A young girl finds love
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested the reader read Part One first.


I am stunned. My fingers are busy stabbing Linda Lou’s sweet mound while I am stuffing her breast all around on her chest. If this is heaven, I’m all for it. I continued to enjoy the feel of her smooth soft skin. Linda Lou is all smiles. Her breathing is picking up. My hand can feel her heartbeat rapidly thumping. Somehow I need to find the resolve to wash her. My hands kept ravaging her body.

Twenty minutes passed. I have yet to come to my senses. Linda Lou is panting. Suddenly her body tenses. I feel her hand shoot between her legs forcing my fingers deep into her pussy. “Oh, God. Yes. Yeeeess. This is wonderful.” She shuddered. I could feel her shaking all over. She moaned out loud. I can tell she is having a tremendous orgasm. Linda Lou finally relaxed. I removed my hands and retrieved the wash rag.

I slowly moved the soap across her chest lathering her up good. Linda Lou sat quietly saying nothing. When I had almost finished her bath, she smiled. All I had left to do was her sweet snatch. “Thanks Uncle Matt. Wash me really good down there. It feels pretty grody.” I wasn’t sure if she was thanking me for bathing her or for getting her off. Linda Lou separated her legs to make it easier for me to get the wash rag between her legs. I only lingered down there a little while, but I think I got her good and clean.

When I pulled the plug to let the water out, Linda Lou got out standing next to the tub while I gently dried her off. I wanted so much to lick her luscious mound. It was the hardest thing I ever did to resist the temptation. I swatted her on the rump sending her on her way. Linda Lou gave me a quick peck on the lips before exiting the bathroom.

I had been giving Linda Lou her baths for over a week now with her entirely in the nude. Linda Lou trusts me completely. Believe it or not I have been a good boy. I only fingered her and played with her tit’s a little bit and all of that was during the time she had put my hands on her the first time. Peggy was obviously bucking at the bit to get her time alone with me. I could clearly see she wanted me to give her baths just like I was with Linda Lou.

Fortunately Peggy is a very smart girl. She realizes her sister is in serious trouble mentally. She seems to know Linda Lou needs the special time with me to cope. Dana is still hopping all around singing to herself with seemingly endless energy. I got her a puppy to let her feel special. They all love him, but he is still Dana’s pet. Dana named him Spot.

Spot follows Dana all over the house. Everywhere Dana goes, Spot follows. Spot is a mixed breed. Basically a mutt, but Dana thinks he’s beautiful. He’s not a big dog. Only like fox terrier size. Hopefully that will give me time to get Linda Lou out of her shell before I start working to see what Dana’s deal is.


I am in the tub with Linda Lou. I had already washed her snatch and was just finishing her tits. Her nipples were jutting straight up at me. Hard as a rock. The whole inch. God they are pretty. I am almost finished with her bath and soon would reluctantly have to get out of the tub. Looking at Linda Lou‘s curvaceous body drives me nuts. I want to fuck her so bad I can taste it.

I can‘t do something like that to my young niece. Yeah, I know. Peg is my littler niece than Linda Lou is and I‘ve already promised my sister I will fuck her. I will do so, because I promised, although I haven‘t figured out how yet. I guess I‘ll have to figure something out soon. I told Peg I‘ll give her a bath tomorrow night. “Uncle Matt. Would you do me a favor? Would you do me like you did that first time I got in the tub with you nude. Please. Pretty please with sugar on it?”

I was flabbergasted. Honored, but blown away nonetheless. “NO. Linda Lou. If I did that, you would no longer trust me.” Linda Lou raised her knees up with her feet close to her butt spreading her legs. “Uncle Matt. I don’t want to trust you. I want you to touch me some more. It feels so good. If you do it for me I promise not to tell the girls. Pleeeease.”

The pleading look on her face was too much for me to stand. Besides, I have already brought her little sister to orgasm. What will it hurt to play with her for a while? “Okay Sugar, but only if you promise it will be our little secret.” Linda Lou sat there like she couldn’t believe I actually agreed to her wishes. Suddenly she dives into my arms. “Oh God. Uncle Matt. I love you. I promise no one else will ever know.”

I felt her arms wrap around my neck as her lips plowed into mine. Her tongue shot into my mouth as quickly as her lips settled on mine. I put my left hand on her right tit. Grinding it into her chest. Linda Lou moaned softly into my mouth as her tongue eagerly sought my own. I slid my right hand down between her smooth legs. My fingers slowly slid into her beautiful mound.

She bucked and snorted with my every movement in and out of her hot box. Linda Lou started squealing in delight. I thought she was going to suck my tongue right out of my mouth. Suddenly her hands went between my legs. “Why don’t you take these old nasty things off Uncle Matt. They are getting in my way.” It was admittedly a struggle, but with me inching my butt up here and there and with her help, it wasn’t long before I too was nude. Little hands wrapped gently around my shaft. Linda Lou pumped up and down as I shoved three fingers as deeply into her twat as I could get them.

Linda Lou was breathing heavily. Her heart beat was so loud I could hear it from where I was. I glanced toward the mirror on the bathroom door. I could see Linda Lou’s naked form glimmering back at me from the glass. I kept glancing at her in the mirror. Suddenly I couldn’t stand it anymore. My juices erupted from my penis. Linda Lou rocketed into a violent orgasm as well. As I glanced into the mirror to see the grin on her face, the door knob turned. It dawned on me then that Linda Lou never locked the door when she came in.

Before I could yell not to come in, the door swung open. I saw a slender figure wearing only a skimpy pair of purple lace panties with two darling little tits that were the same size as thimbles jutting from her chest. Dana stood in shock as I shot off all over Linda Lou’s abdomen and tits. Little sis’s eyes roamed down to gaze at Linda Lou’s hand jerking in an up and down motion as my rod continued to squirt my juices all over that luscious body. Dana turned blood red. “I’m sorry, I thought you two were in the hall bathroom.” Dana turned on her heels singing on her way out of the bathroom.

I looked at Linda Lou with a worried expression. “So much for keeping this a secret. Dana‘s seen us and she‘ll blab it to Peg.” Linda Lou smiled. “Yeah. She sure will. Don’t worry about it. Peg already thinks we’re lovers. She accused me of doing it all with you. I don’t think she has any idea what doing it all means. I told her it isn’t true, but she won’t listen. Now Dana will believe her too. Trust me, Dana knows what doing it all means. She knows what we were doing when she came in, but she‘ll be okay.“

Linda Lou hugged me tightly. “That was awesome Uncle Matt. Promise me you’ll do it for me everyday.” I kissed her again, pushed her to a standing position, and swatted her on the ass. “We’ll see. Now get outta here.”

Linda Lou stood there like I hadn’t said anything. “What’s the matter, Sugar Britches?” Linda Lou shuffled her feet a little as if she was unsure she should unload her troubles on me. Suddenly she started crying. The poor little thing was bawling her eyes out. I got out of the tub and quickly dried off. I nestled her in my arms. Linda Lou leaned her head against my chest. I was upset about her crying, but I was in heaven at the same time. Her naked skin contacting my own had my penis sticking straight out from between my legs.

It was casually brushing against Linda Lou’s waist. She didn’t act like she noticed it, but I knew she had to. It was just too obvious to ignore. “Uncle Matt. Momma is gone. I’ll never see her again. I want to die. I miss her so much. Take me to my room and hold me for a while. I just need to be held.” I slipped on my bikini. “Okay, Linda Lou. I’ll be glad to hold you for as long as you need me. Put your under clothes on and I’ll take you to your room.”


I carried Linda Lou to her room. Her slender arms wrapped around me as soon as I picked her up into my arms. I laid her gently into her bed. She held her arms out to me beseechingly as I crawled in beside her. We snuggled up close wrapping our arms tightly around each other. Linda Lou cried her little heart out for over an hour. I held her gently, trying not to let my raging hard on contact her legs.

Suddenly Linda Lou stopped crying. I felt her hand slide between my legs. Tiny fingers closed around my throbbing member. Tender, moist, soft lips meshed sensuously against my own. I felt suction on my lips as a tongue probed into my mouth. Linda Lou pulled back looking into my eyes. “Touch me down there some more, Uncle Matt. I need to come again.”

My hands found themselves caressing a soft inviting pussy. I lowered my face close to her snatch. My fingers separated her outer lips exposing her beautiful snatch. I licked across her inner lips eliciting sweet moans from my baby niece. I am telling myself I shouldn’t be doing this. I breathed in a sigh. Her tantalizing smell was more than I could bare. I licked straight up through the middle of her slit. God, why does she have to taste so fucking good.

My tongue dove in as deeply as it could go while my lips sealed themselves around her delight. I started licking and sucking for all I was worth. Suddenly I felt something warm and wet on my prick. I looked down to see Linda Lou’s head bobbing up and down at my waist. Oh, fuck. Her mouth feels wonderful. I watched closely as my dick slowly disappeared and reappeared from her lips.

Linda Lou was sucking tenderly and sweetly on my meat. Barely touching me with her lips. The feeling was awesome. I felt like I wanted to explode. I started to lighten up to tease her the same way. Her lips pulled back momentarily. “No. No. No. You keep sucking hard. I want you to suck my feet up my legs. Suck my head down my neck. Make my tits implode. It feels too good to let up now.”

I started sucking the shit out of her pussy. I decided to pretend I was putting a hickey on her neck. I had never run up on a girl before, that wanted me to be this rough with her. It seemed like the rougher I was, the more Linda Lou liked it.

My dick might pop off at any minute. I heard loud moans as I felt Linda Lou pull her snatch from my lips. I thought maybe I had made her sore and she wanted up, so I let her loose. She quickly turned on her heels driving her delectable pussy onto my throbbing prick. I started shooting gob after gob of semen between her delightful legs as Linda Lou shrieked in ecstasy. I pulled her hips back and forth thrusting myself in and out of her sweet spot until I went soft and slipped out the side.

Linda Lou collapsed on top of me in exhausted bliss. She lay there breathing hard for several minutes. I looked into her face to get an idea of how she took what just happened. I saw a bright smile that soon widened into a huge grin. “Uncle Matt. I never dreamed anything could feel like that. Next time, why don’t we start there. I wanted you to hammer me longer than you did. It was incredible. I loved it.”

Damn. I actually fucked one of my young nieces. The thing that makes me feel like a genuine dirt bag is I not only loved doing it to her, but I can’t wait to do it again. Peg is in real trouble at bath time. Just kidding. Its far too soon to stick my thing in that sweet young thing of Peg’s. I have a lot more teasing and training to do with her first. I kissed Linda Lou sweetly on the mouth leaving her to fantasize about our little get together as I went into the den.


Dana never mentioned what she saw when she came in on Linda Lou and me. I was afraid to talk to her about it, so I pretended it never happened. About a week later, the girls were all in their respective rooms. They intended on sleeping in that morning as they stayed up late watching a movie. I just finished doing a load of Dana’s laundry. I normally don’t enter the girls’ rooms without knocking, but I didn’t want to wake her up, so I gently turned the knob, slowly opening the door.

Dana was laying on her back totally nude with her head tilted to the side. I was in shock at first seeing her nudity. Then it dawned on me what was happening. Dana had her lips between Spot’s legs. She was sucking gently on his dick. Spot was lying quietly letting her have her way with him.

To be continued……………………………….........................................

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