Pam Enjoys Her Stay With Friends and Their Two Dogs
Subject: Pam's Trip to Scottsdale Day 5

Man I had to pee badly. I woke up from a deep sleep and headed for the
potty. After I finished I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a very
rumpled young lady. I grinned at myself and asked, "Are we having fun

"I thought you were going to sleep all day," a voice said. Then I saw her
in the mirror, attired in her usual nothing and looking like she was ready
to roll. "Are you hungry?"

"Starved," I replied. "I can't remember that we ate any solid food

"We didn't," Kaylee laughed. "Just cum, lots of wonderful cum."

She smacked her lips and grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the dining
room. On the table were pitchers of milk and coffee and a big plate of
fresh pastries.

I put a couple on my plate and poured us each a cup of coffee and began to
gorge myself. Kaylee did the same thing.

"Kevin had to leave again this morning, so we are free to do anything we
want. Got any ideas?"

I thought for a minute and my pussy started twitching as I thought of
spending the whole day with just Kaylee. Then I though of Andy and Leon
and the picture was complete.

"A whole day with just you and the boys would suit me fine," I said.

That little eager smile of Kaylee's covered her face. "Perfect," she said,
"Sounds like a great plan."

As we sat there eating pastry and drinking coffee we discussed what all we
wanted to do with the boys and each other. Kaylee said she wanted to try
tying in her rosebud which didn't sound like fun to me but I agreed to help
her. I just wanted a good hard fuck followed by her tender tongue. Or
maybe several of each. After my fourth pastry Kaylee asked if I was ready
for the boys and I said sure. Meet you in the playroom she said and headed
out. I went down the hall to what they called the playroom and waited. In
the room were three single beds, assorted over stuffed chairs and a chair
swing suspended from the ceiling. Just about then I heard the boys coming,
nails clicking on the hardwood floor of the hallway.

The bounded into the room and just about knocked me over with their
enthusiasm. Kaylee followed them in and hollered,

"OK boys, settled down."

She thru me a pair of stockings and said we better put these on the boys or
they will scratch the shit out of us. She called Leon and put first one
then the other on his front legs. I did the same to Andy. I think putting
the socks on the boys told them it was time to fuck because both of their
cocks started emerging from the sheath. Kaylee started stroking Leon and I
started stroking Andy. Pretty soon they were both ready and willing.

"Are you ready to fuck my mouth boy?" Kaylee whispered to Leon.

He of course was all over her, jumping up on her then getting down and
moving around her. She slid from the bed she was setting on to the floor
and leaned back against it. Then she said "Up Boy" and Leon jumped up with
his front feet on the bed and his body over the waiting Kaylee. He started
humping immediately and Kaylee moved her mouth over the end of his cock.
When Leon felt her warm lips on his cock he pushed forward, forcing his
cock deep into her mouth and her head back against the bed. She was pinned
in that position.

Leon was in deed fucking her mouth. Her hands were on his hips as he
pounded her mouth like it was her cunt. She was taking all of his eight
inches down her throat on each stroke. I could do that with a man that was
just laying there but not like she was taking Leon. I was absolutely
amazed. Her hands were moving about his hips but not to push him away. If
anything she was helping him. Then one hand moved down to his cock and
grabbed it just ahead of the knot. His movement slowed and soon he stopped
all together. Kaylee pushed him back so that only about half of his cock
was in her mouth. His cum was pouring out and down onto her tits. I could
see her swallow but not nearly as fast as he was pumping his seed. She
pushed him all the way back and his cock fell out and he jumped off of the
bed. Kaylee looked at me and tried to smile but I knew her face and throat
had to be hurting.

"Can I help?"

She just kind of smiled again and shook her head. She sat there for a
couple of minutes and then ran her finger thru the cum on her tits and
offered it to me. I took it into my mouth and sucked it clean, then leaned
over her and did the same to her tits. She patted my head as I did so.

"Wow, that was awesome," she whispered. "I haven't done that for a long
time. Want to try it with Andy?"

"Girl I don't think I could take him like that," I replied. "I mean Leon
really hammered you."

"You don't think I didn't know that?" she laughed. "It was wonderful
except for the couple of times he almost missed my mouth."

Andy decided he had missed out on something and came over and started
sniffing around my pussy. I lifted myself up onto the bed with my legs on
the floor and spread my pussy wide. His tongue found the mark and was
licking my cunny deep. Kaylee was on hands and knees beside Andy and asked

"Do you want to tie with him?"

"Ask me a little later," I replied.

Andy decided he had licked enough and jumped up to put his front paws on
the bed beside me. He started jabbing around with his cock, look for
someplace to put it. Kaylee guided it to my pussy and as soon as the two
touched he pushed and entered me with almost all of his cock on the first
jab. He gripped me tightly with his front legs and the pounding began.
One thing that Kaylee had taught the boys was how to fuck. He was intense,
moving his cock in and out and around and around. Pushing it in and
hesitating a moment and then pounding some more. I had my legs wrapped
around him and was enjoying his efforts. Kaylee's hands were all over me
which intensified my euphoria. But all too soon I felt hot cum filling me
and Kaylee asked if I wanted to tie. I said yes yes yes. She allowed Andy
to push all the way into me and his knot filled me cunt. We were tied

Kaylee continued nibbling my nipples and kissing and sucking my tongue
while Andy was tied to my pussy. About 10 minutes went by before he lifted
up and jumped off, pulling his cock and knot out with a plop. Kaylee was
right there; early waiting the flow of his seed that she knew would be
gushing out. She drank at my cunny until the flow stopped and then licked
me clean. I was exhausted and really wanted to rest a bit but not Kaylee.
She laid down beside me and cuddled and said,

"You know what we ought to do?"

"What," I said.

"I promised you some shopping while you were down here. We ought to
shower, put on some sexy cloths and head for the mall. I'm sure we can find
some trouble to get into and if not we can just buy you some neat outfits."

This girl never ceased to amaze me. We would just get one sexual activity
done and she was ready to get involved in another. She was a true nympho.
With that she was up and pulling on my arm.

"Come on girl, times a wasting," she laughed.

I followed her to the shower and she was at me again. Soaping my body
front and back, head to toe but taking particular care with my tits and
pussy. I did the same to her, we rinsed and dried and head for her closet.

"Pick out something from that rack," she said, "They are all your size."

I picked out a kind of sexy suit type thing with a short skirt and matching
jacket. Kaylee was already dressed and thru me a blouse.

"Wear this one; it will go great with the jacket. But no bra."

The blouse had a big collar that was to be worn outside the jacket, but
only one button. At the waist. I was sure if I moved just right my little
tits would be fully exposed. But Kaylee showed me why she wanted me to
wear it by giving me a full tongue dancing kiss while she slipped her hand
inside the blouse and squeezed my tits. She grabbed my hand and we dashed
for the front door. The white limo was waiting for us and we headed for
the mall.

"Why are the windows all darkened?" I asked.

Kaylee gave me a big grin and said, "It makes a great place to get into

I thought what a deal. No one can see in and the two seats fold down to
make a bed. These guys have everything.

"But no guys," Kaylee stated, "I don't mess around with strange guys unless
Kevin is with me."

We entered the mall and I couldn't get over Kaylee. It was like she was on
a hunt. She looked at every woman that passed us like she was devouring
them. Then she pulled me into this lady's shop. A voice from behind one
of the racks said,

"Why hello Kaylee, long time no see."

"Hi Merry," Kaylee replied. "I want you to meet a good friend of mine,

Merry smiled and asked, "How good a friend?"

"A very very good friend," Kaylee replied.

I was looked over like I have never been looked over in my life. I knew
instantly that this woman was a very very good friend of Kaylee's. And let
me describe her.

About six foot or better, slim figure with nice sized tits and black as
Kevin. A very imposing person. And then what she said blew me away.

"I'll be closing for my mid day break in a few minutes. But you are
welcome to stay and try on anything that strikes your fancy."

"Thank you Merry, I'm sure we'll find something to keep us occupied in the
dressing room."

Kaylee grabbed a couple of items off the rack and we headed back to the
dressing area. The only furniture was a full length mirror and a wide
padded bench. Kaylee hung the items on a hook and said, "OK girl, strip

I was down to nothing when the door opened and Merry came in, asking if we
needed any help. Her stare moved from my body to Kaylee's and my pussy
began to tingle when I thought of what might be going to happen. Kaylee
backed over to where Merry was setting and asked her to help with her bra.
Expert hands unclasped it and then gently massaged her orbs. Once again
Kaylee was having fun while all I got to do was watch. But Merry looked at
me and gave me that come hither smile so I hithered. Her mouth was on my
nipples sooner then soon and my hand was behind her head pulling it hard
against my chest. Kaylee was undressing Merry while she was paying
attention to me. Soon the three of us were bare ass naked, exploring each
others bodies. I went after the big beautiful tits on our hostess.

Merry laid back on the bench allowing both Kaylee and I to have plenty of
room to give attention to her body. I nibbled her nipples and she
whispered for me to bite them. I did and she liked, whispering Oh yes, Oh
yes. Kaylee said Pammy look at this beautiful pussy. I moved down with
Kaylee and was struck by the unbelievable site before my eyes. Kaylee was
working on Merry's clit with her tongue, while fingering her cunt hole with
two fingers. The lips of her pussy looked like they must have been pulled
and stretched because they stood out at least and inch and a half from her
body. Kaylee was making extreme love to this woman's cunny.

I continued nursing on those big, black boobs until her moans became quite
loud and she started pushing my head down towards where Kaylee was
operating. I got the message and pushed my face in beside Kaylee's and our
tongues met at her clit. I had just gotten into the groove so to speak when
great spurts of girl cum started shooting all over. Kaylee sort of pushed
me out of the way and cover the hot pussy with her mouth, drinking down
every drop. It was evident that Merry wasn't thru so I pushed Kaylee away
and took over the clean up. I've tasted a lot of pussy juice but never
like Merry's. Every drop should be caught and bottled.

When we had completed our diversion with Merry Kaylee pushed me back on the
floor, reversed herself and lowered her pussy down on my face. Then she
buried her face in mine. Neither of us lasted very long before a loud
commotion began in the middle of the floor and two more hot pussies
emptied. I was exhausted and so was Kaylee. She laid out on me and stayed
there for several minutes. Then she popped up and I though here we go

A loud knock was heard from the front of the shop and Merry said,

"Oh my Gawd, it's 20 minutes past opening."

She jumped into her cloths and headed out. Kaylee just sat there and
smiled at me and said, "What do you want to do now girl?"

I thought for a minute and then said, "I need a really hard fuck with a
really hard cock. Kevin, one of the boys or someone else, I really don't

"I've got a great idea," she exclaimed, "Why don't we see what we can pick
up here. I can't play with them but I can help you. If we aren't
successful we'll head for home and do all three of them."

I pondered this arrangement. She can't touch the guy but she can play with
me while I do. Verrrry interesting. We finished dressing and headed out of
the dressing area. Merry was busy with another customer so we just
hollered bye and thanks and left the shop.

We wondered about the maul for about 10 minutes but didn't make a
connection with any of the guys. As we rounded the corner we were bumped
into by a guy that definitely wasn't paying any attention. He dropped his
bag and a DVD slide out. I picked it up and looked at it. There on the
cover was this really fine chick sucking on a really fine cock. I couldn't
believe it. And this nerdy guy was soooo embarrassed. I looked at him and
smiled and thought what the hell, he's a male,

I backed him up against the wall and said, "What are you doing with trash
like this? Especially when there is a willing mouth waiting?"

While I was talking I was rubbing his cock. He got red in the face and
really didn't know what to do. Then I took his hand and put in down on my
bare cunt.

"Have you ever had a blow job?" I asked. "And have you ever fucked
anything except your hand?"

"No and No," he replied.

I put a grip on his arm and headed for the limo. Kaylee took her phone out
and sent the driver a message. Get Lost was my guess. When we got to the
car it was empty. We jumped in the back and I went for nerdy's cock. I was
soooo surprised. All of the good looks and physical stature that nerdy
didn't have had been applied to his cock. It was about 8 inches long and I
could just barely get my hand around it. The head was just peeking out of
the foreskin like it wondered what was going on. I jumped up and straddled
nerdy, pulled my blouse open and rubbed my nipples on his lips. He took
the hint and began nibbling and sucking. I was really getting turned on.
I was rubbing back and forth on his cock with my pussy but he wasn't in me.
What I was feeling was Kaylee's fingers, tweaking my clit and fucking my

I decided it was time to pick this flower. Kaylee moved a side so I could
slide down between nerdy's legs. I took his beautiful meat in my hand and
admired it for a minute and then started licking. Up and down the shaft,
around his ball sack and back up his cock. All we could hear from nerdy
was Oh my Gawd, Oh my Gawd. Then I got serious. In just a couple of
movements up and down his cock it was entirely in my mouth and throat. As
I fucked his cock it grew bigger and harder as did his balls. Suddenly my
mouth was hit with the biggest blast of cum I had ever experienced. I
swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. Nerdy was flopping about on the
seat, moaning and groaning as his balls were emptied. I had a mouthful and
wanted to kiss Kaylee but she wouldn't. I thought this girl really is true
to Kevin.

The nerdy went quiet. Like he passed out or something. He slumped over on
the seat like he was out cold. I shock him and finally his eyes opened and
all he could whisper was Oh my Gawd. I ran my hand down to his cock and
asked him "Don't you want to fuck?"

His cock was very soft and about 4 inches long. Even though I was stroking
it there was no indication of life. Nerdy whispered I probably won't get
hard again for a week and sort of laughed. He tucked his cock back into his
pants, picked up his package and opened the door. That was sure wonderful
and I hope I run into you again.

Once again I had Kaylee's face and tongue in my pussy. She stopped long
enough to send the driver a signal and then returned to her work. Pretty
soon the front door opened and the limo started to move. I laid back to
enjoy my pussy licking. I knew Kaylee well enough by now to know that she
wouldn't stop until I gave her a reward. It happened really fast, we
stopped in front of the house, I started squirting and Kaylee clicked the
lock on the door. The driver tried to open it but Kaylee just kept on
slurping at my cunny and I passed out.

When I woke up the driver was laying me down on a bed, Kaylee and Kevin
were leaning over me wondering what had happened. I looked up at Kaylee
and said, "WOW." They both relaxed and smiled. The driver left.

"I think you better get some sleep," Kaylee advised. "Do you want something
to eat?"

I shook my head and closed my eyes. I couldn't think, I couldn't dream, I
couldn't even wonder what would happen on day 6. I just drifted off....

Day 6

I was in the middle of the greatest dream. I was setting on this guys lap
with his big hard cock buried in my pussy while his big Great Dane was
fucking my ass. All of a sudden I was rudely brought out of my dream by a
loud culump, culump, culump and a shrill voice screaming "Yipie yi yea,
Yipie yi yoo" and "rideum cowboy fuckum Indian." I awoke with a start and
starred at this creature running around my bed. Of course it was Kaylee
and she was completely bonkers. My eye first rested on Kevin who was
dressed in a cowboy hat, western style vest, chaps and cowboy boots. He
had nothing on under the chaps so his big black cock hung down like a
handle. Then I spotted Kaylee who had stopped at my bedside. She had on
cowboy hat, woman's western vest, chaps and boots. Her tits were barely
contained in her vest and the opening in the chaps exposed her beautiful
hairless cunny. She hollered her usual,

"Come on lazy bones, we're going to go Rodeeeoooo. But first we are going
to stop at Charlie's for breakfast."

On the bed she thru me the outfit I was to wear. A cowboy hat and boots, a
western style bikini top and a skirt that from belt to hem wasn't more then
four inches. The bikini was two oval pieces of material held together by
black string. They just barely covered my nipples. The skirt was black
with a white belt. It didn't even cover my stomach, let alone the arrow I
had shaved in my cunny hair. But oh well, I thought. They live here, I
don't. Kevin had left and returned and handed each of us a long, black
leather coat, like riders wore in rainy weather. We looked like three
hoods as we left the house heading for the car.

Kevin had ordered the white Caddy convertible brought around so here were
the three hoods, dressed in black heading for a day of unknown pleasure.
It seemed that the pair knew everyone they saw. If the people didn't call
them by name I wouldn't thought anything of it. Kevin said "Oh fuck, we
are about out of gas." He pulled into truck stop and pulled up to the gas
pump. He was greeted by another black dude, almost as big as he was. They
touched fists and yacked while the car was filled with gas. Kevin motioned
for us to follow him so Kaylee and I got out and went into the station
followed by the gas attendant. He had kind of a leer on his face as he
ushered us into an office and called one of his buddies.

Kevin explained he had left his wallet at home and we were going to have to
perform for these two dudes to satisfy his bill. Of course Kaylee could
hardly wait to start sucking a cock but I was slightly more reserved. The
closest guy to Kaylee was the buddy so she grabbed him and in no time had
his pants down and his cock in her mouth. It took me slightly longer with
the attendant. He was a rough dude, holding my head firmly as he fucked my
mouth and shoved his cock down my throat. Of course I hated it, LOL but he
was so anxious that it didn't take long for his cum to fill my mouth. I
looked over at Kaylee and she couldn't swallow fast enough and cum was
dripping out of the corners of her mouth down onto her tits. Being the good
little scout that I am I immediately moved over to help her. The three
guys touched fists and we headed for the car, the debt paid.

Kaylee looked at Kevin as we got back into the car and asked, "How are you
going to pay for breakfast?"

"I guess you girls will have to take care of Charlie, too."

Kaylee giggled at that. I didn't know what was funny but knew better then
to ask. Just then we pulled into the parking lot in front of an old, old
boxcar. It had several windows, a couple of doors and lots of rust and
decay. I thought this can't really be a place to eat. However, we went in
and the guy in the kitchen hollered Hi to Kevin and this big fat gal gave
Kevin and Kaylee a hug. Charlie came out and also gave them hugs. Kevin
chatted briefly with them and all I heard was the gal say, "If the girls
take care of Charlie, that only pays half the bill. You got to take care
of Mama." K & K laughed at that but sure enough, Charlie went back to the
kitchen and Kevin and Mama went to the back room. We heard some moans and
other sounds coming from there very shortly. And soon after the two
returned and Mama had a big smile on her face. Kaylee opened Kevin's coat
and asked if everything was OK down there. Kevin laughed.

Breakfast was wonderful. Only the second really good meal I had had in 4
or 5 days. I ate everything with in reach including Kaylee's toast and
part of Kevin's hash browns. When we were thru and Mama had cleared the
table, Charlie whistled and pointed to the back room. Kaylee got up and I
followed. The back room was surprising. Very neat and clean with a couple
of big chairs and a bed. Fresh flowers gave a wonderful scent. Kaylee
dropped her coat and Charlie whistled. I dropped mine and he whistled
again. The Kaylee helped him drop his pants and I whistled. He had a
monster white cock. Kaylee looked at me and grinned, quite obviously she
had been there before.

Hanging down it must have been 8 inches long and as Kaylee started stoking
and kissing it the length grew and grew. By the time I got with her, it
was longer then Kevin's. I thought to myself, this must be 14 inches.
Charlie was still standing with Kaylee and me on our knees in front of him.
He patted Kaylee's head and said, "Let's fuck."

She jumped up to the bed and positioned herself on all fours. I just
watched in amazement as the head of that pole was rubbed up and down on her
pussy and ass. I thought for a minute he was going to ass fuck her but he
didn't. Kaylee moaned as he pushed his cock deep into her love canal.
That girl never ceased to amaze me and I couldn't believe that finally he
stopped when his entire meat was in her hot wet cunt. I looked at her face
and her eyes were wide and mouth contorted like maybe she was hurting a
little but she didn't say a word, just pushed back against Charlie.

"This feels so good," said Charlie, "I always love it when you guys come in
and Kevin has forgotten his wallet."

By now, Charlie was fucking Kaylee's twat at a pretty fast pace. And she
was enjoying every second. I some how got the feeling I wasn't going to
feel that big cock in mine. And sure enough just about then Charlie pulled
out and started shooting cum on Kaylee's back. I grabbed his cock and
pointed it at my mouth and let him shoot into there. I sucked him dry,
which was no small task and then licked Kaylee's back. Charlie pulled his
pants up, Kaylee and I put on our coats and breakfast was paid for. Mama
and Charlie told us to come back soon and I wanted to.

As we cruised down the freeway out of town I asked Kaylee where we were

"A friend of ours has a ranch where he raised horses. Kevin has been
paying him to train one to be receptive to the "attentions" of a human. He
called and said the big stallion named Chairman was ready and waiting. I
wondered to myself who had done the training but it really didn't
matter. About a half hour into our ride Kevin pulled off the highway into a
private drive and up to a big ranch house with a bigger barn behind. We
were greeted by a man and lady in their late 40's named Jack and Carol. I
was caught giving the gorgeous Carol a long look but when our eyes meet she
gave me a big smile.

After the usual introductions and greetings, Kaylee said her usual "times a
wasting" and headed for the barn. Carol gave out with a laugh and we
followed Kaylee. As I walked with Carol I asked,

"Are you Chairman's trainer?"

"Yes, I've worked with him since he was a colt, about two years. He is a
quick learner but my biggest problem was keeping him under control. But he
has learned that he can enjoy what's going on with him without going

"Are you going to show us how?" I asked.

Carol laughed as she said, "If we don't hurry up I'll be too late to show

Sure enough when we entered the barn there was Kaylee in the stall with
Chairman, talking to him and petting him and moving her hand ever closer to
his cock. Chairman seemed to be enjoying it even though the only show of
emotion was a fast whipping of his tail. Once in a while he would snort
but pretty much just stood there enjoying the attention.

Kaylee smiled at everyone and said, "Isn't he a beautiful lover?"

And he was a beautiful animal. His black coat glistened and the white
slash on his face set off beautiful eyes and face. I looked around the
stall at the furnishings. Besides the usual water and feed containers there
was a small stool and two padded tables. One about three feet off the
ground and one a little higher. The shorter one had foot pads like the one
in the equipment room at home. Carol started explaining how she worked
with Chairman and as she did so she removed her blouse and Levis. Damn
this was a beautiful woman. I knew we had to get closer before this party
was over.

"By the time I have made up my mind it is time to do some training, my
pussy is already giving off the aroma of sex," she started. "Chairman
smells this and reacts much as he is doing now, swishing his tail and
snorting and tossing his head. I like to start with his hard, rough tongue
which gets me ready for more personal action later."

With that Carol laid down on the lower table and put her feet in the foot
pads. Chairman began nuzzling her pussy with his nose and then his tongue
started doing its dance. I was where I could see very clearly that he was
actually fucking her with his tongue. And Carol's reaction was as to be
expected. She was pushing her pelvis up to accept more and more of his
attention. After a couple of minutes she said,

"His tongue is so rough it only takes a little bit before my pussy starts
getting sore, so that's enough of that for right now."

Carol patted Chairman on the side of his head and he took that to mean
enough and lifted his head to allow her to get up. Then she picked up the
stool and moved back to the cock area. I had not noticed but while he was
licking her pussy his cock had grown to about 18 inches and the thickness
of a large salami.

"The surface of his cock is very sensitive so you must be very careful when
you stroke and lick him. I know you have seen movies of women who play
with horses that man handle their cock. But that won't work with Chairman.
As long as you are tender he will be very receptive and ready for the
ultimate experience. Bringing him to climax orally is up to you.
Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. He has pretty quick recovery powers
but if I don't have a lot of time and want to fuck I wait to have him
climax in my cunny."

While she chatted, Carol was stroking his big cock. Chairman showed his
pleasure by snorting and waving his head. Carol began licking his cock and
taking the first bit of the head into her mouth. Chairman really got into
it. Then she moved the stool out of the way and rolled the other table
into action. Jack brought in a big board and put it over the feed and water
containers. Carol patted Chairman on the side and said "UP" and he jumped
up and put both of his front feet on the board. She laid down on the table
under Chairman and Jack help the cock find her cunt. I noticed the top of
the table slid back and forth and the way Chairman started fucking showed
me why. It moved so Carol wouldn't end up with the whole 18 inches up her
cunny. Chairman hammered away for a few minutes and then with a final
push, just stayed there with his cock buried in Carol. After a little bit
he pulled out and his cum cam gushing out of Carol's cunny.

Kaylee grabbed the stool and moved in under Chairman, grabbing his cock and
licking and sucking the head. I pulled Carol out of the way and did a
masterful job of clean up. Not only did I take care of Carol's pussy but
also licked all the horse juice I could find on the table and else where.

Carol's recovery was a lot faster then mine would have been. She laid there
after I had licked her and then stood up and pushed the table over for
Kaylee. This girl was absolutely amazing, she was on her back, legs spread
just waiting for someone to hand her the cock. Chairman however, was not
as eager. Carol and Kaylee together couldn't keep his cock from shrinking
back into its sheath. Finally Carol admitted that it was going to be a
little while before Chairman would be ready to conduct a meeting. Kaylee
looked very disappointed until she spotted Jack talking with Kevin. She
whipped over to them, pushed their pants to the floor and began giving both
of them a royal blow job.

Carol's eyes were wide in amazement. "You have to understand Kaylee," I
said. "She has a 24/7 need for sex and will do anything to anything at
anytime to satisfy it. If there is no one around to help her she

Carol smiled at me and said, "I wondered what was with the girl."

Carol was no slouch in her own right, having just been fucked by a big
horse cock and had a through cleaning by me. She led me to another part of
the barn where there was a big bed and said, "I'm going to return the
favor" as she positioned herself between my legs. About fifteen minutes
later I had an earth shattering climax and covered her face with my girl
juice. About then Jack hollered to Carol that Kaylee needed her help. We
headed for the stall and found that Champion was ready and willing to give
Kaylee her first horse fuck.

I was extremely jealous because it was always about Kaylee. She always had
to be first. I sort of pouted as Carol rubbed Kaylee's pussy with
Chairman's hard cock wanting it to be me laying there. But I stayed and I
watched and my horney level rose and my pussy got wetter and wetter. I
guess it must have been very obvious because Kevin came over by me, sat
down on a chair and pulled me down on his lap. My cunt was so hot and
ready that I absorbed his big love tool all the way in all at once. I
smiled and whispered thank you and worked my cunny around and around on the
big stick. I was still wishing it was Chairman's but Kevin's was a
wonderful substitute.

Kevin ran his hands up and started playing with my boobs, pulling and
stretching the nipples. I almost forgot about Chairman but then Kaylee's
voice caught my attention.

"Oh Gawd, Oh Gawd," she moaned.

Chairman was fucking her hard, pushing his cock in and resting a few
seconds, pulling it out and ramming it home again. Then he stopped, his
cock deeply imbedded in Kaylee's cunt. She was moaning and groaning and I
saw large amounts of horse cum leaking out around his cock. She had just
been filled with is seed. Kevin had grabbed my hips and was lifting me up
and down on his tool and I could feel that I was being filled with his.

When Kevin relaxed, I just sat there, enjoying the feeling of my full love
canal. I motioned to Carol and she smiled and rolled Kaylee over to me.
Once again I enjoyed cleaning up a freshly fucked pussy. Kaylee just laid
there for several minutes and then got up and told me to take her place. I
knew Chairman wasn't going to be ready for another fuck for some time but
did as I was told. Kaylee wanted to lick up all of Kevin's cum and almost
brought me to orgasm again as she did.

Kevin asked Carol how long it would be before Chairman would be ready
again. She replied probably and hour or so. I was perfectly willing, no
ready and willing to stay but Kevin and Kaylee decided they needed to head
for home. I was pissed off to say the least but what was I to do. Carol
gave me a big hug and invited me back anytime I wanted to come. She
laughed when I said, "How about tomorrow."

I was very quiet on the way home and about half way there it finally dawned
on Kaylee what my problem was. She climbed over the seat and joined me in
the back. We gave the truckers a show as we passed them. No way could I
stay mad at that girl. She kissed my mouth and my ears and my neck and
down to my tits. Then she started at my knees with her fingers until she
had my legs spread and was flicking my clit. Horns were honking and we
could hear the truckers chatting on their CB's about the two girls getting
it on in the back seat of the Caddie. One of the female drivers wanted to
join us and another was talking about the size of the cock Kevin was

When we got home Kaylee was still trying to please me asking what I wanted
to do, go to the equipment room, the TV room, the hot tub, so swimming or
go to bed? I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:40. I told her to bed
and alone. That I was beat and wanted to sleep. She pouted and said,

"OK, be a party pooper."

I said goodnight to the two of them and headed for the room I had slept in
the night before. I took a long hot shower, climbed between the sheets and
wondered what tomorrow would bring as I drifted off to sleep.
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