Just a story I wrote when i was still in high school in tenth grade. Before you proceed to read this is not a sexual story so if that's what you're looking for then u can pick one of my other stories. If you still want to read this then feel free to read on....
The Life and Times of Raven Cromwell

Chapter 1
No one ever knows why people act a certain way, wear what they wear, or say the things they say. It’s just what they’re used to; sometimes they do it for so long, they don’t know how to stop being that way. But there is always something, or someone, that can come along and make them change for the better. And that’s exactly what happened to Raven Cromwell.
Allison Thomas was once as normal as the next person. I know what you’re thinking. You are probably wondering who Allison is, since I just said that this story is about a girl named Raven. Well Allison is Raven, before she changed her name. She called herself Raven because she thought the bird was dark and mysterious, much like herself. Her last name, Cromwell, was the name of the most powerful group of witches ever known in the earlier days. She used to be a normal student with tons of friends and lots of opportunities, but in her sophomore year of high school, she changed, probably more than any one else in her entire school ever has. Her once long and silky brown hair is now short, kind of rough looking, and black. Her wardrobe, which used to be full of a variety of colors, contains only three main colors: black, blood red, and midnight purple. Her fingernails are long and sharp, which she let grow because she has a habit of using them as weapons against people if she gets crossed the wrong way; most students refer to them as banshee claws. She has at least ten piercings and three tattoos. She has even gotten herself a nickname around the school because of her new look. No one ever called her the name to her face, for fear of being scratched by her “claws”, which some students rumored to be covered with snake venom. Among the students, she was known as the vampire bat out of hell.
Because of Raven’s new look, she is almost always alone. She doesn’t enjoy it, but she doesn’t really have a choice. She likes the way she looks and she doesn’t want to change that just because people judge her before they get to know her. But she does miss having her friends around whenever she needs someone to talk to. Everyone she knows, including her own family, has turned their backs on her because they think she’s crazy. In truth, she’s not crazy, but she’s not all that sane either. She created this other life because she wants people to know that she is nothing to fool around with. Anyone that has gotten within two feet of her has also gotten the message and they live by that message like it’s the law or, more importantly, like their lives depend on it. Everyone knows better than to test Raven’s patience and knew that she was serious about the fact that she’s a rebellious tyrant. But when the new girl came into the school, of course she didn’t know about Raven. And she was soon to find out why no one EVER crosses Raven Cromwell.

Chapter 2
Tamera Jones, a new exchange student who was well unaware of Raven’s condition, came into class on what she thought would be another normal day like at all her other old schools. Raven was where she was as usual, in the corner in the back of the class. The teacher, Mr. Foreman, introduced her and left the room to get her books, a printed copy of her schedule, and to make copies for his classes’ midterm test next week. As soon as he left, Tamera chose her desk and sat in it smiling. Everyone turned around and stared at her. She looked around and said, “Nice to meet everyone. I hope you will all help me feel welcome. Maybe we could even end up being best friends by the time the school year is over.” She smiled for a few more seconds and then she just burst into laughter. No one would have ever expected her to say what had come out of her mouth next. “You’re complete idiots if you believe any of that crap I just said. None of you look even half decent enough to be seen in public. Just to let you know, every school I have ever set foot in has become my ruling ground, so just stay out of my way and we’ll be good. Got me?” Everyone nodded, all except for Raven. Tamera was enraged. Raven just sat with her head down, barely moving or making a sound. Tamera stood up angrily and shouted, “Hey, freak show in the back. Are you hard of hearing?” Raven didn’t budge, which only made her angrier. “I’m talking to you”, she demanded, “What’s your name freak?” By this time, every head and pair of eyes had turned to the scene unraveling before them. They all looked both shocked and relieved as Raven slowly looked up and calmly said, “The name’s Raven.” “That’s a stupid name”, Tamera spat back, “What kind of name is that?” “It’s the name of the girl who’s gonna kick your ass if you keep talking. And I’m not too crazy about the name Tamera either, so why don’t you shut your face before I have to shut it for you.” Tamera’s eyes grew wide with shock and anger. “Do you know who you’re talking to”, Tamera shouted, “You must have lost your mind! No one talks to me like that. I’ll make your life so much a living hell, that you’ll never show your face around here again.”
Unaware of Raven’s speed and height, as Raven was at least a foot taller then her, Tamera was caught off guard as Raven walked, almost glided, over to her desk and stood in front of her. Raven glared at her threateningly, but Tamera didn’t move, blink, or even flinch. In a calmer voice than she should have, Raven said, “Why don’t you just sit down and shut up before I end up having to help you.” Tamera opened her mouth to argue; as soon as she did, Raven’s hand grasped her throat and squeezed, causing her sharp nails to dig into her neck. “Let me make this perfectly clear”, Raven threatened through clenched teeth, “I’m the only one that runs this school. Nobody scares me or tells me what to do. Next time you step to me, I’ll try my best to kill you.” Tamera’s eyes filled with tears. “You’re actually crying? And I thought you were tough. Show some backbone you spineless brat. Just remember what I said and don’t try anything stupid because if these guys know what’s good for them and you, they’ll tell me if you do. So learn how to stay in your place or get put in it. Do you understand or are you hard of hearing?” Tamera nodded and Raven released her throat. Tamera wiped her eyes and, when she did, she caught a glimpse of Raven’s nails, which were covered in blood. She wiped her throat and almost fainted at the sight of her own blood on her hands.
Two minutes later, Mr. Foreman walked in and looked at Tamera’s neck in horror. His eyes danced frantically around the class and finally settled upon Raven, who was looking down at her bloodstained nails with an expressionless face. He calmly asked, “You made her mad didn’t you? She’s the one who did this to you?” Tamera nodded, as it seemed to be the only thing she could manage to do. “Well, come on. I’ll take you to the nurse’s office and get you cleaned up.” As they walked down the hall, Raven stared after them with a sickening, but satisfied, smile on her face.

Chapter 3
You see, even the teachers knew about Raven. If Raven was failing, they would pass her, just to get her one step closer to getting out of the school for good. No one dared to cross her, under ANY circumstances. She owned the school and strived to keep it that way.
Well, Tamera seemed to have learned her lesson. That was the first and, hopefully, the last time she would challenge Raven. After this confrontation, Raven tried to keep her distance from anyone else, so as not to get into any more trouble, but more exchange students kept enrolling and thought they were bad enough to test her patience. But, in a course of one class period, those same “tough” kids were deathly silent and terrified. Raven, of course, went back to being her regular, isolated self until one exchange student came in and was about to bring Allison out of the Ravenous shadows concealing her.
His name is Mark Tanner. Many people, mostly girls, would say tons of things could be used to describe him, such as: cute, nice, charming, or just insanely hot. Here’s a full description, for those of you that are curious. He has short, shaggy blond hair; baby blue eyes; a small nose that wrinkles at the top whenever he laughs or smiles; thin, but partially full, lips; medium build; and is at least six feet tall, two inches taller than Raven.
As Mark was looking down at his new schedule, he didn’t pay attention to where he was going and walked right into Raven. Raven whirled around, claws drawn and ready. “Hey, watch where the hell you’re…” She was caught in mid-sentence by the sight of Mark’s baby blue eyes looking up at her from where his books and papers lay scattered across the floor. She felt like she was going to hurl. She wanted to say something, anything; but what? Before she could think of anything, Mark was on his feet. “Sorry”, he said, “I-I-I didn’t mean to bump into you.” This isn’t normal for him. He never really has any problem with talking to girls, so why is he tongue-tied all of a sudden? “That’s ok”, she replied shakily, which isn’t like her either; he’d be road kill by now if he was any other guy. “Do you know where Ms. Kingwood’s class is? I can’t find it anywhere”, he asked her. “I could take you there if you like. I’m going there myself”, she told him. Why am I being so nice? she thought to herself. “Thanks”, he replied. Why didn’t I say something smoother? he thought to himself. So, as both were lost in their own thoughts, they walked to Ms. Kingwood’s class and as Raven took her usual seat, she was surprised to see Mark saunter behind her and take the seat next to hers.
Raven never had much luck with guys. Actually, she didn’t have any luck with them at all. She kept saying to herself: Who am I kidding? I can’t get a guy like that in my dreams. I’m mean, unattractive, and cold as ice. A guy as hot as him could never be interested in me; could he?
Mark had always had no problem getting or talking to girls. Mostly, the girls came after him. He kept saying to himself: Why can’t I talk to this girl? Cute girls never throw me off like this. And she’s not coming after me like all the others. A girl like her could never be interested in me; could she?
Raven was again shocked as Mark turned to her and said, “My name’s Mark.” He held out his hand. “What’s yours?” Raven just stared at his hand for a few seconds, smiled, and said, “My name’s Allison.” “Well nice to officially meet you, Allison”, he replied in a pleased tone. She took his hand and shook it lightly. As they shook hands, they had a simultaneous thought: Maybe this could turn out to be something after all.

Chapter 4
For the next few days, Mark and Allison started to become really close. I’m only calling her Allison because, in those couple of days, she never told Mark about her reputation as Raven Cromwell; she planned to keep Raven under wraps for a while. She figured that if Mark knew the real her, she wouldn’t stand even a fraction of a chance of being with him over the course of their friendship. All she figured she really needed was the right time and place, and she would tell him. But what she wanted most was the opportunity to date him. And, little did she know, her chance was, literally, right around the corner.
As Allison was lost in these thoughts, she didn’t notice Mark come onto the hallway. He stood up against the wall and she walked right past him, and she would’ve kept going if he hadn’t called her name. “Hey, Allison”, he called, “I need to talk to you.” Allison turned around to see Mark beaming at her from where he was standing. She slowly walked toward him with one thought on her mind: I wonder what he wants. Why does he have to be so freakin’ cute? When she got to where he was, he stared at her for a moment, then down at his continuously shuffling feet, then at the ceiling, and then back at her. “Didn’t you say you needed to talk to me”, Allison asked after the third time he did this. “Yeah”, he replied in a tone that let Allison know that he was having an internal battle. “Well, what is it? You can tell me anything; we are friends, you know”, she told him. What Mark said next almost shocked her out of her shoes. “Would you be interested in going out with me tomorrow night”, he asked nervously. “You mean, like, on a date”, she asked with the same level of intensity in her voice. “Well, yeah. I really like you Allison and I would like, even more, to take you out for once. What do you say?” “Yes, I would love to go”, she said in almost a shout. “And I was worried you were going to say no. I’ll pick you up at 8 o’clock, ok.” “That’s perfect”, she said with an eagerness that was almost impossible to hide. Mark gave her a hug and after about a minute of holding each other, the late bell sounded. They finally let go and went their separate ways, each one looking back at the other as they sauntered off to their last class of the day.
The next day as they were sitting in Ms. Kingwood’s class, Allison told Mark that she was going home early to get ready for their date because she had a big surprise for him. “What is it? What’s so special about this surprise that it takes you seven hours to get ready for it”, he asked impatiently. “You’ll just have to wait and see, but I can tell you that it’s pretty big of a surprise”, she assured him. After giving her a long hug after class, as he often did, they said their goodbyes and Allison walked home, with more thoughts swirling through her head. People actually like me now that I seem more normal. I’m making friends, kids have stopped being afraid of me, and, on top of all that, I might be getting a boyfriend soon. Life can’t get any better than this. It took her a little longer than usual to get home, on account of the distractive thoughts of Mark. When she finally did get home, she wasn’t too surprised to find that no one was home. That had become an everyday thing ever since she changed her look, but there was really nothing she could do about that. She went into her room and lie down on her black and purple bed, and found herself thinking more about Mark than usual. Tonight was her big night and she was not going to mess this up. So, with thoughts of Mark still in her head, she got up and walked over to her closet. She still had six and a half hours left, and she needed to use every minute of it. She took everything out that she needed and set to work. At 8 o’clock sharp, her doorbell rang. She was all dressed and ready to go; she swiftly went to the door. “Who is it”, she asked. “It’s Mark”, said Mark’s voice from the other side of the door. She opened the door, hoping Mark would like her surprise. As she stepped into the light of the porch, she could tell that he was in awe because his mouth dropped open, his eyes seemed to light up, and he couldn’t stop staring at the miraculous site before him.
I’ll bet you’re wondering why Mark was so shocked. Well, Raven had gone under a complete transformation back to Allison. She had dyed her hair back to the original deep brown color it once had been, and it no longer looked rough, but smooth and silky as it used to be. She wore a striped yellow, pink, and white summer dress with leggings and flats. She didn’t have on any makeup at all; her face looked the most natural it ever had in almost two years. Her fingernails had been filed down to the point that they were no longer sharp, but neatly squared and straight. Mark was speechless; all he could do was stare at her. After what seemed like an eternity, Allison said, “Well…what do you think?” “I don’t know what to say. You did all this for me? I’m really touched, Allison. You look absolutely beautiful.” “You really think so”, she asked with anticipation. “Of course I do. You really shouldn’t have gone through so much trouble for me.” “Well it had been so long since I’ve seen myself like this; I thought maybe it was time for a change.” “Well, I’m honored to be your date tonight. Shall we go”, Mark asked in a flirty sort of tone. “By all means”, Allison replied. And off they went, arm in arm, to catch the bus to the movies.
Although Allison had obviously returned, Raven was extremely relieved that Mark seemed to like Allison as much as he liked her while still in her Raven stage. She kind of liked the way he looked at her when he saw her as Allison for the first time; she figured if she had the chance, she wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.
When they got to the movies, they saw the movie, Twilight, which they had both been dying to watch. But during each of the romantic scenes, Mark and Allison both looked at each other with a smile on their faces, but turned away from each other out of nervousness. When the movie was over they went out to Golden Corale for dinner. They sat close to one another, holding hands and talking. They both had an intense fire in their eyes that was unmistakable. After dinner they went back to Allison’s house and Mark walked her up to her front porch. “I’m really glad you let me take you out on a date, Allison. I had a great time. We should definitely do this again.” “I’m glad you asked me and I would love to do it again. Maybe this weekend, if that’s ok.” “Of course; we’ll go out again Saturday at 7:30. Sound good”, said Mark with hope in his eyes. “Sounds great”, replied Allison. Then it was totally silent and the air between them got thick and intense. Allison saw Mark step toward her and put his face directly in front of hers. He was so close to her that their lips just barely touched and she could feel his breath, warm and comforting. “You really are beautiful, you know that”, Mark said in a low whisper. Allison could feel herself blushing and her cheeks grew warm in reaction to Mark’s closeness to her. Mark leaned closer and when their lips touched, it was like nothing she had ever experienced. Allison’s face was flushed and was growing hotter by the second as she put everything she had into that wonderful first kiss between them. The more passion she put into that kiss, Mark would put in just as much as she did. After a few minutes, they pulled away. “So what does this mean for us”, Allison asked him. “Well, if you’ll have me, I’d like for us to be more than friends, Allison. I want you to be my girlfriend, but only if you want to be”, he said with even more longing in his voice than she had ever heard before. “I thought you’d never ask”, she said with a smile. So, with one last kiss and a hug goodbye, Allison went inside and watched Mark get on the bus to go home and didn’t leave the window until she saw the bus’s tail lights disappear into the distance.
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