The next day with Amanda
Chapter 5. New Day.

Amanda, my twelve year old princess, who looks like she is only ten, had picked me up in the hotel’s bar, shown me porn on the hotel’s intra-net and expressed her wish to taste my cum. She had her wish fulfilled several times. Also, she got her cherry popped. Plus, as an added bonus, I had sex with her mom, Lisa Ann. All that happened yesterday afternoon and evening.

This morning I wake up between the two girls, who are snuggling and spooning into me. So I just lay there and watch dark haired Lisa, the mom and blond Amanda, her daughter. Lisa Ann’s 36C breasts are pushing into my side, feeling very soft. The sheet has slid down some and the curve of her hip accents her beautiful butt.

Lisa stirs, wakes up and groans as she slides out of bed and heads to the bath. Amanda, who seems to be dreaming, wiggles around and pushes her pre-teen butt hard against me. I am too worn out to even appreciate it. Lisa comes out of the bath a few minutes later, sees us and groans, “No, we didn’t”. Grabbing her head she says, again, “No, we didn’t. Oh my head.”

Shaking my head yes, yes; I tell her to look in my shaving kit for pain pills. She ducks back into the bath and comes back a few minutes later. Coming back to the bed, she lies down and asks to just rest five minutes. At least she is not totally freaked; it’s not every day a mother and her preteen daughter screw the daylights out of a guy they just met. A good thing for me. “Lisa Ann, let’s talk over breakfast”, I say to her as I give her a little hug. “Good idea,” she answers and she leans over me, rubbing her tits on me, and gives me a big kiss. “I have to call in to work for being late,” she replies. She gets up and then looks at herself naked. “Oops, I need my dress to go back to the apartment,” she ducks back into the bath again.

Amanda, now awake yells after Lisa, “I will make breakfast”, to which I add that I also have to get ready to go to my conference. Mandy rolls over toward me, pulls the sheet over her head, grabs my cock and sucks mercilessly. “Please, not now,” I yelp, pulling her off me. She scrambles up onto my chest and looks at me seriously, “You are mine, … later.” I just nod. Lisa comes back out, has Amanda get dressed and they go to their apartment, saying to come over in about forty-five minutes.

Walking into Lisa’s apartment, I smell the breakfast laid out on the kitchen table. Amanda pours coffee and we sit down to eat. “What we did last night…,” Lisa starts. “Was wonderful,” I finished her sentence. “But you and Mandy…” she adds raising an eyebrow. “Can you share your love?” I question. “Maybe,” Lisa answers, “maybe.”

As Lisa and I ride the elevator down on the way to work, she steps close to me. Today she is wearing a striped business jacket with a modest matching skirt. A frilly white blouse displays just a little cleavage. Leaning in she kisses me fully on my mouth. I notice her hand un-buttoning her jacket. “Cameras”, she points at the ceiling, then takes my hand and slides it under her blouse. Ah, no bra. I caress her tits and kiss her harder until we hit the third floor. Lisa pulls back, buttons up and says smiling, “Now, you think about me, today”. We exit the elevator with big grins.

Amanda’s story:

I have just received a text from my mom, Lisa Ann that she will be home in time to take Uncle Jack to the airport. Now I walk down the hall toward Jack’s room. It is nearly three in the afternoon and I have spent the last hours getting ready for Jack.

“I hope he likes this tutu”, I think, swishing my hips like a cat in heat. I am in my pink tutu from the last dance recital. It has gold trim around the top and bottom and is extremely short. The dance team has girls from age six to fifteen. Not only are the tutus short, but the tops for the younger girls are almost see-through, showing hints of nipples pushing the thin material out. The older girls have low cut tops with push-up bras showing the tops of their tits. I also curled my blonde hair and have my faux tiara in it. Black ballet slippers are on my feet. I wear no make-up to keep from looking older, except I have pink matching lip-gloss to enhance my pouty lips.

“That Russian bitch”, I think about the dance director. Now that I have watched porn “cartoons” for two days, I understand the last dance recital much better. The dance director had tailor fitted each outfit to each individual girl; but did not allow the “uniforms” to go home before the show. The piece-de-resistance was a flesh-colored mini-thong. Apparently all the older girls had their pussies shaved. I am wearing my flesh-colored thong today and have trimmed the few blond pussy hairs into a mini landing strip.

The dance performance included lots of jumps and bending over with our rears facing the audience. It is now apparent to me that all the girls were showing their ass cheeks and only the thin strip of material kept our pussies from shining. Each girl did several splits at the very front of the stage. “The bitch” had told all the fathers to bring male friends and their checkbooks; she had two large “donation” buckets set up for after the recital. “No wonder all the men had their hands in their laps,” I think as I remember the darkened hall. The Bitch should have called it “PedoBear Dance”.

“So let’s see what Uncle Jack is doing,” I think, quietly opening the door to his room hoping to catch him nude. The room is semi-dark and at first I think Jack is not here, but then see the computer monitor on and a shape in the bed. “If he came back at 2:00 p.m., he only had one hour rest; I will let him sleep,” I decide. “Let’s see what’s on his computer”; I start going through all the files on Jack’s laptop. There is nothing exiting, just work stuff. Looking at his calendar closely; I cannot find any names of girls nor in the address book.

“No wonder he and mom hit it off; they are both probably horny every day,” I think. I find one note on next Wednesday’s date, to clean the pool. “If he got a pool, I will go visit”. Nearing four o’clock I mix two drinks and go to Jack’s bed. “Wakee, wakee,” I shake Uncle Jack, who promptly wakes up. “Sit up, Uncle Jack and drink your drink,” I direct and hand him a very strong whiskey. Mine is weak. We clink glasses and I repeat from the day before, “Bottoms up, Tiger”. Today, I will watch my language, because I noticed Uncle Jack likes me talking like a pre-teen, not a cum hungry sex machine. Jack choked on his drink and says, “Wow, strong.” Then he looks at me in my dance outfit.

I slowly start turning and making several dance moves, first with hands over my head. It pulls the tutu up and exposes my ass cheeks and then I move my arms out and rotate more. After a full bend- over move I end on the floor with a split. “You like?” I ask. Uncle Jack just gawks and nods; then stammers, “Great!” Climbing up on the bed, I tell him that I finished cleaning the apartment and Lisa Ann had sent a text telling us she would not be home till 6:30. This gives us time to have a nice dinner before Jack has to catch his 11 p.m. flight home.

“It also gives me two hours to fuck your brains out and have you too worn out to do anything with Lisa,” I think. “Uncle Jack, I updated your hotel reservation for next month and put several reminders in your computer. One, when you come back it will be my thirteenth birthday.”

Now I stand over Uncle Jack, reach back and un-zip the tutu in one move, step out of it and throw it to the side. A light perfume smell comes off my body as I straddles Jack’s chest so that he can run his hands up my legs. “Oh, princess,” he moans as his hands roam up my legs, snag the small thong and slide it down. As he sees my shaved pussy his eyes open in delight. I step out of the thong, lean forward and plant my pussy on Uncle Jack’s face. He cannot resist and dives in, slowly working his tongue up to my clit and then down into my pussy.

The outer lips are slightly open and he smells and tastes my sweetness. This time, I let him set the pace and pleasure my pussy. I add a light rocking motion when he touches my clit, driving my pleasure up. However, I do not want to cum yet; because I have plans for Uncle Jack. After a few minutes, Jack is moving his tongue deeper and deeper into my pussy and enjoying the trickle of juices flowing down. I lean back and increase the pressure on his tongue and start riding him faster for a few minutes before jumping up. “Not yet, not yet,” I want to keep the climax away and dive toward Uncle Jack’s semi-hard rod.

Playing with his cock gives me time to closely look at all the veins, red tip and hairy balls. “Next time, Uncle Jack, I am shaving your balls or better yet, have Lisa do it. She is probably better at shaving than me,” I tell him and start stroking him up and down. Licking his sensitive spot under the head makes him get totally hard. Positioned as I was, my butt near his face, he slowly inserts two fingers into my pussy and starts playing. Moaning, I take him into my mouth, moving my lips up and down without getting him into my throat.

I set up a steady pace knowing that Jack really wants to go deeper into my throat. After about ten minutes, Jack’s legs and arms are vibrating and his hips are moving upwards on every down stroke. His hand in my pussy is stroking hard and I know I am getting him close. Almost feeling sorry for him because I am holding him at a painful threshold; I want his pain to be as intense as it could get it for the next step.

Backing off his cock, I look at him and tell him, “Quick, get up and do my throat.” Rolling onto my back, I lower my head to the edge of the bed, stretching my throat. Jack, almost having blue balls, jumps up and puts his cock into my waiting mouth. “Go deep,” I mouth as I put my hands on the back of his legs and pull him into my throat. His cock snakes its way past my mouth into the throat. I know what I want and push his legs for him to pull out and then go back deep. Jack does it for a few minutes; but he knows he is close to shooting Jizz into his princess.

I feel my throat expanding and the pain is awful. Moaning and squirming in pain makes him think I was full of sexual passion. I can feel him getting ready to pull out and cum into my mouth, so I grab his legs and pull even harder. Surely, he was going to hurt her now, he must think, but his balls and cock only know this was the very moment to shoot Jizz directly down my throat. Making swallowing moves and massaging his cock with my tightly closed throat empties every last bit of Jizz from Uncle Jack’s hairy balls. I hear him shout as hot Jizz flows down my throat.

I push him lightly and he pulls all the way back into my mouth, letting me take a big gulp of air. “Wonderful,” I moan and set to licking his cock clean. Jack stumbles back to the bed from his favorite sex position; totally spent and un-aware that he has just become my cock slave. Thinking about how I love the taste of cum, I am not sure if I can wait three weeks until Jack comes back for my birthday. Two of the daddies at the recital pop into my head; I can’t believe what I am thinking. Maybe I will visit them soon.

After a few minutes, I climb back onto him and whisper to him, “I know you said no secrets with Lisa; but I want this position to be our special treat. I don’t think mom is ready to see you ream my throat that deep, Uncle Jack.” “OK, princess,” he replies as he hugs me to him, “we can have a few secrets from your mom. Like maybe just how much education you got watching cartoons.” “Yes, I about blew it last night when we were lip locked and swapping cum,” I giggle. As Jack thinks about it his cock starts wiggling again and I feel it against my leg. “Oops, Mr. Cock is having a mind of his own again, while you are trying to rest,” I whisper and tickle his ear with my tongue. He suggests we have two more drinks: “But no alcohol – I have to be sober when your mom gets home.” Of course I make his with less alcohol and mine without.

Later, I snuggle back on his chest and slide down to find his cock against his stomach. I straddle him and give him a few short up and down rubs with my pussy lips. “Relax and enjoy my ride”, I tell him as my pussy lips open and the moisture wets his cock. Uncle Jack reaches up and plays with my tits, sliding his thumbs over the nipples. Pulling me toward him he sucks first one and then the other nipple until both stand up fully and hard. It feels exquisite.

As he lies back, I sit up and let my pussy lips surround his cock. Moving up and down, I massage him back to his full length. When my pussy hits his sensitive spot he makes little jumps with his hips and we both giggle. Soon he is rock hard and my sitting on him is starting to hurt. He reaches down, grabs my ass cheeks and lifts me up inserting his cock into me. I pick up the rocking pace and we are quietly fucking.

The pressure in my pussy makes me throw my head back and “Uumm” escapes my lips. Uncle Jack seems to be near another climax and he pushes my hips down harder on each stroke. My pussy is churning and I can feel my own climax nearing; the timing for us to cum together needs to be perfect. “Are you close?” I whisper and he answers, “Almost”. I pinch his cock as hard as I can with my pussy and he yelps, “Now!”

Reaching back, I lift up and grab Uncle Jack’s hard, long cock and put it against my anal bud and come back down hard. As his cock rips my ass open, I slide down just far enough for his cock head to go in and let my anal ring grab him. Uncle Jack groans loudly as he shoots his first load of Jizz into my butt. Unexpected pain hits my ass and pussy as I am stretched wide. My fist flies into my mouth to keep me from screaming. The Jizz lubes my ass and I have to decide what to do next.

Ignoring the pain is almost impossible, but I want to prove that I can do this better than anyone. As Jack shoots his second stream into my ass, I relax my muscles as much as I can and slide down on him to his root. Jack’s eyes are shut tight as he unloads two more loads and we are mated like dogs. I collapse on him; whimpering in pain. “Don’t move,” I plead, just trying to survive from what surely was a big mistake.

About five minutes later, Uncle Jack had gotten soft and I slowly pull him out. I notice some blood on his cock and he looks at me with concern in his eyes. “It’s OK and I survived,” I tell him as I snuggle to him. He kisses me gently and holds me. Wanting to stay like this forever, I hate to remind him that we need a bath.

Good grief, I can’t believe my princess. She has taken a scene right out of a porn movie and when I was rock hard she pulled my cock out of her hot pussy and pushed me into her ass. Her anal ring grabbed me; but she relaxed and I went root deep up her ass and filled her with Jizz. From her cries I know it must have hurt like hell; but she says she survived. We relaxed for a little while before we head for the bath. I can see some blood on her legs.

It’s nearly time for her mom to come home and we decide to be fully dressed and to meet Lisa in the lobby again, like yesterday. Amanda is in her tutu and I am in casual slacks and shirt as we wait. Lisa comes through the hotel’s front door and as she sees us a wide grin spreads over her face. Amanda runs to her and they hug. Lisa comes to me and gives me a hug also. When we reach our floor, Lisa asks, “Have you got time to visit our apartment for a while?” “Of course,” I answer.

I notice the apartment is spotless; Amanda has really gone overboard cleaning the place from top to bottom. I notice a door to another room is open, which was closed this morning. Seems each girl has her own bedroom. Lisa takes me to her bedroom and closes the door. “Jack, will you help me with my dress,” she asks as a smile spreads over her lips. My bad angel says, “Oh, I hope she want to fuck your brains out!”

Lisa turns her back to me and I run the zipper down her back. Like yesterday, she wears no bra and her 36C tits pop out as I slowly pull the dress down. I watch the scene in her vanity mirror. My hands slide around her front and caress her hard nipples and breasts. Lisa looks at me in the mirror and smiling puts her hands over mine and makes small rotating moves with our hands on her tits.

A few minutes of this and my cock starts to get hard. Lisa feels it as she bumps her ass against me. She breaks away and pulls the dress all the way off. Her little thong is next. She grins and asks, “Want a good-bye gift?” She stands next to the bed, bends over, spreads her legs wide and puts her head down on the bed. Her ass is in the air and she wiggles at me. She turns her head and her dark eyes seem to say, “Well, what are you waiting for.”

I drop my pants and jockeys in one move. Lining up behind Lisa my cock goes into her pussy hard and deep. We fuck like rabbits. Lisa moans, “I have been thinking about this all day. I almost came home early.” My bad angel says, “Good thing she did not.” I agree and double my effort to make it good for Lisa. “OMG Jack, I need you. Make me cum.” And I do, twice, before I shoot my load of Jizz deep into her. Lisa collapses on the bed and I climb up next to her.

“OMG Jack, thank you,” she whispers next to me. “Lisa darling, I thank you. You are the best,” I tell her and we hug and kiss. We relax for a few minutes and I say, “Amanda.” Lisa says, “Yea, let me get a shower and dressed and we will go eat. You and Amanda pack your stuff so that you can check out.”

Amanda and I go back to my room. My stuff is already packed except my computer sits on the desk. Amanda sees it and says, “Uncle Jack, let me put some info on your computer.” She has me sit on the chair again, jumps into my lap and hits the keyboard. First she pulls up my address book and adds Lisa’s and her e-mails. Then she pulls up Lisa’s home page and puts it into my directory.

Amanda says, “Now I am going to do two things. The second one you can’t ever talk about.” She pulls up an account from her dance school and gives me the password for a secret menu. It has movies of all the dance recitals with lots of close ups of the girls pussies. “The daddies pay for this website,” she tells me. “Now for our secret,” she says and she pulls up her own stickam account and gives me the password. “We can video chat on this page and you can save the videos.” I ask, “Why the secret, Mandy?”

She says, “I’ll show you,” and clicks on another girls account. Up pops a movie of a red headed teen who looks real young. She is on her bed and the camera is right in her pussy watching her masturbate with a hairbrush. When she cums, juice shoots out of her pussy and hits the screen. Wow, I did not know that there was a whole pre-teen porn world out there. “Holy shit,” comes out of my mouth unexpectedly. “Jack, she is one of the girls in my dance class. I’m sure she is fucking some of the other dads,” Mandy tells me and I wonder who is teaching whom about sex. The world has sure changed.

Lisa knocks on our door and we shut the computer down. We grab my bags and head for the restaurant.

At the airport there are lots of good-bye kisses and I finally board my plane. I really don’t know what to do next.

Except, Amanda has already made my hotel reservation for next month.

And I can watch her and her little friends of their special accounts.

I may get to like the new world opening for me. Little girls fucking me like crazy. It’s an idea.

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