A trip to the swimming baths leads to a seductive situation.
Welcome to Part 4, thank-you for all the great comments and feedback provided to me. Unfortunately due to my new job it means I don’t have much time to write anymore so I will be releasing my stories in smaller parts but I will try to include as much detail as possible. Again sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes, none of us are perfect but it shouldn’t be as bad that it effects the reading quality of the story. Unless you are a hypocrite who searches for 100 percent accurate grammar on an amateur erotic literature site. Anyway enjoy the story and as always, constructive feedback is appreciated;

The first part of the story is a little different as I am trying to experiment a little. The first part will be through the eyes of eleven-year-old Issy.

I thundered up the stairs, taking the steps two at a time, feeling the air rush between my legs sent chills down my spine but good chills. I could feel Steven’s cum oozing out my pussy and trickling down my leg slowly before landing on the cream carpet below. It tickled as it ran down my leg and I tried desperately to scoop up any drops and suck them down in my mouth. I loved the taste of his goo, it was salty yet sweet and warm like honey at the same time. I was so excited that Steven was taking me swimming. I had not been for ages because mummy was always working. I missed her a lot, but after daddy left, I knew she had to work hard to support us. I do not know exactly what she does but it is something to do with selling places like shops and restaurants. Anyway... I was finally getting to go swimming! However, that is not the only reason why I was excited. I knew if we went swimming, we would have to get naked in front of each other and I loved to see Steven’s big cock stand there in front of me. It looked so delicious, a soft pink fleshy sausage that I could eat forever but it was so much bigger than a sausage. I have not seen any boys’ cocks before really, but I did see my dad’s a couple of times when I was younger and he used to have showers or baths with me but it was always soft and dangling down. Not like Steven’s, no, his was most often hard and throbbing, just waiting for me to give it some attention. I love Steven... and would do anything for him. Steven had gone back to his house to get his swimming stuff so I was free for about fifteen or twenty minutes. I needed a shower really badly...I couldn’t go swimming with my pussy filled with Steven’s gooey cum oozing out into the pool, though the thought of people swimming in my lovers cum turned me on so much. I ran into the bathroom and turned on the water, letting it heat up so it was lovely and warm before clambering into the bathtub. I stood under the jet of warm water and began rubbing myself down, clearing Steven’s cum and the sweat off my body. I stood there with my eyes closed and head leant back letting the water caress my body. I kept thinking about what just happened and the familiar burning between my legs started to heat up again. I grabbed the showerhead out of its holder and slowly sat down inside the bathtub. I ran the showerhead across my chest letting the water spray on each of my breasts, if you could call them that... I wish they were bigger like my mum’s but I guess I would just have to wait. I began to move the showerhead downwards towards my pussy, pausing just above the beginning of my slit, teasing myself slightly. I could not hold out anymore. I was so horny. I craved satisfaction. I turned the filter on the showerhead to jet mode and jumped when the torrent of water powered out of the nozzle like a jet hose. I used my other hand to part my small soft lips before placing the gushing torrent directly into the opening. I felt my pussy fill instantly with water and I arched my back so much it hurt slightly. I let out a long and orgasmic scream as I felt the pressure of the water flood inside me. I angled the water so it brushed against my swollen clit slightly and this just increased the pleasure and the screams that followed suit. I began to move my fingers in and out of my pussy as the torrent of water forced my cunt to remain open. I began finger fucking my gaping hole with my two little fingers as the water gushed inwards after them. I was in pure ecstasy and I had only felt more pleasure when having Steven’s cock inside me. I was bucking my hips wildly into the air and crashing them back down onto the enamel of the bathtub making a loud ‘plop’ sound as the skin made contact. I felt my loins burning out of control and I knew I was very close to a powerful orgasm and I hell was I right! My whole body arched forwards and tensed so much as I let out an ear deafening scream that echoed throughout the tiled bathroom wall and out through the open bathroom door into the hall. I felt the juices been pushed out of my pussy, past my fingers and mix into the warm water of the shower. I crashed back down as my body fell limp, my vision turning black as I began to lose consciousness. I remember laying there in the bath basin... grinning with delight, my eyes heavy and my chest rising up and down quickly as my heart thumped rhythmically in my heart. In addition, my tender pussy pulsating as tiny orgasms sparked continually as I laid there, the showerhead spraying water up into the air like a fountain.
(Back to Steven’s point of view)
I sprinted down the street as fast as I could, breathing heavily while my face became flustered. I wanted to leave as soon as possible as the excitement that lay in store dominated my mind. My legs were burning as I ran but the image of fucking Issy’s little body in public kept me alive, I was free and could run forever. On top of the world, not a care in the world. I soon arrived back at my house and I fumbled clumsily for the door keys. After an antagonising amount of time I finally cracked the door open and ran inside. My parents were on vacation in the countryside. Travelling around in a caravan so they were not home at the time but the best part of this was that they had left £100 for me to get through the week on. I grabbed £15 of this and decided it would be more than enough to get a few bus tickets and go swimming with Issy. I picked up my phone that was lying on the floor of my bedroom and checked for messages. There was one from my mate at school. It read;
‘Hey Steve, wicked party goin down 2night. Gunna be FIT girls and booze. You cumin? ;)’
Yeah... As If I was going to miss, a night with Issy for some drunken slut. I deleted the message smirking at my mate’s poor luck. I packed up my swimming shorts and grabbed a tub of KJ jelly from my mum’s bedroom as well as a thick white vibrator that my mum kept. It felt weird taking these items and knowing they had been used on my mother but I tried not to think about it, as the thoughts made me feel queasy and perverted... oh the irony. I stuffed the items into my rucksack along with some toiletries in case I had to spend the whole night at Issy’s. I ran back down the stairs and slammed the door shut pulling my keys from the lock before heading down the road for another long ten-minute sprint, my head buzzing with ideas and fantasies that kept replaying in my head repeatedly. I arrived at the familiar suburban house and found the front door open. Natalie’s car was still gone so that was a good sign but I was a little worried the door was open. I approached cautiously, peering through the adjacent crack looking for a sign of disturbance. I called inwards to the house;

“Issy!? You there?”

I waited for a response before stepping into the hallway. I approached the stairwell looking up to the top landing calling out again but more worryingly this time;

“...Issy? This isn’t funny!”

Suddenly out of nowhere popped out a happy grinning girl. Her face was lit up in a sweet and innocent smile as she stood with her hands clasped together in front of her. She wore a black sleeveless spaghetti strap shirt with a violet skirt that was defiantly too short for her and underneath that, she wore completely nothing! I could clearly see her bald naked pussy from the bottom of the stairs. She laughed and smiled at me as she walked down the stairs with a drawstring bag across her back. She approached the last few steps before jumping at me and grabbing hold of my back to hold her up. Naturally, I moved my hands to her ass to support her but the skirt had ridden up and exposed her bare ass cheeks as I grasped hold. She grinned at me naughtily as I held her by the arse cheeks and I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy onto my groin area. My cock was stirring from inside my pants, desperate to get out. I put Issy down on the floor and took her by the hand smiling at her pleasantly. I walked with her over to the front door, making sure I grabbed the key before leaving the house with who people would just assume was my little sister, not my underage lover. We walked down the street to the bus stop on the warm summer’s day. It was around 18 degrees and the sun was high in the sky. The trees were green with leaves and flowers were blooming everywhere, the world seemed perfect in this little street. I walked smiling with Issy in my hand, I could not wish for anything better. We approached the bus stop at the end of her road. There sitting on the bench, was an old couple; so we had to stand up for about ten minutes before the bus arrived but I did not care. I was just happy been there with Issy. The double Decker bus arrived at the top of the street and came down the street bouncing on the smallest of bumps. I pulled out my wallet and emptied several coins out into my hand as the bus pulled up in front of us.

We boarded the bus and I paid the driver as Issy ran up the stairs to the top deck. I grabbed the tickets and ran up to her smiling, almost losing my footing as I climbed the winding stairs. The top deck was completely empty at this time of the day. I looked to the back and saw Issy there, lying down across the back row with her feet up. She leaned against the window and sat smiling at me before beckoning me over. I walked to the back of the bus to join her, I plumped myself down on the back row opposite Issy and I smiled at her gently. She laid there in a seductive manner with her skirt riding up her hips, which exposed her bare-naked pussy. She continually watched me while grinning devilishly, knowing she was doing something very naughty. I felt my cock stirring to its full hardness once more as Issy teased me. She slowly brushed her hand against her plump lips before slowly parting them to reveal the inner pinkness of her treasure. I kept staring at her, unable to avert my gaze. She began to thrust her right hand index finger in and out of her tight young pussy, letting quiet little moans escape her lips as she did. I was a little anxious but other wised transfixed at the sight before me. She began to thrust her finger in and out with more ferocity, pounding away at her tiny erect clit buried beneath the folds of her lips. Suddenly the bus came to a stop at another bus stop. Issy quickly took her finger out of her pussy and began sucking on it rhythmaticly in attempt to devour her own juices. Unfortunately, a group of footsteps thundering up the stairs ceased Issy’s actions as she composed herself quickly and adjusted her position to something more modest.

The footsteps belonged to a pair of teenagers who looked a year or so younger than me. The first one wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a blue polo t-shirt. His face was young and clear with short brown hair and hazel eyes. The second boy was shorter than the first but he had long shaggy blonde hair with bright blue eyes. He wore a white shirt with blue jeans that were half way down his legs revealing his black Calvin Klein boxers. I chuckled to myself remembering that the ‘fashion’ of having your pants halfway down, exposing your boxers originally came from prisons where inmates would use this to show if they were ‘available’. It always amused me to see morons go around like this thinking they were cool. As they walked down the aisle towards the back row, they noticed me and Issy sitting at the back. They gave an inconsiderate glance before seating themselves several rows in front sitting next to each other. We continued the journey in silence for a while before Issy regained her devilish confidence. She pushed herself off the seat and began walking down the aisle towards the boys. I watched her quizzically, wondering what she was playing at.

She began looking at the floor between the seats as though she was searching for something she dropped. The two boys sitting together started looking at Issy and sniggered between each other as she slowly passed. As soon as she passed them, she slowly yet casually bent over just in front of them, letting her violet skirt ride up her ass, exposing her succulent swollen pussy lips to the young teenage boys. I quickly grasped my mouth to keep silent as I went into a hysteric laughing fit. The two boy’s mouths were gaping open in shock and awe at the sight of this preteen’s pussy. Issy moved down on her hand and knees and began to reach under the bus seat feeling around the floor searching for the object that was not there. Issy slowly swayed her ass from side to side as she fumbled around under the seat. The boys still sat there unable to comprehend what they were seeing. I was certain that boners had formed underneath their pants and as for the one wearing skinny jeans... poor sod! After a couple of minutes of ‘searching’ she let out a loud sigh and got up and turned to face the two boys. She gave them a gentle smile before speaking to them;

“Hey.... You haven’t seen a £1 coin anywhere have you?” As she spoke, she sat back down on the seat opposite the boys putting her feet up on the chair and spreading her thighs wide to expose her pussy lips, parting slightly to reveal her inner flesh. I could just see the drops of drool forming at the side of their mouths as they continued to stare. Issy loved this; she continually smiled at them innocently as if she did this all the time in front of random strangers. She continued speaking to them in a soft and seductive tone. I was amazed at how she had matured and become much more sexually active and aware within a short space of time, perhaps I fucking her did more damage than I originally thought.

“It’s a shame... I really needed that pound, I am going swimming you see! I needed it for the locker in the changing room, so when I take my clothes off and expose my,... young... tender skin and my tight, wet pussy, I can put my clothes away safely as I walk in my loose bikini which exposes my swollen mound and hard nipples.” I continually tried to hold my breath to avoid laughing aloud at Issy. She slowly began to stroke her outer lips with her fingers as she stared at the boys, grinning seductively as she did so. I began to unbuckle my belt and release my dick from my boxers; it was rock hard and throbbed slightly as it waited to be pumped vigorously. I slowly began to stroke my cock up and down in a slow and steady rhythm as I watched Issy seduce the boys deviously. I was not the only one giving some much-needed attention down south. Issy was now pushing her fingers deeper inside her pussy, flicking the tips of her fingers against her clit and rocking her hips up and down to the beat.

“Come on boys... I’m lonely... join in!”

The boys gave a cautious glance to the back of the bus at me but I quickly looked away and acted oblivious to the ongoing events taking place in the middle of the bus. Satisfied that I was not aware of the situation they both glanced at each other before shrugging and undoing their pants and taking out their cocks. I could not see them from my seat but Issy later told me the gory details, which included their sizes; the blonde-haired boy had a cock that looked to be just less than six inches. The dark haired boy had a slightly bigger cock, roughly just the same size as me but perhaps a little bigger at 6 and half inches. They both began pumping away furiously while staring at little Issy as she moaned and bucked her hips wildly into the air, pushing her fingers deeper and deeper into the depth of her quickly moistening cunt. The scent of sex and arousal seeped into the air and flooded the upper deck of the bus. I could hear the grunts of the two boys rasp out as they came close to climax. Issy’s moaning had got slightly louder and she was thrusting uncontrollably into the fingers. Her body suddenly seized and began to spasm as an exhilarating orgasm took hold of her body. She let out a long yet quiet moan as her fluids gushed past her fingers and out onto the fabric of the bus.

The sight of this preteen having a public and voyeuristic orgasm sent me over the edge and I ended up releasing my load onto the back of the seat in front of me. I watched the thick globs run down the plastic cover and fall to the floor in between my feet. I quickly zipped back up and composed myself as I watched the scene in front. All the action had taken its toll on the two boys and soon they began approaching their release, looking as though to climax together. They continued to let out pleasures groans as Issy quickly spied out their orgasm and she quickly ran over to the blonde boy who was sitting near her and she install took the length of his dick into her sweet mouth. He gasped as she did this but was unable to avert the impending orgasm. She sucked furiously on the boys dick as it began to explode in her mouth. The ropes of cum been sent deep to the back of her throat causing her to slightly choke and gag but she continued sucking for her life. The other boys jaw was hanging loose in disbelief as his cum spurted out onto the back of the seat in front of him. The blonde haired boy began gingerly stroking Issy’s hair as she bobbed her mouth up and down, managing to engulf only ¾ of his cock before gagging and choking. The boy began to thrust his hips attempting to get as much of his cum in the preteens mouth as he could. As Issy sucked up the last few drops of cum from this teenagers quickly softening cock she kneeled and looked upwards into the shocked face of the blonde boy. She winked and licked her lips before standing up and pressing the bus bell button. The bell tinged and she ran back up to me, acting casually as she picked up her swimming bag and ran to the front of the bus. I got up and followed suit past the two boys on the bus. I glanced as them, they still had their cocks out and cum dripping from the back seat. I smiled and winked to them as I followed Issy, slapping her ass gently before following her down the stairs. The boys were struck in awe and could not stop staring in disbelief at me and then at each other, questioning the whole series of events that had taken place. We stepped out the bus outside the local swimming baths and burst into hysterics. We could not stop laughing and we ended up falling down into the grass outside. We laid there laughing uncontrollably for about five minutes; people walking past stared at us as though we were total freaks, oh if only they knew. I sat up looking at Issy and looked at her before leaning in and kissing her gently on the lips. I probed my tongue inside her mouth and felt her return the movement. I could taste something sweet yet salty on her tongue and I realised it was the blonde haired boys cum. I felt a little sick at the thought of this but shrugged it off as the taste soon passed away and I was left with the sweet taste of Issy’s tongue dancing with mine. We stood up together and began walking towards the main entrance of the baths.


Part 5 is on its way.

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