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Slippery Saddle Bum

This morning, right after our parents left for work, I came out of my room just as my twelve and a half year old sister, Marissa, was walking into the bathroom to get ready for school. She must have just woken up and didn’t hear my door open because, without closing the bathroom door, she pulled her nightgown over her head and dropped it on the floor. I froze and my breath caught in my throat. … She was stark naked… not even a slipper!

Now fully awake and alert, I couldn’t take my eyes off the pert and firm bubble shaped cheeks of her ass. Unaware that she’d left the door open and wasn’t alone, she sleepily moved to the shower and turned it on. Not knowing that her brother’s eyes were fixed on her tight, sexy looking ass or that his cock was rapidly becoming a hard on, she held her hand under the water until it warmed up so she could adjust the temperature.

In the time it took for the hot water to get from the hot water tank to the shower head, I was concentrating so hard on her pussy area, as it peeked out from between and under the delicious protrusions of her luscious ass, that when she straightened and turned toward the sink, my already focused eyes had an unobstructed view of the surprisingly bright red hair on her pussy. Lustfully looking at where its lips met and instantly making incestuous wishes, I remember thinking, ‘My God! She almost has a full bush, already!’ The full view of her beautiful, red pelted pussy, added to my twenty seconds or so view of her spectacular ass, had my sixteen year old cock rock hard, throbbing and ready to kill something.

Marissa didn’t notice me standing in the hallway as she moved to the sink, sleepily put toothpaste on her brush and started brushing her teeth. The way her firm, delicious looking ass was rapidly switching back and forth was driving me nuts. Then I caught the motion of her tits as she leaned over the sink and continued brushing her teeth. Her firm, small to medium sized tits were jiggling just like her ass was… like extra firm Jell-O.

Having stood in the same spot that I’d been in for all of a minute and seeing more than I’d ever hoped I’d see of my sister, I knew that I wanted to sink my throbbing boner between the invitingly puffy lips of her red pelted little pussy and fuck her senseless. In that very instant and with no one to stop me, the two of us (my cock and me) decided to do exactly that.

Moving very slowly, to not have my motion attract her attention, I slid my boxers over my hips until they cleared my just shy of eight inch cock and let them drop to the floor. As I lifted my feet clear of them, I made sure that my full blown hard on was pointed in her direction and waited for her to see me standing there.

I must have had another full two minutes of visually and mentally devouring her firm, lush body before she rinsed her mouth and looked in the mirror to check her teeth. It was three or four more seconds before she noticed my naked reflection in the mirrored doorway, six or seven feet behind and to the side of her own. When she saw me and our eyes met, her eyes flew open and she let out a loud shriek.

Reacting as I’d expected her to, she turned and rushed to close the bathroom door. I don’t know if she’d seen my raging, already leaking pre-cum boner or not but she never made it to the door. I intercepted her headlong rush and, before she could have said “I’m pregnant”, she was on her back on the thick bathroom rug, I was between her legs and the shaft of my throbbing cock was pressed hard between the now parted and noticeably warm lips of her bright red hair covered pussy.

She fought like hell to get me off of her and maybe that was her mistake because, during the struggle and without me actually taking aim, the head and about two inches of my cock suddenly punched through her cunt opening and up into her. I heard a surprised grunt and, for a split second, we both froze. Almost immediately, she let out a sharp cry of pain and I knew that I’d just broken her cherry. The warmth of her tight little cunt choking down on my cock was ecstasy beyond anything I’d ever known. With my cock already inside of her, all I had to do was fuck the rest of it in and keep fucking her until a full load of my cum had been squirted into her pussy.

Because of her loud cry, I think she expected me to stop and take it out but she quickly discovered how wrong she was because, in the next second, I tightened my muscles and punched deep into her, totally burying my cock in her incredibly tight, no longer virgin pussy. (I had no idea how her pussy could have been wet enough for my cock to initially slide into her but, after I made that hard inward thrust, it was all the way in… and we both knew it.)

As I forced her thighs further open and settled between them, she screamed, “STOP!! DAN!! TAKE IT OUT, PUHLEEEEASE!!! Oh, God!… IT HURTS!!!”

But I didn’t. Instead, I just held her in place, savoring the sensation of her tight, warm pussy’s rippling constrictions along the unyielding shaft of my cock.

She tried to push me off but I kept turning and flexing my shoulders enough to make her still wet toothpaste and slobber coated hands slide off of them and held her right where she was… under me with my cock buried to the hilt in her. Slowly, she surrendered the fight and started pleading with me to take it out of her.

Holding her in place and firmly keeping my cock pushed all the way into her, I looked down at her and, in a reasonable voice, said, “I’ll take it out on one condition.” (I was lying)

In a tight, stress filled voice, she said, “What? I’ll do anything!” Looking into her stress filled eyes, I said, “Kiss me… and I don’t mean a little peck. Kiss me like you really mean it. Wrap your arms around me, hold on tight and kiss me like I’m your boyfriend.” I quickly added a warning, “And if you really want me to take it out, you’d better make sure it’s a nice, warm, sweet kiss... good enough to convince me that you mean it.”

With a surprised look on her face, she said, “But you’re my brother!! I can’t kiss you… not like that!”

She’d evidently forgotten that my cock was buried in her but when I pulled it nearly all the way out and quickly thrust it back in until my auburn pubic hair was again firmly mashed against her pretty red bush, I’m sure she remembered. As I hit bottom, she let out a loud squeak and her body stiffened.

I looked into her eyes and said, “Come on, Marissa. Show me how good you can kiss me or I’m just going to leave it in and spend the day fucking your tight little pussy.”

Her arms came up behind me and she reluctantly raised her mouth to mine. When she pressed her lips against mine, it was a totally unconvincing kiss so I pulled back and drove it home again… bringing another loud squeak from her. That time, she kissed me better and I said so but then I said, “But not good enough. I want a really sincere one.”

This time she knew what I was going to do. I saw it in her eyes, just as I pulled back and fucked two more hard fucks into her now juicier pussy. Each thrust was rewarded with that cute little squeaking sound so I fucked four more into her. She squeaked four more times and, when I looked at her face, her head was pulled back to the rug and her eyes were glassily fixed on the ceiling. She didn’t say a word but the muscles in her pussy were sending an urgent Morse Code ripple to my cock that translated to, “Repeat message. Repeat message.”

Without saying another word, I settled between her legs and started slowly and steadily fucking my twelve and a half year old sister. With each full fuck stroke, she emitted another squeak but, as I continued fucking her, the tone of her squeaks changed, softened and became more drawn out.

She was moaning when she raised her head, firmly pressed her lips against mine and began kissing me… for real. Her kiss was so sincere that I involuntarily began, just as sincerely, kissing her back. Not consciously aware that I was doing it, I switched from holding her in place to gently holding her body close to mine, as a lover would, while continuing to slide my cock in and out of my pretty kid sister’s now very wet, slippery and deliciously tight cunt.

It was a lucky thing that I’d woken an hour before I got up and had jerked off because it prevented me from cumming fast, as I certainly would have if I hadn’t already relieved the pressure.

It wasn’t long before I felt Marissa’s ass start moving under me. She tentatively started thrusting her cunt up toward my cock, each time I pushed it into her, and, after a few thrusts, caught the rhythm… our rhythm. Her kisses became hotter and more passionate… and so did her pussy. She was moaning, non-stop, and fucking me like she never wanted it to end.

The truth is that I’d started to moan, too, and I damned well never wanted it to end, either. Though Marissa didn’t know it, she was and is, by far, the best fuck I’ve ever experienced. She wasn’t just lying there… tolerating me fucking her or doing a half hearted ‘for show’ imitation of fucking me back. She was firmly driving her pussy up at me and fucking me back.

For five or six more minutes, we fucked and kissed furiously and then I heard the pitch of Marissa’s moans go up. At the same time, she started fucking up at me harder and faster.

Having already had sex with several girls, I knew, by how she was reacting, that my sister was getting ready to cum. I reached down under her ass, took a firm grip on each firm, delectable globe, pulled her up to me and began fucking her like I’ve never fucked any other girl. I wanted her to cum and, while she was cumming, I wanted to be cumming inside of her.

Twenty five, thirty, thirty five hard strokes later, Marissa’s cunt tightened down on my cock, her body stiffened and she let out a long, tight, squeaking sound. I knew she was starting to cum and I plowed into her… fucking her fast, deep, and hard.

Her feet were set on the floor and she was pushing her cunt up to me, just as she froze in position, let out a long, drawn out squeal and began shuddering. Almost instantly, I felt a warm gush of my twelve year old sister’s cum squirt out of her cock stuffed cunt and wash down over my balls.

That was IT, for me. With only a split second of warning, I suddenly felt as if the head of my cock was being blown off. I was cumming in Marissa’s cumming cunt harder than I had ever cum in my entire sixteen year old life. As rope after rope of my thick white-hot cum erupted into her, I felt dizzy and on the verge of passing out. Her cunt was so tight that I felt my cum being squeezed back along the shaft of my cock until some of it gushed out of her. With my cock totally buried in her, Marissa’s cunt was tightening down, more and more. As we each continued cumming, I was stimulated to cum even harder and longer when I felt her pussy begin rhythmically milking the shaft that’d just given her the most incredible sensation she’d ever known.

When we’d finished cumming, I was totally wiped out. I was still inside of her but I didn’t have any fuck power left in me. I’d deposited every last bit of it inside of her. She didn’t seem to have much left, either, but she had enough strength to keep holding her arms around my waist and plant what seemed like hundreds of passionate kisses on my neck, chin and chest.

Finally, she looked up at me and smiled a beautiful smile that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. In a faint voice, she softly murmured, “Ohhh, Dan… What happened? What was that feeling I just had? Was it an orgasm? Is that what one feels like?” I weakly whisper/moaned, “Yes… a sweet, beautiful, juicy orgasm… just like the one I had.”

Still trembling, she said, “I can’t move. Let’s call in sick and skip school, today. We can tell Mom and Dad that we both woke up feeling sickish and didn’t want to make anybody else sick.” I said, “You call. I need to rest. You wiped me out.” She said, “You broke my cherry AND wiped me out, so you call.” Recovering slightly, I laughed and then asked, “Did it hurt real bad, Marissa?”

Taking a deep breath, she said, “It sure did at first, but when you kept doing it, it stopped hurting and I started liking how it was making me feel inside.” I grinned and said, “I knew you liked it when you started pushing your pussy up so I could get it all in.” She said, “Yeah, well it’s your fault for putting it in me and making it feel so good. I couldn’t help it. Wow!! I can’t believe how good doing it feels… especially how good having an orgasm feels.” She shivered and added, “I hope you’re going to make me have a lot more of them. If you don’t, I’ll start coming in your room at night and raping you, just like you did me.” I laughed and said, “You can come in my room anytime you want to and you won’t have to rape me. … I can’t believe how good you fuck, Marissa. Your pussy feels perfect and I loved holding onto your beautiful ass while we we’re doing it.”

She smiled at the compliment and asked, “You think my ass is beautiful? I think it sticks out too much.” I quickly replied, “Hell no, it doesn’t. It’s beautiful and sexy as all hell… and I just found out that it holds your pussy up so I can fuck into you real deep.” “Yeah, a few times, you hit something way up inside and it hurt a little but not bad.”

Rolling off and pulling her into my arms I said, “I like kissing you, too, Marissa. I’ve never had a girl kiss me like you do. Hell, I’ve never had a girl fuck me back like you did, either. When you were cumming, I started cumming so hard that I got dizzy and thought I was going to pass out. Nobody’s ever made me feel like that before. And I can’t believe how strong your pussy muscles are. When you were cumming, you were squeezing my cock soooo hard…”

She looked at me with a mixture of pride and satisfaction on her face and then, with a worried look, she asked, “How many girls have you done it with? ... A lot?” I said, “No. Just six… seven, now, but none of them were anywhere near as good as you are or made me cum as hard as you did.” In a soft voice, she asked, “Will you make me cum again, Dan? I really liked how it made me feel… It was like nothing I’ve ever felt… better than anything. ”

Kissing her soft, sweet, naturally puckered lips, I said, “I’m sure going to try to. I loved it when your cum started gushing out on me. That’s what made me cum so hard, I think.”

Looking at me, she said, “You must have put a lot in me because there’s a lot of it coming out.” I smiled and asked, “How’s your pussy feel? Does it hurt?” Gingerly cupping and rubbing her pussy, she said, “It’s kinda sore but I don’t care. I want to do it again so I can feel like I felt when we were doing it and what it feels like when I have another orgasm.”

Then, looking down at her pussy, she said, “I better get up and sit on the toilet for a while. There’s an awful lot of your stuff running out of me.”… “and I haven’t pee’d yet, either.”, she added.

I helped her to stand, while she cupped her pussy and moved to the toilet seat. A second later, I heard the splash of a full stream of my sister’s piss hitting the water. While she repeatedly wiped herself, she said, “We’re going to have to throw that rug in the washing machine. It must be soaked because it was all wet and slimy under me.

She continued squeezing my cum out of her and then, with a worried look on her face and a serious note in her voice, she asked, “What if I get pregnant, Dan? You just put your cum inside of me so I could already be pregnant. If I am, Mom and Dad will kill us”… Marissa looked down at the cum still coming out of her and said, “I better go see the Nurse and get on birth control. Some of the girls in my class are already on them. My period is due next week, so I think I’m safe but……” She left the sentence unfinished. I stood to get into the shower that had been running, since she’d turned it on. When I checked, the water temperature wasn’t as hot as it should have been so I turned it off to wait until it got hot again.

Just then, Marissa stood up from the toilet and, for a few seconds, stood looking at my mostly soft cock before asking, “How long before it gets big again?” I smiled and answered, “That all depends.” “On what?” she asked. I said, “If you were sucking on it, it’d get hard pretty fast.” She looked at me and seriously said, “Then you’d be able to make it go in me again?” Seeing the immediate potential for having my cock sucked by those sweet puckered lips of hers, I said, “Sure. When it gets nice and hard, I’ll put it back in your pussy. Wanna go do it on my bed? It’ll be a lot more comfortable than this floor is but we’d better put a towel under you so the bed won’t get soaked.”

Her answer was to pull one of the bath towels from the rack and head for my bedroom. I looked at the clock and said, “We’d better call school, first, so they know we’re not coming.” Marissa picked up the phone and dialed the number. When someone picked up, I never heard anyone sound as miserable as she did when she told them how lousy we were both feeling and hoped that we’d feel better, tomorrow. I nearly laughed out loud and she covered the mouth piece to mute her own giggle. When she hung up, she ceremoniously spread the towel in the center of my bed.

I could feel my cock starting to swell so I folded the towel in half and hurried onto the bed because I didn’t want it to swell too much before Marissa took it in her mouth with the intention of sucking it to full hardness. I figured that, when she saw the result, she’d know exactly how to bring it back to life, from now on, and wouldn’t hesitate about doing it. I’d already decided that, after she takes a shower and gets all or most of my cum out of herself, I was going to devour her pretty pussy, as payback for sucking my cock. (I’ll be damned if I’m going to eat my own cum)

Marissa moved onto the bed, looked at me and then down at my half hard on. I saw her make the decision to take the ‘plunge’ and did she EVER. Quickly putting her hand on my cock and holding it upright, she opened her lips, dropped her mouth down over it and started sucking my cock as if it was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted. She was doing it so well that I instantly wondered if this was the first time she’d done it. She didn’t move her head but her tongue was whipping all over the head and shaft, as she sucked and savored her new favorite treat.

Needless to say, my cock was as hard as stone in about thirty seconds. Marissa didn’t stop, though. She seemed to be enjoying how she was causing me to squirm and move. Happy that she hadn’t pulled off to have me put it into her, I gently put my hands on her head and started moving it up and down. Her pretty lips were stretched tight around my thick shaft as she got the idea of what I wanted her to do and continued the sucking and tongue lashing, while adding the sensation of her lips sliding up and down my cock shaft.

It didn’t take long before I knew that if I let her continue doing what she was doing, for another minute or two, she was going to make me cum with her mouth. Instead, I softly said, “Come up here and kiss me, Marissa. She looked up at me and I could see that she was torn between continuing to make love to my cock or coming up to make love to my mouth. It seemed to be a close call but this time my mouth and, by default, her pussy won. While she was kissing me, I rolled her onto her back and moved between her instinctively opening legs. Reaching down between us, I guided my cock to her cunt opening and started pushing.

Stealing the air from my mouth, Marissa sucked in a sharp breath, broke the kiss and said, “Ohhhhhhh, it’s sore.” I said, “Just relax. I’ll put it in slow and try to make it not hurt.”

It took about six seconds to have my cock totally re-buried in her tight, twelve and a half year old pussy. This time, if anything, she was tighter than before. At the same time, the texture of her pussy wall felt like velvet on my cock… as if its firm walls were now swollen and thicker. I started kissing her and, at the same time, started fucking her again. In no time flat, Marissa was moaning her pleasure and pushing her pussy up for more of what was causing it. Amazingly, fucking her now was even better than it’d been, the first time. The sweet sensations in my cock were being fed back to and spread through my entire body. I couldn’t imagine anything in life ever feeling better than what I was feeling, now.

I was happily surprised when, six or seven minutes later, Marissa’s body began violently trembling as she exploded with another terrific orgasm. Having already cum twice, today, I expected to last much longer than I had, the first time, but then I felt the heat of her cum on my cock and, suddenly, I was cumming with her. The sensation in my body was like an exquisite pain that knew no boundary. It just continued to expand until it was as if I’d gone beyond my physical ‘self’.

FINALLY… the incredibly euphoric feeling began to let up and slowly… ever so slowly, I came back into myself, floating down until I settled lightly back on planet Earth.

When my eyes came back into focus, I saw Marissa limply lying under me with a combination of dazed expression and what could only be described as a silly grin on her face.

It must have been a full minute before either of us spoke when I said, “My God, Marissa. That was the most fantastic feeling I’ve ever felt! … like I died and was on my way to heaven.” The silly grin on her face broadened into a serenely happy smile and she whispered, “Me, too. That was five times as good as the first time felt. My insides are all quivery and I feel good all over.”

I lowered my face to hers and gave her permanently puckered lips a long, tender kiss that she returned with just as much peaceful tenderness as I felt.

When we stopped kissing, I lifted my weight off of her and my cock slurped out of her, as I raised myself onto my knees. Looking down at her beautiful, cherry red pussy petals, I saw a lumpy stream of my cum run out and down the crack of her beautiful ass. I realized that it was a good thing that I’d folded the towel when I got onto the bed because, between her cum and mine, it was going to be soaked. Marissa’s eyes followed mine but stopped on my cum slickened cock. Then she asked what I would never have expected to hear from a twelve year old and recently devirginized girl, “Can I suck on it some more, Dan? I liked doing that and now it’s got your cum on it. I’ll bet it tastes good. I want to try it and see.”

Letting myself fall backward, I said, “You can do anything you want, Marissa, but it’ll probably taste just like it did when you were sucking on it the first time because it already had cum on it. It was a little dry but when your mouth made it wet again, that’s what you were tasting and sucking off of it.” Sitting up and keeping her cum leaking pussy on the towel, she leaned forward, placed her hands on my thighs and, without using her hands to do it, found the head with her lips and slurped it into her mouth. She immediately picked up where she’d left off but, this time, my cock was as soft as an over cooked noodle. She seemed to be enjoying it that way as she swallowed, sucked and used her tongue to make full, firm, cock cleaning contact with every single skin cell on it.

Finally, I just had to ask her. “Marissa, have you ever done what you’re doing before?” Drawing her lips up its length until it fell free from her mouth, she licked her lips, looked up at me and said, “No. Today is the first time. Why? Am I doing it wrong?” I actually giggled when I answered, “Hell no! You’re just doing it so damned good that I wondered how you’d learned to do it so well. Nobody’s ever done it to me like you are. Even though it’s all drained out and soft, the way you’re using your mouth and tongue is driving me up the wall. If I had a hard on, right now, you’d have me cumming in just a few minutes.” She smiled and said, “I want to see if I can do that, sometime.”

I laughed and said, “I don’t think it’ll be today. It’ll probably take me a week to replace all the cum I’ve pumped into your pussy, this morning.”

She laughed and, with an unconvincingly sneaky look on her face, said, “We’ll see about that. Tonight, when you’re asleep, I’m going to come in and see if I can make you cum with my mouth.” Then she asked, “If I can, what should I do with all your cum? You make too much for me to hold it in my mouth, until you’re finished.” I said, “Just do what you were doing with the spit in your mouth, while you were sucking on it. Swallow it and keep swallowing it until it’s all gone.” She leaned forward and started sucking on my cock again. I watched as she practiced swallowing her saliva, without letting any escape. Finally, the head of my cock was so sensitive that I had to make her stop.

With her sitting on the cum soaked towel, I said, “Let’s go take a shower. The water must be hot, now. Then we’ll go have breakfast. It’s almost nine.”

During breakfast, she told me that she’d been dreaming about ‘making out’ with somebody before she woke and that’s why she was wet… but she didn’t remember who it was with… “like a shadow man.” … “Maybe it was you”, she mused.

Totally relaxed and laughing, I asked her what went through her mind when she first saw me in the mirror. “When I saw you standing there, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. You didn’t have any clothes on and your thing was sticking way out. I never knew they got big like that. When I saw it, it scared me. Do all boys have such big ones?”

Feeling proud, I answered, “Not from what I’ve seen in the gym shower room. All the ones I’ve seen were skinnier and a lot shorter.”

“Then I’ve already got the best one and it’s right across the hall from my bedroom.” she said, laughing and sincere at the same time. “Tomorrow I’m definitely going to the Nurse’s office and get on birth control because, if I don’t, you’ll get me pregnant for sure.” … “And you know what? From now on, I’m gonna be getting what all the other girls in my class keep wishing they were… and nobody will ever know I’m getting it from the boy who has the biggest cock in the boy’s shower… my big brother. … Boy!! Would they ever be jealous!”

After getting her solemn promise to never breathe a word or give a hint about me fucking her, I agreed with her about getting on birth control and then she said, “Hey, Dan… Ya’ knooow … Mom and Dad sleep downstairs, on the other end of the house, and they have their own bathroom down there. So, at night, after they’ve gone to bed, we can come to each other’s room whenever we want to. Mom never comes upstairs in the mornings. She just yells up for us to get up and get ready for school so maybe, sometimes, we can sleep with each other. I think that’d be nice. Don’t you?”

By the time our parents were due to get home, we’d fucked two more much longer times, washed and dried the towels, bathroom rug and my sheets. Needless to say, Marissa’s still tight but better adjusted to fit pussy and my cock were both sore. I couldn’t believe how hard she’d been squeezing me with her pussy muscles. From the way her body had tightened up, all those times when she was cumming, I guessed that her stomach muscles must be pretty sore, too.

She was in her bed, doing her best to look as if she still didn’t feel all that well when mom went up to check on her, after I explained why we hadn’t gone to school. From the doorway, I heard Mom say, “I hope it’s nothing serious. You do look a little flushed, though. If you don’t feel better in the morning, you’d better stay home again but Dan says he’s feeling better, now, so maybe you will too.”

By supper time, Marissa was up and saying that she was feeling a lot better.

At bedtime, Marissa and I went to our rooms and each slept the sleep of a happily fucked and cum drained brother and sister.

I vaguely remembered having heard Mom yell up the stairs to get up, when I felt Marissa’s mouth swallow and begin sucking on my morning woody. Five or six minutes later, she was eagerly gulping down mouthful after mouthful of my cum. When she’d sucked out and dispatched the very last drop of it to her digestive system, she smiled and said, “Good morning, my big, tasty cock brother.” … In a singsong voice, she added, “I just had my first breakfast in bed.” and giggled.

I laughed, contentedly, and said, “You didn’t waste any of it, either… not a drop. Now it’s MY turn. Get over here and open that pretty pussy for me. I want my breakfast, too.”

“Noooo!” she exclaimed, wrapping both hands over her pussy. “My pussy is too sore! It burned when I went pee and while I wiped myself, before I came in to wake you up. Maybe after we get home from school… or tonight, if it’s not too sore. … I’ll be glad when it stops getting sore, so we can do what we did yesterday, anytime we want. …. C’mon, Let’s get ready for school. I have to go to the nurse’s office, first thing, so when my brother squirts his cum in me, I won’t get pregnant.” she happily added.

I was determined to have a taste of what I hadn’t gotten to taste, yesterday, so I pulled her up next to me and held her in place, as I slid down, pried her legs apart and buried my face in her pretty red muff. I knew that the opening to her vagina was what was sore so I gently kissed around it before sliding my tongue over her wet, shiny, bright red butterfly lips and up to her rigid little clit where I began juicily laving it with my tongue. Marissa’s body quickly started twitching and her ass began bouncing around on the bed. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, she moaned, excitedly. “That feels gooooood. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God…… and it’s not sore, there.” she quiveringly breathed.

She was soon bucking around so much that I wrapped my arms over her thighs, grabbed two handfuls of firm, twelve and a half year old sister’s ass cheek and licked her to a fantastic orgasm that squirted all over my chin, neck, chest and bed.

After she recovered, we took a shower together and happily looked forward to what we were going to be doing after school, today… and on a lot of future afternoons and long, incestuous nights.

*** SSB

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