had shut off the light. Feeling his cock slide back into her, she winces, as it repeatedly hits against her cervix with every pound of his flesh behind every hard stroke.
Hating the fact that the ropes tying her up were getting in the way and that he liked feeling hands running over his body, regardless of who he was fucking, Jesse reaches up and unties her hands. Feeling her hands being untied, Meko looks up at him wondering what he was doing as he pulls out of her and moves down to untie her feet. As she pulls her legs up so her knees are bent, Jesse moves back up between her legs and slides back into her and begins to move again going gentler this time then he had before.

As he moves within her once again, Meko keeps her hands down by her side not wanting him to strike out at her for touching him. Looking down at her, Jesse pulls the tape off her mouth, and pulls the sock out as she winces from the tape being pulled off. Throwing the sock aside, Jesse leans down and licks her ear, "you can touch me, besides you are mine now. I will do with you what I want when I want." And with that he bites her neck, sinking his fangs deep into her skin. Feeling his fangs cut into her skin, Meko gasps in pain and in pleasure. Pain from his fangs sinking into her and pleasure as he cums, filling her womb with his seed. Needing her to cum, to make the bond complete, Jesse reaches down between them and starts to rub her clit hard and fast, wanting her to cum quickly so he could get away from her. Feeling her body tense, as she gets close to her first orgasm, Meko reaches up and wraps her arms around Jesse, gripping his shoulders. Crying out, she orgasms hard, her body shaking as she cums.

As she comes off her orgasm, she breathes hard and looks up at Jesse as he gets off of her and looks for his clothes. Sitting up, she pulls the covers up to hide her nakedness and watches him get dressed. Feeling her eyes on him, Jesse looks at her, "don't you dare tell anyone about this, and at school you are not to come anywhere near me. Got it?" Tears fill Meko's eyes as she nodds and looks down, not believing she had been stupid enough to think that he would actually like her after everything. "Good," he says simply, and walks out the door. Watching him walk out, she lays down and soon falls asleep.

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I disagree with the commenter below. It was most definitely comprehensible, and with some work it could be a really good story.. or maybe u could just work harder on the sequel (;?


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Sorry you feel that way.

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