This is a continuation from part one. Details: Cotter And Jake – 12 years old, 3 inch cocks

Cotter and Jake held each other for a few minutes. Cotter smiled and got up, putting on his clothes. “If we’re going to keep this up, I’m gonna need some food.” Jake agreed and the two boys whimsically snuck upstairs to get ice cream.
While upstairs in the kitchen, Jake noticed that his mom had grocery bags on the counter, which meant that she had gone to the local produce stand. A light bulb went off in Jake’s head. He whispered to get Cotter’s attention, and silently walked over to the refrigerator. He pulled out a cucumber and a banana. Cotter’s eyes lit up with a passionate flame.
The two trotted downstairs with their newly acquired ice cream, cucumber, and banana, and proceeded to eat the sugary food.
“Hey Jake?”
“Yeah dude?”
“I don’t think my butt hole’s big enough for that cucumber…”
Jake smiled and moved closer to Cotter.
“This cucumber is probably nine inches long, and I’m going to shove it up your ass. It’ll be the best feeling you’ve ever had. I’ll go really slowly.”
“Let’s wait a little bit, okay?”
“Sure man I understand. How’s it hangin?”
They both laughed hysterically at the pun. These two cute boys loved being with each other.
Without notice, Jake got on top of Cotter and straddled him on the couch. Jake felt his 1-inch cock growing steadily, so he took off his boyish underwear and threw tossed it on the floor. Cotter kept his boxers on, but his small penis stood hard through the flap in the boxers.
Jake slowly humped cotter, allowing the two three-inch cocks to rub together on their undersides.
Cotter’s head rolled back in utter content and opened his mouth. Jake leaned down and pecked him on the lips. He then licked Cotter’s neck all the way down to the start of his shirt. Cotter whipped off his shirt, much to Jake’s amusement, and he continued down.

Jake continued until he was at the base of Cotter’s dick. Jake saw how Cotter’s balls hadn’t dropped yet, like his own, and decided to do something extreme.

“Cotter, I’m gonna shove your cock down my throat and swallow your balls too.”

“There’s no way dude, that would be incredible.”

Cotter’s peevish pessimism prompted Jake to engulf the entirety of Cotter’s boyhood. The warm sensation and smooth, yet hard texture erupted in Jake’s mouth. Jake could easily fit all of the penis in his mouth, then he grasped his best friend’s butt and went down more – just enough to lick Cotter’s small round balls.

Jake then stopped sucking Cotter’s cock and moved entirely to his balls. He noticed how when he sucked in similar to a straw sucking milk, cotter’s balls would come down a little. Jake experimented with licking, sucking, and slurping Cotter’s two quarter-size balls. In the heat of the moment Jake then specifically started to grind his own balls into Cotter’s. The four small balls in their hairless sacks created such abundant stimulus that Cotter began to moan heavily.

“Oh my god Jake, I’m gonna cum!”

With that, the twelve year old began to close his eyes and tense his legs. His balls swelled up even more, and as they did Jake got down and licked them. Cotter experienced another dry cum due to the many orgasms he had that day. The cum lasted about thirty seconds, after which Cotter laid down on the couch.
Jake then decided to let Cotter sleep for a few minutes, and passed the time jacking off using his thumb and his pointer finger. He loved the look of how his uncut skin would glide off of his head and how his hood would shrivel up and the end if he pushed the skin a certain way.

Cotter slowly awoke and crawled off the couch towards Jake.
Without words, Cotter raised his ass in the air and waited.
Jake grinned and grabbed the banana, but Cotter said,

“Not yet, open me up with your dick.”

Jake licked his finger and prodded Cotter’s ass, and then retrieved the lube from the table. Jake was about to cum as it was, and so as soon as he stuck his cock into Cotter’s ass, he reached the point of no return. The combination of his balls rubbing with Cotter’s butt, the tight feeling of Cotter’s warm insides, and Cotter’s involuntary clenching of the butt milked Jake’s cock, but nothing came out. Jake lost all track of reality as he realized each orgasm got increasingly more powerful.
Jake stayed in his friend’s ass until his small cock shriveled and slipped out on its own.

Jake then got some lube and lubed up the seven-inch banana.

“this isn’t as thick as the cucumber, so I’m going to stick this all the way in your butt so you’ll be able to fit the cucumber.”

“Okay Jake, I trust you.”

With that, Jake then had Cotter get into the doggie style position in order to insert this seemingly gargantuan cock into cotter’s prepubescent ass.

“I’m going to pretend that you’re fucking me, Jake.” Cotter whispered.

Jake smiled, and slowly inserted the banana. Within a few minutes, Cotter was so erect that his head was throbbing. Jake slowly pushed more, and soon had the entire banana inside his ass, with the exception of the stem to keep power.

“How does it feel man?”

“This sounds weird, but it feels amazing when you push it up, and it feels like a really good poop when you try to pull it out.”
“Then you’ll love this.”
Jake then rapidly thrusted the banana in and out, each thrust prompting an ecstatic moan from Cotter.

Cotter then said, “That cucumber is big enough to fit in both of our butts.”
Jake then gasped in astonishment at this revelation, and then immediately lubed up his own butt and grabbed the nine-inch long, 7-inch thick cucumber off the floor.

Jake and Cotter’s butts were sufficiently lubed up and touching, and Jake inserted the cucumber into Cotter’s ass because there was still a hole from the banana. Jake then slipped his butt onto it, and the two began to rock back and forth to create an amazing sensation.
Jake’s prostate gland was getting worked, and the two boys were essentially fucking each other with a cock so big neither one of them could fully comprehend the amazing feeling the huge toy produced.

The two boys flipped over onto their backs and squeezed hard to meet both butts in the middle of the 9-inch toy. The two boys kept pushing until their balls were dangling on each other. They both pushed their cocks up and they met in perfect unison.
With the gigantic penis inside both of them, Jake used more lube to jack off two cocks with one hand. The uncut heads were swirling around and allowing copious room to slide and grind. The two boys hit climax together and both spurted a thick rope each of cum

The two looked in bewilderment at what they had produced, and decided to lick each other’s cum off of each other’s chests.

Jake used his lube-free hand to feel the cum he had produced. Both had never even shot before, only dribbled cum, and definitely not on their fourth or fifth cum of the night.
“That was fucking awesome, Cotter.”
“I can’t believe we made this.”
Yea dude, how’s it taste?
Cotter licked it up, and decided to eat both his and Jakes, smiled, and replied,
“Tastes a little gooey, with a little salt and water.”

Jake smiled and said, while dressing,

"Good thing we had some vegetables, fruit, ice cream, and cum tonight. Sounds like a balanced diet to me!"

The two boys cleaned up and hid the lube and toys, and slept incredibly well until morning.
The boys would have they’re next sexual encounter a few months later. To be continued.

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