The new improved version of the part 4 series.

The following story is a complete work of fiction and not been based on any facts or actual events. It is pure taboo fantasy and nothing more, I would never dream of committing the acts described within the story in real life.

The following story contains consensual sex between an 11-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. If you are not a fan or extremely against stories of this nature then please stop reading here, I will not take responsibility for any offence incurred upon a reader after reading this story.


Merry Christmas XNXX! I apologise for been so inactive with my writings but I’m finally settling down with my new life and job. This is the replacement for the current Part 4 of the ‘Babysitter’ series. I am currently waiting for original Part 4 to be deleted. There will be one more part released after this one and the series will end I am afraid. I hope to get the final part up by New Years.

Unfortunately, I had no time to proof read this properly and only skim read through. As far as I can tell, it is readable so sorry in advance for any mistakes. Anyway enjoy.

I sprinted down the street as fast as I could, breathing heavily while my face became flustered. I wanted to leave as soon as possible as the excitement that lay in store dominated my mind. My legs were burning as I ran but the image of fucking Issy’s little body kept me alive, I was free and could run forever. On top of the world, not a care in the world. I soon arrived back at my house and I fumbled clumsily for the door keys. After an antagonising amount of time I finally cracked the door open and ran inside. My parents were on vacation in the countryside. Travelling around in a caravan so they were not home at the time but the best part of this was that they had left £100 for me to get through the week on. I grabbed £15 of this and decided it would be more than enough to get a few bus tickets and go swimming with Issy. I picked up my phone that was lying on the floor of my bedroom and checked for messages. There was one from my mate at school. It read;

‘Hey Steve, wicked party goin down 2night. Gunna be FIT girls and booze. You cumin? ;)’

Yeah... As If I was going to miss, a night with Issy for some drunken slut. I deleted the message smirking at my mate’s poor luck. I packed up my swimming shorts and grabbed a tub of KJ jelly from my mum’s bedroom as well as a thick white vibrator that my mum kept. It felt weird taking these items and knowing they have been used on my mother but I tried not to think about it as the thoughts made me feel queasy and perverted... oh the irony. I stuffed the items into my rucksack along with some toiletries in case I had to spend the whole night at Issy’s. I ran back down the stairs and slammed the door shut pulling my keys from the lock before heading down the road for another long ten-minute sprint, my head buzzing with ideas and fantasies that kept replaying in my head repeatedly. I arrived at the familiar suburban house and found the front door open. Natalie’s car was still gone so that was a good sign but I was a little worried the door was open. I approached cautiously, peering through the adjacent crack looking for a sign of disturbance. I called inwards to the house;

“Issy!? You there?”

I waited for a response before stepping into the hallway. I approached the stairwell looking up to the top landing calling out again but more worryingly this time;

“...Issy? This isn’t funny!”

Suddenly out of nowhere popped out a happy grinning girl. Her face was lit up in a sweet and innocent smile as she stood with her hands clasped together in front of her. She wore a black sleeveless spaghetti strap shirt with a violet skirt that was defiantly too short for her and underneath that she wore completely nothing. I could clearly see her bald naked pussy from the bottom of the stairs. She laughed and smiled at me as she walked down the stairs with a drawstring bag across her back. She approached the last few steps before jumping at me and grabbing hold of my back to hold her up. Naturally, I moved my hands to her ass to support her but the skirt had ridden up and exposed her bare ass cheeks as I grasped hold. She grinned at me naughtily as I held her by the arse cheeks and I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy onto my groin area. My cock was stirring from inside my pants, desperate to get out. I put Issy down on the floor and took her by the hand smiling at her pleasantly. I walked with her over to the front door, making sure I grabbed the key before leaving the house with what people would just assume my little sister, not my love. We walked down the street to the bus stop on the warm summer’s day. It was around 18 degrees and the sun was high in the sky. The trees were green with leaves and flowers were blooming everywhere, the world seemed perfect in this little street. I walked smiling with Issy in my hand, I could not wish for anything better. We approached the bus stop at the end of her road. There sitting on the bench, was an old couple; so we had to stand up for about ten minutes before the bus arrived but I did not care. I was just happy been there with Issy. The double Decker bus arrived at the top of the street and came down the street bouncing on the smallest of bumps. I pulled out my wallet and emptied several coins out into my hand as the bus pulled up in front of us.

We boarded the bus and sat there mostly in silence on the journey with Issy resting her head against her bag on the window. She watched the scene passing by outside and occasionally made small talk with me about her friends and school. To passers-by, we looked like cutest and most friendly brother and sister pair in the world. Little they knew. Eventually the bus arrived outside the local swimming baths and I had to chase Issy as she leapt up from her seat and out the opening doors. She kept running all the way to the entrance with excitement and I continually had to shout for her to stop and wait. Eventually I caught up with her outside the main entrance. She had revolved back to her childish nature that made me smile. She was cutest like this, full of innocence and childish look in her eyes. I pulled open the door for her and she ran in to the front desk. I followed suit and quickly paid the attendant the entrance fee. The swimming baths were co-ed changing with individual lockable cubicles and larger cubicles for families and disabled. This was perfect opportunity with the noisy background of shouting kids to have some real fun before swimming. We started prowling around the changing area looking for a cubicle that was available and after what seemed like an eternity, we found an empty stall in the corner of the building. It was much quieter back here with less activity, which was perfect. Issy quickly leapt into the stall as I quickly checked the coast before following her in and locking the door.

Inside the cubicle, it was empty except for a lone white bench attached to the wall. It was rather small but that was no problem. Issy sat there on the decrepit bench smiling at me pleasantly. She sat there with her hands clasped together patiently. My heart began beating faster and faster, slowly melting at the heart-warming image of Issy. I cautiously approached her, as though she was a timid elegant doe in the woods. I sat beside her and she casually leant onto my shoulder as I caressed her shoulder with my hand. Slowly I rubbed her soft young tender skin with my fingers. She hummed quietly as I moved my hand to stroke her long brown silk hair. I could smell the sweet fruit aroma from her shampoo radiate through my nostrils mixed with the odour of chlorine from the water. I took her by the chin and titled her head upwards towards me. We sat there staring into each other’s eyes, eyes filled with passion and lust. I leant down and began to take her plump succulent lips in mine and probe my tongue deep into her opening, only to meet with her tongue and elegantly dance and swirl in harmony with it. We prolonged our sweet kiss for several minutes, the fear of been caught surging our hormones uncontrollably causing us both to become as equally aroused. Issy made the first move as she slowly and prudently began to caress my already hardened dick through the thick denim material of my jeans. I took note of Issy’s actions and simultaneously followed her movements myself as I brought my shaking fingers to the hem of her skirt. I dug into the hem and slowly began to peel them down to reveal the golden treasure within. I eagerly liked my lips as her precious bald slit came into perfect view under my gaze. Meanwhile she had clumsily begun to work on releasing my belt from its buckle. After slightly frustration, she managed to pry it free of its lock and release it letting my trousers become slack around my waist. Issy lifted her cute and tight bum off the seat to let me free the skirt from her skin. I carefully tossed it on the empty part of the bench before I too stood up to allow Issy to strip me of my clothing.

She awkwardly peeled down my jeans to expose the bulge in my boxers desperate for freedom. I slowly continued to stroke her hair while she pulled down my boxers to reveal my springing cock. It was glistening with pre-cum under the changing room light. She moved forwards and knelt down on her knees in front of my rock hard member. She took it in her soft grasp and moved her parting lips towards it before engulfing three inches into her warm and moist mouth. She sucked on it expertly, swirling her tongue around the head, playing with the sensitive glands, torturing me evilly. I rasped out short grunts of pleasure, desperately trying to keep my voice low to avoid detection. Issy kept her intensive sucking up and it was sending me into pure ecstasy. I slowly took hold of the back of her head and began thrusting gently deeper into her throat. I got around four inches into her throat before she gagged loudly. I ensured I was gentle with her so she would not alert anyone to the goings on. I could hear her moaning gently through my cock, which sent orgasmic ripples cascading through the tip of my cock all the way to the base of the shaft. I felt my balls tensing up uncontrollably ready to spew out my hot and salty cum into my little angel’s mouth. Issy looked up at me as she kept sucking, her eyes sparkling with the faintest of tears welling up. She gave a half-hearted smile through her slow bobbing. She gave one final lunge forwards, taking the full length of my pulsating cock deep into the back of her throat. She gagged loudly as my hot cum spewed deep into the back of her throat, straight down into her little tummy. Her body shook and convulsed in orgasm as she gagged uncontrollably on the foul rod invading her mouth. Tears poured from her eyes and I stood there in shock and fear. She eased up off the base of my cock and slurped up all of the cum that was left on the tip. She smiled half-heartedly as she looked up at me.

My heart eased and I instantly fell back in love with my darling. I caressed her cheek softly and wiped away the teardrops that were slowly dribbling down her soft skin. I lifted her up in my arms and carefully placed her down on the bench. I knelt down on my knees in front of her on the wet floor. I leant inwards and inhaled the sweet aroma of her dripping pussy. I moved my hand forwards and ran my fingers through the glistening slit in front of me. I probed deeper, reaching my index finger in to the knuckle before withdrawing it and sucking on it, taking in the sweet succulent taste of her. I never tired of her, every time it felt as though she was a fresh virgin ripe for the taking. I dipped my finger back inside and began thrusting it in and out of her still tight young pussy. I could feel her muscles contracting and squeezing furiously on my finger, Issy leant back against the stall wall panting deeply and moaning as my finger invaded her cunt. She clasped one of her hands over her mouth in an effort to keep herself quiet while with the other hand she began fondling her erect nipple that was slowly developing into a small mound. Her body was steadily shaking constantly and she began thrusting her hips forwards to meet my oncoming finger. After constant shaking from her body and muffled whimpers, I decided it was time to put her out of her misery. I withdrew my finger, leant inwards, and darted out my tongue inwards into her sweet dripping fountain of youth. I lapped up the sweet nectar and circulated my tongue all along the pulsating walls of her pussy. I began to nibble softly at her hard and swollen clit. Unfortunately, this was far too much for the poor child and her body instantly erupted into spasm. Her body tensed and a gush of fluids dripped out of her boiling contracting pussy.

Her body slowly calmed down and began to shake gently as she regained her composure and settled from her shattering orgasm. She lay there limp on the edge of the bench slowly but surely slipping off the edge. Her pussy continued trickling slightly onto the already wet floor of the changing room. I collapsed onto the bench next to her and she quickly snuggled against my chest. We laid there both naked from the waist down, my dick now deflated and sticky from my cum. We breathed in deeply, regaining our strength. After about five minutes, we decided we should finally go for a swim. Issy and I both stripped fully naked in front of each other, occasionally Issy fondling with my dick, which brought it back to its fully erect life. I playfully tickled her hips and she squealed with delight. After a long struggle, we finally managed to change into our swimming clothes and let my dick deflate to its hidden status. We exited the changing area after been in there for about twenty minutes. We spent few hours in the swimming pool; I continually chased the laughing Issy around the pool as she went on the slides, whirlpool, Jacuzzi. We were not able to do anything sexual in the public eye but I managed to sneak a gentle rub against her swollen pussy through the thin polyester of her one-piece suit. We continued playing and splashing each other but the last, half an hour siren rang out for everyone to vacate the pool. We unwillingly got out and headed back to our secluded cubicle at the end of the changing area.

Our bodies were soaking from the water as we walked into the cubicle. The water had caused our swimming clothes to stick tightly to our skins, through my swimming shorts there was the familiar outline of my stirring cock and cute little Issy’s one-piece swim suit had tugged its way into her arse crack and left both cheeks exposed. I gently swatted her ass as she leant forwards to dig a towel out of her swimming bag. She giggled and turned around to face me. Her face lit with a devious smile and lustrous eyes. I pulled down my soaking wet boxers and once again, my cock sprang upwards to meet the warm chlorine filled air. I plonked myself down on the bench and began to fondle and rub my cock as I watched Issy dry her body. She was beautiful. On the surface a pure, sweet and innocent angel… but underneath that laid a horny twisted minx. Fire and ice in perfect harmony… I guess that is why I loved her so much. I continued to pump up and down on my dick as Issy began to perform an inexperienced yet enticing erotic dance with the towel for me. I chuckled quietly as she ran the towel across her puffy mound and threw her head back in an exaggerated motion. She began walking towards me, towel aside.

She stood in front of me completely naked, her bare pre-teen pussy staring me right in the eye. She moves her hips over my legs where I was sitting on the bench and slowly she pierced her young tight pussy with my cock. I could feel her shake and moan as inch by inch entered her inner sanctum. Her forceful silence caused her to exert her lustful moans through deep scratches as she gripped onto my shoulders and dug her nails in deeply. The pain intensified the feeling of my cock pushing up inside her petite body. I could feel her pussy clamp down and squeeze on my cock in a steady rhythm. After nearly piercing my skin, Issy finally bottomed out and all 6”4 inches buried deep inside my angel. She sat there impaled on my cock, facing towards me with a quivering smile on her face. Slowly as Issy became accustomed to the feel of my cock inside her, she began to lean forwards and kiss me passionately. Her tongue slowly inserting its way into my mouth and preforming its own special dance. As we kissed, I began to lift her tender frame up and down so that she began bouncing up and down on my cock, our wet bodies making small slapping noises that bounced off the cubicle walls and o0ut into the halls surrounding. I panicked slightly and forced Issy to slow down and instead let me thrust upwards slowly yet with a strong force. Issy moaned with pleasure through the kiss and continually tried to bob up and down and increase the pleasure but to her disappointment, I forced her to remain still. She pouted and fidgeted against my chest desperate for maximum pleasure.

“Issy… Stay still… or someone will hear us..” I whispered
“Please Steven…. I need to cum” Issy whimpered through her soft delicate kisses.

I felt compelled to give her what she wanted but my everlasting fear of been caught overruled and forced me to keep going slowly. After several minutes of fucking her deeply she began to pant and moan quickly and she had to clasp her mouth shut with her hand. She furiously began to buck up and down on my cock as her third orgasm of the day approached. She bucked wildly and bounced up and down with fury and I had to clasp her mouth shut to muffle her screams. I felt her juices push against my cock and flow past and out onto the wet floor beneath us. Her body went limp and she fell forwards against my chest and lay there, breathing in vigorously. I laid there with my cum spewing into her hot pussy as I stroked her hair gently. I reached over for the pink fluffy towel that sat on the bench with us and began to rub it gently against Issy’s soft skin to dry her off. I finished drying her off and laid her dazed body on the bench while I dried and dressed myself. I scooped up Issy’s clothes and quickly and clumsily dressed her. She had fallen asleep from exhaustion so I gathered our things, scooped her up and carried her out of the changing rooms.

We arrived back at the house at 4:30pm. Natalie still was not around so I laid the sleeping beauty on her bed and left the door closed for her to sleep peacefully. I headed downstairs, grabbed a cola from the fridge, and popped it open. I sat down on the sofa and flicked on the TV to pass the time while I waited for Natalie to return.


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I really enjoyed your babysitter story and I believe there is a place for these stories; Not being a pedephile there is too much sik ppl out there today hurting our children but this is a good way to let off your feelings and fantasy is great.
I plan to read more of your works

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