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Pam's New Family Chapter 6

As I dried off from my shower I was wondering who I heard down in the
kitchen. I was pretty sure some of the Family had gone to town but I wasn't
sure who I was going to be playing within a few minutes. I picked up a bra
and started to put it on and thought, Naw I'll just do the t-shirt bit. I
picked one that was fairly tight so it would show my boobs really
well. Then I started with panties and changed my mind and put on the
shortest jean shorts you have ever seen. So short the pockets showed down
my thigh. I pranced into the kitchen and there was the hunk, Lindy eating
breakfast and reading the paper.

"Hi, you eating alone?"

"Yeah the rest took off for town. I decided I didn't need anything so
stayed here."

As he spoke I reached for a bowl from the cupboard. With my back to Lindy I
sat it down and ran my hands up under my t-shirt and pinched my nipples to
make them hard. Then a turned to him and assumed a sexy pose and said,

"You mean you are stuck with just me for the morning?"

"Yes I guess that's the case."

I sort of rubbed his arm with my butt as I poured myself some cereal. As I
did I noticed he only had on the bottom to his pj's and there was a sort of
bulge beginning to grow.

I sat across from him as I ate my cereal and started chatting.

"Have you ever had a date with a girl?"

"No, just been around them on family get togethers and such. But no dates."

"So you've never kissed a girl, I mean like more than just a peck on the
cheek to Carla."

"No I haven't."

I looked at him trying to decide if I should ask him if he'd like to kiss
me or if I should just go over to him and do it. With a big smile on my
face I stood up, pulled the table away from him, moved over and straddled
his lap like I was giving him a lap dance. Then I put my hands on each side
of his face and pressed his lips to mine. I pushed my tongue into his mouth
until it found his and our kiss lasted for a long, long time. I could feel
his hard cock rubbing my pussy. Then I took his hands and put one on each
of my breasts and held them there. He got the message and began gently
squeezing them. I whispered in his ear to put his hands under my t and
gently play with my nipples. Lindy was a very good student.

"Take off my t-shirt," I whispered in his ear, "And nibble on my nipples
with your lips."

He was really getting turned on and so was I. I stood up and pushed down my
shorts. Then ran a finger thru my pussy and pressed it against his lips. He
allowed me to put it in his mouth and he sucked my juice off. I moved back
and leaned against the table and said,

"Wouldn't you like to see what all the guys want to get their fingers in
when they go out with a girl?"

I sat up on the table and spread my legs. Lindy just sat there starring at
my love nest. I finally wiggled my finger with the come over here sign and
he pulled his chair over to me.

"Go ahead, finger me," I whispered, "It won't break."

Lindy sort of laughed and started running one finger up and down between my
pussy lips. I put a finger on my clit and told him to rub it gently. He did
and could tell from my reaction when he was doing it right. Then he
surprised the hell out of me because he bent his head down and started
licking where his fingers had been playing.

"I thought you said you'd never been with a girl before. Licking pussy
isn't something that comes naturally," I said.

"I haven't," he replied, "I learned by watching."

"You have porn videos?" I asked.

"No, I watch these two girls I know. They really love each other and show
it when they make out."

I knew immediately who he was talking about. Who else but me and Carla. I
was really turned on thinking about him watching us make out. I put my
hands on the sides of his head and pulled his face up to mine. I kissed him
so I could taste my pussy on his lips and mouth and then sort of slid down
between him and the table.

"Here's something you haven't been able to watch," I said as I took his
hard cock in my mouth.

"Yes I have," he replied with a laugh. "Couple weeks ago I saw you doing
this with Dad in the barn."

"I can't believe you haven't said anything," I said while licking and
sucking his cock.

"The time wasn't right until today. Why do you think I stayed home instead
of going to town with the others?"

With that Lindy became very quiet. His body was tense and he took my head
in his hands and started fucking my mouth. Just as he started shooting his
man juice down my throat we heard the truck pull into the driveway. I only
had a couple of minutes to finish him and get dressed before everyone would
be in.

His shots of cum were many and large. I swallowed as fast as I could but
some drizzled down my chin. We heard the truck doors slam so I had to quit
and get my shorts and shirt on. Lindy headed for his room and just as I
finished dressing the door opened and in popped Carla. Mommy and Daddy
followed very closely. Carla gave me a big grin and as Mommy and Daddy
moved on thru the kitchen to their rooms she gave me a hard look and

"Looks like you lost a little," she giggled as she licked some cum of my

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