I Enjoy My New Foster Family
Pam's New Family Chapter 7

My new family was now MY family. Children's Services had visited every
other week for four months and found everything was going well. My school
scores, my personal goals, everything they worried about were excellent. Of
course they didn't grade me on sexual progress. I was so happy I wanted to
somehow show my new family how I felt. I was getting almost all the sex I
could handle but wanted to get the whole family involved as one unit.

And then it hit me, my birthday was coming up in a couple weeks so I was
going to put on my own party. It would be a night of family unitity. It
would be a night of showing each other how much we loved each other. It
would be a night of sex. The more I thought about it the hotter I got. I
finally decided maybe we should start in the afternoon. Maybe in the hay
loft. My mind was racing thinking about how it would go. My hands and
fingers were working overtime, squeezing my own tits, rubbing my own pussy,
licking my juice of my hands. I was going crazy thinking about the party.

I came up with several ways to approach my family but discarded them
all. Then finally decided that I would talk with Carla first. We were
working in the barn one afternoon and had taken a break. Of course, as
usual, when we took a break we were kissing and playing with each other's
bodies. Finally I took her hands in mine and said,

"We've got to stop; I've got something I need to talk to you about."

"What's so important?" she asked.

"Have you ever thought about having sex with Jake and Lindy and Mommy and
Daddy?" I asked her.

"Well, Duh!" she replied with a laugh. "And the boys down the road, the
shop keeper in town and the gal that waits tables at the café. Let's see,
have I left out anyone?"

"No, I'm serious," I scolded. "

I had never told anyone in the family that I had had sex with the others,
not even Carla. I didn't think it was the right thing to do. Thought it
would cause too many problems. But I thought this might be the time. It
would explain everything to Carla about what I wanted for my Birthday

I took her hands in mine, looked her right in the eyes and said, "I've had
sex with everyone. Of course you were first, Daddy was next, then Jake and
then Mommy and then Lindy. I've been with Mommy a lot, with Daddy a little
less, a few times with Jake and only once with Lindy and I've loved every
minute of it. But mostly I love every minute with you. My idea for my
Birthday Party is to have a family sex get together.

To say that Carla was blown away is an understatement. She looked at me and

"With everybody? You've had sex with everybody in the family?"

"Yes," I replied,"everybody, and wouldn't it be great to have everyone in a
big orgy?"

"I can't believe it, maybe my brothers, but with Mom and Dad too?"

"Yes, girl friend," I repeated, "Your brothers and Your Mom and Your Dad."

Carla turned and walked away. I couldn't tell if she was mad at me, or
didn't believe me or what her problem was but decided not to push it. I
went back to work and let her do her thing. Pretty soon she came over to me
and said,

"I just don't know if I believe you or not," she said. "I know you love sex
and I know you probably could have done what you say but on the other hand,
I know my Mom and Dad and can't believe they would have sex with you. Or
with any other 13 year old girl for that matter. I just can't believe it."

"But," she said with a giggle, "It sounds like it might be fun."

Nothing was said about my party idea for a couple days. I was trying to
figure out how to convince by little girlfriend that I had, indeed, had sex
with her Mom and Dad. And then the opportunity presented itself.

I was up before Carla, which didn't happen very often, and was just
finishing breakfast. Daddy was reading the paper across from me at the
table and Mommy and the boys had left for town. I did my usual, clearing
the dishes from the table and pulling it away from Daddy. I guess he
thought that Carla had gone with the others because his hard cock was
poking its head out of his pj bottoms as I settled in on the floor between
his legs. This was so perfect, me sucking his cock and enjoying it and
knowing that in a few minutes Carla would be coming down. I told daddy to
lie down on the table which he did and I continued sucking and stroking his

When I heard my girlfriend singing as she came down the hall, I said to

"I'm not going to be able to finish this; I need to call in my assistant."

I don't know what he was thinking because all he did was continue his
moaning and enjoying my blowjob. Just as Carla appeared at the door I
turned and said,

"I need some help with this, will you join me?"

I kept my eyes on her as I took Daddy's cock back in my mouth and resumed
sucking and licking and stroking. I still didn't know why there was no
reaction from Daddy. A big smile broke out on Carla's face and she came
over to us and put her hand on mine on Daddy's love stick. I let her take
over with the stroking as I kissed the big smile on her face. Daddy
suddenly realized that I wasn't alone and when he saw Carla with her hand
on his cock he started to struggle and said,

"NO, NO, NO, we can't do this."

"YES, YES, YES we can," I replied, "and we are going to." I also noticed
that Daddy made no effort to get Carla's hand of his cock.

Carla and I each had a hand on his cock as I began to teach her what a
blowjob was all about. I would stroke and lick and suck for a bit then let
Carla practice what she had just seen. I had taken Daddy's load enough
times that I knew when he was approaching climax. I kept his cock in my
control a little longer and just when I knew it was time I turned it over
to Carla. I whispered for her to take all of his love juice in her mouth
and then kiss me. Daddy was doing his usual moaning as he started pumping
her mouth full. Her eyes were big as she realized how much cum he was
giving her. Then he quieted down and my girl friend looked up at me. I
pulled her face to mine and kissed her. My tongue entered her mouth and
began stirring things around. Then she pushed some of the juice into my
mouth and we traded back and forth for a bit. Finally I swallowed what I
had and told her to swallow hers. She did, sort of gagged but when it went
down she had a big smile on her face.

Daddy was repeating, "I can't believe I let that happen, I can't believe I
let that happen."

"You didn't have any choice," I smiled, "I was in charge as I always am."

I put my hand on his cock, fully intending to get him hard and introduce it
to his daughter. But just as success was within a couple more strokes we
heard the truck in the driveway. Carla just had to straighten her clothes,
Daddy tucked his cock in his pj's and I headed for my room to dress. All
was well when I returned to the kitchen. Carla still had sort of an "I
don't believe what just happened" look on her face but I just smiled at
her. "Mommy's next," I whispered in her ear as I passed her.

And it happened sooner then I realized it would. A couple days later Daddy
and the boys left to go help a neighbor harvest some crops. Carla and I
showered and played a bit. We were just finishing dressing when Mommy
knocked on our door and told us that Daddy and the boys would be gone all
day and for us to think of something we could do together, like go too town
or watch a movie or whatever. I looked at Carla with this great smile on my
face and said,

"I know exactly what we are going to do; we're going to have Mommy show us
how to use those toys she has in her drawer."

Mommy was in the shower as I started taking off my cloths. Carla looked at
me with this oh I am so into this look and started undressing also. We
hurried into Mommy's bedroom and got under the sheets, pulling them up to
our chins. We were giggling like little girls as Mommy came into the room.

"What are you doing in my bed?" Mommy asked with this puzzled look on her

In unison we threw the sheet back and exposed out nude bodies. "We want
some instruction," I laughed, "On the use of those toys you have in that

Mommy's face got very red and she asked, "How do you know about them, have
you been sneaking around in here?"

"I'm sorry Mommy, but I was missing a bra and thought it might have been
put in your drawer by mistake. I saw Mr. Black and Jr. Black but don't
really know what they are used for. I know it's for sex."

Mommy was standing at the foot of the bed drying her hair. I crawled down,
reached over and took her hand. She resisted at first but finally joined us
on the bed. I was really surprised she didn't refuse just because Carla was
there but I wasn't complaining. She laid back and put her arms over her
head. I moved in to cuddle and kissed the big hard nipple on her
breast. Carla followed suite and soon we were both sucking her tits like
babies. I looked at Mommy and said,

"I'm surprised at no resistance to joining us in bed."

"Well, I know that you two have sex a lot and you and I have had sex so it
would only be natural for the three of us to enjoy each other."

"You are so right," said Carla as she moved up and kissed her mother's
mouth. I was getting hot just watching and knowing how their tongues were
dancing. I continued giving attention to Mommy's left breast and Carla
returned to the right one. I ran my hand down Mommy's tummy but when I got
to her pussy Carla's fingers were already exploring her love hole. I
decided I wanted to be the first to tongue her so slide down and kissed her
clit and started licking. I looked up at Carla who gave me a sort of "what
do I do now?" look. I lipped back to her, "Whatever you want to do." She
moved up and lowered her pussy down on her Mom's face. As I continued to
lick Mommy's love hole I thought how sweet she tasted and how responsive
she was to my efforts. As I nibbled her clit she pushed her pelvis against
my face to make stronger contact. Having sat in Carla's place before I
thought how wonderful she must feel with her Mom's expert licking of her
daughter's cunt. Mommy's pussy was so hot and wet I was working it with two
fingers from each hand. It was time to do what I knew would blow her
away. She truly loved to have her rosebud penetrated. I just tickled it to
begin with then entered with just one finger working it in and out and then
adding another. Even though her face was completely cover with her
daughter's pussy Mommy's moans of pleasure were clearly heard. She was
bouncing around so much it was hard to keep her clit in my lips. The
arrangement lasted about 10 minutes until Carla decided she wanted a taste
of her Mom. It really pleased me that when Mommy had her first orgasm and
squirted her love juice all over it was Carla the got to drink at the
fountain. I got a good taste by kissing my girl friend and licking her face
and neck.

I knew Mommy took a few minutes to recover from a big orgasm so both Carla
and I just laid there cuddling and playing with her breasts. After a bit
Mommy put her finger under my chin and lifted my face up and kissed me. Our
tongues played and then she broke it off and did the same to Carla. The
time was right for our instructional period to begin. I retrieved the
Mr. Black and Black Jr from the drawer and handed Mr. Black to Carla.

"What is the proper way to use these devises to reach the maximum success?"
I asked Mommy with a big smile on my face. As if I didn't know. I had only
used them the one time with Carla but my pussy had been visited by many
bananas and many zucchini.

Carla had already started rubbing Mommy's pussy with Mr. Black while I was
talking with Mommy.

"Is this the right way," Carla asked as she pushed Mr. Black about half way
in and then pulled it out.

"Mommy whispered, "Ohhh yess but push it all the way in and then all the
way out picking up speed and then slowing down. MMMMM that feels sooo

I debated on whether to ask her if she wanted a DP or if I should just do
it. Why else would she have two different sizes if she wasn't doing it to
herself. I reached over to the drawer in the night stand where I knew she
kept some lotion. I put some on my finger and started playing around with
her rosebud. I penetrated with one finger first and moved in and out. Then
added a second finger and increased the pace. As I was getting Black Jr
ready for action I thought, maybe she uses this one on Daddy.

At first Mommy resisted whispering No No as I forced the head in. But I
didn't stop and soon had about half in her rosebud. Carla was fucking her
pretty hard with Mr. Black and with a little more lotion my tool was moving
in and out at almost the same speed. We adjusted the speed so that one was
in and one was out as we fucked her then made it so both were in and both
were out at the same time. Mommy became quite emotional as her two girls
fucked her ass and pussy. She was close to orgasm again and I looked at my
girl friend and said, "It's my turn for the facial blast." When it hit it
was like a typhoon. I couldn't swallow fast enough to keep from wasting
her love juice. Carla joined me and we were rewarded with several strong
blasts. We sort of giggled as we kissed each other and licked each other's
faces and Mommy's pussy, cleaning everything up. After a bit Mommy sort of

"Come up here and cuddle with me."

We were more than happy to oblige. Of course we couldn't keep our hands of
her and were playing with her tits and nipples as we kissed her face and
neck. I was whispering sweet nothings in her ear as both Carla and I
continued our display of love for our Mommy. Then I whispered,

"Do you think my girl friend is ready for a DP?"

Mommy looked at me and replied, "Don't you think the toys are a little big
for her sweet, little love holes?"

"That depends on how good a job we do getting her ready. You take her pussy
and I'll take her rosebud."

Mommy turned to Carla and whispered, "Come 69 with me."

Carla happily obeyed and lowered her pussy down on Mommy's face while
burying her own face in Mommy's. The sounds of slurping cunt licking were
loud and continuous as I moved around behind my sister and began kissing
and licking her rosebud. I inserted one finger and moved it in and out and
around. Carla began reacting by pushing her butt against my hand. Mommy was
reaching for something so I put Mr. Black in it. She immediately began
rubbing it on the hot wet cunt in her face. I took Black Jr in hand and
began doing the same to her rosebud. Even though I had been fucking her ass
hole with two fingers I didn't think she was ready for Jr. I continued to
rub and finger and lick until my girl friend almost begged me to push Jr
into her ass. I didn't think she was ready but she kept asking and then
demanding so I decided I had to.

The lotion would help, I thought but wasn't really sure how much. I started
rubbing her ass hole with Jr, up and down and around and twisting it. Then
without warning she pushed against Jr really hard and he entered her about
two inches. She screamed, I started pulling it out but she hollered,

"No, NO, not out, push it in."

Mommy was fucking her cunny really hard and fast with Mr. Black so I obeyed
her wishes and pushed Jr. in a couple more inches. She screamed again so I
push harder. I stopped and Mommy stopped and Carla just layed there, crying
but telling us she was OK and not to remove either toy. I was completely
stunned. I knew how much pain my little lover was enduring because I
remembered my first DP, which was really rape because I wasn't interested
in sex with either guy let alone both of them at the same time.

Carla whispered, "My pussy feels sooo good with Mr. Black all the way in
but my asshole is on fire. Hold Jr. and let me move back and forth myself
and I'll see if it gets easier."

She started doing what she wanted and I was amazed because very shortly she
was fucking her ass pretty rapidly. Mommy started working Mr. Black faster
and I started pushing and pulling Jr. and my little girl friend was getting
the fuck of her young life. Then she exploded. Her cum juice squirted all
over. Mommy was covered down to her waist, the bed was covered. She must
have given 5 or 6 good long blasts. Then she collapsed down on Mommy, very
completely exhausted. I took Mr. Black and Jr. and let her roll over onto
the bed. There was a little bit of blood oozing from her asshole so I
cleaned that up.

"Well, what do you think daughter?" Mommy asked.

"I don't know what to think right now but I do know this time won't be the
last time I try it."

As we lay there I asked Mommy, "Have you ever had DP by two real cocks?"

Mommy gave me the strangest looks and replied, "Well no!"

I looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Just wait till my birthday

Pam's New Family Chapter 8 The Final Saga

When I awoke on Birthday morning I had the most wonderful feeling going
on. Then I realized that my girl friend's fingers were in my pussy and her
lips were kissing my nipples.

"You better let me get up and pee."

"I read on line about people drinking pee, have you ever tried it?"

"Yes but I'm not real fond of it," I answered.

"Don't wipe your pussy when you finish. I'll do it for you."

When I returned she was on her back, pointing at her face. I lowered my
pussy down and instantly felt her tongue licking and exploring and
cleaning. I saved a little pee for her so pissed in her mouth. She sort of
gagged but then settled back in to licking my cunt. I loved it and of
course so did she. I got up and said come on, times a wasting. We pulled on
a t shirt and shorts and sandals with no undies. Everyone else was at the
breakfast table when we appeared.

"Good Morning girls," Dad said and the others echoed.

"Hi all," from the two of us.

Nobody said anything about Happy Birthday but that was OK cause I was going
to be doing a lot of talking about it.

"Today is the day for our big party," I said with a big seductive smile on
my face. "And it starts at 2."

Jake asked, "What are we going to do at this party?"

"That's a surprise," I answered, "but you will have fun, I guarantee it."

Daddy looked at me with a sort of curious look, Carla was giggling, Mommy
had a big smile pretty sure what was going to happen but the boys didn't
have a clue. We finished and cleaned up the kitchen and went about the
day's work. About 1:30 I set about getting the living room ready for the
party. Extra pillows, lots of towels and a wine glass.

"What's the glass for?" asked my girlfriend.

"To catch all the cum," I replied. "I want to collect a bunch from the
cocks and cunts that are going to be squirting, then I'll drink it all

"You are completely weird."

"And you wouldn't take a taste if I offered it?" I asked.

Carla just laughed.

At 2 o'clock everyone was in place. Daddy in his big chair, Mommy in hers,
Lindy and Jake on the sofa and Carla and I on the love seat. I had the oven
timer and wine glass on the end table next to me and a bowl in my hand.

"Welcome to my Birthday Party I giggled. The theme of this party and the
entertainment is going to be all about SEX."

Daddy smiled, Mommy smiled, the boys gave out sort of nervous laughs and
Carla just sat next to me smiling.

I went on with my explanation of events, "First we are going to pick
partners. Each of you will take a number from this bowl and find out who
you will start with. There are two each of the number 1, 2 and 3. After
partners are picked couple number one will have 5 minutes to do a little
dance for us while they remove their cloths. At the end of the first 5
minutes, couple number 2 will be up and then couple number 3. After we are
all undressed I'll give further instructions."

The pairings were perfect. Daddy and Carla were a couple as were Jake and
Mommy and Lindy and I. Carla of course was really into it and pulled Daddy
up and began dancing around him. She pulled her top off exposing her
beautiful tits and then dropped her shorts showing her cleanly shaved
pussy. Then she helped Daddy with his cloths and before the timer went off
she was on the floor with his big cock in her mouth.

"OK Mommy and Jake are up next and their time starts now," I said as I
reset the timer for another 5 minutes. Jake kept looking at Carla setting
on Daddy's lap with his big cock in her hand. He finally got up and joined
Mommy and began dancing. I was surprised how rapidly Mommy shed her cloths
but she was dancing around, tits jiggling while Jake was still almost fully
dressed. He had his shoes and shirt off but hadn't started on his
pants. Mommy dropped to her knees, didn't even mess with his belt, just
pulled his pants and shorts down and off. Then her mouth was full of her
son's cock.

Lindy was smiling and eager as I reset the timer. His shoes were off and he
was taking off his shirt when the starting bell rang. I was across to him
in three steps and that's all the longer it took for me to strip. He was up
and pants around his ankles when I got to him. I looked up at him and
smiled and started dancing with him. Put my arms around his neck and
started rubbing first my tits on his chest and then my pussy on his
cock. The bell rang and we sat down on the loveseat.

"I have thought about what I want to do now and have come up with a
plan. We are 3 teams now so I'm going to set the timer for 15 minutes. So
have at your partner and anything goes, that is if your partner is OK with
it. If there is a no, then of course you won't continue. I hope everyone
will hold off cuming till we have had some time for real fun but if you
just can't wait, please shoot into this wine glass. We'll have a toast
later. So have fun and start NOW." I said.

Lindy didn't even wait until the timer bell rang before he was on his knees
between my legs, sucking at my pussy. I just spread my legs and pushed
against his face. He was really getting into it and I was really enjoying
it. And I had a wonderful view of the other two couples. Carla had started
out sucking Daddy's cock but now he face was buried in her pussy. He pushed
her legs up by her head and started licking her rosebud. I thought Oh Oh
looks like my girl friend is about to get fucked in the ass. And in the
other couple Mommy was definitely the A member. She was on top of Jake in a
69, rubbing his face with her pussy and sucking his cock at the same
time. As the timer announced the first round was over I decided that now
was the time.

"Now it's time for my birthday present from you guys and I know exactly
what I want." I stood up and moved to the big, strong coffee table off to
the side in the room. "Come here Daddy," I ordered, "and lay down on the
coffee table."

Daddy obeyed and I mounted him, slowly taking his hard cock up my verrrry
wet and well licked pussy. Then I started rubbing my rosebud and pointed to
Jake and said, "Next I want you right in here."

Carla moved over to me and said "I need to get you ready for his big cock,
don't I?"

I didn't answer as she began licking my ass hole and forcing her tongue in
to the tight chute. Then she fucked it with a finger and soon added another
one. "I think you're ready now," as she sat back out of the way. Jake
rubbed the hole with his cock and pushed the head in. It hurt a little but
with Daddy's big one rubbing in and out of my pussy it helped to relieve
the pressure. I soon had two really hard cocks fucking both holes. I
pointed to Lindy and opened my mouth wide. He got the message and soon was
fucking my throat. Carla moved over to Mommy and was playing with her
pussy. I looked at them and they both were very jealous. What a great party
this was going to be. The two most important women in my life were going to
have a triple provided by the three most important men in my life.

I cannot describe how wonderful it felt having those three cocks in me at
the same time. Daddy and Jake had the timing just right so that one of them
was going in while the other was pulling out. While I was licking and
sucking Lindy's cock I could tell from experience he was about to cum. I
wasn't too concerned about Lindy because his recovery time had proved to be
very short but Daddy was another story. I had never been able to get him
hard again for several hours after he shot. Just before Lindy exploded I
hollered for the wine glass. Carla brought it and grabbed Lindy's dick and
pointed it into the glass. He deposited a big load, the first of many I
would collect. I smiled at the treat I was going to have later.

I told the guys to both push their cocks all the way in me and then pause
for a bit. That I had something I needed to do. I asked Carla to hand me
the bowl the numbers were in and I took all out but 1 number 1 and 1 number
2. Then I asked Mommy and Carla to each take a number. I said,

"Whoever gets number 2 will be the next one to get a 3P."

They both looked sort of surprised but like Oh Ya I want it to be me. They
showed their numbers and Mommy had number 2. Carla was very disappointed
but always the good sport. I promised her that sometime before the party
was over she would have three hard dicks fucking her three holes. Jake
pulled out of my ass and then I lifted off of daddy and told Mommy to take
my place. After she had settled down on the hard meat I looked at Carla
like do you want to get Mommy's ass ready or should I. Carla smiled and
moved over to Mommy and began rubbing her fingers over her rosebud. Then
she started licking and pushing her tongue in. Mommy was moaning in
pleasure as Carla did her duty and started using fingers with her
tongue. In the mean time I was sucking and stroking Lindy to get him hard
again. I wanted it to be his cock in Mommy's asshole. When Carla said she
was ready Lindy moved in behind Mommy and pushed his cock all the way up
her asshole in one motion. Mommy just about came unglued but soon was
settling in to enjoy her fucking. She turned to face Jake and quickly had
his meat down her throat.

I was getting so horny again watching Mommy get fucked everywhere. Lindy
and Daddy had the motion going so one was all the way in while the other
was on the way out. And they were fucking her hard and fast. And Jake was
fucking her mouth just as hard and fast. It would soon be my girlfriends
turn and I decided it was up to me to get her ready. I crawled over to
where she was laying with her legs spread wide and fingering herself. I
loved it when she put her legs behind her head and opened both her pussy
and her asshole for someone's use. I reached up and kissed her first on the
mouth then on each tit and then on her clit. Her rose bud was so inviting I
worked on it with my tongue while fingering her pussy. I let the fuckfest
that Mommy was enjoying go on for about 10 minutes and then called out that
it was Carla's turn. While they were changing Daddy admitted he was about
to cum and didn't know how long he would last. I told him to hang on as
long as he could.

Carla settled down on Daddy's cock quite quickly and then was immediately
entered by Jake who had traded places with Lindy. I wasn't surprised how
easily she took Jake's cock because after all I was the one that got her
ready. She also took to Lindy's cock in her mouth quickly. I knew Mommy had
to be close to squirting so settled in to expedite it. My cum glass was
nearly empty with only one load of cum collected. Mommy rewarded me but I
couldn't catch it in the glass so I let her squirt in my mouth and then in
flowed down into the glass. Daddy was letting everyone know he was about to
cum so I made Jake pull out and Carla get off just as his juice started
squirting out of his hard cock. I decided the best thing to do would be
catch it in my mouth and then drool it into the glass. I now had
contributions from Lindy, Mommy and Daddy. Carla was sucking Jake so that
was cool, she could catch his sauce and put it in the glass. With Jake's
seed added to my collection there was only my girl friend left to
contribute. And I knew how to handle that. As she finished drooling Jakes
cum into the glass I kissed her and sucked her tongue. Then I pushed her
back onto the couch and buried my face in her pussy. I knew it wouldn't be
long and it wasn't. She squirted big time which I tried to catch in my
mouth. I was somewhat successful so when she was thru I had about a half a
glass of combined love juice. I started with Daddy and gave him a sip, then
went to Mommy, then Jake and then Lindy. My last stop was my girlfriend who
took a rather large sip. She swallowed and then gave me a long French kiss,
letting me lick around in her mouth. Then I drained the glass, enjoying 5
different love juices combined into a great vintage.

Everyone was pretty exhausted so starting with Mommy they headed for
bed. Carla seemed a little reluctant to leave so I cuddled with her for a
while. She just slipped off to sleep in my arms. As I held her and kissed
her forehead I thought about the time I had spent with this family, how
wonderful they had been to me and how wonderful the sex had been. I was
looking forward to the future.

This is the last Chapter and I hope you have enjoyed. If you have comments
email me at pammy2288 at

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