The End of Pam's Week of sex in Scottsdale
Pam's Trip to Scottsdale 7

I didn't sleep very well. All night long I kept waking up, thinking about
Kaylee and still a little pissed. She was beginning to use me like she
used Kevin. It was always about her and I wanted it to be all about me.

The aroma of food got my attention and I realized how hungry I was. I got
up, ran a brush thru my hair and headed for the dining room. Kevin and
Kaylee were both seated eating and as I walked into the room I realized I
was the only one without cloths on. They were both fully dressed and like
they were going to a funeral or something.

"I'll be right back," I mumbled as a headed out.

"Hold on," Kaylee called, "Go to our room and you'll find cloths on the

I thought ok what's going on now. I found the cloths and was more
perplexed. A woman's suit with knee length skirt. White blouse and even a
bra and plain white panties. Plain black shoes to top off the outfit. Of
course they fit perfectly and made me look like the secretary for the local

I was very quiet at breakfast, eating my food with the proper manners to go
with my outfit. There was no conversation at all until finally Kaylee

"This morning we are going to show you Scottsdale and then we will have
lunch at one of the social clubs we belong to and this afternoon you will
meet my Master. Does that sound all right to you?"

I thought "Oh, great," I get to see the city. And then I though, what does
she mean by Master. But I said to myself, "Don't ask."

"OK I said, that sounds like fun."

I was only about half thru eating when Kaylee bounced up and said "Times a
wasting." I thought FUCK YOU; I'm going to finish eating. When I didn't
lay my fork down and pop up I got a glare from Kaylee but I continued
eating. I kept her waiting for about 5 minutes but finally finished. She
gave me another icy glare and we headed out the door. And let me tell you
the morning was booorrriiinggg. Kevin tried to keep the mood light but
could tell something was wrong. I personally didn't give a fuck at that
point and apparently neither did Kaylee.

About 12:30 we pulled up in front of a big old colonial style building with
big white columns and attendants dressed in 1800's costumes. The limo
pulled up in front and we were escorted inside. Everyone seemed to know
Kaylee and Kevin and seemed sincerely happy to see them. Probably because
they give big tips I guessed. We were seated at a round table on the edge
of the dining room and a waiter told us what the menu was and we ordered.
A girl brought three glasses of iced tea and I wondered what this is?
Kaylee mentioned that she had ordered it.

I gave her a dirty look as I took a sip and it had to be the worst tea I
had ever tried. Sweet and some kind of flavor. I sat it down and took a
drink of water to wash out my mouth. I got another big glare from Kaylee.
Then Kevin said,

"OK girls, I don't know what's going on but I want it to stop. You two are
acting like 12 year olds. So put what ever is causing the problem out of
your mind and shape up. Or else it's to the airport with Pammy and home
with Kaylee."

I thought for a minute about the great time we had had since I got here and
what a really great lover Kaylee had been and that this was the last day
and I didn't want to fuck it up. I felt under the table with my leg and
found Kaylee's. When I started rubbing up and down she looked at me and
smiled an "I'm sorry" smile. I kept rubbing her leg with mine and she
started to press back against it. Pretty soon she pushed her chair back
and said she had to go to the powder room. She looked at me and smiled so I
said I think I'll join you. I followed her quietly until we got in side
the lady's room. She turned and said,

"What the fuck did I do to piss you off so bad? You have been surly since
last night."

"It's not what you did," I said, "It's what you didn't do. You didn't let
us stay out there long enough for me to try Chairman. Probably my last
chance with a horse for a long time but just as soon as you got your rocks
off it was time for us to go. That's what has pissed me off."

Kaylee looked at me and the sad look that covered her face showed me that
she really was sorry. That she hadn't even thought about that.

"Pammy you have no idea how sorry I am."

She was standing right in front of me. She took my hand in hers and pulled
me to her. Then she planted the most passionate kiss on my mouth that I had
had for months. Her tongue explored my mouth while her hand began
exploring my body. I wanted this girl bad. I wanted to see if there was
any horse taste left in her pussy. She broke the kiss and looked in my

"Well," she said, "I'd like to say that I did it on purpose so you'd have
to come back down for sure, but to be truthful, I just wasn't
thinking. Will you forgive me?"

"If you take off your panties and set up there on the counter so I can see
if there is any Chairman left."

She was a bit wet and very aromatic. I buried my face in her nest, taking
a deep breath as I did. I licked and played and nibbled but found no new
taste. I was somewhat disappointed but stood up saying,

"Nope, nothing there. You did to good a job in the shower this morning."

She stuffed her panties into her purse and we headed back to table. Kevin
was all smiles as he watched us return, hand in hand.

"Wonderful," he said as we were seated. "I'm so glad to see that you girls
have made up."

We both laughed and looked at each other and said, "Yes and we also made
out a little."

Kevin laughed and said just in time as the waiter placed our food before
us. It looked delicious and I was starving. We dug in and no sounds
except chewing and silver clanking on the plates was heard from our table.
We each finished a second glass of wine before thanking our waiter and
heading for the door. Someone had called because our limo was waiting in

"Have you brought Pammy up to speed?" Kevin asked Kaylee.

"No but I guess we better. We are going to stop by and see my Master,"
Kaylee said.

"Excuse me but I thought Kevin was your Master," I retorted.

"Kevin is my lover and my soul mate but Golldon is my Master. And my
teacher," she added.

"What does he teach," I asked.

"BDSM and all that goes with it," Kaylee replied.

"Oh that weird shit with ropes and chains and whips!" I stated.

This made Kaylee a little mad and she said, "NO, it's not weird shit its
serious and I am getting into it."

"Well you can leave me in the limo because I'm not the least bit inclined
to participate," I told her. She convinced me to at least come in and
watch for a while.

We pulled up in front of a big, old well kept house. The grounds were
manicured and spotless. Our driver opened the door and we headed up the
wide steps. We were greeted by a beautiful woman dressed in a very tight
long black gown. Her face was beautifully made up bringing out her dark
mysterious eyes and voluptuous lips. Her hair was coal black with a long
white lock down the left side which hung over the side of her face. I was
instantly in love. Her bosom pushed the front of her gown out and two
large hard nipples made an impression on the gown and on me.

She gave a welcoming greeting to Kevin and Kaylee, kissing them on both
cheeks. Then did the same to me when we were introduced.

"Please follow me, Golldon is waiting for you," the Lady said and ushered
us down a long hall into a large dimly lit room. I looked around and saw
all sorts of weird contraptions which I decided must be used in their
rituals. Then a large, cloth covered item began to move and two arms
stretched out to the sides and this Dracula type figure appeared. This was
getting weirder by the minute. I expected a Hellllooooo dawwwllings from
him but instead this high pitched voice said,

"Kaylee, so nice to see you," as he approached us.

He completely ignored Kevin and me which suited me fine. He took Kaylee by
the hand and led her over to a big sort of love seat. He asked about her
reactions to their last visit and she told him she was OK with what
happened and was ready for the next lesson. But first she wanted to
introduce a friend.

"Pammy, darling please come over here," Kaylee said.

I hesitated trying to decide if I should run or what. Then she repeated
her request adding that "It's not going to hurt you to meet my Master."

I moved over to where they were seated, leaving Kevin standing by the door.
Kaylee took my hand and placed in her Masters and told him what a dear
friend I was and that she wanted me to join her in a lesson. Her Master
looked at me with this evil smile and suggested I would make a beautiful
pupil. I tried to pull back my hand but he wouldn't release it.

He explained that he had a number of pupils and all were there because they
were 100 per cent willing. That they all had two words that he recognized
the first being that they were getting close to their breaking point and
the second that they were there. He stated firmly that he always stopped
when they wanted.

I said, "Well I have three words for you, NO FUCKING WAY. I'm sorry Kaylee
but I told you I wasn't interested and that hasn't changed a bit."

They both looked at me with a bit of surprise but then the Master took
Kaylee's hand and without comment led her over to one of the contraptions.
As he stood there with her he gave instructions that I couldn't hear but
Kaylee began removing her cloths. There was nothing fancy or mysterious
about this, it was just Kaylee getting nude. The first thing the Master
did was run his hands over the beautiful nude woman standing before him.
He caressed her shoulders and arms and then to her tits and down to her
thighs and butt and finally running a couple of finger around her pussy.
Then he pinched her nipples very hard, making Kaylee cry out. He did that
several more times until Kaylee was quiet. Then out of a box on a tray by
the contraption he took a couple of things, small chains with something
dangling down on them. These he attached to Kaylee's nipples. We could
see the pain on Kaylee's face and it was apparent that the rings on the end
of the chain had pierced her nipples and the weight was causing more pain.

Then the Master secured her arms to a bar over her head and her legs to
similar bars on her sides. Her legs were spread wide a part. The Master's
body was blocking our view but I thought it looked like he was licking her
pussy. Soon he took chains that looked very much like the ones he had used
on her nipples and attached one to each of her pussy lips. They were
considerly bigger and pulled her lips down in a very grotesc way. I had
had enough and told Kevin I was going to wait in the limo. He said OK but
that they would probably be a half hour or more. I walked down the hall
and was met by the lady. I hated to admit it but my pussy was getting very
strange feelings from watching what was going on with Kaylee. When I saw
the lady I thought maybe she might be able to help me out.

She took my hand and asked "What was wrong?"

"I just don't care for that type of thing," I said. I love to have my
nipples and pussy played with and nibbled on but not like the Master was
doing to Kaylee."

"Do you like this better?" the lady asked as she gave my nipple a little

I looked at her and smiled and put my hand on the side of her face. Her
eyes penetrated my very sole as we stood there, Then I pulled her face to
mine and buried my tongue in her mouth. She released my breast and led me
into another room. We sat on a large sofa and continued out kiss. The
lady's hands were all over me and mine were all over her. Her breasts were
quite large and very firm. And her pussy proved to me as wet as mine. She
stood up and pushed me over on my back onto the sofa, hoisted her gown and
laid down on me 69. She pushed my panties to the side and found my clit
with her tongue. She had no panties on to get in my way so I immediately
began licking and sucking her hairless cunny. In a matter of minutes I was
convulsing thru one continuous climax while her love juice was running down
my face. Then almost as quickly as it had started out little love fest was
over, the lady stood up, straightened her gown and muttered something about
she shouldn't have done that and if the Master found out she would be
severely punished. I'm sure I looked very bewildered as I said he wouldn't
find out from me.

The lady showed me to the front door and there was the limo waiting for me.
The driver opened the door and I seated myself in the back. The lady had
given my pussy a great licking but hadn't satisfied me completely. Just as
the driver closed the door I noticed what a great bulge he had in his
pants. He drove us around behind to the parking area. When we stopped I
told him I needed his help in the back. He came around and opened the
door. I was setting there with legs spread wide and no panties. He said,
"Oh no mam, No No No. If I even touch you I will be in so much trouble with

I reached out a cupped his bulge in my hand. "But they won't find out," I
said. "I really want to thank you for being so kind to me while I've been

All though he continued to protest, he didn't move. His bulge was growing
as we talked and my pussy was getting wetter. I put my legs out of the
door and sat on the edge of the seat. His cock was soon out of his pants
and what a beautiful cock it was. Eight inches by thick, beautifully cut
with a large mushroom shaped head. His precut was already making the head
glisten in the sunlight. It found its way to my mouth and down my throat.
But I was very disappointed when after only a few minutes he started
moaning that he was about to cum. And in a few more moments he filled my
mouth with his load. I sucked and swallowed and sucked and swallowed until
his soft little man tool was pulled away from me and returned to its cave.
But it was just in time because I heard the phone say, "Come and get us."

I watched as Kevin helped Kaylee down the steps. She looked like she was
in a daze and almost unable to walk by herself. I looked at my watch and
figured she had been in the clutches of the Master for about 45 minutes.
The driver opened the door and Kaylee slid in beside me. I asked her if
she was OK and she just sort of starred at me.

Finally she muttered, "Of course I'm OK. Why wouldn't I be?"

I dropped the conversation and looked at Kevin. He gave me that "I don't
know what to tell you" shrug. The ride home was very quiet. I felt some
crusty something on my cheek and rubbed it with my finger. I was some of
the driver's cum. I thought oh shit one of them will see it. And sure
enough when we got out of the car Kaylee took a hold of my chin to get a
better look and asked "Who did that come from?"

"One of the lot boys," I muttered as I headed for the house.

I went to the kitchen looking for a beer or something and Kevin came in and
told me Kaylee was going to rest for a while and I was free to do anything
I wanted.

"Does that include doing anyone I want," I said with a sexy smile on my

"The boys are all yours," he said "but I'm off limits unless Kaylee is

"Well I wouldn't mind fucking you on Kaylee's bed," I said.

"Maybe later," he said.

With that he turned and left me standing there alone with a terrible case
of the horneys. "Well boys," I said to myself, "I hope one of you is ready
to fuck."

I went out the side of the house where the kennels were. Each boy had his
own with a gate between them, kind of like adjoining rooms in a hotel. I
thought to myself that I wanted to play like I was the boy's bitch so what
better place then their house. I didn't want to play favorites so I opened
the middle gate. Both boys were glad to see me and jumped around whining
for attention. After a couple of growls and nips it was evident that Andy
was the alpha male. Leon was wanting attention but was not nearly as
aggressive as Andy. I took of my cloths and put one foot up on a bench
giving Andy free access to my cunt. His tongue found its mark and began
working on my clit. He had me in orbit in short order and from the looks
of him he also was enjoying the action. I dropped to my knees with my
chest resting on the bench and of course Andy knew what to do. It only took
this well trained lover a couple of jabs and a couple of strokes and he was
buried in my pussy. And then the hammering began. I was pushed so hard
against the bench the front of my legs hurt. His cock was relentless. But
it felt ohhh soooo goooood. Poor Leon was standing off to the side crying
so I said come here and he moved over by us. I played with his cock until
it was completely out of its sheath and then pulled it over to my mouth.

It doesn't get much better then this, I thought to myself. Getting hammered
by a hard doggy cock and getting my tonsils tickled by another. I felt the
knot pounding my cunny start to enter and knew that a big load was about to
be deposited. And the big knot in my hand signaled the same. Andy
collapsed onto my back as his seed filled my love canal. And my mouth was
getting the same wonderful treat. Leon went back in his room as soon as he
was finished and Andy jumped off of me when he was. I could feel his hot
cum running down my thighs but just laid there and enjoyed my recovery.

After a few minutes I got up and picked up my cloths. I decided I needed a
shower so didn't dress. As I entered the house I was spotted by
Carlita. Her eyes were all over me like mine had been on her the first time
we met.

"Good Morning," she cooed. "You look kind of worn out."

I looked at her and chuckled, "Yeah like I've been run hard and put away

She laughed at that and then suggested I follow her into the kitchen for
some coffee. She took my cloths from my hands and said she would take care
of them. Of course that also left me completely bare, with only some doggy
cum covering me.

I sat down at the table with my legs out to the side. Carlita served me a
mug of coffee but dropped my napkin. She dropped to her knees in front of
me and reached under the table. I had a really good idea of what she had in
mind so spread my legs slightly.

"Being a bit obvious aren't we?" I laughed.

Carlita just looked up at me and smiled as she put her hands on my thighs
and spread my legs. I scooted forward on the chair to give her complete
access to my cunny. Her tongue entered me like a small prick, wiggling
around inside and then finding my clit. I was under her spell, moaning and
wiggling as she tended to my cunt. My climax hit like a freight train and
as I squirted juice all over her she continued to lick.

When I finally came down from my cloud I asked her when I was going to get
to return the favor. Why don't I go check with Kevin and see when he wants
dinner. Maybe right now will be the time. She returned but with a big
frown on her face. Kevin says he wants dinner served in about an hour so I
have to get to work. I guess it will have to be later.

"But I leave tomorrow," I said "And I really want you sometime before I

"I'm sorry but I just have to get to work. Maybe later it will work out."

I decided to shower and take a short nap before dinner. There was no
sounds coming from the room Kaylee and Kevin slept in so thought I would be
OK. The shower felt so wonderful on my tired body but I was sorry to wash
all the cum off. Next time I'll have to work harder to swallow it all.

My alarm went of at 6:45 leaving me 15 minutes to get ready for dinner. I
looked out in the hall to see if anyone was there to tell me what the dress
would be. Kaylee saw me and said to come into her room and she would
outfit me. I might just as well have gone naked. She gave me some sort of
sun dress made out of a really loud floral print. There was barely enough
material on the top to cover my nipples and almost as little making the
skirt. If I walked very fast my motion flipped the skirt up and exposed my
hairless cunt. She also tossed me a pair of white flats to wear.

I felt a little exposed until I looked at what she had picked out. Very
much like mine except in two pieces. I mused to myself that in both
outfits together there wasn't enough material for a medium sized t shirt.
Kaylee took my hand and led me to the dining room. Kevin was already seat
with a scotch in his hand. The waiter poured Kaylee and me a glass of
chardonnay and we started chatting.

"How are you feeling after your class with the Master?" I asked.

Kaylee looked at me with a smile and said "I think I passed with flying
colors. I really wish you would try it sometime."

"No Thanks," I replied. "I'll take my loving the old fashioned way."

Kevin chuckled at our banter. "You girls really go well together. I sure
hope you don't get pissed off at each other again."

"I promise we won't," Kaylee said.

"And I promise too," I added.

We talked about the coming day and what time we would have to leave for the
airport deciding we should leave about 2 o'clock. Kaylee said, "Ok then
here's the plan. I will get us up at 8 AM and we'll have a quick bite.
Then we are going to live out your fantasy. We will have from about 8:30 to
1:30 to accomplish it. Sound good to you?"

I couldn't think what she was talking about, My Fantasy. She saw the
question on my face and said,

"Don't you remember our chat on messenger when you told me what you wanted
to do was lick my cunny after I had been fucked by the three guys and it
had been filled with Kevin and the boys cum?

Oh gawd, just the thought made me wet. Sucking all that cum out of her hot
cunt. MMMMMMMMM. She smiled at me seeing that I remembered.

"OK then, tonight there will be no sex so we will be fresh and ready for
the morning."

That kind of disappointed me but I thought Ok what the hell I guess I can
go 12 hours with out some. The waiter refreshed out glasses and we left
the dining area for the TV room. I noticed that what was showing was not a
porn, just some TV sitcom. We sat down and pretended to watch. I almost
got up and said boooorrrrring but didn't, waiting for Kaylee to change her
mind about no sex. But an hour later and another dumb program later we
were still fully clothed so I said I was heading for bed and would see them
in the morning. I was really hoping that Carlita would sneak into my room
but the only action I got was a little finger work. I drifted off into a
very deep and restful sleep. During the night I had this dream that I was
joined in my bed by Kaylee, Kevin and the boys but I guess it was just
that, a dream.

Chapter 8 The Final Day

I felt like I was being smothered when I woke up. I couldn't breath and
there seemed to be a weight on my chest. Then I realized it wasn't a
dream, that Kaylee was laying on me and Kevin was cuddling me from the

"Please Kaylee, I can't breathe," I whispered.

She slid a little way off of me but continued to tweak my nipples. Kevin's
hard cock was poking me and both the boys were lying on the bed. Five of
us in one bed. Unreal.

I looked at the clock and it was 9:30. "What happened to the 8 o'clock
breakfast?" I asked jokingly.

"I over slept," she grinned, "but now times a wasting."

Kaylee continued her assault on my breasts and Kevin continued poking
around my backside with his staff. The boys were pretty quiet; I guess
just waiting their turn. I cuddled with Kaylee and started fingering her
pussy while I kissed her. I can't believe the feelings that came over me
thinking about having sex with this little slut, her big black husband with
the big black cock and two black labs. I thought to myself that I was
getting as bad as Kaylee, thinking of nothing but sex. She wrapped her arms
around me and pulled our bodies closer. This turned me over on my side and
immediately I felt a hard cock rubbing up and down the crack of my rosebud.
I pushed back against him and spread my legs slightly. He took it from
there and in moments his cock was buried deep in my cunt. I let him fuck me
for a while but then remembered what we were supposed to be doing.

"Stop!" I hollered.

"What's the problem?" Kaylee asked.

"Kevin is supposed to be fucking you, not me. This is supposed to be my

Kevin kind of laughed and pulled out of me, I was sorry to feel him go but
really wanted to carry out the plan. Then he pulled Kaylee to him and
pushed his cock deep into her pussy. The stayed like that for a long time,
moaning and groaning and making all kinds of slurping noise as his cock
moved in and out. Then he said, "OH YESSSSS, I'm cumming. He pushed hard
and then lay silent.

"My gawd man, you must be pumping a quart of stuff into me," Kaylee said.

MMMMM I thought, now for the two boys. Kevin released Kaylee and she
reached down and patted Leon. He knew the drill and started licking her

"Stop that!" I cried, "That's for me, you can't have any." Kevin and
Kaylee thought that was really funny but they didn't realize how serious I

Leon climbed over Kaylee's legs and straddled her body missionary style.
She wrapped her legs around him and I reached down and helped him find her
pussy. As soon as it touched and entered a little way he was off to the
races. Thinking about all the hot cum I was going to be licking out of her
hot wet pussy kept me from dwelling on the jealous feeling I had cause she
was getting fucked three times and I wasn't. Leon continued pounding her
pussy. I kept my hand on the back of his cock to keep him from burying his
knot. He stopped trying after a bit and just layed there with his cock
buried in her and pumping her full. As soon as he started moving around
Kaylee ordered him off of her and called for Andy. Once again I had to
holler to get him to stop licking up the cum that was dripping out of
Kaylee's cunny. As soon as Andy found the target and was busy fucking her
brains out me turned my attention to Leon. He had laid down on the bed at
my feet so I moved around to give him a good cleaning. His cock was quite
tasty with the combination of his cum, Kaylee's cum and Kevin's cum. I had
just finished my chore when Kaylee called out,

"He's tying with me!"

I grabbed for his cock but was too late. He was completely buried in
Kaylee's pussy, cock, knot and all. It was going to be a bit before I got
my feast. But, at least I thought, there will be a lot of cum for me. I
laid in next to Kaylee so that my face, her pussy and Andy's cock were very
close together. I figured that I would be right there when his knot
released. And I figured perfectly. Plop out it came and sluuup I started
sucking up the cum. It drizzled out of her cunt right into my mouth. As the volumn slowed
my tongue started lapping it out. I thought to myself that it doesn't get any better than this.
I was thinking that in spite of being a conisour I really couldn't tell whose was whose.
But what difference did it make. I had lived out my fantasy.

"Is there anything you'd like to do before you leave?" Kaylee asked. "We
have about an hour ride ahead of us."

"No, I don't think so," I replied.

We had finished my fantasy, ate some breakfast and showered. Just as I was
finishing dressing Kaylee hollered that we had to get going or I was going
to miss my plane. Then we all kind of kicked back in the limo.

"You know girl, I am really glad you came down," Kevin said, "and so are
the boys. They told me so."

"Thank you," I replied, "So am I." and then I turned to Kaylee and said,
"I'm really sorry about the other day. I was being a spoiled brat."

Kaylee leaned over to me and pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues were
dancing in seconds and I thought, oh shit here we go again. But then
Kaylee broke the kiss and said,

"Not to worry. Just email me when you get home and tell me when you will
be down again. Or maybe we should meet in Hawaii or New York City."

"OK," I replied, "I dont care where we meet as long as all four of you are there."

The rest of the trip was uneventful with just a little small talk but
mainly dozing off. When the limo came to a halt the three of us pilled out
and checked my bags. Then they followed me to the security
check in. I hugged and kissed Kaylee and almost cried. Kevin pushed his
bone into my stomach and gave me a big smile. Then I turned away from them
and headed for the line. Pretty soon I looked back and they were waving.
Forty-five minutes later I was seated on the plane. As I was buckling my
belt this beautiful black guy sat down next to me. After he was belted in
he took my hand and said hello pretty lady. I said Hi, how are you. He
said just fine now that you are here. I asked what he meant. He pressed my
hand against the bulge in his pants and said,

"My name is Karl. I am Kevin's brother and have instructions to take good
care of you on the trip home."

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