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I’d quietly opened her bedroom door, crossed the room and gotten into bed with her before she was ever aware that there was anyone in the room. Her short, dark auburn hair was all tousled and it turned me on even more than I already was. Her beautiful thirty five year old face was relaxed and peaceful but there weren’t any of the smile or laugh lines that come with a life of happiness. She was still asleep when I gently rolled her onto her back, totally excited at having already discovered that she was naked, too. (when I lifted the covers and saw her luscious and pantiless ass)

Her breasts were spectacularly beautiful cone shaped protrusions with half dollar sized aureoles and half inch long, light brown nipples that made my dry mouth begin to water. Her body was firm and beautifully formed… particularly the lusciously rounded cheeks of her ass that I’d spent several seconds staring at and admiring before rolling her onto her back. As my eyes moved down from her breasts, I saw the neatly trimmed dark auburn hair that surrounded my cock’s long dreamed of target and my already pounding heart nearly exploded.

Just as she began to stir, I quickly moved onto the bed, settled between her legs and positioned the hard, throbbing head of my cock directly between the dark auburn hair surrounded lips of her pussy.

Her eyes came open when she felt my cock at her entrance and a split second later she was wide awake, alert and very aware of who I was… and what I was about to do to her. Her mouth opened and with a panic laced squeal, she cried out, “NOOOoooooooo!!!” but it was too late. Just as her tongue left the roof of her mouth to expel the word of protest, the head of my cock punched through her vaginal opening and slid up into what I quickly discovered was her incredibly tight cunt! A second later, I’d completely buried all eight and a half inches in her belly and was joyously fucking her for all I was worth. She struggled to get me off and out of her but I had a solid grip on the firmly muscled round cheeks of her ass. She was being fucked and nothing was going to stop it from happening.

After the first dozen or so strokes, she must have realized that struggling was useless because she stopped fighting and just lay there moaning in a plaintive sound of defeat, “Nooooooo! Oh, God, NOOOOooooo.”, while I pulled and held her tight cunt up to receive each powerful thrust into her, fucking her hard and deep.

It wasn’t more than twenty seconds before her beautiful body betrayed her and began moving in unison with and syncing itself with mine. She was still moaning but with a totally different sound when, too few seconds later, I exploded into her belly, pumping long powerful jets of cum into her incredibly tight and, as I’d already happily discovered, what is an active and strongly muscle lined vagina.

Knowing that I was cumming in her, she squeezed down hard on my cock and whimpered. “Oh, God…. Noooooooooooooo… You’re making me pregnant… Briiiiiiiaaannnn.” as I continued pumping wad after hot wad of sperm rich cum deep into her tight and rhythmically milking cunt, until she’d extracted it all from me. I began to relax my grip on her ass and she knew that every one of billions of wannabe egg fertilizing sperm was racing for the opening to her cervix and that millions more of them had been pumped directly through it. As deep as I’d gone and as much sperm as she’d felt being pumped into her, she knew that my cum was already bathing her egg.

Even as my cock began to soften, her pussy muscles continued squeezing and milking it, in an auto-reflex action that nature provides specifically for that purpose. When my softening cock began sliding out of her now cum filled cunt, her pussy tightened down even more, in a last ditch attempt to hold it in… another auto-reflex. A few seconds later, my cum drained cock slipped out of her and slid down somewhere between us but the incredible sensations that I’d felt, while I was fucking her and then while I was cumming into her were still fresh, exciting and wonderful. She was still whimpering as she looked up at me and, in a soft voice, said, “Oh, Brian. How could you do this to me?”

Still holding the unbelievably firm, round cheeks of her ass in my hands, I looked down at her and just as softly but emphatically said, “Ever since I was thirteen, I’ve wanted to fuck you, Mom. It’s all I could think about and it was driving me nuts so I finally decided that I had to do it and I did.” . . . . While her mind processed what I’d just said and weighed it against how her body had reacted to the reality of it actually happening, I continued by telling her and also displaying what my reaction to actually having sex with her was when I looked at her and exclaimed, “Damn!!, Mom, I can’t believe how good you are. I loved the way you were squeezing my cock with your pussy while I was fucking you… and then how you milked me with it, while I was cumming. Now I know what the word ejaculate means! You just made me cum harder than I ever have in my life!” . . . Like a surprised and happy kid who’d just found and retrieved a hidden treasure, I was grinning from ear to ear.

After what I’d just said, her body gave a little shiver, signaling its betrayal of its own delight, and then, after a short pause, she looked up and, trying to look stern, she said, “You’re going to be in serious trouble when your father gets home and I tell him what you did.”

Immediately detecting the totally unconvincing tone in her voice, I grinned at her and planted a kiss directly on her lips. Then I asked, “And are you going to tell him about the other four or five times I fucked you and came in you, too?”

I saw the confusion and a questioning look in her eyes before I continued to explain, “… because we’re going to be fucking for most of the day. I know you liked it from the way you were fucking me back. .. and now that I’ve cum and the pressure is gone, I’m going to last a lot longer so I know I won’t have any trouble making you cum a few times, too, Mom. No woman with a pussy as tight, juicy and responsive as yours is can ignore being fucked all day long without cumming a few times. Are you going to tell Dad that I made you cum and how you couldn’t help it… and how, after you started, you just kept on cumming and cumming while I was fucking you?”

Not answering, she tried to push me off of her, saying, “Let me up so I can go to the bathroom!” I held her in place and said, “Not a chance, Mom. You’re staying right where you are until I’m positive that you’ve had at least one orgasm… and you ARE going to have one… Count on it.


By mid afternoon, she’d had countless orgasms and had literally soaked a half dozen bath towels with her cum. I was surprised, the first time she came, because she did it so hard that she soaked both of us. She came just as hard several other times, too… each time fucking her pussy hard up to me just before she did. There were two exquisite times when we came in unison… each ramming our body against the other and holding on for dear life as the sweet, soaring ecstasy of our incestuous union overwhelmed and claimed us as its own.

The second time was the most rememberable for both us when Mom’s orgasm hit her so hard that she fainted dead away. It was a full minute before she began to regain consciousness. After she recovered, she said it was the first time that anything like what she’d experienced had ever happened to her.

Striking a cocky pose, I promised to make it happen more frequently. She laughed at my macho man antics and breathlessly said, “I think once every two years will do, quite nicely. That was really… INTENSE. … You don’t want to kill me before I’m too old to care do you, Superman?” Portraying a look of deep concern, I ‘checked’ her forehead for temperature and then took a wrist and pretended to be checking her blood pressure, saying, “Certainly not, Lois.” and we both laughed.

*Actually, Mom has always taken care of herself and worked out regularly so, unlike Dad, who is at least 80 lbs. overweight and would pay someone to get up and go to the bathroom for him if he could, she’s good to go.

We were both exhausted when we got up to take a shower and wash the sweat and cum from our bodies. She didn’t say anything while we were in the shower but she had a relaxed and satisfied look on her face and I saw her eyes making frequent visits to my thoroughly and magnificently fucked cock. After we’d dried off, she stripped the bed and took the sheets and towels down to put them in the washing machine.

After spending a few minutes luxuriating in the beautiful and at the same time exciting memories of today’s incestuous activities between my mother and me, I went to get a fresh set of sheets from the hallway linen closet. While I was there, Mom came back from the laundry room. She was still naked and looking delicious so, before I helped her make the bed, I pushed her onto the mattress, knelt between her legs and started licking her swollen and also thoroughly fucked pussy. She didn’t give any semblance of resistance… just pulled her knees up, spread them wide and almost immediately started cumming. For five or six minutes, I gently licked her swollen lips and caressed her nearly three quarter inch long clit with my tongue until I knew that she couldn’t take anymore and then, after giving her sweet tasting pussy just one more long, slow, cunt savoring lick and a soft, lingering kiss, I pulled her to a sitting position and helped her to the chair at her dressing table.

While she sat there and slowly decended to earth, I made the bed. When I was finished, I walked over to stand in front of her, bent forward and kissed her already kiss swollen lips. She tilted her head back, reached up to hold my face to hers and kissed me back. When we broke the kiss, I straightened up and moved forward to gently hold my beautiful mother’s face and head against my abdomen.

Without having intended for it to happen, we both realized that my rather sore and fuck swollen cock was pressed against her lips. Without a second thought, she kissed it, opened her mouth and took it in. Then, with her arms around me and her hands pulling on the cheeks of my ass, she started gently sucking on it, while running her tongue all over and around it. It felt incredible but as good as it felt I didn’t have enough fuck power left to get more than half a hard on.

While she continued making sweet love to her son’s cock, I asked if she would make me cum with her mouth, tomorrow, I felt and heard two syllables. Umm-hmmmm. When I told her that I wanted to do the same for her, I heard a louder and felt the longer vibrations of UMMMmmmmmm-HMMMmmmmmmmmm.

My cock was too sensitive to keep going so I slowly pulled it out of her mouth, leaned down and kissed her. After a minute of hugging my hips with her face pressed against me, she said, “I need to put some ice on my lips to see if I can get some of the swelling to go down.” (we’d done a lot of passionate kissing, while we were fucking and cumming) Then she added, “And then I have to start dinner. Your dad will be home in an hour.”

By bedtime, it was obvious that she’d never said a word to Dad about today (which I was positive she wouldn’t) because he never showed the slightest sign that she had or that he’d noticed or sensed anything, either.

I took a shower and knew that, as tired as I was, Mom and I would sleep soundly, tonight.


The next morning, right after Dad pulled out of the driveway, I quietly opened her bedroom door and saw that she was awake. She threw the covers back and opened her legs. She was naked, smiling, wet and waiting. “Come over here and show me if you can use your tongue as well as you use that big, beautiful cock.” Pointing at it, she said, “If I like how you do it, I’ll show you what I can do to THAT with mine.”

Today was different. She was far more relaxed than I’d ever seen her be and she talked freely… obviously having fully accepted the incestuous relationship with her nearly eighteen year old son… a relationship that had begun just over twenty four hours earlier.

During one of the times when we were resting, she told me that my cock is at least three inches longer than Dad’s is and almost twice as thick. When I again told her how much I love how tight she is she said, “It’s no wonder! That thing of yours is, far and away, the biggest cock that’s ever been inside of me. When you have it pushed all the way in, I love the way it fills me up. I can’t describe how good it feels and what it does to me… all over!” As she finished what she was saying, I felt her shiver in mental ecstasy and I held her close against me.

During another half hour rest stop, she told me that I’d fucked her more times, yesterday, than Dad had in the last year. She told me that, without realizing it, she’d been starving and now it was as if she was the guest of honor at a never-ending feast for one. “Two”, I corrected.

It was clear that she’d fallen in love with and worshipped my cock when she took it into her mouth to thank me for making her cum so hard with my tongue. For over half an hour, she sucked on it, ran her tongue over it, licked the head and held it against her face, while she playfully sucked her slobbers from my pubic hair and licked them off of my balls.

Each time she knew that I was about to cum she stopped what she was doing to my cock, planted warm, wet kisses all over my groin and lovingly licked and sucked on my balls. When she knew that I couldn’t take the teasing anymore, she took a deep swallow on my cock and I knew that she was going to finish me off. Tenderly holding the sides of her face in my hands, I said, “I want you to swallow it, Mom.” I immediately heard and felt, “Mmmmm-HHMMMMmmmmmmm.”

We only fucked three times, that day, but each time lasted for well over an hour. By the third time, I had no doubt that Mom’s cunt was deeply in love with my cock because she was continually thrashing her head from side to side as I pounded it deep into her. At this point, she was cumming almost non-stop. After I exploded and had pumped whatever cum I had left into her and we’d wound down a little, I promised that she’d get a refill, at least once a day. She looked at me and smiled then firmly said, “You’re damned right I will…. and I’d better get back on birth control pills, too…. FAST! … because you’ve put more cum in me in the last two days than your father has since I’ve known him.”

Out of curiosity, I asked her how she kept from getting pregnant with Dad and she said, “He wears condoms. … We have sex so seldom that I stopped taking birth control ten years ago and made him start wearing them.” I asked, “What if you’re already pregnant?” She said, “If I miss my next period, I’ll use something to put a little tear in your dad’s condom.” … “That’s if I can get him to do something.” she added, dryly.


Since the first day, Mom and I have fucked and fucked and fucked. Luckily, her period came on schedule so she didn’t have to do the bad condom thing. Dad doesn’t have a clue that Mom’s pussy is being royally fucked on a daily basis. She laughed when she told me that the lubricant on the condoms would keep him from realizing that her pussy is full of his son’s cum.

One morning she told me that he’d complained, the night before, about her not being as tight as she used to be and that because she wasn’t it was taking him a lot longer. She said she’d felt like he was never going to finish because he lasted for almost fifteen minutes and was wheezing like an old steam locomotive. She said, “After last night, I think he’s cured. I doubt if he’ll be back.” And we both laughed.

Since then, (it’s been another seven months) she says he hasn’t approached her at all and seems grateful that she hasn’t bothered him. After she told me, she looked at me and added, “Why should I? I’m getting all I want from a REAL man… and it’s a hell of a lot better than it EVER was with him.”

As I sank my fully engorged and throbbing cock into her hot, deliciously responsive cunt, she moaned her satisfaction, pulled me in deeper, kissed me and said, “You’re my man, now, Sweetheart. Your father’s just an extra dinner to fix, another place to set at the table and somebody to hog the blankets when we’re sleeping.

After a fairly long silence, she mused, “I wish I could get him to trade rooms with you, Brian. …. I wonder if…..”

She didn’t finish saying what she was thinking but she didn’t have to… and now I’m wondering, too.

*** SSB


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Another great story!

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2012-10-15 17:06:45
Thank you, XNXX and thank you Slippery Saddle Bum. She loved your story. She said she was imagining me raping her when my hand came around her and grabbed her pussy. She said the first couple of times I fucked her hurt a little because it's been a long time since she's had sex. She told me that mine is the biggest and longest one that she's ever had in her. She said she only had sex with one guy before Dad, who beat her when he was drinking, which is why she divorced him. He sure lost one fine piece of ass. She told me that I surprised her when I started licking her and that she couldn't believe how good it felt. She said that I'm the first to ever lick her pussy. I think I'm going to be the first, last and only. She moved some of my clothes into her closet and she just moved my underwear into a dresser drawer. What a fantastic ass she has!! I don't blame men for always hitting on her but it's my cock that fills and fucks her pussy from now on. I'm going to go fuck her again.

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Previous 'comment' continued....
She tried to resist but I already had my hand between her legs and my finger up inside of her tight, gripping pussy. She physically resisted but she didn't say anything as I stripped her shorts and panties off and then pushed her back onto her bed. I lifted her legs to my shoulders, wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her lovely ass to the edge of the bed as I knelt, buried my mouth in her pussy and took a long, slathering lick up between the slick, swollen and juicy lips to her clit. That was the end of her physical resistance. I was going crazy... I couldn't get enough of licking her sweet, juicy pussy. Then she started shaking all over and making a whining noise. I knew she was cumming. I wanted my cock in her while she was cumming. I kept licking her while I tore my shorts down and then stood up fast, lined up with her pussy and buried my almost nine inch cock in her super tight pussy and fucked her to another orgasm. We've fucked 7 times

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I'm 17 and when I woke up from a nap yesterday, I headed for the bathroom... my bare feet making no sound on the carpet. Passing my sexy Mom's room, (we live alone) I saw that she was on her PC and recognized the blue screen of XNXX. (Until then, I didn't know that she knew of the site but she might have got it from me when she came in and I was reading.) After silently taking a pee, I didn't flush because I didn't want her to know that I was awake. I dampened a wash cloth.. washed my dick and balls... dried off.. rubbed a drop of cologne on my nut sack and headed back to Mom's door. She had her back to me and was preoccupied so she never knew when I was right behind her chair.
It turned out that she was reading this story and rubbing her pussy. She let out a shriek of surprise when I reached around her and pushed my hand under hers and started rubbing her hot, juicy pussy but I had her cold. I said, ''Get on the bed, Mom. We'll write our own after we're done fucking each other.''

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كان لي ممارسة الجنس مع أمي، بارد ايم، أخبر سوء U كل شيء عن ذلك كوز يجعلني أشعر أنها باردة

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