A 15 year old boy is tasked with babysitting a cute preteen girl, What could possibly go wrong?

The following story is a complete work of fiction and not been based on any factual or actual events. It is pure taboo fantasy and nothing more, I would never dream of committing the acts described within the story in real life.

The following story contains consensual sex between an 11-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. If you are not a fan or extremely against stories of this nature then please stop reading here, I will not take responsibility for any offence incurred upon a reader after reading this story.

I am a newly starting author and welcome constructed criticism with open arms but all hate mail will be ignored and deleted because I don’t have time for retards who decide to carry on reading something they hate so much all to post some idiotic poorly constructed comment that no one will take the blind bit of notice.


Forward Note;

Again, thank-you for all the feedback provided and I am desperately trying to learn how to write better stories. Anyway. Again this is a edited repost of part three and for those that remember the orginal part three. It is completely changed as I have decided to prolong the series further.

Also thanks to kenny1kenny who has provided alot of feedback and support and has been a good friend on here. So please give him credit and read his stories. His profile can be found here;


Also before reading part 3 I highly suggest you read the first two parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Hey, my names Steven, I am 15 years old and live in England. I live a pretty average life, I’m not hugely popular or even unpopular, I’m 5”10, Slim but athletic build that I kept up with regular jogging and exercise and eating well. My hair is thick but short and a dirty blonde colour that many of the girls apparently find attractive along with my blue eyes. Surprisingly though I am not very outgoing but rather more mature and business like prepared to speak to strangers and meetings but sociably I was withdrawn.

Issy her 11-year-old daughter had a cute angelic face that I instantly fell in love with, of course not sexually… How wrong I was. She had a small frame for the age and only had a height of 4 foot 4. Her hair was brown, long and smooth as it fell down and settled on her upper back. Her cute eyes full of innocence and mischief ready to cause trouble and fun. She wore a thin blue spaghetti strap shirt that covered her completely flat chest and a pair of short denim shorts that revealed ¾ of her smooth hairless childish legs. Even for a 11 year old I knew she was pretty and would develop into a hot woman and be the fantasy of many teenagers like me.

I had been babysitting Natalie’s 11-year-old Daughter Issy, a few days ago which lead to a sexual adventure of me molesting her cute little body and introducing her to the art of sex. Last night I had continued my teaching and finally managed to take her virginity and complete my fantasy of fucking my little angel and spent a wild erotic night taking care of her, well… perhaps she took care of me.


I awoke slowly feeling the heat radiating across my face, I slowly opened my eyes, squinting as a strong light splitting through the curtains crack blinded me. It was morning and the sun was raising high into the sky, ready to shine throughout the long summer’s day but I was more distracted by my surroundings. I looked around quizzically, questioning everything I saw. This was not my home… where was I? I felt tired and groggy and my hips were aching slightly as well as my wrist. I then remembered last night with little Issy and where I was, I had fallen asleep on the couch and awoken up still in her home. My face had begun to burn a bright red of embarrassment and guilt flooded through my veins sending my stomach churning and making me sick. I had loved last night; I mean anyone would right? Nevertheless, the fear plagued at the back of my head constantly making me nervous but my hormones were usually there to suppress them but not now, not when I was waking up on a bright summer morning in the parents’ house of the little girl I had fucked so passionately last night.

I slid of the couch standing up, shaking slightly as my legs were slightly stiff and they were not the only part of my body that was stiff. I felt my cock fully erect and pressing against the fabric of my boxers and jeans dying for escape, ready to hunt down the tight soft pussy it had ravaged last night. I wiped my face with my hands trying to shake myself awake fully and get a grip on myself. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me; it startled me to the point of me falling over the blanket that had dropped to the floor when I got up so I fell with a large crash hitting my shoulder on the blue velvet carpet. Its softness provided some comfort but my short sleeve had ridden up exposing the skin, leaving it exposed to the vicious friction causing major carpet burn. I gasped for breath and clutched my arm rubbing it quickly to relieve myself of the pain. From the background I heard another gasp and words along the lines of ‘Oh my god!’. I felt a body kneeling next to me asking if I was ok. My eyes were blurry and I was a little disoriented from the shock but I slowly rolled over onto my back and looked into the sparkling sapphire eyes of this angel kneeling before me asking me if I was ok. I swore I had fallen to my death and gone up to heaven but as I calmed down and began to see properly, I recognized the model like figure of Natalie, Issy’s mum.

“Steven, Are you ok? Steven?”

I groaned my words out, still in pain and rubbing my shoulder.


“I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s fine Mrs Summers”

“Please… It’s Natalie.”

I muttered that I was sorry and I plucked up the strength to lift myself of the floor and stand on my feet. Natalie helped and supported me as I clambered up and stood back on my own two feet, ready to continue fighting onwards. She led me into the kitchen and let me sit in a typical oak wood tree chair painted white; it looked like the sort of thing you would find at a discount furniture store. It was cheap and somewhat tacky but always trustworthy and reliable. She left me in the chair, turned to the stove and continued cooking. It was the first time I had noticed the smell of bacon and eggs in the air and I was reminded at how hungry I was after eating nothing but little Issy’s pussy last night.

I watched Natalie’s ass sway gently as she sang to herself softly while she rolled the sausages over and made sure the eggs did not stick to the pan. She pulled a few plates out from the cupboard and she scooped the food out of the pan and onto the plates shouting for Issy to come down for breakfast. I sat there awkwardly, watching Natalie in her dressing gown do all this and I was starting to get aroused by her ass as it swayed all over the place when she moved. I was brought back to reality as the thumps and bangs began erupting from the hall way and in burst an excited energetic girl still completely stark naked. I began panicking and my face turned bright red seeing little Issy naked. I desperately tried not to look at her with her mother so close but my eyes kept drifting to her puffy pussy lips and her smooth delicate flat chest with her perky nipples protruding greatly. Her mother was a little surprised to see her daughter run down naked and she began questioning her.

“Issy…Why are you not wearing any clothes?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face. She also looked a little nervous and kept glancing at me. I was close to running out of that house and running for the hills but I was frozen in time. My heart pounding against my chest, I was completely clenched with fear.

“But mummy… my jammies make me itch all the time. So I took them off, no big deal right?,” she said innocently keeping a cute little smile plastered across her face. She looked so cute and innocent, like a precious flower blooming elegantly in the spring. It was hard not to doubt anything this angel said. Her mother sighed and said fine but she was to dress straight after breakfast. She looked at me and she smiled and said calmly not to be embarrassed.

“She does this sometimes. Do not worry. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about; I’m sure you’ve seen a naked girl before.” She smiled at me and I swore she winked at me. This relaxed me a little but I could not help but watch Issy out of the corner of my eye as she sat in the kitchen chair next to me eagerly waiting for her food. Natalie brought the plates over to the table and set them down in front of us and invited me to get stuck in, commenting that I must be starving. She began to ask questions about last night and I knew she was suspicious, we had left too many signs and I was screaming in my mind for been so stupid.

“You two must be hungry; you left the food in the oven last night that I had left for you.”

I ended up been taken aback and I began to desperately try to think of a quick and reasonable explanation when suddenly unexpectedly Issy chirped up.

“Stevie let me have a takeout pizza instead! It was awesome!”

I sighed silently with relief thank full that Issy had given a reasonable explanation. I could only nod and agree. However, Natalie still seemed puzzled about one more thing and it was a big thing.

“Well then Issy, How come I found your bed sheets in the wash this morning?”

This time it was my turn to save the day and I was sure Issy was thinking just the same as me as she suddenly took on a look of embarrassment and she shifted slightly in her seat avoiding eye contact with her mother. I spoke solemnly saying that Issy had a little accident last night. Her mother looked a little surprised and then she let out a sigh and said try not to let it happen again. Phew, she believed every word we told her… we had escaped, but only just. We carried on eating breakfast in silence exchanging glances between each other every now and again.

Suddenly the phone rang from the hall and Natalie got up to go answer it, as she left the room Issy and me relaxed and slouched in our chairs sighing we relief. We looked at each other grinning like naughty children but we both agreed we had to play it carefully and watch out what we did and said around her mother. Natalie was still in the hall and I took the risk and leant forwards planting a soft kiss on Issy’s forehead. We sat back and continued eating our breakfast and Issy was feeling giddy. She began to devour her sausage in her mouth seductively, slowly and seductively, sucking on it slowly and moving in and out of her mouth before taking a bite of it and letting it drop down her throat into her stomach. My cock was stirring in response to this and I was becoming increasingly horny and wished I could grab this minx and lay her on the kitchen table and fuck her there and then for all I was worth. I restrained myself and smiled at her giving her little winks and occasionally reaching over and tickling her naked body watching her giggle and squirm in response. A noise from the hall ceased our playtime so we settled back down and watched as Natalie came in the room looking slightly angered.

“Is everything alright Mrs Summers?”

She let out a deep sigh saying no and began to explain that a potential business client had called and requested to move their meeting ahead of schedule. She asked me if it would not be any trouble to stay and watch Issy for the day while she went and dealt with the client. I said this would be no problem and I would be happy to help. She thanked me and said she would pay me triple for last night and this afternoon. I was extremely happy with this and chuckled to myself knowing I was been paid for fucking her little girl.

(Few minutes later)

Issy was lying on the sofa watching episodes of Sponge Bob Square pants on the TV and giggling hysterically. She was still completely naked and constantly moaned and pouted when her mother told her to dress since they had a guest. I mentioned that it was no problem and that it was just childish nature and she would grow out of it but I made sure not to sound too keen at the idea of her staying naked around me. Eventually Natalie gave up and finished getting ready. She was back in her dull grey business attire that revealed nothing of her tits and ruined her naturalistic facial beauty. She gave her daughter a little kiss on the cheek, said her good-byes and walked out the door. I walked into the living room and saw Issy lay on the couch but her attention had drawn away from the screen but rather to her hand and fingers moving in and out of her tight little pussy. She sat there with her hand lowered to her crotch gently inserting her little fingers in and out of her pussy, rubbing and flicking against her clit causing her to shake slightly and gently lift her cute soft ass into the air and back down. She grinned at me as she did this, trying to lure me in.

I moved closer to her, I sat down at her knees, rubbing them gently. I caressed them and began feeling the smooth curves of her baby fat that had yet to fade away. I softly tickled her leg as I moved my fingers up towards her groin. She was giggling with her head titled back letting out soft moans of pleasure in between the giggles. I kept moving my hand up and eventually cupped her little pussy around her hand that was busy rubbing away at the tender button inside. I gently removed her hand and replaced it with my own, taking over the duty and rubbing her little clit gently caressing it and rubbing it with my forefinger and thumb, watching her squirm in delight. I leant forwards lowering my mouth to her flat chest and took her still erect nipple in my mouth sucking on it tenderly while gently nibbling on it, pulling and stretching it lightly. She groaned and leant backwards letting her head drop as the groan escaped into the air.

I got up from my sucking and withdrew my hand that was covered in Issy’s juices; I brought it to my mouth and smelt it. The aroma was stunning as I inhaled deeply. I took my fingers to my mouth and swallowed them, sucking the fluids from my fingers savouring the sweet taste. She let out a disappointed ‘aww’ as I removed my hand but I reassured her that I had something much better in store. I removed my pants and took off my boxers exposing my fully erect cock eager to return to the action. I slowly turned my back to her and clambered on top of her moving backwards so my cock was in line with her mouth and my head was directly above her saturated pussy that was coated in her fluids, ready and waiting. I told her to take my cock in her mouth and suck normally. She instantly reached up grabbing my cock and shoving it into her mouth leading to her gag slightly. Yet she began sucking it powerfully for all she was worth, swirling her tongue around the head slurping up the pre-cum that was flowing like a fountain into her small mouth.

Meanwhile, I leant down and began lapping at her sweet pussy shoving my tongue deep into her folds. I licked all around in circular motions, slowly sucking up her juices while inhaling the aroma. Her licking was making me ecstatic and I was gently thrusting my hips back and forth gently fucking my cock in her mouth. It only entered to about four inches but the feeling was still incredible and I could see stars in my eyes as I neared orgasm. The same could be said for little Issy who was thrusting her hips into my face desperately trying to engross my tongue deeper inside her tight pussy. I could feel the muscles squeezing my tongue as I licked clean her walls.

I began to focus more on her clit attempting to bring her to a massive orgasm. My efforts were not wasted, a few minutes into our sixty-nine session we were both thrusting uncontrollably, both close to orgasms and releasing our fluids. I could hear her moans mixing with my heavy breathing as we both thrust faster and faster when suddenly our hips took one final deep thrust releasing our fluids. My cock shooting rope after rope of cum into her throat as she continued to swirl her tongue around the rim of my cock lapping up any cum left on the head and swallowing down her throat into her little stomach while I was busy sucking and lapping up the juices up that were emitted from her pulsating pussy muscles that then flowed into my mouth and down my throat. We both collapsed and fell limp, my cock deflating in her mouth while I held my tongue on the outskirts of her luscious lips licking the last remaining drops of juice that flowed down the crack.

I got up and turned to face Issy smiling at her pleasantly as I ran my tongue across my lips trying to savour the sweet taste as much as possible. Issy was spent and laid there panting deeply with the legs opened wide, one of them slipping off the edge of the couch and resting by her heel on the floor. Her eyes were heavy but she managed to smile half-heartedly to me through her deep breathes. She pushed herself upwards and managed to sit properly upright on the couch with her legs off the edge leaving her tiny violated pussy open to me. I shuffled over next to her and wrapped my left arm around her bringing her closer to me. She laid her head on my chest and closed her eyes, trying to regain her energy. I gently moved my free hand down to her pussy and began cupping it lightly then running my finger attentively down her slit. I gently caressed her pussy lips as she laid against me. Her breath was sharp and warm against my bare chest. I slowly spoke in a soft voice just inches above her ear;

“So Issy… What else do you want to do today?

She suddenly broke out into a laughing fit at my question. I could not help but chuckle myself realising what a stupid question it was.

“Come on Issy…. It’s not even lunchtime yet… we can’t stay here all day, as much I want to.., having sex.”

She continued laughing there, lying on the couch now unable to control herself. I leant over her body and hovered my head over hers. I leant down and placed my lips against hers embracing her into a passionate kiss. I felt her tongue pushing outwards desperate to meet mine in the middle. She still lacked experience in kissing but my love for this angel made up for all the inexperience she could have. We laid there kissing. Unaware of time… it slipped by in a motionless blur… days and nights merged into one and fireworks exploded into the air around us. Interlocked and forever united. I broke the kiss slowly and moved away from her head. A string of salvia mixed with my cum and Issy’s juices followed suit as it continued to tie out lips together. Issy saw it and smiles as she instantly began to eat it back up into her mouth.

I continued leaning over her body though sitting upright. I slowly stroked my hand down her warm neck to her rock hard nipples. I began pinching them gently to which Issy gape little squeals of pleasure. I lowered my head, took a nipple into my mouth, and began sucking on it for a few moments before swapping over to her other nipple, giving it just as much attention. Issy moaned and began reaching up and stroking my hair, it felt strange but still pleasant nether the less. I paused on my sucking to sit up again and ask her once more.

“So young lady… have you decided?” I grinned at her as I lowered myself to sit on top of her pussy. My cock was hard and rested just above her pussy lying down on her pelvis.

“Umm… I have an idea Stevie..” Issy giggled as she laid there.

“and what is that then Missy?” I replied, leaning down once more so that my face hovered inches away from hers.

“We could go swimming!?” Issy screamed out almost deafening me. I shot upright and she burst out into hysterics and began laughing again.

“Oh… think that’s funny is it?... Well… you’ve been a very naughty girl and naughty girls get punished!” I grinned evilly at her as I reached down and grasped hold of my cock. She saw what I was doing and that same devilish grin had returned on her face. She caught on quickly to our little game and began roleplaying like a pro.

“Oh Steven… I’ve been very naughty. Punish me.” I tried desperately to not laugh at her when she said that in a soft lustrous voice. It was so weird hearing it from the lips of an elven year old preteen. I moved my cock backwards and lined the head up with her crack that was still soaking wet and increasingly getting wetter in anticipation. In one fast and hard thrust I moved forward instantly bottoming out in her tight pussy. Thankfully, her saliva on my cock and her wet pussy was lubricant enough but the friction still caused me some pain and poor Issy gave a half scream half moan. I panicked a little thinking I had hurt her bad but to my relief she cracked a smile and nodded slowly.

My heart relaxed and I began to pump my cock outwards and inwards into her tight pussy. The muscles again were very tight, desperate to milk my cock of all my cum. I moved faster and faster, leaving no mercy for this naughty girl. Her moans screeched out with every thrust and escaped into the living room air. The smell of sex was incredible, the room was filled with it… hell even the house was filled with it. Issy was thrashing hysterically on the sofa. Tossing, throwing, and screaming as my cock impaled her. Her mind was been blown and she could not even focus on one emotion at a time. I kept thrusting for all I was worth, soon I began to feel the familiar sensation in my balls and I knew I was getting close to release. I was breathing heavily gritting my teeth, attempting to hold out for as long as possible. Poor Issy had already had two or three orgasms and she was still screaming uncontrollably in the lounge. I ended up having to put a cushion gently over her mouth for her to use as a gag because she was been so loud. I felt my body tense up as I went past the point of no return.

My cock began throbbing as the cum was sent flying up and out into her tight pussy. The cum coating the walls of her pussy. I let out a long groan as I thrust as powerfully as I could, bottoming out into her pussy. I held my cock there as the ropes of cum continued to spurt into her pussy. However because of her petite size, the cum had nowhere else to go so it squirted back out of her pussy past my invading cock and onto the couch beneath us. As the orgasm subsided, I relaxed and pulled my cock out of her and I lay back opposite Issy on the couch. My legs outstretched meeting with Issy’s knees as her position imitated mine. I gasped for breath and I could feel my heart beating rapidly like a loud drum. I looked up and Issy was lying there…. Drool formed at her mouth and cum dripping from her soaking wet slit. I took deep breaths as I spoke to her from the opposite end of the couch.

“Alright… Go get ready…and I’ll get my swimming stuff…”

Issy slowly moved off the couch and stood up. She wobbled like a giant Jelly on a plate but she managed to stay upright by holding onto the furniture for support. Her legs shook as she began to walk out of the living room and into the hall. Cum oozed slowly out of her pussy and down to the ground beneath her. I followed suit and got up off the couch moving to the downstairs bathroom to clean up my flaccid and tired cock. Next stop… Town Pool.


Sorry, for the long wait. Part 4 will take place at the swimming baths and it will be longer than this part (Hopefully) Thank-you for all the positive comments and ratings. Also apologies for any grammar or spelling errors. I do not have my Microsoft Word working now so I wrote this on WordPad instead.

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