Amy surprises him with two fantasy fucks
This story is a piece of fiction. The characters and situations should not be taken for real people or places at all.

I spent the next couple of days in heavy soul searching over what had happened with Amy. Had I gone too far by taking her virginity. Yes she had offered it to me, but she was only thirteen. Had she even been certain as to what she was saying. I went through my memory of the afternoon again and again. Looking at the events from every possible angle. What I came up with was that it did not matter how you looked at it. I was almost certainly going to hell for it. Even if I was positive that she had both been willing to give me her virginity, and had enjoyed sex with me. While I was not too much older than her. I was old enough to know what I had done had been wrong, illegal, and quiet probably perverted on various levels. However, something else I knew was that if the chance came up for a second time I was going to take it. No matter what that made me seem to outsiders.

The day after I finished my soul searching was another quiet one at work. I came home, parked up behind my house as was my usual habit. I climbed out and, again as usual, I headed through my small garden to my back door. As soon as I headed through my gate I realised something was up. My living room curtain was closed, I never leave it closed during the day. Preferring to come home to a sun lit room, or at least natural light rather than darkness. I stopped for a moment, considering what to do. Then headed down to my back door, where I received another shock. It was unlocked, and I knew I had locked it that morning having checked it twice. I opened the door slowly, pushed the curtain aside and stepped in. Only to find one final surprise waited for me inside.

Amy was stood resting her back against the inside of the hall doorway. She was looking straight at me with the sultriest look I think I’d ever seen. Her sandy brown hair hung loose down to her shoulders. Her pretty blue eyes were glinting in the light from the one lamp that she had lit. Her mouth pouted in a sexy manner. She was wearing a short little summer dress with a flower pattern on it. The hem came down to just below her panties. It clung to her small petite body, so much I could even see her tiny breasts pushing it out. It seemed like the dress was too small for her. She curled on leg up to rest the foot against the door behind her. As I watched she slowly undid the buttons on the dress. Leaving only the bottom two fastened up. Then she slid her hand down her body, into the dress. From where I was standing I could see her beginning to rub at her pussy. With her leg up I was able to just see she had no panties on.

For a moment I was thrown as to what she was doing. Until I remembered back to the first night we had been together. I had told her about an erotic late night movie I had seen years ago. In one scene a girl had seduced the older man she was after by opening her dress and fingering herself in front of him. Making herself cum, in order to get him to fuck her. Amy had remembered this, and was now re-enacting it just for me. How she managed to get into my house I was quiet happy to wait and find out. Watching her finger herself was now way more important.

“Are you coming in are do you want the whole world to watch me.” Amy said in a soft voice. I realised that I was stopped with one foot in the house and the other in the garden, still holding the curtain open. Quickly I stepped in, closing the door and curtain behind me. Amy began to rub firmly at herself once I was in the room.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come home.” She told me in a husky voice. “I’ve been thinking about the other night.” As she spoke I watched her sliding her hand along her pussy. “Remembering how good your cock felt inside me, how hard it was.” She pushed two fingers into herself. I took a stuttering breath in as I watched, my body already reacting to her display. “Thinking how much I enjoyed you fucking me slowly.” She whispered, pushing her fingers in and out in a long slow motion. “Then how it felt when you went harder in me.” She began to push her fingers in and out faster. She slipped her other hand down to rub at her clit as she fingered her pussy. “Remembering how wet I began at the end, how turned on I was.” She was breathing harder now. Each word almost gasped out as she rubbed at her clit and pushed her fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy.

“Before I left last time I spotted your spare keys, and borrowed them.” That explained how she got in. “I knew I would be able to come round this afternoon. Just so I could do this. So I could show you how you turn me on.” She was gasping hard, her words coming in short bursts between breaths. I could see her body moving, writhing softly as she brought herself closer and closer to cumming. “Just so you could watch me fingering myself.” Her voice rose into a shrill whisper. “So I could make myself cum, just like your fantasy.” She was on the verge of cumming I could tell. She seemed determined to finish what she was saying first. Even though the combination of thrusting her fingers hard into herself, while fingering her clit was almost too much for her to fight. “Just to show you how much I want you to fuck me again.” She managed, the last three words said in a sharp gasp as she finally could not hold her orgasm in. I watched as her small body jerked against the door with her orgasm. She lent her head back against it, gasping hard as she came. Her fingers still pushing in and out of her. I had been rooted to the spot during the whole show she had just given me. Now I was freed to move by her release.

I threw my coat and keys onto the chair by the door as I crossed the room towards her. Reaching her I pinned her back against the door. Planting my mouth on hers, kissing her hard on the lips. I felt her mouth open slightly and pushed my tongue inside. My hands began to slid along her body as I kissed her. Running up to her neck, gently holding her head as I kissed her. Then I ran my hands down to push the dress open. Cupping her naked breasts with my hands. Her nipples were small hard buds pressing into my palms. I rubbed my thumbs over them, making her gasp. I reached down to undo the last few buttons. Then pushed the dress off her, sliding it down to the floor. Leaning down I kissed her neck, then drew one small breast into my mouth. Amy moaned softly as I sucked on the small mound of flesh, licking my tongue over the hard nipple. I moved to the other breast, doing exactly the same to that. Then I stood back up, looking down at her naked body with eyes I knew showed my hunger.

What it was about her body that turned me in so much I was not sure. She was small, thin, petite. Her breasts were two tiny mounds pushing out from her chest. Each topped by a darker nipple. I could just see the curve of her hips as my gaze ran down her. Past her nice tight ass, down to her long legs. They were her best feature by half. Long, thin without being sticks. Showing the promise of becoming very attractive as she got older. If anything that described her properly. Her body showed the promise of becoming seriously hot when she was older. Maybe it was that promise, or maybe I’m just a pervert, but as it was I found her small body so sexy.

I kissed her again, hard, with deep passion. My hands sliding over her naked body, down her back to cup her buttocks. Running down over her thighs, sliding them back up to her breasts. I squeezed them firmly, tweaking each nipple with my finger and thumb. Amy matched the passion in my kiss with her own. Her hands wrapped around my neck. Then she ran them down my back, pulled at my top to pull it up over my head. We broke our kiss just long enough for her to remove my top. Then began kissing with equal passion, our tongues moulding against each others. I ran my hand down the between her legs. Rubbing my fingers along her pussy. I could feel her wetness against them. I pushed a finger into her, she gasped. I added a second, sliding them deep into her pussy. Amy murmured deeply in her chest, softly writhing against my hand. Her wetness covered my fingers, soaking them in her juices the instant I pushed into her. I pulled them out, bringing them up to my mouth. Slowly licking her flavour off them.

That was it for me, the moment I tasted her juices I had to go down and savour her flavour properly. I sank down to the floor, gently pushing her thighs apart. She lifted her leg back up, curling it under her. I pressed my face between her legs, running my tongue along her pussy. Using my fingers to open her up I looked into her pink folds. Taking in a scent of her sweet fragrance. Before burying my face in her pussy. Pushing my tongue into her, licking hard at her. She still tasted so sweet, so innocent, pure sexual flavour. I lapped inside her, pushing my tongue deep into her. Licking it along the walls of her pussy. I could hear Amy’s soft moans of pleasure. Felt her gently moving her groin against my face. I licked hard in her, simply enjoying her taste. Now I have never minded licking a girl out, each and every time I have enjoyed it immensely. The flavour is always nice, but Amy was beyond nice,. Her juices tasted like sweet ambrosia from the gods to me. If such a thing was possible I would have been happy to live on her juices just to taste them every day.

“Oh babe, oh god that’s so good.” Amy moaned as she wrapped her fingers in my hair. I could feel her reacting, knew that soon she would need that added bit to tip her over. As much as I loved licking inside her I also loved making her, making any girl, cum. Something about how women came had always turned me on. From the first time I experienced it with my first ever lover. Through every other time since. So when I sensed she needed that extra push I moved my tongue from inside her. Running it up to the small bud that was her clitoris. Curling my tongue around it, releasing it from the tiny hood covering it.

“Oh god, no, no, fuck no.” Amy gasped sharply, as always she spoke in the negative when turned on. The emotion and feeling of her words clearly belaying the meaning of them. “No, oh god no, babe, umm baby.” Amy moaned, pushing herself against me. Her body writhing softly against the door. I licked rapidly over her clit, flicking my tongue over it. Then circling it, then pressing my tongue hard against it and licking rapidly. I had one hand now hooked over her leg, feeling the play of her thigh under my fingers as she reacted. She was close to cumming again, every movement of her body almost screamed it. I ran my other hand along her thigh, then pushed two finger up into her pussy hard. At the same time licking hard over her clit.

“Oh god, god, fuck no,.. no, nooo…” Amy squealed softly as I triggered her orgasm. I licked at her clit to add to the power, ramming my fingers in and out of her. Looking up to watch her as she came. Her eyes were closed tightly, her mouth open as she gasped with each ripple of her orgasm. Her small breasts rising and falling rapidly. I could feel her thigh muscle as it clenched and released repeatedly. As she rode her orgasm I lent back, enjoying the view. When her orgasm began to die I pushed up to kiss her neck, then her mouth. She moulded herself against me. I felt her fingers undoing my trousers, pushing them down to release my rock hard cock. Her hand curled around it, feeling so small as she ran her fingers along me.

“God Amy I want to be in you so bad.” I whispered to her.

“I want that too.” She said back.

“I need a condom.”

“On the table.” I turned to where she was pointing. Sat on the coffee table in the middle of the room was a single silver packet. Amy released me as I moved towards it. I tore it open and quickly sheathed myself. Then turned back to her. Pressing her into the door, reaching down to hook my hands under her thighs. I lifted her up, pressed myself against her pussy. With one long thrust I was in her.

“Oh fuck.” She gasped sharply as I buried my cock totally in her tight young pussy. I held myself still for a moment, then slid out and back in. Using the same slow, but hard movement to bury myself inside her. She curled her legs around me, her thighs gripping my waist tightly. Slowly I began to thrust in and out, remembering that this was only the second time she had ever had sex. She gasped softly with each thrust, pressing her face into my chest. Her breath coming in short bursts against my skin. I kept up the slow thrusts, each time pushing myself totally into her. Soon she lifted her head, kissed me hard on the lips, then whispered. “Do me harder baby.” I nodded and began to build up the speed and power. Each thrust going in harder than the previous.

“Oh god, no, fuck no.” Amy gasped, her fingers digging into my back. I could hear the pleasure in her words. Could feel the way she was moving against me, and knew she was beginning to enjoy it fully. I went faster, harder, building up my thrusts until I was fucking her properly. Sliding in and out with deep, hard thrusts. Burying my cock as deep in her as I could. “No, fuck, oh no, no oh god.” Amy moaned, gasped, mewed as my cock pushed deeply into her. I felt her moving into me, pushing herself against me with each thrust. Rocking her hips so she took each thrust that little bit deeper, harder in her. I was gasping hard with each thrust. My being focused on the way her pussy felt. The tightness around my cock, the silky feel as I slid in and out. The ripple of her pussy around me as she instinctively clenched her muscles. I bit down on my bottom lip to keep from crying out in my passion. Amy felt no such compulsion to be quiet.

“Oh god, fuck no, no.” She moaned, her voice getting shriller and louder. “Oh god, no, you’re , you’re. OHMYGODNO!” She squealed pressing her face into my neck. I felt her body rock as she came around me. The sensation was intense I felt myself heading towards my own orgasm. I knew it would be only a short while before I was cumming. Amy gasped hard, I felt her pushing at me.

“God, please stop, oh fuck please I can’t uun stop.” I froze, not sure if I was hurting her or what.

“You ok Amy.” I asked her, she took a couple of seconds to answer.

“You have to stop please. I can’t take another orgasm and if you keep going I’ll cum again. Please, sorry, please.” She said, gasping hard. I could see the redness of her face, and the slight desperation in her eyes. Reluctantly I pulled back, letting her down. “I’m sorry, but I’ve just cum three time in a very quick time. I’m not used to it, you sure you’re ok with it.” I nodded as I removed the condom.

“Yeah, though I was close myself. But if you needed me to stop it’s ok.” A look of sheer horror flashed onto her face, she pressed one hand to her mouth.

“Oh god, I’m sorry, if I could have kept going…”

“Hey don’t worry about it. You’re still very inexperienced, these things can happen when you’re not used to them.” She looked at me, her eyes still horrified. Then she smiled slyly and I saw her eyes flash.

“If you can’t cum in my pussy, there’s nothing to say you can’t cum in my mouth. That won’t be too much for me.” She said in a seductive tone as she slithered down the door to kneel in front of me. I looked down as she slipped her mouth around my cock. Her blue eyes sparkling as she looked up at me. Her lips curling around me, sliding down me. I knew from experience that she could take all of my cock in her mouth. She proved it by sliding her lips down until they were pressed against my groin. I swore I could feel the back of her throat brushing against the head of my cock. She held my totally in her mouth, sucking hard. Before sliding her lips back along my, still sucking hard. She began to move her mouth along me. Each time sliding down to take all of me in her. Sucking hard on me, licking her tongue along me. I groaned deeply, my body responding instantly by rushing towards my orgasm. I would have loved to hold off for longer. The feel of her swallowing my whole cock into her small warm mouth was so good. However, the need to cum was stronger.

“Oh fuck Amy, going to cum.” I said as I felt the familiar tightening in my groin. “Oh shit, Amy, fuck.” I gasped as she pushed her mouth right down me, sucking hard on me to make me cum. With a groan I did, pumping my cum right to the back of her throat. She gave a soft moan of pleasure, then I heard her swallow hard. I closed my eyes, moaning as I felt my release in her mouth. How she managed to hold all of my cock in her mouth as I came I had no idea. Somehow she did, letting my cum right down her throat. Swallowing all of my cum. As my orgasm ended I glanced down and saw the lust filled look in her eyes. She was really getting off on doing this, as she always seemed to.

For a minute neither of us moved. I was recovering from my orgasm, Amy still recovering from her three I guessed. Then she slowly pushed herself to her feet. I lent down to kiss her softly. The kiss quickly grew harder, my tongue pushing in her mouth to wrap around hers. She curled her arms around my neck, and her leg around mine. I pressed her back into the door, kissing her hard for while. Then pulled back to look down at her.

“Unless you brought any more condoms down I think we’d better head upstairs.” She nodded, then gave a soft gasp.

“Upstairs, oh, wait a bit. I’ve got another surprise for you.” She told me quickly. “Stay down here until I call you up. I’ll only be a few minutes.” She said pushing me back into the room. I was intrigued, but nodded my agreement. She smiled at me, her eyes flashing mysteriously. Then disappeared upstairs, I stood in the middle of the room for a moment. Before sitting down to wait. After about five minutes I heard her call me up. Curiosity was almost eating me up by now so I quickly headed upstairs. I took the stairs two at a time until I reached the top. Amy was stood in the middle of my bedroom. I stopped when I saw her in delighted surprise.

Amy was wearing her school uniform. It was made up of a black blazer, over a white blouse. With a black and white striped tie. Her skirt was black, strait lined and short. Not too short, but it was a good few inches above her knees. Her hair was up in her normal school ponytail. She wore a pair of knee high grey soaks with a pair of black shoes that would have been fine for school, apart from the heels. She stood for a moment in silence, then said in a whisper.

“I thought you might like me like this, am I right?” She asked, I nodded quickly.

“Very right, where did you get the idea I might like this.” I asked back.

“On Porn There‘s a whole section on woman in school uniforms. I got the idea that guys like it.”

“You’re watching porn, since when.”

“Since we had sex.” I winced, not only had I taken her innocence I had caused her to watch porn now.


“To see how I could make it better for you.” I winced a second time.

“I should be making it better for you baby. I’m the one with the experience not you. I’m the one that should show you what to do.” Amy looked embarrassed and surprised.

“But I thought it was the girl who had to do that.” I shook my head firmly.

“God no, I don’t know who told you that lie. But as far as I’m concerned as I’m the experienced one, and you’re the innocent, it’s up to me to show you a good time.” She nodded slowly, taking that in.

“But you do like me in my uniform.” I nodded again.

“You look hot babe.” Which she did, “I don’t think those heels are standard footwear though for school.” I said with a smile, she looked down and shrugged.

“No, but they look better than the ballerina flats I usually wear.” That I had to agree with. The heels were not that big, but they still managed to alter the appearance of her legs. Bringing out the muscle tone of both her claves and thighs in a sexy way.

“So I’m guessing you might want to fuck me in this then from the hard on you’ve got there.” I did not have to glance down to know my cock was hard. Pressing out at my boxers. I nodded in reply as I walked into the room.

“I so want to fuck you right now, but first I think I’d like you to suck me off in that uniform.”


“God yes, that would be so hot. You sucking my cock while in your school uniform.” Her eyes flashed in reply as she reached down to pull my cock free. Her hand running up and down me.

“I better get sucking then.” She said with a sultry look on her face. Before lowering herself slowly down to crouch in front of me. I looked down at her as she licked her tongue over my cock. The image of her crouching in front of me in her uniform as she slipped her mouth over my cock was so erotic it took my breath away. I gasped as I felt her mouth slid down me. Moving until I was fully in her mouth. She held me in her, sucking hard on me. Then slowly pulled her mouth back off me. Rubbing her fingers along me as she looked up at me. Her eyes filled with lust.

“Is that what you wanted.” She said in a low voice.

“Yes baby.” I replied, my voice husky from my lust. She smiled a small seductive smile before sliding her mouth back over me. Again taking me all in her mouth, holding her mouth right down me for several seconds. Sucking hard on me as she did. Then she began to slide her mouth along me, sucking on me. Licking her tongue over my cock as she did. Lowering her mouth right down me each time. I moaned softly at the feel of her mouth around me.

Reaching down I cupped one hand around the back of her head. Not pushing her down, just holding her head. Moaning softly as she sucked hard on me. Her mouth moving faster and faster. Sliding along me, drawing me to the back of her throat. How she was able to do it I had no idea. Not that I was complaining. Watching her swallow all my cock in her uniform was having a serious effect on me. All too soon I felt myself on the verge of cumming.

“Fuck Amy, going to cum in a bit.” I gasped to her as a warning. Not that she had ever reacted to my warning, apart from sucking harder on me. This time was no different. She slowed her movement, but increased the power of her sucking on me. Licking her tongue around me. Taking me as far into her mouth as she could, and sucking deeply. That was it for me. With a groan of pleasure I came. Amy gave a soft mew of pleasure as my cum pumped into her mouth. I felt her sucking hard on me, trying to draw out every drop. Then she swallowed hard, licking her tongue over my cock to clear any remaining drops of cum. Only when I had finished cumming did she slide her mouth back along me. Sucking the remaining cum off and swallowing it with a look of pleasure.

“God you really love that don’t you.” I told her, she smiled and nodded. Her eyes flashing in pleasure.

“From the first time I let a guy come in my mouth I’ve liked it. And I definitely like making you cum. Because I know how good you’ll lick me out afterwards before fucking me properly.” She said, her voice heavy with lust.

“Umm, I’ll have to get on that then.” I told her, reaching down to pull her to her feet. I guided her to the bed, kissing her hard all the way. When we reached it I began to undo her blouse. Slowly opening each button with my finger and thumb. As I did I kissed her hard, Amy kissing me back with equal passion. Pushing her tongue into my mouth. Once the blouse was undone, I pulled it out of her skirt and pushed it open. I was not surprised to find that her breasts were naked as I ran my hands over them. Cupping the small mounds of flesh, rubbing my thumbs over the tiny nipples. Amy gave a soft hiss of pleasure. I broke the kiss softly, pushing her gently down onto the bed. Lowering myself down to kiss her neck, and shoulder. Then taking one breast into my mouth, drawing it out. Sucking hard on it, licking my tongue over it. Before moving to the other breasts to do the same to that one. For a minute or so I focused on her breasts. They may have only been small, but I loved licking and sucking on them.

I ran my hand down along her one leg, sliding it over her thigh. Then running my fingers back up the inside of her thigh until I reached her skirt. I slowly pushed the skirt up her leg. Sliding my hand along the inside of her thigh. I reached her pussy, again not surprised to find no panties. Amy moaned as I rubbed my fingers firmly against her pussy. She was still wet from downstairs. I slipped two fingers into her. Pushing them into her as I sucked on her breasts hard. Amy moaned, arching herself slightly up of the bed. I pushed my fingers deep into her, feeling her tight pussy gripping them. Sliding them out I moved my fingers up to her clitoris. Circling it, rubbing around it. Amy gasped sharply, her body jolting under me.

“Oh god, no, no. Please baby, no, lick me, lick me please.” She begged in a sharp voice. I was only too happy to obey her. I slid my head down to between her thighs. Using my fingers to gently open her pussy, looking in at the soft damp pink folds of flesh. Before licking my tongue over them. Then probing my tongue deep into her. “Oh, no... no, oh god.” Amy moaned as I licked in her. Running my tongue deep inside her, drawing out her taste. It seemed to be deeper now, which I put down to her having had three orgasms in a row. Now I was pushing her towards the fourth. I lapped at her, licking my tongue along her pussy. Tasting her sweet nectar on my tongue, each time I licked her out I seemed to enjoy her flavour more.

“Oh god, no, no, more baby, more please.” Amy hissed to me, her body writhing softly under my actions. I knew exactly what she wanted, could feel her need in her movements. After a last deep lick inside her I moved up to her clit. Flicking my tongue over it in rapid movements. Amy gasped loudly, pushing her groin up at my mouth. I hooked my hands over her thighs, parting them and holding her down as I began to lick hard at her.

“No, no fuck no.” Amy gasped sharply as I quickly brought her to the edge of cumming. Glancing up I could see her squeezing both breasts with her hands. Her fingers almost digging into her flesh. I licked harder and faster at her. Knowing she was only seconds from another orgasm.

Fuck, oh god, no, nooo.” She breathed just as I felt her burst under me. Her body jerking upwards as she came. I pushed her down, licking hard at her clit as I did. Adding to her pleasure. Before licking back inside her. Tasting the richness her orgasm gave to her flavour. Licking at the wetness inside her until I felt her orgasm dying. As it did I moved over to grab a condom. Removing my boxers and quickly sheathing myself in the condom.

By the time I had returned to her Amy's orgasm had died. She was watching me, her eyes on my hard cock. I saw the hint of a smile twitching at the edges of her lips as she saw how hard I was. I climbed onto the bed on top of her. Shifting myself between her legs. She opened them, curling them around my thighs. I easily guided myself to her pussy, sliding in with one hard movement.

“Oh fuck.” Amy gasped in pleasure as I entered her. Pushing herself up against me. “God, you feel so hard.” She whispered to me, I smile down at her.

“You make me so hard baby.“ I said, before I pulled out and thrust back in.. Slowly at first but with a quickening tempo I began to thrust in and out. Pushing my cock deep into her tight pussy. Amy gasped softly with each thrust. Her face one of pure pleasure as I thrust in and out. Eyes half closed, mouth open gasping softly. Her young body clinging to me as I thrust in and out. I built up my thrusts until I was sliding in to her in rapid, hard thrusts. Amy began to moan softly as I continued to thrust into her.

“God, no, no, fuck no baby.” She moaned, digging her nails into my back. Her legs sliding along the back of mine as I thrust in and out. I decided that I now wanted to watch her ride my cock. Hooking my arms under her I rolled over. Amy gave a sharp surprised gasp as I rolled her over. Unlike the heroes in all the trashy novels or porn I was not able to remain in her as I rolled her on top of me. Instead I quickly moved to push up into her.

“What are you doing?” She gasped slightly shocked and concerned as to what I wanted.

“Go with it baby.” I told her as I began to guide her on me. My hands wrapped around her hips. Pushing her up and down on me. Too her credit it only took her a second or two to grasp what I wanted. She quickly took over. Moving up and down on me. Tentative at first, but them with growing surety and confidence. I watched the look on her face as she began to grasp what she was able to go like this.

“Shit, I can go any way I want like this can’t I.” She said in a whisper, I nodded.

“Yep you get control, you can go fast or slow. Push right down on me or only take as much as you feel you want. And I get to watch you as you do it.” I told her, Amy quickly began to experiment. Starting off slowly, moving along me. Then speeding up her movements on me. I placed my hands on her thighs, feeling the play of her muscles as she moved up and down. Watching her face as she began to experience the pleasures this position gave her. She let herself drop right down on me, until I was buried totally inside her.

“Oh god that’s feels good.” She muttered to herself, and began to repeat the move. Sliding up, before dropping right down on me. Her pussy sliding down my cock until she was pressed right into my groin. Now it was my turn to gasp at the feel of her pussy tightly wrapped around me. The feel of her opening around me each time she sank down. Amy began to speed up, moving faster on me. Dropping down to take me in her. Her eyes were closed, her small button nose screwed up in pleasure. Her mouth part opened, gasping softly.

“No, oh no baby, oh this feels, no, no, so good, oh sooo good.” She gasped as she rode me. Her face and neck were flushed from the exertion of her movements. She shrugged the blazer off, then reached up to remove the shirt.

“No, leave it on please.” I said to her quickly, she looked down at me. “You look hot like that.” I told her my gaze on her small body as she rode me. The white blouse opened exposing her small breasts. The tie hanging down between those breasts. Her skirt pushed up around her hips as she moved up and down on me. She nodded and began to move faster. Gasping with each time she slipped down onto me. I reached up to grab her breasts. Kneading the small mounds of flesh with my fingers. Amy lent slightly back, pushing her breasts into my hands. I pawed at them, twisting her nipples with my fingers. Groaning as she moved along me. Amy gasping hard, sucking in breath through her teeth.

“Oh fuck baby, I’ve gotta stop.” She gasped her face showing her pain. “The back of my legs are killing me.” She added.

“That’s ok.” I said, “I wanted to do one more thing with you. But was getting close to loosing it then before I could.” She climbed off me gingerly, stretching her legs out as she did.

“What do you want to do then?” She asked cautiously after a few seconds.

“I want to show you another way to have sex. Trust me you’ll like it. Unless I’m wrong about you enjoying it when I go hard in you.” Her face lit up in lust and excitement at this.

“Oh no, I love that.” She told me, I smiled as I moved off the bed. I moved to stand behind her. Pushing her over so she bend away from me. Reaching down I lifted her skirt up over her hips. Bending down I guided myself against her pussy. Amy was watching me over her shoulder as I positioned myself against her. I curled my hands around her hips, then smiled at her.

“This is how hard I can go like this.” I told her, slamming into her hard.

“Shit, fuck oh god.” Amy groaned as I thrust hard into her. “Fuck that’s hard.”

“Do you think you’ll be ok with that. Because I really want to take you hard like that.” I told her in as calm a voice as I could. Just in case my enthusiasm might scare her. The sight of her bent over in her uniform, her heels stretching her thighs was acting like a major turn on. I hoped she would say yes, because holding back was going to be so difficult.

“God yes, do that again.” Amy said, I did pulling out and ramming back in. “Fuck me, oh baby do it. Fuck me hard like that.” She gasped over her shoulder at me. I did not wait, beginning to ram into her hard as soon as she finished speaking. “Fuck, no, no, fuck oh god fuck me.” She gasped hard as I rammed in and out. Pounding her pussy with my cock. In this position she felt even tighter around me. Gripping me as if her body never wanted to let go. Which was fine by me. I intended to keep ramming into her until I came.

I slammed in and out hard, fast. Burying myself deeply in her. Pulling her back into my thrusts. Amy dug her hands into the bed. Her fingers curling into fists in the duvet. She arched her head back, gasping and moaning deeply. I gritted my teeth, almost snarling as I rammed in harder, faster. Slamming into her pussy hard. Rocking her little body with each thrust. Slamming myself hard into her tight young pussy. Pounding her, fucking her totally.

“No, no, oh god, no, oh fuck again, no, shit no, I can’t I can’t…FUCKMEGOD!” Amy squealed and I felt her body shudder as she came for the fifth time in a row. Her legs threatened to buckle, so I reached under to gripper her round the waist. Continuing to ram in hard. Pounding her fully, deeply. Ramming my cock into her hard. She squealed, mewed and gasped loudly. Even with me holding her up I felt her tipping forwards as her orgasm took away any control she had over her body. I went with her, controlling our descent so we came to rest with her on her knees on floor. I was knelt behind her, somehow still inside her. I began to pound into her again, hard. Using my position of being above her to add to my force. My thrusts pushing her hard into the bed.

“Fuck, fuck, no, no, oh fuck no.” Amy gasped hard, still riding her own orgasm. Her body shuddering beneath me with the power of it. Even as I pounded into her, jolting her hard. Pinning her under me against the bed. She clawed at the duvet, her fists dragging against it. I reached up to hook my hands under her shoulders. Pulling her back into my thrusts.

“Oh shit, oh god, no, no, oh god so hard baby, more, fuck me hard baby.” She cried sharply as I rammed in and out. By now I was fighting to keep control. Knowing that my attempt to keep control were doomed to fail. Her pussy was too tight, to warm around me. Her body too sexy in her uniform. I rammed in, again, then again. Feeling my control slipping rapidly.

“Amy, gonna loose it baby, so gonna loose it.” I hissed to her as I reached the edge of my control. Feeling myself about to make the slide into my orgasm

“Oh god, baby go for it baby. Just let go.” Amy managed to gasp before my control slipped totally. I slammed into her hard, wild forceful thrusts. Possessing her body totally. My fingers digging into her shoulders. I pushed up, grabbing her neck. Pushing her down into the bed as I pulled her back into me. Pounding her harder, all my strength going into every thrust.

“Fuck, no, no, fuck no, oh god no. So hard, unn so hard.” Amy squealed into the duvet as I pushed her face into it. I was grunting hard, my orgasm rushing to it’s release. With two final massive thrusts into her I was cumming.

“Oh Amy, Amy baby.” I gasped as I came.

“God, unn, no fuck cum, cum.” Amy managed to grunt to me as I pushed up into her. Pinning her between me and the bed. Using it to add to the power of my final thrust. My cock buried as far and hard into her as I could. My fingers dug into her neck as I came. Amy moaned loudly, squealing into the bed as I pushed in harder and harder. Holding myself inside her until my orgasm died and I could control myself at last. As soon as I gain control I released her, pulling back quickly. Amy gasped hard, lifting her face to look back at me. I was worried that I might have gone too far. From the look of pure lust on her face I guessed I had not.

“Jesus, if you’re going to do that every time you do me that way I can’t wait.” Amy said, her words coming in spurts around her breathing. “That was so wild.” She added with a gasp.

“You sure I didn’t hurt you.”

“Hurt me, you mean you didn’t feel me cum at the end there.” I shook my head, I had been so caught in my orgasm I had not really been away of what was happening to Amy. “Well I did, that’s six in one day. How I’m going to walk home I don’t know. My legs are that shaky.” She said with a smile.

“Not that you’re counting how many times I made you cum.” I said, she laughed breathlessly.

“Not really, but come on six!” She exclaimed, “I’m sure that’s some kind of record.”

“Just don’t tell the Guinness Book of Records or I’ll get into trouble.” She laughed again and shook her head.

“I won’t but I really do need time to recover before I head back. Oh and I’ll want this again.”

“What the orgasms or me taking you doggy style.” She looked blank. “Taking you on your knees like that, it’s called doggy style.” She nodded her understanding.

“You can do me doggy style any time.” She said, saying ’doggy style’ slowly to get it right. “And, if you want to give me six orgasms again you can. Just make sure I don’t have to go home straight after.” Now I laughed in reply.

“So I take it you need some time to rest now.” She nodded slowly.

“Unfortunately yes, I should be getting back. Before my parents try to phone me. So I’m sorry, I’ll have to leave you now. Until next time that is.”

“I’ll look forwards to the next time with anticipation.” I told her, oh yes I was so going to hell for this. But I was going to enjoy the ride along the way.

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