A surprise half-sister needs a home where she'll be appreciated and taken care of...
This is a slightly revised version of a story I posted elsewhere some time ago. It was originally part of a series, but this is standalone.

It grew into a bit of a novel - it’s pretty long, and it takes a while to get to the point, so you’ll need to take your time with it. The sex is more part of the storyline than the cummable variety, if you see what I mean. If this sort of thing is for you - enjoy :)


“We have input signals for pussy pressure and moisture, and we have outputs that could also be called ‘intensity’, so should we use some other word, what do you think?”

Rachel was discussing their computer-controlled vibrator prototype with her younger daughter Natasha and Natasha’s girlfriend Sara.

They should both still have been in education, from many points of view, but Rachel had allowed Natasha not to go to college since she was working so hard, and learning so much, on their sex toy inventing.

Sara was someone else’s problem, in theory, but in practice she spent most of her time with Natasha at their home here in the country. She was a good influence anyway: her energy and drive meant Natasha was learning far more than she ever had at school. The two of them were on the web and doing spreadsheets all the time, researching materials and design.

And Sara bound all five of them together, actually, into one sexy incestuous family – the three of them in this ‘meeting’, together with her elder daughter Danielle who was eighteen and at college, and her partner Mike who was fifty-two and at his factory today. Sara had sex with them all, and to some extent because of her they all had sex with each other as well.

“Well we overdid it with Kathy didn’t we?” Sara was talking about the chalet maid on the skiing holiday they had just come back from, whom they’d knocked unconscious with the device by setting it too high and giving her an unbelievable orgasm, with the system holding her too close to the brink, for too long. “So something a bit more specific would be good, I guess.”

“We can integrate the pressure and moisture, can’t we?” Natasha still surprised Rachel from time to time since Sara had erupted into their lives the previous summer and brought her to life. “But the pressure looks more reliable. Maybe we should junk the impedance for now? ‘Cos it’s only the viscosity that changes isn’t it, and that’s not much of a signal delta really, it makes it a bit inconsistent, don’t you think? Should we try just using pressure?”

“Alright we can try that”, Rachel was making notes for her program changes, “so for the next build I’ll make orgasm sensing input just the pressure, and set a hundred percent to a bit less as we said, eight kiloPascals instead of eleven. What about the label for the slider?”

“It’s like teetering isn’t it?” Sara giggled. “A teetering-on-the-edge-of-orgasm control. How about ‘Stimulus’ for the output and ‘Arousal Limit’ for the other? As arousal is what’s being limited, really.”

Natasha was nodding. Rachel made a note, ”OK, I’ll get that done after lunch.” She smiled at them.

They were all three of them nude, lying on gym mats in the pool building that Sara had managed to christen the Sex Centre; and Rachel was indeed starting to feel sexy again.

She was making up for lost time, even now, she reflected. After being fairly sex-mad in her teens she’d lost it for a long time with Pat, her ex-husband. She’d been impressed with his hard rutting to start with.

She’d been so young and foolish: thrown out of school for having a fuck-to-orgasm race with the wild gang she’d hung with, in a school corridor, and then having a bit of weed found on her as well.

She’d got a job in a car dealership, fucked the handsome and charming but aggressive Irishman who was her boss, been a bit hit-and-miss with her pill and got pregnant - with Dani - married the boss, had Natasha, and then it had been downhill from there.

She’d paid for her wild streak, big time. She’d wondered in the past if being a single mum would have been better, but ultimately she couldn’t bring herself to regret Natasha, who was entirely a product of the marriage.

Sex had become boring and sterile, and Pat had lost interest once she’d refused to keep trying for a boy to take over his precious business.

The girls were lovely of course, but it had been eighteen years of her life lived below what they probably could have been. Pat was generous with money, and he’d bought this house for her, but he was domineering and repressive.

Well at least she was free now, having finally drawn a line and got rid of Pat last summer when he’d pretty much tried to pimp her to a business associate.

Her life now was quite idyllic though, as if to compensate. She’d got the house and a good income with her settlement, and Mike was a wonderful partner, a successful inventor and independently wealthy.

She was still only thirty-five and the people around her were lovely: caring and so original. Her daughters were blossoming and so far not in danger of repeating her mistakes.

This pool building was in her garden, an oak structure, so pleasing for someone who loved trees and nature, and was almost a private leisure centre with a pool , gym equipment and a sunbed.

Mike had paid for it to be built, right here in her big garden. She had interesting things to do now with her Open University course in programming - that Pat would have bullied her into not doing - and she had the inventing with Sara and her daughters. And sex.

For years she’d often gone days without an orgasm, even with her vibrator, but now she had several every day. Mike her gorgeous man fucked her at least once a day and he was a giver with a huge cock that could stay hard for ages.

He and Sara had transformed her life, totally. She smiled at Sara and stroked her lovely firm ass. Like all of them, Sara was tanned from head to toe without interruption; not too darkly but enough to make her skin glow and her big grey eyes leap out of her vivacious face.

As always, a sensuous touch was enough to make her ready for sex. Sara so loved sex, that’s what stopped it being cradle-snatching; not to say it had actually been Sara who’d seduced her to start with. And Mike, and Natasha.

Rachel rolled over towards her and Sara rolled into her. Rachel loved the feel of Sara’s body.

It was a short, wide body with a lot of muscle on it, but feminine with its narrow neck and waist, and her sexy little hands. It was in perfect condition, with no fat on it and all the muscle in tone. Her skin glowed, and her body moved so effortlessly with natural coordination.

It was a potent little gymnast’s body, full of energy and very highly sexed. Sara worked hard at her exercise and diet, and it showed. Actually they all did these days.

Rachel pressed her mons into Sara’s and kissed her. She knew she was a good kisser, and so was Sara. They were very fond of each other and they expressed it often, with kissing, touching and sex.

Her mouth meshed with Sara’s and her fingers ran through her long, thick blonde hair. It was a lot of hair for a gymnast, trampolinist and diver but Sara was clear about her priorities and managed it.

Sensuality was more important than saving the time spent tying and washing it. Rachel loved it, and had been growing her own.

Rachel lifted her upper leg and Sara slid her gorgeously muscled thigh in between hers. She felt for what Sara wanted and rolled over onto her back, pulling Sara on top of her.

They lined up their clits, each on the other’s toned quadriceps, and started their familiar, easy rubbing. They were still kissing, working their lips and tongues together, hands round each other’s necks and heads, and in each other’s hair.

Sara’s gorgeous blonde hair cascaded over Rachel’s head and shoulders, enveloping her. They groaned and moaned quietly to each other.

Natasha was playing with herself as she watched, one delicate hand on a pert, sensitive tit and one on her clit. She’d got used to seeing her mother and her girlfriend having sex together.

She felt a touch insecure sometimes, but she’d learned that the feeling was transient. It was the same when Mike fucked Sara. But Mike fucked her as well, and did it really deep and close and cherishing, so it was the same for all of them. And she did it with her mum too, and with Dani.

There were so many people who loved her, she always felt loved these days. She slept with Sara and had cums with her quite a few times every day.

So different from before when she just had her tree house and her stolen vibrator.

She watched and heard her mother and Sara reach orgasm together, her mum’s slender body with its Mediterranean colouring just a bit taller than Sara’s, going rigid while Sara bucked on top of her. Then they lay together, fondling, and smiled across at her.

Natasha smiled back, glad of the contact.

Sara rolled off Rachel and crawled over to Natasha. She stroked a sexy little hand over her slender waist and hip. “Feeling sexy Tashie?”

Sara pulled her beautiful girlfriend into a kiss, running a hand through her long hair, then moved down, kissing down her body to her pussy. With easy skill Sara ate her, nibbling and licking her clit, tonguing her pussy, and then squeezing her clit between finger and thumb. In a minute Natasha came, quickly as usual, going rigid like her mother.

Sara reached a hand out towards Rachel and the three of them came together in an affectionate cuddle. It was casual, loving sex, the kind of thing they did without effort several times every day. All their bodies had become used to it; thrived on it, even.

Rachel heard her phone go and got up to answer it. It was an unknown number. She pressed the button and put it to her ear: “Hello.”

“It’s me. Listen, I’ve got someone I have to drop off with you. There’s nowhere else.”

Pat! Jesus. “No you can’t Pat, you can’t come here, we agreed, and you certainly…”

“I’m here already,” he cut across her, typically. She realised he was in a car.

“I’ll not get out the car, just a girl. Well. She needs somewhere, and you’re all I can find for her. She’s mine, I’m sorry, from a long time ago.

“There’s a thing about her, she can’t be just anywhere and now she’s had to get out of her school and her mother’s a druggie, I’ve had to take her away. She needs someone, somewhere to be, she can’t be just anywhere, and someone like you.

“I’m giving you another two hundred k for her; take care of her. Please, you’re all we’ve got. She’s special, you’ll understand. I’m out the front now, setting her down.” He hung up.


Shit Shit Shit! Rachel ran to her clothes and hastily got dressed. She rushed out and through the gate to the drive in front of the house. As she got there she saw a Range Rover start moving and head off down the drive.

From behind it appeared a girl, standing totally forlorn, wearing a long skirt and a big shoulder bag, next to a suitcase.

Rachel went over to her. She was the saddest thing she had ever seen, her face shut down against yet another tragedy in her life. She was small, just over five feet perhaps, with long straight blonde hair.

Her father had just dumped her at a house with people she’d never met. On top of being parted from a drug addict mother and whatever else.

Well, she’d like to do goodness knows what to Pat but Rachel couldn’t take it out on this child, who looked about the same age as her own children.

As Pat had known, the bastard.

“Hello,” she went up to her, smiling, and put an arm round her. The girl didn’t react at all, taking Rachel slightly by surprise; she’d become quite used to everyone loving to be touched.

Rachel nudged her gently towards the house and she moved passively along with her.

Sara and Natasha appeared and Rachel indicated the suitcase with her eyes. Sara went over and picked it up while Natasha came over to go into the garden with her mother and the strange girl.

Rachel took them into the kitchen and sat the girl down at the table. The others all sat down, then Sara got back up again and put the kettle on. So far the girl hadn’t said a word.

“So,” Rachel spoke as kindly as she knew how, “Pat is your dad? What’s your name?”

The girl mumbled something, looking down at the table.

“Fiona,” said Natasha, who was sitting next to her and had just heard. “I’m Natasha. This is my mum Mrs Byrne, or Rachel, and this is Sara.”

Fiona didn’t look up or react in any way. Then she mumbled something else. “She says ‘sorry’,” Natasha relayed to the others.

“Don’t be sorry,” Rachel was appalled to hear her apologising for just being there. What must she be feeling?

Rachel bit the bullet. Some things mattered more than others; the time to decide was now and this poor girl was her step-daughter after all. Pat wasn’t going to take her back, whatever she did. Was she going to get her put into care or something? No.

“You know I was your dad’s wife? So it’s like we’re family really.” She wished the girl would react a bit more. “So these are your sisters, and this is going to be your home.”

Fiona mumbled something that no-one could make out.

“Here Fiona, drink this.” Sara put a mug of tea down in front of her. Fiona didn’t move; she seemed almost catatonic, beyond reach.

Natasha went out into the living room and reappeared with Ben and Maisie, their pet Greyhounds. They had been asleep on the sofas, as usual. They both made a beeline for the new person in the room, to sniff her over.

Fiona jumped as Ben did his attention-getting cold nose dab on her hand, then she stroked a hand over his head, and he lowered it onto her lap. She stroked Maisie who had appeared on the other side.

The dogs stood while Fiona stroked their warm, furry heads and necks. Then Fiona started to cry.

Natasha put an arm round Fiona’s shoulder, telling her the dogs loved her already. Natasha was the kindest person Rachel knew.

She pulled Fiona up to standing and put her arms round her, while Fiona sobbed in huge gulps, tears pouring down her face.

After a while the crying slowed down and she had some of the sweet tea Sara had made.

She still didn’t want to say anything so Rachel took them all upstairs and showed Fiona what would be her room. It was the fifth bedroom, unused up to now. They moved a couple of boxes out and Rachel went for sheets to make up the bed.

Sara disappeared and came back with a piece of card with ‘Fiona’ written in thick felt tip. She stuck it on the door with blu-tack and Fiona said ‘thank you’; the first words she’d volunteered.

Rachel, Natasha and Sara fussed round Fiona, unpacked her clothes into the drawers and wardrobe, and showed her the bathroom. Fiona’s head gradually lifted from looking at the floor to looking around her.

She had a thin face with very fine features, blue eyes and a small pointed nose, slightly curved. She would be very pretty, normally.

“So you see,” Natasha said, ”here you are, this is your room, so you’re going to belong here now, you’ll be one of us. What about a nice shower or something, then we can have lunch?”

Fiona nodded.

“OK well, we’ll leave you to settle in,” Rachel started to guide the others out, “come down when you’re ready and we’ll have some lunch.”

Fiona came down an hour or so later, looking very uncertain but a lot better than she had. She had changed her pullover but still wore the same long skirt. She said almost nothing over lunch but did eat a little, while the others let her be quiet and talked trivialities among themselves.

After lunch they took her on a tour of the house and garden, leaving the pool building until last. They were all looking forward to showing it to her.

It didn’t go as they expected, however. As they guided Fiona in and she saw the swimming pool she cried “Oh no!” and burst into tears. She turned and fled across the lawn. Natasha ran after her.

Rachel and Sara looked at each other blankly. “Is she scared of water?” Sara wondered.

“Whatever it is, it’s something my twat ex-husband didn’t want to tell me,” said Rachel grimly. Sara had never seen her so severe. Rachel was getting out her phone, ringing back the last caller.

“Patrick!” Rachel made herself consider he had at least cared enough about Fiona to dump her here. “I’ll keep her. I promise, whatever it is I won’t throw her out. So tell me.”

“You’re a special person Rach,” he started. Rachel wanted to spit at the blarney. “The special person she needs. Fiona has a bit of an anomaly, you might say, that makes things difficult for her. On top of me for a father and her mother who’s not up to staying off the coke and worse. She’s not quite what she looks, in every little way, if you know what I mean; she has a little secret.

“She was at boarding school and then the secret got out and the other girls were, well, you know, how girls are if someone’s a bit different, and so she’s had to leave. I can’t keep her with me, I’m on the move all the time, and her mother isn’t up to it, Fiona wouldn’t be safe with her. You know what I mean, druggies’ll do anything when they get desperate and she has the wrong people round, absolutely the wrong people some of them.”

God, Pat could talk. “Something physical?” Rachel tried to get him to the point.

“Yes you could say that, something physical it is. You’ll know how to handle it, you always were so good with people, everyone just wants to do whatever it is you want, you know, so now you’ll be good for her I know and help her get used to it and do the best for her.

“Anyway, yes, she’s what they call intersex, some of them, yes, she’s a girl, a very pretty, sweet girl as you see with tits and everything but she has a cock.”

“A cock?” Rachel managed to interrupt the flow for a second.

“Yes she has, yes, a dick. I don’t know all about it obviously but it’s there, so she’s neither a girl in every little way nor a boy either, and so she can’t be in the showers or be doing swimming or sports you know where it would show. I don’t think it’s so small that she can hide it easily, you know, it’s a difficulty for her, lots of clothes she can’t wear, and now she’s been found out at school, in the end, it was her sixth school actually it’s always the same, so she doesn’t want to be in school again, you can understand that can’t you, and so I thought of you and that nice quiet place you have in the wood that I gave you, so I did, and I’ll pay, I’ve sent the money, it’ll be in your account with the rest.”

“You didn’t need to add that Pat,” Rachel was so glad she’d left him, “but I’ll look after her, at least you cared that much. Bye.” Pat started talking again just as she hung up.

What the hell kind of a problem was this? She started trying to work out what on earth to do. The poor girl!

“A cock? “ Sara was thrilled.

Rachel stared for a second then burst into laughter with relief. Of course Sara was thrilled; the generous, confident little sexpot had not one iota of prejudice or of wanting everyone to be the same.

A girl with a cock was something new and sexy, and Sara loved both new and sexy. Fiona was not a problem; she was a gift.

Rachel grabbed Sara and hugged her, a tear escaping with relief. What a joy she was. “Darling! Come on, we’ll go and tell her it’s OK.”

Sara grabbed a strapless strap-on dildo as they went out.

Natasha was hugging Fiona, on the far side of the garden. “Fiona! It’s OK!” Sara was calling as they ran up. “He told us, your dad, we love it, honestly.”

“Look,” she said as they arrived, waving the strapless strap-on with its two ends, “we have to use this ‘cos we haven’t got cocks, I wish I had one! I’d love to fuck Tashie with a real cock!”

Fiona was staring wide-eyed. She was clinging to Natasha, feeling the security of her empathetic nature.

“Tashie and I are girlfriends,” Sara continued unabated, “we sleep together and everything, we have sex all the time.”

She debated briefly whether to add about all the other sex, but decided not to overwhelm Fiona any more than she was already. Fiona was still looking like a deer in the headlights. “Look!”

Sara popped the catch on her miniskirt, unzipped it, and in a moment had lowered it to the ground together with her panties. Fiona stared from the other side of Natasha at Sara’s naked lower body, tanned all over with her neat blonde bush.

Rachel couldn’t say whether Fiona was more astonished at what Sara was saying or her casual lack of inhibition. Of course Fiona must have dreaded any kind of nudity.

Sara was still moist from her recent cum. She opened her legs and slid one end of the dildo easily into her pussy.

“See?” she said, flaunting the red silicone cock now sticking up in front of her abdomen, “that’s what we have to do, don’t we Tashie, we take it in turns. But it doesn’t give all that much feeling. You’re so lucky!”

“I hate it!” Fiona had at last found her voice, “I hate having a penis and not being like everyone else! I’d give anything not to have it!”

“But it’s a lovely thing to have,” Natasha joined in, “it’s just unusual, that’s all, and now you’re here with us, so it’s not like in rotten old school. Did they tease you? I bet they did. I used to get teased for being thin, but now I know some people like thin. And we love it, the idea, someone as pretty as you having a cock, that’s fantastic.”

Fiona burst into tears again. Rachel could see it was a release. It was going to be a slow process, but they’d made a start.

She slipped an arm through Sara’s and set off back to the Sex Centre with her, leaving Natasha cuddling the weeping Fiona. That was the best thing for her; meanwhile Rachel had an eye on the dildo sticking temptingly up Sara’s flat little tummy...

At the end of the afternoon Mike came home, having collected Dani and let her drive. Her driving test and a car were hot topics in her life at the moment.

Rachel had phoned him so they weren’t going to show too much surprise at the sudden expansion of the family. Predictably Mike had no objection to the addition of a pretty young blonde, even if her genitalia might not be fuckable. Rachel knew that in any case he’d be even softer about saving a lost girl than she was.

Sara picked the fruit course at dinner as the best time to openly mention Fiona’s cock to them.

She hadn’t wanted to present it as the main thing about her, but at the same time she didn’t want it to be anything to hide either. She knew they were prepared and would react the right way.

She waited for a pause in the discussion about driving tests, and for Fiona to take a bite of apple.

“You know there’s something especially gorgeous about Fiona?” she saw Fiona start struggling to swallow the apple in time to speak and hurried on: “She has a cock! How great is that? We haven’t seen it yet though,” she finished with a tone of slight regret.

Fiona went bright red, looking down and not trying to say anything any more.

“Wow, that’s so cool,” Dani was enthusiastic, “I was so wishing I had a cock all holiday, last week, I had this gorgeous girlfriend, I had to make do with a dildo.”

“Sara was showing me,” Fiona looked at her from under her eyelashes.

“You’ve come to the right place,” Mike smiled at her, “a cock is just what we’d have wished for on you. I’m worn out just about.”

“What does yours feel like, Mike, to you, you know, when we play with it and you fuck us?” Rachel was developing the conversation, “I’ve always wondered.”

“Well,” Mike picked up the plan immediately, “it feels fantastic, once someone touches it it’s like nothing else matters. I just want them to keep touching it, it feels so great.”

“It’s a gorgeous cock,” Natasha was in tune as usual, “so sensitive, like it’s alive when I stroke it or suck it, and it feels so great inside me. It makes me just cum and cum.” She smiled at Fiona next to her. For the first time, a little smile appeared on Fiona’s face.

Then her confidence crashed again: “You’re being kind, but you’re just saying it, to make me feel better! But it’s horrid! Girls aren’t supposed to have cocks.”

“No we do like it, really,” Sara could hold someone’s gaze like a magnet, “and when you’re ready, we’ll prove it. It’s up to you, totally, but we spend loads of time naked, you know, in the pool building, and if you join us, even if you wear a cozzie, you’ll see we like the look of a cock on your gorgeous little body. We love cocks.”

She smiled at Fiona, watching her wrestle with the possibility that her awful deformity might actually appeal to them.

“You see Fiona,” Rachel spoke in a more motherly tone than usual, “we don’t worry too much about girlie girls and male men here. We like people, bodies and sex. If Mike had tits we’d be fondling them just the same.” Fiona had to smile with the rest of them.

Later on they settled down in the living room, watching TV and discussing anything but Fiona, who sat on a sofa with Ben on one side of her, stroking him gently, and Natasha on the other, close but not intimate.

Mike was talking about a car for Dani and the safety ratings on them, and Sara was saying she’d be seventeen in August and wondering about getting a bit of practice before that, in the drive or something, what did Mike and Rachel think?

There was a general laugh, the family knowing Sara could twist Mike round her little finger and Rachel too. Mike laughed as well, not minding, and thought in that case they’d better pick up an old banger to use off the road, so Tash and Fiona could get some practice as well and if they hit something it wouldn’t matter.

Fiona had never had a single thought about driving, Rachel could see, but she was digesting the implications of being included.

Mike could be quite subtle sometimes. Had Sara even set that up for him? It was hard to know with the little minx.

After a while they all went to bed, Fiona for her first night in her new home. Rachel kissed her on her forehead. “This is your home now, you don’t have to worry about anything. This is where you’re going to sleep and wake up every day now, for ever and ever, OK?” Fiona smiled for the second time.

In the morning they had breakfast, six round the table, before breaking up to do their various different things.

“Do you want to come and do some inventing with us?” Sara asked Fiona, “we’re going to cast some silicone in our new mould.”

Fiona immediately said yes, seeing that Natasha was going, unaware that it was a dildo cock they were casting.

Rachel had to make an effort not to giggle. Fiona had no idea what she was up against with Sara having decided to get into her panties.

Mentally Rachel adjusted her personal bet on how long it was going to take Sara to get Fiona’s cock in her pussy; from a couple of weeks, as she’d thought yesterday, to this afternoon, or this evening, it was looking more like now.

Assuming it was big enough and could erect, which was an unknown of course.

The three girls went into the garage, which was given over to their activities, the cars having been banished to the drive.

“Here it is, “ Sara opened the rapid-prototyping machine Mike had bought them and pulled out the two halves of the mould, “this is what we’re making.”

Fiona looked closely at them and went bright red. She looked earnestly at Natasha: “Are you teasing me? It’s a cock! Like mine!” Tears were starting in her blue eyes.

“No no,” Natasha was mortified, reaching to cuddle her, “it’s just a strapless strap-on like we showed you yesterday, honestly! Look, it has both ends, one for each girl.” Fiona looked again and saw that was the case.

“We’re inventing a better one,” Sara explained, feeling a bit guilty for springing the surprise, “that’s stronger here,” she indicated the join between the two poles, “so that you can fuck harder with it.”

Sara moved over to a workbench and started sanding smooth the surface of one mould. Natasha started on the other, talking to Fiona about what they were doing.

Fiona was amazed: “So you don’t go to school, you just do this, your own workshop, making sex toys? Are you the same age as me, really? I’m sixteen.”

“Yes we’re sixteen,“ Natasha answered, “so we’re allowed to leave school. And Mum and Mike aren’t like ordinary parents. Not now, anyway. And technically we’re both Mike’s secretaries, at his factory.”

As they worked she and Sara explained how they all lived now. Fiona listened in astonishment.

“So you see Fiona,” Sara was just finishing off her mould, “we have our own rules here. Sensible rules.

“It’s not like school or other places, we just go on what’s good for us. Tash has sex with her mum, it doesn’t do any harm does it? And with Dani? And Dani has sex with her mum as well and I have sex with Dani.

“And like Rach says it’s all lots better for us than getting pissed up in town or loads of other things we could be doing.

“So when we say we like you having a nice cock, we really do mean it.” She smiled.

“What’s it like, anyway? Is it really anything like this?” Sara pulled out an old casting from under the worktop, in which the connecting beam hadn’t fully filled and the larger cock part had separated. It was about six inches long and one-and- three-quarters across.

Fiona went red again: “Well, I don’t know, it’s hard to say. I don’t look at it much, if I can help it. And it doesn’t go big very often, just sometimes. I try not to touch it. I’m always scared it’ll start going big when I’m somewhere.”

“God Fi, you mean it might be this size? That would be totally fabulous. Quite hard to believe though...” Sara allowed a slow smile to creep over her face.

“Don’t you believe me? Well I said I didn’t really know!” Fiona, whatever tribulations she had endured, wasn’t used to being disbelieved.

“Oh!! You!!” She realised what Sara’s playful smile meant.

“Well I’m not going to show you!” For the first time, Fiona laughed, and the others joined in.

Sara and Natasha mixed up the silicone fill, talking about other things while Fiona digested the interchange about her cock. Then they assembled the mould and poured the fill in.

“OK, finished for now,” said Sara, “what shall we do now?” She let the pressure build for a couple of seconds.

“Do you really want to see it?” Fiona asked in a small voice.

Natasha stroked a hand over her shoulder. “If you feel like showing us, that would be lovely. We’ll show you ours too, our pussies.”

Before her nerve could fail her Fiona did what she never thought she’d do. She lifted her skirt, revealing her big, ugly underpants. She wore them to try and stop it bulging out.

She looked at the pants for a while, turned round, and pulled them off, hating them suddenly. She turned round again to see that Sara and Natasha were already completely naked.

Their bodies were tanned all over and beautiful, smoothly muscled and glowing with health. They stood together with an arm casually around each other.

Fiona stopped, still in her skirt, ashamed to reveal her pale, skinny body almost as much as her cock. She knew she hadn’t been eating so well recently.

“I can’t. I just can’t! I’m sorry.”

“That’s OK,” Sara was instantly reassuring, “shall we take the dogs for a walk?”

Sara and Natasha put their clothes back on and they all went into the house. It was a cool March day, but calm and sunny. ”Skirts?” said Sara to Natasha.

Natasha got it straight away and they ran upstairs and came down wearing long skirts to match Fiona’s. Rachel, in the kitchen with Fiona, watched Fiona’s face brighten as she saw what they’d done.

They set out round the quiet local paths with Ben and Maisie, Fiona taking her turns with holding a lead. Sara walked in the middle with an arm through each of the others’.

“So,” she said, “hands up everyone who’s wearing panties.” No arms went up and they all giggled. “You’re so naughty,” Fiona was smiling again, “are you really not wearing any?” She hesitated a moment. “How do I know I can trust you?” she smiled at Sara.

“Ooh, we have to prove it do we?” Sara giggled. She stopped and lifted her skirt, revealing her little blonde bush again. Then she lifted Natasha’s, showing off her neat brunette bush. Sara fluffed it up and ran a finger lightly down her slit, making her gasp.

“God!” said Fiona, “being a les at school was the worst thing you could be, nobody would ever do anything like this, in front of someone. Les is what you got called if people didn’t like you. Do you really have sex, together?”

“Yes, all the time, she’s my girlfriend, much too gorgeous to resist,“ replied Sara. “Here, take Ben a second.”

She passed the lead over and drew Natasha into a kiss, a deep, loving kiss with a hand around her neck, working her mouth over Natasha’s and pulling her ass to press against her.

Natasha responded, running her delicate hands through Sara’s hair. After some seconds they broke the kiss and smiled at Fiona, who had been riveted.

“Gosh, that was sexy,” she admitted, “it’s all so different.”

They carried on with their walk, into the woods that ran some way behind the house.

“Pity it didn’t give you a nice stiffy,” said Sara, grinning at Fiona, “that would’ve been sexy too. Very cool.”

“God that would be awful!” gasped Fiona, “honestly I’m so scared about that happening. It does go up sometimes and it’s so obvious. I have to have a shoulder bag with me to put over it, if I go out, just in case.”

“I think it would be lovely,” said Sara, “just with us, you know.”

“So do I,” added Natasha, “they’re so sexy, cocks. Mike goes ape when we touch his, it’s so sensitive. I can’t help imagining how great it must feel to have a cock actually part of you, instead of just in you, you know, in your pussy. Though it does feel lovely in your pussy as well, of course.”

“I’ve never had anything in my pussy, only once ” said Fiona. The others were thrilled.

“You’ve got a pussy as well?” Sara could hardly believe it.

“Well, it’s a blind vagina, that’s what they say. I haven’t got a uterus. And it doesn’t have a clit or whatsit, a vulva. So it’s a bit useless. I did put something up it once, but it didn’t go very far.”

She was getting more talkative with them. “The glans is my cockhead. It’s just all mixed up down there. I don’t know. It’s a mess.” Her voice caught as she almost sobbed again.

Sara gave her arm a squeeze: “Well I think it’s fabulous you’ve got a pussy at all, as well as a cock. And we think you’re so brave, don’t we Tashie, being at school with it. But that’s all over now, you’ll see, it’ll be great having a cock now you’re here with us.”

“And to think I’ve got a sister I never knew about,” said Natasha, “and so pretty.”

“We are sisters aren’t we?” Fiona savoured the idea, “Half sisters anyway. I can’t believe I’ve got this family. Such an amazing family. You’ve been so lovely to me. When Dad put me out of the car I thought it was the end of my life.”

“It must have been horrid,” Sara sympathised, “what did he say? How much did you see him, anyway?”

“I didn’t see him much, just visits sometimes. He wasn’t a dad like other girls’ dads, though he was friendly when I saw him and I had his number.

“He gave Mum money, that was the main thing, and had me taken to school and collected and things, and to doctors for a bit. The last school was dead expensive, we had our own rooms even, that’s why he chose it.

“Then Mum got worse and worse. She always smoked, you know, dope, but then she started doing lines and other stuff and now she’s not herself really at all.

“I came home from school, after I got caught when someone grabbed me down there and I was found out, so I had to leave you know, and people were coming round to our house, I didn’t like them. Some of them started letting themselves in.

“Dad did care though. I called him and told him about it and he said he was going to get me out of it and get her into a clinic. He came straight round, in a couple of hours, he must’ve got straight in his car. He came and kicked them all out. Then before I knew what was going on I was here.

”So, yes. When he stopped the car, outside your house, he said ‘Go on now, you’ll be best here, Rachel will look after you. You’ll not want for anything.’ And then he drove off”.

She burst into tears.

“Gosh,” Natasha put an arm round her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “well this is the start of your life, I promise, not the end.”

“I know,” she sobbed, “thank you.” She stood up. “Come on, thank you, you’re so lovely, both of you. That’s enough crying for now.” She gave them a tearstained smile.

They walked on through the woods. Natasha linked arms with Fiona and Sara again, then leaned across and gave Fiona another kiss on the cheek.

Fiona stopped, unlinked herself, and leaned her back against a tree. With Sara and Natasha goggling she lifted her skirt and there it was: a normal-sized limp cock, under a light blonde bush and with a ballsack. It was a test.

“Ooh, lovely!” Sara enthused. “That’s just the thing.” Natasha was nodding and grinning. Fiona lowered her skirt again.

“You want it don’t you?” she asked as they started walking again, Fiona in the middle this time, “you’re so sexy. You really do want it. Even though it’s on me.”

“It’s because it’s on you, gorgeous,” Sara said. “Because it’s on such a pretty sexy girl, with your slender little girlie body and your gorgeous face with your blue eyes and blonde hair and sexy little nose. And such a lovely person too.” Sara was stroking her hands through her hair.

“I’ve never known anyone like you,” Fiona said, staring into her eyes, then looking at Natasha, “or you either. You make me feel quite funny, all warm and stuff.”

Natasha stopped, handed Maisie’s lead to Sara and gently leaned into Fiona. Fiona was shorter than Sara, even.

Natasha scooped her hands round Fiona’s neck and lifted her head into a kiss. She kissed her deeply, running her sensual, delicate fingers over her head, through her hair; then one hand glided down her back, slowly, until it was on her ass. She pulled Fiona’s pelvis against her thigh, rubbing it lightly from side to side.

Then she let her go. They all looked at the front of Fiona’s skirt; it was tented.

“Go on,” urged Sara.

Fiona reached down and lifted up her skirt. She had to lift it quite high to clear her cock, which was sticking up at about forty-five degrees.

“God, it’s gorgeous!” Sara was handing both the dogs’ leads to Natasha and slowly extending her hand to touch it.

Fiona stood still and let her, watching as if her life depended on it. Sara sank to her knees in front of it.

“Wow, it must be almost six inches!” She ran her fingertips along it, from the base up to the head, then closed her grip lightly round it. Her little hand couldn’t enclose it. She dipped her head towards it, her mouth opening.

Fiona stepped back, losing her nerve, but there was a tree behind her. She bumped into it and stopped, then Sara’s mouth was over the cockhead, her tongue was licking round it, and Fiona’s nerve was irrelevant: she was overwhelmed with sensation.

Sara’s other hand cupped her balls. They were quite small, but evidently sensitive: Fiona’s gasping and groaning increased.

Sara was squashing the fat, purple cockhead between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, and rubbing her tongue to and fro over it. She started to bob her head up and down, sliding Fiona’s quite substantial cock in and out, from just between her lips to the back of her mouth, rubbing the glans over the roof of her mouth. As her mouth slowly left the shaft exposed each time, she put her hand on it and gave it a squeeze.

Natasha watched happily as Sara’s hand lightly brushed over Fiona’s little balls and her head worked expertly up and down her hard cock.

She knew this was turning the corner for her poor half-sister, a seal of acceptance into her new and secure life. She couldn’t wait for her turn with her, this afternoon hopefully, and making her feel even better and sexier.

Fiona gazed at her beautiful new sister and the back of Sara’s head as she received her first ever blowjob. Her first ever sex, in fact. It was incredible.

The blood roared through her, her whole awareness shifted to her cock. There was a tightness, a pressure, building up and up. She was swamped with pleasure, with feelings of love and acceptance. Her cock was OK. Better than OK, it was wonderful!

Fiona’s climax came on quickly. She felt a great straining, an incredible new world where there were no problems, nothing, just the urgent, irresistible need to pump her fluid, and then she was making a sort of gurgling noise and her body was writhing about, pushing her cock at Sara, and she could feel a pulsing in her cock, once, twice, three, four times and then the pressure was easing.

A great bliss washed over her.

Natasha was next to her helping her stay up, and Sara was standing up, her lips tightly closed, reaching to kiss Natasha. Sara snogged Natasha and then they separated, their mouths open and their tongues out, looking at her.

Fiona couldn’t really see but she understood, and when Sara and Natasha closed their mouths and swallowed, she knew they’d shared and swallowed her stuff!

Fiona finished the walk in a bit of a daze, feeling she was waking up from a bad dream. She was OK, after all.

She felt good, with her cock, between her two special new friends, girlfriends, or family, whatever they were.

She was going to be beautiful, like them.

They got back and went into the kitchen where Rachel was doing lunch.

Rachel turned as they came in, looked at their faces, all three now aglow, full of life, and laughed. She knew.

“So Fi,” she smiled at her, “it looks like we’d better start feeding you up!”


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