Have you ever played Truth or Dare with your mother? It can be a lot of fun.
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Truth Or Dare With Mom

Terri came bursting into my bedroom completely unannounced and said, “You have to come down to the family room and play Truth or Dare with us.”

I asked, “Why should I?”

Terri said, “Because Stacy talked Mom into playing with us.”

I asked, “Do you think that is a good idea?”

Terri said, “She came home half in the bag. Her office party was a smash and she is horny as all get out. You just might get lucky with her. Stacy and I will help. Maybe we will let you fuck us too…but you’ve got to do Mom first…and we get to watch. Oh, bring your camera.”

I agreed and followed her down into the family room. The curtains had been closed, the television was off, and all of the lights were turned on.

Mom and Stacy were sitting on the carpet. They both had their legs crossed Indian style but Mom had a short skirt on. Stacy patted the floor next to her and right across from Mom. When I sat down I had an unobstructed view of her panty covered pussy.

Terri sat a bottle of wine next to Mom and handed each of us a bottle of soda. Then she sat next to Mom and I facing Stacy.

Stacy said, “The rules are simple. If you chose Truth you must answer the question truthfully. If you chose Dare then you must complete the Dare. Otherwise there will be hell to pay. Is that clear?”

We all agreed.

Mom got to go first. She asked, “Are you all virgins?”

Stacy said, “I guess Mom needed more rules. You must ask just one person if they want a Truth or a Dare. Then you can only ask that person your question or make that person perform a Dare.”

Mom looked at Stacy and asked, “Truth or Dare?”

Stacy replied, “Truth.”

Mom asked, “Are you a virgin?”

Stacy giggled and said, “Yes, I am.”

Then it was Stacy’s turn and she asked Mom, “Truth or Dare?”

Mom replied, “Dare.”

Stacy said, “I dare you to lick my pussy for a whole minute.”

Mom looked at Stacy as if she were crazy. Stacy stood up and removed her pants and panties before sitting down, spreading her legs, and leaning back.

Mom took a big gulp from her wine bottle, then leaned in and started licking Stacy’s pussy. Sixty seconds later Terri said, “Time.”

Mom took several more licks before she sat up.

Mom looked straight at me and said, “I Dare you to lick my pussy.”

Stacy started to remind Mom about asking Truth or Dare first but I motioned for her to be silent. I pushed Mom back, pulled her panties down her legs, and smashed my face into Mom’s pussy. She had never set a time limit so I just kept it up until Mom had an orgasm.

We threw protocol out the window. Terri tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I Dare you to fuck Mom.”

Mom was still recovering from her orgasm when I removed my pants, underwear, and my T-shirt. I crawled between Mom’s legs and shoved my cock into her. I was awfully fast and come almost immediately.

Stacy said, “I Dare you to fuck Terri now.”

When I looked over Terri was on her back removing her shorts and her panties. I looked at her cute little pussy with just a tuff of hair on her love mound. Then I thrust my still hard cock into her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and humped up at me. I must have taken all of three minutes to come that time.

I pulled out, looked at my still hard cock, and then I looked over at Stacy. She was on her back smiling at me so I just slipped my cock into her pussy. I figure that in just five minutes I had my cock in all three women that lived in my house. I lasted about five minutes that time.

Mom laughed and said, “Three women in ten minutes. That must be some kind of record. After a couple of weeks I’m sure that you will get better.”

Stacy repeated, “A couple of weeks.”

Mom laughed and said, “Hey it was your idea. Now that we have created this monster it is our sworn duty to satisfy it…every single day…several times a day if necessary.”

Terri giggled and said, “Oh, it’ll be necessary. Trust me!”

Mom said, “Well it is my turn to make the rules, “You girls can fuck your brother all day long, but he sleeps in my bed at night, and I get him first thing each morning.”

I asked, “Don’t I get a say in this?”

Mom said, “Not if you want to fuck the three of us for the rest of your life.”

Terri giggled and said, “That sounds like a Dare to me. Are you up to it brother?”

Stacy said, “I think he is, after all he came in all three of us in ten minutes and he is hard again.”

I looked at Mom and she said, “You get the girls for the rest of the night. I get you first thing in the morning. Boys are always hard when they wake up, they fuck like race horses because they have a lot of pressure on their bladders, and they are full of cum then too. I’ll take a morning fuck over a night time fuck any day.”

Stacy got a screwed up expression on her face and asked, “Mom are you on birth control like Terri and I?”

Mom smiled and said, “Nope!”

The End
Truth Or Dare With Mom
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