My wife gives it up to old lover for the third time denying all but the first see not the first to undrstand.
One rainy Night

I had just saw one of my old flames drive by my apartment in her dodge truck, I quickly text her phone and asked if she was looking for me? She is married and we have been flirting through face book emails and a few text on and off for a few months. We had a one night stand 32 years earlier in our teens and she had joined me for a 15 minute quicky in a hotel room 8 months ago. But her husband watches her real close and she has been ignoring my advances ever since that day.

She did not take the text so I was settling in for a long rainy night alone. I guessed it was just going to me and Pamela Anderson. What a sorry excuse I was. At least that's what I was feeling. I took a shower, put on a towel, laid on the bed upright and started watching some TV. After flipping through every channel I hit the Movie button.

The phone rang. It startled me. I answered it. It was her. She asked what I was doing. I almost said, "I'm watching TV with my hard cock in my hand." But I wasn't sure how she'd react. “I got your text and did not mean to be rude I was just startled to see your number then knowing you saw me, just surprised me.”

Well I have to say I was not sure I recognized you but I saw you get in that nice new truck a couple days ago. Just took a chance.

Well anyway I just wanted to say I did not mean to be rude. She repeated, “No problem, would you like to come over, I just started a movie I can pause it though. She said, let me get my dog dry and we will see.

I went out and left my safety lock propping the door open a crack for quick reentry. I walked up and looked in to her trailer through the partially open curtains she was on the stool staring intently at her phone screen texting. I watched as she opened the Baccardi 151 she had purchased and pour a large amount into water bottle, drink a third of it and fill it again, She was working up her courage to go for it I hoped!

I slipped back to my house just as the phone was ringing again. Hello , sure well these things happen well its 915 now so you have a couple of hours to kill why not spend them catching up with me?” “You have to pick me up mom will see my truck leave, she fretted. “I can be there in a flash,” I cajoled.

……… after a long pause she said, “if my phone rings I have to answer will you be quiet while I take the call?” No Problem I will behave like a total gentleman.

I went in my jeans and T-shirt to pick her up, and she slipped in wiping rain from her brow. We did not speak as we went a block around behind her trailer and to my place, I can watch her through my scope in the day time. I parked got out and ran for the door due to the pouring rain.

As I closed the door behind her, She said, "I'm going to take a shower if you don't mind." she looked wryly at me then turned and went into the bathroom. I said, "Would you like to have company? I do backs." She looked at me and I thought I said too much. "Is that right?" she grinned. She walked into the bathroom without closing the door. I stepped into the bathroom, she was undressing. I took my shirt off. She didn't look at me. I was slightly concerned but kept going. I took my jeans off; I didn't bother putting on any underwear earlier.

She got in the shower turning on the water rinsing the rain water away, I opened the curtain and stepped inside. Her body was plump in all the right places. I almost came just seeing her. She picked up the soap; I reached for her hands and gently took it from her. I lathered up my hands and began sliding them up and down her back, over the curves of her hips. She looked me in the eyes and gave a hushed whimper. Her breathing was short and shallow. I took a plush rag and soaped it up taking the time to scrub gently then sensually all the curves.

My cock was rising to full attention and it brushed against her soft pussy. Her eyes closed with a wanting expression. I moved my face closer to hers and gently brushed my lips against hers. Her mouth reached out and pulled me closer. I could taste the alcohol that had definitely loosened her up already, “She whispered I want it!”

I stepped back a bit and began soaping up her arms, I turned her around and reached in front of her. I lathered up her stomach, my hands moving up to her fantastic breasts. Her hard nipples felt incredible between my fingers. She moaned with delight and arched her back, her head resting on my shoulder. I turned her back around to face me. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to me. She moaned with delight.

I suddenly felt the most wonderful sensation. As I was rinsing her back, she had lathered up her hands and was gently sliding them around my engorged cock. I gasped. She smiled. God, I thought I was going to come. After a thorough cleansing , We rinsed off and got out of the shower.

I took the towel and dried her soft body. She put on a robe and I dried off. "About the TV." She said. I looked down and instinctively grabbed the remote to change the channel. "Don't you want to watch the movie you started?" she asked. "HOLY SHIT!!!" my mind was officially blown. "Hell Yeah!" I said.

I had a towel wrapped around me as I lay next to her. My cock was at attention, which made the whole towel wearing experience absurd. We watched as this redhead sucked this enormous cock. "Damn" I thought.

The hot red head in my bed looked at me, then looked at my cock standing at attention under the towel and said, "Why don't you take that towel off?" I was happy to be rid of it.

"Damn, that looks big." she looked at me hungrily. She stroked it with her finger, watching how my cock bounced when she stroked the sensitive underside of the tip. She gripped it and I shuddered with pleasure as pre-cum oozed out.

"Mind if I have a taste?" she looked at me as she went down. She slowly began licking my hard shaft, then as her tongue reached the tip, she swirled around my pre-cum with her tongue, then put her lips together over just the tip and sucked it out. She opened her mouth letting her tongue work around the head of my hard cock. Then she slowly took it into her mouth.

I moaned with pleasure. She had sucked my cock for about 3 minutes when I exploded in her mouth. She sucked hard as I came, drinking all my cum down. She licked her lips and came up to my mouth. She kissed me and I felt her tongue in my mouth and tasted the remnants of my manly juices.

I scooted down on the bed, below her knees as she knelt facing the headboard. My head disappearing under her . I reached up and pulled her hips down on my face. Damn, she was hot and swollen.

I lapped up her hot sweet pussy , taste like strawberry, I felt it twitch around my tongue . I reached up toward her breasts. Softly pinching and pulling those huge pink nipples.
She reached down and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it up hard against her. Her hips were grinding against my face. "Oh ..seriously!" she screamed, "I'm cumming."

She threw her head back and squealed. She suddenly rocked forward and moved her body down the length of mine and presses her lips hard on my mouth. We enjoyed each other's lips as her pussy rested against my still hard cock.

She began moving her hips forward and backward allowing her wet hot pussy to grind against my hard cock. She moved it back and forth. Our mouths and tongues still enjoying our flavors. She began to pitch upward and downward harder. I could tell she was going to come again.

She pitched up once farther than before, allowing my cock to raise up slightly, then as she went back down, I was inside of her.

My god what a feeling. She stopped with my throbbing cock fully inside her; she reached down and scratched my chest with her fingertips as she came again. I could feel her hot pussy spasm against my cock.

"Fuck me ." she demanded. I rolled her over and put her legs in the crook of my arms my height working in our favor, I could feel the tip of my nine inches almost bottom out an maximum entry she winced in pain and said “I think you are hitting my tonsils.”

I took a few more less shallow thrust and settled into a rhythm that seemed boring. I asked , “is this feeling good to you yet?” She grinned that mischievous grin and said, “the size is a little more than I am used too but its not hitting my spot.” “I can try putting your legs over my shoulders if you like?” Oh yes she squealed. “roll me up like a doodle bug is what my husband does. I obliged but still being tall made it awkward but manageable.

After I had fucked her till my arms cramped I asked if she would try it from behind. She told me she loved being taken from behind but it was painful unless done carefully due to her back problems.

“We took time to place all the pillows under her waist to relieve the pressure off her knees, I positioned myself behind her and drove my cock hard into her. She backed up into me, taking all of me inside her.

I put my hands on her hips, pulling her toward me rhythmically. Her head was down on the bed. I reached down and took a handful of ass Pulling gently. She came up on her hands and her back arched. Her ass is huge but perfect for holding onto while watching my 9 inch cock disappear in and out, with me leaning over her back it put the head of my penis right on top of her g-spot and she is wiggling her ass in appreciation. I sense her climax coming again so I keep it going a little faster now building up for one powerful lode of cum

I bent down over her and turned her head so that I could kiss her. "I'm coming" I whispered. Just then my cock exploded inside of her. She let out a quieted scream as she came again as well. She rolled over on her back and looked at the TV screen the credits were rolling we had fucked through the entire film. We laughed and decided our version was better than the movie. We had the wet sloppy sheets to prove it.

We took her back to her trailer and dropped her out with out a word spoken and I watched as she disappeared into the RV. As I returned home my phone beeped with a text that read tonight will only be a dream tomorrow I won’t remember a thing so don’t call text or email my husband will be home soon. Thanks for a great stress reliever.

I text, I will leave the door unlocked if you decide you want leftovers for breakfast. She text LOL. Husband texting see ya, later text. Whew that was dumb I had it on vibrate and just missed his call. I need to go he will be calling again…8-( .

The door will still be open……………….

I knew she would have no way to return to my place so I went to bed.

Ah the wait……

As I drift off to sleep I am dreaming of a long time ago when a red hot virgin took me to her bed and had her way with me late into the night! May I remain her generous lover in our dreams!

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