this is a true story about me and my mate sue from high school
me (stef) and suzy had been friends for year we had gone through pre-school together and shared everything. when we were 16 we both had been in relasionships for a while. and we were all really CLOSE friends.

one day suzy's parents went away for the week. she invited me and my boyfriend(sam) and her boyfriend (ste) over for the week. one night me and suzy were sitting in the bedroom talkin and drinkiing while our boyfriends were down the pub. we started talking about fantasies sue admitted that she had always liked the thought of doing it with another girl. i then confessed i had to. we talked about it and we decided that we wanted to try it with each other because there was no one we trusted more.

suzy's leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips and slowly ran hers tougue along my full lips and i slipped my tongue into her mouth. i then lifted suzy's top up and revealed her lovely large 34c cup breats to my lustful gaze. all that was between me and her erect nipples, which i could clearly see, was a thin lacy half cup plunge bra. suzy lay back on the bed unhooked her bra and split her legs. i crawled between her legs and began to lick, suck and nibble her breasts. suzy started to wriggle and moan telling me not to stop. she grabed my head and forced it farther into her breasts. she then rolled over so that she was straddling my hips and ripped my top open and exposed my 32b's to her hungry eyes as i wasn't wearing a bra that evening. even though my breasts were smaller that suzy's mine were pert and had dark nipples where as suzy had dark rosy nipples.

she then began to suck and play with my nipples whilst my hand slid down and realsed she had no underwear on under her short skirt. this only made me more hot and i slid my hand up jthe inside of her thigh until i reached her wet and pulsing clit. i rubbed it and suzy's wriggled and moaned saying to do it harder and put 3 fingers in her cunt hard. i decided to tease her and just carried on playing with her clit. suzy started screaming at me and then grabed my hand and shoved 3 fingers into her hot cunt.she rolled over onto her back and pushed my head down to finish the job i had started. i was a bit worried because i had never done this before, but suzy just told me to do what i felt was natural. i licked my way down her stomach and came to the top of her pubic hair. which was neatly trimmed into a brazillian. i licked around the edge of her lips and then licked up to her clit. as i slid my tongue over her sensitive clit she jerked and thrust her hips up towards my face. i then pushed my tongue into her wet cunt whilst still playing with her clit. suzy started screaming my name and before she came i couldn't take it anymore and turned round and loxered my wet cunt to her waiting mouth. as she started to lick my clit i was so turned on the slightest flick of her tongue wud make my body jerk and my cunt tense.

we were both so engrosed in what we were doing we didn't hear our boyfriends return from the pub and open the bedroom door. they both stoodthere and just watch for at least 5 miutes. meanwhile me and suzy were both nearing orgasm. i had inserted 4 fingers into suzy's cunt and she had put 3 in mine because i was tight. everthing turned blurry and i came screaming suzy's name and telling her not to stop. at this point i went back to work on suzy like never before. i licked and nipped her clit and within seconds she was thrusting her hips into my face and tensing around my fingers. she came so hard she knocked her glass of wine off the bedside table.

we were both recovering on the bed when i heard a sound from the door. we both looked over to see sam and ste standing naked and aroused fromt he scene they had just witnessed. i looked at suzy and she turned her head towards ste and sam and said " are you going to stand there all night or are you going to come over here and fuck us". within seconds they were on the bed and buried deep in our cunts. i was still playing with suzy's breasts although she was next to me now not under me. i could feel her hand gently carressing my body. i turned towards her and softly kissed her lips and she slipped her tongue into my mouth i felt sam speed up and puond my cunt furiously. from the sounds suzy was making from next to me i knew ste was doing the same.

i told sam and ste to swap places because i wanted to feel ste's big hard cock in my dripping cunt. suzy seemed to lik this idea and got on her hands and knees for sam to enter her from behind, this left me with easy sccess to her breasts. as ste was entering me i felt my cunt stretch to accommadate him and started to whimper. suzy pushed her breast into my mouth to shut me up. as i sucked and bit her breasts she arched her back and sam penetrated her depper than before. suzy was writhering and moaning as she came hard this set sam and ste off and as i felt ste's hot cum inside me i lost it and my juices flowed onto his cock.

after this suzy went to have a wirlpool bath. i had recovered in minutes and could hear the water running so went to join her. as i walked in she was sitting on the side of the bath with 4 fingers in her cunt furiously masterbating. i said her " have you not had enough yet" she said " i have only just started" i walked up to hr and she pulled me to straddle her lap and my smooth bare cunt pressed against her brazillian and the feeling was amazing. i rocked on her hips and she started to suck my breasts again. we got up and steped into the bath together. and suzy kissed me on the lips gently. as we were making out sam ans ste came in and were fully erect again in miutes. they also got in the water and started to massage bath oils int o our chests and asses. i felt ste push his finger into my ass i didn't know what to think as no one had ever done this to me before not even sam. as ste worked another finger in my ass started to burn and i was writhering around trying to ease the soeness. soon the pleasure over came the soreness and i was moaning for him to put another in. sam and suzy were making out and he had his cock in her cunt.i told sam to stop fucking suzy and do me up the ass. he was so shocked becase he had tried it before and i had told him to get lost.

he lifted suzy off his lap and told me to get out the bath and bend over the side. i did as i was told and he plunged his cock in my cunt to lubricate his cock and aas ste had put oils on my hole we were ready to go. he slowly pushed against my asshole and slipped inside i told him to stop so i could adjust because it was hurting. i looked forward and suzy and ste were fucking so hard water was going everywhere. suzy looked straight into my eyes as she came and i told sam to put it all in. he said are you sure i said yes just do it. he shoveed his 7" cock all the way in my ass i screamed in pain and sam held still. tears were running down my face but i told him to carry on. after a while the pain turned in to pleasure and i was thrusting my hips back to meet him. i was screaming at him but not in pain anymore but in pleasure and he rammed his cock into my ass like a piston. just as suzy was approaching her second orgasm i came harder than i ever had before. we both screamed and were shouting and moaning. as i collapsed exhausted sam came hard in my ass filling me with his hot sticky cum. suzy and ste had finished as well and we all were exhausted.

we all curled in suzy's bed together and fell asleep.

now two years later we are all still good friends and suzy and ste have their own house. needless to say me and sam are regurlars at the house. and we all still enjoy our sexual relasionships as we share and change all the time. suzy still won't take ste or sam up the ass but i regularly have both of them filling my holes as well as suzy stitting on my face. we are one big happy family and we will be at it for years to come im sure. afterall we are only 18 now and have many years to come.

this was written by stef and suzy was with me. guess where we are off to now............



2010-04-29 22:15:41
I don't know if you ever come back to the site as your last post was 2004, but that was a great story. I loved it. I wish you'd write another. Well you did see one of mine recently, so good work.


2005-03-22 20:21:44
quro uma trasa com uma gata muitu gostosa mas quero fudela toda eu tenho 18 anos tenho 1.68 sol moreno craro olhos castanho tenho uma pica grande e so apaixonado por gatas loira com bumbum grande que fassa tudo


2005-02-23 15:14:41
Briliant story, would love to read the next one as much as ive enjoyed this one, hope its soon


2005-02-02 19:21:16
My fingers are up my pussy right now and I am about to cum......


2005-01-30 13:07:42
amazing.i was cumming throughout.keep it cummin

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