story line girl friend puts on show in public in the wind in private for the win
Show Girl

I should have known then she was a closet exhibitionist, read stories “Seven year Itch”, Fantasy Fucking Couple. I rewrite this one the first post did not do it Justice no pun intended.

My wife and I read this one together and she still won’t tell me what he said!

Just refined this one while flying to Portland had to break for the restroom to relieve myself, not a mile high member but could be LOL.

A cold day in late March, a very blustery afternoon, I was at work loading material for building contractors at a local lumber yard.

I thought it would never end. It was the last day J would be sleeping at her mom’s house. She was expecting me to come help clean and do some last minute packing before the big move.

I was on the late shift I had to be there till 8 pm when the yard closed. The boss’s son was my partner for the evening and he was an ok guy but tended to be rude and really base in his conversation. I was trying my best to stay on the other end of the yard to avoid him at all cost.

Around 6 pm it was dusk dark and I was down by the sheet rock. When I look up to see my red hot girl walking down the middle of the yard toward where Greg was standing. My heart skipped a beat and I checked myself to see how dirty I was; I was covered in dust so I ducked out the back and started trying to brush off before she found me. By the time I got half way presentable; Greg had spotted J and was heading to see what she needed.

We were about 100 yards apart from each other in the mill yard. He was not aware she was looking for me or that she was anything but just another, “Dumb Bimbo,” as he called all women who came in for material. She was past him about 10 feet and I was still a hundred yards away with a 25 mile an hour wind blowing in my face yelling would be useless as well as impolite.

Her hair was up in a twisted braid and she had on the high heeled brown boots she loved so much with a beautiful plaid fall color mix wrap around shirt, and tight long sleeve blouse and I could tell by the way she was rubbing her arms she was cold. I panicked for second as I knew Greg, if she stopped to talk to him he was going to make a move or say something crass and she would blush and maybe even smack him.

Almost as if it was planned by the guy the wind has a big gust and my beautiful little lady has her skirt blown up revealing her nylon covered butt. Out of instinct she whirls around pushing it down and almost topples into Gregg’s arms.

It could not possibly get any worse, or could it. He quickly reaches out to steady her and leads her into the bay out of the wind. By now I am sprinting toward them to try and rescue her from this creep.

I had hustled over to the bay door and looked in to see where they were. J was still working on the wrap around skirt or at least that is what I assumed as she was pulling it shut and securing the knot at the hip. I was about to call out to her but just stood there admiring the view.

She had used both hands to adjust the skirt but now her blouse was all awry from the effort. Greg was just staring dumbly at this beautiful babe who with no restraint lifted her skirt and pulled down on the blouse without looking up. She said, excuse me where is P?

“Who’s P?” he smirks, “I am the only one here, and I am at your humble service.” laughing at her blush he says, “Your wish is my command.”

He reached for her hand not sure why but I just had to stop and watch. She looked all around and said, “The gate guy said he was back by the sheet rock.” “Where’s the sheet rock?”

Greg says, “Come on I’ll show you”, as he leads her out the back of the bay in the wrong direction.

I wanted to yell hey, but at that moment a customer who had driven up got out and approached all without any notice by me, he says, “are you ok?” As he hands me a yellow ticket, I look down and groan it’s a trim order. Trim is stored across the yard in the opposite direction. I do the responsible thing and take the ticket and quickly load the order while Gregg gives my red hot girl a tour!

When I finally get rid of the guy with the trim order, I run in the direction they headed and I see her turn the corner headed where I had sprinted from 10 minutes earlier. I head back the other way to meet them and when they round the corner I can tell by the way her head is down he has said something to tick her off and she is hurrying away.

When she gets about half way between us, she looks up with relief as she sees me coming. The wind does its thing again, and now I get the show from the front while Gregg gets a good look from the rear.

Now she is torn, if she whirls around like last time she has to face him, so she just laughs and tries, in her lady like way, to act as if she ordered the wind show to please me and walks into my arms. I said, “hey pretty lady where you been all my life?”

She explains, “I just came by to see where you worked and to get some packing tape for the boxes.” I said, “Great would you like for me to just bring it when I come later.” J said, “Yes will you walk me to my car?” I was glad to oblige. But knew I was going to be listening to Gregg for the next thirty minutes so I said, “no problem but first what did Gregg say that made you blush so hard?”

“Nothing,” was her terse reply, “I will see you at moms.” She rushed off to her car, and was gone.

I knew two things, one he had just seen the most perfect ass on the planet displayed in nude see through nylon, two, and it was cold and her nipples were not just showing but standing at attention. This was way too much information for anyone much less a crass jerk like Gregg.

I felt sorry for her but at the moment I was dreading the next encounter with Gregg. It took about 5 minutes to calm down and get back on track closing the yard so I could get out of there on time.

Tape in hand; I headed to the time clock. There was Gregg smirking as I approached, “P what a hot little show girl. What’s her name again, Ja…?” “Well who needs a name; I got her measurements stamped in here” He chuckles, as he taps his head and grabs his crotch crudely.

Gregg, “I have one warning, she is hot no doubt but she also is 10 days away from being my wife so be very careful what you say next.” “Hey, no problem, I know all about red heads they have hot pussy but it is hard to get,” he Quipped.

“I wouldn’t know Gregg, about Red Heads, as in plural but as for this one, for you, it would be impossible.” “Yeah, give it a few years and send her back for another show, and I bet she will be ready for a real man, He chortled” “At least give her a chance,” he laughs.

“I will let her know you think she is hot, and that you think you might be able to find a real man in a few years.” “Now if you don’t mind, I have a date to take care of the “Show Girl,” for the next few years while you hunt him down.” With that I hit the door and did not look back. On the way to her, all I could think about was those nylon trapped buns and cold nipples they needed some attention, I was definitely ready to give them.

Can’t explain why? But I was so aroused I had a wet spot where my throbbing member was stretching my tight jeans. I arrived with a groan, “mom” was home.”

Thought she had to work tonight but here we are, my erection died immediately. Nothing could kill passion like my gals’ mom. I entered the house quietly just in case she was asleep. No such luck sitting on the couch supervising as usual.

“Hey, mom thought you were on the late shift?” “I am but I wanted to see J before she left, Lord what time is it?” she growled. I looked over her head at the clock and said. “Almost nine, I said gleefully.” “I better get changed,” she growled again as she rose to go to the bedroom. “Well, nice to see you, I will move my car, I offered.”

I left out and waited in the car while she changed and got going. I was wondering why J had not come out of her room at all during this time? When I finally got back to the door after her mom drove off it was locked. Oh well I thought mom did it out of habit, so I knocked softly a few times, then a little louder, then I banged on the door with my fist, it was cold I was tired.

She came to the door and jerked it open, “where have you been?” I laughed out loud she was steaming. She spit the word more than spoke it, “jerk,” and tried to slam the door. I caught it with my foot and pushed my way in, “Hang on here babe, what is the problem?”

“I can’t believe you made me stay here with her, why did you leave? J complained” “Leave? I did not leave, I sat in the car waiting for your mom to go, so I could pull in. I didn’t want to park on her Holy Grass,” I groused.

“Mom said you came in saw her and left, J explained” “Sorry I should have found you and rescued you from mean old mom, I chuckled” “That’s twice today I failed you. First, Gregg now mom,”

J, grinned, “Don’t remind me of that evil jerk.”

I could not help but break out in a laughing fit. She was not amused, “awe come on babe what did he do!”

“Nothing” she spat again, and we were done talking about Gregg. “Let’s pack, she ordered, so we did.”

Everything but what she had to have for the next day was boxed and taped, it’s almost 11 pm, and I am still in work clothes and the tension is so thick you can taste it. All kinds of emotions come with the last night at the house you grew up in. I remembered moving out, 1 year earlier to go off to school. I said, “If I am staying any longer I need a shower.”

“ Yes, you most definitely do and so do I, she barked.” Well, “I know you will use all the hot water, so I go first or…….. We could go together, I charmed.” Laughing she said, “Mom will kill us.” “What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her!” I winked. “Let’s do this,” she shamelessly agreed.

As we headed to the bathroom, I could not hold it any longer, “Gregg thinks you are hot, but according to him red heads are too hard to get so not worth it.” “He sure tried hard enough.” she scoffed.

“Really, he told me in a few years you would be back ready for a real man.” I told him, I would let you know, “he thought he might be able to find one by then, ”He called you the little “Show Girl,” I told him, “in ten days you would be my “show wife.”

She looked at me with a sly grin and said, “Show Girl? So you ready for the rest of the show.” “ Definitely”, I quickly replied. She pushed me back against the counter and backed away. She said you stay put I need rhythm for my show. With that she sashayed into the bedroom and turned on some music.

With Billy Joel performing, “Just the way you are” J, danced into the hall and started unbuttoning her blouse, I was already aroused just from the talk. I was already uncomfortable in my tight wranglers. She did not seem to notice, as she put on her first strip show for me, I slowly began to undress and massage my throbbing manhood.

J had moved into the hall, as the bathroom was so small, so she could remove her boots.
I leaned against the counter and just watched her. She truly is gorgeous. The light from her room backlit the show, by now she is removing her bra.

She slowly lowers one shoulder then the other leaning over to allow her nipples to peak over the cub. She is really getting into the tease mode seductively squeezing one breast then pulling on the nipple. Lifting the high the blowing me a kiss.

She tosses the bra at me and turns with her back to me leaning over and letting her hair down, shaking her hips side to side, as she runs her hands through her braids losing the curls from her fresh perm. Her hair touches the floor as she spreads her legs apart for balance while once more caressing those ripe melons now hanging low.

With the grace of a minx she swirls and begins to undo the knot holding the wool wrap skirt tight around her waist, the top of her panty hose are peaking over the skirt as she loosens then opens the skirt from the front all the while moving to the music.

As she opens the skirt she stands and take the button out of the final restraint and then like a towel she begins to move it back and forth over he nylon clad but bending at the waist and wagging that big ass in my face. By now I am sporting a cum dripping hard on that is pointing at the ceiling ready for some action.
She finally drops the skirt and leans over touching the floor looking back through her long legs, licking her lips in anticipation. I almost shot my load right then. As she stands to turn and come over to me I can’t take my eyes off the V of her panty hose.

My mind flashes back to the windy show, 4 hours earlier, Gregg just ten feet away, no wonder he called her the “Show Girl.” In the bay area he must have gotten a great look at what looks like orange pussy mound through the thin nylon covering.

I could now see the freckle line; from the bikini she wore sunbathing. The thick red bush, I loved to run my fingers through, was not just showing but sticking through the material in a few places.

Wow, I had to force myself back to the present. She lifted those perfect tits, nipples, though no longer cold, still at attention.

J turned, bending at the waist putting her ass in my face one more. Slowly rolling those tight nylons down, down, down. When she finally stepped out of the feet of them, she turned and threw them at my face.

When she noticed my huge throbbing dick, she said, “Well I see someone enjoyed the peep show.” “I wasn’t peeping young lady, I was staring intently.”

She laughed and pushed passed me to step into the shower, I grabbed her around the waist and took both hands full of that ample ass pulling her in close whispering into her ear, “well, Show Girl” do you always wear see through pantyhose?” She giggled, and pushed me away slipping into the shower without a word of explanation.

I quickly joined her, and began to wash her back, then her beautiful ass. Wow, I am aroused all over again thinking of taking that rag and so softly scrubbing every inch of my show girl.

I gasped as she squeezed my hard cock while soaping my balls, she looked up with a grin and squeezed a little tighter, then began a long hot kiss both of us exploring every inch of flesh poking, prodding, caressing, nibbling, suckling, mmmmmmm, and I am Cuming all over again.

We stay till the water goes cold and then dry each other off back and front and middle. Giggle.

Her bed was covered in boxes, by now I was definitely too far gone to take time to unload them, so I considered just throwing her on the floor. But hey, even a show girl deserves to be treated like a lady!

I carried her to her mothers’ room, as she squealed, “you are crazy, and mom will kill us.” I was already on top of her, before she could finish the declaration of certain death. I was thinking, Hell, what a way to go.

I entered her slowly, inch by inch lowering my stiff cock to the depth of her wetness. She was already at the point of orgasm from all the foreplay but, I was determined to make her last night memorable, fucking a show girl, in her mom’s bed is a lot of motivation for a guy who happens to be madly in Love with Said Show Girl.

I was well acquainted with her preferences, I put both her legs over my shoulders, lifting her ass higher for maximum penetration. She likes it hard fast and often. As the show girl of my dreams I was going to make sure she got all she wanted.

From all the excitement, the windy revelation, knowing she had basically revealed her intimate beauty to a total stranger, to come home and revel in it while stripping for the love of her life. We were both nearing our second climax in just minutes.

I plunged hard, pulled back slowly, till that moment she grabbed the bed sheets with both hands gritting her teeth, through clenched jaws she groaned, “fuck me hard.”

I then plunged in and out with the slapping sound of my balls becoming the only sound as we both held on for a powerful orgasm.

I pushed all the way in once more and held her while I came hard and deep into her, Hot Love Tunnel.

We stayed coupled waiting for me to shrink but as I watched the glow of contentment spread on her face I just got hard all over again.

I said, “Lets’ try something new, I just read about ok?” She said, “Mister right now you could do anything you want.”

I got off of her, coaching, her into position on her knees, I said, “Get comfortable they call this doggy style” She just giggled and said, “You know I am an animal lover.”

I entered her from behind. I immediately knew why this was so appealing to men. The underside of my rock hard cock was now rubbing against her vulva and g spot with each thrust. Using the strength of my arms pulling forward as She pushed back was a exhilarating combination.

It didn’t take long to get into a comfortable rhythm as she began to buck back with each thrust. I felt like I was being swallowed by a vacuum cleaner.

Her wetness coupled with my first load, we were making some love noises I had not heard before.
Wow, this was the best. Not only was I pounding my show girl for all I was worth, I was getting to watch the show girls' ass swallowing my throbbing man tool.

I squeezed those freckled cheeks, holding on for the most powerful orgasm yet. I came to a conclusion, no pun intended, Red Head Pussy, might be hard to get, but it was worth the effort.

Never did find out what he said to her? But knew he was right about one thing she was a little “Show Girl.”

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hmmmmmm, if she never told him what Greg said to her at the lumber yard, chances are he fucked her in that shed, so, naturally she woudn't want him to know.......... fucking women are all alike and cheat on their men as often as they can......... if he was man enough, he should have insisted she tell him, sxo he wouldn't have to thinki about it all the time

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This was a hot story !

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she must have liked what he said to her if she never told you......
or maybe it might have been something he did????? perhaps that's the reason she never wanted you to find out LOL

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Your cranium must be portectnig some very valuable brains.

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