Wanted to try something a little different.
Just a rough draft will edit later.

Hi I’m Kayla and this is a story about my sexual escapades and how I became impregnated by and alien creature. It started about a week after I was raped by my high school’s janitor Rob, but before I get into that I guess I should first tell you more about myself and some of the people whom I’m currently having sex with.

Well as I said before my name is Kayla, I’m about 5’9” Brunette hair down to my shoulders with dark green eyes I have an athletic build with some very nice curves and long sexy legs. I have a firm and well rounded ass but it is neither big nor small, my breasts are my most prized asset which I’m very proud of 42 Cs. I’m Bi-sexual and damn proud of it.

Now for the people who I’m currently having long lasting sexual activities with are three of my favourite teachers at my school. And no I’m not fucking them just to get by in my classes, I happen to straight Bs thank you. Anyway the first one is my PE instructor Mr. Callen, he used to be a cop but due to being shot in the leg more then once he was honourably discharged and now teaches PE along with teaching a survival course in the summer. At 39 he is tall maybe 6’5” at the most, short dark hair and green eyes I love to look into.

Next is my art teacher Mr. Bolton, as far as I know he has been a teaching since he graduated collage. He is 45 and not bad to look at, he told me that he’s a huge health and fitness nut. Which does explain why he looks no older then 30 and has a nice body.

Next is my favourite teacher of all, Mr. Wolfe English lit. Standing at 6 feet with black hair and dark eyes, he isn’t fat nor is he a muscled stud like Mr. Callen but he does run every morning. In his class we focus more on writing more then anything, but he has a flare for making the class write poems to read out in class. And I’m his favourite student for several reasons of course.

I’ve been having sex with these three men since grade 11, now that I’m in the final months of grade 12 I’m feeling the pain of never seeing them after I graduate and go to collage. But back to my story, One day after having to stay after school to finish some math and science problems I was walking down the halls to my locker when Rob, the janitor bumped into me. We both apologized and talked for a bit. Rob is not bad to look at since he is only 25, working part time as a janitor and a self employed mechanic short dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, he’s about 6’3”. I have though about fucking him once or twice but I caught him with another girl once so I didn’t make a move to seduce him.

As our chat was coming to an end he asked me if I could help him move a few things in the storage area in the schools basement, a place where only janitors and staff go since it is constantly locked up. I said that I could help as long as I didn’t have to lift anything too heavy or for too long since I needed to get back home before 10pm. It was 6:30 when we finished moving desks chairs and some sports gear to the back loading bay so they could be taken away due to decaying legs and straps.

We took a breather by some wrestling mats and talked for a bit, that’s when he asked me if I wanted something to drink. I nodded and he took me by my arm and led me to the janitors’ lunch room. Once we grabbed a couple bottles of coke and some snacks we went back to the storage since he said that he needed my help with one more thing. As we started to move a few more things he reached for his belt then cursed rather loud and shook his head. “Sorry I forgot one set of my keys back in the lunch room just wait here and finish your coke and chips I won’t be long.” With that said he took off.

When he came back some ten or twenty minutes later I was sitting on a pile of mats and sipping my coke. “Well that took you a while; I got bored and started to clean up a bit more.” I said before jumping down to the floor.

“Sorry it wasn’t in the lunch room so I had to search a couple class rooms.” He said then came over to me and nodded his approval of what I did. “Alright Kay thanks for your help tonight cut my work in half.” He smiled and patted my shoulder.

“No problem Rob, anytime you need some help and I don’t have anything to do after school just say the word and ill give you a hand.” I told him and smiled brightly.

“Alright then guess we should head back up so I can lock all the doors.” He paused for a second then I heard his cell phone go off; he answered it and spoke with someone for a couple minutes. When he put his phone away he looked at me and sighed. “Might I ask you for your help one last time?” he asked softly.

“Yes of course you may, what do you need me to do?” I asked softly.

“Well that was a friend of mine Eric; he told me that he forgot something back at his place. And that usually means that his wife has dragged him off to something which involves her parents. Ah... Anyway he can’t help me with the things I need to do tonight.” He said this and I felt kind of sorry that he had to do so much after the school closed. “So if you don’t mind heading to the gym’s storage trailer I’ll bring my truck around and we can organize what needs to stay and what needs to be sent away.”

“Alright no problem, see you in a few.” With that I took off to the gym’s storage trailer. It was outside and since it was warm tonight I didn’t bother with grabbing my jacket from my locker.

When he pulled his truck up I aided him in backing up to the right place so it would be easier to throw all the junk into the box of his pickup. Then he unlocked the trailer doors and we both walked in, it was dark but I noticed the hanging light bulb and its pull string. The last thing I remember was seeing some sort of bed in the back then nothing.

When I woke up Rob was on top of me naked and grunting. As my vision and senses came back I noticed I was naked and tied to that bed I saw, I tried to yell but I guess he gagged me. He looked down and smirked before thrust very hard into me and grabbing a fist full of my hair. “Bout time you woke up darling, I’ve been getting rather bored with your unconscious body. Now that you are awake its time to have some real fun.”

I’d rather not get into the details of everything he did to me but I will say this, I was sore from the rough fucking. He hit me many times to make me cry out, and used my body as his personal toilet… To say the least I was surprised he let me go home at all, and that was the last I ever saw of him.

It took me a few days to physically recover but I didn’t leave my house let alone my room for nearly two weeks. One day I really needed to relax after having nightmares about being raped and took a long hot bath. As I soaked in the hot water I noticed something moving up my leg. So pushing the bubbles away and lifting my leg I saw this dark reddish coloured thing moving along my leg to my crotch. I instantly stood up and tried to get rid of the thing but it was useless, it would just keep moving in a spiral up my leg until it reached my crotch. Then all I felt was wonderful pleasure as it moved into my pussy and made its way to my womb. Oh how wonderful that felt. But of course I was still scared and wanted to know what had just entered my vagina but it really did feel like heaven. I gasped and grunted as it forced its way passed my cervix but once it settled in my womb I felt rather calm and at ease. As I sank back into the hot water I heard a voice in my head.

“Relax Kayla you have nothing to be afraid of. I will not harm you nor do I intend to let you be harmed ever again. I’m here to offer you a deal, these are the terms and I hope you agree to them.” Whatever it was that had entered me held some kind of power to control emotions since I was after at relaxed and calm.

“Okay… what are the terms of this deal?” I asked softly.

“First I want you to know that I know what you went through two weeks ago and am very sorry to not have approach you sooner. The terms of this deal are as follows: if you should agree to allow me to live within your body I will impregnate you so I might save my species from extinction. I assure you that you will be pleasured while carrying my seed. Should anyone desire to harm you in anyway I promise that they will be met with a suitable punishment. And should you desire to have sex with any male I will make sure that his sperm will not impregnate you. I know that you don’t have any birth control pills and that it was been two months since you were able to go to get anymore. I am taking care to remove any and all traces of impregnation from the event of your rape.”

It paused for a couple moments to allow me to accept these things. “How… how do you know all this? And what are you?”

“I am one of nine parasitic being from a planet now long destroyed, it was thanks to another alien race that my kind was saved and taken to other habitable planets, sadly since only nine of survived only one of us was allowed to stay on one planet. This was done to allow us to adapt to different races, and see which race of beings would more easily mate with. As for knowing everything that has happened with you, I must inform you that upon making contact with your body I was able to look into your mind and see your memories, fears and desires. I do apologize for invading your privacy but it isn’t something I can stop nor control.”

I was shocked to hear that, hell who wouldn’t be? But as I thought about what he said it seemed like I didn’t have much choice in the matter, after all I didn’t know how long he could go on living. “So in exchange for allowing you to impregnate me and give birth to your children, you will give me all the pleasure I desire, keep any human male from getting me pregnant and keep me from getting raped ever again?”

“That is correct; also I shall give you the ability to read another person’s mind. But that can only be done while you are touching them. And as a gift of good faith anyone who sees your pregnancy will think nothing of it and will accept that you have been pregnant upon noticing the size of your growing body. So do we have a deal?”

I thought over it for several moments while the creature inside me continued to move about within my womb. “Alright I accept the terms of your deal.”

“Very good my dear, now enjoy the days of pleasure for they will be long and wonderful.”

“Sounds good lover, pleasure away.” I had to say it.

Over the next few days I was pleasured by my new lover and noticed that my belly started to get bigger. I also returned to school and easily caught up on all the stuff that I missed. That included going to each of my human lovers and fucking them until they collapsed from exhaustion, it glorious.

After a month I looked eight and a half months pregnant, my mother simply accepted that fact and took me to the mall to buy some maternity clothes. But I knew that I wouldn’t be need them since I would just give birth in a matter of days then be back to my regular athletic figure. But I couldn’t help wondering how many of his children I would give birth to, after all he was quite old in respect to his race and when he entered me there wasn’t much of a bulge at all.

But I quickly got my answer a few days later while enjoying a nice hot bath. Just as I was beginning to close my eyes I felt something move in my womb then felt it pushing down. I gasped as it passed through my cervix and moaned while it slid out of my pussy. That continued for at least twenty times before I orgasmed and passed out. When I woke up I was surrounded by maybe fifty worm-like creatures. I felt a proud to have birthed so many and smiled at the little babies. “Oh wow… look at all of you.”

Then something very strange happened, I felt a great deal of pain. The children were forcing their way back into my body two at a time they entered my cunt then forced their way into my womb. As my belly grew large once again I was suddenly overcome with fear and cried out.

And then there was nothing, just blackness. I don’t know how long I was out but when I woke up I was in the hospital and my body was back to its regular athletic state. I turned my head and looked at a nurse. “Ex…excuse me…” I was weak and could barely speak.

“Oh good you are awake, I’ll get the doctor.” She hurried off before I could ask her what happened to me.

I waited in silence for what felt like hours but turned out to be only fifteen minutes. “Good to see that you are awake miss Archer. I’m sure you are wondering why you are in a hospital. It turns out that your pregnancy took a toll on your body, you gave birth prematurely and unfortunately your child drowned in your bathtub while you were unconscious…” He paused to let this sink into my head.

I started to cry but not from what he said, I knew the children were fine but I was still very sore and felt like I having one hell of cramp. He gave me some more morphine then left my room.

As I lay there looking up at the ceiling, I felt something moving within my womb. I rubbed my belly and sighed softly. ‘What happened to me… and why did the children rush back into me like that?’ I asked in thought.

“That was unexpected my dear and I do apologize for the pain you felt. It seems that the children were frightened by something that you couldn’t hear and sought your womb as a place to keep them safe.”

“Where are they now then?” I asked

“They are safe, taking refuge in the place I ounce used as shelter.”

“Well at least they are safe… Can I ask you something?”

“Yes you may ask anything you desire.”

“Other then use any woman as a reproduction factory and read minds what else can your species do?”

“Well our bodies are rather complex, we can stretch and widen ourselves depending on where we choose to take shelter. Our mouths are like that of your planets sucker fish. We have no bone structure other then a small spine and skull cap. We can emit pheromones to attract hosts and inject them with aphrodisiacs which boost their stamina during mating sessions. The resulting cum from both genders is what we need to survive while taking shelter in a female host. But is enough of my kind gather together and latch onto to one another we can fuse into one single being and grow reproductive genitalia.”

“That explains a lot actually, but that last part would be interesting to see and maybe try.” I said but meant nothing by it really.

“Perhaps one day you and I can attempt mating, the offspring alone is tempting enough to warrant an attempt.”

After I was allowed to leave the hospital I returned to school but I told my lover that I wouldn’t be having sex with them for sometime. They understood since everyone in my school knew of the loss of my false child. I was glad that no one spoke to me about it, but the few girls where now starting to show in their pregnancy were being supportive. Only if they knew what really happened.

My alien lover continued to pleasure me though and I was thankful for it but I desired more from him, not that he wasn’t satisfying me need to cum, but I wanted to have someone cum in my mouth my pussy hell even my ass which had not been fucked since my last social boyfriend.

My desire didn’t go unnoticed but he told me that there was little he could do until I was once again ready to bare his children. But I was more then welcome to go and fuck my teachers again. Tempting but I didn’t just want one at a time I want all my holes to be used at the same time. And I soon found a way to get what I wanted.

The following week one of the arrogant jocks were throwing a party to celebrate some stupid thing which only his guy friends new about. My guess was a new conquest of an uptight prude, not surprising since the same guy did the same thing with me. He fucked me twice then dumped me like a used condom, such an asshole.

But at least I now had an excuse to fuck three guys at once, all I needed was to get to that party and find the three who were the best choices.

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