It's been a while but this is a continuation of the original
Before you start to read this, you might want to read the first part of this story that was written a year or so ago and posted here…

Formula 1602-A

Hey I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Gerald and I’m a nerd. I was working on a science project and came up with a love potion sort of…

I have tinkered with the original formula and I am going to test it out as soon as I can find a suitable subject. I have my eye on a couple of sisters that go to school with me. They are a couple of stuck up bitches that think their shit doesn’t stink. Sorry to be so rude, but it really pisses me out when people think they are better than other people, just because their parents make more money and spoil them rotten.

It’s not like I needed to have sex with them, my sister and Jennifer has been taking care of that for me. Yeah I’m a little bored with them, but I guess it’s like a guy being married to the same woman for years and they fall into a rut and it is the same thing all the time. Usually they either stray for something different and new or they just wallow in their rut being unhappy with their life until one day they just walk away or worse. But this is not about that.

I used the old formula a couple of times to get what I needed. I’m not proud of it and I won’t take the time to fill you in on the particulars other than to say Old Ms Pelosi was very appreciative of what I did for her and she helped me out financially and Ms Whitaker did the same thing. She even wrote me into her will. That gave me the funds to do the stuff I did to come up with my new and improved formula.

I was in one of my classes a couple of day later and I had aced an exam and the instructor was praising me for doing such a good job. I blushed and was looking down at my shoes as she continued. I heard one of the twins start saying that I probably cheated, yada, yada, yada and it really pissed me off and that made my mind up. I just had to figure out how to give them the formula and then I thought about Jennifer, she was friends with them and she could help me. But, I didn’t want her to see what the new formula did, at least not yet.

That evening after school I put the formula in a couple of bottled waters and set my plan into motion. Of course when I went to Jennifer’s I had to fuck her before I asked her to make sure the twins got the water. She wanted to know why and I explained it was an experiment for a science project and the twins were the only ones that this particular experiment would work on since they were twins. I feed her a line of BS I knew she wouldn’t understand when she asked me what kind of experiment. She was skeptical but she agreed.

As I was leaving, I ran into her mother and she looked down her nose at me and huffed when she saw me coming out of her house. Mrs. Daniels was just like the twins and I knew right then who was going to be my next subject after the twins. The next day, at school I watched at lunch and saw Jennifer give the twins the water. They both opened it and drank. I smiled as I watched them. I couldn’t wait until after school. The minutes seemed like hours as I waited. Finally the final bell rang and we all headed to our lockers and then out the main door. I knew the twins would be waiting for their mother on the left as I exited the building, I just hoped none of my friends would catch me heading out. I reached in my pocket and grabbed the spray bottle I had there. I quickly sprayed a shot on my chest as I headed down the steps.

As I walked next to the twins, I saw them both react to the smell and turned towards me. I smiled knowing or at least hoping their pussies were now so wet that they were making their panties start dripping. I nodded my head and quietly said, “Tell your mom ya’ll want to walk home and then meet me over on Faggon St on the corner of Yancy. I turned and walked down a few feet and stopped.

I wanted to watch them. By the way they were acting, I would say their hormone were in overdrive. They were wiggling and dancing almost like a pee-pee dance a toddler might do. I smiled to myself and left before one of my friend saw me. I got to the corner and waited. 10 minutes later I saw the twins turn the corner and head my way. When they arrived their whole personalities had changed. They were actually pleasant to talk to.

“So girls, what are you two up to?” I asked them. The one on the left smiled and said, “Gerald, we…” she stopped and looked at her sister, who nodded her head and then she continued, “We want to be with you.” Ahhh now this was too good to be true. These two bitches wanted to BE with me. I decided to toy with them. “What do you mean you want to be with me?” I asked with my best bewildered look on my face. “You know, we want to hook up with you.” she said brazenly. I smiled and looked at them. They looked like they were withering in pain almost. “Well girls, this is a change, as long as I have known you, you have always acted like you were better than me. Why should I hook up with you now?”

The sister on the right took a step forward and took a deep breath, “Gerry, may I call you Gerry?” she asked. I nodded my head and listened while she continued, “Gerry, my sister and I have thought about it and we have decided that you aren’t as bad as we thought, in fact you are kind cute with the Buddy Holly glasses and you are very smart and you make us feel… You make us feel very excited to be around you. Gerry the fact is, you make us horny as hell and we want to fuck you silly.”

I laughed to myself as they stood there dancing around and I knew they were so hot, all I would have to do was touch them and they would explode in total bliss, but I wanted revenge for all the BS I had put up with over the years. “Nah, I don’t think I am up to your standards, Girls. You have told me that in more ways than one through the years. You need to just go home and hook-up with yourselves.”

I turned and started walking away from them. I heard them squeal and start to run after me. “But Gerry, we need you.” one of them said. I ignored them and walked ahead. “Gerry, we are so horny we will do anything you say, everything you want. We just have to be with you today.” I stopped and turned towards them. “Why should I be with two of the biggest bitches in school? I don’t need you. You got nothing I want or need.”

Suddenly the one on the right handed her books to her sister and then she grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up to her waist. I could see her panties and just how wet they were. “Please Gerry, she pleaded, “Don’t you see anything you want?” I was reveling in the way the formula was working. The two biggest bitches in school was begging me to fuck them, they were stooping to new lows trying to get me to touch them. Her sister threw all the books on the ground and jerked her skirt up as well and then said, as she hooked her thumb in the elastic of her panties and shoved them down until I had a clear view of her pussy. “See how wet we are? Please Gerry, you just be with us. We need you to fuck us. We promise to be nice to you forever. Just please fuck us.” They both had tears starting down their faces.

I figured I had tortured them almost enough, so I smiled at them and said, “OK girls, I have an appointment now, but I want… Do you have a camera at home? They both nodded their heads. I want you to go home and take a bunch of pictures of each other and put it on a disk and then when I call you later, I want you to come meet me where I tell you and bring the disk to me. OK?” they both whined that they didn’t want to wait, but I said, “Either that or it’s a no-go or you will have to find someone else to be with.” “OK, OK we’ll do it,” they said almost in unison as they picked up their books. I turned and walked away smiling.

I turned the corner and walked down the street thinking about the twins, I almost missed Mrs. Whitaker’s house. I had to backtrack a few steps and went up and knocked on the door. A man answered it and when I stumbled over my words when I asked for Mrs. Whitaker. The man asked who I was and I said, “Just a friend, I came to read the paper to her, since she can’t read it anymore with her eyes being not so good anymore.” He asked my name and I told him Gerald. He stepped out and closed the door and then he said, “Gerald, I have some bad news for you, Mrs. Whitaker passed away this morning.” I stared at him and felt tears come to my eyes, they were real tear. I honestly liked the old woman.

I left her house and headed home, I really didn’t feel like fucking with the twin after that. I went to my room when I got home and just sat on my bed. This was the first person that had ever died that I knew. I had al kinds of emotions running through my head. I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. Two hours later the phone rang and mom hollered and said it was for me. I went into the hall and answered it. One of the twins asked why I hadn’t called yet and I told them that one of my friends had died and I wouldn’t be meeting them tonight. She was disappointed but said she understood. Then she said, “My sister and I made the CD with the pictures, maybe we can take more and put more on it for you.” “Yeah, yeah, why don’t you do that,” I said and hung up.

I told Mom about Mrs. Whitaker and that I was just going to go to bed and not eat supper. She scruffed my hair and told me that it would be in the fridge if I want it later. She said she was going out with a friend and wouldn’t be back until late. I kissed her cheek and headed to my room.

About an hour later my sister knocked on my door and she opened it before I could say a word. She walked in naked as the day she was born and sat down on the bed. “I’m sorry about your friend, would you like to cuddle for a while?” she asked. I scooted over without saying a word and she lifted the covered and crawled in. Her body felt good to me as she spooned back against me. I reached my hand over and cupped her little breast, not really trying to elicit anything from her. It just seemed a natural thing to do. She wiggled her butt against me and soon my cock throbbed and started to push against her butt. She giggled and wiggled her butt tighter against me.

Then she whispered, “Hey Gerry?” I said “Huh?” “You want to put it in my butt again? I really want to feel it, Please will you? HUH?” I was down because of Mrs. Whitaker’s death, but my sister’s ass felt really good. I reached over in my nightstand and grabbed the KY jelly. I squeezed a dollop out and pressed my finger between her butt cheeks. She squealed when the cold liquid touched her warm skin and jerked forward, but she soon pushed back against my finger impaling herself on it in one silent move. She shivered as her butt cheeks mashed into my palm.

I greased my cock up and then rolled her over and got between her legs. Slowly I eased against her anal opening while she gripped her butt cheeks and spread them wide for me. My cock popped into her anal cavity and her sphincter muscle snapped closed under the crown. I just laid there holding myself up feeling her muscle grip my shaft. He body was vibrating. Slowly I eased in further and she started to shake. “Gerry, I love the way it feels in there and you are so gentle, I know you love me and don’t want to hurt me, but I need to feel you in me completely.” She said as she rammed her butt back causing my cock to slam deep into her colon completely. I shivered as her body shuddered and she squealed as her first orgasm struck.

I really wasn’t into it, but my sister did her best to bring me out of my funk. She eventually got me to roll over taking her with me and then she started riding me in a reverse cowgirl, slamming her ass down on my cock. I could feel her muscles massaging my shaft and I soon joined her in her fucking. I lifted my hip slamming into her tight ass everything she was on the down stroke and she moaned and squealed when she hit bottom. I lifted her up with both hands on her butt cheeks and let her weight drive her down on my shaft. Then she would stop and shudder ever so often and I could feel her tighten the grip she had on my cock. She spazed out and would lose her rhythm and have to start all over.

I don’t know how many times she came before I did, but when I finally felt my balls tighten up and my nuts churned, I slammed hard into my sister’s ass and exploded heavily 6 or 7 spurts exploding against her anal walls. When she felt my cock throb and grow bigger she shuddered and her back arched as she had another orgasm.

I collapsed on her back as we both regained ourselves. God, Gerry, I love the way you make me feel inside,” my sister said and she felt my cock slip from her butt. I smiled and then decided I was hungry after all. I patted to the kitchen without worrying about my clothes since it was just my sister and I. After I ate the leftovers I went back to my room and thought about the twins and how they must be doing right about now. I smiled.

The next morning, I woke before the alarm went off and was showered and ready for school before my sister or mom got up. I went to the phone and dialed the twin’s number and when one of them answered the phone I asked how their night had gone. She said,” Both my sister and I had a terrible night. We couldn’t get you off our minds. We couldn’t do our homework, or even concentrate on the TV. The only thing that helped was that each of us did stuff with the other and if we closed our eyes we pretended it was you doing it to us. God Gerry, we have to have you today.” I smiled at their predicament it served them right.

“I want you and your sister to not wear panties today at school. Do you understand me?” I asked. “What?” she screeched. “You heard me, NO panties. Otherwise you can go fuck yourselves.” “OK, OK Gerry, we won’t wear panties. When can we hook up?” I don’t know, maybe after school, you’ll just have to wait and see.” Then I hung up the phone. I headed out the door towards school with a huge smile on my face. When I got there I positioned myself to see the twins when they arrived. They weren’t their usual selves. They didn’t bounce up the steps as usual nor did they stop and talk to their friends. Boy they looked like hell, both looked like they hadn’t slept last night and watched as everybody sort of looked at them like they didn’t even recognize them. It was funny as hell.

I sprayed my “Cologne” on before entering the building and then I went straight to the twin’s lockers. They were getting their books out when I arrived. I got close and slowed down long enough to let them get a whiff and then I was gone. I went around the corner and then stopped. I was going to peek back to see what they were doing, but suddenly one of the twins slammed into me. She immediately started shuddering and she squealing as she was racked with what I bet was the best orgasm she had ever had. She threw herself against the wall and shuddered. Her sister was right there and caught her as her knees turned to jelly and she shrank down the wall. I quickly turned and went the other was. This was better than I expected.

The twins didn’t make it to first period. The rumor was that they were in the nurse’s office. During third period they were there and seemed subdued until I walked into the room and then they both perked up and smiled as I headed towards them. They both opened their legs up as I neared their desks and I got a clear view of their hairy pussies as I walked past. I decided to torture them further and since I sat right behind one of them and one back from the other I leaned forward and whispered. “You know, I could never be with someone with such a hairy pussy.” She gasped when she heard it and a couple of people turned and looked at her, but she played it off well. Her sister kept looking over with a questioning look.

I watched as they both shivered and wiggled around in their seats through the whole class. When called on by the instructor they stumbled and couldn’t answer the question. Finally I watched the twin in front of me pass a note to the other one and I watched her reaction. She gasped, but quickly put her hand over her mouth and when the instructor looked at her she said she was sorry she hiccupped. Then the one in front of me slipped a note over her shoulder to me. I opened it and smiled as I read it. “Yu mean we have to shave down there or you won’t hook up with us?” A couple of minutes later the bell rang and we started out. Both twins looked at me and I nodded my head and then quietly I said, “Smooth as a baby’s ass.” Then, I walked out of the class.

Neither had offered me the disk they were supposed to bring and I wasn’t going to give them a break. During lunch they both sat together just like usual. I sat at the next table facing them. I was watching them and every few minutes I would do something that threw them off, like hold my index and middle fingers up and then when no one was looking I would stick my tongue out and press it between them and wiggle it. I could see them squirming in their seats. Then I reached under the table, put my hands on my knees and spread my legs as wide as I could. They would look around and then each of them would do the same thing. I’m pretty sure others saw them since it got quiet behind me and then suddenly it seemed everybody started talking at once. I just smiled.

I didn’t have any more classes with the twins that day and I was waiting when they came out of the school. I told them to meet me at the house at 4:00 and be prepared. I also asked for the disk. The one on the right fished through her bag and handed me a disk in a jewel case. I turned and went home. I knew I had time this afternoon, Mom worked till 8:00 and my sister had practice and then was going home with a friend and Mom was to pick her up when she came home, so that gave me 4 hours with the twins.

At 3:59 there was a knock on the door. When I opened it both girls stood there doing their little pee-pee dance like they had since I walked passed them yesterday. I asked them in and closed and locked the door. “So, ladies strip for me and let me see you naked.” They both paused for a minute looking at each other. “OK ladies, you don’t play by my rules you can just leave.” That spurred them into action. Both started taking their clothes off. In just minutes both stood naked before me. They both were embarrassed to be naked in front of a guy I guess. Their eyes were downcast and they had one arm covering their breasts and the other covering the naked bare pussies.

“OK ladies, we are not going to have any of that. Put your arms by your sides.” They both looked at each other and dropped their arms to their sides. I told them both to turn around slowly for me. Both did a pirouette slowly. I walked up to the one on the left and then slowly reached out and touch her left breast. She moaned and shuddered with an orgasm and then I reached out and touched the other one and she too shuddered in orgasmic bliss. When they had regained their senses I told them to follow me upstairs.

When we entered my bedroom I told them to climb on the bed and pleasure each other while I watched. They both looked at each other and then the one on the right said, “But we want you to do it with us.” I smiled and said, “My house, my rules. Do it.” They both lay down on the bed and started kissing each other. The one on the right reached down and grasped the other one’s breast and started twisting her nipple and then the other one did the same thing. Both really got into it pretty hot and heavy. I stripped and they never noticed and then when I climbed up on the bed and slip my hands up both girls’ legs they both shuddered.

I spread the legs of the one closest to me and crawled between then. I reached over and pushed the other’s legs open and started rubbing her pussy with my fingers. I rubbed my cock against her pussy as she shuddered and wedged the head between her folds. Then I pushed into her slowly until I reached a blockage. I was surprised that she was still a virgin, but at this point I didn’t care I pulled back and shoved hard tearing through her cherry like it wasn’t even there. Once I bottomed out against her cervix I withdrew and climbed over to the other one and did the same thing. Both were withering in pain and orgasmic bliss as I fucked one and then the other. Rotating between the too, allowed me to take longer to cum. When I finally felt my nuts churn, I pulled out and sprayed both of them with my seed, shooting all over their stomachs, breasts and even their faces. I collapsed between them and made sure I had my hand on each of their breasts. They continued cumming rolling from one to another orgasm as long as I touched them.

After I rested for a while I had both of them turn over and stuff a pillow under their hips. Both their asses were up in the air and ripe for plucking. I grabbed my KY and coated my cock with it and then I squirted it on their butt crack. I reached up and squeezed the one on the right’s butt cheeks and spread them wide, as she shuddered I pressed my cock head against her anal opening and pressed hard. Suddenly it slipped inside and she screamed and shuddered harder. I fucked her hard, 5 hard long strokes and then I went to the other one and did the same thing and she too screamed and shuddered harder as I plunged deep into her butt. As I fucked her I reached over and sunk my thumb into her sister’s ass.

When I finished I climbed off the bed and waited for them to regain their senses. When they did I told them to go down get dressed and get out. They meekly went down got dressed and walked out the door. Before they left I told them to take a shower when they got home and to wash with this. I handed them a bottle of soap I had prepared. And I told them that if they were ever mean to me or anyone else again, the pictures they took for me would find their way to every bulletin board in school. The look on their face was priceless, they held each other as they slowly walked down the step and headed home.

Next was Mrs. Daniels.

I didn’t know how I could introduce my formula to her. I didn’t figure Jennifer would help, so I didn’t ask. So one Friday afternoon I went to the Daniels’ house to see Jennifer. After we fucked and she went to take a shower I decided to snoop around. I found her parent’s room and low and behold, there was a water bottle on the nightstand. I knew Mr. Daniels was out of town so I figured the bottle had to be that bitches bottle so I quickly put the formula in it and ran back to Jennifer’s room.

I made it back in the knick of time. Jennifer came walking out of the bathroom just as I was sitting back on the bed. “Gerald you have to go, Mom doesn’t like you and she will be home any minute.” She said as she kissed me. I told her, “I know, but maybe that will change in the future.” She looked at me funny and said, “I doubt it,” as she was pushing me towards the door.

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early. I grabbed my bookbag I had prepared earlier and I went over to Jennifer’s house and waited. About 45 minutes later I saw Mrs. Daniels come out of the house. I quickly sprayed my chest with the activator and walked right up to her. When she turned and saw me she got this look of disgust on her face. And then it changed and I saw her shudder as she smelled the activator on my shirt. “I’m sorry Mrs. Daniels, but I was looking for Jennifer, is she around?” I asked. I saw her knees start to buckle and she leaned against her car. “Uh-h-h n-n-n-noooo, J-J-en is-n-‘t h-ho-home r-ri-g-h-t n-o-o-w.” I smiled, “Are you alright? I asked as I reached out and touched her hand. She shuddered and jerked her hand away. She stifled a moan and shuddered all the harder.

“Maybe you should go back inside, you look awful flushed” I told her. “M-M-Ma-a-y-b-e-e Y-Y-Yo-o-u a-a-ar-r-e r-r-right.” she gasped out. She turned and headed towards the door on very shaky legs. I walked beside her making sure I didn’t touch her. She fumbled with the keys and finally dropped them and I picked them up, unlocked the door and opened it. When we entered the house she suddenly threw herself at me. She shuddered as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Of course this only caused her to shudder more and her legs were like rubber. She screamed as her body convulsed in orgasmic bliss.

I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and laid her on the bed and then I dropped my book bag on the floor. She was still withering as I started to take her clothes off. I tried to make sure I only touched her clothes. When I got her blouse unbuttoned I found that her bra was a front clasp so I reached down and unhooked it. She moaned and shuddered harder as my fingers touched her skin as I got the clasp up and unhooked it. For an older lady her breasts were nice. 36 C is what her bra said. They were round and didn’t seem to sag as I had expected. As I undressed her I spoke to her. “Mrs. Daniels, I know you don’t like me and it really doesn’t matter to me rather you do or not. You have always been a bitch to me and I am going to make you wish you had never been. “Do you hear what I am saying?” with that I swiped my fingers across her breasts and I flicked her nipple to make the point. All she did was moan and shudder.

Getting her slacks off was another story. Have you ever tried to get someone’s pants off when they were shuddering and wiggling all over the bed? Once that was done, I reached in my bag and got my camera and started taking pictures of her. She tried to balk at first and I’d just reach out and touch her. She soon stopped fighting and just withered on the bed.

After the pictures I got the rope out and tied her wrists separately and then tied them to the bed. It was a big 4 poster type so it was easy to do. I took more pictures as I went. The look on her face was priceless. Each time I touched her, she would shudder and her muscles would stand up as she pulled against her restraints. Finally, I stripped while standing between her outstretched legs, as I did her eyes never left my crotch and when I got down to my BVDs, her mouth was watering. When I finally pulled them down, my cock was caught on the elastic waistband and the tent my cock was causing bent down. She gasped and her eyes were as big as saucers when it popped free of the elastic and she started begging me to give it to her. Lucky me, I set the camera on the dresser and it was recording every moment of her lust filled actions.

I really had no wish to perform oral on her and because of my formula. I knew there was really no need. She was wetter than she had ever been. I dropped to my knees between her legs and slowly slid my cock between the folds of her pussy and she shuddered as her orgasm rushed through her. Then, with all the force I could muster, I slammed into her completely with one hard motion. She squealed and shuddered hard. I pumped hard into her for as long as I could with her rolling from one orgasm to another until I felt my nuts tighten up and I sprayed my seed against her cervix as I basically held on for dear life. She was like wild animal caught in a trap. Once I finished I extracted myself from her and rolled over on my side and rested for a while.

After I rested for a while I got back between her legs and started rubbing my cock through her wet gash. I lifted her legs so I had better access to her butt. When she realized what I was doing, between shuddered and gasps, she said she had never done that before, she had never let her husband do her in the ass. I just shrugged and said, “There is no time like the present to try something new.” She really couldn’t stop me if she wanted. I pressed her legs up close to her shoulders. Her pussy and ass were exposed for my taking and take I did. Using our own secretions as a lubricant, I raked my cock between her fold as she shuddered and then I aimed at her anal opening and pushed in without delay.

She screamed and shuddered as my cockhead popped between her tight anal muscle and soon it was massaging the shaft of my cock like tiny fingers. She was breathing hard and gasping for breath as I saw my cock into her ass. 20 minutes later I finally felt my load gather in the baser of my cock and then I exploded deep in her bowels coating the walls with my seed. We were both covered in sweat, the bed was soaking wet and after we both rested. I went in and showered and when I came back, I told her to shower and use the soap I retrieved from my book bag. Then I gave the same warning that I gave the twins, be nice or face the consequences and I held up the camera before I stuffed it in my bag and then I left.

The next day I saw her and Jennifer at the mall and they stopped and we spoke to each other for a while. Jennifer kept eyeing her mother like she couldn’t believe she was being so nice to me. I just smiled…

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