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We were immediately confronted by a oriental woman in a smock who was apparently the proprietor. She led them to a back room and said something in a language I hoped was Mandarin or maybe Korean to a girl a few years older than he who took up a position at the cash register.

“Why he here?” the woman asked when she closed the door.

“Oh Keith is going to fuck my baby when your done.”

“Oh fuckie in my shop okay I see”

“Sure Sue” Miranda said

“You take clothes off” she said to Lacey “and get on table” Lacey hesitantly peeled out of her skirt and blouse. She was wearing nothing underneath and as the woman named Sue positioned her on the table her hairy bush was in full view of everyone in the room. Sue walked into what must have been a supply closet and returned a few moments later with a tray of various things. Oils and strips of fabric for the waxing, She turned her back on Miranda and I, and It was then that I noticed that the short oriental woman was bare beneath the smock. It was just tied in back and she had a very perky butt. She leaned over the low table and I got a good view of her fat pussy lips. She slowly worked over Lacey’s body with oils spending extra time on Lacey’s ripe breasts and her leaking hairy snatch.

Sue then started heating the wax as the fingers of one hand diddled in Lacey’s slit. I leaned over to Miranda and whispered, “Do you think I should try and fuck her too?”

“I think she’d like that a lot nasty boy just remember your going to have to pump some of that baby milk into my baby.”

While Sue was bent over trimming Lacey’s slit I approached from behind and dropping my pants a rubbed the head of my cock across her slippery pussy lips. She froze for a second and then pushed back slightly and I pushed my cock into her hungry hole. It was like the entire pussy came alive and was gripping and pulling and sucking at my cock. It was the most incredible experience I’d had thus far. I pushed my cock in balls deep which caused her to jump and groan. I started in on her hard and fast, I have to admit as I looked over her shoulder she was doing a damn good job on Lacey’s waxing considering. She got the wax and the strips applied quickly and I reached up and grabbed her tits putting my hands under the apron to find them bare. I pulled Sue’s nipples and she babbled something in foreign that I didn’t understand. I kept on pounding Sue’s tight little puss for a good five minutes. I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer so I pulled out. Catching my breath and airing my cock I knew that the slightest touch at this point and I would be spurting cream everywhere.

Sue pulled the strips from around Lacey’s slit quickly and efficiently so much so that Lacey only groaned after they were gone. When Sue was done she stood and said “now you fuckie” and punctuated the statement by slapping Lacey’s swollen sex. I leaned over and suckled on Lacey’s tits before I moved between her thighs two hands seemed to grab my cock at the same time and then one of them left and it guided my cock into Lacey’s steaming slot. I started slowly pumping I felt a mouth on my balls sucking each one, I thought I would lose it and then a tongue and some hands on my ass. I grunted and then started fucking Lacey more vigorously.

“Oh Daddy” she cried that feels soo good.

“You want to have daddy’s baby” I grunted.
“Please daddy fill me up with your baby juice”

“Yes Keith, knock my baby up” Miranda hissed in my ear her fingers tickling my balls. I spurted my hips crashed into Lacey’s as I thrust hard with each rope of cum that erupted from my cock. I lay on top of her trying to catch my breath when suddenly a skillfully finger or two slipped inside of my ass and started rubbing the insides of me in the most wonderful way. My cock, which had been deflating now, sprang to life again and started erupting spurting hot streams of juice into Lacey’s already full pussy.

“Oh god” I groaned, it felt like my head was going to explode and my toes were going to curl back into my eyeballs. When I came to my senses again, I looked around and got off of Lacey. My cock was still hard and oozing cream. Sue looked over at Miranda as if asking for permission and she gave her be my guest gesture. Sue Immediately dropped to her knees in front of me and slurped the juice that was still oozing from the tip of my cock. She got it all nice and clean and the she started sucking on it in earnest, I had thought Miranda had known what she was doing I had no idea I was squirting my load in mere seconds and she milked every last drop out of my now well drained balls. I staggered over to my clothes and put them on as Miranda paid Sue. Sue then helped me wrap Lacey in a sheet, and I took her out into the open area of the shop.

The girl at the register said something to Sue. Sue came back in a long string of words none of which I could understand the girl looked at Lacey, and then looked at me and her mouth made a wonderful oh, as if she had just realized something.

Miranda talked to Sue a moment or two more while walking out the door I really wasn’t paying attention I was drained and trying to hold up Lacey, who was at the most very wobbly on her feet. I Got her settled in the back seat of the car and closed the door. she had the stupidest look on her face and was drooling slightly. Miranda tossed me the keys, “Take us home daddy” she said smiling.

“Oh?” I said looking at her questioningly.

“You heard me” she laughed.

I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot and headed back to the house. At least I tried. We didn’t get much farther than maybe two blocks before I got scared and pulled over and asked Miranda to drive. She chuckled and we switched places.

“Pull your skirt and panties down” I said now safely in the passenger seat.

“Yes Daddy” she giggled and did as she was told. As she drove I touched her naked parts enjoying the pliant feeling of the wet slippery lips on my fingertips and the hard up thrust nub between them. “Are you still horny?” she asked me?

“Kinda” I responded.

“Okay just wait a few more minutes and please stop or I won’t be able to drive”

“Fine” I said giving her pussy a little pinch. We raced back to Becky’s house and Miranda got out of the car and beckoned me to follow her, her bare ass swinging in front of me.

“Where is Tracey” Belinda asked as I walked inside

“Out in the car you and Megan go get her” I said as Miranda walked over to the couch and bent over one of the arms offering me a perfect shot of her ass.

“Your home” Belinda said as I dropped my pants and lined up on Miranda’s pussy. As I plunged inside her Miranda stood up and twisted her body in such a way that a contortionist would be proud.

Miranda bit my ear and at the same time whispered. “Make her throw out all the birth control in the house, I think its hot you knocking up so many bitches.” I reached up and grabbed her tits and pounded forward into her knocking her balance off.

My weight on top of her I leaned in and whispered to her “Are you on the pill?” I then pounded into her hard three or four times. Before she looked back at me and nodded. I felt the now familiar feeling of an eruption brewing and I pulled out and swung her around and she dropped to her knees in front of me her mouth open. The first stream of cum shot across her face over her left eye, the second right down the bridge of her nose, the third hit her left check and I rubbed the excess off above her left eye. "You are to wear my cum on your face for the rest of the day" I said as the other girls looked on in a sort of awe.

“But...” she spluttered as she stood her eye closed because of the string of cum covering it

I took the opportunity to slap her slim firm ass. She started to speak again and I spanked her again harder. I pulled her hair pushing her head down and back as I slapped her ass repeatedly. When her left cheek was a rosy red and frankly my hand stung so badly I worried about using it. I let go.

“Daddy” she said getting on her knees in front of me, “I’m sorry you are right.” And she leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock.

“That’s a good girl Miranda” I said patting her on the head. “If you do it again I’ll make you my dog”

“Yes Daddy”

“Daddy?” Megan asked “what did Miranda do?”

“That is between me and Miranda Megan”
I looked over to see that the girls had collected Lacey and had her lying on the couch. Tina was hovering on the edge of the couch her finger inches away from Lacey’s pussy, which was still oozing cum.

“Are you going to do that to all of us Daddy?” Trisha asked.

“Only if you want me to,” I responded.

I turned and took Becky by the hand and took her into the kitchen. Once inside I closed the door she looked at me questioningly. I smiled “are you or your girls on birth control?”

“Everyone but Trisha” she said. I turned on the radio and the dishwasher, which… made an awful racket, and sat my bare ass on the countertop. I gestured for her to come closer.

“Jack me off” Becky’s pudgy immediately took hold of my semi-flaccid member and started stroking. “I’m going to give you a choice, I’m going to give all the girls a choice eventually. “If you want me to cum inside your pussy again you will go off the pill”

“You’ll knock me up” she murmured

“Do you want that”?

She seemed to think about that for a little while and then Nodded, “Belinda too, she started this”

“Okay” I said, “now then I have some homework I need to do school tomorrow”

Becky chuckled and pushed me back onto the counter “Its Saturday you dope you have all day tomorrow do get your precious homework done”

I thought about it a few minutes and realized that she was right. “Lets go back into the living room shall we?”

She smiled and nodded

We walked into the living room to find the other five people sitting around watching TV. I walked over and removed Miranda from the Chair, and sat down. “Who wants to sit on my lap?” I asked

Lacey apparently jogged from her semi-catatonic state raised her hand as did Miranda and Becky, Trisha looking around raised her hand and I motioned for her to come over. Lacey frowned at me and I shook a finger at her.

“Becky, could you and I don’t know whomever make lunch I’m starving.

“Me too me too” the younger girls chimed.
“I bet you are” Becky said looking directly at Lacey’s open legs her pussy swollen and pink from today’s exercise. She motioned for Megan to follow her and the two of them disappeared inside the kitchen as I lifted Trish up onto my lap her tight little butt wiggling as my dick poked out in front of the opening to her beautifully baby soft little slit.

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