(Continued! Read part 1 and 2 first, then this one will make more sense)
This was it...She slowly pulled her bikini bottom down as my nose closed in, smelling her sweet scent as it revealed its beauty. Now, I went all out. I had never done this before, but I tried my best. I seemed to be doing okay, since I could hear my sister moaning softly. As I suspected, she was well-trimmed and her cute, little pussy was young and untouched. My heart started racing as I excitedly took in the view of the first (virgin) vagina I had seen. I hurriedly plunged my face into her sweet slit and began licking and sucking like crazy! I couldn't be stopped as I slurped and lapped up her wonderful juices flooding out over my face. I kept getting more and more turned on as I thought about how this was my sister, and I was pleasuring her like this. Even better is that I was doing good enough to have her cum, which was steadily coming out like a stream, straight into my ready-open mouth. Through her moanings I heard my sister say, "Fuck me!" in between breaths. As I made her orgasm once more over my face, I licked her clean and stood up. The warm water from the shower head was raining on us and before I had the chance to look in her eyes, her lips met mine.

She seemed more interested in sucking all of her own juices out of my mouth, rather than kissing me. It wasn't that bad kissing her, even though I saw her more as a sex object rather than someone I love. She swallowed her own cum and went back down to devour my cock even more. I stopped her and said this was it. She raised an eyebrow and could obviously not wait any longer as my large, erect penis stared straight at her.

We were hornier than ever and I could tell she wanted it badly. Instead of easing my way in, I took the quick route, as we were both ready to get it on, hardcore. I grabbed her and pulled her toward me and shoved about 6 of my 7 inches right up in her sweet pussy. It was all one, quick motion and her mouth dropped a bit, startled by the size and speed of my member. I thought we were both going to cum with that rapid thrust, but I waited a minute before we went on.

Because we wanted to go hardcore, we would have to last a while. Not too long, as this was our first time, but long enough. I pushed her back up against the shower wall as the water hit our sides. Seeing the water trickle down her sexy, curved body made me tingle and i bent down to lick her cute nipples as I was still inside her. I started pumping her slowly as I kissed her lips with more and more intensity. Our tongues intertwined and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock in intervals. As I thrusted more powerfully and quickly, her squeezes became more frequent. I reached around and grabbed her little ass and plugged my index finger up her tight asshole. Her mouth dropped again and I removed it. I squeezed her tight ass hard and shoved all my 7 inches in her no longer virgin pussy. She moaned and barely took it all, as I felt the back and barrier of her vagina.

I then wrapped my arms around her petite figure and pumped semi-hard, but mostly super fast. It was getting so hot and becoming extremely unbearable. I knew that in a few seconds we would both explode. I took those last few seconds to embrace her sexy body against mine and let my tongue meet hers. Finally, what felt like what heaven must feel like...I erupted a massive load of hot cum deep in my hot little sister's stomach, and at the same time felt what must be her cum leaking out of her precious pussy drubbling down my hard cock and onto the shower floor.

We stayed right there, I had still not pulled out, just enjoying the feeling of my prescence still inside her, and the sexy look on her face. Now getting droopy, I slowly pulled out and we both dripped a bit onto the floor. I kissed her again and whispered an idea to her as the water still ran. She nodded in acceptancy as I put my arms around her waist and flipped her upsidedown. She was not too heavy and I held her up as she began to clean the mixed juices from my cock as I eat up all I could find around her that sweet pussy of hers. What a way to finish off hot sex with your little sister.

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Hey 2010-06-03
Not the best have you ever heard of: nivek_88 or fbailey

Much much better
And fapable

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Becky the problem Danyl faced was that ppeole so easily took a dislike to him. I wonder how true all the bullying rumours were though the way he reacted to being in the bottom two early on did show a slightly mental side to his personality. But I agree with you, he'd have been a better winner than Joe. Please tell the Lamont to quit the Joe love or we'll put her in the little 5th room with the boiler.Thanks for the typo pointer (Dannii has two i's in it though )Paul why would any stylist anywhere ever suggest a denim boiler suit?

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I read incest cause usually shows the most love and for all these people saying they fuck their moms or sister I know incest happens and I don't care it's love but I know none of you have

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Real brain power on display. Thanks for that anwesr!

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