Life, Circumstances, Timing, Need and a man's weakness


Two months had passed since my soon to be ex-wife had left my nine yr. old daughter and me to shack up with one of her cousins. It turned out that they’d been fucking each other since they were young teenagers and because of the incestuous circumstances, she knew that the court would never let her have custody of Erin so she’d left her with me. The weird part was that, ever since we’d gotten married, she’d constantly complained that I was oversexed and here she’d been … spreading her legs for her cousin at every opportunity while giving me a hard time. (Little did I know what a wonderful gift her leaving us would turn out to be.)

Erin couldn’t understand why her mother had just packed up and walked out of her life… and it simply wasn’t the kind of thing that could be explained to a nine year old girl so I just made sure that she knew I loved her. ***

It was Saturday morning. I’d made breakfast for Erin and myself (bacon, eggs, toast and juice… plus coffee for me) and was still cleaning up from breakfast, washing last night’s dishes and scrubbing the roast pan when I realized that Erin had been standing by the glass patio doors for a good twenty five minutes. She was just standing there with her hands folded in front of her; staring out into the yard and I assumed that it was because she was lonely for her mother.

I set the roast pan aside, dried my hands and walked over to where she was standing… intent on comforting her and distracting her from her sad reverie. But just as I got there I saw what she’d been staring at. There was a large stray dog in our back yard and he was just mounting our neighbor’s female French Poodle. His big shiny red cock was about to go into the bitch and I knew that’s what Erin had been watching. Evidently, he’d already fucked her a couple of times because he wasn’t moving as energetically as a dog usually does when he first starts fucking a bitch so Erin must have seen them going at it and continued watching. The stray’s large cock readily found the Poodles wet, cum dripping pussy and he sunk it all the way into her. He moved closer, gathered his strength and tiredly started fucking the shit out of her. Now I was sure of what had been holding Erin’s attention. I looked down at her and that’s when I saw something that I hadn’t seen from the sink. Besides having her eyes riveted on the two dogs and a distinctly interested look on her face, she had one of her hands down inside of the panties that matched the short nitie she was still wearing. Evidently, she didn’t realize it because she hadn’t pulled her hand out when I came up beside her. Standing next to her, I could see her hand making a circular motion on her nine year old pussy. I wasn’t sure what to say or whether I should say anything at all because I didn’t want to make it seem like a big deal to Erin.

After a few seconds, (trying to divert her attention) I asked her if she’d made her bed. Still watching what was happening in the yard, she answered, saying that yes, she had. Trying to think of something else that Erin ‘needed’ to do, I noticed that the poodle was standing firmly in place while the much bigger dog continued fucking her. His bright red cock shaft was appearing and disappearing in rapid fire succession and then his knot slipped into the bitch and he stopped fucking her… just maintaining their lock while both dogs looked to be in pure ecstasy.

That’s when Erin pulled her hand out of her panties, turned to me and asked, “Daddy, why are boy dogs different than girl dogs? That big dog has a big, long red thing under him and he keeps putting it inside of Mamie… and she lets him. See? She’s smiling and she didn’t run home after the other times when he pulled it out, either. She just stayed there like she was waiting for him to put it inside of her, again. Do girl dogs like it when boy dogs put their thing inside of them?” I instantly realized that I was stuck with having to answer a tricky question. After a slight hesitation, I said, “It’s just nature, honey. That’s how grown up dogs make puppies for kids to play with.”

More to herself than to me, she said, “People boys have a thing that people girls don’t have, too.” Looking up at me with a serious look on her face, she asked, “Do people boys have a big red thing that they put inside of people girls, Daddy?”

Now I was really stuck. I had to talk about boys cocks with my nine year old daughter. Desperately trying to dodge the bullet, I said, “No, honey, boys don’t have a big red thing.” Still looking up at me she said, “But girls don’t have anything down there and boys do.” Before I had a chance to say anything, she changed the subject to a size vs. size comparison between dogs and between people. “That dog is a lot bigger than Mamie is and his thing goes into her so could a big boy’s thing go inside of me and make me smile, too?”

Oh, shit! What do you say to that? Erin is a very pretty girl who’s somewhat bigger and taller than most nine year old girls are and, with the fine looking bubble cheeked ass that her mother’s genes bestowed on her, I know that it’s just a matter of time before older boys start seeing her as a potential fuck. I knew that I was going to have to start paying extra close attention to Erin’s comings and goings… especially after seeing how she’d reacted while she watched the two dogs fucking. As I was thinking my protective daddy thoughts, her next words cut through them and brought me up short. “Daddy, is your thing big like that dogs is? Compared to you, I’m small like Mamie is and that big dog’s thing goes into her so couldn’t you put your thing in me and show me how good it feels to do what they’re doing?”

Instantly and out of nowhere, my two months unfucked and unsucked cock lurched to life. I tried to get my mind off of the mental picture that had just materialized in my head but my cock was having none of that shit. It started swelling and filling the front of my shorts. Totally out of character with anything that I’d ever done or even thought of doing, my body answered for me by sending a lot more blood into the thick shaft of my eight and a half inch cock. In my mind, I could already feel Erin’s tight little virgin pussy swallowing and stroking its length. The next words that came out of my mouth were foreign to me but, in my heart, I knew that they were the ones that I needed to say. I wanted my daughter and she was telling me that she wanted what she knew I could give her. My heart was pounding as, in a strangled voice, I said, “I could put it part way in, honey, but you can’t ever tell anybody that I did.” Smiling brightly and looking relieved that I was agreeing to show her, she said, “I’ll never tell anybody, Daddy, not in a hundred years. I promise I won’t ever tell anybody…. not even Angela. (her best friend) She always says she wonders what it’d feel like and if I told her how good it feels, she’d want you to do it to her, too, but then she’d probably tell somebody. Can we go upstairs now, so you can put your thing inside of me, Daddy?”

I put my arm around her, looked down at her and then gave her something else to think about. In a soft but firm voice, I said, “Erin, I’m serious. You can’t ever tell anybody because Daddy will get in a whole lot of trouble and we won’t be able to live together anymore. The police will come and put me in jail for a long time so you can’t ever see me and they’ll make you go live with some other family.”

I saw the fear on her face, as my words sunk in. She’d already lost her mother and if she ever told anybody that I’d put my ‘thing’ inside of her, she’d lose me, too. There were instant tears in her eyes as she clung tightly against me and said, “I promise I won’t, Daddy. I don’t ever want to live with anybody else… just you. You can put your thing in me and do what that dog is doing to Mamie anytime you want to and I promise I won’t ever tell anybody.”

I knew that my point had been made. I hated myself for taking advantage of her worst fear but my now fully erect and throbbing cock wasn’t to be denied. Erin was going to have it inside of her and she was going to be fucked until her pussy was full of her daddy’s cum. Now my mind was planning how to introduce her to having incest with her daddy in a way that would make her enjoy it and want to keep having it.

Turning her toward the stairs, I said, “Come on, honey. Let’s go up on my bed. We’ll take all our clothes off and then I’ll put something on you that’ll make your pussy real slippery so I can put it in you and show you how good it feels. Smiling nervously, because of the scared feeling she’d just had at the thought of us not living together anymore, Erin walked along with me to and up the stairs. My heart was pounding because I knew that, when we got to the bedroom, I was going to fuck and cum in my pretty nine year old virgin daughter’s pussy. After that, there’d be no turning back… for either of us.

At the top of the stairs, I stopped at the linen closet to grab a bath towel and couple of hand towels. As soon as we got to my room, I guided her in… telling her to take her clothes off and get on the bed. She looked excited about what she was about to learn but still a little nervous that I could get in bad trouble if anyone ever finds out about her letting me put what she still thought of as ‘my thing’ inside of her. She pulled her nitie over her head and dropped it on the floor, next to the bed. I watched, mesmerized, as she quickly pulled the panties off and got up on the bed… obviously not sure how she should be sitting, laying or facing. I’d already spread the bath towel on the bed and put the hand towels on the night stand. She saw the towel and figured that she was supposed to be on it so she moved over and centered herself on it.

Seeing her naked little girl body lying in the middle of my bed, waiting to be fucked by her daddy, took my breath away. She was beautiful… small swellings where she was already starting to develop tits… smooth, flawless skin… a pretty face with the same startlingly grey eyes that I have…round, firm and protruding ass cheeks and a puffy little pussy that I now saw was already sporting a healthy coating of peach fuzz. I’d had no idea that she’d been developing into a woman but there was no doubt in my mind that she was going to be a fucked like a woman and be one when she gets out of that bed.

While I was taking my clothes off, she was nervously looking at the bulge in the front of my shorts. When I dropped my shorts and my cock came into view, her eyes opened wide and she just stared at it. She was, no doubt, wondering how something that big could possibly go in the tight little hole between her legs.

I read her thoughts and said, “Honey, after I put some slippery stuff on you, I’ll put it in slow so your pretty little pussy has a chance to stretch and fit around it. It’ll probably hurt a little bit, at first, but just try to relax because it’ll stop hurting pretty quick. When I start sliding it in and out, you’ll see how fast it starts to feel really good.

Knowing that it would probably hurt a lot more than a little bit, I decided to challenge her to prove to me that she was a big girl. “You’re still a little girl so if it hurts too much, after I push it inside of you, or if you don’t like how it feels, you can tell me and I’ll pull it out.” adding, with a trace of doubt in my voice, “Maybe we’ll have to wait a year or two, until you’re bigger and older.” What a fucking liar I’d just become. There was no way on earth that I was going to pull my cock out of that fine looking little pussy until I’d thoroughly fucked it and pumped a full load of her daddy’s cum into it. The only thing I’d have to be careful of was to not push too much of my eight and a half inches into her until I knew that she could take it all. I silently thought, ‘Man o Man…. If she can, I’m going to be having some sweet fucking, from now on.’

I knew that I should kiss, lick and eat her delicious looking little pussy before fucking her but it’d been far too long since I’d had my cock in a pussy, let alone a sworn to silence nine year old virgin’s pussy. I’d have plenty of time to feast on that pretty little box over the next few months… or years. Right now, the only thing I wanted to do was get my cock in her pretty little cunt, fuck her and pump a big load of cum in her.

I reached into the drawer of the nightstand for the nearly full bottle Astroglide pussy lubricant and snapped the cap open. My hands were shaking as I squeezed some of the clear, super slippery liquid onto one of them and set the bottle on the nightstand. Climbing onto the bed, I said, “Lay back and open your legs for me, honey, so I can put this slippery stuff around your pussy hole. It’ll make you real slippery so it’ll be easy for me to slide it in and then your pussy will start stretching. The sooner your pussy is stretched and you’re used to having it inside you, the sooner you’ll start liking how it feels. And after a few times, it’ll already be stretched and used to it, so when I put it in it’ll just feel good.

Erin lay back against the pillow and tensely opened her legs. I smiled down at her, in reassurance, as I spilled the liquid out of my hand and let it run down between the puffy, peach fuzz covered pussy lips that were about to be tightly stretched and wrapped around her daddy’s thick, throbbing hard on. The heat from my hand had already taken the chill off the liquid so she didn’t jump when it made contact. I watched the rapidly warming liquid run down between Erin’s puffy pussy lips and then slipped my finger between them to make sure that she had plenty of it at her opening. I slid my finger up and down four or five times… to show her how slippery it was. She started moaning and opened her legs a little wider. Evidently, she liked my hand better than her own. Looking down at her, I asked, “Does that feel good, honey?” “Yes,” she murmured. “It feels good and it’s real slippery, too.”

I repeatedly slipped my finger into her opening, just to the first knuckle, as I dragged and worked more of the lube into it. ‘Damn! Is she ever tight!’, I thought. When I knew that her tight little pussy was pretty well lubed, I wiped my hand over my incredibly hard, throbbing cock, moved over her and positioned myself between her legs. “Honey, if you pull your knees way up by your chest and hold onto them, it’ll make more room for me and I can get between your legs easier.”

Erin was looking scared, now… wondering if she was really ready for what was going to happen in just a couple more seconds. Looking at my medium to large cucumber sized cock and then up into my eyes, she slowly pulled her legs up tight against her chest and grabbed her shins. Putting my hands on her knees, I said, “Ok, Honey. Now spread your knees out wide and it’ll help you relax.”

While she spread her knees and was making sure that they were out wide, my hand was already on my cock. I quickly guided the head of it between the lips of my nine year old daughters puffy little pussy, found her opening and, with a quick jab, the head and about an inch of my cock popped through it. I was in! As she realized that I was already inside of her, Erin jerked and sucked in a deep breath. I held still and said, “It’s OK, honey. Just lie still. We’ll let your pussy stretch and you’ll be used to it in a few seconds. Then I’ll start showing you the part that feels really good.” Before she could respond, I said, “You’re doing really good, honey. I wasn’t sure if you’d be big enough or old enough but you are. Tell me when it only hurts a little and I’ll start showing you.”

Her initial surprise and discomfort at my entry quickly faded and I saw a small smile of triumph tugging at the corners of her mouth. She had my cock inside of her so she was a big girl. Then she proudly said, “It only hurts just a little, Daddy. I can already feel my pussy stretching.” I answered with another inch of bone hard daddy cock and stopped moving again. She winced and sucked in another breath but she didn’t complain. I smiled and said, “You’re going to be a big girl when we’re finished, honey. Daddy is going to make you feel so good that you’ll want me to do it to you all the time.”

Again, I saw the twitch of a smile at the corners of her mouth and I was impressed. I pulled back to where the cap touched the muscle ring at her opening and slid back in. She looked up at me and I did it again. I knew that there was still one barrier that needed to be removed but I wanted her to get a taste of pleasure before I took care of that. She didn’t know about hymens or that it hurts when they get broken. I fucked back and forth in her… going just a tiny bit deeper with each stroke, until I felt the head of my cock barely touch her hymen. She felt it, too, and gave a slight wince. I pulled back a fraction, stopped going deeper and just fucked her for a couple of minutes. Astroglide is a superb pussy lube. My cock was sliding in and out of her extremely tight little pussy with only a minimal amount of drag.

I was fucking my daughter! I watched her facial expression and saw no indications of serious discomfort. Quite to the contrary, I soon saw that she was starting to feel pleasure from the stimulating sensations in her pussy…. sensations that were being caused by her daddy’s cock. “Daddy, it’s starting to feel good. I like how it feels to do… this.” I smiled and said, “It’s called fucking, honey, and that’s not a bad word when we’re doing it. You and daddy are fucking, now, so it’s a good word. I knew you’d like how good it feels. Your pussy feels good to me, too, and I like fucking you.”

The flushed and excited expression that I saw spreading over her face told me that she was really beginning to enjoy having me fuck her. At the same time, the stimulation that I felt as my cock continued sliding in and out of her incredibly tight little pussy forced me to have to fight back against my cum reflex. I knew I was going to cum in her but I wanted to hold off long enough for her to start enjoying it, after I’d broken her cherry. Fucking her felt so good that I knew I had to break it soon. As I continued sliding my cock in and out of her, Erin started moving her ass up and down, in time with my short fuck strokes. I heard her start making soft uummmmmmm … ooooooo … uummmmmmm and Ohhhhh, Daddy sounds as her tight little cunt began aggressively caressing… almost sucking on my cock. She was fucking me back! Then she looked down between us to where my cock was sliding in and out of her and asked, “Is it all inside of me, Daddy?” I said, “Not yet, honey. I’ll put more in, in a minute.” She looked up at me and said, “Daddy… Make it all go in. I like how it feels. I want to feel what it’s like when you have it all inside and you’re … you’re fucking me like you are now.”

That was my cue. I said, “OK, honey.” as I tightened my stomach muscles and punched into her. I felt my cock tear through her hymen and felt her body go stiff as she let out a sharp cry of pain. Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock and I stopped moving. I now had about six inches inside of her. I said, “I’m sorry, honey. That pain was caused by a piece of skin that breaks, the first time something goes that far in you. It’s broke, now, so it’ll never do that or hurt like that again. Just lay still for a few seconds so you can get used to having more of daddy’s cock inside of you and then it’ll start feeling good again.

There were tears in her eyes as she said, “That stung… like it does when I pull a Band Aid off of my arm. It still hurts a little but it’s going away now. Is it all in me, now, Daddy? It feels real big.” I smiled down at her and said, “Most of it is, honey. Just lay still for a minute. Your pussy will stretch a little more and you’ll get used to it being in you. Then I’ll put the rest of it in slow, so I can be sure that your pussy is deep enough and I won’t hurt you.” Even as I was saying it, I was pushing in. Erin felt it and her muscles tightened but she didn’t complain. I started fucking her with short strokes… short ones out and slightly longer ones in. After a dozen or so strokes, I was elated when I felt my pelvis make firm contact with hers. She’d taken the whole eight and a half inches of two inch thick cock! I pushed hard into her, stopped fucking and said, “It’s all in, now, honey.” With a tight sound of tension mixed with pleasure in her voice, she said, “Oh, Daddy. I like how it makes me feel all full inside.” … and I started fucking her with ever lengthening strokes. By the time I was taking full fuck strokes into her, Erin’s pussy muscles were rippling over the shaft of my cock and she was moaning, ohhhhh Daddying and uummmmmmmmmmming again. I’d survived! I hadn’t blown my load too soon. Now she was enjoying being fully fucked and would be ready to fuck me any time I wanted her to. I knew I was about to blow and said, “Your pussy feels so good Daddy’s going to cum in you now, honey. When you feel my cock start getting bigger and feel me start doing it faster, you’ll know that I’m going to squirt my thick white slippery stuff in your pussy. That’s when I want you to push your pussy way up and hold it there so that I can get it all the way inside of you, ok?”

She was fucking me back, now… her pussy milking and caressing my cock as I fucked her. “OK, Daddy… I like how it feels when you’re fucking my pussy, Daddy. It’s making me get tingly feelings inside while your … your cock is going in and out of me. It feels…. With barely a split second of warning, a huge explosion of cum shot out of my cock and into my nine year old daughters tight, cock caressing cunt. I rammed it deep, groaned and exclaimed, “I’m cumming in you, honey! Hold your pussy up for me!” and she did just as I’d told her to….. holding it up for me as eruption after eruption of scalding hot cum shot into her tight little peach fuzz covered pussy. I felt her already full of my cock pussy start squeezing my cum out around my cock. “Ohhhhhhhh Daddeeeeeeeeeee!!. It feels hot in my pusseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” and I felt her cunt locking down on the entire length of my cock… as it began milking in contractions… squeezing and milking my cum into her. What her pussy was doing to my cock gave me such a total orgasm that I could barely speak but I groaned out, “Daddy’s putting a lot of cum in you, honey. Keep holding your pussy up for me so I can get it all in.” She did and I fired three more squirts into her before my orgasm began to let up.

As my cock spit a final squirt into her and started to soften, I was so thoroughly wiped out that I nearly collapsed on her. Erin sensed that I was finished fucking her and lowered her ass back onto the bed. A minute later, her legs were splayed out next to mine and she was breathing hard. In a soft, moaning voice she said, “Ohhh, Daddy. I just love how it feels when your cock is fucking in me and how it felt when you were putting cum in me.” I was too weak to answer so just kissed her on the forehead. Then, in a firmer voice, she said, “I love you, Daddy. Can I sleep with you, tonight? I want to do it again and feel your cum go in me just before we go to sleep.”

I was a happy man when I said, “Yes, honey, but you won’t have to wait till tonight to feel my cock in your pretty little pussy again. I need to rest for a few minutes, first, and then I’m going to put it in and fuck you again.” She giggled and, in a happy little girl’s voice that reminded me that she still was, said, “Goody”.

After I’d moved off of her and fell onto my back, she looked at my wet, cum coated cock and smiled. “I like it when you fuck me, Daddy. It’s the best feeling ever. It was starting to make me all tingly inside. I can’t wait for you to make me have that tingly feeling again. Now I know why Mamie was smiling.

I suddenly realized that Erin had been getting ready to cum! She was only nine years old and I could have made her cum! I’d heard what I thought were bull shit stories about young girls cumming when they like being fucked but her description of what she was feeling in her pussy told me that those stories might not have been bullshit stories, after all. If I could have held out and fucked her for a couple more minutes, she might have cum at the same time I was cumming in her. What a delicious memory that would have been!

I was surprised that I’d lasted as long as I just had, considering that I hadn’t had any pussy for over two months and had just gotten some of the finest pussy that I’ll ever have. I knew that I’d be able to last a lot longer, the next time, so I made up my mind that the next one would be for her. I’m going to fuck her and make sure that she has a chance to experience what it’s like to have an orgasm… on her daddy’s cock. If what she just experienced wasn’t enough to have her hooked on having me fuck her, that sure as hell will.

Erin sat up, telling me that she felt all squishy inside and needed to pee. I told her that it was ok to pee and to use a wash cloth to wipe herself off with but that I wanted her to try to keep as much of the squishy stuff inside of her as she could because it’d make her feel better when my cock goes back inside of her. I told her to hurry back to bed so it wouldn’t all come out. She said “OK, Daddy.” … I watched as she got up and, with her hand cupping her cum filled little pussy and the pronounced globes of her fine little ass bouncing, she ran into the bathroom. I couldn’t believe that I’d just fucked and blew a huge load of cum into her sweet little nine year old peach fuzz covered pussy. I felt like and knew that I was the luckiest man alive. A second later, I heard her pee splashing against the porcelain.

It didn’t take her long to pee. I heard the toilet flush and then heard the water come on in the sink. Thirty seconds later, she came out of the bathroom holding a wet wash cloth against her pussy and hopped up onto the bed, next to me. “Daddy, a lot of white slippery stuff came out of me, while I was peeing. I couldn’t help it. I hope there’s still enough in me. Some is still coming out on the wash cloth, too. I’m holding it in so no more comes out.”

What a hell of an attitude for a nine year old girl who’d just taken every inch of a thick, eight and a half inch cock and been thoroughly fucked by it. Even though I’d been basically gentle with her, she’d certainly found out what it was like to be fucked. I was glad as hell to see that she was smiling and looking forward to more of it. Her mother would have been bitching her ass off, if she knew that I was going to fuck her again but not Erin. She was looking forward to it. After ten years of sexual frustrations, my fortunes had just taken an incredibly exciting turn. I looked down at Erin’s beautiful little peach fuzz covered cunt and thrilled at knowing that, in just a few more minutes, my cock was going to be back in it and I’d be joyously fucking her.

When she saw me looking at it, she tucked the wash cloth more tightly between the lips of her pussy and I felt my cock begin to stir. Nap time was almost over. I cuddled Erin against me and told her that I loved her and would always love her. She had tears in her eyes when she looked up at me and said, “I’ll always love you, too, Daddy… especially after what we just did. I want to do it a lot, from now on. Can we?” I gave her a quick kiss on the mouth and said, “As long as nobody ever finds that we do it, we can always keep doing it. It’ll be a secret just between you and me.” She kissed me back and said, “Then we’ll always be able to do it because I’m not ever going to tell anybody, Daddy.” As she lay cuddled against me, I felt her body sporadically shudder, as if she was remembering and re-living the intensity of her first sexual experience and I held her close.

After a few seconds in silent thought, she asked, “Daddy, if we never tell anybody, how could anybody ever find out?” I looked at her and said, “There are ways. That’s why you have to be careful and remember to act like you’ve always acted when you’re around other people, so they won’t know anything’s different. … Also, when you go to see Dr. Jamison next month and she checks you, she’ll be able to tell that somebody has been putting their cock inside of you but she can’t ever tell anybody. She’d get in a lot of trouble if she did because it’s her job to keep secrets… but she’ll know so she’ll probably give you some pills to take so you won’t have a baby.” “Is that white stuff you put in me what makes babies, Daddy?” “Yes, honey, but you aren’t old enough to have babies, yet. You will be, pretty soon, though. You haven’t had times when blood comes out of your pussy, yet, have you?” “Yes I have, Daddy. Four times, now. The first two times was when mommy was still here. I felt sickish and had blood come out of me for a few days. When I told Mommy, she said I was starting my periods and got me some pads to put in my panties so blood doesn’t get on them. She told me not to let any boys put their thing inside of me but you’re not a boy. You’re my Daddy.”

What she’d just told me affected me like being burned with a red hot branding iron and my body instantly broke into a cold sweat. Nine year old Erin was having her menstrual cycles and I’d just blown a huge load of sperm rich twenty eight year old man cum up inside of her! I may have just gotten her pregnant!! Ohhh, God! If she is, I’ll be totally fucked.

Erin saw my reaction and said, “What’s wrong, Daddy?” I said, “Honey, I just told you that when I cum inside of you, that’s how babies are made. You’ve started having bleeding times, so that means you’re old enough for me to make a baby inside of you… and I just put a lot of cum in you.” She looked at me for a few seconds and then asked,
“Does that mean I’m going to be a mommy, Daddy? If I am, won’t you be my daddy and my baby’s daddy too?” … and the branding iron got me again.

I sucked it up, pulled her against me and said, “Yes, honey. That’s why we can’t let you have a baby. If your belly starts to swell up, everybody will know that somebody put their cum in your pussy. And they’ll know that you and I are living here alone so they’ll figure out that I’m the one who gave you a baby and I’ll go to jail… just like if you told somebody.”

With a panicky look on her face, she said, “No, Daddy. I don’t want the police to come and put you in jail. I don’t want to never see you again.” There were fresh tears in her eyes and she was hugging her body into mine… holding on for dear life. “Can’t you stop me from having a baby? I want us to keep doing it and nobody ever know.” I held her and said, “It’s too soon to tell if you’re going to have a baby, honey. Maybe, if we’re lucky, you aren’t… but when you go see Dr. Jamison, you’ll have to tell her that you’ve been doing it with somebody and you don’t want your daddy to find out. She’s going to find out that you’ve done it, anyway, but when you tell her you don’t want me to know about it, she’ll think it was with some boy. She’ll talk to you about not doing it anymore but I’m pretty sure she’ll arrange for you to get some pills that will keep you from getting pregnant.” She asked, “Pregnant is like when somebody is going to have a baby?” “Yes, honey.” “So if Dr. Jamison gives me those pills, you can keep fucking me and putting your cum inside of me and you won’t make me have a baby?”

Long story short, I knew that it was too late, this month. My cum was already inside of Erin’s sweet little pussy so I told her that we could keep doing it until the next time she bleeds. (hopefully) But afterward, we couldn’t do it until she saw Dr. Jamison and got pills to keep her from having a baby. Erin was happy with that plan… forgetting that she might already have a baby growing inside of her. I was resigned to whatever happened and hopeful that the worst wouldn’t happen. I knew that the penalty for fucking her a hundred times is the same as it is for fucking her the first time… and her pretty, peach fuzz covered, Daddy’s cum leaking pussy still looked extremely inviting so, before I got arrested for child rape, incest and went to prison, I was going to have as much of her fine pussy as I could. She saw my cock getting bigger and said, “Put it inside of me again, Daddy. It’s ok. You can put your cum in me and when I go see Dr. Jamison, she’ll give me those pills so I won’t have a baby and then nobody will ever find out and you won’t get in trouble.

As I moved over Erin to fuck her again, she brought her legs up and presented her pussy for Daddy’s re-entry. Her movement caused a small glob of white cum to squeeze out of her pussy and slide down over her rectum. I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pretty little peach and slowly pushed it into her. She was holding her pussy up just like she did when I was cumming in her so, with the slippery cum that was inside of her and that position, my cock slid all the way in until my balls were resting against the firm globes of her luscious little ass. “Ohhhhhhhhh Daddy” she moaned, as my cock seated itself deep inside of her. “My pussy is sore but it feels good, too.” I said, “I know it’s sore, honey, but you’ll get used to it in a couple of days and it won’t be sore anymore.” And I started fucking her with long, slow, cunt savoring strokes. “uummmmmmmmmmm Daddy. That feels good.” Her pussy was sucking on me as I fucked it in and out of her… and I kept fucking her… loving her and giving her pleasure.

There’s something exciting about knowing that you could be making a girl pregnant but because this is my nine year old daughter, who I’d already fucked and could already have made pregnant, made it five times more exciting. Erin was moaning into my chest as my cock continued to slide in and out of her tight, Daddy’s cum lubricated pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Daddy. That feels better than anything.” She was moving with me… her pussy stroking my cock while my cock massaged the tightly stretched walls of her nine year old pussy. After four or five minutes of steady fucking, I heard a high pitched tension in her voice when she said, “Daddy, I’m getting that tingly feeling in my pussy, again…. ohhhhhhhh….. and it feels good. Keep making me feel it. Ohhhhhhh … ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Daddy. “

I knew that Erin was getting ready to cum and it turned me on like I’d never be turned on in my life. I started fucking her harder and faster… burying my cock inside of her with every stroke. I felt her body beginning to jerk and quiver and knew that she was nearly there. I knew that my pretty nine year old daughter was about to cum all over my cock!! With renewed power, I fucked her even harder, faster and deeper… knowing that I was bringing her to the crest of a shuddering orgasm. She began ramming her pussy up against me and then, after thirty seconds of almost desperately fucking me back, she screamed, drove her pussy up against me and froze. “DaaaaaaaaaaaDDeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! …. Ohhh oh oh ohhhhhhhhh DaaaaaaaaDDeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Her head was thrashing from side to side… her eyes wide open, rolled back and unfocused. My sweet nine year old Erin was cumming for her daddy!

I felt a sudden sensation of heat along the top of my cock and then felt my daughters first cum hotly squirting out onto me… soaking the hair around my cock and balls and then running down the cheeks of her firm little ass. Knowing that she was having a tremendous orgasm gave me a feeling of pure joy and satisfaction in knowing that I was the one giving it to her. I just kept fucking my rock hard cock into her… giving it to her and doing my best to make her first orgasm last forever. After several more seconds, she went limp and collapsed under me. Her hair was sweat soaked and matted and she was breathing hard. I still had a hard on and a powerful need to empty my balls into her again so I lowered my body to hers and pushed my hands under the firm, bubble shaped cheeks of her ass. I pulled her tightly up against me and started fucking her still tight but now more relaxed slippery cunt. I was in full control, now, and that turned me on. Holding her firmly up to me I fucked into her until I pumped another huge load of cum up inside of her. This load was almost as big as the first one had been. As exhausted as she was, she’d felt me starting to cum and had held her pussy up to make sure that I got it all inside of her and I had.

When I pulled my cock out and got off of her I could see that Erin was totally exhausted. I handed her the wash cloth to put between her legs and told her to take a nap while I went to take a shower.

I let her sleep for an hour and a half before waking her and, after one more hour long fuck and bringing her to another orgasm; I gave Erin’s pussy and my cock a well deserved break. We watched TV… snacked and then ate a leisurely supper of leftovers. After we were done eating, Erin said she had to change the pad that she’d put in her panties to catch the cum that kept running out of her. “You put a lot of it in me, Daddy. I like how it feels having it inside of me.” Giving a little shiver, she added, “Oh, Daddy… You made me feel so good, today. I just want to do it and have you put it in me all the time.”

At bedtime, she said her pussy was real sore but I eased it in and she got gently fucked until I put another tight pussy full of cum inside of her. I told her that if she’s too sore, tomorrow, I’d teach her how to make daddy cum with her mouth. “Isn’t your cock too long to go all the way in my mouth, daddy?” I said, “We’ll see, honey.” and I smiled. Whether it did or not and whether her pussy was sore or not, she was still going to be fucked. The last thought I had before falling asleep was ‘I hope to God she gets her period’.

Eight days later, she did and I can’t describe the sheer sense of relief I felt, when she told me. Then, a week later, when she went to see Dr. Jamison, she got a warning lecture about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and a prescription for a six month supply of birth control pills that she was to take ‘to help control and lessen the severity of her period cramping’. The following month, I stopped using condoms.

And as the lyrics to the old Gene Autry song go, “I’m back in the saddle again”.

*** SSB

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2014-04-23 21:46:37
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We wanted to try out the double SexTent. We decided that Mom and I would use it, along with Dad. We went to the sex chair and Dad sat down first. then Mon sat on top of him. She was wearing her transparent black SexSuit with satin edged cunt and ass hole. I knelt between Moms legs. Then Jim and Amy brought the double SexTent and covered us with it. We put on our hoods. It was amazing how sexy we all looked through the see through tent fabric. Dad had put a good amount of KY on his cock and Mom's asshole. She raised herself enough to let Dad press his erect cock up into her rectum. She was really moaning and I tongue kissed her. She was looking lovingly at me. I took my 12" erect cock and slipped it into the fabric cunt hole and on up into her womb. The three of us began to fuck in unison. I felt my cock rubbing against Dad's in her bowels. Mom's brassiere encased tits were rubbing sexily aginst my nipples. We were all having a wonderful fuck. The three of us came together. Amazing!

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