I thought I'd post this a little sooner than I'd said, since my first chapter was so well recieved. Thanks for all the positive comments and ratings. Also, this and the next chapter are already pre-scripted, but from there, I'm open to any suggestions. In this chapter, I allow for the possibility of several different directions later on, so let me know what you think.

As Kimmy laid there across my chest, I was given to think about her mother again. Carol was such a loving and beautiful woman. She'd been a doctor of Pediatrics when I met her, a true care-giver and nurturer if ever there was one. I still don't know what she saw in me; a lowly program debugger for a nameless software company, 24 years old and no stranger to video games. But she took me under her gentle wing and completely changed me. She made me into a real man - confident, professional, driven, passionate, but most of all, a family man.

Truth be told, Kimmy was a happy accident. After one night of long, over-zealous sex with Carol – driven by a new DVD we’d gotten that day, Anal Sluts 5 – Carol missed her following period. It came as a shock to both of us; Carol was on the pill and as far as I’d known, I was sterile. I’d never been tested, mind you, but in college I had been somewhat promiscuous, never used a condom and always came in my partner’s cunt. In spite of this, at least as far as I know, I never got any of those girls pregnant. So, when Kimmy was conceived, it was a relief to know my little guys were still on active duty. The months that followed were such a blessing, mostly because of Carol’s intimate knowledge on how to handle it. Her insurance and her hospital colleagues made the prenatal months smooth and when Carol went into labor, we were already checked into the hospital, since she could all but pinpoint her due date.

It was a normal pregnancy, or so Carol said, and for all intents and purposes, a normal infancy for little Kimmy. Well, normal in the sense that her pediatrician was her mother, and by the time Kimmy was two, Carol had become an Attending at her hospital so most of her ‘work’ was focused on her daughter. As I’d said, Carol changed me for the better; she had convinced me to talk to my bosses about my position, go back to school for my Master’s Degree and do some networking whenever I was out with her or friends. Thanks to her coaxing, by the time Kimmy was five but before Carol had passed, I was a Senior Network Analyst for my company, which had grown 1000% or so since I’d started there. So even if I’d not won my lawsuit, Kimmy still would not have wanted for anything.

After Carol passed and I had gotten that fat settlement, we moved into our current home and I started showering Kimmy with everything she wanted. We were ‘the rich family’ amongst her friends at school, of which she had many growing up. The only one that saw past my wealth and remained her true friend for the past five years was a little girl named Olivia. They met in kindergarten and she lived right down the street a ways. The two became fast friends and over the years, they must have had over a hundred or so sleepovers at our house or Olivia’s. Everyso often these sleepovers were more than just the two of them, and having multiple little girls in my home was often too much to handle. Many a night, while the girls were asleep, I lay awake in bed hammering away at my prick to thoughts of fucking each one of their tight little cunts in turn. I’d never acted on any of these thoughts, mind you, but it was difficult not to have them whenever Kimmy had friends stay over.

I got some help with parenting and rearing Kimmy by some of Carol’s old colleagues and friends. The fact that she had so many friends in Elementary school early on made for a healthy social growth, which all ‘the books’ say is a great thing. I had my own mother to rely on too from time to time, but mostly over the phone as she lived in California and was rarely able to visit. Whenever she did, though, of course, she would be so doting on her granddaughter that she often put my fortune to shame. One year, on her birthday, my mother gave Kimmy a 2 carat pair of diamond earrings. This was troubling as she’d not yet gotten her ears pierced. But upon seeing them, I simply couldn’t allow myself to resist Kimmy’s pleadings to go get them pierced that day, when she’d turned seven. It was her idea, also, to have the ‘sex talk’ with Kimmy after she’d inquired about it. She suggested that, if she’s that curious at that age, there’s no reason not to be completely honest with her. Little did she know, nor will she ever, what that conversation spurned inside of my little girl.

Little Kimmy grew up fast and when she’d hit her first period, she was so prepared. I should have been more prepared, though, since apparently, whatever sources she was using to learn about her own bodily functions as she’d hit puberty were so extensive that she knew all about non-procreative sex, masturbation and who knows what else. All this was not unheard of, of course, as I’ve read that many little girls her age, if not younger, are all kinds of sexually active in other parts of the world.

I made a mental note to bring up the source of her information on such matters, but that would have to wait until later. I sighed once again, stroking Kimmy’s long, silky hair as she lay silently against my chest. In my thoughts of how things were before today, the only sounds between us were our breathing. When I suddenly broke the silence, and my reverie, Kimmy leaned back and looked up at me. “What’s wrong, Daddy?” she asked.

“Oh nothing, sweetheart,” I exhaled, stroking her cheek, “just thinking about what it was like to raise you and where I could have gone wrong.”

She looked almost distressed as she leaned in, repositioning herself to sit on her feet and prop her hands on her knees. “What do you mean ‘gone wrong’?”

I chuckled as she looked at me, her eyes inches from mine as she stared into me. I got the feeling she thought I was implying she was broken or something. “I just mean that you seem to know a lot about sex beyond our little talk last year. I can’t agree with someone as young as you are knowing about those kinds of things.” I shook my head and groaned slightly, her gaze unnerving me as I thought about how she may even know more about sex than I.

I was about to continue my train of thought aloud, but Kimmy broke in. “The Internet is a wonderful thing, Daddy.” She nodded once as she said wonderful, as if to further affirm this.

I nodded back, although I’m not sure why. “I figured as much. I knew I could trust you, or I thought I did, when I gave you unfettered access on your computer.”

She seemed to take this as a personal affront. “You CAN trust me, Daddy! I’ve only ever looked at that kind of stuff; I’ve never done anything with anybody.” It was subtle, but when she’d said this, she blushed.

I raised my eyebrow when I saw this. “You haven’t?”

“Nuh-uh, not nobody.” She seemed too adamant about this, acting ever the little girl; though this time it was to cover up a secret she seemed incapable of keeping.

“Not even yourself?” She blushed more obviously and I knew I had her. Whatever disgusting manner of material she exposed herself to, she had to have found plenty on female masturbation; and while I trusted her when she said she wasn’t ‘having fun’ with anyone else, she wasn’t beyond doing it alone. “Ahh, I see.” I poked her belly playfully and she fell away giggling. When she fell back, her legs fell open and I immediately moved between them, tickling her belly with both hands. I had no intention of so quickly rekindling the sexual fire that so recently died down, but I quickly realized that my position was a great catalyst for such an ignition. She wrapped her legs around my back, continuing to giggle as my fingers laid into her torso. As she squirmed, she was moving me with her, a vice-like grip from her legs keeping me close. Soon, she moved me so far up her body that our exposed groins touched, and in the excitement of our wrestling, I’d gotten a semi.

She gasped as she felt my cockhead touch her lower lips, stopping her giggle fit altogether and causing me to stop my tickling. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes in silence. I could feel her outer lips almost calling to be penetrated; she was hot, wet and spread wide. I went to move away and her legs refastened their grip. She pulled me toward her, causing her to gasp again, louder, as the tip of my cock slipped past her outer lips with ease. About an inch of me was inside my ten year old daughter, and I froze, gazing pleadingly into her eyes. I didn’t want to fuck her, not now, not without proper preparation. Kimmy claimed she broke her hymen, but a brush handle felt much different than the real thing and I was not about to allow for the situation where I physically hurt my daughter. Defiantly, my cock stuck out at full attention again, more of it filling into her.

As I looked into her cherubic face, she began biting at her lower lip. I was thankful that was all she was doing, as, with the position we were in, she could have easily MADE me fuck her without much effort. In the smallest whisper, she looked back at me, saying “please fuck me, Daddy.” I would have cum right then if I didn’t see it coming. Given recent events and her sudden change in behavior, the position we were in was going to prompt such a request at some point.

After a moment, staring back into her, I whispered back, “baby, you know I won’t. Not yet.”

She pouted and thrusted her hips forward, but I drew back as much as I could, not allowing her to accomplish her goals. Continuing to whisper, she queried, “doesn’t it feel good inside me, Daddy?”

My little girl sincerely wanted me to blow my load inside of her, or at least that’s the way she was headed if she kept talking that way. I winced at her words and I got the feeling that she understood what she was doing to me. She was right too – it did feel like tightly woven velvet inside of a clenched fist. At least, for what little of my prick was penetrating her, it was the softest thing I’d ever felt wrapped around me, including her mother. “It does, baby. It really does, but—“

I couldn’t stop her; at hearing that she was making me feel good, she thrust forward again as hard as she could and successfully buried about half of me inside of her sweet velveteen pussy before my muscles could react. She gasped sharply and I winced and groaned. Her legs went stiff and I didn’t move. Kimmy’d gotten what she wanted and I knew that, on some level, it hurt her. I wasn’t going to start moving away until she was used to it, and moving away is exactly what I intended to do. After a few short breaths, I asked her after she opened her eyes “why did you do that, Kimberly?” She flinched at her proper name, knowing full well that with its use came a stern reprimand.

“I—I’m sorry, Daddy.” She shifted her crotch slightly, trying to swallow more of me even as I was addressing her sternly. “You said my kitty made you feel good, mmph… I just wanted you to feel even better.” Once again I couldn’t fault her logic, but I couldn’t forgive her taking such a liberty with my body. “Does it… does it feel better, Daddy?”

I was trying my damnedest not to allow her childish mannerisms to get to me. Even as I was buried halfway inside of her, my throbbing cock being clamped down by the smoothest, tightest pussy I’d ever come into contact (pun intended), I was trying to keep my composure. With her legs wrapped around me as they were, I was under her control, lest I hurt her purposefully to break free. I felt a lot like Superman with a Kryptonite cocksleeve on; the more I resisted, the more I felt weak. I winced slightly, shifting my knee feigning a pain in it, but she wasn’t fooled as she kept her legs wrapped tight around my back. I’d have to find out where she got the thigh strength to keep a man like me so tight to her. “Yes, baby, it does feel better…” I softly placed my considerable hand around her small neck as a warning. “But I don’t want to hurt you, please let me go.”

All at once in her eyes, I saw Kimmy go from turned-on at the kinkiness of being choked, to panicked that I might actually choke her, to disappointed that I was asking her to release me. Slowly, she released her legs from around me, allowing me to get out. She kept her feet in the air as I gently slipped away, my cock falling free with a barely audible pop. I got up and looked down at my little girl; her legs spread wide, a subtle smile at her lips – both on her face and at her crotch. “My dear sweet little girl… I want so badly to be inside you… to cum inside of you… to make you completely mine and mine alone…” I can’t believe I was saying all this. “But it’s too soon. Just because it’s something we both want doesn’t mean it’s something we should have.” I always kept a policy of complete candidness with my daughter; there were no secrets between us at all. Apparently, somewhere in my mind, this decade long candidness was becoming complete and utter diarrhea of the mouth. I had only just admitted, if not subtly, to being pedophile to my own underage daughter, and now I was telling her, in no uncertain terms, how badly I wanted to fuck her.

Her young mind seemed to mull this over for a moment before she replied, after clearing her throat of what I knew had to be sadness, “you mean like cookies?” Again, in her own childish way, she was disarming me. While her comparison was correct on a few levels – too much potential sugar for a youth and excess calories for an adult – my mind went to something completely different. ‘Getting your cookies’ is a metaphor I was familiar with for achieving orgasm that I picked up from an old girlfriend in high school. A cutesy term that was seemingly less crass than saying ‘I’m cumming!’

Making certain I didn’t let her get to me, I replied calmly, “yes, dear, like cookies. Too much of a good thing can be bad.” I sat down next to her and she let her feet down finally, one onto the couch, one falling to the floor. Her tight, delicious, hairless little pussy was staring right back at me for a brief moment before she covered it with her hand. “Mm. Is it itchy, baby?” My question was genuine, as she began rubbing it gently with the tips of her fingers as if to scratch it.

She practically moaned “uh-huh” as just her index finger started to slowly play at her little button. She then whispered, looking me right in the eye, “if you won’t make me cum again then I will.” The scene that I felt was about to unfurl before me made me lean back into the couch’s arm, spreading my own legs slightly as I watched. She bit her lip but never took her gaze away, locking eyes with me as if saying ‘this is for you.’ And it was; in a matter of hours, my ten year old daughter learned that I was a man who loved every single part of her body, in both a fatherly and very un-fatherly manner, and not only was she accepting of this, but she embraced it with open arms…and legs.

As she continued to stroke herself with a single finger, now using her other hand to play at her shirt-covered, budding chest, she never seemed to close her eyes at all, lost in a lustful stare back at me. Her soft moaning and cooing prompted my own hand to move to my cock, slightly slick from her young juices and just a little sore from having cum twice in the last hour. I stroked myself slowly, watching my little girl play with herself right in front of me. I resigned to sit back and watch the show, but far be it from to not participate in some way. “Take your shirt off, baby.”

She suddenly stopped what she was doing. She didn’t move otherwise, just staring at me for a moment, considering what I’d said. She sat up, dropped both hands to the bottom of her tiny t-shirt and pulled it up over her head. Discarding it to the floor, she settled back in, wordlessly but not without some more moaning, she resumed her hands to their previous positions – her pussy and nipple.

Her body was gorgeous. I’d seen her naked so many times before, and each time it affected me, if only a little, in a sexual way. But now, after what’s happened, I was seeing her as a young woman who was, in point of fact, a willing sexual partner of mine. So seeing her now, with not a stitch of clothing on, was so different for me, and I was seeing her in an entirely different light. I noticed from where I was that her nipples were very hard, almost to the point where I thought they might be painful for her. As her left hand pulled at one of them, I knew I was at least partially right; she was pinching them to release some pressure. At her age and at her stage of development, they jutted out from her chest like .20 caliber bullets.

It was so hot to watch my own ten year old daughter eagerly play with herself in front of me - staring at me as she was - that I started jerking off with purpose. Soreness be damned, this was the best porn I’d ever seen in my life. I am an admitted pedophile and as I’ve said, I’ve never acted on these impulses, stronger though they were becoming as my little Kimmy was growing into a young woman. This included never downloading or even looking for any manner of ‘kiddie porn’. So to have a little girl fingering her clit right in front of me was, needless to say, the most arousing thing I could readily think of, at all.

All at once, Kimmy both broke the uneasy silence between us and reminded me in one more way, of her mother. “Do you like watching me, Daddy?” There she went, talking dirty, just like Carol did. It’s an unspoken kink of any man I know; we all like women to talk dirty to us. And that my little girl was doing it to me made me skip over several levels of excited.

Almost hoarsely, I answered, “yeah, baby. You’re a good girl. You gonna cum for me?” I fell right into it, I was now part of the porno.

“Yeah… mmph… I’m gonna cum…” Her finger started up furiously, making her head fall back and her eyes finally close. She saw my response as permission to get herself off just as hard and as fast as she could.

“Slow down, baby. Don’t hurt yourself.” Her hand slowed and drew in wider circles, her hips bucking every few seconds. It seemed like her one finger wasn’t enough, and she didn’t make any move to fix this on her own.

“Use three fingers, baby.” She’s done this to herself, several times I’m sure, and apparently she was brought off with clitoral stimulation, not vaginal. But, she started with one finger, and made no indication she was going to end with any different number. But at my verbal nudge, she stopped long enough to join her middle and ring fingers into the fray and start up again. Almost immediately, her head slammed into the couch arm, her hips jumped off the cushion and she let out a screaming moan. I could swear I also saw her let out a little of her juices onto the couch which, leather though it was, would go unclean for now. “That’s it, baby. That feels better, huh?” My own hand was working up and down on my stiff cock, making me wince everyso often at its tenderness, but I didn’t care. I was going to cum with my daughter, and if I could help it, on her.

“Yeah… oh God, yeah… that feels so good…” She could barely form real words between moans, but that was the jist of her response. I knew that would work, as the last woman I’d been with that got off from her clit more than her cunt, she liked how it felt when her different fingers rubbed across her button. Something about the way the spaces between her fingers made it feel. As she continued to buck and moan at her newly found orgasm generator attached to her wrist, her other hand was busy pinching her nipples; she was twisting and pulling at them so hard that I thought sure that, if she wasn’t trying to relieve pain, she was causing it. This led me to believe that she might be a little masochistic – something I may have to explore a little later…

I kept pounding away on my cock as I looked on, my little girl doing a great job at bringing herself closer and closer to the edge. I stood up in preparation for cumming all over that smooth, stunning premature chest of hers. In so doing, I allowed my body to auto-pilot in a manner I wasn’t expecting. I knelt down next to her and, without a word or even realizing what I was doing, I lowered my mouth to the nipple she wasn’t frantically trying to rip off – her right one. This caused her to moan so loud she hurt my ear, but this didn’t stop me from drawing her nub into my mouth, licking and nibbling at it as I sucked. Instead of focusing on her other nipple, her free hand now fell to the back of my head, caressing through my hair, egging me on.
With my cock in my hand, jack-hammering madly, my tongue dancing over my daughter’s pert nipple, her own hand rubbing feverishly into her most sensitive spot and the moaning that I was now joining, the scene became so intense that I felt I would blow at any moment. As if she wanted this more than anything, and knowing just how to make it happen, Kimmy whispered to me “oh God, Daddy. That feels so good, Daddy. Don’t stop sucking my tits, Daddy.” I could hear it in her breathing – she was close. At her words, I was on the verge of blowing a possibly bigger load than the previous two, and I was determined to sully my little girl’s perfect skin with my hot spunk.

Her moans quickened, faster and faster came her breath, I knew she was about to cum any second. I furiously jerked at the head of my reddened cock, just the way I liked it, hoping I could bring myself off with her. Thinking on how hard she was pinching herself before, I positioned my legs such that I could get up quickly while simultaneously biting down hard on her nipple. This did the trick. Her back stiffened and her hand flew from her sopping wet pussy, clenching hard into the leather as she squirted onto the couch before her. Seeing this immediately brought me over the edge and at the last moment, I got to my feet and aimed my cock right at Kimmy. The first shot misfired, coming out harder than I expected and slapping into the back of the couch like a paintball filled with heated gelatin. I moved to the side quickly, taking aim again before my next contraction, hoping the angle would make the rest of my load land where I wanted. My calculation paid off as the next three shots fell across her heaving chest as she moaned and exhaled, watching as I blemished her wonderful, pale body with my eager sperm. As the last few drops dribbled out, I stood over her so it all fell onto her belly, splattering against her with soft impact noises.

When I could finally see straight again, I looked down at my now tarnished daughter to find a surprising sight. She was rubbing it into her as she whimpered and cooed, looking up at me. “Daddy, your cum feels so good on my skin.” The vision that lay before me was marking herself with my jizz, and more than that, it was my ten year old daughter. This fact was enough, sore as it was from exploding as it had so many times in just a few hours, to keep my cock standing at attention. This was a fact that Kimmy exploited, after having applied my cum like a lotion to much of her chest and belly, getting up onto her rump and sitting in front of me. She stared up at me as she popped my cock into her mouth, suckling and moaning as she cleaned my cock for the third time.

Finished with swallowing what was left on the tip of my dick, she leaned back, displaying her shining body, her hands roaming all over herself for a while. She smiled wickedly before long, taking both of her hands across her chest, stopping to pinch both her nipples, brought them together and scaled her torso down toward her pussy. I could see a thin film of what could only be my sperm, hungry for the egg of this tiny girl, leading the edge of her hands as they moved across her crotch. Slowly, she dipped her hands one at a time into herself. Not only had I just watched my daughter use my cum as some manner of body cream, but she took remnants of it and put it right into her own pussy. She repeated this action, slower than before, staring right back into my transfixed gaze, smiling at my gaping mouth. For the second time, I watched her finger herself for several seconds with my own cum on the ends of her fingers.

She was moaning lowly the entire time she did all of this; the rubbing, the fingering, the staring. When she finally seemed satisfied that enough of her body was filled with my essence, from her pores to her pussy, she went to lean back into the couch in relief. She quickly yipped and jumped off the couch though when she felt the cold shot touch her back. “Ooo…” She looked up at me with that wonderfully impish grin, “Daddy, you missed.”

I could only smile back and say “I kinda did, huh?” Idly, as I was watching everything unfold, I had begun playing with the hem of my shirt, which I realized, I still had on. I was amazed at what happened next and my hands dropped to my sides; she got onto the couch, sunk her hips toward me, pointing her ass at me, allowing her pussy lips to open back up and gape at me, taunting me. She dropped into this position to allow her face to be level with the semen splat so that she could, in a very slow and tantalizing manner, accompanied by a deep moan, lick it off the leather cushioning. Kimmy swallowed while leaning her head back with closed eyes, making another show of it, and then leaned forward and put her hands on the back of the couch. Looking back at me, she smirked and wriggled her ass, “don’t you wanna fuck me now?”

I couldn’t resist her anymore, and at this point, I wanted nothing more than to than to fuck the ever loving shit out of my darling, sexy, cum-covered little girl. But my body was screaming at me as the hard-on that never went away strained at the skin covering it. My cock was so full of blood; I thought it was going to explode again, but in a much messier way. “Baby, you have no idea just how much I want to fuck you right now… But I can’t.” I went from admitting that I’m a pedophile, prone to wanton feelings toward someone of my daughter’s age, to flat-out telling my little girl that I wanted to fuck her. More than that, I stopped caring that she was using such vulgar terms. I had gone far beyond treating her like a little girl if she was going to continue to display behavior like this.

Again, taking liberties with my body, she leaned in, touching her open lips to the tip of my cock. We both gasped slightly and she used my stunned reaction to say “but you’re right there, Daddy.” She stopped when our organs merely touched, being at least somewhat of a good girl and not trying to rape me.

It took every shred of self control I had not to grab my little girl’s hips and thrust my cock so far into it, I imagined it coming out of her mouth. But I relented to the synapses going wild in both my brain and my throbbing, aching member. I did, in fact, grab at her hips gently, but to push her away rather than pull her violently toward me. “I’m a 34 year old man, dear. Having an orgasm three times in two hours is a damn miracle.” Having her hips still in my hands, I snaked my hands forward slightly, got a good grip on her pelvis and lifted her off the couch with relative ease, spinning her around in mid-air. This caused her to giggle slightly, as being manhandled by her Daddy was always something she enjoyed to no end. I maneuvered my hands beneath her and cupped her bare cheeks in my hands, our faces mere inches from each other and I said softly, “I promise, that if you give me a few hours, I will take your most precious possession from you if you’re still willing to let me have it.”

As she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around the small of my back - making me very aware that her still dripping pussy was hovering just above my quivering cock - she kissed my cheek and said simply “of course you can have my cherry, Daddy!” She said this so easily and matter-of-factly that I wondered briefly how long she’d been waiting to say that. I became aware of the wetness of her pussy against my belly, and it was as if this fact reminded me of something.

“You know, now that I think of it…” I slowly began to lower her against my body and her eyes began to widen and a smile formed across both sets of her lips. “I’ve already been the first man to penetrate you, thanks to you.” At this, I got a full toothy grin. Her lips touched the tip of my still achingly hard cock. “What’s the harm in doing it again…only deeper?” Her eyes lit up and I felt her wrists loosen from around my neck causing her weight to shift. I almost lost my grip on her tight little butt, but instead, she literally fell onto my cock and, thanks to gravity, my cock buried itself full to the hilt in one go.

I caught her just in time and caught my balance without dropping her completely. Her legs were still wrapped around me and when my full seven inches squirmed inside of her, she could not stop moaning for more than a minute. It was like a dream, a wonderful, little-girl-pussy filled dream. Almost as soon as the tip of my cock made contact with her vaginal wall, all my soreness went away. Again my resolve was tested as I tried not to grab her ass tighter and fuck her until she passed out. But I knew that if I just risked cumming again, I may give myself a heart attack. So I resigned to do nothing for the moment, allowing myself to sink in and let Kimmy get a feel for me.

I saw her reach her hand down toward her groin but I grabbed her wrist to stop her. “No no, baby. If you want me to fuck you, you’re going to feel what it’s like by itself.” With her still verily impaled on my member, I gripped her ass decisively and lifted her off of me, missing almost immediately the feeling her little kitty was creating for me. I wanted her to think I was going to fuck her, but instead, I lifted her all the way off of me, her pussy making that same gentle popping. I was quickly growing to love that sound.

She groaned deeply as she felt the absence of my fullness. “Nnn… you tease, Daddy.” She batted her hand gently against my chest.

“Well, I didn’t say when I’d fuck you, did I?” I smiled wide and she pouted, still being held up by the ass with my hands. “I said before, baby, I’m tired. But at least now, without question, I’ve taken your cherry.” I leaned forward and dropped her softly back onto the couch. I looked over to the portions of the couch that she came all over not too long before and it seemed to have evaporated already, though there was some kind of discoloration. I thought to myself that the only stain I’ve ever allowed on this expensive leather couch was the pussy juices of my little girl and my own cum. Although, it may have happened before on one of the many days Kimmy got home from school before I did from work.

I stood back up and, to continue with my newfound boldness around my daughter, said to her “now clean off my cock and I’ll make us some lunch.” I smiled, caressing her long hair as she hungrily licked and sucked her own sweet, tasty, life-giving pussy juices off of me.

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