Just sharing some parts of my weird life.
I'm a brazilian girl with a pretty tormentous and weird life. I'm just seeking somewhere to tell some parts of my life, cause the things I like I have no one to share. The story is not entirely true cause I have to protect my identity so I changed a lot of facts and the order it occurs.
And I'm not a very good english speaker so, please, be patient with my mistakes and errors, ok?
Maybe I'll post the second part. Wish you enjoy.


One day, while I was looking for some kind of exercise, my cousin suggested me to start on Karate. As he was the martial artist figure of the family, I thought it was a normal thing for him to say, at least until he said “I talked to a friend of mine. He will take good care of you”. That said by the only person who really knows me, with that particular malicious voice, I got really curious.

Three days later I was on my kimono, my long dark brown hair in ponytail, waiting for my first class. There was almost twenty people already practicing when I got there. Almost everybody interrupted what they were doing to see the noobie. Some polite smiles later I was introduced to the “sensei”, my cousin’s friend.

Nothing really special. A common guy with large shoulders and really short hair, reminded me one of those UFC fighters I saw on TV days earlier. But as he stood up front with that black belt, he was giving orders. I went through the first class normally, and it was kinda fun.

Next day I woke up aching all over because of those extra exercises and the day after I went to my second class. That day was different. Instead of letting me do the accompanied parts with another beginner, sensei ordered me to do that part with him. It was then that I noticed how strong and well built he was, on the cusp of his thirties. Like he could really hurt me with a simple movement, and that really turned me on.

Time or another I could see him staring, even trying to glance through the opening at the upper part of my kimono when I got closer to do some exercises. I was wearing a small gym blouse underneath, without a bra, what marked my small breasts and nipples.

So, at the end of the class, I was packing up my stuff while almost everyone was gone, except me, the sensei and a graduated student, another black belt. Then I thought it was about time to really meet him, so I came closer and kinda intruded into the conversation. They were pretty nice to me, as I expected, and I started trying to get even more attention.

“So... I don’t know if it is a good idea for me to keep practicing. I need something a little more feminine. Preferably something like a self defense course, you know. More practical for me than trying to punch and kick a guy who tries to grab me” I said, and it was partially true. I’d probably think twice before reacting.

“We have self defense included in Karate. I can show you really good maneuvers” He said, sounding really confident and looking to his student, waiting for support. The guy nodded enthusiastically.

“Can you show me something now?” I asked.

He said yes at the same time his student said he needed to go. Conveniently just sensei and me left in the tatami.
So he started showing me some arm-locks and stuff, things I could take years to learn. So I said “Nothing more practical to teach me?” and he turned around and grabbed me from behind, as if he were some kind of rapist, then slowly taught me how to get rid of him. I dropped him to the ground two times easily.

“It looks very easy. Does it work against everybody?” I asked, really excited about it.
“Almost” He answered.
“If you try to grab me for real, does it work? I’m kinda alone here, you know...” I said laughing and letting my hair down. I saw him inflate, right in front of my eyes.
“Wanna try for real?” He asked playfully.
“Sure, why not” I answered turning my back and waiting for him to grab me.

Everything went completely normal, and when his arm was almost completely around my neck, I did as he taught me.

In a question of seconds I was in the ground, with him on my back. I was completely helpless. My skinny body, 119 Lbs divided by 5’8” height, being pressed against the tatami by an enormous guy.

I barely could breath as I said “So, what now?”
“Now I have to immobilize you” He said, holding both my arms with one of his, and sliding his hand, patting my belly really slow, until he reached my belt.
I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins, as I decided to already be motionless while he tied my hands with my own belt.

When done, he approached my face through my back, doing even more weight on my chest. I gasped the little air I had in my lungs while he said smoothly, close to my right ear “Your cousin said that, if you kept surrounding me, I could use you as my little plaything”.

I shivered strongly. That’s what he meant with I talked to a friend of mine. He will take good care of you. I didn’t knew what to do. The only thing I knew I wouldn't do, would be start screaming.

He got up and went to the dojo door, locked it and returned to lay over me again.

So, as I kept silent, he understood it as some kind of consent and started trying his luck, taking advantage of my already opened kimono, sliding his hand through my belly and rising to grab firmly my right breast. All my skin tingled, like some kind of alert, when his fingers found and pinched my nipple. I groaned loud and struggled under him, while those rock-hard finger tips squeezed my already hard nipple. He stopped, laughing, while I breathed hardly, my hair covering my face and my teary eyes.

“Whoa! That was a really good start. I’d never imagine such beauty falling in my lap that way, you know. I’m gonna take good care of you.” He said as he massaged my tiny breast. “Let’s try down here” he said, his hand down to my panties. As he touched me for the first time I trembled even more, and this time he felt it. “Sensitive you, huh?” He laughed as two of his fingers opened my petals, so that a third finger could enter me mercilessly. I squirmed as I could, but there was nothing I could do to stop it.
“What a tight little pussy. Luck for us that you're already wet down here.” He said, while I could feel his finger slipping in and out of my tiny slit. “Your cousin said that, apart from fucking you, I could do whatever I wanted to you. I didn’t believed him at first, but after today, after seeing the way you enjoyed me forcing you...” While talking, he stopped playing with my pussy, clutched the top edge of my panties and began to pull it up, pushing against my groin. I felt nothing but a little discomfort. Then he joined the edges of my panties in line, folding it, just above my crack. “Cousin is keeping this sweet little cunt of yours to himself?”

As I kept silent, he grabbed the edge of my panties and pulled up hard. The thick line of fabric slipped through my labia, roughly rubbing and hurting my vagina.

“No, no!” I screamed.
“No, what?” He asked putting even more pulling strenght.
“He-he is not fucking me! Stop please!” I cried, and he stopped.
“So why the hell can’t I fuck you?” He asked, and as I didn’t answered he proceeded “Ok. I’m beginning to understand how you work. It’s all a game for you, isn’t it? So let’s play a new game. Let me fuck hard that little fuck hole of yours or I’ll pull this up until we figure out who rips first”.

Even though I was excited, and I was a lot, I couldn't let him fuck me. The only real fear I have about all this is end all loose like an old whore. Enjoying pain like me, I figured that it could be only a matter of time. It was good that my cousin defined this ground rule. Without it I’m sure he would be already trying to fuck my brains out, and I have no idea if I could stop him before destroying my insides. If he wants to rip me apart, so be it. In some time the skin should heal... I guess.

“So, that’s your answer?” He asked starting to make pressure again and gradually applying more strenght. “Ok, then. Your call.” I felt his waist moving in top of me as he was taking position, I felt his hands grabbing my panties back and front and suddenly his arm furiously pulling up my panties and the thick line of fabric turning thin, sinking violently into my pussy.

I screamed louder as I could, shrugging my shoulders and trying to bear with that burning pain in my crotch, trying to rip my cunt open. Then he stopped and, even before I could breathe, he was forcing it up again with full strenght. I groaned through gritted teeth while my legs started to shake wildly. I was losing myself to the pain.

That was hell. I was in pain, lots of pain, with a big man laid over me grunting pleasured by the agony he was inflicting on me. Folded that way, my panties would not tear. And he realized that, then began to pull it forward and backward, like he was trying to saw me in half, with plans to intensify my pain. I could feel warm liquid flowing through the improvised silk rope my panties were turn into, just couldn't figure out if it was my juices or if it was already blood.

“Stooop pleeease! Stooooooop!” I screamed, squirmed and cried until a point that I felt myself breaking. It was inevitable “Fuck me! FUUUCK MEEE!”

He stopped, giving a loud sigh, then stood.

“I’m not fucking you. I promised your cousin, remember? I must be loyal to a person who gives me a nice gift like that.” He said in a satisfied tone, while I was lying broken on the floor. “Now you go home and get ready for the next class. And always remember: I’m in charge here.”

“Yes... Sensei...” I said obediently.


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