Of late having been discussing with many my experiences which seem to be mounting, I felt an urge to write a fictional story far from the realm of practicality yet thought upon often.
Quiet Time by the Lazy River....

It had been a wonderful vacation though odd for Kay, a rather modest one. Typically traveling normally found her at 'liberated' resorts and beaches where clothing was optional, Key West, South Beach, you know the score....this trip however had been one of pure solitude and relaxation. To force that point knowing her own inclinations Kay had decided upon spending her time fishing alone and exploring the marshes and coastal rivers as she'd sun and mellow. Unfortunately, alone and sedate no matter how hard she tried nor how sincere her intentions was an aspect of herself that Kay always had trouble mastering. So as a day turned into two, then to four, by that morning she found herself edgy, irritated, and not surprisingly horny.

Why not Kay thought, a beautiful day line in the water as she lay nude upon the thin strip of sand bordering a narrow river no one around for miles, "why not take a moment for some real "me time"", and in the second it took for her to question it, already her hands had slipped low teasingly dragging nails up her inner thighs as her fingertips began to slip through her nether-lips. Kay could tell right off this was going to be a toe curler. In no time at all she was having to wipe her own wetness away on the towel as her fingers had become too slick even for her liking. Firmer she began to rub, fingers tight together as she fanned their tips faster and faster over her clitoris, and just as she reached that point, that point which had the small of her back raising ever higher as her toes dug in deep into the sand she suddenly heard it.

A slap of the water out in the river. Though distracting Kay for a brief second in an instant she was simply rubbing harder and faster as her breasts began to quiver and her thighs began to shake. Just as her orgasm was upon her however, that perfect moment where you can linger and hold back riding the wave like a surfer just before the devastating crash of your orgasm, she heard the slap upon the water once more and the sound this time, so distinct made her freeze even though only supported by her shoulders and feet high above the sand.

It had to be a paddle she thought deliberately smacked upon the smooth surface of tepid waters most likely to be polite and let her know another person was near. Slowly slipping her hands away from her now swollen, flushed and slick cunnie as her hips lowered to the sand, Kay cautiously raised her head looking out over her full dark breasts finding nothing that would of made the noise. No fool, Kay took a moment to ever so slowly scan from shore to shore, up and down the bend in the almost unmoving river to see who had made the noise yet saw nothing till she turned her gaze once more directly forward parting her feet for a better view as suddenly she found its source.

Not a paddle slapped to the water yet something else even larger suddenly rose up from the tranquil surface to strike it once more. Kay jerked up to sitting in a flash eyes wide as all sorts of guesses raced through her head. "Bull Shark!" She knew they'd swim up fresh water yet never expected to see one, and as that idea took hold suddenly another struck her, "it must be an Alligator!" Kay's eyes fixed upon the water unblinking frozen in place waiting for the next sign, perhaps what she had guessed though shallow here, maybe a large fish, heck for all she knew it was the Creature from the Black Lagoon yet suddenly she saw it. Massive or so it seemed, large and hulking, calm and patiently lurking as she shouted out, "Oh my Gawd, a Manatee! I always wanted to see one!"

Kay had actually seen Manatee often. However this one was unexpected, close, and they were all alone. Cautiously still afraid or to not scare it off debatable, found Kay slowly rising her eyes still wide as the mid-day sun glistened off her darkly tanned sweat slickened body, and sure enough there it was as the Manatee's head rose out of the water then plump body slowly surfaced. Kay was amazed, stunned even. So stunned in fact she didn't even notice she had extended her hand out to touch the Manatee though ten feet away till she felt the water envelope her feet as she approached the wallowing beast.

Cautiously, slowly edging into the water, Kay knew Manatee were known to be gentle and slow moving yet one simply never knows for sure. Kay actually expected the large animal to suddenly dart away, yet as ten feet turned to eight, then to six and ultimately to two, she realized the plump form was not moving off, in fact if anything it had moved closer. There on the sandbar the water no more then mid-thigh deep, as the Manatee pressed gently to her knees it caused Kay to be the one to move back only to find the smooth behemoth pressing closer again as it suddenly struck her as she said it aloud, "I bet I could pet it".

Carefully, slowly slipping down to her knees as the warm water flooded up over her thighs, flushed cunnie and bottom to finally envelope her belly and chest, found her not getting much of a chance to pet the beast as the Manatee had already moved so close to her it was as though it was about to lay upon her lap. Kay was so excited she was shaking. A little scared, okay, maybe a lot, yet her curiosity drove her on as the Manatee slowly edged around pressing to her. Hand carefully reaching out to stroke over its smooth back the skin slightly rough yet slimy, Kay was able to pet clear to its tail as it circled her then as it rubbed past her flank seeming to vanish.

Unmoving, unsure of what might be happening beneath the waters, Kay suddenly jerked back as right in front of her the Manatee's head popped up and its blast of breath caught her right in the face. Frozen in place suddenly wondering if this had been such a good idea, somewhat at a disadvantage kneeling she leaned further and further back as the Manatee approached digging her toes in as her knees parted getting ready to suddenly bolt and just as her short hair touched the water she suddenly felt them. Stiff bristly whiskers brushing over her breasts as though the beast was smelling her. Rough against her nipples as they slipped down over her breasts to her belly seeming to pause at her piercing there. Tickling and scratching as they dragged lower and as the beast's whiskers dragged over her inner thighs she realized its maw was near her cunnie causing her to freeze.

Back up the great head slowly probed as though as curious about Kay as she was it. Once up to the surface again Kay received another blast of air as the bulbous form began slowly slipping around her once again. She could not resist, in short order as much as the Manatee was slipping over her, her hands were it. It felt massive though oddly not threatening, its wrinkled skin seeming to move and quiver with every touch from Kay's fingers. Over its great back, then sides and finally its belly she'd let her hands slip over it as it would move round her, and about the third pass all sense of time being lost in this magical moment she suddenly came to a realization.

As the beast passed in front once more Kay's breasts dragging over its belly as her hands stroked down its flank, she felt something again this time it really striking her. A swelling perhaps, odd, smooth and lengthwise rubbing under her breasts and over her belly to then scrub past her flank. Odd enough that when the Manatee slipped round again dragging its belly over her, she let her hand stroke down her belly till she found it. Two swollen bulges a few inches long near its tail, and simply confused rubbing firmer to get a sense of what it was slipped her fingers between them to suddenly jerk her hand away as her fingers had slipped inside. What she had felt causing her other hand to reach down to her own cunnie noting her own swollen outer labia as she realized the Manatee was female and had been rubbing its own cunnie upon her.

Now to say Kay was open minded in her interactions with humans would be an understatement. Men, women, heck it didn't matter, good times and good company all the same, yet this was an animal. As curious as she was about it however she did have her limitations, and some lesbian tryst with a sea cow was not her intention. Yet as the Manatee rubbed its belly over her own once more she just couldn't help herself petting down to that spot once again, lingering curious, and as it rubbed over her back and around her flank once again she had to reach out with the other hand as the one that just petted the Manatee's vulva slipped to her own once again to compare, and just as her hand reached that spot the great beast stilled.

Kay didn't know why she did it, she had no sexual desire for this animal so perhaps just curious more so accepted as the Manatee seemed to want her to, yet as the fingers of her left hand traced over her own folds so those of the right traced over those of the Manatee, and as she slipped two within herself, so she found three of her right slipping into the great beasts vagina. She cringed at the thought, "my gawd, what am I doing!" Yet as much as she thought it, even said it she had not withdrawn either set of fingers and worse still found the Manatee beginning to slowly undulate as though wanting more. Just as Kay was about to stop realizing clearly now this beast had been rubbing its cunnie all over her it suddenly happened. Just a nudge back to reality, yet one that would have her eyes flaring wide as she'd slowly gaze about.

Kay had not been paying attention so fascinated and curious, yet as she jerked her hands away suddenly realizing that they were no longer alone. About them both she discovered that they were surrounded by perhaps ten more Manatee though all smaller slowly wallowing about and seeming to be searching though not on the river's bottom. Kay froze, eyes bugged and jaw slack as she panned her head about there no way out of the center of this herd that seemed to come out of no where. Instantly it struck her how she might be crushed between the hulking beasts or at the least be drowned, and as the crowd of great wallowing bodies pressed in tight, afraid to make any sudden movements fearing she might be attacked Kay began trying to press her way toward shore.

It was then she saw it, the larger female pressed to and nuzzled over by a couple of the others. Finally to roll on her side as one of them saddled in tight beside her, and in a few brief seconds both began to ever so slowly undulate. It struck her, this was May, the very same time last year she had been laughed at by the locals for thinking a herd of Manatee had been fighting and was informed they were mating. Unknowing if they became aggressive or violent Kay knew she had to get back to shore though the herd had moved closer the water now only maybe 18-24" deep. As they had moved the pack of rotund behemoths had drawn in tighter around them trying to gain position on the female, and as disconcerting as that was what happened next concerned her more.

Her hand that had petted the female Manatee or more specifically had slipped inside her was nuzzled. Then another set of bristly whiskers tickled her back where the female had rubbed causing Kay to realize she was probably painted with the female's scent suddenly a target. Unknowing she could only guess at what would happen next, as she assumed feeling deceived the males realizing she was human would no doubt become angry and attack her, most likely crushing or biting her or whatever they did, yet all she could imagine was her shattered, squashed and ripped up body floating out to sea. In a panic she turned still on her knees to try and bolt out over the hulking beasts no matter what it took, yet as she lunged Kay found herself stuck it all too late and realized she was doomed.

One of the males that had begun sniffing her belly had slipped up over her bent legs, able to get her right leg free, the left she found trapped under his massive bulk pinned into the sand. Instantly Kay began to panic and as she did her left leg straightened under and to behind the beast as she found herself turned on her side just as her head went under the water pinned unable to get free. Frantically Kay pushed up with her left hand to get her head above the water yet it was then that she felt it. As though seeming to aid her, the large male rolling on its side seemed to set his flipper under her ribs as though for support as the other flopped over the opposite side of her chest as though holding her in an embrace. Desperately scrambling to rise up panic caused Kay to do the same with her right arm grabbing the round Manatee over its side for support while keeping her left to the bottom to try and push up.

As Kay struggled to try and free her left leg she tried pushing off with her right only to find the Manatee too close and too large to gain purchase. Instead her foot and calve slipped over his slick hulking mass, yet whether he thought she meant to draw him closer she didn't know, but at that moment felt him shimmy up close to her belly wedging her thighs even farther apart. Barely hanging on as it was, Kay suddenly had no where to move as another Manatee had pressed in tight behind her and like the first seemed to be supporting her with his flippers like some clumsy hug as his belly supported her back, and though fearing being crushed she was at least kept somewhat out of the water.

Kay didn't notice at first in her panic. The Manatee in front saddled in so tight to her belly and chest as her arm and legs wrapped around him to not drown as suddenly felt something. A pressure if you will against her cunnie. Cool water suddenly flooding into her vagina as though it had been briefly opened no doubt from the wide spread of her legs, yet quickly the pressure of water filling her became substance as she felt something large begin to press inside of vagina as the water was forced out, and as it grew swelling inside her she realized, it was the Manatee's cock.

Panicking Kay grappled with her right hand around the Manatee's neck to pull herself off his quickly expanding penis as her right leg raked up and down him to try and gain purchase still unable to move away due to her left still trapped and the second Manatee behind her. More shocked and afraid then painful she felt the thick long cock fill her cunnie to its depths with its fullness and length, growing thicker by the second as its girth suddenly caused Kay to freeze thinking she'd be ripped in two. A woman's vagina a marvelous thing, so tight, so soft, yet though it can squeeze tight on a single finger can stretch dramatically. Though the large cock pressed uncomfortably deep Kay soon realized something. The Manatee's cock did not seem to press further even though she assumed it could, and as she scrunched her eyes tight waiting to be impaled from twat to throat it suddenly began.

No thrusting, no hammering drive or long lunging strokes. Simply and undulation if you will as though a very large man had sank his thick cock fully to your depths and held there beginning a slow grinding screw. Kay was aghast. Her eyes and mouth wide open so afraid that she couldn't even yell as she tried to hold onto the huge beast not wanting to drown. Instantly it struck her, this gargantuan's cock was fully inside her filling every bit of her female void. Larger then any man's that she had ever been with as it raked up and down her vagina from end to end in tiny almost indistinguishable quarter inch strokes, realizing like it or not this was going to happen. This sea beast was going to fuck her, and there was no way to get away or to stop it from happening.

Worse still, she couldn't help herself. As the massive cock pushed gently, pressed, and ground inside of her so thick every inch of her vagina covered and stretched, she felt it all become slicker whether they had pre-cum or not she didn't know, yet realized from the waves of sensation coursing through her that she was most likely becoming wet, very wet and slick as the most horrific sound she had ever heard met her ears. A low guttural groan, perhaps a moan that she thought at first was coming from one of the Manatee, yet upon hearing it again discovered that it emanated from inside her own chest. Kay couldn't help herself as with each slow grinding undulation of the Manatee up the sound would come as it struck her how her body was enjoying this no matter how much her mind screamed no.

Finally the bestial groans became a single string of words as Kay felt the Manatee's skin seem to shiver everywhere it touched her body. The words simple and direct, "oh please gawd no!" as she tried to fight it off and squash what was about to happen. Kay found herself reflexively pulling the Manatee tight with her arms and legs mimicking its embrace as her body lurched and shuddered, head jerking back as her eyes rolled up and suddenly a roar of ecstasy burst forth from her lips. Shaking and gripping tighter as the waves of her orgasm washed over her so did the shame. What had she done, she had cum from a beast inside her, a massive beast like some great slug wallowing against her as it's massive cock ground and raked away inside her.

As Kay sought to embrace the shame that very aspect struck her once more. This huge Manatee's massive cock was grinding and raking inside her and whether it was the sensation or the thought of it though more then likely both before her first orgasm could ebb another even stronger hit her as she gurgled out, "oh my gawd it's fucking me!" Kay could barely breath now struggling to keep her head above water conflicted as to whether to fight to breath, beat down her orgasms or to try and pry free. By the time she regained her senses she realized her left arm was now pinned under the beast just like her leg though fortunately they had scooted close enough to shore that her shoulder pressed to the sand supporting her, but as she tried to grasp all that was happening the gravity of it all began to flood into her.

At first a shudder, then it seemed every inch of the Manatee's skin had begun to shiver as the short almost grinding strokes of it's thick cock inside her seemed to ever so slightly pick up pace while it swelled even larger. You never feel it with a man, oh perhaps it all becomes suddenly more slick and wet, or you feel him swell though usually he just thrusts harder, yet Kay felt something that made it all too clear what had just happened. As though the head or furthest most point inside her vagina began to swell like some balloon being blown up she then felt the rush of fluid expand the rest even further as it separated the cock from cunt as a thin layer of cum tried to make room gushing out of her between them. A vast volume perhaps due to having to compete with other males or simply to be able to copulate in water. Yet whatever the reason a massive load of cum flooded into her then out finding no room, and as she cried out "it's cumming in me!" didn't even realize she had begun to violently thrust down onto the gentle lover's cock as her third crushing orgasm swept over her.

Kay was shattered. Given time it might have been over the fact that a Manatee had just fucked her, yet at the moment it was simply due to her orgasm, and as finally the Manatee's cock inside her began to shrink and withdraw leaving her cum filled cunnie gaping, Kay had not even thought about the one pressed tight behind her who's flippers seemed to press down onto her shoulders as suddenly in the midst of her orgasm she felt a familiar swelling once again, though this time it pressing against her bottom.

Grasping frantically for the Manatee that had just cum inside her to pull herself away from the one behind quickly proved to be of no use as he had not yet moved away still tight to her. Just as the first Manatee's cock inside her cunnie slipped out her legs spread wide around him, so the second's behind her pressed and grew pressing up into her bottom and as it swelled continued in ever deeper. As the one in front pulled away, the pressure in her bottom would not allow her to close her legs as she winced from the discomfort of something deeper and thicker then anything she'd known before inside her there. Oh yes, Kay enjoyed anal sex, some might even say a bit too much, yet already feeling violated having had one Manatee cum inside her vagina, Kay felt as though she was being mauled, yet the fear of what was to come kept her frozen in place as though the first Manatee was still there her arms and legs stiff, frozen in place, and spread wide.

She knew what was going to happen. The biggest cock she had ever felt, let alone 'back there' was about to start hammering away deep in her bowel ripping her to pieces. What she found however at any other time and circumstance with a man she would of found ideal. The cock had not pushed in swollen fully, yet slipped in small then expanded. More so the harsh violent thrusting she expected never materialized, as suddenly that slow, gentle undulating like the first began as the Manatee's skin seemed to quiver where ever it touched her. No long thrusts or harsh drives, just a grind deep within her bottom and as she gave up realizing it was fruitless to fight finally relaxing and found herself being penetrated in her backside finer then she had ever known.

Ever so tiny motions made so intense by its large size so long and thick fully buried within her bowel. Instantly she became exhausted as shivers and sweats broke out upon her and when her sphincter finally relaxed completely she found herself in a hazy cloud of confused ecstasy. A cock deep in her ass always knocked the fight out of her. Her legs still wide from the first unable to close them she abruptly realized the first was back as though to support her as before yet soon came to an even more shattering revelation, or more true to fact remembered.

The first slipping back into place Kay not thinking how it would re-pin her, suddenly felt something odd causing her eyes to flutter open. Deep groves, old scars from a boat prop no doubt down her first lover’s side. No wait, those weren't there before it suddenly striking her. This was a third Manatee as it seated it's belly tight to her own and she felt his cock press to her folds and begin to expand instantly reminding her of what she had learned last year. That a dozen or so male Manatee will pursue and try to mate with a single female. Though the idea struck her hard she had no time to react to it, for as the third's cock began to grow up into her already well pummeled cunt the sensations from the one deep in her bottom had already pushed her to the very edge. Before the third's cock could expand fully into her vagina, Kay had driven down upon it shuddering out still another orgasm.

Helpless now pinned between the two fat monsters her bottom and cunnie impaled like she had never experienced, now found her limp except for the almost regular shudders of intense pleasure washing through her. Kay didn't even think of drowning now, even of being crushed. Kay's mind such a haze of light and pleasure that she was only able to moan out every few seconds to confirm she was even still alive. Limp, every muscle slack her own body slowly sloshing back and forth in the water as each beast seemed to wallow about her, Kay just lay there to her side as the two massive cocks continued their unrelenting tiny motions. It was the one in her bottom she sensed cum first. This male’s orgasm clearly felt as his skin shivered upon her back and she felt the vast volume of cum flood into her bottom. By this time she had begun sobbing though not for what one might imagine.

Not because she had been penetrated by beasts though the thought of before hand would of been upsetting. Not because they had cum inside her, filling Kay with their thick hot seed like no other, nor that she had come to accept it giving up the fight. No, Kay sobbed because she was in a physical heaven like she had never known. She didn't want to be there, didn't plan on being nor wanted it to continue. Yet here she was and so her sobbing was one of pure joy no matter the emotional and mental consequences to come later as at that moment they were a billion miles away. What was orgasm after orgasm had turned into an almost single sedate one. Not as intense yet vastly more satisfying the best comparison being imagining yourself blacking out, well that's an orgasm. Now imagine that perfect moment just before you fall asleep, twilight, so perfect, warm and relaxing yet wonderful. More of a true "sub-space" really, and that's the place she was at with the ever occasional shudder as another gentle more subdued wave of pleasure would wash through her.

Just as the one in her bottom slipped out and the one in her cunnie began to cum, Kay felt yet a fourth Manatee saddle up behind her, sniffing up her back and beginning to press tight as the thirds cock having filled her cunnie once more slipped out almost instantly replaced by the fourth's yet from behind. Kay could feel it all slowly happening unable to resist on any level. Oh sure, she felt the beasts massive cock begin to grow up into her well used cunt yet that is not what concerned her. All the while she had been on her side yet suddenly found herself slowly being rolled onto her belly realizing if this thing pressed down on her she'd drown for sure. Lazily too exhausted and helpless to scramble, Kay finally grabbed onto a fifth Manatee just below its mid-section pulling herself over it. Feeling her pressure and touch upon it I suppose the fifth Manatee slowly rolled, and as it did Kay finally saw for the first time what had been so deep inside her now four times.

Long, thick and oddly shaped at the tip. Who knows why, perhaps to avoid another fucking her, or perhaps simply curious like she had been with the female. More then likely however simply because it was there, and at such times with humans this is simply what you did. No thought of what she was doing or what was currently happening to her as the Manatee deep in her cunnie pressing her belly into the sand seemed to writhe over her bottom, legs and lower back like some quivering hulking mass slowly grinding his cock into her cunnie its girth raking over every bit of the walls of her now cum filled cunt. No, it just seemed the natural thing to do as she supported herself out of the water laying atop the fifth Manatee low upon its belly. First one then the other hand slipping down to the thick slowly swelling cock in front of her. Kay's eyes even closing as she reflexively opened up her mouth and slipped the Manatee cock past her lips.

Kay was pure reflex at this point. Action and reaction her mind in such a haze of pleasure that she simply 'did' with no consideration of consequence. So as the one laying over her bottom undulated its hulking body over her like waves of surf riding up a coastline, so Kay kept equal time and motion with the cock in her mouth, as the one laying over her did not apply any excessive weight as it writhed upon her. Kay was done cumming, if she had another she'd probably go comatose so for the couple or so minutes much like the others the one atop her rode, when she felt his skin shiver and cock ever so softly thrust and swell just that much more, all she could do was coo and moan about the cock deep in her mouth.

So perfect the moment, any regret to be had to come later. So perfect in fact that just as the fourth finished Kay able to experience his orgasm fully not distracted by her own, so the fifth began to cum and some perspective as to what had now happened three times in her cunnie and once in her bottom came to light. A massive flood of thick warm cum filling her mouth till she had to pull her head away. It wouldn't of mattered if she had tried to swallow it all, it could of never happened though she didn't hesitate with what was there as even though the large thick cock tasted somewhat like brackish water upon long soaking skin, being a vegetarian the Manatee's cum had a notably pleasant taste though the volume was too much for anyone.

As the fourth slid off her and fifth from out under Kay fell into the now shallow water as she crawled only far enough to be able to rest her cheek just below the surface upon the sand. Though she might claim she had not the energy to crawl further, her legs parting wide as she felt the waves of water lapping at her cunnie from the Manatee's movements as they took their turns with the female hinted at she was at least prepared more. Furthering that tell would be when Kay felt stiff bristly whiskers brushing the sole of one foot causing her legs to spread even wider, yet as she waited, it all suddenly so silent, after a minute she turned to see nothing more then glassy water gently flowing down the river and out to sea. The Manatee herd was gone.

Returning home Kay had been more quiet then usual. Many asking if something was wrong or if anything bad had happened to which she'd just smile. Others speculating that her first trip of solitude had simply been a rewarding one which soothed her senses instead of excited them. What was known for sure however was that when traveling to Florida Kay never returned to her typical wilder haunts always opting for a bit of solitude, alone, out in some salt water marsh or coastal river or stream. Always in May, and when asked while laying out in the sun with her friends as they'd chatter on about this resort, that man, this bar and so on if they could join her, she'd simply let out a soft sigh, perhaps even a moan as she'd coo out, "no, that's my alone time", as she'd softly press her thighs together becoming wet, and ever so discreetly undulate a single soft grind. alias

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