A 15 year old boy is tasked with babysitting a cute preteen girl, What could possibly go wrong?

The following story is a complete work of fiction and not based on any facts or actual events. It is pure taboo fantasy and nothing more, I would never dream of committing the acts described within the story in real life.

The following story contains semi consensual sex between an 11-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. If you are not a fan or extremely against stories of this nature then please stop reading here, I will not take responsibility for any offence incurred upon a reader after reading this story.

I am a newly starting author and welcome constructed criticism with open arms but all hate mail will be ignored and deleted because I don’t have time for retards who decide to carry on reading something they hate so much all to post some idiotic poorly constructed comment that no one will take the blind bit of notice.

It is highly suguested you read Part 1 first;

However there is a recap below which explains the most important details of the last part. It is not required to read this though but merely optional. So Sit back and enjoy the story,


Hey, my names Steven, I am 15 years old and live in England. I live a pretty average life, I’m not hugely popular or even unpopular, I’m 5”10, Slim but athletic build that I kept up with regular jogging and exercise and eating well. My hair is thick but short and a dirty blonde colour that many of the girls apparently find attractive along with my blue eyes. Surprisingly though I am not very outgoing but rather more mature and business like prepared to speak to strangers and meetings but sociably I was withdrawn.

Issy her 11-year-old daughter had a cute angelic face that I instantly fell in love with, of course not sexually… How wrong I was. She had a small frame for the age and only had a height of 4 foot 4. Her hair was brown, long and smooth as it fell down and settled on her upper back. Her cute eyes full of innocence and mischief ready to cause trouble and fun. She wore a thin blue spaghetti strap shirt that covered her completely flat chest and a pair of short denim shorts that revealed ¾ of her smooth hairless childish legs. Even for an 11 year old, I knew she was pretty and would develop into a hot woman and be the fantasy of many teenagers like me.

I had been babysitting Natalie’s 11-year-old Daughter Issy, a few days ago which had led to a sexual adventure of me molesting her cute little body and introducing her to the art of sex. I was dying to teach her more and penetrate her small tight pussy and finally my wait was over as it was another busy night for Natalie and she required the assistance of Issy’s favourite babysitter in the world.

Chapter 1;

It had been two days since I had my sexual encounter with little Issy and I was on edge every second of the day after, waiting in anticipation to finish what I had started and finally deflower this little angle and make her mine. One thing was getting in the way however, her mother. She had not called asking me to babysit again. I held my phone all day yesterday and all day before that, praying for the call that would give me access to little Issy once more and I was about to give up all hope when after a long night but this morning my phone buzzed into life across the room sending vibrations through the woodwork of my desk. I looked up instantly from reading my book; I threw it to floor as I leapt up darting from my bed to grab my phone, I leapt like a cheetah capturing its prey after an eternity of waiting. I picked up the phone sliding my finger across the screen answering and praying for the voice of an angel on the over end to invite me into gods palace. I was not disappointed, the soft but powerful voice on the over end spoke and I knew instantly it was Natalie the mother of my little darling Issy. My heart skipped a beat as she spoke and I tried desperately to compose myself and not sound eagerly excited to avoid suspicion. I could have read the caller ID and calmed myself before answering but the excitement was just too much to contain. My voice quaked slightly as I tried to control it.

“Hello? It’s Steven speaking.”

“Hello, its Natalie calling. I really need your help again tonight, I need to go to one of the businesses and oversee tonight’s schedule so I’ll be out longer, this time from six to midnight, is that ok? Please say you can make it Steven”

“Sure Mrs Summers, no problem at all. I’ll be happy to babysit Issy.”

“Oh thank-you so much, I’ll see you later tonight.”

She hung up and left me standing there spellbound and already deviously plotting the night’s events. I Thought about how I was to deflower my little beauty, How I would lick her clean. How I would make her scream as the orgasms ripped through her body. How I would make her beg me to stop. I slowly went back to reading my book but my cock was throbbing excessively in my pants, already waiting in anticipation. I could already feel the pre-cum seeping out of the head of my cock. I could feel the warm liquid soak into my boxers leaving white sticky stains against the black fabric. I wanted to save all of the cum I had, for the long night ahead but there was no way I could resist the urge, I HAD to release myself.

I peeled down my pants, took my cock out from my boxers and wrapped my hand around my hard cock feeling the softness of the skin. It stood upright against my stomach, all 6.2” of it bulging and throbbing. I began stroking and pumping my cock leaning my head back against the bed board, breathing in deeply and letting slight groans escape from my mouth as I continued beating my cock hard and fast like a drum. I felt my balls tense up and begin to send my hot sperm shooting up through my cock and letting it cascade through the air coating my boxers and bed sheets in sticky cum. I grabbed an old rag from side of my bed and wiped the bed and I clean before stuffing my deflating cock back in my boxers feeling happy that I had received a chance to relieve myself of my extreme horniness. I eventually went back to reading my book waiting for the minutes and hours to tick by as the night drew closer.

Chapter 2;

The evening soon arrived and I was power walking down the streets dying to arrive at heaven’s door and soon I did. I walked up the cobble pathway to the suburban town house coated with fresh green ivy. I moved my hand to ring the doorbell, beginning to wait patiently for Natalie or Issy to answer it. It felt like eternity standing on that doorstep but when I heard the locks been undone and the door swinging open on the hinge revealing just open air standing in front of me my heart leapt and my mouth formed a huge grin. My eyes began to drop down to view the small little angelic face that stood grinning back up at me. Issy’s eyes as usual full of mischief but this time her innocence had faded and had been replaced with a devilish look of a siren, A siren intent on luring in males to their own demise through sexual lust. Lured I was, captured by her radiant beauty, no more did I see her as just a child but rather an image of transcendent beauty filled with passionate visions of a lovers future yet tainted with a fools dream that would damn us both for eternity, but I did not care. All I cared about was I, fucking this little girl raw until she begs me to stop.

I stepped into the house scooping up little Issy. I held her in my arms letting her wrap her arms around my neck for support. She smiled at me and leant inwards moving her lips towards mine. I could feel her gentle breath blow softly over my lips. This caused a familiar stirring down below occurring in my pants. I leant in closer to her face. I placed my lips on hers and began to interlock in a passionate kiss, our wet lips moving together in rhythm. My kiss was been returned but slightly awkwardly as Issy lacked the experience but it was still enough to leave me seeing stars and fireworks around us. Suddenly I heard a noise from upstairs; Natalie sadly interrupted our kiss. As we panicked trying to compose ourselves before she reached. I still held Issy as Natalie came down the stairs. I could not help but be amazed at her looks; she had ditched the dull grey business like attire and rather adopted a stunning strapless dress that was a royal violet colour with a glistening sequence trim running up the leg to her hip. With the dress I could see her tits were much bigger than I originally thought, they looked as though they were a large C cup or even maybe a small D and seemed very perky under her dress and I even suspected she was not even wearing a bra.

She came down the last few steps looking at Issy and me together, she gave a slight smile at the cute scene that lay before her, she even commented on how sweet it looked, just like a spitting image of Issy’s father before he died. This made things slightly awkward and silence plagued the room but I was still feeling flattered with the comments Natalie was giving me. However, the sexual side of me found this comment highly arousing. The thought of me been Issy’s daddy and fucking her excessively was exhilarating Natalie was putting in some diamond earrings when she spoke to me

“Alright, I’ll be home around midnight tonight. I have left some dinner in the oven that needs reheating. Is that alright Steven?”

“Oh, that’ll be fine Mrs Summers. Anything else I need to know about?” I responded, speaking politely while holding a devious sexy devil in my arms.

“Yes… one more thing. I’m afraid it’s bath night.”

This time Issy made no complaints and even smiled at the mention of bath night with me again. I began to panic slightly. I was expecting at an instant for Natalie to catch on to the goings on of Issy and me and call the police sending my sorry ass to prison for the rest of my life. She gasped and gave a look of shock; she just stared wide-eyed at me for a few minutes. My heart was pounding heavily and I could feel my legs begin to shake and collapse beneath me. Eventually she composed herself and commented that I was defiantly the best babysitter she had ever hired. She finished putting in her earrings before walking over to me, letting her high heels clap against the laminated wood flooring. She leant inwards to Issy planting a gentle kiss on Issy’s forehead and then she smiled at her softly before saying her good-byes and walking out the door into the gentle summer evening air.

Once she left Issy and me we both looked at each other and started laughing hysterically, ready to enjoy the many hours that lied ahead of us. We did not bother with small talk this time. Instead, I simply walked while holding Issy in my arms up the stairs towards her bedroom. We reached the top of the stairs and I set little Issy down and she ran towards her door pushing it open in excitement and running inside laughing all the way. I grinned as I approached the doorway but paused outside the door. The fear returning shortly as the realization at what I had done and what I was about to do. The thoughts and images whirl winded around my head making me slightly dizzy. I took a deep breath and stepped gingerly into the room, my worries were shattered at the site before me as I walked into the room. Issy was there on the bed, lying outstretched leaning on her side propping her head up with her arm, all the while grinning at me with delight as she stared at my dumbfound look. There in front of me, was a cute little girl wearing the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen, even the girls in my magazines or on the internet couldn’t compete with little Issy right now.

The lingerie was an Evalyn French skirt. It was delicate, soft, and black with an open net decorated with baby pink floral embroidery but best of all it was completely see-through! I could clearly make out her smooth bald pussy from underneath. The skirt was clearly too far big for little Issy and must have belonged to her mother but that did not matter to me. My cock was close to bursting just from seeing her lay on that bed sexily; she waited for me to approach her all the while Issy was smiling deviously at me. I grinned with delight and walked over to the bed sitting down gently on the edge running my hand along her hairless little legs feeling her soft delicate skin under my touch, I kept running my hand upwards towards her thigh all the while hearing little Issy purring softly like a timid cat. I began to lift up the soft silk skirt and examine the smoothness of her pussy lips and gently touch and stroke them softly with my fingers, cruelly teasing her. This was causing her to moan softly and begin to beg me to touch her more. I pursued my teasing a little further making her squirm every time, she was raising her little ass off the bed trying to force my fingers inside her tight virgin pussy but I would not submit and forced her to endure the pleasures torture. I could see the glistening fluids begin to drip from her pussy and onto my fingers. I knew she was ready and wet, ready to feed me.

I leant down leaving my face directly in front of her pussy, slowly inhaling and taking in the sweet aroma, enjoying every moment possible. She begged and moaned for me to do it and hurry up with much more ferocity in her voice as well as desperation so I gave in and complied with her demanding will. I darted my tongue outwards and into her soaking wet pussy lapping at the juices in frenzy, devouring every drop she produced. I moved my tongue upwards towards Issy’s sensitive button ready to switch it on and start the waterfall of fluids, ready to feast on her sweet nectar; all the while, she was moaning and rubbing her crotch into my face trying desperate to gain release. I then found her small but sensitive button and began to flick my tongue over her little clit sending her into a large spasm lifting her ass clean in the air pushing forwards towards my face forcing me to go deeper than I had ever been before with my tongue. I continually devoured her sweet smooth pussy taking in drop after drop of her sweet delicious fluids but I kept licking and nibbling on her clit furiously until little Issy could hardly breathe because she was moaning so much. I reluctantly released her from my tongue attack. I sat myself up and began examining this little princess laying on her back completely spent and panting furiously, taking quick deep breaths yet still having small little spasms that sent her body shaking. She still moaned slightly as the tingles in her ravaged pussy began to subside.

“Issy, Are you ok?” I asked her cautiously, wondering for a moment that she had taken more than she could handle.

She looked up at me, and managed to produce huge grin on her cute little face, she started giggling slightly while smiling at me before nodding her head saying she was ok. After a few minutes, she recovered and she sat up on her knees in front of me on her bed. She glanced down to my profound bulge in my jeans; she slowly began to lick her lips before asking me,

“Can I suck your cock now? You made me feel so good I want to make you feel great also.”

I chuckled at what used to be an innocent little child before me but now she was just a curious little vixen, dying to explore the world of sexual pleasure. My cock was throbbing uncontrollably now, almost at the point of bursting prematurely. I quickly removed my pants and dropped them onto the floor along with my boxers letting my cock spring into the air slapping against my stomach making a funny noise. Issy giggled at this as she crawled over on her hands and knees, shaking her ass to the left and right as she slowly walked to where I was kneeling on the bed. She moved her arm down and took my hard cock in her tiny soft hand gripping it lightly before leaning down and taking as much as she could in her petite mouth. While she lacked experience the feel of her tongue swirling around, licking my head and rim of my cock was pleasure enough for me. I let my head drop back groaning in ecstasy as my cock was finally receiving the pleasure it so willingly deserved. She kept sucking it only managing to get 3 inches into her mouth before she ended up gagging. She was trying so hard to take more but every time she tried she gagged as my cock rammed against the back of her throat so, I made sure she did not try again by holding her head and gently began bobbing it up and down my cock controlling her movements with care, careful not to push her.

The feeling was incredible and I knew I would not hold out for long but Issy did not intend to make me wait. She continued engulfing my cock in her mouth, constantly swirling her tongue around the head as though it was a juicy lollipop. I could feel my balls begin to tense and I knew release was imminent so I spurted out in between my groans and intake of breaths that I was close. She already knew what was coming and I could see the fire in her eyes and determination of swallowing all of the cum that was about to explode into her mouth. At the mention of me been close, I swear she really went for it and put in all her effort. She began sucking with fury and this sent me way over the edge and the cum flowed up my cock shooting to the back of this little girls throat, making her gag and choke but she continued sucking for all she was worth, not wanting to let a single drop of the tasty goo escape her soft lips. I was amazed at this little girl’s skill as she swallowed the last rope of cum that I sent flying into the back of her throat, I just sat there in pure awe at her accomplishment. My heart was racing and my dick was beginning to deflate while this girl continued sucking the leftover cum from my dick, like a vacuum out of control.

I smiled at her, thanking her gratefully I stroked her soft silky hair, slowly from root to tip while she leant up smiling at me, pleased she had satisfied me. I knew it was time to take it to the next level and finally fuck this young vixen. I sat up against the bed board naked and beckoned her over to lie next to me. She came over and lay down beside me, leaning her head on my chest recovering from her sucking session. I continually stroked her hair softly while she played with my flaccid cock rubbing it gently with her small hand, bringing it back to its erect glory. I took a deep breath and then began to explain further about sex.

“Issy, there is another thing we can do that will feel even better than what we’ve already done.”

She looked up at me quickly with a surprised look on her face, unbelieving that there could be anything in the world better than oral. She got up on her knees next to me and looked straight at my face smiling then speaking with the voice of an excited child at Christmas ready to open their presents.

“Really!? Please show me Steven. Pretty Please. I’ll do anything.”

My cock twitched slightly at the thought of this cute angelic eleven year old asking me to do anything to her that will make her feel happy and have an incredible orgasm. I smiled and nodded that we could do it and so I told her to sit on my chest. She moved her leg over my chest and lowered herself sitting on my chest. I could feel her juices drip onto my chest. It was warm enough by itself but I could feel the extraordinary heat emitting from her small tingling pussy. I told her to move her pussy down to my cock and sit on it gently; she followed my every command and sat down on my cock. My cock was then wedged against my pelvic area and her pussy, not quite penetrating but resting in the slit. I chuckled and told her to raise her pussy in the air a little and let me help. I moved my cock upwards ready to impale her and remove her virginity, I told her to lower herself gently onto my cock and let it slide up her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock and I watched as the head of it impaled her pussy and disappear inside little Issy. She gasped and let out a long soft moan as the head entered her pussy setting off a miniature orgasm that shucked her body all over. She was wincing slightly as her pussy was penetrated and the muscled contracted to make room for the invading rod between her legs.

She found it difficult to wait any longer and I was relieved that she had already broke her hymen somehow before I had arrived, this made things much easier for little Issy. Her pussy muscles began to expand and contract on my cock squeezing it tightly, so very tightly, and almost to the point where it hurt me but I did not care. She had lowered herself onto four inches by now and continued to have orgasms for every inch that entered her. I could feel her juices flow and push against my cock almost triggering me to cum in union but I fought desperately to control myself and let her enjoy this moment more. After what seemed like an eternity, she had managed to bottom out now and let her cute smooth ass sit on me as my full six-inch cock fully penetrated her tight virgin pussy. My cock was twitching up inside Issy, causing her to continually have miniature orgasms which sent fountains of juice running from little Issy’s pussy muscles that gushed against my cock and began seeping out onto my pelvic area before dripping down onto her bedding. She was gasping and moaning in pure pleasure unable to speak a word and constantly having a feeling of electricity all over her body.

I asked if she was ok and she nodded while groaning so I began my onslaught of this precious pussy. I slowly pushed my hips down into the bed and thrust them back up into her tight crevice in to which I was greeted with a huge pleasure full scream erupting from little Issy that I was worried for a moment we would attract the whole neighbourhood. She moaned and groaned loudly and her natural primal lust took over and she began to fuck back against my cock moving her little hips in the air and bringing them crashing down on my cock. I was also in pure ecstasy, panting and groaning myself as my cock was squeezed so tightly by her tight pussy, the pleasure was incredible and I was barely able to last but I tried to control myself and hold back as long as possible. Issy continued her own onslaught on my cock; she fucked with ferocity slamming her ass down on me producing loud slapping sounds that echoed throughout the room and into the landing outside the room.

Issy continued screaming and gasping for breath and I could feel her pussy muscles tightening even harder, I could feel she was close to a huge orgasm. Then it came, an ear piercing scream and moan as she slammed her small frame down on my cock as hard as possible trying to drive it as deep as she could into her womb. I felt like a tsunami was pushing against my cock, the juice was pouring out, sending me over the edge which lead to me shooting a bucket load of cum into this little girls womb. Rope after rope of cum fired out of my cock smothering the walls of her pussy with fertile sperm but luckily at eleven she was too young for pregnancy. Her back arched during her final orgasm and she collapsed forwards on my chest lying face down on me, with my cock still impaled inside her tight pussy. My cock was tingling pleasantly and I could feel her muscles clench at it desperately, trying to milk it of its entire prize and devour it inside. Issy looked up at me and I returned the look, noticing her face was bright red and flushed. She was breathing deeply, gasping for air barely been able to recover but she still cracked a heart-warming smile to me and muttered words of thanks and love to me. I looked at her and felt so in love with this little angle, she meant the world to me and I knew I could never let her go, there was more than sexual lust between us but rather a passionate love that we both felt and knew we would have for the rest of our lives.

Issy and I lay there together, both coated in cum and it was starting to crust over on our skin so I told Issy we had better clean up before mommy gets home. With reluctance, she clambered off my cock and stepped onto the floor wobbling a lot as her legs had turned to jelly and threatened to collapse beneath her. She managed to regain her balance however, and she awkwardly stumbled towards the adjacent bathroom. Cum was dripping out of Issy’s pussy mixed in with her juices and it trickled down her leg looking like crystal raindrops, shimmering in the light of the room that reflected on the flow. I followed behind watching Issy’s little ass in front of me, her ass still had some of her cute baby fat on it and it wiggled elegantly in front of me. I smiled and went into the bathroom, turning on the taps filling the bathtub with hot water ready to clean each other off with hot water and hide any evidence of our activities. Issy sat on the side of the bathtub and watched the water fill the tub, her eyes day dreaming and thinking about her recent sexual experience. I sat next to her waiting for the water to fill and I began stroking her hair and planting soft little kisses down her neck.

She giggled as I did this and hunched her shoulders as it tickled so I kept tickling her neck with my mouth. I let my hand drop down to her saturated pussy and began to probe my fingers past her smooth soft lips and inside, I could hear them squelch in the mixture of my seed and her fluids and Issy giggled extensively at this sound. I could not help but chuckle also and smile as I gently caressed her tiny clitoris and watching her moan softly. I was slow and gentle with her, letting her recover first. I took my other free hand and began to rub her flat chest and squeeze her tiny nipples. I looked closely and could just see the forgings of two tiny breasts that I knew would soon blossom into amazing tits just like her mothers. I continued fingering her pussy and massaging her chest gently, letting her moans escape her mouth softly and bounce off the tile walls echoing in the bathroom. I withdrew my hands away from her small body and she began pouting to carry on but I said we had to clean up now so I picked her up and lowered her into the warm clear water. I had decided not to add bubbles so I could clearly see her little frame and take pleasure in its glorious sight while servicing it fully without my view been obscured.

I put my hand in the water cupping it and pouring the water over Issy’s body and began rubbing soap all over her, removing any evidence of my cum. I took my time with her chest rubbing each tiny nipple softly and rigorously checking to make sure it was clean. I decided that instead of soap I would suck it clean just to make sure. I leant inwards towards her wet chest and took her left nipple in my mouth softly sucking on it and running my tongue around the areola. I gently nibbled on her nipple as Issy relaxed and lay back in the bathtub. I repeated this process with the second nipple ensuring they were squeaky clean. Satisfied I moved my hands down to her pussy and gently cupped it while taking the wash cloth and rubbing around the outside of it carefully while listening to little Issy sigh and moan while laid back in the tub. I then pushed the cloth into her crevice and began rubbing the inside of her luscious soft lips clearing out my cum that coated her muscle walls.

Once she was emptied and cleaned I sat down on the edge of bath next to her stroking her hair, I loved to do that. It felt so silky and smooth. My fingers flowed through it with ease admiring its softness. I could see the shine gleam in the bathrooms light as she leant her head on the side of the bath looking at me. I could see she was acting suspicious and a devilish grin had appeared on her face suddenly. She spoke to me with a voice that I found a little unnerving, a voice of authority and demand, yet soft and sweet like the child she was. She was just like her mother it seemed.

“Steven… this baths pretty big… maybe you can join me?”

I was stunned at her comment; here was an eleven year old asking me to get in the bath with her stark naked. I could not pass up this request so I smiled and got into the bath opposite her letting my legs move out to her side. It was a bit of a squeeze but the bath was certainly big enough to have us both in with a little discomfort. Issy caught on to this so she moved over to me plopping herself down on my erect cock letting it fit snugly between her butt cheeks. She lay back against my chest and I wrapped my arms around her chest massaging her nipples while nibbling her neck lightly. She cooed and purred softly closing her eyes and leaning against my chest. She reached down with her small hand in the water and took my cock lifting her ass above and grasping my cock moving it into her pussy. She lowered herself onto my cock in the water and slowly fucked against my cock while I massaged her chest and kissed her softly.

We continued like this slowly, passionately fucking for half an hour but the water was becoming cold, and after multiple orgasms, we became completely spent. I hoisted Issy of me and set her down on the floor, she was so tired she could not even stand. I clambered out of the bath and leant down next to her with the towel. I lifted her up, placed her on top of it and began to rub her dry. Once she was dry, I planted kisses all the way from her little pussy up her stomach, across her chest and planted a long deep passionate kiss on her lips. She parted her lips and stuck her tongue in my mouth, I followed her actions and stuck my tongue with hers, she was inexperienced but the passion was there and our tongues danced together awkwardly as we enjoyed the long kiss. I left her without her clothes on, picked her up and held her in my arms, she flopped down across my chest holding onto my back and I walked through the door holding onto her smooth ass stroking it gently. I laid her down on her bed and removed her sheets. I replaced them with clean ones putting the dirty ones in the wash before heading back upstairs. I looked in the room and saw her lying there peacefully asleep with a childish smile across her face as she dreamt of the night’s events. I covered her up, tucked her in and gave a little kiss on her forehead and I swore I heard her say in a sleepy voice, half-asleep,

“I love you daddy.”

My heart melted and I could not help but smile as I walked out of the room turning off the overhead light. I stepped into the bathroom putting my clothes back on and walking out onto the landing and down the stairs. I lay down on the couch and flicked on the TV waiting for Natalie to return home. It was 12:14am and I was relieved she had not walked in during me putting her to bed in the buff. I laid there on the couch too tired to do anything else and I found myself drifting off to sleep. Images flashing through my head of my little angle sleeping upstairs and what had become of our love. Again… I felt like the baby had taken care of the sitter.

The end.


Part 3 is coming soon.

Let us all have a hug and get along :)

Cuddles the bear.

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