A story of bondage and incest
My sister has always been a little different. She enjoyed playing with Tonka trucks and GI Joes more then Barbies or toy kitchens. It was no surprise that since we were only a year apart that we would spend a lot of time together. Similar interests made playtime very easy on us as kids.
Things didn't change much as we grew up. Our methods of playing grew different. Toy soldiers were replaced with pixels on a screen and trucks with.... Well, I wasn't sure what would replace that. Until recently.
I am pretty lazy on my weekends. I hate mornings with an eternal passion. So when I don't have to get up early for school I tend to stay in my bed until the afternoon pokes its head around.
My sister on the other hand loves to be up early. She has on multiple occasions come into my room with pots and pans at the ready so I don't sleep the day away. She has become quite creative; she never does the same thing twice.
So I was little surprised to wake up and feel a tightness around my ankles and my wrists. I assumed that it was my sister just trying a new trick. I was however surprised to feel a pressure on my chest....
I opened my eyes to my baby sisters already wet slit right in front of me. My eyes trailed up her bare chest, which had developed rather early on her, to her eyes. She locked them to mine and grinned, easing her hips closer to my mouth.
"Carolyn," I squeaked, my eyes wide with shock. "What are you doing?" I sounded no better as I continued.
"Nothing you won't enjoy Mark," she cooed to me, running a finger against her clit. "Now be a good boy and give me a lick," she said as she pushed herself forward, planting her slit against my lips.
My moans of desperation were lost under her, her juices dripping into my mouth as I begged her to stop.
I had harbored a fantasy or two about her but it was much different then the reality. In my dreams I wasn't tied up.
I couldn't help but taste her as she dripped her nectar into my mouth, falling down my tongue to my throat. She tasted delicious; I felt that I could spend all day just licking at her.
The thought aroused me something fierce. I couldn't help myself.
I licked.
She moaned sharply, bucking her hips against my chin as I teased her slit with my tongue. She looked down at me again and grinned, rubbing the top of my head. "There's a good brother," she teased me. I felt myself already rising, stiffening behind her. I was so hard that my cock was hurting, I could already imagine my cock inside of her tight mound.
I licked again, knowing that there was no way I would stop now if given the choice. I buried my tongue in her snatch, lapping up all she had to offer me. She cooed softly and moaned, pulsing her hips slowly against my face as I ate her out..... As I violated my baby sister.
I went at her with a renewed vigor, my tongue darting quickly against her walls, teasing at her clit for moments before sinking into her again. Within minutes she was letting out a shriek, another soon after. I could feel her pussy tightening against my tongue as she orgasmed over and over.
After a few minutes, she finally eased back off of my face. She was panting softly, a look of rapture painted across her face. "I knew you were good, but your girlfriends were modest," she said between breaths, turning to lay next to me on top of the blankets. "Did you enjoy that?" she asked, her hand playing across my chest.
"Yes," I admitted, already thinking about her soft hands playing against my stiff rod.
"Good," she said happily. She rolled off the bed and walked out of the room, leaving me tied there with my blankets tenting over my hard on.
"Carolyn?" I called in a raised voice, the door closing behind her. "You're not just going to leave me here, are you?"
But she did. For a few hours she left me there. Until the afternoon rolled in I lay there, my balls aching from the pent up desire. My wrists were chaffed from trying to free myself, my throat dry from calling her.
She just walked into my room and grinned at me laying there. She had gotten dressed after riding my face, going about her day. "Time to wake up sleepy head," she called to me in a sing song voice, ignoring my glares.
"That's not funny," I said raspingly, lifting my wrists and ankles. "Untie me please," I asked, knowing she wouldn't do it if I told her.
She giggled softly and walked over to my matress, crawling up it and laying on top of me. "You don't want to play again?" she asked me sensually, drawing a finger along my jaw line and down my neck.
"I have been laying here for hours, pent up from you just leaving me horny," I said in an exasperated town, my eyes pleading. "Don't do this to me," I begged. She had always been good at torture.
She giggled again, lifting her shirt over her head. "But I enjoy you like this Mark," she said simply, her breasts falling out of her shirt. "Helpess to whatever I want to do.... Or don't want to do," she teased, running her hand over the bulge growing under my blankets again.
I groaned softly, closing my eyes and turning my head up towards the ceiling. Reality was so much worse then the dream had been.
I felt her shifting on my bed some more before I felt her weight on my chest again. I could smell her sex right in front of me and I could feel her hand teasing at me through the blanket.
"Eat me again and I will make you cum," she promised, her fingers playing along my shaft as it seemed to come to life in her hands, even through the blankets.
I reluctantly obliged. There was nothing to lose.
She sat herself down on my face again making me bury my tongue into her deeper then before. She kept running her hands along my stiff cock through the blanket, focusing on my sensitive head.
I had been left laying there for hours horny as hell. I knew the way she was going that I was going to explode. I moaned softly against her, drawing a shudder from her.
She stiffened her grip on me and stroked me a little faster, her hips pressing against my chin. Easing me on.
And I gave it to her. I lifted my head and dug into her, hoping to throw her over the edge and force her to take hold of my throbbing meat without the blankets.
She moaned sharply and I felt a wash come over my tongue, dripping down my cheeks and chin. I felt her shudder hard, collapsing against me as her moan turned into shrieks. She had squirted against my tongue.
She lay looking up at me and gasping for a moment before she sat up again. She pulled the blanket down and kissed my lips, tasting herself against my face.
"I didn't know I could do that," she said in a faint voice, ecstasy painting a sharp light in her eyes. "You earned a treat Mark," she said in a seductive tone, leaning down to kiss at my neck. She finished pulling the blankets down and then started working on my boxers. She gave up when she realized that by tieing my legs apart the boxers wouldn't slide down. Instead, she reached into my night stand and pulled out my switch blade.
I don't miss those boxers very much; I have them in the top of my closet as a memento actually....
She lifted her delicate frame over my stiff rod, slowly pressing herself down to surround my manhood. I gasped loudly and shuddered and she slid herself down, feeling myself cum hard inside of her, filling her tight wet hole. She smiled and leaned in towards me, kissing my lips and playing her tongue along them too.
"Guess I teased you too much," she cooed to me, rocking her hips slowly. "Oh well, I wanted to see how many times I could make you do that anyways," she admitted as her hips started rocking faster.
I can't remember how long we were going that day. I couldn't keep track of how many times either of us orgasmed.
I do know that my sister removed my alarm clock from my room that night. I know this because everyday since then, she has woken me up when she thinks it is time. School days, weekends.... Sometimes she spends the night in my bed.
I am never sure what time it is though. But I guess it doesn't matter when you have a sister as your alarm clock.


2013-12-14 02:06:23
@ Anons:
If I'm being honest, I didn't need to use my imagination for this one.
This actually happened.
So, it WAS a story, and 90% of the voters seem to think it had plenty of spice.
Enjoy the minority, boys.

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2013-02-12 19:06:49
Norton5 you have to be a retard to think this was a good story with lots of spice in it lol

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2013-02-12 19:05:29
That wasnt even a story. Try again. Use some imagination next time


2013-02-11 00:51:41
Good story. Lots of spice in there. I'm not currently into the sister and brother theme, but I think your story would cause major erections and eruptions (of cum) for those who are. You definitely have the ability to make others want to keep their eyes glued to your text. Keep thinking, keep writing.

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2011-11-02 22:28:05
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeee it

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