Hi dears, this is a case study about incest sex. Here, the family was poor with no internet or modern lifestyle. yet incest manged to enter their lives. Just go through it
“Let us get some sleep” my dad quipped as it was already 10.30 in the night. We were watching a movie in a black and white 14” TV and it was over with happy ending.

So we started preparing for the bed.

Don’t imagine that we would be going into our separate cosy rooms and fell on the bed dreaming about the movie heroine.

We belonged to what you call just above the poverty line society. We lived in a two-roomed tiled house – a 10 by 10 feet served as our hall, study room, dining hall in the day time and as bed room during night. The other room was 8 by 10 feet that was divided into two – large portion was used as Kitchen and the balance area as bath room (mostly used by women folk). We lived in what was generally referred as “line houses” where a series of identical houses would be built facing each other in a row with common bathrooms / toilet facilities at its end.

My father was working in a Spinning Mill about a kilometer away and he was the only earning member in the family. He was not what you would call a devoted family man, he would often drink that country-made liquor and make all that noise, but he never let us down either. He sent us all to a local municipal school, – my sister 16+, me 14+ and my younger sister 9+. We were reasonably fed, clothed and entertained, so we naturally loved him and feared him. My mom was a meek puny woman with no resistance left in her.

There were no cots in our house, only mats. So we spread them on the floor, covered them some bed-sheets and pillows and there you go, our beds were ready!

Normally, my dad would sleep outside the house in the veranda. Partly because there was inadequate space inside the house and partly there was cool air coming from the forest nearby. Generally, men folk in our area used to sleep only on the verandas during most part of the year.

But, it was rainy season and the incessant rain made it impossible for him to sleep in his usual place. So, we prepared bed for us 5 persons (instead of to usual 4) in the order – my dad’s bed was at one end of the hall, next my mother’s, then my younger sister, then me and my elder sisters bed at the other end of hall.

Usually, my elder sister would be sleeping next to my mom, at the far end of the hall, but as that place was taken up by my dad, I had to lie down next to her, something I didn’t like till then. She would always kick me or push me scolding me severely, if I happened to throw my hand or leg on her even in sleep.

As I remembered such instances past, I reclined on the place allotted to me, and before falling into sleep I warned her to behave, knowing that it was an empty threat and my mother always supported her.

To save energy bill, we didn’t use any night lamp in our house, so it became dark after the only tube light was switched off.

However, our hall was brightened up by the frequent lightning, accompanying the heavy rain. It brightened our hall for a few seconds through glass panes fixed in the roof tiles. (This was done to use sun light during day time). Our hall seemed like a discotheque hall, as the intermittent lightning was always followed by the drums of thunder.

I didn’t know how long I was asleep and I was disturbed by an urge to answer nature’s call. Normally I wouldn’t wake up during sleep, as I was a sound-sleeper, but due to the chill weather prevailing due to rain, my bladder was prematurely full. I actually wanted to hold it till morning to avoid disturbing others, walking over their beds, at times waking them up. But, after some time, I thought I could not hold for long, I tried to get up.

As I started to move, one hand pushed me down on the bed and another closed my mouth, while a voice very close to my left ear commanded me in a hushed voice to remain still. I could sense from the voice that it was my elder sister. She was behind me, still lying on the bed, holding me in her hands tightly.

My first reaction was to rebel against her, but some sense of reason prevailed upon me, and I tried to understand as to why she was trying to curb my movement.

The night was silent except for the sounds of rain and occasional distant thunder and the hall we were sleeping was pitch-dark I couldn’t see anything. Then it lighted up for a few seconds by the lightning rays.

And Oh! What I saw in those few seconds, I would never forget.

My mom was lying on her back with her legs spread wide and Oh God! very nude, her saree rolled up above her hip and my daddy was on her, resting on both of his hands, his torso moving up and down in a rhythmic manner between her open thighs. They were both connected in the middle, his torso moving up and down, charging at her groin.

When I watched, he rose a little bit, stood on his knees, revealing his big, black, shining, wobbling, long penis. He took a deep breath and then bending upon again on my mom, placed that ugly penis somewhere between my mom’s pussy and pushed it down.

There was a brief sound of a moan from my mom and he then began moving his hip up and down again. Now I could imagine that his penis was being rammed to and fro into my mom’s pussy.

My feeling at that time I could not describe – horrible and at the same time, fascinating – to watch them perform like that in that night.

My little poker already swollen because of the urge to urinate, now seemed to grow more hard, I didn’t know why.

And, what was strange to me was that there wasn’t any protest from my mom for all the beatings she received, instead she was giving some muffled sounds, like moaning, which noise she used to make when she was running high fever.

I slowly turned to face my sister, but she seemed to be lost in what she was watching/ watched.

I wriggled myself free and spoke confidentially to her “Is mom alright? What’s happening?”

“Oh! You fool. Keep quite” She said in a husky voice and hugged me again.

I didn’t see why I was a fool, but with a little more observation of the sounds emanating from my mom, I somehow felt that my mom was not in any danger, and she was actually loving what was happening to her.
It was dark now, and apart from the grumblings coming from my mom, their activity created a splashing noise – like when you walk in the pool of water.

It went on for some, I didn’t know how long, and suddenly the sounds were heard in quick succession for a few seconds – splash, splash. . … . . splash - and then there was nothing. Silence.

A strong lightning passed through again and I found them lying on the bed normally as if nothing had happened, and my daddy was already snoring.

I for a moment wondered whether it was really true what I saw or was it my imagination. But, the shocked feeling was there in me and I felt my body still shaking.

My sister was still hugging me from behind and I felt a light tremor going through her body also. She was also watching the scene and must have been equally shocked like me, I thought. I let her hold me for some more time, feeling the warmth flowing from her slim body.

Then I started feeling the urge (to pee) in my bladder again, and I got up this time to make my trip to the bathroom.

When I came back and laid down myself on the bed, I settled down tentatively on my bed and in the darkness my hand accidentally fell on my sisters breast (she was lying on her back), but strangely, and quite contrary to her nature, she did not complain that time.

For a few seconds I left my hand linger there, feeling the soft mound over her cotton fabric, and I was a little frightened at having touched her there. A very sensitive spot. Boys were not expected to even stare at, leave alone touch, grown up girls, especially their vital parts like breasts, hips, etc.

I pressed a little, enjoying the sponge like flesh, moving like gel at my touch. I knew I was doing something wrong, and I began to pull back my hand. But she stopped me with her hand, and pulled my fingers firmly over her tender breast again. I could not believe myself. I again tried to pull away, but she was firmly holding my hand.

I was more than surprised and almost fainted. Whether she was doing it to threaten me later?

But I pressed again wondering at the softness of her breasts which were like air-filled balloons. I tested her again, now pressing harder and I heard her making the same sounds my mom had a few moments ago made.

I could not believe that she was feeling happy at my massaging her tits. That was a revelation to me. You touch a girl’s breast and she is thrilled was the message I got on that night.

In India, being 14+ had some disadvantages. You were neither a boy nor a man, but women, that include girls, always avoided you. You didn’t really know what you would do to them, but still they won’t allow you to go near them. For a boy of my age, girls were always fascinating, and the restriction to move with girls was actually pushing up my interest in the girls and shy though I was, I wanted to have some girl friends and play with them unconventionally.

But I never believed I would start my quest with my sister!

Now I was lying very closely to her back (she was now lying on her side, showing her back to me) like a lizard, my groin pressing her healthy bottom and my right hand still over her front portion, massaging her fleshy breasts. She guided my fingers over her small breasts and I continued massaging her silently.

I was a spin bowler in my school cricket team and that helped me to play her breast in variety of moves - my fingers switching position and touching different places. She bent her head and started kissing my fingers very passionately, showed I was doing right and she liked it. Slowly I felt her breasts hardening and then I felt her erect nipples.

She was making moans confidentially, lest she may wake up others as I continued my massage (she was still holding my hand). Then she moved her hands guiding me again and I found my fingers were now within her blouse and were touching the raw flesh of her breasts.

Wow! What an experience! It was so soft and tender to touch her bared breasts! And then, without warning, my little poker experienced erection, and since I my groin was still attached to her butts, my poker began to poke into the cleavage of her butt cheeks.

The sudden intrusion must have alerted her. Her hand came over on my trousers searching for the source of disturbance. I felt very awkward that she should touch my penis. Shame! I moved away a little to escape her fingers but she persisted and moving her hand deftly, opened the buttons of my trousers and entered into the most private part of my body.

I felt choked and could not breathe in anticipation. I stopped all my movements and waited with bated breath for her to touch me.

Then the alarm went off and it was 4.30 in the morning. Time, I took the buffaloes to milk society for milking. They were the part-time bread winners for our family.

My sister pushed me aside immediately and pulled over the bed spread over her head as if she was asleep. I slowly got up, my little poker still in waiting and went to the backside, where the buffaloes were tied.

Part 2

The entire next day I felt feverish and I could not concentrate on anything. I could not forget the sneaking fingers of my sister reaching out to my poker and at the very thought of it my body trembled in anticipation.

When night came and I went to sleep next to my sister, I immediately reached out and began squeezing her breasts. She seemed to be expecting that and yielded to my ministrations.

The night was very dark and it was heavily raining. However, there was no lightning as in previous night, but the heavy rain drops were falling noisily on the roof tiles.

I worked feverishly on her and the initial seconds were spent in disrobing her upper part and feeling her sensational flesh.

After the initial rush was over, her fingers slowly slid down to reach my expectant poker. I was almost in unbearable pain anticipating her fingers on my penis, which was rocking within my trousers.

Finally, she reached out, opening up the buttons, baring me from my hips and her fingers encircled my penis. Oh! How nice her fingers were, was my first thought. They were really soft and cold and tender and understanding.

She seemed to measure the length of my dancing poker and appeared satisfied with its length and strength. She then moved her fingers over my cock up and down squeezing it very softly and I felt as if I was going to burst down there.

After a few minutes of silent activities, she bent down to kiss my ears and said “Touch me!”.

For some inexplicable seconds, I remained dumb not fully understanding what she meant, but then when it dawned upon me, I was really dumb struck.

I left my duty on her breasts abruptly and reached out to her groin with trembling fingers. I expected to touch her panties but there was nothing – just her.
As I fumbled, she came to my rescue and guided my hand over her – Oh! What a velvet skin it was! I never touched a girl like that before and what an experience it was! I could imagine puffy lips between the thighs, with a sticky gap between them. All of them were soft and slightly wet, and as I pressed them, she moaned and bit my lips.

I again used my bowling skills over her hot spot and she was totally thrilled at my service. She began to munch my lips, kissing me frequently, all the while giving away inaudible moans. Her hands were still on my cock, pressing and squeezing it.

I was really in heaven! Her fingers were doing wonderful things to my cock and if her reaction was any indication, I was certainly doing more justice to her.

During one of my sojourns over her pussy, my finger felt a small hole in between her lips and as I tried to dip my finger into it, she became almost mad and hugged me very tightly – I really felt difficulty in breathing.

My finger tried to venture into that new discovery but it was very tight and unyielding. As I pressed ahead, it slowly opened up, its walls gripping my unsuspecting finger, swallowing in my index finger slowly.

Then she suddenly withdrew her hold over my cock and pushed away my hand from her pussy.

“Come over me” she said inaudibly.

Again I was blind over what she told, but she pulled me over her.

I jumped over her slender body and while I was adjusting myself upon her, she pulled down my trousers down.

Then she held my cock in her left hand and placed its tip on her pussy. For two or three times, I did not fit on her hole I discussed above, but on the fourth attempt my cock lodged firmly on her entrance.

“Come on in”, she whispered sexily and I pushed.

It was a revelation to me! A new knowledge! The opening of sexy world! True purpose of my cock! And the magnificent power of women! And the tool to rule over women!

As my cock made its way into her pussy hole, these thoughts ran through my mind. I enjoyed every moment of that wonderful journey. For every man, this was an unforgettable moment – a willing women taking his fresh cock into her uncharted cunt and unashamedly showing the signs of enjoying those moments.

My cock faced some kind of resistance and stopped.

“Come on, come on” she urged and I gave a mighty push. She gave a muffled shriek and the hindrance seemed to give way for my cock and it continued its downward journey for some immeasurable time and length.

My cock was feeling a sense of thrill all over its entire length and like a radiant light, it sent waves of pleasure to my groin, then my belly and it went radiating all the way to every cell in my body.

I trembled in pleasure that my cock gave uninterruptedly. My sister was breathing heavily behind my neck, whispering something unintelligible. Then pushed her hardened nipple into my mouth. Her body odour was unmistakably sexy and while my cock was searching into her cunt, my lips were suckling her fresh nipples like a child. I could sense she was thoroughly enthralled at these services.

Then from nowhere, it came to my mind what my dad did to my mom the other night.

Then I began my forward thrust, sank my cock to the hilt in my sister's sweet pussy. She moaned deep in her throat. Then I began to kiss her passionately, all the while thrusting into her as hard and fast as I can.

Every cell of my body is tingling.

My sister was hissing something like “Do it, do it Oh, don't stop, please don't stop!" Her words were making me more sensuous and I began to work with maddening speed.

Finally something wonderful was happening to me and my cock was feeling the ecstatic sensation that I never enjoyed in my entire life before that. I felt a floating sensation, every atom of my body thrilled beyond words and then my cock began to throw up some sort of liquid in spurts. Every spurt gave me such a wonderful sensation and lasted till the last drop of that liquid came out of me.

As I was undergoing such thrills, my sister too got wild beneath me, shaking and dancing, and I could hear her cries of pleasure that went on for some time.

It ended so happily for both of us as it started a day ago. And it was not the end of it I knew. For already my cock was getting hard, though I was still tired and breathless after the excellent exercise we had.


They of course had several bouts of sex subsequently and every time they improved in their sexual activities (as told by the girl to her doctor). After some time, she developed a sense of guilt that she was doing something "sin" and was making his brother a "sinner". This contradictory thinking made her suffer psychologically and after some time, she became a moron, careless about her and hysteric.

After doing regular family treatments like exorcism, temple visits, they brought the girl to our college hospital, where psychiatric treatment brought out the above events.

This was of course not disclosed to their parents and both the girl and the boy were advised separately and suitably to desist from doing such things at the young age, though what they did would not make them "sinners" as she felt.

I don't know how they are now (this happened some 5 years back). But how are you now!

With luv and kisses to you all!!

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