At one of my old jobs there was this horrible old lady that was at least 55 and was a complete bitch and one day I got some dirt on her...
For the sake of security I won't list what the information was that I had on here.

Any way I went into her office she had and of course she was doing nothing I told her up front that I knew what she had done and I was gonna go tell the big boss and that would be her gone, fired. She begged me not to and said she would pay me to keep my mouth shut but I wasn't worried about money I had something else planned. Come to my house after work and we can chat about it then. She agreed and came around to mine straight after work.

She started asking me how much do you want and I'll do anything just please don't tell them I need this job. 'Anything huh? Well how about you suck my cock.' She gasped and said "No! I'm not doing that!" 'Well I'll just go tell the boss what you've done.' She sat there quiet for a bit then said, "Fine fuck you get your cock out and lets get this over with!" 'Gladly.' I said as I unzipped my pants and flung my rock hard cock out. She resisted at first but slowly took my cock into her mouth and started sucking like crazy. 'You dirty slut' I said 'Suck that dick bitch. To be honest it was one of the best blowjobs I've had I guess its true experience comes with age. I actually started to get excited and the blowjob wasn't enough, I had to fuck her. 'Turn around' I said "What? But you said you just wanted me to suck your dick!" 'Yeah well I changed my mind! Now turn the fuck around and take your pants and panties off' She hesitantly did as I asked and with out delay I rammed my cock into her cunt. Man was it disapointing, she was loose at hell I basicly couldn't even feel anything. To make things worse she was actualy enjoying it and that annoyed me! She wasn't supposed to enjoy it. 'Fucking hell you slut your pussy is loose as fuck.' I pulled out and line up with her asshole and rammed it down as deep as I could. She screamed out in pain which only made me pound her harder and harder until I was about to cum, I pulled out and rammed my cock back into her pussy and let out a huge load to demorilise her even more. I lined my cock back up to her ass and pounded it again, every thrust she moaned in pain which just got me so horny I couldn't help but cum again, this time in her ass. I then demanded she suck the remaining cum out of my cock and swallow it all. When she was finished I stood over her and said 'You belong to me! Now get out.'

Thats basicly it I still get her to suck me off in the toilets at work and fuck her all the time, I cum on her face every time to make a statement to her that she is mine and there is nothing she can do about. I actually think she is starting to enjoy it to be honest. Dirty slut!

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