Pam Enjoys Members of Her New Foster Family
Subject: Pam's New Family Chapter 4

More about what living with a real fun Foster Family would have been like.

I awoke one morning with hot lips pressing on mine and a tongue pushing its
way into my mouth. Carla giggled and said,

"Good Morning and Good Bye, we are heading for town."

It was not unusual for the kids and one of the parents to go to town so I
didn't think anything was out of order. I just wondered who was staying at
home. I listened as the door slammed and the car left the driveway and then
peeked out of the room. I could hear the shower running in Mommy and
Daddy's bedroom so peeked in. The beautiful body of Mommy was framed in the
shower door. I had showered the night before but ran back to my bathroom to
brush my teeth and freshen up a bit. When Mommy finished her shower I was
lying on her bed in just the long t-shirt that had worked so well with

Mommy came out of the shower room with just the towel she was using to dry
her hair and looked quite surprised when she noticed me on her bed.

"What are you doing there?" she asked, continuing to dry her hair.

"Can we chat?" I asked.

"What about?"

"Me and your wonderful family," I replied.

She had finished drying her hair and started to put some clothes on.

"Please put your nightie back on and come lay here by me," I almost begged.

Mommy smiled at me and lifted her nightie over her head. As she did I had a
complete view of her nude beautiful body. Very nice breasts, long slender
legs and beautiful love zone. I was completely surprised that the hair on
her pussy was quite closely trimmed. Not shaved but well trimmed.

She joined me on the bed, lying on her side facing me. "What do you want to
chat about?" she asked.

"What a really neat family I got moved to this time. You can't imagine what
it feels like to be really welcomed."

As I said that I moved closer to my prey and finished with, "Can we

I had purposefully moved so that my face was level with Mommy's breast. I
couldn't believe it when she put her arm around me and pulled me close. My
face was pressed into her breasts. I didn't resist and I didn't move. I was
sure that her nipple was against my lips but I didn't react. I put my arm
around her and pulled her tighter. After just a few minutes of just laying
there I pressed my lips around her nipple. I was very surprised but very
happy that she didn't react in a negative way. She just laid there with her
nipple between my lips. I brought my hand up and pulled the top of her
nightie down and uncovered the object of my affection. I kissed and licked
the firm little object and then began sucking it.

"What are you doing?" Mommy asked as she tried to move away.

"I want to suckle," I replied and then took her nipple back between my lips
and began sucking it again.

"We can't do this," she uttered in a way that made me unsure if she was
trying to convince me or herself. She didn't struggle much as I lowered
her nightie off her other breast and began working on its little mound.

I paused in my playing with her nipple and asked, "What did Children
Services tell you about me? About my life up till now?"

"Not much other than the fact you ran away from your Mother because she had
a drinking and drug problem and were on your own for a few months and then
someone took you to CS people and here you are."

"So they didn't tell you that the real reason I ran away was because
Mother's dealer forced me to give him a blowjob because Mom was too drunk
to. Or that the few months you mention were really about 7 months that I
lived with 7 other girls in a room supplied by a pimp that made us fuck
guys and occasionally a gal and he never gave us any of the money. Or that
I've been fucked more times and sucked more cocks and swallowed more cum
and licked more pussies then the average woman does in a lifetime."

Mommy was very quiet. She was barely breathing. I went back to sucking her
nipples and started walking my fingers around on her bare stomach and up
between her boobs and back down again. Then I asked her,

"Would you like me to show you what the nicest lady I had ever met before I
met you liked for me to do for her?"

"I guess so," she whispered.

I pulled her face down to mine and press my lips against hers. Our tongues
found each other and our little love fest was off and running. I started to
move back down so I would be sucking her breasts as my fingers found her
love zone but she held my face tightly and kissed me again and again. I ran
my finger between the lips of her pussy while she sucked on my tongue like
it was a small cock. I penetrated her pussy with one finger and then two
and while fucking her with them I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Mommy was
rapidly becoming very hot and very into my efforts.

Then as she pressed my face into her breasts she whispered, "We've got to
stop this. This can't continue any longer."

"We can't stop now," I said rather sternly, "I haven't given you all that I
want to give."

I moved my body up on her and buried my tongue in her mouth. I had one leg
between hers and began rubbing her pussy with my thigh. Then as she relaxed
her grip on me I slid down so my face was right in front of her pussy. I
started licking along the outside of her pussy lips and then up and down
between them. Each time my tongue and lips were at the top of her pussy I
gave special attention to her clit. Mommy was starting to breathe really
hard and fast which told me she was really enjoying my efforts. Then she
murmured again,

"We've got to stop. We mustn't continue this. It is so wrong."

As I continued to lick and suck her cunny I said that I would stop as soon
as she showered me with her love potion. She kept saying no, no, must stop
but all the time she was holding my head and pressing her pussy against my

In just a couple of minutes her juice began to flow. First just a trickle
that I eagerly licked and sucked up. Then her moaning became almost a
scream and the first of several hard squirts hit my face. I opened my mouth
wide and placed it over her cunt as she continued to moan and scream and
squirt. It was like drinking at an open faucet. I was hot and sweaty and
sticky from her juice but I continued to pleasure her. Then it was like she
passed out. She laid back, her hands released my head and her pussy dropped
away from my face. My Mommy was all done. I scooted up by her and took her
in my arms and hugged her. Her eyes were closed and her face relaxed but as
she started to come around a big smile appeared.

"Aren't you glad I didn't stop?" I whispered.

She didn't say anything, just laid there in my arms with a big smile on her

Chapter 5

I awoke with a new feeling. Unlike most mornings, when I was kissed by my
girlfriend Carla, I had the lips of a very hot and wet pussy rubbing my
nose and mouth. What a tasty way to wake.

"Are you awake yet?" She asked.

"MMmmmmmm,' I replied.

"Guess what?"

"MMmmmmmmm," once again from me.

"We are all alone for a couple hours! Isn't that wonderful?" she
giggled. "What are we going to do to pass the time?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I think we can come up with something."

I continued to lick her pussy and nibble her clit for a while but then she
started to get off me and said, "Come on, I want to show you something."

So off we went, my girlfriend in her nothing and me in my t-shirt. She led
me to her parent's bedroom and pulled open one of the drawers.

"What are these?" she asked as she pointed at a couple of things hidden
under her mom's bras.

I was blown away. Two massive black cock dildos, 1 about 9 inches and the
other about 7. I picked one up and sniffed it and then licked it. The
flavor was very familiar. I put about three inches of it in my mouth and
turned to look at Carla.

"These are play toys," I said. "And I'm about to show you how they are

I grabbed the other one and headed for our bedroom.

"Lay down on your back," I ordered.

I handed her a toy and then 69'd with my lover.

"Twist the end of it to turn it on," I instructed.

She did so and told her, "rub my pussy with it and do just like I'm going
to do to you."

I started rubbing around her cunny with the buzzing cock. She started
wiggling like it was really getting to her. Of course what she was doing to
me was making my temperature rise. I started using the little dick for what
it was meant, fucking. I push the head in to her love hole a couple inches
the pulled it out. In and out, in and out and then started turning the
vibes up. She was all over the place. And was doing the same thing to me.
Little trickles of love juice started flowing out of her pussy so I pulled
the cock and licked it all up. As soon as my tongue touched her clit and
then between her pussy lips she went into major orgasm. Her trickles turned
to streams and I drank and licked up every bit.

My lover lay quiet and nothing was happening in my pussy. I scooted up by
her and just let her rest. I kissed her lips and then her nipples. She came
around and started returning the favor. I pressed my lips to hers and
pushed my tongue into her mouth. We kissed like that for a bit and I

"I want you to do something for me that I'm not going to do to you today."


"I need a DP."

"What's a DP?"

"I want one of those toys in my pussy and one in my rosebud and want you to
work them both."

She lifted up and looked at me asking, "Are you serious?"

"Very, Very, will you do it for me?"

"Just tell me what to do," she replied as she kissed me.

"Start with Mr. Big in my pussy and fuck me with it until I tell you."

Oh it felt sooo good with the vibes on medium and her pushing it all the
way in me and then pulling it out. I asked her to leave it all the way in
for a little longer and she did. What amazing feelings were moving about my
body. Then I spread my legs a little further, asked her to put a pillow
under my butt and she knew what to do. I told her to spit on my rosebud for
a little wetness and then gently start pushing the other guy in. The grin
on her face told me she was enjoying this almost as much as I was. She got
a rhythm going that was fantastic. She pulled one out as she pressed the
other one in. I remembered the two black dudes that had done this to me a
while back. She kept up for about 5 or 6 minutes when I almost exploded. My
pussy was flooded with love juice and my little lover wanted to drink. I
asked her to pull Mr. Big out and finish me with her tongue. She was more
than happy with this request. When my orgasm was over and I lay there
completely exhausted Carla cuddled with me. I had to ask her to pull the
other guy out of my rosebud.

"When are you going to do this to me?" she asked.

"The first few times can be very painful," I replied, "so we'll go very
slowly. I'll start with just one finger then after a couple of times I'll
use two and so on. I don't want to hurt you because that won't be any fun
for either of us. So we'll just take it slow and easy."

"Ok lover," she said as she kissed me.

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I'm a Baili fan club member tknahs to grandma Chris. She's the most appealing toddler you can just get lost in those eyes and imagine the most wonderful future to unfold for her! You've really captured her spirit in these shots.

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