I really hate to waste all this space in a preamble to my stories. I thought the one I had at the beginning of the stories I edited so far would have been sufficient, but it seems the self appointed pedo police are hell bent there are minor children in my fictitious fantasy stories.

I have always been fond of small dicks and pussies. The problem is some of you think only young children possess them. My dick has always been little. Yet I am not a child. I know women that have tiny tits, little pussies, and no hair down there. They are not children either. And that’s in the real world. In Fantasy Land, the guys and gals alike can be short, skinny, and hairless without being minors.

As a matter of fact, there is an island in Fantasy Land that puts restrictors on all its male’s penises to keep them little after puberty, much the same as the Japanese do their women’s feet. The girls use a special cream that shrinks the vagina. I mean, what girl wants a big sloppy pussy when all the men have tiny pencil dicks?

I can’t tell you the name of the island for security reasons, but I can tell you it isn’t Fantasy Island. All of its citizens stay young looking and never gain much stature. No one ever dies there. Its due to some chemical in the soil. That’s the reason for the security. Otherwise there’d be a stampede of dumb asses (Pedo Police included) storming the fictitious beach ruining the lives of these wonderful people.

For those of you who have a little common sense, I apologize for being blunt. For those of you that don’t, please get some. I have searched far and wide up and down Fantasy Road for many a year to find the characters I was looking for.

First I found a cute little midget. He is very petite, but unlike David Bennent who was eighteen and looked ten, when he starred as Honeythorn Gump in Legends, my midget is twenty one and could pass for twelve in short shorts. Trust me. Twelve he ain‘t. The mother fucker had a twelve inch dick when I first saw him. It seems a lot of folks in Fantasy Land have twelve inch dicks. Most of them are as fictitious as their dicks.

I couldn’t deal with the cute little bastard having all that dick, so I cut it off for him and sewed a skinny pencil dick in its place. You can find those all up and down the road in Fantasy Land. They are a dime a dozen. Then I slapped the silly bitch around for awhile until he got a bad case of amnesia. At that point I told him he is my twenty one year old little boy. He, not wanting more amnesia treatments, believes he is so.

The little fucker also plays any character I ask him to. Since that time I have acquired several other characters the same way. They all play different characters in my many stories. They all do what I tell them to, but they won’t touch a part portraying a young child. They’ll let me tell about a person’s childhood, but that’s about it.

Melinda, the only one that doesn’t mind me using her real fictitious name, is one of three girl characters I have acquired other than the ones from the island. Melinda is twenty three. She will occasionally play a girl as young as sixteen, but refuses to stoop any lower. She is smooth, petite and very desirable. The only problem I had with her was her pussy was all hairy and loose. I couldn’t stand that. I did laser hair removal on her and I must say she looks sweet being that smooth and hairless.

I got one of those African head hunter guys to help me with her big old nasty pussy. He used his head shrinking magic to make her pussy small and tight to my delight. I convinced her to have breast reduction surgery. I love a flat chested bitch.

I like em small and she had always wanted to look a little boyish. She may even play a guy part at some time or the other. Who knows. When she does, it will still be a fictitious part. She looks like a young girl. So much so, I have to lie about her age. The bitch couldn’t get into a G rated movie without her fictitious parents. She doesn’t like anything real. Not many in Fantasy Land do.

I also use some of the folks from the island. I like that because they work cheap and I don’t have to cut off their dicks nor do I have to give them amnesia treatments. This also lets me avoid dealing with the head hunter. That dude’s a little weird for my tastes.

True, I call some of them little boys and little girls. Some of them are quite naïve when it comes to sex, but that is only because their fictitious Fathers were very protective of them as they weren’t growing up. Bottom line, there are no fucking children in my fantasy stories. Fictitious or otherwise. I would like for you folks that have pedophilia stuck in your minds to either get past the dumb shit or quit reading my stories. The rest of you can feel free to enjoy.

You can Suck Too

“Hey, dude. Are you really going to suck the scout master’s dick when you go in his tent?” Timmy looked inquisitively as he asked his best friend about what he had just told him. Brian grinned. “Yeah. It’s cool. I do it every night. Mr. Logan loves it.” Timmy let out a low whistle. “Can I come in with you and watch. I’ve never seen it done before?”

“No way man. If you come in with me, he’ll be wanting you to do him too. I don’t think you could.” Timmy didn’t want to suck a dick, but he sure wanted to see one up close. Brian was always talking about sucking a penis. Timmy had no inclination to actually do one, but he was curious what it looked like when Brian did one. This was his chance, if only he can talk Brian into letting him go in with him. Timmy can’t get a grip on why he has to do it too, just to get to watch one time.

“Come on Brian. Let me watch just this once. I won’t ever tell anybody.” Brian shook his head meaning no. “You aren’t going in there embarrassing me having Mr. Logan thinking I was dumb enough to bring someone in with me that doesn’t suck. Forget I even told you. You can’t go.” This was not what Timmy wanted to hear.

“I’ll give in and kiss you some if you let me go in. How about it?” Brian shook his head in disgust. “Un unh. I’ve been begging you for a month to let me kiss you just once and you wouldn’t let me. You already know I love to look at you, especially when we take a bath. That long wavy blond hair and your cute skinny nose just above those ruby red lips tear me up and you know it. Heck, I’ve already told you I’d lick all over your long tanned sexy legs. You won’t even let me rub your cute little ass.”

“Come on Brian. I already told you I ain’t queer. It would embarrass the shit out of me letting you do all of that. Let me go in with you.” Brian sat quietly as if in serious thought. Finally, Brian slips his underwear to his knees. He grabs his four inch dick shaking it at Timmy. It was already hard as a brick which it always was when ever Timmy was around. “Suck my dick Timmy.”

Timmy sat there pouting. His feelings were hurt. He was near tears. Suddenly he breaks down crying. Timmy looks up at his friend. “If I suck it, can I go in then?” Brian laughed with a wicked grin. “’I’ll tell you what. Take your underpants off. Come over here and kiss me and then we’ll see.”

“Yuck.” That was the first thought that entered Timmy’s head. Brian had referred to kissing as swapping spit far too many times for Timmy to believe his friend wasn’t going to spit in his mouth. True, he knew Brian was queer when he became friends with him. He loved Brian as a friend none the less. It didn’t really bother him too much that Brian was constantly after him.

He knows Brian’s dream is to touch him between his legs. Brian has even begged to suck Timmy’s nuts. All of that is gross enough, but to actually let Brian slobber all in his mouth. Damn. Curiosity finally won over. Timmy thinks to himself. “If I drink a wad or two of his spit, it won’t be so bad. Heck. It isn’t going to hurt me any to hold his thing in my mouth for a few minutes and suck it once. What the fuck. I’ve gotta see him in action just once.”

Timmy slid his under pants to the floor walking over to his friend. The two boys meshed into an embracing hug. Shock of all shocks. “Wow. This is pretty cool. Brian feels so cuddly in my arms. I wish I had done this a long time ago. His skin is so soft and warm. He really feels good to the touch.” Timmy turned to Brian to tell him so when Brian pressed his lips forward encasing Timmy’s own lips.

Sensations of sheer pleasure ran up Timmy’s spine as Brian’s wet soft lips pulled at his lower lip. He felt Brian’s tongue slide into his mouth. “Now what the fuck do I do?” Shit. He said it out loud. Brian pulled back from him momentarily. “You’re supposed to suck my tongue, Dummy.” The boys’ lips meshed back together again with Brian’s tongue sliding sweetly into Timmy’s not so eagerly awaiting mouth.

Timmy started sucking. Soon a huge wad of spit rolled into his mouth. Timmy almost threw up, but quickly swallowed. Another wad soon followed. Timmy quickly swallowed that one too. Shortly another wad showed up. Timmy was thinking Brian wanted to drown him. As quickly as Timmy swallowed them down, Brian gave him another one.

After twenty minutes of Timmy swallowing gob after gob, Brian again broke the kiss. “Listen, you moron. You gotta kiss me back for this to work. And quit swallowing so fast. We’re supposed to pass it back and forth to savor the flavor. First I give you one. Then after we have fun with that one, you give me one of yours. Then we repeat the process. Do it right or forget about going in with me. Okay?”

Timmy looked like he had been hit by a train. “Well, okay. I guess I can do that.” They went into a wild and passionate kiss. Timmy finally pulled out all the stops. “Ummmmmm. Gosh. It does feel good kissing a boy, just like Brian says it does. Our spit tastes pretty good too.” Another thirty minutes passed with Timmy slobbering all over Brian’s juicy lips.

Brian placed his hands on the cheeks of Timmy’s smooth tender face. He slowly pulled Timmy to a kneeling position. “Go ahead and suck it Timmy.” Timmy looked helplessly at Brian’s skinny little hard on. He could clearly see the base of it blend in with Brian’s bald pubic skin.

He had always heard guys had big hairy dicks, but he’s never seen anybody’s dick other than Brian’s and his own. The tiny sack that was supposed to hold those precious nuts that Brian was constantly trying to get him to hold in his mouth was hanging down from the bottom of his hard on.

Neither of them had any hair around their peters. Brian’s was a good half inch longer than his and noticeably bigger in girth, but neither had what one would call big. The damn thing was sticking straight out from between Brian’s legs. He had noticed that Brian’s peter was always hard, at least anytime Timmy was around him. Brian says it gets that way because Timmy is so exciting. Timmy kind of likes hearing that he does that to Brian, but he isn’t so sure of what exciting is.

Timmy’s dick gets hard more often than it did last year, but it doesn’t stay hard near as much as Brian’s. The tip is round and smooth and pink with a hole in it. A hole? That’s his pee hole. He pees out of that. “Fuck. Brian I can’t suck on your pee hole. Don’t ask me to do that. I’ll throw up all over you.” Brian was unperturbed. “Just slurp my nuts up into your mouth. They’re clean and I don’t piss out of them.”

This is going to be a lot rougher than he had thought. Timmy finally let out a sigh as he leaned forward pressing his lips against Brian’s nut sack. He hesitated for a few seconds, then pulled a slight suction with his mouth. To his surprise, Brian’s sack slipped right up into his mouth. Timmy could feel his lips mesh against the base of the sack and suddenly noticed Brian’s balls were roaming all around the sack against his tongue.

Timmy started sucking. “Shit. This ain’t so bad. I’ll just suck them for a minute or two and then I’m done.” Brian moaned aloud. “God, Timmy. That feels some kind of good. Put the tip of it in your mouth. Just hold it. Make me feel even better.” Timmy turned loose of Brian’s nuts. He sat on his knees watching a drop of liquid drip out of the end of Brian’s prick.

“Gross. There’s stuff dripping out of the end of it. I can’t put that in my mouth.” Brian looked down at his friend. “Don’t get all worked up over that. Just run your tongue through the middle of it and slurp the stuff off. That way it’ll be clean when you put it in your mouth.” Again, Timmy sat there in shock. He reached out with his hand grabbing Brian’s shaft pulling it down near his mouth. He closed his eyes, stuck his tongue out and raked it through the hole in the tip.

Just like that the wetness was gone. Timmy opened his eyes staring at Brian’s pipe organ. Brian was right. It looks clean now. Timmy opened his mouth stuffing Brian’s hot rod into his mouth. Timmy slid his lips as far down Brian’s shaft as he could go without gagging and pulled a suction with his mouth as he slid his lips back up. Timmy pulled back smiling. “There, I did it. Now I can go in with you.” He stood up.

Brian looked at him in incredulity. “Damn, dude. You barely had it in your mouth. Go back down there and suck me. What do you think this is all about?” Timmy looked shocked again. “No way. If I suck on it for too long you’ll squirt stuff into my mouth. I heard guys squirt a lot out when they do. I don’t want that shit in my mouth.”

Brian calmly replied. “Relax Timmy. All you gotta do when I start is swallow. Then it won’t ever be in your mouth.” Timmy thought about that for a minute. Suddenly Timmy realized Brian was right. He could stand to do it as long as he didn’t get any in his mouth. He’d just swallow when it starts squirting out. No problem there.

Timmy dropped back to his knees. He put it back into his mouth again and started sucking. At first it felt all gross and slimy. Then it dawned on Timmy that the slimy part was his own spit. Soon he felt it was smooth and soft yet firm to his lips. The mere fact that it was sticking straight up at him because he had his mouth on it suddenly got exciting. Timmy felt his own peter get hard. He started sucking harder.

His mouth slid farther and farther down with each stroke. Finally he felt his lips hit against those smooth pubes. Just like that, Timmy was in heaven. “Sucking a dick ain’t all that bad. Actually it’s kind of fun. Still, I ain’t letting Brian know I think so.” Brian could feel his nuts swelling up to bust loose in Timmy’s mouth. He held it for as long as he could, then he let it go.

“Uggghh splutt splatt arrgh.” Timmy started heaving up his guts as Brian’s semen rushed into his mouth. Timmy pulled back still vomiting. Ejaculate kept spurting out of Brian’s dick only now it was getting all over Timmy’s face and chest. “You sorry bastard. That shit is awful. You lied to me. You said a guy’s stuff is sweet. It’s fucking nasty. Gross.”

Brian gave Timmy a chance to calm back down a little. He wet a rag with a little water from his canteen handing it to Timmy. “Here. Clean yourself up a little.” Brian wiped up the vomit with some paper towels he had. When Timmy had himself sort of together again, Brian smiled sweetly at him.

“I gotta hand it to you. You suck a mean dick dude. That was awesome. I loved it.” Timmy stared in disbelief. “Do you really think so? I felt like a faggot the whole time.” Brian giggled mischievously. “Yeah. I do. Don’t worry. You’re still a boy. When young guys do it, it ain’t considered queer. They call it experimenting.”

“Go back down there and experiment some more. This time, don’t think of it as some nasty shit that came out of my dick. Think of it as a special nectar that I’m giving you because you are exciting me so. Then you’ll be able to gulp it down like candy. You’ll love it. Then we can go in to see Mr. Logan after I get mine. Okay?”

Timmy couldn’t believe his ears. “You still want to suck mine? Even after the way I’ve been?” “Oh yeah. I’ve always wanted some of your excitement and I can hardly wait to experiment on your sweet shaft.” Timmy settled back on his knees slurping and sucking all over Brian’s now limp pecker.” It rapidly stood back at attention. Timmy worked on it like he may never get another. Soon Brian could hold out no longer filling Timmy’s sweet mouth with his nectar.

Timmy sucked and sucked and sucked some more. When Brian went soft, Timmy pulled back from him with a mouthful of Brian’s excitement. Timmy swished it back and forth in his mouth before swallowing it down his throat. “Cool. It really does taste good. I liked it a lot. Can I get some more later?” Brian smiled in achievement. “Just lay back on the sleeping bag for now. I’m going to show you how to really work on one so you don’t make a fool out of yourself in front of Mr. Logan. Then we can talk about your getting more.”

It was an easy step to lay back on the sleeping bag for his friend now. Brian’s fingers roamed all around Timmy’s chest. Tweaking first the left nipple then the right. Brian wanted to give Timmy an around the world. He glanced at his watch. It’s getting late. There just isn’t time. If he waits much longer, Mr. Logan will be asleep. He can do all of that later. Brian leans forward licking sweetly around the base of his friend’s penis.

Moans elicit themselves from Timmy’s mouth as he feels soft smooth pulsing lips working themselves slowly up his shaft. The sensation as his peter is encased in the warm wetness of Brian’s mouth is awesome. Brian sucks gently. Tenderly pulling Timmy’s rod away from his body. Timmy feels like it might actually pull loose and go down Brian’s throat.

Brian alternated between sucking Timmy’s throbbing member and taking a swish at his luscious balls. Suddenly Timmy squeals in delight. Brian smiles as he gulps rope after rope of delicious juice from his friend’s loins. When Timmy went soft, Brian grinned. “Come on dude. Mr. Logan’s waiting.

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