Lust works just as well over the holidays....
When I was 17, I was working at Walmart, quite possibly the epitome of desperation for employment. I was in college, living with my girlfriend at the time, but the relationship was falling apart.
But this isn't about the hell I went through at home.
During the holiday rush, I met a girl named Cassie. Drop dead gorgeous red head with as much of an appetite for sex as me.
And she wanted it.
Cassie made no secret that she wanted me and I didn't bother pretending I didn't feel the same way. We would sneak off constantly to tease each other, my fingers playing against the outside of her jeans and sneaking up her shirt, her hand sliding down under my waistband to wrap her skilled fingers around my shaft. Any corner we could find, we violated.
Over the week of Christmas, my girlfriend took a trip out of state, leaving me behind. I wasn't about to let an opportunity like this pass me up.
I arranged it with Cassie to come over to her house one night, free to do whatever we pleased. And we did.
She took my hand, leading me straight to her bedroom where she pushed me down on her bed and straddled me, teasing us both through our jeans as she pressed her lips against mine, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I turned us both over, grinding against her as I held her down, giving her more then I got.
She slid her shirt over her head, exposing her perky tits, her nipples a soft pink and already erect. I brought my lips down onto one, massaging the other with my hand. She cooed softly, stroking my hair as my tongue rolled her nipple around in my mouth.
I slid back over her, kissing her as she unbuttoned my shirt, dragging her nails over my chest and down towards my hips. I eased back from over here, letting her undo my jeans as I slowly slid hers down past her hips.
I lifted her legs, pulling her jeans and panties off, exposing her wet, pink mound. Already wet from excitement, she let out a soft yelp as I buried my tongue into her, tasting her sweet juices on my tongue. As I ate her out, I slipped my jeans off, stroking my cock as I thought about her tight snatch around me. I throbbed in anticipation.
She moaned at me softly, trying to pull me back over her by my hair. She knew my pants were off, that my long thick cock as ready for her and at that point, neither one of us could wait any longer.
I slid between her legs again, pressing the tip of my cock against her slick mound. She was so wet that I slid right in all the way. As soon as I was buried inside of her, she tightened up around me, squeezing my shaft as she arched her back, gasping for breath. I slowly rocked my hips, feeling her loosen up only a little bit as I did.
I was already moaning softly, burying my head in her shoulder as I rocked harder and harder, feeling her orgasm against my cock time and time again. Her nails dragged across my back, sometimes cutting skin as her moans got louder and louder, higher and higher pitched until it was all she could do to squeal in excitement as one orgasm after another rocked her body, her pussy squeezing and releasing over and over until finally my self control fell out.
I quickly pulled out of her and in a flash she had taken it in her mouth as I shot stream after stream into her eager mouth. She sucked my cock down until I could feel the back of her throat as my cock twitched with each load until finally I was spent.
We both fell back on the bed, panting for some time until we started teasing each other again.
I can't remember exactly how many times I came or how many orgasms she had, but I do remember that it wasn't until eight hours later that we both remembered we had to work.
That's not to say we stopped having sex that day. We just had to become more creative with our hiding places.
The same continued for a few nights. Then we decided to spice things up a bit.
I invited her over to my house on Christmas Eve. I figured what better way to spend Christmas than in an all day fuckfest.
She came over with a duffel bag and a grin, telling me to wait in the living room until she had gotten her stuff put away.
When she came out a few minutes later in a black and red corset and nothing else, I am sure my jaw hit the floor. I had seen her naked plenty of times already, but something about her screamed forbidden fruit at that point.
She came over to the couch, straddling my legs and giving me a perfect view of her pussy. Which she had just shaved.
My cock throbbed hard underneath her, bringing another smirk as she started grinding against me, pushing her chest into my face. I nibbled at her neck, breathing heavy as I felt her moist slit dripping onto my jeans, soaking them quickly.
I heard her moan right into my ear as I bit down on her neck. She dropped her hips into mine, rubbing her clit against my jeans as she came hard. She laid there for a moment before standing up, pulling me off the couch so she could begin attacking my clothes.
She pushed my shirt past my shoulders, kissing down my chest slowly, tantalizingly, as she worked her way to my hips. She made short work of my jeans, but still kept teasing me with her lips and tongue, letting my cock brush the side of her face before finally taking it into her mouth. One hand settled under my balls, playing with them as her mouth worked wonders against my head, while the other disappeared into her pussy, teasing at herself as she tried to drive me to the brink. She pushed me back down onto the couch once she had me naked, putting herself right between my knees as she rolled her tongue over my tip, down my shaft, against my balls and then back up to swallow my cock into her throat.
I groaned softly, her fingers teasing the back of my balls as my tip rubbed against her throat. After only minutes of this, I felt my balls tighten as I came. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, taking my cum all over her face before slowly, teasingly, bringing it all to her lips.
I was still rock hard, as always, so I wasted no time in pushing her out over the carpet, her pussy dripping past her legs, wet marks on the carpet from where she had dripped onto the floor. I settled between her legs and and buried my tongue in her again, listening to her frantic moans as I pushed her over the top in seconds. She came hard against my tongue as I kept at her, rolling her clit against my tongue one moment and teasing her pussy lips with my teeth the next.
We went back and forth like this for hours, eating her out until she couldn't take it anymore, her swallowing load after load until I wanted to taste her pussy again. We eventually fell asleep, pressed against each other, our lips just barely separated.
When she woke up she took off her corset and started stroking my cock, trying to get me hard in my sleep. It didn't take her long and as she slowly pushed her hips down onto me I woke up, brushing my fingers across her hips as I felt her slowly ease her tight pussy to let me in.
She laid over my, grinding her hips slowly over me, trying to enjoy every moment. I pressed my lips against hers, feeling at her firm round ass as she fucked me.
We spent the rest of the day and much of that next night in one position or another. We knew their was no love, but when you can't have that, lust works just as well over the holidays.


2013-02-11 01:04:10
Well, you write differently (and better) compared to me. The action starts right away and doesn't stop until the last sentence, in your stories. I thought about your style. It's more like the top writers here, example: Ka Hmnd or Kinkybelle, when it comes to sex action, but if you wanted to be more like the top-rated (if you wanted, that is), then you would have to put more build-up, background, and whatever else it is they put into their stories that make them top rated. Comparisons aside, you have your own approach to XXX story-telling and you shouldn't discard it for anyone's opinion, even mine. Keep thinking, keep writing.

anonymous readerReport

2011-12-11 02:06:24
jk jk lol i love it when i lie. im 17 and i wuv ur story. good job there man

anonymous readerReport

2011-12-11 02:04:47
........................... im only 11but its good story i guess.


2011-11-03 15:58:21
Thanks Anon, but keep in mind that this is a true story. If you read my other submission, Alarming Sibling, you will see that when I make it up off the top of my head, it is not straight into it. I jumped straight to this part because it was that week we spent together that I wanted to portray, not the teasing we did at work. Thanks for your response though.

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-03 15:54:38
it sucked because u jumped right to it with nothing leading up to it.. u need to thickin the plot better. like have her tease him without sex at first. u just jumped stright to the sex and it bored me right off. u should of had them in the bathroom at walmart and her giving him head. be more dareing.

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